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  1. Self Righteous prick turns out to be sexual deviant

    What do you guys think of this pedo. Priscilla was only 14 years old here.
  2. Steele Believes Dossier Is 70% to 90% Accurate

    Really? And just where are you getting your lame info from? The parts of the dossier the media are citing as true are merely echoes of their own reporting. Even the WaPo conceded that many of the claims involved things that would have been publicly known at the time the report was drafted. The dossier alleges that Russians offered Carter Page billions to end US sanctions, that Trump officials secretly met with Kremlin officials overseas to hatch the hacking scheme, and that Trump lawyer Michael Cohen traveled to Prague for discussions. The Cohen allegation has already been debunked, and they have no credible evidence whatsoever on the other two.
  3. Self Righteous prick turns out to be sexual deviant

    Interesting as to how you did not make a single valid point.
  4. Self Righteous prick turns out to be sexual deviant

    Bullshit. Dating 16 year olds in Alabama 40 years ago doesn't automatically make one a pedo. The 14 year old would, but there most certainly is not evidence to prove that. He was definitely a weirdo back then, but obviously got over it when he got married. Of at least it appears he got over it as the allegations occurred before he got married many many years ago.
  5. Self Righteous prick turns out to be sexual deviant

    So are you condeming him without conclusive proof?
  6. Now I'm hoping Embiid gets hurt

    Quite simple really. There is nobody on the Lakers that have the potential that Embiid and Simmons both have. Lakers will always need more from the rest of their roster to make up that deficit. As far as it being too early tell, it remains open as to who will be the better player - Ingram, Ball, or Fultz.
  7. Now I'm hoping Embiid gets hurt

    I said LA was his bitch, which also includes the Clippers. Embiid abused Jordan on Monday. Simmons must have done well too, given he just missed a triple double. From what I read nobody else from the Sixers did much outside those two, which is the only reason LA stayed close.
  8. Now I'm hoping Embiid gets hurt

    I guess you better hope Embiid gets hurt. He just made LA his bitch!
  9. Now I'm hoping Embiid gets hurt

    LA pick will either go to the Celtics or the Sixers, depending on where it is at. If the Celtics get the pick, then the Sixers keep the Kings pick next year.
  10. Now I'm hoping Embiid gets hurt

  11. Self Righteous prick turns out to be sexual deviant

    The Alabama Republican steering committee are the only ones who can pull Moore's nomination. They are currently meeting on this.
  12. Now I'm hoping Embiid gets hurt

    Probably because he is friends with Ben Simmons, and it was Ben's sister who originally made the tweet. Embiid was just having fun with it. Now that they are going to play each other, I'm sure he was asked about, thus why the response at this time.
  13. NBA Rookie of the Year

    Sixers have not been communicative or transparent about what's going on with Fultz. He changed his shot apparently due to his shoulder problems. They have never said how long this has been ongoing. It may take a while to get his shot back when he is finally healed.
  14. NBA Rookie of the Year

    If you have access to ESPN insider, then check out this article: Why Ben Simmons might be the best all-around rookie ever http://www.espn.com/nba/insider/story/_/id/21416298/is-philadelphia-76ers-ben-simmons-most-versatile-rookie-ever-nba