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  1. Since there is a week off between the championship game and super bowl can they not interview candidates regardless if they win or is that only for 2nd interviews next week?
  2. I think if Cyprien does this week to Gronk what he did to Kelce he is probably due for a raise!
  3. Didn't see this posted and thought it warranted its own thread since I'm sure the NFL will review this. http://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2018/01/01/titans-jaguars-get-in-postgame-scuffle/
  4. tone363

    Where is Frank Wycheck?

    He's on Twitter. He made this Twitter gold comment yesterday.
  5. tone363

    Mocks for Rounds 2-3

    What about Jeremy Cutrer from MTSU? I think he is projected as a 4th rounder and I think there was some interest in him pre draft? Great height
  6. tone363

    **Titans Report Official 2017 Draft Day Thread**

    Titans sprinting to the podium, the pick is in
  7. tone363

    **Titans Report Official 2017 Draft Day Thread**

    Adams please. Jags hopefully take Watson or Fournette
  8. tone363

    **Titans Report Official 2017 Draft Day Thread**

    If the Browns go QB at one then who do you all think picks Garrett? Would SF pick him or does he slide.
  9. tone363

    2017 NFL Draft Rumors & Buzz OT

    Schefter hearing rumblings that Trubisky could be top pick http://es.pn/2p4Fu59 If this happens I think this changes everything and could cause a run on QBs
  10. tone363

    Kuharsky Out at ESPN

    Maybe this is just a gateway to his new website where he can charge a fee claiming he has insider info. This sounds like a great idea!
  11. Think he took his lawyers advice to hang in there literally.........
  12. tone363

    2017 NFL Draft Rumors & Buzz OT

    I think there was some talk on here about this guy and I would imagine we are interested since we run similar defenses.