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  1. what position group does JRob attack first this offseason

    Exactly... When he had to be a real WR Taylor was fucking atrocious. Everyone talks about him being a playmaker and how good he looked, that specific play that people reference was him running straight. The other times he has looked good was when he was handed the ball.
  2. what position group does JRob attack first this offseason

    Yeah and as I said, his drops aren't necessarily better or worse than damn near the entire league. Obviously there are people who are better and obviously there are many more people who are worse but for the most part he is a pretty average receiver. Anything other than that just proves you're jaded against him somehow
  3. what position group does JRob attack first this offseason

    He has roughly a career 65% catch rate (Delanie was 66% last year) it seems after quickly glancing over, this seems to be pretty much par for the course in the NFL. He has also never led or if he has I never saw it his team in drops in any given year.
  4. what position group does JRob attack first this offseason

    I would gladly have Decker back as long as he isn't forced into the lineup too much. He has more than enough redeeming qualities to make him a worthwhile player on the roster.
  5. Nintendo Switch Thread

    For $70 and $80 those seem pretty nicely priced.... Assuming they actually are sturdy and don't break after a weekend of using it https://www.polygon.com/2018/1/17/16903110/nintendo-labo-price-release-date-420-69-nice
  6. what position group does JRob attack first this offseason

    You do realize that the problem with drafting Chance that high was that he sucked? It's like saying Locker was atrocious and out of the league so there's no point in taking a QB that high. Or that the super athletic receivers the Lions took in the top 10 were massive busts so taking Megatron was without a doubt the wrong choice. There are success stories and exponentially more massive failures for every position (besides P/K) of guys taken in the top 10. It's also as dumb as saying, XXXX was taken 25th/50th/100th so we should pass on a guy like Lattimore since secondary can be had later. Every guy has to be graded individually and not just thrown in a "do no draft list" based on position. If the guys are viewed as not good enough to draft at that point then its fine but it's just moronic to say this position can only be taken in this range.
  7. what position group does JRob attack first this offseason

    Amen, No one is trading for Henry, if the Titans are willing to get rid of the only NFL caliber back on their roster that is saying a hell of a lot about Henry. No one trades away the shallowest position on their roster if the guy they have starting is any good.
  8. Doug Martin

    We're not drafting a RB that high
  9. Titans And Mularkey Agree to Part Ways

    I get that they are more preventable but these players getting a few hamstrings all in a couple weeks is completely a coincedence, it's not like they were just minor ones that kept them out for the day due to improper warming up. These guys are world-class athletes and have been their entire life, you know damn well they know how to warm up enough where you don't need to replace the staff because of it. If these players were taught improperly how to warm up there would be A LOT more injuries than the relatively few we had since you are implying the staff doesn't teach the team properly.
  10. Titans And Mularkey Agree to Part Ways

    Every single team that has ever played has had multiple long-term hamstring injuries... Having some guys fuck their shit up all at once at the beginning of the season isn't some indictment on the staff. We were healthy as fuck compared to 90% of teams, nonsense to think we were hamstrung by injuries (pun intended) because coincidentally it was a lot of the same injuries at roughly the same time. If a team were to have 3 guys tear their ACL in the same game, no one in their right mind would question anything. Even if they were all non-contact. But as long as someone fucks up a soft tissue muscle contact or non-contact then everyone always just assumes that it could have been prevented with "proper" training, which usually isn't the case with these world-class athletes who for the most part strive to be in top shape.
  11. Ms. Ramsey: Come Get Your Boy

    No one in the history of earth has claimed we had a top defense this year though
  12. Star Wars: The Last Jedi

    Not sure either but it's in the complaint column of like 90% of people who have qualms with the movie. Obviously it's not a game changing complaint but it just baffles me how divisive they are when every single movie in the original trilogy had just as similar camp.
  13. Star Wars: The Last Jedi

    I agree but people complain about them to the point that you would think that it ruined the movie. They were onscreen for about 20 seconds after the island. As I said, it had as much impact on the plot (and campyness) as the cantina bands in episode 4 and 6. Just about a minute more screen-time in a 2.5 hours movie.
  14. Star Wars: The Last Jedi

    I don't get people's constant bitching about the Porgs... They did NOTHING to take away from the plot. It's a star wars movie, that stupid shit has been in 8 main-line Star Wars movies to date and I bet there will be the same stupid shit of that caliber in 9 and on. It's pitiful that Rogue One is the only one that doesn't have completely unnecessary camp (K2SO is obviously there for comic relief but he's actually a major part of the movie) or whatever the correct term would be and yet people fail to realize that. Was there this much bitching about the stupid ass bands that were in all the cantina scenes? That's the extent of the Porgs play in this movie. Holy fuck, the minor complaints (not major plot related ones) are so fucking ridiculous. How the hell is it the nostalgic crowd who puts the originals on such a pedestal not see the hypocrisy?
  15. JRob presser coming later today

    Yeah, holy shit... Dude has to be fucking hammered. That's some Tez level typing.