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  1. More meetings with foreign countries

    Fair points. I think from their perspective, whether right or wrong, they see Trump's erratic behavior, name calling, tweeting and temperament as a joke. They also mention the handshake with Merkel and how he pushed aside the Prime Minister of Montenegro. Here's an interesting poll that reflects what @IsntLifeFunny and I are saying: http://www.dw.com/en/americans-like-angela-merkel-while-germans-loathe-donald-trump/a-42769570
  2. More meetings with foreign countries

    In fact, while they were channel surfing, they came across the NFL network. So, one non-political observation. If the draft is in April and the season starts in September, why do Americans need an NFL network.
  3. More meetings with foreign countries

    They didn't care about Trump versus Clinton. They didn't even bring up Russian collusion. It was general questions and observations about our government and culture. Yes. our government as a whole.
  4. More meetings with foreign countries

    I get the same sentiments. For example, I travelled with three colleagues from Germany. We did a 4 week tour of our facilities in Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Ohio. All they wanted to talk about was Trump and how could the US vote for someone with his intelligence, values and temperament. They also commented on: 1. During our drive, they observed churches on every corner and wondered. America has so many churches and seems so religious, but seems so divided and hateful 2. We went to Walmart to stock up with snacks for our hotel. They asked with all of our riches, why are the elderly still having to work as greeters and cashiers? 3. They have never owned or touched a gun. I took them to a Dick's Sporting Goods store. I know, that might have been mean. 4. They asked about why Trump seems to be tougher on Germany than Russia 5. In Germany, they pay for room and board, but not college tuition. They asked why doesn't the US do the same. 6. Why is healthcare such a polarizing issue in the US? 7. I had to explain the "I'm a deplorable" bumper sticker in West Virginia. Why would someone call themselves that? 8. Should I be mad that they speak English, but I've never considered purchasing Rosetta Stone or use Grammerly to speak German? They were very aware of our political climate and constantly read about our politics and found our government to be a joke.
  5. When Bill Gates met Donald Trump

    I’ve read enough of your posts to see you have preconceived notions of minorities that are offensive and you lack the empathy to understand why it would be taken that way.
  6. When Bill Gates met Donald Trump

    When it comes to your posts on race, that is a perfect description of your comments.
  7. More meetings with foreign countries

    Nothing to see here. Opposition research is totally legal regardless of the source or country involved. Except....when the Clinton campaign hires a company that was originally hired by Republicans to do said opposition research on Trump.
  8. More meetings with foreign countries

    Too bad we don't have a combination funny, flip off Emoji.
  9. Wrong thread. This is not your Big Ugly thread.
  10. As usual, Congress has contributed to this mess. For years, Paul Ryan and several others have wanted to privatize social security and the post office. It's almost an obsession. IMHO, they have intentionally sabotaged USPS. As recent as 10-12 years ago, USPS was making a profit. Then Congress and the Bush administration decided to force them to pre-fund the health benefits for future retirees. That's the primary driver of their financial issues. No other government agency is required to do that. Politics is such a crooked game. Since Paul Ryan's wife used to be a highly paid lobbyist for UPS and he probably met her during her lobbying days, I've always wondered how much of his privatization push would benefit UPS and is this the influence of a UPS lobbyist. @LongTimeFan , since you didn't respond to my question, no need to say thank you!
  11. Guns Used in Mass Murder in Texas High School

    Considering that Marley died in 1981 and the majority of his songs were written in the 1970s, it's amazing how relevant his lyrics are to this day. Ambush in the night: See them fighting for power But they know not the hour So they bribing with their guns, spare parts and money Trying to belittle our integrity now They say what we know Is just what they teach us And we're so ignorant 'Cause every time they can reach us Through political strategy They keep us hungry And when you gonna get some food Your brother got to be your enemy
  12. Hunted? What a snowflake. No one is even asking for his birth certificate or college transcripts.
  13. Democrat Party is pathetic

    My point is you claim both sides of the aisles suck ass. So, the same way you have this video queued up, you should also have one of the Republicans reacting to Obama's win. Fair and balanced, right?
  14. Every time the Washington Post runs a story he doesn't like, he attacks Amazon.
  15. Before jumping in to defend Trump. Do you know the primary reason the post office is losing money? Hint. It's not Amazon.