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  1. Comey Memos

    The kids both had interims. They're fine. The red flag is that Kushner's got downgraded because he had to make too many amendments because he conveniently left out all of his Russian ties in the forms. The background forms are pretty significant and the e-QIP requires a lot of pretty detailed info but it's nothing crazy. The only time you run into problems is when you have a bunch of foreign ties, have to make multiple changes to your original questionnaire or the investigator feels you are deliberately omitting information or lying. Perception is that Kushner did all three. That's a big fucking deal.
  2. Comey Memos

    Dude, I'm the security manager for my unit. That means I'm the guy who requests security clearances for the kids (cadets) in my unit which is a requirement for a 2nd LT to earn a commission (The Irony is that they are commissioned directly from the president). It's hilarious to me that you keep trying to point out things about the military and the government while never having dealt with either in a formal capacity. We expect an 20 year old kid to get a security clearance in order to serve in the military and yet it's no big deal that people working in the white house with shady ties to foreign interests are denied? A security clearance is easy to get. In the three years I've been here, I think one kid has been turned down. The hardest part is filling out the info in the online questionnaire. I got a kid who grew up in Iraq and Egypt who had no problem getting a top secret. When I did my security clearance, it took all of 2 days to fill out the paperwork and a grand total of 3-4 months for the investigation to wrap up. The top-secret took something like a month to complete after that. In the meantime, they gave me an interim clearance to perform my job. All those interim clearances are fine. That just means the investigation is ongoing and they've been given clearance in the interim. That still leaves 35 others in the White House who could not get a clearance. It's absolutely a huge red flag that they aren't able to obtain security clearances and would be alarming to people if they actually understood how low the bar actually is. And the FBI doesn't handle security clearances so please tell me more about how this is the result of the FBI's ineptitude. Just pure ignorance. Yes, you are missing something.
  3. 4 dead at Waffle House in Antioch

    Contrary to popular belief, the VAST majority of perps, even violent ones, are brought to justice without the use of deadly force.
  4. Comey Memos

    Don’t let the stupidity of several members of the administration being deemed inappropriate for a security clearance get in the way of quibbling over the way a sentence was worded.
  5. 4 dead at Waffle House in Antioch

    You can pass all the laws you want. Things won't change until gun culture changes. People want the guns and until you change that, government employees will resist, citizens will resist, states will resist. People will find loopholes and ways around any bill you pass. Just look at the Brady Bill. Supremely unpopular and yet so watered down it was easily bypassed. Same thing on the other side. Unless gun advocates are willing to update the laws to be congruent with modern society, they will eventually be voted out. The perception is that they dug their heels in and refused to do anything to address all of the gun violence. When Dems have full control, they will go after gun rights hard. They will either take the right away completely or water down the process with thick bureaucracy so bad that it's too much for the average person to go through. It's time to wake up and realize that what we are doing is not working. Guns are glorified as cool and that's a problem. Guns are a tool for hunting and as a last resort for self-defense. They are not toys to show off to your friends when you get drunk, punk people who talk back to you, or to prep for the zombie invasion. Cigarettes didn't go away until they became "uncool". We must do the same with guns. For the sake of our children but also for the sake of our rights.
  6. Titanskick8851 2018 Mock Draft

    Best one I've seen this year.
  7. The Left trying to brainwash High School students?

    1st sentence begs me not to take you seriously. Yes, I question Trump's motives and he has given us plenty of reason to do so. That has absolutely nothing to do with Obama one way or another. Your opinion is that Hillary deserves to go to jail. She didn't. Beyond that, it doesn't matter. It's like debating the OJ trial 20 years later. I just don't care. She's gone and the system is better for it. The vigor to go after her now, when she's no longer a threat, is never going to run for a serious position again... it's just pettiness and nastiness. Trump has not accomplished anything in trade or foreign relations. He could in NK but he pulled out of TPP which was a mistake. He's failed to renegotiate NAFTA, and damaged our relations with close allies in the process. Europe hates him, China is in a small trade spat with him, Russia has run rough shed while the US has ceded more and more influence (not necessarily a bad thing), and Iran has a stronger influence in the middle east than ever before. Cuba was warming up to us and Trump put a stop to that. Peurto Rico, while not really foreign was a complete disaster. Syria? A joke. Iraq? A joke. Afghanistan? A joke. Where is all the winning?
  8. The Left trying to brainwash High School students?

