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  1. wiscotitansfan

    Who thinks Marcus is a bust?

    Off the top of my head Russ obviously, 8MM finds a way to place the blame on everything else, Japan (??)... I forgot which specific posters but there are a few posters that just try to find an excuse for EVERYTHING. There is a bad throw and the immediate response is "well, he must have ran the wrong route" or stupid shit like that. To some here there's just no way that the mistake could lie on Mariota. Find me on sane person that's not some new troll other than Oman who believes all the bad play is solely on Mariota.
  2. wiscotitansfan

    Who thinks Marcus is a bust?

    And majority of the sane posters agree that it's not all on Mariota's wildly inconsistent play and negative play that led to losses and bad QB play. It goes both ways There still are a vocal few that blame those inconsistencies and bad play solely on Mularkey it seems though which frankly isn't true. It seems like there's just an excuse for every bad play of his from certain posters As I said, it's the vocal people that are on the extremes that are making this site worse because a lot of what they post just ends up being rally cries for the group think here and everyone just get lumped into general thoughts instead of the reasonable differentiating thoughts we all likely have Also, of course there will be more vocal negative trolls... It's pretty much the nature of the archetype. You're acting like everyone who speaks negatively about the dude is acting like he has never completed a pass. You know damn well it's just a select few that are that excessive PS - don't live in Milwaukee anymore
  3. wiscotitansfan

    Who thinks Marcus is a bust?

    Much fewer and far between but you also have folks acting as if those good games are the only ones Mariota has contributed to. Everything else just devolves into Mularkey for some idiots and act like he was completely killing Mariota when the reality is that scheme early on (yes, early on and didn't adapt) was a major reason why Mariota had stretches of elite play when we actually had a competent RB. Every single bad game of his is somehow magically Mularkey's fault and nothing Mariota could do to overcome coaching though, which is simply false obviously. I'm a horrendous offender of it because this site has gone to such extremes as a whole in every fucking thread and I call those idiots out but the group think is terrible for this board because the conversation is literally just an argument against a post but much more often the poster and not a discussion of the content itself and impossible to have a conversation because people are so far on the sides. I'm not even talking homer or not-homer, we all are homers and view the Titans in very rosy glasses. I don't think the agendas or even the toxicity of this site are something new, but I do think that there is just so much more sensationalism than before. Damn near every thread now reads as some clickbait article meant to elicit some emotion. It's a fucking political or pep rally just to rouse the troops and stand even more united on their side of the argument.
  4. wiscotitansfan

    Nintendo Switch Thread

    Damn, that pretty much checks every single box on what the online offers. I might do it just because $20 a year is nothing, but that'd probably be literally just throwing money away.
  5. wiscotitansfan

    2018 TR Survivor Pool Week 3

    Vikings, who cares about keeping them for a later week when it's all about just surviving another week
  6. Nah, when he first came here he was actually talking real Xs and Os.... After it just became full-on troll he was a completely different irrational poster but the first year or so of being here he actually was a pleasant account
  7. wiscotitansfan

    Ryan Fitzmagic

    Not that it's a racial thing, it's just a preconceived and very very real immaturity issue for Jameis but imagine how much he would be eviscerated if he was simply "having fun" with all of this if he was the one rattling off these wins
  8. wiscotitansfan

    It was Vrabel’s call to run so much on first down

    The funny thing is that being out the top few linemen for game(s) at a time aren't too uncommon, the thing that really would be uncommon though is if the coach didn't do anything to "adapt" to their gameday roster Obviously Brady and Manning are exceptions but their OL's are just such obvious examples of how offenses gameplan to cater to those on the field and not just who is taking snaps. It is well documented how those guys make their OL's look unstoppable simply because how quickly the ball gets out of their hands, I can assure you that WRs aren't running too many different routes in that 1.5 seconds or whatever. Those guys obviously have more "real" dropbacks than we did the other day, but those guys are also on an unimaginable level that is just not something that can be replicated with the poise commanded to nail throw after throw.
  9. wiscotitansfan

    It was Vrabel’s call to run so much on first down

    Of course it is, people also don't seem to realize how big of a deal it is to be out 3 tackles... At that point depth isn't necessarily the issue and the name of the game is just surviving Everyone ragged on our interior line all preseason, not sure why losing our 3 best outside linemen is making people actually realize that those worries very well could be true
  10. wiscotitansfan

    It was Vrabel’s call to run so much on first down

    And yet for some reason there are still idiots trying to say that if Mariota were in the game that we'd be throwing "real" passes😂
  11. wiscotitansfan

    It was Vrabel’s call to run so much on first down

    ...and the pass protection gets healthy
  12. wiscotitansfan

    It was Vrabel’s call to run so much on first down

    There's no fucking way an OC would change their game plan for a specific run count. The number 40 doesn't mean shit (I'd hope) and it just meant they planned to run, run and run some more and only threw when they absolutely had to.... Which was smart, even though we did need luck on STs.
  13. wiscotitansfan

    Who thinks Marcus is a bust?

    Because I don't grandstand a completely illogical thought and actually lie in the much more likely uncomfortable pessimistic middle? Call that not taking a stance or whatever you want to but more often than not I am right because I don't spew extreme shit like most the other retards here just to make a statement that I can be associated with This has nothing to do with kissing asses or seemingly coming to someone's defense, 75% of this board is a direct response to what OMan says... Anything that calls out those people is a far cry from kissing his ass. It may be combative and abrasive as hell but when I make a post that is extremely judgemental of someone else's thoughts, my own thoughts are pretty damn clear. Most of the time those argumentative posts of mine are very clearly related to football and where I disagree with them, it'd take some kind of special to not see where I would lie on the conversation at hand. This thread though (besides my first post where I stated why people should to be worried) obviously was me just being judgemental of ILF's lunacy that only the pessimists and trolls have to blatantly plant their extreme "bust" flag while the guys who defend Mariota as much as possible are given the logical sense of waiting and seeing. As usual, the answer is in the middle.
  14. wiscotitansfan


    Wow. Did not realize that he has only won in Jacksonville 3 times his entire career!
  15. wiscotitansfan

    Who thinks Marcus is a bust?

    I agree that people have jumped to conclusions and have planted their flag already. I just don't see the point in attempting to call out those posters and saying that they ruin threads by constantly trashing the guy and jumping to conclusions when this whole thread is attempting to literally just force people to jump to a conclusion and tell them that there is no waiting and seeing. This is obviously aimed at Oman, 9s and Number9 (who recently converted to it's not looking good at all camp) because the other guys are simply just trolls who are new to the site. Oman at least has said plenty that it's wait and see just don't see a reason to be too optimistic. To then go on and call people out for not going to the extreme and screaming from the rooftops that Marcus is a definitive bust already just doesn't add up. People can't act like the 'wait and see' for greatness is the only logical side, 'waiting and seeing' (and expecting) failure is just as valid of an opinion.