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  1. Over/under on when he dons the ball cap on the bench?
  2. Trump on players disrespecting the Flag.

    Mine too for some strange reason. The whole Cardiac Kids thing I guess. Add on Staubach and Danny White (yes, I know, though the later had become a family acquaintance), Pastorini, Stabler and maybe the Skis (Jaworkski/Bartkowski). At least they come to mind.
  3. MNF Thread

    Speak of the devil https://nesn.com/2017/09/bill-belichick-sees-potential-in-andrew-jelks-patriots-mystery-man/
  4. Reports Chargers might be going back to SD

    I think people are quickly remembering why teams left la prior.
  5. TNF: Rams 49ers Game Thread

    Yeah, was there in June '16 and was on Air Bart. Not bad, but new connection is just so convenient. I like to stay somewhere right off Montgomery or Powell (The Palace preferably) and next thing you know you're at your hotel regardless of the crap Bay traffic. Hawaiian has a well-timed pair of direct flights between Maui and Oakland, so I usually go in that way.
  6. TNF: Rams 49ers Game Thread

    I lived in SF in the 90's, so not exactly news to me. And MUNI has a lot of room for improvement, but... I was just there again over the weekend with the fam. Ran BART in and out of downtown from Oakland airport. Super easy. Took MUNI everywhere I needed to go. Rarely had to wait more than a few minutes if that to catch a ride, and you're almost always a reasonable walk away with only 1 or maybe 2 rides (with a connection). And now (compared to when I lived there) you can see on Google maps exactly how many minutes away each train/bus/street car is. Really easy to get around. Works better in a city like SF than a Houston/Atlanta, but public transit is highly underrated in this country. You should encourage it even if you're going to stick in your car just to get more drivers off the road and out of your way.
  7. This board is way too down on Decker

    Yep. That being said, he's apparently made a pretty decent career of pushing off and getting away with it. Still feeling about the same way about him as I felt 4+ months ago. Solid late off-season pick up given the options on the table and needs of the team.
  8. 2017 TR Survivor Pool Week 3

    The Dolphins
  9. I always liked Mason the man and as a DC, but like many had my doubts about him as a HC early on in his 1st season. He really has turned it around, and more than on the field success he's turning out to be one of those Shapers of Young Men types that fit Vandy's goal as an institution, very much in the same mold as Tim Corbin. (And I hope Bryce Drew - he has potential, we'll see.) I didn't hate Franklin as much as most, but did always see he for what he was and is: a car salesman who would do anything to close the deal. His sales approach and rah-rah enthusiasm combined with mostly Bobby Johnson's recruits (there was some serious talent Johnson brought in, much little acclaimed like J Matthews, Z Stacy) helped put the program back on the map. But it was always obvious his eyes were bigger than just Vandy.
  10. Davis ruled out for sunday

    This year though unlike previous seasons, we might actually have something to look forward to come playoff time, so having a guy come back into the fold might mean far more than just reps for next year.
  11. Would be nice, but different Bama team than then. Think I listened to that game on the radio with Charlie Mac calling it. Man he was great. (Then again so is Joe Fisher). Kurt Page, Chuck Scott, Carl Woods from up in Gallatin. Wil Wolford on the line, talk about an underrated player. Ricky Anderson was quite the kicker. Manuel Young at S. Nice team, but not the best year. Just not same team as previous couple after Whit Taylor graduated. A lot like this year, starting 3-0 with Bama as 4th game. Beat K State. Know who else we beat early? Maryland. The QB? Frank Reich. Yeah, that Frank who lead the Bill's comeback vs the Oilers. (We played Boomer Esiason as Md QB year before.)
  12. Davis ruled out for sunday

    He just needs to rest until he's healed up. A 1/2 recovered hammy is just a recipe for disaster for a quick-twitch meets full sprint position like a WR.
  13. Seahawks Matchup Thread

    who woulda thought us a 2.5 pt fav over SEA?
  14. Yes, just got to watch game in full after getting back from SF (was sneaking peaks at score while at dinner at Gary Danko = good night all around). K State wasn't all that, didn't play that well (WRs drops hurt them a lot), got a lot of bad breaks, got wrong side of one questionable call (though several both ways were sketchy, and they were definitely calling them on Vandy when they felt like it). Still, a huge win. Bama might be ugly though, even besides the fact that it is #1 Bama. VU's OL really hasn't looked all that great considering competition, and as such they have had a very hard time in the run game. Not like Ralph Webb suddenly forgot how to carry the ball. And K State showed again how much trouble we can have with a running QB, and here comes Jalen Hurts. So besides the fact Vandy isn't in Bama's league, we don't even match up that well. Just hoping to #1) avoid injuries that could dent an otherwise promising season, and #2) not get too embarrassed on national TV. Like, keep it within 3 scores.
  15. New Guy Saying Hi

    Train all the way