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  1. Why should they? With their tactics of the past eight years, they still were able to gain control of Congress and the White House. They are not going to start caring what the public thinks now.
  2. B

    I thought Politico was liberal fake news?
  3. Does anyone find it hilarious that Trump is a known compulsive liar, yet the majority of his supporters think everyone else is lying about Trump?
  4. While we're on this topic. Here is potential first-round draft pick Gareon Conley being accused of rape: "According to the report, the accuser says she met Conley in an elevator and he asked her to have a foursome with another friend of his. The woman says she declined and offered to watch the other people have sex instead. A short time later, the woman says Conley unbuttoned her pants and began to have sex with her. She claims she said, “No, stop, it hurts!” but he kept going until he finished. She says he then kicked her out of the hotel room." http://www.msn.com/en-us/sports/nfl/projected-first-round-pick-gareon-conley-accused-of-rape/ar-BBAmrV4?li=BBmkt5R&ocid=spartanntp
  5. B

    Trump went from Mexico will pay for the wall to Mexico will eventually pay for the wall. Eventually pay sounds like what Trump told small businesses before he reneged on paying them.
  6. I'm waiting for someone to blame Obama or the MSM for these allegations. Who knew when Jameis Winston stood up on that table, he was shouting the Fox News motto.
  7. LOL is right. This is the funniest post in this thread. So at some point, you trusted the public announcements of career FBI and CIA officials. Interesting.
  8. B

    Exactly. Trump supporters will soon find out basing your foreign policy on bombastic rhetoric and symbolic air strikes doesn't deter anyone. It will only send our children into another quagmire and you can bet it won't be the children of the vocal war hawks in the White House or Congress going into combat.
  9. B

    China and Russia send ships after US armada: http://www.sltrib.com/home/5183435-155/china-russia-send-ships-after-us
  10. B

    US intercepts two Russian bombers 100 miles from Alaska's Kodiak island: http://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/us-intercepts-2-russian-bombers-off-alaskas-coast/ar-BBA0zcG?ocid=spartanntp
  11. Don't forget the Michelle and Barack fist bump that was called a "terrorist fist jab" by a body language expert on Fox News. Trump also likes to raise his fist in the air. The GOP would have called it Obama's secret "shoutout" to the Black Lives Matter movement. I know this stuff is petty, but it's still funny as hell to see people who lost their minds over most trivial things Obama did are now acting like no big deal to everything Trump does. I never thought I would see the day where the POTUS' wife has nude pictures on the internet for the world to see and it didn't matter. Go Don!
  12. You've watched eight years of the GOP bashing, fighting, insulting, belittling and obstructing Obama and now after four months of getting a taste of what they have done for eight years, Democrats should be the bigger person or group and reward them for their previous obnoxious behavior? Out of curiosity, did you feel the same way about this disrespectful behavior when Jan Brewer stuck her finger in Obama's face or Wilson shouted you lie or when Trump was questioning Obama's birth certificate?
  13. Both are wrong. But IMHO, I hold a current member of Congress attending a SOTU address, who knows the expected behavior, established etiquette and basic civility you should show the POTUS to a higher standard than attendees at a town hall. It's like a mischievous toddler shouting bullshit in a grocery store and their father shouting bullshit in church. One should know better. Hint, it isn't the toddler.
  14. Prior to the 2016 election, I don't think the social media companies did enough to deter spam and fake news account. I don't think it was intentional or incompetence. I think Facebook and other social media outlets simply overestimated the intelligence of their users. For example, with all of their data scientists and data mining algorithms, I find it hard to believe Facebook was unable to detect and stop user accounts blasting "make money from home" or "Clinton pizza pedophilia ring" postings 24x7. Looks like they are now aware of the problem and are being proactive in flagging these accounts. Facebook killed 30000 accounts for the upcoming French elections, Hopefully, they will be as proactive for all future US elections: https://www.engadget.com/2017/04/14/facebook-better-detecting-fake-accounts/