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  1. around the NFL

    McCarthy just wasted the final 2 TOs with 5 min left with the saints on goal to go
  2. Fournette inactive

    Is it time that we start rooting for a Colts win? I doubt Luck comes back this year but with how up in the air the division is, Idon't want the Colts to be in the playoff conversation at the end of the year along with the Jags historically stumbling down the stretch.
  3. Just for OilerFanatic

    I block you because it clutters up other people, I then go and hit "show this post" to read what you actually have to say.... I guess I can un-do that and set it for getting notifications when you @ me and quote me but currently I NEVER get any of your responses. I have said a couple times (not even close to as many as towards you) that OF is in dream land thinking they will be contending against GSW for years to come. What have I said bad about Ball? That you are grossly overrating a summer-league performance and not put as much stock in 5 or so games as you were this off-season? I have said all along that he is likely a stud and the Lakers made the right choice to pick him. It's the exact same thing that I would bitch at Jamal for, he would just constantly rip on Mularkey before we ever played a game. Pump the brakes a tad and at least let a regular season game happen. I couldn't give a shit about his dad, he says stupid shit but I don't watch ESPN so him making the headlines doesn't bother me one bit. I think he is a moron but my "hate" stops there. You obviously know, in the midwest the Western conference doesn't make headlines AT ALL. Yes, Earl is a homer. I'm a homer AND a bandwagoner for the Bucks. For some reason you get so butt-hurt by being called a homer. I've already said, my biggest beef with you being a homer is talking about all the playoff games for years to come you guys will win by including guys like George as fact. Hypotheticals are fine to an extent but your posts include whole novels of situations that are solely hypothetical all while trolling. I've called OF out too for talking the same way when they got CP and him talking about all these players guaranteed to finish their career in HOU. Well yes, I said for them to be in any real contention conversation they have A LOT of work to do. This is pretty much a fact. Never did I say only bad teams make themselves better through FA. And that's not remotely what I said about the rest of the NBA because I didn't say anything about the rest of the NBA... BECAUSE YOU MAKE ALMOST EVERY CONVO ABOUT THE LAKERS. Me calling you out isn't singling the Lakers out, it's continuing your conversation. With football? You absolutely are an idiot. This is a football site so my baseline starts there. You know a fuckton more about basketball than I will ever know. You are annoying, but I'm bored so there's that.
  4. 2017 NHL Thread.

    With the Milwaukee Bucks looking like a real NBA team finally and the Rangers looking like absolute shit (just saw they beat the Preds actually), I wouldn't be shocked if this ends up being my least enthusiastic season for the NHL. I usually order the CenterIce or whatever it's called but I just don't have the drive to watch every single game live and after the game ends, you have to wait 48 hours to watch a replay/off-time showing of the game. It's way too damn difficult to avoid scores for 48 hours.
  5. Luck endures setback, been shutdown

    Except none of those guys seem to be players that justify THAT high of a pick IMO. I guess we will find out when Zeke gets suspended if his .6TDs and 105 all-purpose yards a game can be replicated by a committee. At the end of the day, a single-workhorse RB simply isn't worth a top-5 pick.
  6. Just for OilerFanatic

    Because you turn every single thread into the LA Lakers sub-forum, every single thing is "singling them out"... Show me anywhere where I indicated that the Lakers are the only team that gets better by high-priced FAs. No, why on earth would I waste my time watching either of those teams when I am a Bucks fan, not a die-hard NBA fan? I've already said 10,000 times that my bias is with you and nothing else. I don't have some biased opinion about the Lakers that makes me view their talent in a negative light. I have said countless times that the Lakers are doing the right things to be on the path to the playoffs but have acknowledged how "far" away they are from contending. Anyone with half a brain would agree with everything I just said. I put far in quotations because as you have eluded to, teams get top talent through FA all the time in the NBA but again, that still requires them getting extremely talented pieces that currently are not on your roster. I've bashed all you idiots who act like all these hypotheticals as fact and talk about offseasons out being absolute certainty. You much more because I find you simply that much more annoying and an exponentially less intelligent poster.
  7. Just for OilerFanatic

    Why am I getting dragged into this? For acknowledging that LA was devoid of enough talent where they would need to sign a couple big names to be in the conversation? I wasn't even remotely trying to say that other teams don't do that, I was simply emphasizing how much work they still need to do. But that's not a surprise to anyone who knows where they have drafted.
  8. Gil Brandt is a POS

    This year more than ever I would believe that we can lose to anyone in the league. Bullshit we only lose to the Browns 5 times out of 100.
  9. Gil Brandt is a POS

    So what's so crazy about predicting we lose?
  10. Luck endures setback, been shutdown

    No but when talking about being able to sell "high" is relative to buying price
  11. That was my first reaction when I saw that, there's no way I taste dark "water"... I never listened to it with audio so I don't know what they said though
  12. No it's not, bad QBs hurt teams just as much as great QBs help teams
  13. I just saw this on facebook and then came here to see if anyone has started defending VY yet
  14. Luck endures setback, been shutdown

    The gave up a player they picked in the first for him though