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  1. Btowner

    SSD life

    Yes. But there has been conflicting views on if it's worth it. SSD in a PC is a no brainer. Benefits of an SSD in a PS4, not as clear cut.
  2. Btowner

    SSD life

    Download and run Crystal Disk Info and see the health of the drive. https://crystalmark.info/en/software/crystaldiskinfo/
  3. Btowner

    Computer Security

    I'm currently using Webroot Secure Anywhere. It has a password manager and can be used on up to three devices. https://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,2817,2372364,00.asp
  4. Btowner

    Week 6: Around the NFL Thread

    I’m not and I didn’t say he doesn’t makes dumb throws. My response is to the can’t read defense nonsense and what it implies. Big Ben holds the ball too He also asked if I watch the games. I’m not trying to bE a Watson apologist.
  5. Btowner

    Week 6: Around the NFL Thread

    I live in Houston. Do you?
  6. Btowner

    Week 6: Around the NFL Thread

    The guy is playing with either bruiised ribs or a chest injury. To based your evaluation on this game is as ridiculous as your take that Fitzpatrick was a good under rated QB.
  7. Btowner

    Week 6: Around the NFL Thread

    We keep saying that. But how many of us would take the following from our QB:
  8. Btowner

    Week 6: Around the NFL Thread

    For some reason he refuses to throw the ball away. Eight straight games with a INT
  9. Btowner

    Week 6: Around the NFL Thread

    The Texans OL will slow him down. I would be surprised if he plays 16 games
  10. Btowner

    Trump Campaign: Stand up for America jersey sale

    You're suppose to be a Libertarian. Why are you always taking a conservative position and attacking liberals? With the Republicans and Democrats going at each other like rabid dogs, Libertarians have an opportunity to use this toxic environment to promote a strong 3rd party solution and taking the best ideas of both parties and strengthen their platform. Instead, you have gone full Trumptard. I'm rebranding your go to word. Libtard is now a Libertarian who has gone full Trumptard. Every time you write that word, think about it.
  11. Btowner

    Why has Thor been blocked ?

    Is his account blocked? I thought he was either using his @ben4titans account or he kept looking for a storm and got struck by lightning.
  12. Btowner

    Ravens Week

    Besides the Patriots, the Titans' defense did a better job against Watson than any recent team and that was before he went for another 375 yards and 40 yards rushing against the Cowboys.