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  1. wiscotitansfan

    Lewan holding out and not attending mini camp.

    That's why it's the perfect time for Lewan to hold his ground and not give in. He has all the leverage a LT will ever have. At this point he is the only thing besides Delanie that has been consistent the past 3 years on this offense. Why would he give up millions upon millions to help some young guys out?
  2. wiscotitansfan

    Lewan holding out and not attending mini camp.

    That's what you should assume
  3. wiscotitansfan

    Jeff Fisher. Fox Gameday Analyst?

    You're a fucking moron, when you know that there are 32 people willing to pay you 5 million you'd have to be a fucking retard like yourself to think that you should just accept the baseline and not try to get more value.
  4. wiscotitansfan

    around the NFL offseason talk

    We barely squeaked into the playoffs last year... The whole segment is about taking 5 teams out. No shit they're going to take a wild card team that that had the same record as I believe the 16th best team in the NFL.
  5. wiscotitansfan

    Warriors sign DeMarcus Cousins

    LOL, I am hardly some LeBron nutswinger... I just think he is the #2 player I would rather have on my team with Kobe being 3. I don't give a fuck about Gasol, why would I? He's no better than any of the scrubs LeBron had to deal with. You're crazy if you think having Wade is similar to Shaq in his prime.
  6. wiscotitansfan

    Warriors sign DeMarcus Cousins

    Of course it's not the same, it was a massive exaggeration... The point is exactly the same though. I'm nowhere near educated in the topic being asked to give a real answer. No shame in that.
  7. wiscotitansfan

    Warriors sign DeMarcus Cousins

    Yeah, but me only knowing basketball for a limited time and not giving a shit about the history makes my opinion of those two players as valid as yours of any lacrosse related question. Why would I try to BS my way through a question about two players I have never watched nor looked up any stats for. It's not a difficult concept and I'm not embarrassed nor should I be to admit that I'm a bandwagon fan and basketball is easily my least favorite sport I watch.
  8. wiscotitansfan

    Warriors sign DeMarcus Cousins

    And No, I think the LBJ and Kobe comparison isn't close because what LeBron has been able to do while Kobe had just as bad or better players around him. It'd be dumb as fuck to say that Kobe has had amazing talent all around him (like Jordan) but LeBron has never had anyone close to Shaq on his team.
  9. wiscotitansfan

    Warriors sign DeMarcus Cousins

    I've said all along I'm as bandwagon of a fan that you can get.... I started watching the bucks when we were good with Ray, Cassell and Big Dog. I stopped watching when they left and what a surprise I started watching again when Giannis became fun to watch. I don't give a fuck about the history of the sport, I care about the games I watch being fun.
  10. wiscotitansfan

    Warriors sign DeMarcus Cousins

    Huh? I really don't give a shit about the history of the sport. I started watching in the late 90s when I was in 4th grade. That's like me asking about who you think the greatest family in the sport of lacrosse is... Shouldn't be too difficult of a question.
  11. wiscotitansfan

    Warriors sign DeMarcus Cousins

    I don't know enough about either to give an opinion nor do I care enough to research it
  12. Sorry, not basic cable... Using an antenna. That'd what I do for all the Packer games and everything's in HD these days anyway even through that
  13. Nope. You need to watch it on basic cable if you want to see it live
  14. It also depends on if you know anyone in college, obviously can be tougher if you are older than mid-20s, but I think I read that you can pretty much just use some schmoe if you know the email address format that these schools use. I used my roommates info back in the day without ever telling him (until after the fact) because all you need to know is the person's school, e-mail and birthday. I wouldn't be shocked if people gamed the system by just using wikipedia to find some of these athlete's birthday and just using the basic e-mail format and guessing the e-mail.
  15. It's almost like effort and how much of a piece of shit someone is matters in people's opinion of someone. No one defends Locker that he was a good QB, because he wasn't... People don't get pissed off at him though for it because at least he didn't squander all the talent in the world like VY did for being lazy, he just wasn't good and should have never been drafted anywhere near that high. I'm sure your dumbass thinks race is a reason for it instead