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  1. The only photo of the eclipse I care about...

    If you watch a video of that Mariota looked up for a second or two before putting the glasses on and a coach immediately put his arm up and said something. It was only for like a second but pretty funny
  2. Told you this wasn't going anywhere...

    ...commonly known as a headache
  3. Told you this wasn't going anywhere...

    Only idiots think owners would be willing to take on a headache for a backup, he's not good enough to start to people don't want him. What are you confused about? Of course politics plays into in but since day 1 if he was better he would have a job
  4. Told you this wasn't going anywhere...

    You just have proven that Kaep doesn't have a job cuz he sucks, teams don't need him. They do their starters.
  5. Boom or Bust?

    I agree, I'm just saying from the start I don't see you getting enough production from your players to justify this strategy. I don't get why you are fishing so hard for us to pat you on the back when you started this thread specifically saying you went into the draft with a "for fun" strategy.
  6. Boom or Bust?

    I think it's good for an RB2 but he's your RB1 for half the season. Mixon is talented (and LOVE him long term) but there's no way you will ever convince me he has a solid floor on that squad. The team is talented but if everyone plays to how they typically have then you probably won't be able to put together enough great performances to actually pull away from the league like you would hope so. I get the concept but you can put together a great team without trying to be this over the top simply to have fun with a squad. I have no problem with a "fun" team like this but no need to convince me that it's a great squad if they are playing at their floor (which no team can overcome really anyway).
  7. I am a bit upset.......so here goes.

    They aren't handing his boy he's been pimping from the start the starting job... typical Bongo shit and wants injuries on the team so he can get an "I told ya so" every now and then to add to his resume of failures.
  8. Boom or Bust?

    I don't like the team at all, it obviously can pay off... I just don't see it nor do I figure the risk is worth it without having any RBs that have any high floor besides Zeke.
  9. How bad is Bortles?

    Yes but it wasn't the "worst throw ever" like Curtis is trying to portray.... It had MAJOR consequences and was in a much bigger game but wasn't nearly as dumb as lofting a ball up within 15 yards of every single player on the field.
  10. Beast Mode Sits During National Anthem

    Exactly. Not black kids less funding
  11. Work league draft strategy

    I pick 9, 10, 10, 11 and 12 in my leagues so I will keep an eye on this... haven't bothered doing any research but at 9 I am hoping for AJ Green/Evans (Rodgers will get overdrafted in the 1st). Will def be taking Zeke at the 1st wraparound in a league or two this year.
  12. The NFL And Changing Tide At QB Position

    Tell that to CMJ who just traded Zeke away a Titansreport dynasty fantasy football league straight up for Dak
  13. How bad is Bortles?

    I'd easily say lofting a ball up in the middle of a field where there are 11 defenders within running distance of it is a worse throw
  14. How bad is Bortles?

    Dude, stop quoting me when you are thinking of what Scine said... Do you not know how to see who posted what?
  15. How bad is Bortles?

    Not even close to a worse throw but yes, much more costly situation