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  1. B

    Out of curiosity, before Trump got elected, did anyone notice if the "Deep State" and "Fake News" phrases were being used on such a regular basis in this forum?
  2. That's too easy: 20 GOP criticisms of Obamacare secrecy that now look eerily hypocritical Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) on Feb. 23, 2010: “When it comes to solving problems, Americans want us to listen first, and then, if necessary, offer targeted, step-by-step solutions. Above all, they’re tired of a process that shuts them out. They’re tired of giant bills negotiated in secret, then jammed through on a party-line vote in the middle of the night.”
  3. B

    Wow! The birther movement still lives. One simple question for you. If Obama's birth certificate was fake and he was really a Muslim from Kenya. With all of the resources and money available to Fox News, Mitt Romney, the Koch brothers, Shelden Adelson, Trump, any of the billionaire right wingers and even the Clintons, why couldn't they prove it was fake? If you think a non-citizen could rise to the highest position in our country while evading all of the background checks and political enemies, you are too stupid to own a computer.
  4. It still amazes me that these workers and even the coal "minors" believe Trump can save their jobs. One minute, Republicans will say the government doesn't create jobs, but then they think the government can save jobs. The fundamental motive of all businesses is to make a profit and no one begrudges them for making it their primary goal. That's why they pay lobbyists and contribute to politicians to make it easier for them to earn those profits. Don't get me wrong, many companies try to balance their social responsibilities with their balance sheets, but far too many will always do what keeps their shareholders and/or bank accounts happy regardless of their employees. I don't understand why Democrats and Republicans cannot agree on what is best for the American workers without over regulating or slashing all regulations. There has to be a middle ground. I expect a similar article when the coal miners figure out that coal jobs are not returning: http://www.cbsnews.com/news/carrier-workers-betrayed-by-trumps-promise-to-save-their-jobs/
  5. B

    Wow. That's some Alex Jones stuff there.
  6. B

    Agree. He tried to stay out of the election to avoid complaints from the Republicans. It's unfortunate that after eight years, he still didn't figure out that regardless of what he did, the GOP would find fault with his actions.
  7. B

    Junior is the scary one. He seems to mimic Trump's mannerisms to the point where it just feels forced, rehearsed and a bad imitation. He appears to have all of Trump's mannerisms, ego and greed. Seeing how easy it was for daddy to steamroll the GOP establishment, it has to be tempting for him fancy the Trumps as the next political dynasty in American politics.
  8. B

    LOL. The most partisan, non-partisan jumps in and as usual, makes assumptions. It's like a moth to a flame with you. Since the link and author isn't reliable enough for you, let me help you out: http://lmgtfy.com/?q=Trump+Wedding+planner
  9. It's ironic that Trump has played the media game his entire life and now finds the media attention a thorn in his side. You can count on Trump to float a story to create a diversion and every time like Pavlov's dog, the media get distracted. Supposedly, he has hired his former event planner to oversee New York's federal housing program. So, Ben Carson and a event planner are setting the agenda for HUD. Incredible. https://www.nytimes.com/2017/06/16/us/politics/trump-family-wedding-planner-to-head-new-yorks-federal-housing-office.html?_r=0 "Lynne Patton, Eric Trump's wedding planner and former Vice President of the Eric Trump Foundation, has been chosen by the Trump administration to lead Region II of the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), which includes New York and New Jersey. Starting July 5, Patton will oversee Section 8 vouchers, various grant programs, and billions of dollars in federal funding for public housing, according to The New York Daily News. Her resume didn't include experience in anything related to housing or urban planning until January 2017, when she was appointed as HUD's director of public engagement. In 2014, Patton planned the wedding of Eric Trump, son of Donald Trump, and was an advisor to the Trump campaign. From 2009 to 2011, she was a Trump Organization event organizer of "upscale events and celebrity golf tournaments," PR, and fundraising."
  10. B

    This is how the GOP kept them angry for eight years. Obama is the same guy who was going to take their guns away, trample the Second Amendment. He supposedly was using every mass shooting as an excuse to take our guns. Now, Earl tells us he was a gun violence supporter? It's amazing how a sound bite taken out of context can keep people angry for years. BTW, anyone noticed how the NRA has gone silent? Every time we had a mass shooting, they use the "Obama is coming to get your guns" scare tactic to increase their membership.
  11. B

    Regardless of political leanings, I've seen and heard more people upset about this than supporting it. However, it seems to me you are using this terrible incident as an opportunity for you to take gratuitous shots at the left while playing the victim as a Trump supporter. You want the left to own this shooting, but who owns the increase in violence against Muslims and minorities? Who owns the guy who went off on two teenage girls and then stabbed three guys trying to defend them? Who owns so many of the hateful things being done in this country? Until we start realizing that the "evil men do", has no ideology and stop using it to defend or defame, we can never move forward.
  12. B

    It's comedic gold reading the whining about obstructionists and fake media conspiracy from Trump and his supporters. No wonder they can be so easily fooled by draining the swamp, repeal and replace and all the other simpleton slogans. They suffer from short term memory loss.
  13. I saw @Rogue trying to be nice and give him credit for making a post with cogent points. I figured it was too good to be true and out of curiosity, Googled a couple of the key phrases in his post.