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  1. ManningEnvy


    Hey Touched, the Shanghai Express is getting ready to roll. Your gonads are safe for 12 hours.
  2. ManningEnvy

    Trump praised by minority inner city pastors

    Hey Touched, remember what I told you about the cammo. You one stupid muthufucka.
  3. ManningEnvy


    Hey Touched, it's after midnight in Dueling Banjos. How many days in a row is it now? Long time without ever knowing if it feels like your fist or not huh?
  4. ManningEnvy

    Digital Tickets?

    Hey Touched, what did you do with PrivateTardCrassy? That sumbitch must be dumb as a brick.
  5. ManningEnvy


    Hey Touched, not a lot of homers around tonight huh? Kind of like the ladies when you’re around.
  6. ManningEnvy

    Training Camp Discussion

    Touched, you’ve never had an original thought in your entire life.
  7. Touched, I would bet the ranch that you’ve never had a passport in your entire life.
  8. ManningEnvy

    Training Camp Discussion

    Hey Oman, just remember you’re in the tree. Don’t swat him in the face with your back paw when he’s not looking. Now that I think about it, it might be an improvement.
  9. ManningEnvy

    Training Camp Discussion

  10. ManningEnvy

    Training Camp Discussion

    Hey Touched, your hour is almost up. Got an ole lady hollering from the bedroom “would you leave him alone and pick what shirts you want to pack.” I can only help you if you let me.
  11. ManningEnvy

    Training Camp Discussion

    Hey Touched, not hard to figure out where you are when there’s not a post on this board every 5 minutes huh?
  12. ManningEnvy

    Training Camp Discussion

    Hey Oman, he’s doing the tard dance again. I have no idea what triggered it this time.
  13. ManningEnvy

    Rashaan Evans

    No Touched, more like reminding you about touching the rim of a paint can before you pull it underneath your nose.
  14. ManningEnvy

    Rashaan Evans

    Dig a little harder Touched. Find the definition as it pertains to fucked in the head tards. Like you.