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  1. As recently as August 2016, 41% of Republicans still believe Obama was not born in the U.S. A PPP poll in May 2016, reported 27% of Trump supporters think vaccines cause autism, 7% thought Ted Cruz's father was involved in the assassination of JFK and another 5% thought Cruz was the Zodiac killer. At this point, when Trump feeds his base a conspiracy theory or outright lie, you can bet 20-35% of them will believe it without ever questioning its truthfulness. If you try to provide facts, it's fake news and they will ignore any information that contradicts Trump's claims. It's the perfect con.
  2. After seven years of listening to "repeal and replace", watching the GOP fail to even agree on what should be in a bill to repeal the ACA was hilarious. Also, reading all of the Monday morning QB articles about what went wrong and the vocal ACA support in various town halls, I wonder if regardless if the GOP repeals the ACA, has the bar been raised for the expected standard for healthcare in this country? Are children staying on their parents' plan until 26, covering people with pre-existing conditions and guaranteeing at least 15-20 million people can get coverage the bare minimum any new bill must have to go forward? If that's the case, IMHO, the ACA served its purpose. To bring awareness to this growing healthcare crisis that has been devastating families for decades and to set the baseline for what should be in any acceptable healthcare bill.
  3. Too funny. I guess it's a good thing the Obama administration enabled better sharing of information between the NSA, CIA, FBI and other departments. Looks like that Kenyan, Muslim, soft on Iran, terrorist sympathizing, community organizer has outsmarted the Trump admin again.
  4. B

    I think you give Governor "Good Hair" too much credit. With Texas' oil and gas industry, that's what drives its economy, not the governor. It has nothing to do with Rick Perry. In fact, the Texas legislature has more power than the governor and many consider the position as a figurehead. Exxonmobil, Bayer, Covestro, ConocoPhillips, Sysco, Halliburton, Baker Hughes, Marathon Oil, National Oilwell, and the list of major companies have more impact on Texas. The governor just needs to stay out of the way. It has always bug me that Perry tries to take credit for the state's economy when those companies have been fueling the state's economy for generations. BTW, he's so busy as the Secretary of Energy, he's chiming in on the college election at Texas A&M: https://www.nytimes.com/2017/03/24/us/rick-perry-texas-am.html?_r=0
  5. It should.. However, too many Republicans feel the people who leaked the information about Flynn are as bad or worse than his actual behavior. It's truly bizarre.
  6. B

    Instead of saying this to a reporter, maybe he should have used it as a bargaining chip. Many, many people still say he's a great negotiator.
  7. Isn't that the question you should be asking yourself? For the most part, Obama's tenure has been scandal free. Why would he do that for political gain? Especially since, he has never really been close to the Clintons and doesn't owe them anything. Think dude. You should be smarter than this. You're like the polite, passive aggressive version of Tux with all the craziness.
  8. B

    The next step will be to strangle the ACA by using budget tricks, no ads during the enrollment period, reduce resources to cause chaos with the signups and the exchanges. The House Republicans can't agree on anything. But they will be unified in obstructing the ACA to prove their point that it's in a death spiral while hurting their constituents. That's the GOP way.
  9. B

    These same people were the most vocal in opposing Obamacare. Their insurers had to replace their junk policies.
  10. Were you laughing when you typed that sentence? That's the frustrating thing about trying to have this conversation with Trump supporters. They just cannot accept two simple facts, The POTUS cannot order a wiretap. Obama did not order wiretaps. The FBI had wiretaps on known Russian operatives. The idiots in the Trump campaign were in contact with those operatives and as a result, became part of the wiretap. If they can accept those facts and then discuss how Flynn's name was made public, then you can start a discussion. Otherwise, it's like talking to a brick wall. Logic and sanity means nothing.
  11. I understand your point. It wasn't meant for you. It seems before wasting time engaging the wiretap believers, we have to always mention that simple fact.
  12. FIFY. The POTUS cannot order wiretaps.
  13. One simple question and he turned into Porky Pig.
  14. B

    @Rolltide is killing it in this thread. Facts, pesky numbers and common sense. Speaking of other defense related spending. We talk about winning and defeating ISIL like it's a country we can invade or an army we can over power. How much money is in the budget to kill an ideology when they can take it underground or even to another country? I've always wondered how much money in the budget is being wasted fighting a decentralized ideology that can use the internet to develop home-grown terrorists. I guess they use the money to print t-shirts and yard signs saying "Islamic Terrorists". It seems many, many people think saying it, makes you identify your enemy.
  15. B

    A 70 year old who has spent the majority of his life seeking wealth, has never shown any altruistic traits, and to earn a buck, will screw you at a moment's notice becomes POTUS. Is there anything in his background that would indicate he cares or has witnessed the struggles of the majority of his supporters? Anything to suggest he would change once he becomes POTUS? So, pushing tax reform that benefits him is par for the course. People in his tax bracket are going to make out like bandits.