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  1. I think they weren’t great at developing players and had a sense of urgency to win now. Look at how much they used Adoree and how quick they put MM back after Houston. So they used gimmicks to take advantage of Taylor’s speed. Not it to continue to beat Robiskie, but the game has moved on. We now have an OC who gets where offenses are going. That little screen wasn’t much, but when you mix it into a series of play calls it could be lethal. The line was there pretty much perfect as well. Last year it was Taylor on the jet sweep, then again and again. I doubt we see that play run over and over this season.
  2. The Jags signed Bortles because they are winning with him. The Titans are going to win eight games minimum for the next few seasons. You can't get a QB close to Mariota picking that late. No draft pick is a sure thing, that's why there are so many 1st round picks on QBs. Who's trading a better QB? Plenty of teams would be glad to get Mariota. Exactly one year ago, Mariota and Carr were being touted as the next elites. Like Huston said, he's the best we have had since Steve. Hopefully for us he stays healthy. Mariota is the Titans QB. The franchise is now building a team around him to win the SB.
  3. You know me. Read it again and see my attempt to expand the joke.
  4. Number9

    Uniforms - Poll

    Let them reel off ten wins in a row and see how the uni's look them.
  5. I find this very funny. LeBron James is a very accomplished man, who at his young age has already accomplished much in his humanitarian efforts. He's a family man who isn't out whoring and grabbing pussys like the blockhead JW. He seems pretty smart to me. I'd dare say he is much more intelligent than a lot of noteworthy people.
  6. You can afford to got to the movies and eat out in the same week. You no longer shop exclusively at Walmart and $Gen. No more fights about who used all the tissue paper when we knew we had to get some tonight, payday.
  7. https://www.titansonline.com/news/titans-wr-taywan-taylor-s-speed-got-the-attention-of-lebron-james NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- Taywan Taylor’s blazing fast speed was on display at Nissan Stadium on Saturday night, and a lot of people noticed. Among them: LeBron James. Yes, that LeBron James. “When I heard that, my heart kind of dropped,” the Titans receiver said. “LeBron, that’s my favorite player there. That’s unbelievable, and that’s motivation to see he’s watching. It’s crazy … “I want to tell myself, he must be a Titans fan.” OK, here’s the 411 on No.13 (Taylor), and No.23 (LeBron). After Taylor scored on a 47-yard touchdown in Tennessee’s preseason game against the Buccaneers, the NFL posted a video of the play – with Taylor racing downfield -- on its Instagram page. As of Saturday night, the video had been viewed over 559,500 times, and there were pages and pages of comments. A star is born.
  8. Number9

    Around the NFL: preseason

    Watson is throwing darts. JG is slinging, too. I cut that shit off.
  9. I don’t have any problem with you having an opinion and you have some valid reasons for feeling that way. I’m going to be patient and see how he develops. Two years with this bunch, Then we see. He’s in his third coach. I don’t think MM and Robiskie are who you want to develop a young QB.
  10. I think you have to look around the NFL and rank the current QBs. Everybody wants a young Brady, Rodgers, a young Brees, a young BB, but there isn't a QB store where you go say "gimme one better than Mariota." It doesn't work like that. You have to develop one and you have to put the right players around him. You have a QB like Bortles get real close to the SB. They built a team around him and are trying to go that route. We don't have to expect Mariota to be the best QB in the league. He's as good and better than a lot of QBs who have won the SB. Would you be satisfied with Cam? What about Stafford? Cam's been the MVP and to the SB. If you put the right team around Stafford, he's a MVP. Mariota is still a kid who has only played with the grown men three years. You give him time to continue developing and you'll be wishing you had him.
  11. I am talking about the starters.
  12. I hope this defense can score.
  13. They look more spread out.