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  1. Tick Tock

    Tick tock....Time to take your meds.
  2. @TEN_GOP ran by Ben and Tux

    Their copy and paste answer will be fake news being spread by the deep state, swamp, Obama loyalists and bitter Clinton voters.
  3. Colts @ Titans MNF Gameday Thread

    Gruden is giving Mularkey all the credit for the offense
  4. DOJ Opens Up Investigation Of Hollywood

    Trump accuser subpoenas campaign for documents on other allegations: http://thehill.com/homenews/administration/355531-former-apprentice-contestant-subpoenas-trump-campaign-for-documents
  5. Around the NFL

    Hoyer is another QB similar to Fitzpatrick. Eventually, the best option for your team is to bench them.
  6. Around the NFL

    This is what Fitzpatrick does. He will come off the bench and look great. He can spend an offseason getting ready for the season opener and will look great for the first or second game. By the third game, teams adjust, he over analyzes and then becomes one of the worst QBs in the NFL. Don't fall for Fitztragic.
  7. Around the NFL

    The homeless guy who convinced Haslam to take Manziel should get an interview. I bet that guy would not have passed on Wentz or Watson.
  8. Around the NFL

    True. But you can't win in the NFL germinating seeds with BS.
  9. Around the NFL

    By the end of the season, Eric Dickerson will have tendinitis from patting himself on the back and telling everyone how right he was about Fisher.
  10. To be fair, offensively, they are doing some of the same things the Chiefs are doing with veteran Alex Smith.
  11. Around the NFL

    If you don't believe @japan , ask Adrian Peterson. BTW, AP scored on a 27 yard TD run and is on the way to 100 yards.
  12. AFC South Game Day Thread

    He is putting up some good stats: Today, he tied Mariota for most TDs (13) in six games by a rookie QB In 2016, Texans' QBs threw 15 TDs, he now has 13. He leads the NFL with 4 TDs with over 20 air yards Today, Watson is 8-13, 128 yards, 2 TD, 134 rating The guy is playing well and looks like Houston has their QB.
  13. AFC South Game Day Thread

    Even Kenny Britt is inactive today. What on earth was Hue Jackson thinking when he took that job?
  14. AFC South Game Day Thread

    @scine09 says he even looks like Moon.
  15. Neither is the Virgin Islands. Someone should tell Trump he is the president of the U.S. Virgin Islands. “I will tell you I left Texas and I left Florida and I left Louisiana and I went to Puerto Rico and I met with the President of the Virgin Islands,” Trump said. He further added, “We are one nation and we all hurt together, we hope together and we heal together. The Virgin Islands and the President of the Virgin Islands, these are people that are incredible people, they suffered gravely and we're there, we're going to be there, we have really, it is not even a question of a choice."