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  1. SuperFreak90

    Raiders cut Derrick Johnson

    He was really good at one time.
  2. SuperFreak90

    NFL Trade Deadline

    Pretty evident that Vrabel will want his guy at QB. I think we either trade for a vet or sign via free agent. I just don't see them drafting another QB and starting over now.
  3. Yes, by the Dolphins on National TV 17-0. McNair looked terrible.
  4. SuperFreak90

    Why has Thor been blocked ?

    Just wondering why @thor has been blocked from the politics side of the forum.
  5. SuperFreak90

    Ravens predictions

    Titans 34 Ravens 3
  6. SuperFreak90

    Golden Tate

    Golden Tate would take pressure off of Davis. Plus his route running is real good. Would be a threat on offense
  7. SuperFreak90

    Enough Bitching, Let’s Get Loud Sunday

    I'll be there, and will be real loud. Time to get our mojo back
  8. Funny how we lose one game by 1 point, and all hell breaks loose with the cry baby thumb sucking whiny bitches on this board. Suck it up buttercup, and pull your tampon out of your vaginas, and get on board or get out. It's that simple, you're either with them or your not.
  9. SuperFreak90

    Ten Observations

    You forget that the Bill's were a playoff team last year too. That defense is stringy
  10. SuperFreak90

    Ten Observations

    Then you don't know football. No you can't. Football is a game of inches, and big plays here and there. Mistakes will kill you
  11. SuperFreak90

    Ten Observations

    Yeah, you can't turn the ball over 3 times and expect to win.
  12. SuperFreak90

    Cut Jonnu Smith; sign Philip Supernaw

    Cut Nick Williams and sign Dez
  13. SuperFreak90

    Around the NFL(other games)

    browns win
  14. SuperFreak90

    Around the NFL(other games)

    Dolphins, Jags, and possibly the Ravens loss. We're good
  15. SuperFreak90

    Buffalo predictions.

    Titans 27 Bill's 13