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  1. Why did Kyle get fired

    The real juicy stuff tends to get out of hand real quick and deleted shortly after, during the dead parts of the offseason I start at this forum then work my way towards the football one when I click my way to TR.
  2. Update On Markelle Fultz and "the process".

    All of that just to agree with me? I literally said in your defense you admitted the Lakers were a worse team.
  3. Lamar Jackson awful wonderlic

    Dude. Answer my question... Who are the players who have failed specifically because they are short recently? If there were well known names they'd be thrown around a lot. there have been many dumb white players that the media has dismissed because they're fucking retards (probably not to this guys level because he clearly just simply isn't literate) You just don't get racist pieces of shit like you running to mommy every time a reporter says a white retard will fail. There are plenty more well known high-profile failures who are dumb as shit and laziness and intelligence is specifically related to their failure. It's easier to create comparisons when they are actually there. These dumbasses you want the media to relate Jackson to played many years ago and were still exponentially smarter than him. I've said it before and I've said it again, you clearly don't understand how a bell curve works to think that Jackson is as "smart" as a guy who scored a wonderlic of 14 twenty+ years ago.
  4. Cryptic tweet from Delanie

    That'd be awful GM'ing to take that into consideration... Pay him his value, don't overpay him to grandstand
  5. Update On Markelle Fultz and "the process".

    In Jake's defense he knew the Lakers were a much worse team in every facet from the start. His whole spiel on the Lakers being a playoff team was built on them getting multiple proven big name FAs.
  6. Lamar Jackson awful wonderlic

    Who are the recent big names of short QBs who have failed because they are short? And you still don't realize how fucking stupid this guy is, even though his wonderlic is only like 30ish% lower than the other successful idiots, he is world's dumber than them because the day and age and how this test is actually prepared for these days.
  7. Potential 1st round playoff matchups playing tonight

    Wtf are you talking about the rockets "broke" them. You have no grasp on reality
  8. Potential 1st round playoff matchups playing tonight

    Game 4 against the Celtics soon, hopefully the stadium can bring it again to tie up the series if playoff Thon shows up again!
  9. My company just announced liquidation and my apt lease ends a week before I lose my job so odds are I'll be moving somewhere at that time too. Nashville it is lol.
  10. Bucs pick up Winston 5th year option

    He's just butthurt Cousins got more money than he was certain he was going to get. He will hold a grudge for damn near any QB going forward. Mariota certainly hasn't been consistent enough to pay top dollar for at this point but teams don't have a choice unless they just want to constantly draft QBs.
  11. Bucs pick up Winston 5th year option

    I didn't realize that they had to decide so soon, figured it would have been in the offseason next year
  12. Bucs pick up Winston 5th year option

    Well guess I was completely wrong on that. I just figured that we would wait and just extend him long-term (unless the option is due real soon, then it is a no-brainer)
  13. Bucs pick up Winston 5th year option

    The only way we are picking up the 5th year option is if we still have questions about him
  14. Vea but it would never happen and don't want to give up the resources it would take either.
  15. Preds Quest for the Cup starts tonight

    Along with over the course of a couple playoff series, it's tough to have the fortitude to come back constantly especially when the unexpected losses start racking up and draw out these series to 6 or 7 games instead of 4/5.