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  1. Another shooting today!!

    It was why libs were so happy to stack the court in their favor in the first place.
  2. Another shooting today!!

    They could if the balance tips further. But the abortion ruling was flawed from the beginning. It's not like it was specifically identified in the constitution like guns. If it does get overturned, it will just go back to the states, as it should have been all along.
  3. Another shooting today!!

    Probably only high schools are at risk. People seem to hold their grudges from that time period. Seems like most of the cases isnt just to mow random people down.
  4. Mueller and grand jury indict 13 Russians

    As Oilerman likes to say......just a matter of time.
  5. Mueller and grand jury indict 13 Russians

    At some point Democrats will stop fighting Repubs and instead will unite against the real enemy here......the Obama admin corruption in politicizing almost every department (IRS, NIH, FBI, DOJ, CIA, etc).
  6. Mueller and grand jury indict 13 Russians

    I always assumed they did.
  7. Mueller and grand jury indict 13 Russians

    So Mueller essentially indicted a bunch of Russians for trolling on social media, as far back as 2014. That is so huge and proves Trump and his team was colluding with the Russians. Thanks for straightening me out.
  8. Mueller and grand jury indict 13 Russians

    You guys say everything is huge, and it never is. Rosenstein said there is no allegation in the indictment that any American was a knowing participant in the scheme, nor is there any allegation that the scheme affected the outcome of the election. And what does this moron think, that the Russians are going to rush to the US to turn themselves in for prosecution?
  9. I want Lakers to loose almost every game. Sixers should have their draft pick, so obviously it is important this year.
  10. Update On Markelle Fultz and "the process".

    Ok, that was a stretch. Currently Ball is comparable to Ricky Rubio, who is still playing. They both have a poor shot, and both can't get to the rim. Simmons is not really comparable. He can get to the rim, and is superior on defense.
  11. Dan Orlovsky draws McFleur plays

    On flip side Muchack is a very good OL coach. And he was a liitle more dominant as a player than Matthews.
  12. Another shooting today!!

    Problem solved then?
  13. Another shooting today!!

    Maybe, but i would like to see the current laws, proposed laws, and the pros and cons they would bring. I guess i dont believe most are "common sense" proposals.
  14. Another shooting today!!

    More than libs want to stop killing off babies.
  15. Pat Robertson and God Have Falling Out

    The early Christians were a small minority, were persecuted and killed for their beliefs. There is nothing i can do if it moves back in that direction in this country. Its not a trend world wide, despite your glee in the recent trend here.