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  1. I wasn't sure if you were like the idiots on here who actually do get sooooooo offended with everything MM and can't actually see that he's able to be truthfully criticized.
  2. You think Mariota is a finished product along with having shown the same level of performance week after week for his career?
  3. It's because we were so dominant in the "help" category that they had to downplay us... Everyone knows that Conklin couldn't handle his own
  4. Was him trolling VY with that last quote real?
  5. Not that it's the case at all but his injury proves why maybe he should bail more. People point out constantly that he got hit in the pocket but you just gave a reason how he could have avoided said injuries. PS - I don't want him running more just giving an opposite point of view
  6. I don't want in but what's the roster?... If there actually is any real talent (even a single good RB) should be easy to recruit someone NVM. I'm a lazy idiot and saw the link was to the roster
  7. Thank God neither of them showed enough promise to not dump them, the last thing a franchise needs is someone like Tannehill just keeping you easily afloat.
  8. Who is this vet that would be worth taking time away from Adoree? Most of the guys that we would bring in just to bring in would be of McCourty's caliber just less expensive. Signing guys just to do it is a way to sink your franchise. Depth is good but you can't sign a guy like what you are talking about just to be that far down on the depth chart. Odds are you just don't like Sims anywhere near as much as the staff.
  9. ...Unless your employer tells you specifically not to, many times. I can't tell if you're kidding or not when you say nothing wrong with it.
  10. And there is one who thinks he is a HOFer. Book it.
  11. As much as Jags were glad to get rid of Cyprien it's crazy how highly he is rated (obviously for his tackling more than anything)
  12. It's based solely on statistics and efficiency probably is overshadowed by volume passers
  13. Link to the article?
  14. For sure, I even have a few friends with either a McNair or a George jersey. Just don't remember anyone really ever actually talking about them.
  15. and that was only 1/3 of the equation... I don't ever remember the Titans having a large away game following and even lesser of a national media presence (social media)