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  1. Ed Warinner New OL Coach?

  2. Potential Vrabel Staff?

    l originally thought you meant VY was 400lbs. I said, I knew he was fat but I gotta see some pictures of this.
  3. I think his name is holding him back.
  4. AFC/NFC Championship Games Thread

    He had no problem last week after that fluke win.
  5. AFC/NFC Championship Games Thread

    Hmmm. It escapes me.
  6. AFC/NFC Championship Games Thread

    Remember when posters were telling us that we were running the same offense as Philly. Uhhhh yeah...
  7. AFC/NFC Championship Games Thread

    Can you imagine Mariota in this Eagles offense? No one can argue that they are running the same things we were running.
  8. Ed Warinner New OL Coach?

    BTW, where did this original report come from. The OP doesn't have anyone attributed to the blurb.
  9. Ed Warinner New OL Coach?

    Whoops...Amateur hour
  10. Vrabel named Titans HC

    Who knows. Everyone trusts Shefter.
  11. AFC/NFC Championship Games Thread

    Some on here think we need to draft another high WR.
  12. AFC/NFC Championship Games Thread

    The Vikings D is very good, but New Orleans blew it open in that second half. Don't think BB will watch that film.
  13. Potential Vrabel Staff?

    They'll probably just bring Mularkey is as the TE coach. He just needs to be on the staff to take over the interim job.