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  1. japan

    Washington signs Adrian Peterson

    After? He's in trouble right now.
  2. japan

    Around the NFL: preseason

    That's within the 2 minute warning. And the fumbler can still pick it up and advance it.
  3. japan

    Titans release Fowler

    Will be interesting to see if he sticks. What ever became of Dodd? Did he just quit the game or did anyone sign him?
  4. japan

    Reed sent to IR

    Get Watterson on retainer?
  5. japan

    Thoughts on offense

    Mularkey’s offense was great when we had the 2nd best back in the league.
  6. Right. Center is way more than your ability to block. Center has to make calls at the line. Jones was a monster weak link in blocking last year but reports are that he is much better in this new offense.
  7. japan

    Thoughts on offense

    Good points but who’s been maintaining that this LaFleur offense was going to be throwing the ball all over the place? Strawman? We all discussed that the Shanny system produces huge running games. Old man Shanny used to pull guys off the street and they would be having monster games running the ball.
  8. japan

    Thoughts on offense

    No doubt Taylor didn’t know what he was doing last year on the field. I still wonder how much he knows of this new offense. But I think Superhorns point is that with the lack of speed on offense last year, you insert Taylor for simple no brainer plays. Get him the ball in space on a handful of plays during a game. Maybe he pops one or two then you can use him as a decoy or something. Mularkey just had the guy running intermediate option routes where several times he wasn’t even looking for the ball.
  9. Brown has had two great preseason games. It’s just that people remember the bad angle he took on Adams for the GB touchdown. I can’t see how he’s not a starter or getting significant snaps.
  10. japan

    Thoughts on offense

    Uhhgg. I guess we’re going to get this all year from the Mularkey/Robiskie true believers. Just wait until we run a trick play.
  11. japan

    Is it time to panic?

    I think there are some shtick accounts posting in here also.
  12. Mularkey slaps his head. ‘We should have been throwing the quick screen to Taywan and not Decker.’
  13. japan

    Is it time to panic?

    We know that well from the Whiz years.