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  1. I like Cyprien and I think the staff and GM do also.
  2. Way too early to tell on Watson. This year will say a lot.
  3. Yes. They were in May.
  4. I’d like to see a link on this. I’ve never read this. Seems out of character.
  5. His most disgraceful play was falling to the ground to let his buddy Stahan get the sack record.
  6. They don't need a good backup CB? That's a new one.
  7. He had a bad INT that he would never throw these days and the other turnover was a handoff. He too just the blame I’m sure.
  8. Aren't the owner meetings after the draft?
  9. Seems obvious why he wouldn’t want to use the NFL service. If you are doing something questionable (getting high or banging random girls) you probably think that the NFL service may have some connection back to the league.
  10. Gil losing some credibility with this list.
  11. japan

    Madden 19

    Walker definitely took a step back last season.
  12. Only on here would Mariota working with the famous QB mechanics guru Tom House, who Brees, Brady, Palmer and Alex Smith worked with for years, be presented as a ridiculous move to make and a sign that Mariota was broken. Laughable.
  13. This is so true. That game was chockablock full of statue of liberty fakes, Mariota having to pretend to drop the ball and then throw a pass. It was crazy.
  14. japan

    Titans doing their own version of Hard Knocks

    It was a tongue-in-cheek joke.
  15. japan

    Titans doing their own version of Hard Knocks

    I think Andy Benoit addressed this in his latest podcast.