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  1. Flat Earthers UNITE!!!

    A significant % of people will simply believe what feels right in their gut, regardless of any seemingly irrefutable evidence at hand. They will do so out of loyalty to their family/community/etc - not wanting to disrespect what they'v been taught by those close to them. They will do so out of animosity and distrust of whomever is on the other side of the argument, much like all politics these days. I think when they look back at this time period, Steven Colbert's "Truthiness" will take on enhanced significance.
  2. interesting rookie class snap counts and impact

    UT was a hot mess last year, though in hindsight, less of a mess than this year, but watching him in the VU-UT finale, man he was impossible to bring down. Really strong for his size. And though not a blazer, he is very quick/explosive. His 40 time was meh though at the combine. Hard to drop a 1-2 rd pick on a 4.56 rb, but he barely made it out of the 2nd rd. Would be nice to have right about now after the pain of watching Murray run into his own blockers rather than the open holes last night. (But granted, he did it with tremendous effort!)
  3. Every Mariota Interception.

    Ever watch something like last night thinking we have to scheme our WRs open, while WRs like PIT has just are able to get open? They have three guys who are all legit depth threats, and thus they end up with a lot of easy outs and comebacks as our CBs lay off to an extent looking out for the deep shot.
  4. Every Mariota Interception.

    Hate to say it, but certainly seemed that way to me. Crowd noise, national stage under the lights, Pitt mystique, all might have contributed to that. Also, I have a funny feeling that in playing pretty much from a banged up and/or recovery position all season (not to mention lack of time to get on the same page with WRs whether new like Decker or else new AND green like Taylor/Smith/Davis), I think but his mechanics as well as his confidence are off - I say the later as I see more hesitations, double clutches, etc - all of which leading to inaccuracy. I don't think he can't be accurate, we've too often seen that not true. But between all these other factors combined with him putting pressure on himself to get wins for this team, the results are not as pretty as they could otherwise be. Got to be some frustration too when he is bouncing the ball off of his WRs hands week after week, especially on gimme TDs like to Walker last night and Matthews prior.
  5. Titans @ Steelers Game Thread

    My version, perhaps only ignoring injuries.
  6. Titans/Steelers TNF Bold Predictions

    Several women come out and accuse Big Ben of sexual assault but since he was already on the record as a bathroom rapist he is grandfathered in under the new rules and throws 2 TDs. Meanwhile, screaming throngs of fans don't really care what their QB did as long as they win.
  7. Titans/Steelers TNF Bold Predictions

    Oh come on. Be fair. 78%.
  8. She now likes doughtnut-flavored Eggos infused with beer and nicotine?
  9. Adoree being considered a bust so far?

    For a rookie CB who is getting attacked quite often, he's done quite well. Despite having been out of position here and there and given up a few plays, he's more often in recent weeks not only been on position but done extremely well in passes defensed (remember for years how our "best" CBs like JMac would always seem to be almost right there as the other team completed a pass?). His improvement already has been noticeable, and he has not at all been a tackling liability despite his (lack of) size. That's not even taking his return skills or now his contributions to the O into account. I mean, Lattimore this year or Ramsey last year looks like a better overall CB, but bust? Pretty far from it.
  10. The meaning of Life??

    "Try and be nice to people, avoid eating fat, read a good book every now and then, get some walking in, and try and live together in peace and harmony with people of all creeds and nations"
  11. The meaning of Life??

    But what is the question?
  12. I wondered if that was just me. I recall them from the 80's, maybe early 90's, as being pretty solid for chain pizza. (Anyone remember Pizza Inn? The poor man's Hut) Had some semi-recently for the first time in a LONG time, and man it was dog food. Haven't touched a Domino's in years and years but those are certainly better by memory at least vs that melted nuclear plastic waste on warm lubed cardboard The Hut gave me as a pizza.
  13. This Quote Is Telling

    We've certainly complied quite the evidence locker here in that regard.
  14. This Quote Is Telling

    You know what? And especially since @CaliTitan3518 mentioned chess. I'll take that kind of quote anyday vs a decade ago when our own defensive players where making comments about our DC Chuck Cecil to the tune of "We're out there playing checkers while they're playing chess." What did you call him @OILERMAN? Corky?