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  1. japan

    Organizations Ignorance over winning

    I understand your point but JRob already managed his diva ass by giving him that weird offseason extension. There is no doubt in my mind that Matthews was pulling this same shit behind closed doors at OTAs and camp. JRob bent over backwards. Then he does the same shit again? I mean, there has to come a time when you say 'We've done all we could to keep this guy. He's become a distraction.'
  2. Did you really say that you were sick of the staff before they even coached their first game?
  3. I've been saying that Jones needs to be upgraded for a while. They have to replace him and probably Spain in the offseason. Maybe Spain is in the process of being replaced now.
  4. Doesn't he have a 10 year guaranteed contract? I doubt he gives a shit what anyone thinks.
  5. Shocker.... Maybe the Cowboys will beat us by 50, eh?
  6. You had to know this Campanaro was a bum.
  7. japan

    Organizations Ignorance over winning

    You believe JRob fucked up by letting Matthews go??
  8. japan

    Organizations Ignorance over winning

    What don't these guys get?? Matthews will do the same thing in NY. He's done it everywhere he's gone. And for the loons who 'can't believe' we let him walk, we fucking gave him an extension when he started this earlier. WTF are we supposed to do when he comes to JRob again and asks to be released? Give him another extension?
  9. Dude. No one takes you seriously. You admitted that even before the season you were sick of the staff! And you hoped that we lost to San Diego by 50.
  10. japan

    Patrick Peterson Request trade

    His snap count has been increasing all year. He's at around 50% of the defensive snaps now.
  11. japan

    Beddingfield: Davis’s ceiling is a good #2

    Funny how no one thinks of Michael Thomas in this group.
  12. That's some VY-level shit right there...
  13. japan

    Patrick Peterson Request trade

    Tolar is on crack. And Davenport has flashed some big time talent. That guy is a monster.
  14. japan

    Did You Catch It?

    Shocker. So dumb. You don’t think every head coach can call a play when he wants it. You stupid fuck.