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    What about Jeremy Cutrer from MTSU? I think he is projected as a 4th rounder and I think there was some interest in him pre draft? Great height
  2. Titans sprinting to the podium, the pick is in
  3. My god pick Adams
  4. Adams please. Jags hopefully take Watson or Fournette
  5. If the Browns go QB at one then who do you all think picks Garrett? Would SF pick him or does he slide.
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    Schefter hearing rumblings that Trubisky could be top pick http://es.pn/2p4Fu59 If this happens I think this changes everything and could cause a run on QBs
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    Maybe this is just a gateway to his new website where he can charge a fee claiming he has insider info. This sounds like a great idea!
  8. Think he took his lawyers advice to hang in there literally.........
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    I think there was some talk on here about this guy and I would imagine we are interested since we run similar defenses.
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    So whats the over under for games Romo stays healthy *if* the Texans get him.
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    Jags may not get him
  12. The Jags are the Redskins of the AFC south. Keep spending that money and hopefully get to 6 wins this year.
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    I paid 3,000 when i originally bought them and I think that is still the cost of them if you go through the team. I have them listed on the sale sites for 2,500