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  1. My thinking is the division has to be the focus going in. The Titans need four division wins, five would be better. There are three division contests the first seven games with only one at home. You better bet there has been a lot of preparation put into planning for those three games. Getting Jax early is good because they could still prepare somewhat off last years team. The new pieces Jax brought in will still be getting adjusted. Fred Taylor is down there tell Fournette he has to do what he never could, run all over the Titans. Fournette will still be getting his blocking assignments done and may not explode right out of the gate. We should be able to beat the Colts. At our place!
  2. I think you start with preparing for Oakland. Big game against a team that is expected to be in the mix late in the playoffs. You definitely study them and get prepped. Jax game two is a game you have to have marked as a must. No matter the outcome of game one, a win @JAGUARS puts the team on top in the battle for the division tittle. The loss there last year was the worse loss of the year, no matter what I am planning how I will beat them. I'm working on them and the rest of the division all summer. I am ready to see our plan in action. If I am the coach, I want this team to start fast. We are not going out just a game, one at a time. We want to make a statement right out of the gate. The Titans are a strong team, so don't be circling us as a win. Cleveland. Dolphins. Rams. I have some thoughts too about where we want to be going into the BYE. A 5-2 record would be okay. We really don't want to be 4-3. And 3-4 is flat out unacceptable. More later.
  3. You are the Titans HC/Staff. You have the 2017 schedule and you are preparing for the season. How do you plan out the season? You hear things people say about teams, " it's early" "they know they will be playing in January" "this team always starts slow" "they peaked too early" "they are looking ahead to next week" So, looking at the schedule, you decide the must wins, the toss ups, when to bring Dodd in, when do you expect Taylor to be ready to hurt teams. Are there games circled? Where do you want to be by the bye week? Here's the Schedule RAIDERS @JAGUARS SEAHAWKS @TEXANS @DOLPHINS COLTS @BROWNS BYE RAVENS BENGALS @STEELERS @COLTS TEXANS @CARDINALS @49ERS RAMS JAGUARS
  5. I have the op on ignore. The drain the swamp thread is about Trump placing all those insiders into posts controlling the areas the worked or either lobbied for. These people get bonuses when they get gov jobs. It's time the op and all of us realize we are the 99%. Arguing with each other when we agree there are serious problems not being improved by either side. The "real America" voted for Trump and they are getting screwed as much and even more that everybody else. The truth is only the one percent should be championing Trump. You hit me, I hit you. We still don't have healthcare at reasonable prices or a job to afford to buy it.
  6. Offenses are hardest to build and take longer to come together as a cohesive unit. JRob has continued this year to add more to build around Mariota. The goal this year is the playoffs. Even if the team doesn't reach the playoffs, the offense is ready for a run at the championship. Next season, you take that higher priced FA and pick rounds one and two defense to add on build what we already have. And as you pointed out, the money is still in balance. He added to special teams that was a glaring weakness last year. This year, Byard gets to settle into a defined role which is a plus.
  7. We need to thank God he's a Tennessee boy or we may have never got him.
  8. I have been talking about him since he was drafted, but I am starting to lose some hope. It's the more I hear talk about his injury, it casts doubt.
  9. I was watching and the first thing I noticed is the talent level he was throwing the ball. Then the next season they improved and he improved. Now JRob adds Davis, Taylor and Decker. Not to even mention the other areas @Soxcat mentioned. In just two years of acquiring personnel, we go from glaring holes on offense to one of the best offenses in the league on paper. Next year, the defense.
  10. That's because you just @Somedude @JakePA_Titan is somebody.
  11. Start at the 2:00 mark.
  12. No. Talk to us and remind us we hit America in the sweet spot. Our parents sacrificed for us. They wanted us to have a better life. Talk to them about how easy it was to get a job. Gently remind them how little money it took for start up small businesses. The time for fussing and fighting is past. We need honest conversations about what matters and a clear message that there is no boogeyman. It is against us. Pop against junior. We need jobs.
  13. Where is a jobs bill? Where is a bill to finance rebuilding and improving America's infrastructure? Where is legislation to re-examine and adjust America's trade? They got right on Dodd-Frank. It's the same battles over and over again. That's not progress. Now the idiot baby boomers are sitting silent while they dismantle medicare. They have children, what do they want for them? The baby boomers spent up the SS money. They are satisfied that it's next, as long as we keep getting our checks. We put in! Aren't your children putting in?
  14. The last election, I thought it was a waste to vote third party. All we have now is redo 2015. Dems block, repubs present objection bills. Benghazi/special investigation. No real healthcare. No intelligent plan to develop a more educated populous. The biggest obstacle we face is agreeing on a third party. Repubs hold the southern working class and poor through racism. Dems hold the cities by saying repubs are racist. Neither side gets anything. Repubs and dems get re=elected over and over. I think even if a progressive party lost four national election, but just kept building they could win. We just want everything now.
  15. You did a Number9!!