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  1. I mean with Orakpo, Landry, Morgan, and Correa you have to feel pretty darn good about the rotation at edge rusher. When is the last time you could legitimately say the Titans front 5 were this talented? 2008?
  2. Justafan

    How about Harold Landry's Debut?

    Orakpo had a good game too. The pass rush, especially in the first half, was very encouraging. Last year they seemed to get sacks but couldn't pressure the QB. They didn't get a lot of pressure last week but I can't remember the last time the Titans had a QB on the run the way they did Watson during the first quarter. Honestly, I'm surprised they didn't force more mistakes early the way they were in his face constantly. Landry is pretty good. I'm still surprised he didn't go until the second round.
  3. In hindsight, this was probably the plan all along. I think they really like Williams, it seemed like he was a big piece to what they wanted to do in preseason. Actually, this is underrated good news IMO.
  4. Justafan

    Next two games key...and TOUGH ones

    Personally, I like the Jax game better than I liked the matchups in Houston. I think they can pressure Bortles and Bortles under pressure throws picks. Another smart gameplan that involves Derrick Henry making Jalen Ramsey his b**** again and all of a sudden the Jags aren't as scary. I don't think you come out trying to throw it all over the field or you lose. I think the trick is Fisher ball. Wear out the defense, and capitalize on mistakes from Bortles. Don't make mistakes on offense. If they can protect Mariota, and keep the running game going, I like their chances this week much better than I liked the Houston matchup where they have such a hard time containing those explosive WRs.
  5. Justafan

    Week 2: Texans @ Titans Game Thread

    Hard to understate just how big of an impact Landry had on the game.
  6. Justafan

    Should the Wildcat be a bigger part?

    I like the Wildcat as an occasional thing that teams have to prepare for or you can pull out of the bag of tricks to catch them off guard or get a spark but I hope it's not much more than that. Also, I feel like this is much more dangerous and difficult to defend with Mariota who actually has some speed on the outside.
  7. Justafan


    Just don't restart every time something doesn't go your way. Slog through the game and even though there will be slow points it will get better. I would suggest not level too fast and instead let your gear level up as you go. For that reason, I would go the thieves guild first and build your money/ gear instead of just rushing through the story. The Companions is pretty easy. Lots of side quests in White Run. Thieves guild lets you do a bunch of quests without getting into combat through the "weak" levels. As for early level, I would knock out ember mines and the first dungeon pretty early just to get some loot. Do some of the side quests but exploring can be pretty dangerous early on depending on the type of character you've built. Spreading out your perks can make a pretty strong character later on but early it can really leave you exposed. A lot of people focus on only about 4-5 skills total just so you can keep from getting too rounded out and not specialized in anything. If you struggle, I would recruit the Elf in riverwood to be a companion and take some of the heat off early. Smith, Craft, Alchemy = God Character. Mixing them becomes OP late game. Hope that helps.
  8. Justafan

    Kavanaugh will probably not be confirmed now

    This is a bombshell if it really ends up holding up the vote.
  9. Justafan

    Big Week Of News Coming Up

    Interesting. Admittedly, I haven't been paying much attention but I assumed the Republicans had enough control to push this through. This is a McCain move for Flake. Not gonna make him many friends but since he's retiring anyways I suppose. Meh. I still think he gets nominated but this certainly adds an important wrinkle.
  10. Justafan

    Big Week Of News Coming Up

    5B is nothing in the great scheme of things and it's a big wall. This isn't just some fencing thrown up outside your back yard. I still think it's probably a waste, but is this really the hill you want to die on?
  11. Justafan

    Big Week Of News Coming Up

    You would think we could at least shore up the biggest trouble spots with 5 billion so I guess we'll see.
  12. Justafan

    Big Week Of News Coming Up

    I have mixed feelings about it. The one side of me says it's a silly waste. The other side of me says 5 billion is nothing and if it makes a positive difference, give him 20 or 30 for all I care. I just wish both sides were willing to discuss actual immigration reform because the current system kinda sucks IMO. No one is winning.
  13. Justafan

    Big Week Of News Coming Up

    5 billion isn't enough. Kavanaugh is getting confirmed. Dems put up a fight as their constituents demanded but everyone knew this was very likely a losing battle going in. A few shrewd Dems have tried to build momentum off of it with less than spectacular results IMO. Kavanaugh isn't the guy I would have selected but this is what happens when you lose elections. He's not some far-out crazy either so honestly I don't have a huge problem with it. Having said that, I get why the drama after what the Republicans did two years ago. Politics as usual.
  14. Justafan

    A few generic thoughts about the game

    It wasn't perfect and it wasn't pretty but I'll take it. Here's to hoping they get healthy going forward.
  15. Justafan

    Patrick Mahomes is the truth

    I doubted hard on Mahomes. I officially repent. He could still bust out hard but he's definitely flashed enough to prove he's better than I ever thought he could be. I saw just another big-armed inaccurate guy who gets flustered in the pocket.