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  1. The Game of Thrones

    Question? Are they saying this is a true story or is it fiction?
  2. African Food

    I have had African food. It's good. I have been in love with Ethiopian food for decades. I don't really know what African food is. I have had Somalian food. So, I would imagine with the continent being so large, there are many varieties of food. Just like Indian and Chinese foods. The African food I had was more like home cooking. I would imagine Nigerian basic dishes? Maybe South African home cooking?
  3. The Game of Thrones

    Great show. I was watching and it got so interesting, then I though how this episode is dialogue. I have listened to every book and I am attracted to dialogue. Then the ending battle was even more that I could have imagined. The fearlessness of this little band of men going to take a prisoner alive from an army larger than they have by two. The rescue. Jon Snow, my guess for hero in the first few charters of the books-shattered of course tells them go I will fight them off. Then he dies valiantly, nothing unusual in GOT. Wakes up. Danni falls in love where you already knew she was. He's too little. He's bigger than life. Jon Snow is a Night's Watch soldier! The show hit a new high for me.
  4. I am a bit upset.......so here goes.

    Mariota? Casey? Byard? Conklin? Po? Jackson?
  5. Holocaust Survivor Talks Charlottesville

    Thank the both of you. I don't know if my effort will do anything. I do know I have to try. I am a part of this online community. So, this is one of my starting points. It's time to stop playing christian and be one. I was raised up doing the post war era. If the Nazi came out then and had this kind of march, they would have been hunted down to the last man. I really think right now, we just need true christians in all religions to insist their leadership take a stand. There can be no more, "well there were some alt rightist there, it wasn't just KKK and Nazi" They organized this together. With what you have heard of the comforter who will guide you in "all things" do you believe holy spirit would guide you to side with the nazi?
  6. So good to have receivers who can play and are smart. Not this one could be great, but he has a problem knowing where to go. This one is fast, but he fails down while he's running sometimes and doesn't like to get hit. This one is quick and can get yac, but he likes to just run where he sees an opening instead of running where he's supposed to go.
  7. You are going to have to be able to play to make this team.
  8. They will clean up those penalties. It's just lazy play. Now, it's too destructive to take bs penalties.
  9. Adore is going to flip fields and win games.
  10. If D gets ball back, still 1st qtr.
  11. That pass was to the right. I guess we will hear about it tomorrow since it was incomplete.