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  1. WG53

    Kavanaugh will probably not be confirmed now

    You just cant go a post without putting your words into other's mouths. You are pathetic.
  2. My position has been the same for 2 decades. Just because you have only been active here for a year or so does not mean you know shit about us here. You are just a clueless racist moron.
  3. WG53

    Joe Rogan Strange Times

    I loved the bit about Vegans and their cats.
  4. WG53

    Why has Thor been blocked ?

    Is that what happened? Why? I may not like what he posts a lot of the time but blocked? Really?
  5. WG53

    Phil Bredesen

  6. You have admitted on here before that you didn't pay attention before Trump but nice try. Lol @ you trying to be an internet tough guy you damn pussy.
  7. You've paid attention to politics for 2 years and are going to try and tell us what the reaction was from over a decade ago? Lmfao you clueless troll.
  8. More diarrhea of the mouth from you. Simpleton.
  9. Dumb and racist. You are the poster child of Trump's base.