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  1. h4t

    Who’s jersey should I get?

    I’m going to get a Lewan jersey. I figure he’ll be here the longest. I have a Kearse(he lasted about a year before moving to the Eagles) and a Locker jersey(what a stupid mistake getting that was, I’m almost embarrassed to wear it now). Both are authentic game jerseys(a very expensive mistake). I’m willing to bet Lewan will be here longer than any other player we have, with the only competition being Jackson and Mariota. LT’s and CB’s, with franchise QB’s, seem to have the longest shelf life in the NFL. Mariota could out last them all, but after Young and Locker, I don’t really want a QB jersey. I think Mariota will be a franchise QB, but “8” will be so common to see, I think I’ll go with “77”.
  2. If I remember, he played poorly at least one season due to personal issues,and admitted it. To me that was the kiss of for my support of him.
  3. h4t

    2018 Draft (Round 2)

    Anybody going to post the picks? I’m not near a TV.
  4. 2015 draft-Mariota, DGB, Poutasi, Blackson, Fowler, Cobb, Mount, Gallic, McBride. We had 9 picks and the results are evident. Enough said. Other than the obvious pick at #2, all worthless and gone. There is a reason we ended up with the number 1 pick the next year.
  5. Those white socks look like something nerdy guys were wearing in the 1950’s.
  6. h4t

    Who is your guy at 25?

    Lorenzo Carter, low floor, high ceiling. I say roll the dice!
  7. h4t

    Arden Key one of the Titans 30 visits

    Weren’t we dumb enough to ship the Pats a second round pick to draft Cook in the 3rd. Oh the good old days.
  8. h4t

    New mock featuring a trade down

    No way the Browns give up all those picks to move up 8 spots. How dumb do you think they are, giving up two seconds to move up 8 spots. Lets get real. Have you locked at the draft value charts?
  9. I wish their moneyball GM was still there. His strategy has them set up to be a yearly Super Bowl contender. Yes, he sacrificed 2 seasons to get in this position, but I think it was worth it. I doubt he would have kept Hue Jackson this year. I really would have loved to see what he would have done with all his bounty. Instead if there is any glory it will go to Dorsey who is barely above a mediocre GM. Also as long as the Browns have Haslam as owner, there is a good chance he will screw up a good thing handed him on a silver platter by the moneyball GM.
  10. Voted Adoree. He is going to be a shut down corner and came lower in the first round. He also negates the need to carry a returner and thus gives a team an extra roster spot. I’m just not that sold on Byard being a perennial All Pro. Most of his interceptions so far have been fluky and lucky. A good CB trumps a good S regardless of draft position.
  11. h4t

    The draft needs are set

    Based on JRob’s previous behavior i.e. not signing anyone at our position of greatest need, I have no doubt we will pick at least 2 and probably 3 LB’s, 2 ilb’s and one olb. JRob refuses to put out signing bonuses to players playing the positions he plans to draft high, due to the fact he has only so many roster spots and would have to release a player he had just signed.
  12. h4t

    Titans Sign Xavier Su'a-Filo

    I don’t see anyone dislodging Jones at center if healthy.
  13. h4t

    Shaquiem Griffin

    His handless arm is a little small(atropied), probabaly becauce he can’t develop his forearm muscles due to his missing hand.
  14. h4t

    Titans Sign Xavier Su'a-Filo

    Sure is nice to finally have a competent GM!