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  1. wiscotitansfan

    Maroita is killing the franchise

    If you've ever been to PA then you'd realize that portion of the name is still just as fitting... and that's coming from someone who grew up near Milwaukee!!
  2. wiscotitansfan

    Maroita is killing the franchise

    It's funny that someone would start with an actually very sound argument that OLine isn't the reason that Mariota has looked like shit early but then had to revert to an attack on Mariota and look like an idiot by mocking that he's fragile (and doesn't get hit).... Because "QB hits" and Mariota actually getting hit are two completely different things but being fragile doesn't take that into account. I don't remember who it was in this convo that said that his clueless and unnecessary potshots are just more nonsense that comes out of his mouth to litter this board and make him look like an idiot. Had he simply kept the unnecessary childish antics out of the conversation he would have come out ahead
  3. wiscotitansfan

    NBA Talk

    You bitch about people not ignoring you trolling people and now you bitch about people not wanting to deal with you. What a fucking child.
  4. wiscotitansfan

    NBA Talk

    That's where you are wrong. Making a post to counter what you or Kyle say isn't always meant to talk bad about the Lakers or be a hater. The fact that every interaction you have with anyone is me against the world is why you view most people as haters. It's such a whiney attitude to have where you can't handle a conversation with anyone. You're absolutely insufferable and going back on ignore
  5. My point was that it was hardly Kraft getting in the way of that trade like he did with Brady
  6. I don't disagree that they haven't been quality picks but IMO a good GM is one that gets quality picks in the later rounds (which he has done). A bad GM is the one that misses a bunch in the early rounds and everything between those two is just an average GM. Using all the picks that have stuck with the team is a ridiculously pointless stat because very few GMs ever are given such a high concentration of top picks I was just pointing out that giving JRob an A for improvements he has made to the team seem a bit empty because pretty much every GM (even the bad ones) would have improved the team plenty. I guess I very well could just be selling him short while giving much more credit to the average GM. The only thing IMO that he has done that has been uniquely JRob was Vrabel which seems to be a grand slam at this point. I should have bolded or emphasized more of what I actually found empty reasoning with because I agree with you but A just seemed a little too high for me with the examples you used as to why he got that grade.
  7. I get that, my assumption is over half of them were in the first 3 rounds though... He's had hits and missed, just like every GM. It's impossible to compare him to averages because most GMs are never given such a fantastic opportunity
  8. My problem with that mindset is that all the things you mentioned were things that lots of GMs could make happen, not to diminish his impact because he hasn't necessarily fucked anything up and there certainly are some GMs that would have but he was given a Gold mine while already having centerpieces to showcase in his jewelry store. We already had a QB and LT and was given the number 1 pick to literally do whatever the fuck he wanted. Most GMs would look pretty damn good on the improvement scale. Convincing Amy to fire Mularkey and going so adamantly with his guy is looking real good so far though, Vrabel has impressed the fuck outta me
  9. Didn't gronk himself nix any possibility of him being traded? He was the one that said he was already contemplating retirement
  10. wiscotitansfan

    The Titans' 2018 season starts *now*...

    I agree with this, I'm pretty sure oldschool is someone who was talking about momentum being such an obvious and real thing after week 1... I'd say something like this is an even more exaggerated and obvious form of momentum. When people play these goliaths like the Patriots, a lot of the aggression probably doesn't come from the statistics of those teams being able to score and quick but also to give the players the confidence that's needed to win at a professional level.
  11. You're basically sticking your fingers in your ears yelling at those who disagree with you
  12. wiscotitansfan

    2018 Titans Report Dynasty League

    Yeah, I'm saying that it's default that the system has those rules in place but it was my understanding that through the forum is still a go... It's the same reason we do trades for picks via a post and not through their system, because it's free and it's pretty bad Not 100% sure though but I thought it was that way other years
  13. wiscotitansfan

    Jalston Fowler Released, Dawkins Added

    I couldn't give a fuck about college sports actually, how is that even an insult to me? You being a retard is directly related to you though.
  14. wiscotitansfan

    Jalston Fowler Released, Dawkins Added

    "not THAT important [to completely base multiple roster moves on]".... completely different How do you try to mock someone's IQ in the process of exemplifying your lack of basic reading comprehension?
  15. wiscotitansfan

    Jalston Fowler Released, Dawkins Added

    No it's not retard, it's that the real answer is somewhere in the middle and we shouldn't cater to him nor should we dump him.