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  1. B

    Did Sean Hannity get the memo? In his role as Trump's talking anus, he has pushed this theory more than any other Fox host.
  2. Two Broke Girls. The canned laughter and lame jokes. I can't believe CBS kept it on the air for six seasons.
  3. B

    I've always found it hilarious that Fox News and even Trump rode the talking point that Obama refused to say radical Islamic terrorist meant he was soft on terrorism or couldn't name the enemy we are fighting. Regardless how many times Obama or even Bush said we are at war with a faction and not a religion, the GOP base needed to hear their POTUS say those three magical words. Radical Islamic terrorists. It's noteworthy Trump hasn't mentioned those three words on his trip. Maybe if he learns anything on this trip, it might be that saying this nice sound bite, does not identify your enemy. If anything, it hinders collaboration in the fight against ISIL. When he gets back to Washington, how long do you think he has before he has to throw read meat to his base?
  4. B

    I guess the same way the GOP appeased their rabid base after Obama released his birth certificate or after Congress spent million of dollars on Benghazi investigations.
  5. So firing Comey right before the Russians visited the White House was to put on a show for them?
  6. My favorite Cornell song. RIP
  7. B

    Agree. Bigly, fake news, deep state. I wonder how many Trump supporters are now speaking like 4th graders? The co-author of Trump's book mentioned the average person uses approximately 5000 words. After writing the book with Trump, he thinks Trump's vocabulary is around 200 words.
  8. This thread title, gave my a Sanford & Son flashback: Big dummy
  9. B

    I'm starting to think the White House Counsel, Donald McGahn will be the fall guy. According to Sally Yates, she gave him more than a heads up about Flynn. Also, it's now being reported that Flynn told McGahn and the transition team he was under investigation and they still hired him. Right now, my money is on McGahn and the vetting process of the Trump campaign will take the fall.
  10. Cheney ruined the Bush administration. The first clue was when he was suppose to conduct a VP search and selected himself. Speaking of Bush, whatever happened to compassionate conservatism?
  11. LOL. Droppings from our most partisan non-partisan.
  12. B

    I also think it's reasonable. However, when a state like Texas tries to suppress the college vote by reducing the number of polling booths around college campuses, excludes student IDs and even SSN cards as valid forms of identification, there is something really wrong. Especially when you considered they were trying to exclude student IDs, but accept NRA cards.
  13. B

  14. Wow. It's MSNBC broadcasting a live feed from Capitol Hill. It probably wasn't broadcasted on Fox, but most major networks had it live. A live broadcast from Congress is now fake news? Who are you going to believe, Trump or your lying eyes?