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  1. Number9

    Mike Keith - The Moon Pie King

    I think all men are biased toward making whoopie. I think you just need to go to the Moon Pie Festival. Walk around three hours in 95+ degree heat, eat a Moon Pie, then drink a RC Cola. Yeah. Do that and you'll say "that was mighty fine."
  2. Number9

    Mike Keith - The Moon Pie King

    As a connoisseur of cheap junk food, my palate demanded the correction. Moon Pies is on the low end of cheap cookie cakes. That's why people from the north, east and west have never heard of them. Eating one is not something you want to talk about. EXCEPT, when you go to the Moon Pie Festival. Then they is mighty fine eating with a cold RC Cola which you have probably never heard of either if you don't live within 300 miles.
  3. Number9

    Mike Keith - The Moon Pie King

    I'm guessing he ain't never lived in a trailer park either. Moon Pie = Whoopie Pie is an insult to the Whoopie Pie.
  4. Number9

    OTA Updates

  5. Number9

    CTE strikes again

    Frank was a warrior. He wasn't quick or fast, but Steve would force balls to him and he would take a licking. I remember the game where he landed on his fead and was just straight up for a second before inertia took over. I knew he was done because of his other concussions. iirc, he play in the game afterwards.
  6. Number9

    Henry and Lewis

    We need some games bad.
  7. Number9

    OTA Updates

    Steve got off to a questionable start. People still were not sold on him to begin 1999. Even after that there was criticism. @OILERMAN back then or soon after, put up a post about Steve's OBing. He went into the league's QBs and extracted stats showing Steve was the #1 money QB in the league. Steve converted third downs. Long ones, short one, Steve kept the chains moving better than any QB in the league, back when he was Dare McNair. I always thought Steve was a great passer, but he never got to throw the ball downfield, much. Then in the SB, Fisher turned the ball over to him because of his faith in Steve. I digress. Dinger came and the Air was blown back up in Air McNair. But for years it was Dare McNair. The start of 2017, Mariota was considered to be the next elite QB in the NFL. This was not only by some of the fans on here, but by the national media as well. Mariota blasted into the NFL setting records, got hurt. In 2016, Mariota was having/had another very good season, got hurt. The only thing we were worried about with Mariota was durability. Murray got hurt and Mularkey couldn't fix the running game. Marcus got hurt(keep saying that) in Houston playing his huge heart out trying to win. He stood on a spot hurt to beat Indy. Mularkey could never figured out the running game until Murray couldn't walk. Then his genius came forth and he put Henry in the game. Jeff used to say about Steve's QBing. He's a football player. If you watched Mariota in Houston, Jax in Nashville and @KC you saw a football player. All players have different make ups that make them good. Mariota's starts with the #1 ingredient, heart. Mariota stiff armed a player off a defense other QBs are afraid of. He laid a seal block in KC on a DL. Last year was a bad statistical year for the Titans offense. Mariota threw some WTF passes. But don't become delusional and start thinking he's not a franchise QB. Put some open targets out there and Mariota will hit them. He ain't got to prove shit. Marcus Mariota. Two MVP's One SB MVP
  8. Number9

    Only a Pawn in the Game

    This song and a lot of others like it is why I try not to participate in the politics forum. Earth is where we live. We can't go anywhere. We have to learn to get along. Walk a mile in the other man's shoes. "do unto others as you would have them do unto you" I fall way short, but I know my intent. No one side is all wrong.
  9. Number9

    Mike Keith - The Moon Pie King

    They have this in Bell Buckle every year. It's always hot as hell. You see bunches of people walking eating a Moon Pie and drinking a RC Cola. The bottle will be frosted, makes you want one like you're in the desert. Ambrosia. Meal for a king. They have a bigger festival in the fall. The third weekend in Oct. It's one of the largest TN Festivals. If you have someone you want to take somewhere, women love this one.
  10. Number9

    OTA Updates

    https://www.denverpost.com/2014/10/02/why-footballs-back-shoulder-pass-is-nearly-impossible-to-defend/ Maybe they could try some back shoulder passes?
  11. Number9

    OTA Updates

    Right. LeFleur comes out of a lineage of coaches. We lucked up getting him because he wasn't allowed to call plays. JRob probably has or will have an understudy in place. Additionally, we'll be playing in the SB and all the good HC jobs will be gone. LaFleur will be here for a long time, if he's successful.
  12. Number9

    OTA Updates

    I think people take @OILERMAN contrarian views a little too harshly. If we all agreed and nobody pointed out any weaknesses, the levels of knowledge about what we have would be pretty weak.
  13. Number9

    CTE strikes again

    Even in high school the football players are the craziest athletes. They just do too many bizarre things. Lyle Alzado.
  14. Number9

    OTA Updates

    In any sport, practice is for development. He could even have a spot where he has told the receiver he will throw to when they are covered. It also let's him know who will fight for the ball and make a play like people are saying. The other side is when the defense picks off a few, we read about it and get on Mariota's ass. He's gonna get shot at no matter what.