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  1. Vrabel OTA press conference

    I use different ways to try to understand people. I found it useful to not look at Vrabel, but listen. I heard something different. I did it for a few interviews and I thought he made a lot of sense.
  2. Cryptic tweet from Delanie

    I predict Delaine will not be traded this year. This is just another instance of something taking a life of it's own as people bring up wild speculation, then claim it's exactly the right thing to do. Halfway through the thread, Walker became a pass dropping over the hill bum who's sucking up salary like Griffin. Seven months from now, nobody will want to admit jumping on this bandwagon.
  3. Cryptic tweet from Delanie

    I think we are way too hard on our players. We/I watch the game and I am on the edge of my seat screaming and cussing. I get steamed about a bad pass by Mariota or a drop. Then when the game's over, we won. Julio, OBJ, they all drop passes, easy passes. It happens. I am still mad about Supernaw missing an easy one from Mett, but Supernaw contributes to the team. Walker contributed a lot, like catching that pass with four defenders around him. when probably every other pass catcher we have would have dropped that ball. None of them are perfect.
  4. Cryptic tweet from Delanie

    That's different.
  5. Cryptic tweet from Delanie

    I was exaggerating Walker's worth, but I don't see this as an opportune time to let his go. First, he's not going to get some huge price above his worth to the Titans. He's Mariota's #1 target and he's a fan favorite, as long as he keeps his mouth shut about that flag.
  6. There were some players on the team, that's how they were able to win five games in the two years before he came. You have all that squeezed up, hard to see. I think you missed completely him bring in players to improve teams play. The starting RB is a second round pick of his. Sharpe got hurt, but he played a big role his rookie season. Who got Matthews? Are there any Webster secondary players left? Oh yeah, DGB and Hunter. He deserves some credit for getting them on Greyhounds. The interior of the OL, who? I probably missed half of his acquisitions.
  7. Cryptic tweet from Delanie

    Walker is a Titan. He and Casey are real Titans. They both bring a lot more than their superior play on the field.
  8. Sometimes I read posts and just shake my head. JRob has packed this team with talent and people want to rag on him for not getting players.
  9. Waffle House guns had been previously confiscated.

    Posted on December 20, 2012 | Corrected on December 21, 2012 This was six years ago.
  10. That class was loaded at CB. We passed then all up in round one to get That skinny toothpick. WTF!! Well, he was part of the group of good CB coming out, but he was the last one left. Olsen=Munch.
  11. It is an interesting near futuristic story of the USA taken over by the evannies. It took me about three episodes to get into it, but like long books it takes time to set the story. It should be must viewing for everyone. We now have a CIC who have violated most all the unwritten laws of government and many written ones. But people have just stood by and watched. The Handmaid's Tale is about what could happen to people who let things go too far and don't stand up to crazies. Side note. I got a messenger from a FB friend telling me Jerry Brown was trying to ban the sell of Bibles in CA. I read some of the article and it said part of his reason was it taught hate of homosexuals and transgender people. I replied back that Jerry had a good point. I also told her the Bible was used to support the idea the Africans were an inferior race, so slavery was okay. So far, no response.
  12. Final Mock Draft - Full 1st round

    If the Browns don’t take the best qb on the board with the first pick, then all the effort to get in this spot is wasted. They already have five picks, four of them are in the sweet spots of rounds one and two. The perfect spots of this draft belong to them. Why give that up? Get QB.
  13. Scout take: "He's right behind Bradley Chubb. Good pass-rusher. He was a lot better his junior year than his senior year."(Harold Landry)
  14. Waffle House guns had been previously confiscated.

    I agree there's something else wrong. There has to be a serious start, but the people who have power to change laws don't give a shit about you and me. It's part of a pattern. Always, the quality of your life is of little interest. Face it, the elite are not sitting in WH. They are not in any of the churches that have been shot up. Their children go to private, elite schools that you don't even know the location of. Just like they went to Sweden to have abortions when it was against the laws you have to follow. As for a deterrent, I would start looking at the more civilized countries that have the least gun violence. See what they do. See what we do. Just like if you build a house with no roof and rain keeps waking you up at night. Then you notice you are one of the few not getting any sleep. You look around, call in consultants and they tell you what they think the neighbors are doing that you are not.