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  1. Little Earl

    Revoke my security clearance, too, Mr. President!

    You can't go out and say whatever you want without consequences. Brennan was out of line calling the President a traitor and now is getting what he deserves. Although you have a point that this shouldn't happen for pure political retribution, in this case it is warranted.
  2. Little Earl

    Revoke my security clearance, too, Mr. President!

    Clapper is now backtracking, even though he was saying the same stuff as Brennan. Clearly he is afraid his mouth will also cost him his clearance, which in turn will cost him money. Brennan says he is going to sue. Libtard Mark Warner wants to introduce a resolution to block the President from revoking security clearances. Morons. 100% guarantee both will fail in the courts. A security clearance is not a right. Nobody is entitled to it.
  3. Little Earl

    Trump Tower Meeting Story Changes Again

    All depends on what the meaning of "is" is.
  4. Little Earl

    Cuomo/Cuomo in 2020!

    This country is the greatest country the world has ever seen. The fact that it has been imperfect doesn't change that. But glad to see you point out how bad this country has been by allowing the genocide of millions of unborn babies.
  5. Trump can't get in trouble with the law because there is no criminality here. He could only get impeached if they prove intent to obstruct.
  6. There can not be criminal intent here, since Trump can fire whomever he pleases, whenever he pleases. And given there were solid reasons to fire Comey, there is almost no way you could prove he was fired to obstruct an investigation.
  7. Little Earl

    Cuomo/Cuomo in 2020!

    No doubt that both Cuomos are clowns. Chris Cuomo recently said that Antifa is on the side of right.
  8. Little Earl

    Revoke my security clearance, too, Mr. President!

    Well at least you got the Trump has been a good President part correct.
  9. Little Earl

    Revoke my security clearance, too, Mr. President!

    Better yet, spin what Trump did libtard.
  10. Little Earl

    Add Brennan to the list.

    Lol, who cares what Brennan thinks. That idiot Obama should never have put a commie in charge of the CIA.
  11. Little Earl

    Notice: No Omarosa post by Libs

    No, I'm talking about all those Democrats that went out and picked her to be the democrat nominee to be President of the US.
  12. Little Earl

    Notice: No Omarosa post by Libs

    Are you kidding? What do you call their reactions to the actions of Bill and Hillary Clinton?
  13. Little Earl

    The current GOP explained in a single photo.

    Ok Forrest. The commies all supported and voted for Hillary. That was after their guy Bernie lost. Bernie being the guy who loves commies.
  14. It never has and never will.
  15. Little Earl

    The Weekend in Chicago

    I'm going to Chicago this weekend to see both the Cubs and WhiteSox. If you don't hear from me again, you know why.