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  1. I've seen no opposing perspective here. Only a whiny little bitch asking for an ass whooping and getting just desserts. It's become the dem way? As you whine about someone making fun of you. FUNNY INDEED. Yes, I will continue to make fun of your mom and wife because you put it out there on the internet like a douche. I haven't disrespected your family. You did. You're just too dumb to realize it. Don't know what you're talking about with Jrob so I won't even touch that. You should really get a life though.
  2. Doesn't matter what she said out loud..... in the back of her head now she knows what a fucking pussy her husband is.
  3. It's not news. It's opinion entertainment and the most entertaining opinionists are all either gone or exposed for the frauds they always were. Of course the ratings are dropping.
  4. nashville deserves this.
  5. Stanley Cup Mother Fuckers!!!!!!
  6. Take him seriously but not literally! Lmao.
  7. Nah man, your confused with that time you blasted your mom dying to the world and then cried because someone was a big meanie about it. Sniffle sniffle.
  8. Yea, one of the guys I work with is a respectful but avid republican. He argued for Trump incessantly during the campaign. Last couple months he just shuts up whenever politics come up. No one has the heart to rub his nose in it because he's a good dude but we all know.
  9. Let us know when you've figured it out. You've been working on it for a while. Here's a hint. If you don't know who the biggest fucking idiot is in the room is, it's probably......
  10. Pretty hard to defend some of the missteps. It's amazing to me that people are still in this guy's corner.
  11. Dershowitz completely missed the point. Collusion with a foreign power? No crime? Good god. Yea, that's why they are investigating it... because it's not even considered a crime! That's why Mike Flynn is probably going to jail... because he couldn't possibly have committed a crime! I mean, even if Trump knew about it, that wouldn't be a crime.... right? That's why Trump fired Comey right after he admitted Trump was under investigation and was about to amp up the investigation and then bragged about it to the Russians.... nope. No obstruction there! Obviously, they can't prove beyond the shadow of a doubt that Trump committed a crime or they already would have moved forward. If you can't see the crime though, you're either a moron or a political hack. Tucker is a hack. Thor is probably just a Moron.
  12. Watching youtube videos i'm seeing dudes get hit full on with a baseball bat anywhere but the head and they keep going like it's no big deal. I still think it's a relatively close fight but I stand by my original assessment that the advantages of the knife are equal to the advantages of the bat.
  13. I agree, it seems obvious until you actually realize how clumsy a bat can be in practice.