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  1. Comey Memos

    Can you give an example where taxpayer dollars are used for abortions?
  2. Cohen visited Prague after all

    Ben, Thor and Tux will soon tell us this is a nothingburger. Cohen could have been visiting Prague in Arkansas, Nebraska or Oklahoma.
  3. Trump is coming after OILERMAN

    I anticipate the findings will be in the same folder as the findings from Trump's voter fraud commission.
  4. For the majority of his life, Trump has been able to avoid messy situations by bluffing and/or bullying people, sending enablers and sycophants after you or sending his lawyers to threaten litigation or tie you with legal fees. For the most part, it has always worked. I don't see him resigning or changing his M.O. Especially when he has millions of supporters who will believe every bluff, lie or spin his enablers throw out to the public.
  5. The odds of the pathological liar sitting for an interview with Mueller was always slim to none. It would be a case study in perjury.
  6. Trump wants back into the TPP

    In the rush to dismantle Obama's legacy, they keep failing to see the big picture. Get out of TPP and let China get stronger. Stay in the Iran deal and you at least slow down their nuclear program. Abandon the deal, they continue their nuclear program and develop weapons at a much quicker pace. Governing from the peanut gallery is easy and you can see everything as black or white. If you have the aptitude to learn, governing as POTUS eventually teaches you the world is full of nuances and gray areas.
  7. Comey's book will be out next week. Read it and then we can revisit this comment. Deal?
  8. The Great Awakening

    If we all agree our political systems are broken, full of selfish, self-serving politicians and we need to do something about it. How do you start a dialogue with people who go from zero to crazy in 60 seconds?
  9. So, @ben4titans is starting up the militia for secession over a "respectful and courteous" operation? Hilarious.
  10. They don't care. They're looking at backpage.com, bath houses in Chicago or pizza parlors in New York.
  11. I found a DHS job for TennesseeTuxedo

    Your response is typical of someone like you. Open mouth and say nothing of significance. During a storm, keep seeking shelter near power lines.
  12. I know @TennesseeTuxedo already has a job as a test case for Symantec, MacAfee, and Kaspersky to see how many questionable right-wing web sites a person can visit before infecting their PC with a virus, spyware or ransomware. With that said, this might be the perfect job to take advantage of Tux's unique skills. The Department of Homeland Security is currently accepting bids for a Media Monitoring Services job to compile a database of journalists and media influencers. Who wins the bid will gather and monitor the public activities of media professionals and influencers. This will include tracking social media postings, blogs and podcasts. https://www.fbo.gov/index?s=opportunity&mode=form&id=22aa793f75ce05efd160cfa36d7a8acc&tab=core&tabmode=list&= If DHS is really interested in tracking "fake news", we could sponsor Tux and anything he posts on this forum, we would add to the database and make money. I know the big ugly thread is a gold mine and could be a revenue stream for the forum. http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2018/04/07/homeland-security-database-would-track-journalists-media-influencers-report.html https://www.forbes.com/sites/michellefabio/2018/04/06/department-of-homeland-security-compiling-database-of-journalists-and-media-influencers/#23c8a6686121
  13. China Imposes Tarrifs on 128 US imports.

    That was the ramifications of trade wars passing over his head.
  14. Facebook tried to get your medical data

    Over the years, one of the things I've always found fascinating is the number of people who are willing to spend $600 to $1000 for a computer to play solitaire and check email. I think that fascination has been replaced by the people who totally disregard privacy concerns and have their personal information on social media sites. At the end of the day, Facebook becomes a story about a dating platform that was started by geeks in college who grew up and figured out their application could be used to cynically mine their users' data to turn a profit.
  15. China Imposes Tarrifs on 128 US imports.

    When Trump was actually building things instead of just branding buildings, he used Chinese steel. If you asked him, he would probably say it was smart business to use imported steel and give the exact reason you posted above. I keep waiting for someone to ask him how many of his buildings used imported steel or what factors played in his decision to buy imported steel versus buying from an American company.