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  1. I don't want him, but just to throw it out there with our new Pats-heavy crew in place... Were NE to sign him, the media would be drooling all over BB about them being able to handle the ego issues with the NE "culture" in place, going all in to win one more with Brady and getting him weapons, low risk/high reward type stuff. We've heard that story line often enough when it's worked out (Moss) but also when it hasn't (Big Al). So who's to say that doesn't become our future storyline? Where our culture can absorb a potential problem player and still succeed? That being said, I'd rather roll the dice on someone besides him.
  2. chef

    OTA Updates

    there is truth there, but beyond what I think is a very legit issue when it comes to mechanics as a function of injury history as @huston noted (him being so off injured is its own issue), it is a bit of an indictment on prior especially QB coaches if he needs to fix his base at year 4. Was this worked on prior? Or was it not seen as an issue?
  3. chef

    Anthony Bourdain WTF?

    No of course I was mostly referring to assisted suicide, end of life stuff. There are some cases beyond that, though. Just never an easy topic.
  4. chef

    Anthony Bourdain WTF?

    That implies suicide is inherently irrational. I think there are cases where that although sad is not true. Hardest part of this sort of breakup depression is the inability to imagine future happiness, paired with loss that can never be resolved. You can even tell yourself that you know things will almost certainly be better later, and believe it, but it does not help you in the moment. Used to do intakes on CD patients back in my VU psych lab days. Focus of our research, so you get a somewhat greater understanding and realize it's not just a case of weak willed people who aren't strong enough to GTFO it.
  5. chef

    Anthony Bourdain WTF?

    Very good odds from rumors that his current girlfriend Asia Argento was leaving him. He already suffered from depression related to previous divorce. Not saying this was right thing to do, and not everyone is wired to react this way, but I completely get it. It's a much tougher sensation to simply Get Over than many can understand. Kitchen Confidential was a bible for us out in the SF food scene when it came out. I knew a couple people mentioned in the book as well, via Veritas in NY. Got to make him lunch once, just for him and crew on a book tour, maybe 15, 16 years ago. Really nice guy, same in person as on TV. We didn't do lunch, opened special for him. So he got to smoke the whole time. Sad loss. But I understand.
  6. chef

    Who is boycotting Starbucks now?

    It's always been about Us Vs Them. Ignorance and fear are the core exacerbators. Drilled into our DNA. Racism, nationalism, religion are among the easiest wedges. It's why the cross town rival kids who hate each other (Them) will suddenly bond when playing on the All-State team (Us) vs another state (Them). Us and Them can shift easily - slowly via education, taking the time to talk to and learn about one another... that we all share more in common than we don't. Or it can shift rapidly, as in times of conflict when our ape troop feels threatened by a bigger, scarier Them. New Yorkers have never been nicer to one another than after 9/11. Side note not directly related, @Soxcatdoes bring up a long valid point about racism and SES. Racism 100% exists in all cultures, not equally and not entirely in every individual, but to an extent it has massive impact on society,. This is a given. But racism and other similar concepts have long been used as cover for SES gaps, using exploitation of these core principles like Us vs Them to keep the light away from the Haves vs the Have Nots. (The NFL and a Six Pack are also related tools to the same end, see Circus Maximus). No one in the castle on the hill wants to see the villagers coming up with torches and pitchforks, though they do differ in how they feel about the villagers lives, and what they're willing to do or not do to help them since they are in a position to help from on land up high. With that last part in mind, and bringing that back to topic, Howard Schultz is one of the good ones, at least in regards to giving a crap about his employees and society in general. And I preface this by saying I always hated Charbucks coffee, and despised them for putting friends in SF and beyond out of business who owned small, indy shops, using the usual heavy handed brutal leverage a large corp has over a small biz. But though I have never met him directly, I have had a number of Seattle friends who worked with him directly at corporate, and via my biz have had contact throughout the years. Everything has been extremely positive in terms of him trying to do right by people (meaning workers, customers). This is also reflected in what he did in efforts to provide as much health care coverage as possible for workers in a field that would normally never see it. Their coffee still sucks. But you can't have Henry's House of Coffee (coffeesf.com) on every corner. Not enough Henrys. @Cyrus
  7. chef

    Who is boycotting Starbucks now?

