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  1. Titansfan920

    Why didnt they go hard after Butler?

    That sounds a hell of alot better than him covering #1's.
  2. Titansfan920

    Why didnt they go hard after Butler?

    Do we know the snap percentage for our players? I'm curious to see how many Butler played.
  3. Gruden's got more draft picks than ice cold Corona's in a bucket I tell you what man
  4. Titansfan920

    Week 7: Titans @ Chargers Game Thread (London)

    For once Mariota has played decent today but my god these receivers have been shit outside of Tajae
  5. Titansfan920

    Trade Mariota for a 5th, Cut Kline, and more

    This post is worse than our offense.
  6. Titansfan920

    Titans Promote Batson

    Ah nice, we've had good luck with #17 in the past.
  7. Titansfan920

    Dear you younger Titans fans

    If you're still young get out while you can. I promise you this is how it is year in and year out.
  8. Titansfan920

    Thursday Night Football Thread

    Yeah I got the worst of that. And dammmnnn Ninja I see those points
  9. Titansfan920

    Thursday Night Football Thread

    I'm playing against Kirk Cousins and Conner Kupp in fantasy tonight. Please pray for my recovery. Thank you.
  10. Stolen from Reddit.....but I think we all need to see this side of him. https://streamable.com/ws3zw At least me and that goodie good good have something in common now.
  11. Titansfan920

    Best Coaching Job We've Seen In Years

    Can you imagine the previous staff coaching up an offense with THIS group out there? Especially the wildcat that actually worked. Robiskie would have shit himself.
  12. Titansfan920

    Vacarro to visit Titans tomorrow Reid also an option

  13. Titansfan920

    Vacarro to visit Titans tomorrow Reid also an option

    I hate an injury and especially for a guy that seems as cool as Cyp but wouldn't either of these guys be a decent upgrade anyways?
  14. Love it. It's a big number but when you have big players you pay them and reward them. He's earned it and he's just going to get better I think. He's gotten his temper under control compared to the amount of stupid penalties he had as a rook. Stoked to have him here and the personality he brings to the team.
  15. Titansfan920

    THE BIG UGLY - DO NOT MERGE (Merged: Mod)

    First article I see on this site besides this one: "Lies The Anti-Gun Left Tell That MUST Be Confronted Now!" Never change Tux. Never change.