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  1. Vrabel named Titans HC

    What makes them sick is we had coaches who didn’t know how to try. They are the people who never bought microwave ovens in the 1970’s. They don’t know how to setup a Twitter account and were scared to get young guys who would help.
  2. Jags

    I think they may have to resign Bortles. A Jags fans was at my table and I almost fell out of the chair at his comments. He said the Jags had the worse receivers in the league. They never give Bortles any help. They just run out and expect perfect passes. TR would admire me for maintaining my composure. I did mention that Bortles was quite inaccurate at times. If the idiots down there love him, they may be stuck with him. Kinda like Mularkey winning a playoff game, Bortles has taken the team further than they have been in a long time was the QB during the best year they have had in a long, long time.
  3. Jags

    The Jags have been aggressive in FA for the last few years. They will lose somebody, maybe somebodies. Bortles is worth a low starters salary, but will probably demand top dollar. He may be sensible knowing he won't get paid by any other team in the league. Best for the Titans is for them to sign him. Jack had a five year max shelf life when he came out. I hate to see any player injures, but Jack could actually start to have problems. I think you are right, they regress. The door is open for the Titans to be the big dog in the AFCS, imo.
  4. Jags

    Fuge the Jags. JRob wouldn't sign Bortles to a big deal, just like he was bitching after the KC win. He had his switchblade and he was after Mike's throat. Took him a week, but he knifed him.
  5. AFC/NFC Championship Games Thread

    Wow! Just WOW!!
  6. AFC/NFC Championship Games Thread

    I suspect this is where Brake Bortles falls apart. 8:40 to go, 4th qtr.
  7. AFC/NFC Championship Games Thread

  8. AFC/NFC Championship Games Thread

    I don't feel bad when a dirty player like Gronk who crashed down on a defenseless player laying on the ground gets hurt.
  9. Who are you pulling for Jags vs Pats?

    Keys to Jags win #1. Three + sacks, plus five+ knockdowns #2 One pick, keep Gronk under 80 yards #3. Defense scores #4 Fournette 80 yds #5 Bortles beats a stacked box. 300 yards, passer rating 100+ and 2 TDs. I know in the past I have adequately explained how awful BB is. Lastly, We beat Jax one time this season. Then we beat Jax one time again. A lot of people would think saying we beat Jax twice was not the proper way to state that fact, so I rephrased it for so n so.
  10. Vrabel named Titans HC

    Since the Rooney Rule was started, there have been more black coaches hired. Before the RR, many top black OC/DC didn't even get interviewed. Once more got interviewed, the teams were exposed to coaches they may have overlooked. Part of how it works. A black coach gets his token interview and wows a GM. The GM already has who he's hiring, but he tells others about how sharp the token looks. Later, the token gets an interview where he's a real candidate. Unless you live on the moon, you know there are racial barriers all over America. Please reread this as a reply to anything you have to say in response.
  11. Vrabel named Titans HC

    I think this is where JRob comes in.
  12. Vrabel named Titans HC

    I read this earlier and figured everyone had just dismissed it. BB's breakdown of the Titans before our game showed he clearly knew what he was saying. The guy doesn't just talk of the top of his head. JRob has direct access to him and I imagine had several convo's with him since the Arizona game. This a move to the future. They will improve the team together. We sit on our sofas weekly and know the next play calls. We also are pretty sure a different attack would be better. We now have a different attack coming. The players beat Jax in the last game. It wasn't Mularkey's game plan. That's how talented this team is. The coaches are running plays like the Silkymooch at a crucial time in a playoff game. Jayon Brown. We can't fill every hole. I wonder if Vrabel might relate to him and get more than we expect out of him.
  13. JRob already has his coach, IMO.

    So, it's Mike Vrabel!! He and JRob are very familiar with one another. JRob is very well connected with football people all over the country and could talk to Belichick to get insight about how Vrabel would work out as a head coach. BB has already said a lot of great things about Vrabel, but I am sure he has helped JRob privately. The age fit is great. I expect all the main coaches to be lined up very quickly, as Jon and Mike already know who they are hiring. They know the players we have and what kind of systems they plan to run. I can guarantee JRob has Mariota's development number one on the agenda for the new OC. JRob ran an exhaustive five day search and Mike Vrabel stood out above all the rest. JRob is quick on his feet!!
  14. Vrabel named Titans HC

    JRob already had his guy before Mularkey was fired. I am betting most of his coaches have been picked as well.
  15. Who are you pulling for Jags vs Pats?

    Okay. We didn't beat the Jags twice. We beat them two times. You feel better?