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  1. Btowner

    Space Force?!?

    I have a couple of candidates for space cadets.
  2. So, with Republicans in control of the house, Senate and WH, the Dems won't do it? Mighty funny tax reform passed, but on this topic, the Dems are the road block. Jake's and your blind loyalty to Trump is like a Remora attached to a shark.
  3. This is not the first time I've heard or read this talking point about Democrats having both house and Senate for the first two years of the Obama presidency. According to this logic, if you have a majority control, you can pass any bill. Tackle any complex issue and pass a bill within those first two years . Like many of the talking points that people parrot, it's repeated mindlessly without any context. It's repeated without acknowledging how the minority party in our government can still impact, filibuster, slow down or even derail legislation. For example, if it's so easy to pass legislation when you have the majority, the Republicans currently have control of the House and Senate have they repealed and replaced the ACA? Have they funded the wall?
  4. Btowner

    Fox News, Trump Playing Victim (Republicans Playing Victim Card)

    According to Rudy Giuliani an FBI agent guilty of having an affair and using his FBI phone to exchange text messages with his mistress should be in jail without even a trial. https://www.realclearpolitics.com/video/2018/06/14/giuliani_mueller_must_suspend_investigation_send_strzok_to_jail.html
  5. Kudos! You just made another case for not separating children from their parents. Also, notice the Senate immediately started a subcommittee to investigate the issue.
  6. Unfortunately, that's Jake's M.O. He immediately jumps into every conversation to defend Trump. Regardless of the topic, triviality or if Trump's action is indefensible. If you said Trump uses a real bad spray tan. He would be here saying "Y'all are hypocrites. You enjoyed George Hamilton movies and never complained about his tan. Now with Trump y'all are against tanning. Leftist hypocrites!"
  7. Btowner

    So that IG report we keep hearing about

    Sir, we're only on Page 3,.....
  8. Btowner

    Breaking news

    Ohh! The ghost of the apology tour talking point. Out of curiosity when Bill O'Reilly on Fox News asked Trump about Putin killing people and he says, "“There are a lot of killers. We’ve got a lot of killers. What, do you think our country’s so innocent?” Now, if Obama said the same thing, would you have considered that an apology, being soft on Russia, excuse making for Putin or telling it like it is?
  9. With Elian Gonzalez, you were simply using a talking point without understanding the custody battle aspect. Before Watters mentioned it, you had no idea about the Gonzalez case. People did complain about the Obama policy. The Obama administration probably deported more immigrants than any other administration in history. But you fell for Trump's narrative about immigrants streaming across the border and Obama being weak on immigration. Also, Trump, Session and their 100% enforcement policy is leading to some of this. Maybe, under Obama, the border patrol would not have separated an infant from their mother. Maybe they had some wiggle room. You're just automatically thinking people didn't complain about the Obama policy and you have no idea. You're simply pulling tweets or video to support your false assumption and faux outrage.
  10. Btowner

    So that IG report we keep hearing about

    Good post. Also, if you going to hang everything on that one text message, where are the follow-up text claiming success, frustration at unsuccessful attempts or even the plot to stop Trump? Can you imagine if your employer got your text messages to a friend, coworker or family member bitching about your boss or company?
  11. Btowner

    So that IG report we keep hearing about

    You're cracking me up. What are the odds Trump read all 500+ pages? Any issues with his opinion? 
  12. It makes a difference. Because you are missing the context. Unless there is another parent in the detention center? You went 20 years to find a combination of immigration policy and a custody battle to make your point about...an immigration policy.
  13. Btowner

    So that IG report we keep hearing about

    All this meat and potatoes. Yet Fox News and the Trump supporters are focusing on text messages between two adulterous FBI agents?
  14. Btowner

    So that IG report we keep hearing about

    What are the odds Trump read all 500+ pages? Any issues with his opinion?
  15. Btowner

    Manafort In jail

    Two simple questions. 1. What has Mueller leaked? 2. Who are the Leftists on Mueller's team?