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  1. J

    I like Johnson and Ryan l, not so big on Minter or the Safety. All in all, it's as solid as anything I've seen.
  2. J

    I'm still trying to figure out why everyone is convinced that McCourty won't be here next year. He's the best DB on the roster even though he played poorly for large stretches last year but he openly said he would be willing to restructure his contract and he seems like the sort of guy who would be willing to move to safety if they asked him to. This team is starved for DB's so why create a hole at a needed position when it isn't necessary. Personally, I hope they restructure his contract and move him to safety where I think he'll play much better. Then, you sign a good CB in FA to play across from Sims and you still have McCain to play the NB role. Reed also comes into the mix for depth but I would think they still draft a guy at some point as well but I honestly would be surprised to see them draft a CB in round one unless they just fall in love. Jrob and DL both love front 7 and they both want to win NOW. They also understand the need to upgrade the pass defense at multiple levels and not just address CB to the point of overkill.
  3. J

    Didn't see you already posted this. Nice.
  4. J

    The Titans gave up 54 sacks last year. This year, 28. Literally went from one of the worst to one of the best in one year. Mariota went from 38 sacks on 371 drop backs to 23 sacks on 451 drop backs. He went from over a 10% sack rate down to around a 5% sack rate. Your numbers are bullshit.
  5. J

    We already knew that much.
  6. J

    “An ‘extremely credible source’ has called my office and told me that Barack Obama’s birth certificate is a fraud” - The Donald
  7. Like I said, all of the Trump supporters and especially some of the more vocal ones on this board had no idea why Mattis was such a good pick. HAHAHA. Dumbasses.
  8. They call that a dependopatumus where I come from.
  9. J

    I like the idea of targeting guys with a good body of work who just had either a down year or are coming off a very recoverable injury. These are usually the bargains of free agency. Having said that, the Titans have plenty of money and I like Robert Woods, Kerley and several others who will be available as well. No reason not to upgrade the position if they can.
  10. J

    Well, since one of the posters here claimed they could run a 4.6 at 265, I see no reason why an NFL athlete who's been training for months shouldn't be able to hit a 4.4 no problem!
  11. Kelly sucks. I think he's proven that beyond doubt by now. His offense worked for a year until everyone figured it out. You have to adjust at this level. That's what makes teams like the Patriots so good. They don't really have a set scheme and offense. The just adapt every week to your weaknesses.
  12. J

    Gilmore should still be considered. Often the guys with good track records that simply had a down year during their contract year are the biggest steals in FA. Gilmore is a good player and experience has shown all of us that just because a guy played like a beast last year does not guarantee success this year in a new scheme and on a new team. I'm not saying I prefer Gilmore or any other CB at this point but I think it would be foolish not to look at his whole body of work and do our due diligence. I'm fine with Bouye and making the Texans defense a little weaker as well. There are about 4-5 CBs in this free agency that I feel are all starting caliber guys and I will be happy as long as the Titans walk away with at least one of them.
  13. J

    He's not my first choice but they could certainly do worse and I would be excited to add another capable WR to the stable.
  14. Only if they align with his preconceived notions.
  15. You have Sims too as insurance and McCain to play in the slot and can still draft a guy as well. I like restructuring McCourty's contract and keeping him as a #2 or even moving him into a reserve role and letting him play some safety.