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  1. bostontitan

    Colts Week

    Stop with we havent beat luck .....so we can never beat him .... you have to see what team did we have when we faced them ... This is a different titans team that can cover wr and Te..we didnt have that before... We finally are covering wr so it wont be so easy for luck ...
  2. bostontitan

    Nothing better than the Pats losing.

    walking into work up here in New England tomorrow ... Woooooooooooooooooooooooooo suck it bitches.....
  3. bostontitan

    Ladies, our defense is LEGIT

    if we had Dick L still here we lose this game ...pees way better
  4. Good thing we are home too ..that will help...... Gillette is tough to play .. 50 -50 CHANCE I SAY...but patts to much fire power ...
  5. bostontitan

    AFC South Contest - Week 9

    Texans .... Titans....
  6. bostontitan

    AFC South Contest - Week 8

    fins raiders eagles
  7. bostontitan

    Organizations Ignorance over winning

    He wanted out we let him go ...thats it stop blaming team he wanted out .....
  8. bostontitan

    If we rebuilt this offseason without MM...

    Just stop with this shit
  9. bostontitan

    The good news is...

    Holding strong 2 long Td .holding
  10. Momentum would be to go for it not go OT.
  11. Those 2 long Td passes loomed large
  12. We had 50 percent chance we didn't get it today