    Bleeehh Of course, I hate pumpkin pie. Tortured by it at childhood holiday church gatherings. By the time I really tried Starbucks in the early 90s I had already been drinking some really good West Coast stuff in SF, or even solid stuff in Nashville from people from Portland/Seattle. (any old downtown Nashville folks remember Joni's Just Java stand?). Went to NYC and saw them everywhere and wondered why they were so popular. Friend told me the coffee they mostly replaced was still Folger's (or less) equivalent crap, so was a step up, + the convenience, experience and so on. Always has been overroasted to compensate for subpar beans. Lots of folks confuse burnt with strong/quality. I must admit I do drink it from time to time as, well, it's just there (airport), or open (they're open 0400, local Maui Coffee Roasters don't roll in until 0700, used to be even later). Never really a great cup. Now when I was in Sydney, I had really good coffee, well, everywhere.
  8. Harley really was a bad choice in that it has been tilting negative for several years now. Then again, when taken as a specific reflection of how it's going for the line level worker, that is true of most domestic manufacturing, whether due to receding business (Harley), job outsourcing overseas or else robotic implementation. Well, maybe often functionally true though not necessarily technically true. Corporations are entities generally created for profit. Now that might take the form of trying to pay your employees more than the next guy such that you have the best employees and the best product (Henry Ford quotes* on that and employee value, at least in the good ol days - Nazi-lover and all). Some disregard their profit now to build for the future. (AMZ) So yes, still for the shareholders, but also not short-sighted, and definitively customer-focused. Costco has a long rep of actually NOT being very shareholder friendly, focusing on the customer as well as good treatment/benefits/wages for employees (especially compared to comps like Walmart), believing that in the end if those win, so will the shareholder. Bascially you can't screw you employees and your customers forever and still do right by the shareholders. Unless maybe you're in a Comcast/Verizon situation. Saddest part of this phase of American history, more so when we look back on it since I think it was easy to see coming, is that we actually do have lots of great high-paying jobs available in America, but we haven't kept up in our educational training and achievements to produce even qualified people to fill those jobs. Many of which then by default go to skilled foreign workers. People should have paid more attention to Revenge of the Nerds. And there is no short term fix to suddenly make a huge % if middle-aged + displaced factory workers ready to take on those jobs. But no politician can get up and say Sorry, You're Mostly Screwed, But We're Going To Start To Try to Do Right By Your Grandkids. (* "There is one rule for the industrialist and that is: Make the best quality of goods possible at the lowest cost possible, paying the highest wages possible." "The two most important things in any company do not appear in its balance sheet: its reputation and its people." Henry Ford Though this one is good to from my perspective, kinda heading the other way: "Understand the difference between being at work and working.")
  9. chef

    I’ll just leave this here

    If you live in the US, this is nearly 3/4 of the time regardless.
  10. chef

    I’ll just leave this here

    Very true. I am pretty much at the end of the continuum of non-religious, but there have been many extremely positive examples of open-minded, (relatively) progressive Christians - call them in Jesus mode - who don't get enough credit when people here attack Christians on the whole. Lumping any group blindly so as to justify your hatred is doing yourself a disservice. Plenty of people to hate just fine on their own merits.
  11. chef

    I’ll just leave this here

    Of course, and the very nature of places even like this board embolden bad behavior that would have been polished quite a bit more in say the context of a public discussion 50 years ago. Again, for most, not all. There have always been those labelled agitators/motivators/instigators. Not sure what the answer is though, because it's not like everyone was really nicer a long time ago - maybe even worse in many ways, but they were just more restrained by society.
  12. chef

    I’ll just leave this here

    I have to believe somewhere deep inside that the overwhelming majority of everybody on this planet is far better than the Comments Below section found almost anywhere online. Even THOSE comments people when forced back into face to face interactions with those they hate, no longer able to hide behind the anonymity of the web, show better versions of themselves. Mostly at least. Otherwise might as well go full Mad Max and mount rocket launchers on my Humvee for the coming wars. Personally, I'd rather sit down to a decent cup of coffee.
  13. chef

    Guns Used in Mass Murder in Texas High School

    It is. And I have lots of cousins that did/do. I'm not much into hunting, but I know that family members have had some serious quality bonding time doing that, kids with dads/uncles/grandpas. And - usually - nothing bad out of it. Well, maybe not if you're PITA. Part of what makes these discussions challenging: so many's personal experiences are so far from these horrific moments it just doesn't make sense, and the proposals threaten things that form core parts of their identity.