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  1. Titans vs Browns: Official Game Day Thread

    Uh... good game?
  2. Titans vs Browns: Official Game Day Thread

    well, this is fun
  3. Titans vs Browns: Official Game Day Thread

    So it's awful bright in here. Great game so far huh fellas?
  4. Both sides are playing politics. That's regrettable.
  5. Preventive war with North Korea...

    War solves what? If anything it gives legitimacy to the fears of North Korea in the first place. War should be the absolute last resort option and not simply a way to avert the NK regime from obtaining nukes. If they do obtain Nukes, what changes? They aren't coming south or risk provoking the Chinese. They won't launch a nuke at America. I mean does anyone seriously believe that? It gives them a strong negotiation position and it prevents America from overthrowing the regime or directly invading. I'm willing to live with that if it means millions of lives are saved at the expense of a few egos.
  6. Gen Kelly is a lying ....

    LOL!!! Amirite? I would make fun of you but it doesn't seem right.
  7. Gen Kelly is a lying ....

    Look, you guys are welcome to your opinion. I'm not going to waste energy arguing about it.
  8. Gen Kelly is a lying ....

    That's debatable but not really worth debating. I'm not going to condemn the man because he was mistaken or even if he did lie. His intent was to protect the office and redirect attention where it belonged. A sacred tradition that shouldn't be tarnished, even if Trump was a complete fail.
  9. Evidence Surfacing That The Democrats Are Behind Russian Dossier

    Trump won because there are enough gullible idiots out there who thought he would actually change Washington and gave a rats ass about them. They were so brainwashed and convinced that Obama was the devil that they would vote for anyone who would nullify what he had done. Regardless of the actual policy. Most of these morons had no idea how the current tax code is structured, how health care is actually organized, what kind of policies we actually have on immigration. What they did and do know is that it is brown and black's fault that their lives aren't better. The rest of this shit is just partisan stupidity aimed and discrediting the other side and eaten up only by the most gullible who spend most of their time in the most obvious of echo chambers. These people will twist anything, say anything, and do anything to prop up their own side and cast their opponents in a negative way. There is no love of country here. There is no moral sense of right or wrong. It's not about policy. It's not even about Trump. It's about being right. It's about proving all those stuck up liberals who have been calling them stupid for years what's up. It's about winning a goddamn argument and team politics. Unfortunately, the left is just as bad for similar reasons.
  10. Gen Kelly is a lying ....

    General Kelly is a good man who carries himself with character. Kelly and Mattis are the best things happening with the White House. He's a patriot for doing what he's doing and should be commended. He knows that discrediting the president in this way, no matter who it is, does nothing to move the country forward. Trump is a despicable person and a horrible president. Having said that, Dems should either present their case or move on and stop taking shots at the expense of our democracy and standing in the world. I don't like Trump either but effort would be much better spent finding a candidate who can beat him with ideas and rebrand the party into something that actually wins over voters instead of just trying to discredit every single person connected to Trump in an effort to separate him from American society. He will do that on his own. Dems should reach out to repubs now on health care and tax reform and start making alliances and let them know that their support is possible to gain if we can get some things we want and we are willing to play ball on some stuff we weren't willing to in the past. Pelosi should step down and let someone else be the face of the party so that would take away the demonizing symbol republicans have rallied around. Dems need to start presenting a unifying message on all of this stuff, especially economic policy and jobs. Closely followed by healthcare, taxes, immigration, and foreign policy. Find someone charismatic and articulate and have them start now. These people are out here. Find them Dems. Someone with a real IQ, actual emotional intelligence, and real charisma, and actually knows how to work Washington. Let Trump ruin himself.
  11. Delanie/DeMarco will play as per Schefter

    This is good news. Means Murray is feeling good and honestly probably is really feeling the heat from Henry. Walker is huge. He really opens up the rest of the offense. If Corey Davis is a shadow of what we think he will be, post bye football is going to be really fun.
  12. Shapiro is a very bright guy. Which is why it's important, I think, to hear what he has to say. I'm just curious what people think because he has a few of these and a website and he makes some pretty convincing arguments. I honestly don't know where to stand on this issue personally. Treat people with kindness and not cruelty. I can get down with that. I think we all can. I think we all want to live in a world where our kids are better off than we are, and so I hope everyone here achieves that. It's how that is actually accomplished and what the facts concerning white privilege are that I think there is a divide. Just my two cents. Not trying to start an argument and not taking a side other than I'm against racism and in favor of facts, I think we could all try to be a little kinder to each other, and I concede I'm not nearly as smart on this subject as others.
  13. I know this could offend some people here but I find two interesting sides to this debate. How do people respond to something like this?