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  1. J

    click bait. He just needs something different, not something accurate.
  2. Last year, it became fairly obvious who the Titans would pick because of comments made by the coach/gm, the roster situation which essentially left no RT, and then the trade down which significantly narrowed the possible prospects to essentially two or three guys. The comments about trading back up, narrowed the list even more. At that point, it became pretty clear that Conklin was the tough guy perfect RT prospect they had targeted the whole time. This year, there are no freebies. They have essentially filled the bare minimum at every position and could still decide to upgrade at multiple positions. We don't know exactly what the goal is or the philosophy that they envision for this season on either side of the ball and free agency left more questions than answers in my opinion. We can probably safely assume that DLB prefers veteran corners to rookies and that maybe they didn't love any of the 1st round corners. After that, it gets pretty hazy. It's awful hard to pass up pass rushers and defensive studs when you are in a rare position at the top of the draft. Having said that, who doesn't want to build around the QB and give Mariota more weapons and better blockers? Adams, Davis, Howard all really fit the mold of what we think Jrob is looking for. Adams might not be there at 5 and Davis and Howard could potentially still be there at 18, though it's looking less and less likely. No matter what you do, good players are going to go to other teams so the trick here is to find the guy they like the best who best fits what they want to do. IMO, based on what we know of the scheme they use and the philosophy they have, I think you can add Allen, Thomas, and Williams to that mix with Adams, Davis, and Howard. Then you take a look at the visits. From the guys we know, you can probably narrow the list to Allen, Davis, Williams, Howard. Cunningham might be in play at 18. So if I had to guess right now and again, this is purely my fictional projection based off what I think we know, I think they would like to have Allen at 5 and the best of Davis, Williams, or Howard at 18. The backup plan would be Howard at 5 and Cunningham or one of the WR's at 18. Again, pure speculation but it seems to be as good as anything i've seen in here. Also, the debate about Howard is legitimate on both sides. The guy is absolutely a stud prospect and there is no question he makes this offense better. Still, the talent at the top of this draft is all pro blue chip level talent in any year and so it's not a question so much of whether Howard is worth it vs. can you justify passing up a guy who projects to be an all pro safety or Dlineman in order to take a TE?
  3. I'm afraid this isn't your best work Kyle! jk... keep em' coming.
  4. No Foster. Interesting. Some damn good prospects on there. Allen, Cunningham, Davis, Howard, Williams. All guys I could see being targets early.
  5. J

    Won't let me view. Says it was either taken down or part of a group I don't belong to.
  6. J

    It depends. I really really like Adams and Hooker while i'm not as high on Hooker, he is a great prospect. Having said that, we already have three starters at Safety on the roster so the question is, what is the bigger upgrade Adams/Hooker over Cyprien on 2 safety looks or do they move Cyprien to 3 safety looks and nickel LB in which case, I can see either of those guys. OR do you like the upgrade you get with Allen over DaQuan Jones. It's a tough call. OR do you leave Cyprien back at Safety and bring in Reuben Foster to bolster the middle even though you just extended Woodyard. I can see it. And then there's O.J. Howard who everyone swears will be gone before you pick at 18 and he was basically hand made by the gods to play in this offense. It's a tough call and a good problem to have. Jrob is a really good talent evaluator and I have faith that he's going to get a heckuva football player there at 5.
  7. J

    I think it is a legitimate concern that his ceiling isn't as high as maybe some of the others. Having said that, i'll take production and instincts all day long over the underwear olympics. Plenty of guys have come out of the combine and done great or busted and it had nothing to do with anything that happened at the combine. Jrob basically came out and said that the only thing you get (for him at least) from the combine is the medical stuff. From everything i've read, the shoulders aren't a huge concern but who knows, that could change everything. Back to Jrob though, he's much more concerned with film work and production. Allen is a beast in both of those molds. I would like him to be a little bigger/longer and I would like him to be a little stronger and I would love for him to be a little faster. Having said that, this guy is going to be at worst a very solid 3-4 DE or 4-3 DT with great instincts. He may never take over a game but I don't think you'll miss with him either.
  8. J

    I don't usually like everything this guy does and I definitely don't agree with everything he says in this breakdown but he makes some good points and he's mildly entertaining. He got me looking at some things I hadn't really looked at previously. Maybe worth a watch to help shade your opinion.
  9. J

    Hell, i'd probably be cool with Solomon Thomas in there somewhere as well. So many damn good defensive prospects this year it's silly.
  10. J

    My first watch of Jonathan Allen, I was all like IDK, he doesn't look like the most explosive guy I've ever seen. Going back and watching more. The guy's instincts are off the charts. He's not the biggest, fastest, or strongest but he's a damn good football player. Right now Allen, Adams, Foster, Howard, Davis. Take em' in that order and get me two of them in the first round and i'm a happy dude.
  11. J

    This is a better scenario imo. I would have no problem giving up a 3rd round pick or even a 2nd next year or something, if it means you get the two players in the first that you really wanted.
  12. Going back and watching some more of Jones, I have to say, he's not the prospect he's being made out to be here. He catches a lot of balls but he's not a very good route runner, he doesn't have great speed, and he isn't scaring anyone on the deep ball. JMO. Having said all of that, I don't hate him. I even like him in this offense because he's good at boxing defenders out and dominates on short routes against smaller CB's. Anyone with that level of production is doing something right. I just don't value him as a 1st round pick. Again, just my two cents.
  13. But where is the evidence? Why isn't Breitbart and infowars covering this?