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  1. Cryptic tweet from Delanie

    Which LA player has an Adidas contract?
  2. Rewatching the drafts on NFLN

    Yeah, the production misses the mark. The most interesting part is all the speculation, much of which is sacrificed to show the player interviews which are MEH. Fans enjoy the draft because of the speculative nature of it all.
  3. Jaylen Samuels - Human Swiss Army Knife

    I just get tired of the critical nature of this place. Everyone hates an opinion that differs from their own. The hate the networks that bring us football. They hate all the commentators. They hate the coaches. All because, I suspect, they think they could do better-- which is a fine idea to cling to but you don't have to trample over everyone else to believe that. Just try to have fun with it....
  4. Jaylen Samuels - Human Swiss Army Knife

    I see the Delanie Walker comparisons albeit smaller. I started to make it but I figured you'd just give me shit!
  5. Jaylen Samuels - Human Swiss Army Knife

    There are options at every selection. He seems like an impactful, versatile player which would seem to be a characteristic valued more than ever in our draft room. Some guys just get it done; he seems to be one of those guys.
  6. Jaylen Samuels - Human Swiss Army Knife

    So Hines in the 3rd and Samuels in the 4th. WE HAVE WEAPONS.
  7. Rewatching the drafts on NFLN

    Anyone know what a "hip snap" is? Mayock's just doing what the producers want him to do which is to go out on a limb and add a little drama/comedy to the show. I saw the one this evening when it came down to the Patriots having the last pick in the first round and Eisen was putting him on the spot to predict as Goodell was striding toward the podium. Mayock was moaning about how hard it is to anticipate Belichick. Just under the wire, Mayock shouts "Malcolm Brown!" and sure enough....
  8. Is Hurns enough of an addition to offset the loss of Dez Bryant? Don't most mockers have the Cowboys now angling for a WR?
  9. Did you mean to omi Lamar Jackson from Louisville off this list?
  10. the all private visit/private workout mock draft

    Add to that Charles Haley, Michael Strahan, Richard Dent, Jared Allen and Robert Mathis.... like every phenomena-- they come from every stratus.
  11. Bill Barnwell all trade mock draft

    I'm not up on Ogbah but it sounds like he has proven to be a worthy pick by them. If we did this, I'd opt for one of the WRs at 2-35 like Chark or DJ Moore or James Washington. Why does nobody around here talk about Equinameous St. Brown, the WR from Notre Dame? The guy is regularly talked about as a second-rounder who might sneak into the first. He's HUGE and FAST (4.48).
  12. Big Trades Coming?

    You're talking more curse than stupidity because the FO is new this year.
  13. Jaylen Samuels - Human Swiss Army Knife

    Not according to the profile I linked from NFL.com. Even at just under 6 feet he's a bigger man with slightly superior athleticism than a guy taken in Round 2 some years earlier who had a long career. He has his own impressive set of stats to bring to the table.
  14. Trade up or down?

    See who's available at 1-25 and wait for offers. Decide.
  15. Jets cut Langford

    ... didn't Forte just retire?