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  1. Little Earl

    Week 6: Ravens @ Titans Game Thread

    Lack of pash rush is glaring.
  2. Little Earl

    "Negros who do not read. "

    He didn't save the auto industry. They could have gone through bankruptcy and came out fine. Also you have to give Bush credit here as he had the Treasury make short-term loans to Chrysler and GM that kept them afloat for a while. It was Bush and the Fed that managed the economic policy that kept the economy from collapsing (mainly thru TARP, but also other measures). Sorry, but you can't give much credit to Obama on this one.
  3. Little Earl

    "Negros who do not read. "

    And what did Obama do other than waste a bunch of money on his stimilus plan? We all know that Bush did the work to stop the bleeding.
  4. Little Earl

    Trump at 50% approval heading into Mid-Terms

    Wow, there is a lot wrong with what you wrote. The bible is pivotal to moral values of strong believing Christians. Society can affect some of it, but the foundation is always the Bible. Doesn't matter what society says, if it goes against the Bible it will always be wrong. And that is what atheists do not have, anything to base their moral beliefs from.
  5. Little Earl

    Phil Bredesen

    What do you want them to do? Somebody lied, but you can't be 100% sure which one. So it makes them look bad if they call the woman a liar. Also for those that like to point out that Ford gave a compelling testimony. She did, except everything that has come out since then has eroded it. It makes me believe that she is lying about Kavavaugh. She lied about her fear of flying. She lied about the double door. She got zero corroboration. Her therapist notes said there were four attackers in the mid 80s, she then changed the story to just Kavanaugh in 1982. And there is more to make you not believe her.
  6. Little Earl

    Trump at 50% approval heading into Mid-Terms

    Of course that is pure utter nonsense. Not only are the odds so overwhelmingly against life just popping up on its own, but so is the probability of the universe forming on its own.
  7. Little Earl

    Fucking democrats

    I dont recall him ever saying he never drank excessively. Only that he never blacked out or couln't remember things the next day.
  8. Little Earl

    Fucking democrats

    A bunch of classmates have gone on record saying Devil's Triangle was a drinking game. But I'm sure you know better.
  9. Little Earl

    Kavanaugh will probably not be confirmed now

    Schumer is the leader of the Democrats. He set the stage by stating he believed Ford before ever hearing her testify. The rest followed his lead.
  10. Little Earl

    Fucking democrats

    Not true. Her lack of collaboration is pretty damning.
  11. Little Earl

    Fucking democrats

    Possibly. But consider she had plenty of time to be coached on strategy and what to say. How do we know we can believe her words?
  12. Little Earl

    Fucking democrats

    No, she claims to have told a therapist. That could also be a lie as she refused to release the notes.
  13. Little Earl

    Fucking democrats

    That's a stretch.
  14. Little Earl

    Fucking democrats

    Yes, she did. She lied about her fear of flying. She lied about the double doors story. And she probably lied about Kavanaugh.
  15. Little Earl

    Fucking democrats

    So what, somebody lied. Either Kavanaugh or Ford lied about the situation. Do you actually have a problem that some people believe that Ford was lying?