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  1. Kevin Byard may be a top 5 S

    Simple Jake going extremely simple here. I think I read where Ed Reed only picked off Brady and Manning during his career. You can't question those INTs.
  2. Why Jake Locker Walked Away

    Nothing. He’s not more likable than any of those players you cited. He’s just more likable than VY. Scine is really the only on defending him.
  3. Why Jake Locker Walked Away

    Woolfolk was definitely the low point for Floyd Reese.
  4. Why Jake Locker Walked Away

    I haven’t been critical of those guys. I have no soft spot for Locker. I’m just explaining to you why people hate VY and shrug about Locker being a stiff. I wont speak for Oilerman, but I think a lot of his hatred for CJ is shtick.
  5. Why Jake Locker Walked Away

    I told you why. Locker never quit on the team twice during games, including his lone playoff game. Also, Locker didn’t act like a diva. He didn’t miss planes and I don’t recall any fake suicide drama from him. That being said, I’m not defending Lockers play. He was bad.
  6. Why Jake Locker Walked Away

    Simple Jake.... The ‘clutch VY’ argument was proven wrong years ago. VY proved out to be a complete POS who happened to be on a team with a great defense with probably the best Lineman that we’ve ever seen suit up for the Titans. VY was a better QB than Locker though. I wouldn’t say otherwise. Locker was easier to cheer for as he never quit on the field of play like VY did twice.
  7. Kevin Byard may be a top 5 S

    Simple Jake. Tell us more about why JRob is a bum....
  8. Titans 2018 Schedule

    Kind of off-topic but I assume that we escape the Hard Knocks search because of the new staff this year?
  9. Why Jake Locker Walked Away

    Those were the good ole days. Collins winding up fastballs, VY sitting on the bench and the team rolling. Only to be derailed by Lendale and that bum Alge...
  10. Titans 2018 Schedule

    Interesting that New Orleans and Dallas both play back to back TNF games. Is this what they do now when you play on Thanksgiving?
  11. Why Jake Locker Walked Away

    Locker was a horrible pick and less of a talent then VY. He just never tried to quit during a game, much less two game.
  12. Mason Rudolph visited the Titans yesterday

    Munch fell in love with him also.
  13. Titans 2018 Schedule

    That was at home.
  14. It was definitely Fisher but Chow was the catalyst.
  15. Mason Rudolph visited the Titans yesterday

    Haven’t we only drafted 1 or 2 defensive players in the first round this past decade?