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    Schefter hearing rumblings that Trubisky could be top pick http://es.pn/2p4Fu59 If this happens I think this changes everything and could cause a run on QBs
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    Maybe this is just a gateway to his new website where he can charge a fee claiming he has insider info. This sounds like a great idea!
  3. Think he took his lawyers advice to hang in there literally.........
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    I think there was some talk on here about this guy and I would imagine we are interested since we run similar defenses.
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    So whats the over under for games Romo stays healthy *if* the Texans get him.
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    Jags may not get him
  7. The Jags are the Redskins of the AFC south. Keep spending that money and hopefully get to 6 wins this year.
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    I paid 3,000 when i originally bought them and I think that is still the cost of them if you go through the team. I have them listed on the sale sites for 2,500
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    I would agree with your thinking and would try to buy off the secondary market if you are ready because the cost is low there. There are a few sites out there where people can list the PSLs for sale as well as craigslist etc. I personally have 2 in the loge for sale on about the 30 yard line on the visitor side I am trying to sell. Life changes have made it where I will not be able to attend the games. Owned them for over 10 years and hate to sell but its for the best. Anyways, good luck.
  10. I literally laughed out loud at this. Its funny how all of these people come out of the wood work and are "credible twitter sources" this time of year. So true!
  11. http://www.wpxi.com/news/former-nfl-player-charged-with-drug-crimes-in-aliquippa/487597546
  12. This, Boulware just seems to be everywhere. Enjoyed watching him this season. High motor guy.
  13. PK just posted it Marcus Mariota on short-throw issues in Houston: "Part of that is me just kind of getting lazy with my feet. I've got to stay aggressive. I really believe that you throw with your feet, you throw with your legs. If you have you legs and your lower half in the right body position, you'll be really accurate." (From The Wake Up Zone.)
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    Was just about to post something similar. The line looks great with Kline.
  15. If you are at the bottom of the roster, even if you make it today, you better not unpack your suitcase.