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  1. Week 7: Titans O Worse Than D

    You could be right but I saw a lot of defenders around the line today.
  2. Week 7: Titans O Worse Than D

    Really that’s the only pass that stands out. He had a lot of passes to Walker and Decker that were perfectly thrown but knocked away. I’m really interested to see these 5 passes that almost cost us the game.
  3. Week 7: Titans O Worse Than D

    This one is a little harder for Oilerman as Mariota was responsible for no turnovers. Now we we are hearing about 5 passes missed or something.
  4. Week 7: Titans O Worse Than D

    BTW, you know you are pretty desperate when you are citing Archeluta - a guys who barely knows who is playing in the game.
  5. Week 7: Titans O Worse Than D

    I'm curious about what these 5 passes were.
  6. Week 7: Titans O Worse Than D

    No way. You are biased and back to your old ways of trying to sluff off these terrible gameplans on Mariota. No one watching that game, other than you, thought Mariota was the reason for the poor offense.
  7. Thank. You. Byard.

    Yeah, I thought his peel back INT was brilliant and shows that he is progressing as a safety. The others were easier, but at least he made the catches. We've had guys back there would had hands of stone.
  8. Week 7: Titans O Worse Than D

    This is what we are going to see going forward. Teams loading the box and run blitzing. We need to figure it out pretty quickly.
  9. Week 7: Titans O Worse Than D

    Other than his missed TD throw to Walker, I thought Mariota was pretty accurate. The playcalling was a disaster. This was a return to those games last season were the throws have to be amazing to complete a 10 yard pass.
  10. Some teeth should be knocked out

    Some really poor playcalling in this game. Can we stop with the RPOs with a Mariota who can't threaten the run?
  11. Definitely not an attack on McNair. A full out attack of VY.
  12. Gil Brandt is a POS

    Because he’s black like Watson?