    The Right has a difficult time adapting because they have a base set of principles that always bring them back to the same point. By definition, they resist change. These are not really changes in policy so much as shifts in position back towards policy from the past. Most people who disagree on immigration don't disagree because Trump is a Republican or they think the Dems will get more votes if more illegals get here. Most people are fine with controlling the borders. It's the vitriol that has come with the policy and the perception of racism that most Dems I think have a problem with. Personally, I think America does need to do a better job on immigration and reforms do need to be made. Having said that, I think Trump is the wrong messenger. I don't like him, I never have and I think he's a national disgrace. So yes, I am probably biased against him on most issues and tend to see the absolute worst. Much as you do with Hillary Clinton and Barrack Obama. If I told you that both of them were very likely not crooks and you only choose to see them that way because of your biases, I doubt you would listen to me. Trade policy is silly imo. I am for free trade and trade agreements are usually good. NAFTA has been a huge boon. The TPP would have given us leverage. Tariffs never work. So many things I disagree with. Free market and free trade are good things. Of course, people are free to disagree with me on that. Trump's foreign policy is better than Hillary's but I question his motives when it comes to Putin. Yes, Obama lost against Putin and Hillary was way more hawkish than I would like but I literally have no idea what Trump is going to do on a given day and that is pretty scary. If Trump manages to close the deal with Kim Jung Il, then he deserves credit and I will give it to him. We'll still disagree on Iran. I think a softer stance there would be better but I get people's unwillingness to do that. No one wanted Trump because they thought he would get along with people, much less Democrats. He was decisive right from the beginning and that was the most appealing thing about him to many of his voters. He stood on stage and told the Democrat nominee that he would put her in jail if he could and the Republicans all applauded so acting like the Dems are just acting like kids and challenging Trump on everything after Republicans did the same thing for the last 8 years to the point of sitting on a supreme court nomination for over a year... That's just being disingenuous.
  9. There's more conflict of interest if it's a politician. There are plenty of rich people who do illegal things to get richer. That's absolutely true, but you are also 100% correct that the VAST majority of rich people are not criminals. Can't believe I'm defending Hannity but I don't see anything that suggests wrongdoing here. He's a vile person who makes money in a despicable way but I doubt he's a crook. I hope the true nature of the meetings between him and Cohen are released though because that will either put it to bed or make an actual case.
  10. The Left trying to brainwash High School students?

    This is a non-productive post but you do bring up a good point about why the Right and Left can't see eye to eye. The right are forward arguers and the left are backward arguers and so therefore both see the other side as confused and wrong. Here's an example. When arguing abortion people on the right start with the original principle that killing is wrong and so that forms the logical reasoning that killing babies is wrong and therefore abortion is wrong because you are killing babies. Leftists argue backward, recognizing that there are terrible consequences because of abortion and that those are wrong so the reason that any law that results in these bad outcomes must be bad. It's not a perfect example or an exact science but I think it explains a lot of thinking and disconnect. Both viewpoints are reasonable but I would argue the Right has a more sound foundation from a logical standpoint whereas the left is better able to adapt to a changing culture that has ever-changing needs.
  11. That's not really fair. The GOP does the same thing on the other side. I mean look at the lengths they've gone to justify Trump's awkward behavior. I think both sides impose a double standard when it comes to judging the other side and I think there is plenty of vitriol and hate on the right. Hell, one of the most appealing aspects of "liberal" media is that it doesn't come off nearly as angry as conservative media.
  12. When will conservatives purge the corrupted GOP?

    Obama's foreign policy was a joke. He should have pulled troops out immediately. Instead, he kept us mired for 8 more years because he didn't want to be responsible for the violence. The GOP attacked him anyways when he finally pulled out of Iraq and the violence ensued. All he did was waste human lives. Syria, Libia both disasters. Ukraine and Crimea? Wow.. talk about letting Putin take your lunch. I liked the Iran deal (I know many disagree but the US has relied too heavily on military might to get what they want, moves toward diplomacy are a good thing) but that was probably his greatest achievement foreign policy wise which is pretty sad.
  13. The draft just needs to hurry up and get here. I mean, we've been speculating on the speculation for weeks.
  14. Comey Memos

    And it ain't for a lack of trying. They've tried to go after her 2 or 3 times now and it keeps getting tossed out.
  15. When will conservatives purge the corrupted GOP?

    I agree. I think Romney was an underrated candidate. I didn't like everything about him (way too religious for me) but he understood that the government spending was out of control.