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  1. My man dont catch no balls

    Was going to say if they have a Marvel-themed costume day he's a shoe-in for Cable.
  2. does Lewan get his extension before FA starts?

    I bet take more guaranteed than that unfortunately. But yes I would push to lock up anything within market norms for him now. Despite all the dingers he's had - which is disconcerting - he's still very young and basically healthy. And LTs like him do not grow on trees. I think he's come a long way as well in terms of maturity not to mention being a positive voice for the team, and that is worth something.
  3. QBs being treated like late 90's .com IPOs. More on buzz than P/E.
  4. http://bleacherreport.com/articles/2757224-the-legacy-of-jeff-fisher-controversial-complexand-not-yet-fully-written?utm_source=cnn.com&utm_medium=referral&utm_campaign=editorial
  5. Yeah, never got that about Kamara except for the fact he wasn't really able to shine on a train wreck of a UT team. Mentioned this before, but never saw him play in full until the end of the year when Vandy beat UT (again). Barnett was pretty solid, I thought Dobbs was great (31 of 34,), but Kamara was by far the one guy who stood out on UT. Played with fire, incredibly hard to tackle, and I'm talking against guys like Zac Cunningham and Adam Butler who were playing in the NFL this year, not just scrubs. Guy was fast, hard to get a bead on and damn near impossible to bring down. Then goes to NOLA and looks the same way.
  6. https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/cognitive-ability-and-vulnerability-to-fake-news/ Good read. Nice how delicate they were in nomenclature. I'm thinking of re-reading after using Find and Replace on Low Cognitive Ability and High Cognitive Ability with some more common single word descriptors. Notable though not surprising as well that in semi-limited focus they found no political or at least right/left-leaning correlation. Which makes sense to me that if you're a dumb, old hippie wing nut and have decided that colloidal silver is a FAR better way to go that seeing an actual doctor (who is really a part of THE MAN'S conspiracy to take us all down... I read it on FB) you're just as susceptible to BS as say some of our favs here who probably still believe there was something going on in the basement of that pizza parlor. Stupid is as stupid does. The side work citing Fazio, BTW, at Vandy.
  7. Would have been BB's chance to solidify his legacy sans Brady, and he could have done it. I thought this was more or less a given. I've taking to liking Kiffin far more than McDaniels. Kiffin is quite the good troll when you're a Vandy fan. But they really do have a ton in common besides being creative OCs and looking kinda alike in that douchey way they look.
  8. Winning: $1.50 extra each paycheck

    Speaking of posters from the right who likely aren't broke and also seem to be able to hold a thought or three in their heads at once while still chewing gum, whatever happened to Calico?
  9. As noted since I didn't see him as the golden child some do, potential outcome of this. They might have dodged a bullet.
  10. Winning: $1.50 extra each paycheck

    Yeah, not sure who he was referring to here, as I know you're doing fine and I can't complain (maybe more in the more than 1, less then 5 section, but probably less than SK range). Even @reo probably is worth 7 figures once you figure in Crossfit equipment.
  11. I'm good with equally, horribly bad for both parties.
  12. TBH, I was almost hoping he'd end up in Indy. Never really thought he was nor would become a great HC. OC under BB with Brady, sure thing. Different in less perfect environment. Those true colors came out when DEN started doing not so well.
  13. I'd actually love to see him take over ASAP with no Brady and no BB.