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  1. I actually liked most of Trump's speech. I wish they would just pull troops but if we're going to stay I thought this was a correct balance and as good of a strategy as i've heard. Problem is, it's impossible to know if it's genuine. Is this teleprompter Trump or is this Twitter Trump. Prior experience says tempered talk and real solutions can't last. I would also like to know more details but understand why they can't be given. Honestly, i'm tired of giving ANY leader more time in Afghanistan. 16 years is enough.
  2. Honestly, I don't care if there is another power vacuum. It's time to bring our boy's home.
  3. The Game of Thrones

    All bs. If you can spear a dragon you can kill a dude on a lake. Convenience and poor writing. You can reason it if you want to but this is the exact sort of stuff that GOT has not been which is why the immersion was so good and the show was great.
  4. The Game of Thrones

    Then why attack when they did. Could have just let the boy go and killed the rest. Besides, how could they possibly know a dragon was on the way? No, I disagree. It was poor writing that lacked ingenuity and the immersion that has made GOT great.
  5. Anquan Boldin HoF?

    Don't see it.
  6. They respect talent. If they think he gives them a better chance to win, he'll start.
  7. I agree. They have a lot of options each week. They can attack in multiple ways from a few formations. They have solid depth. They have a blossoming QB. They can really tweak the game plan week to week.
  8. The Game of Thrones

    I don't think Arya dies here. I can see Sansa trying though. I can also see Bran outing Littlefinger pretty soon which complicates everything. Loved parts of the show but the stranded on a lake for a day thing while the dead army just stares at you thing was stupid. If the hound can can hit them with rocks, guess what, they could have just pummeled them with rocks. If the dead can use swords they can also use bows. If the dead can walk, they can also swim. If I can hit a dragon with a spear then I'm pretty sure I can nail some dudes huddled on a frozen lake with nowhere to go. The Marathon through the snow, the spear, the Tormund death, just kidding, the Jon rescue, the terrible plan... it was just too much.
  9. Davis is gonna be fine. Can't wait to see Mariota in this offense with all these new weapons. I know we all like to homer it up but this roster really does have a lot of talent and you have to respect the meticulous way it's been built over the last two seasons.
  10. I'm happy with where we are.
  11. I hate to give @Bongo59 credit due to past misdeeds but he called Reed last year and though I think he may have overshot the kid's talent, it's still obvious the kid has talent and probably would have been an upgrade along with Sims on the outside last year. He also deserves a bump in playing time this year after having an outstanding camp. Seems that Jrob has done an admirable job as well of identifying a weakness and turning it into a strength. It looks like Sims is playing well. Jackson is chomping at the bit and likely to make an impact early. At the very least, Logan Ryan is an improvement over any of the starters last year and it's possible he's a big upgrade. And then you have Reed and McCain as solid depth. McCain who was a starter for long stretches last year and Reed who is blossoming. The difference in situation is stark. If Jrob can continue to upgrade the roster in this way year in and year out, it won't take long for the Titans to have the best roster in the league.
  12. Possible Trade?

    Typical TR overreaction to speculation?
  13. Since we're closing on 16 year s since 9/11..

    More conspiracy? Ummm no.
  14. Trump Spokesman Torched In Interview

    It's funny. He tried to do the Kellyanne Conway but just isn't that good at it. It was stupid to let the conversation go down that road with those two journalists. He should have prepared better or declined the spot.