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  1. Is the Left ever right, your chance for apology

    Trump is the classic example of being born on third base and telling everyone you hit a triple. In fact, he would probably tell you he hit the greatest, most majestic triple in baseball history.
  2. Cadet Bone Spurs

    Senator Tammy Duckworth who lost both of her legs in the line of duty, finally had enough. She called Trump, a five deferment draft dodger and Cadet Bone Spurs. ”I spent my entire adult life looking out for the well-being, the training, the equipping of the troops for whom I was responsible,” she continued. “Sadly, this is something the current occupant of the Oval Office does not seem to care to do, and I will not be lectured about what our military needs by a five-deferment draft dodger.” “I have a message for Cadet Bone Spurs: if you cared about our military, you’d stop baiting [Kim] into a war that could put 85,000 American troops and millions of innocent civilians in danger,” Duckworth said. She added that if Trump “truly cared” about servicemen and women, he’d “stop hiding behind his Twitter account, stop blaming everyone else, and tell his party ... to do their job.”
  3. Fournette cried like a bitch!!

    I guess Fournette finally realizes the NFL is faster and tougher than he thought. http://bleacherreport.com/articles/2740521-leonard-fournette-stands-by-preseason-comments-saying-nfl-is-slower-and-easy
  4. A couple of months ago, I heard Michael Lombardi make a chef analogy. When it comes to Belichick and trying to run his system. He called it the Emeril Lagasse problem. We want to open a restaurant so we steal Emeril's recipes. We open the restaurant and think we're cooking the recipes well. Even though we're cooking according to the recipes, we really don't know those recipes well and we can't quite get it. Our customers know it doesn't taste exactly the same. You can't steal someone's offense or system.
  5. Vrabel named Titans HC

    I don't think anyone has posted anything remotely close to this statement. Most posters know the process. Any coach who is striving to be an NFL HC will network and keep a list of people for their coaching staff. It isn't an afterthought. As part of the interview process, they will be asked and they will mention their philosophies and if available, who they would hire.
  6. Vrabel named Titans HC

    One of the funniest tweets from Vrabel's Houston days.
  7. Government shut down coming?

    That was 25 years ago. What happened when Bush 41 and 43 were in office for 12 of those 25 years? Both are from Texas did they push to secure the border? What about McCain? What has he done to secure the border for his state? Republicans have had control of the House and Senate for the majority of Obama's term. Did they pushed any border legislations for him to sign? Instead of immediately trying to pin everything wrong in this country on the other side. Ask yourself, why hasn't either side come up with legislation to secure the border. You might get enlightened.
  8. Vrabel named Titans HC

    I think they did that background for everyone they interviewed.
  9. Vrabel named Titans HC

    Maybe it's Fisher fatigue. I never like when the media wants to tell me someone is or will be a great HC. Especially when they are inexperienced or doesn't have a proven track record back up their claims. Vrabel has one year as a DC. Even before the injuries in Houston, the defense was not performing at the same level as it did under Crennel. With that said, if he hires the right coordinators, this might work. Thinking about this hire. If Mariota is the priority, of all of the HC candidates, which one has studied his weaknesses and was involved with the game plans to defend him more than Vrabel?
  10. Government shut down coming?

    It's taken to a new level? Too funny. You snowflakes can barely take a year of being opposed.
  11. Government shut down coming?

    Maybe this is why Trump can get away anything. His supporters have the attention span of a gnat. Where were you the last eight years? Did you forget what the GOP was doing the last eight years?
  12. Whatever happened to that FFN poster, Atlas? He should be somewhere saying, "I told you so"?
  13. Le'veon Bell is another good example of that philosophy. Most NFL coaches would have tried to change his running style. Since Pee Wee football, you are taught to accelerate toward the LOS and hit the hole with authority. Instead of running to the hole, Bell hesitates and looks for creases. Similar to McNair, Roethlisberger wants to hold the ball, see it, throw it and take a beating. They tried to change the offense, shorter routes, more three step drops and eventually, they gave up on trying to change him and built a better OL around him with explosive WRs. He's proven there is nothing wrong with that type of QB, you just have to put a scheme and players around him.