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  1. mctitan53

    Kevin Byard draft profile - A look back

    Not true. Coach Ellis with MT, a friend of JRob’s, told him that he needed to keep an eye on KB and JRob did. DLB became enamored by KB during a private workout. Robinson has said on several occasions that Ellis was "in his ear" leading up to the draft, telling him what type of talent he had in Murfreesboro. “We talked and he was really high on Byard,” Robinson said after The Daily News Journal's All-Sports Banquet in late May. “I’ve known Steve for a while so I know if he sees something, it has to be true.” https://amp.dnj.com/amp/86134940
  2. mctitan53

    2018 NFL Draft Thread

    For one of their 6ths, yes. They have 7 picks in the 6th, so why not try to get multiple of them?
  3. mctitan53

    2018 NFL Draft Thread

    Might as well offer next years 4th for a few of those 6th round picks that the Rams have.
  4. mctitan53

    2018 NFL Draft Thread

    I trade a third rounder next year to get into the 4th right now for him if I’m JR.
  5. mctitan53

    2018 NFL Draft Rumors & Speculation Thread

    Titans still have $35,846,817 in Cap Space
  6. If they stay at 25 I think it'll be Hubbard, but fully expect a trade down.
  7. mctitan53

    Record low draft ratings this year?

    Last month they moved it up a week to April 27. I’m seeing Thursday night in the Boro, already have the tickets.
  8. mctitan53

    HELP! I'm in love with the WR draft class

    I love Ritchie (I'm a MT grad) and would love to have him on this team. Watching him for years, he showed that he has a ton of ability to be able to play at the next level. Don't know how high I'm willing to go for him, though. Maybe 4th? Deon Cain is the guy I go after in the 3rd. 6' 2", 202 lbs, 4.43 40 Yard Dash. Physical when going up for catches and is very fluid in his movements. Had low production for what was expected of him last year, but theres a ton of potential there.
  9. mctitan53

    Group deal on new jerseys

    according to the Reddit post regarding these, they are the iron-on numbers
  10. The team on Good Morning Football loves them. They were raving about them this morning and talking about how Byard is the face of the new look. Also saw Derrick Henry at the airport this morning so I assume he was there last night too.
  11. You can download zip packages of their uploaded files by changing the URL for one. For example, the browns uniforms can be found at https://news.nike.com/packages/6165. The most recent upload of photos I can find is https://news.nike.com/packages/12155. I've downloaded a bunch but none of those are Titans related yet.
  12. He uses news.nike.com. Not sure what steps he takes to figure things out, as it appears URLS for News pieces use the title of the article, which would be impossible to know, so he must have another way.