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  1. Intelligence agencies identified the specific agents who transferred the stolen documents. https://www.reuters.com/article/us-usa-russia-cyber-celebrate/u-s-intel-report-identifies-russians-who-gave-emails-to-wikileaks-officials-idUSKBN14P2NI
  2. So when Trump gave away Military secrets that exposed Isreali agents, that would be considered bad right?
  3. Their behavior is so out of whack with reality. It's difficult to have a conversation and take them seriously. And yet, we must, if we ever want to actually move forward.
  4. Yea, we know. All of the intelligence agencies, detailed transcripts, timed accounts, named persons, and 100 criminal charges along with 35 or so indictments can't possibly compare with the word of Donald Trump.
  5. Lol at no one thought the wikileaks stuff wasn't Russia. Trump still denies it and so do his followers.
  6. Says the conservative parrot. It lays out how the Russians did it and who was involved. We already know that the Trump team reached out to these people and tried to collude. It is now beyond the scope of imagination that it just didn't happen. The only defense left is the Trump was too stupid to know what was going on defense, which admittedly might be true.
  7. Justafan

    I wonder if Ben is one of the 12...

    Ok fair enough. Didn't know that. Gaslighting... lol.
  8. I hope they both put up monster numbers so big everyone will have no choice but to stfu and enjoy.
  9. Justafan

    I wonder if Ben is one of the 12...

    I don't think he got banned so much as just so many people had him on ignore, it was no longer worth his trouble to stick around.
  10. Justafan

    US Senate races. Remember Trump is dumb..

    Republicans have a very good chance of maintaining control.
  11. There's no way I could give this post enough likes to give it due credit.
  12. When you take the sum total of everything we know, it doesn't sound crazy at all. They have Donald Jr. on record soliciting this stuff. They have Trump campaign officials recorded trying to set up illegal agreements and then lying about it. The former campaign chairmen is up to his eyeballs in this stuff. Trump's personal lawyer just flipped on him. Multiple Trump campaign officials solicited to meet with Russian intelligence and it looks like they got approval from the very top. This is just the stuff we know. Combine that with all the "coincidences" and the only thing that looks crazy is that there are still people convinced that the DNC was just a leak and this is all somehow all Hillary's fault. Trump's people reached out to the Russians, solicited for, and received help from their intelligence people in an operation that looks like it had over 300 individuals to intentionally sabotage and tilt the election in favor of one Donald Trump. What is crazy to me is that we KNOW this happened and yet people like you are upset with the intelligence agencies, the law enforcement people, and the justice department who have uncovered all this while defending the traitors and the liars.
  13. Weird how all the conservative sites are eerily silent on this whole thing. It's almost like they have an agenda on what they report.