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  1. Writer of Muslim Mafia and Crude Politics.....
  2. Paul Sperry is a right wing author and political commentator....
  3. I'll take that as a compliment.
  4. But Rush and Alex Jones said.....
  5. They feel betrayed because they were betrayed. That's what Trump does. The worst part is, the Republicans know this and still say things like "I like him because he shakes things up." or "At least we have a businessman up there." We as Americans should be ashamed that WE have disgraced the presidency with this buffoon.
  6. VY was an athletically gifted player who didn't have the accuracy or consistency or mental toughness to make it at the highest level. He won some games in spite of his shortcomings as player and he was at least entertaining to watch When he was at his best. Thats about the nicest way I know to say VY simply was not very good and it's time to end this thread.
  7. Lol.
  8. What? How in the fuck does this have anything to do with Hillary or Obama? I guess we forgot RNC got hacked too.
  9. @big2033 absolutely destroying this thread.
  10. Finally, we agree.
  11. Hahaha mailed it in... I see what you did there!
  12. He tries to be powerful when the cameras are looking but he's actually a fat wussy who got manhandled by a dude half his size. Bigly!
  13. And that's the problem. The average American viewer doesn't understand or care to understand the substance. They heard someone blaming immigrants for their hard times and latched on. Xenophobia, cult experience, and group think. That is the modern Republican party and Trump is a shining example of its worthiness. There are some good ones like Kasich but they don't have any real power within the party and have been washed out by the sea of stupidity. I like a lot of Republican ideas but they have proven to be wholly ineffective since the mid 90's.
  14. It's true that none of the organizations or people you mentioned are perfect. However, they have a long track record of trying to report news and only recently have become more partisan in response to losing viewership to places like Fox. Fox, on the other hand, has a long history of reporting opinion and dressing it as news and of outright deception. Credibility is tarnished across the spectrum but it is a rigid dichotomy that you are proposing here.
  15. Weird. Don't blame him though.