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  1. ***TF's Official NFL 2018 Mock Draft***

    My point is we take the very best player possible with our pick and WR, while not as big of a need as another position is a need. As for having Ridley and Davis and both turning into total studs (and both demanding big contracts) we cross that bridge when we come to it. That decision might be pretty simple when that time comes. What if Ridley really is Marvin Harrison? Are we smarter taking ANYONE else if that is the case? I don't think so.
  2. 4 dead at Waffle House in Antioch

    So when poverty was worse and discrimination was way worse, but there was less violence, it means nothing? Obviously nothing is the all in all but it does make a statement that excusing the situation because of economics and also race issues isn't necessarily a conclusion either. Not to mention billions of dollars since the 60s has been thrown at the problem by the Federal government and the problem keeps getting worse.
  3. This I do know. When Jrob took over as GM we basically had a few pieces but needed a complete overhaul on the OL, RB, DL, LB, S, WR and CB. In two season JRob has rebuilt the OL into one of the best, acquired a solid pair of RBs all new to his regime, acquired pieces to the DL, found a decent nickel LB which was our biggest need there, drafted an all-pro S, through draft and FA now has one of the best combo of three CBs in the NFL along with solid depth and through the draft and FA has a whole new set of WRs. He has even brought in depth and a possible replacement for Walker in Smith. Oh gee not everyone of his draft picks and FAs has worked out. True. But the accomplishments are obvious.
  4. 4 dead at Waffle House in Antioch

    For starters the "economic" factor is represented in #6 where poverty and discrimination among blacks was worse in the 50s and 60s but the violence was way less. So there goes one argument as to why blacks kill each other. As for conclusions make your own? If someone wants to blame whites for killing blacks that is obviously a stupid premise. If someone wants to argue blacks don't commit more crimes that is stupid as well. But the bottom line is we can all agree we have these problems but if we are going to be racist and stupid we will never man up to the real issues to solve them. We can have idiots on here running their mouth about the n-word or how white cops hate blacks and all other kinds of non-sense but we wake up tomorrow, a decade from now or a century from now and still have the same issues. Imagine if 93% of all white murders were by white people and white people committed 70% of the crimes even if their % of the population was under 20%. Then white idiots got on these boards and argued it was blacks holding them back and how we (whites) are going to slap the shit out of you for using some dumb ass word we use all the time ourselves (like calling each other cracker). Gee, then it looks like you are dealing with a bunch of fing lunatics. But that is the same thing happening with our society now and the black leadership. Bitch and blame is what I call it. Don't change. Don't own up to your problems. Just bitch and blame. Oh, and to solve the problem major on the minor and minor on the major.
  5. If JRob doesn't have a big preference between Hubbard, Sweat and maybe toss in a guy like Reid or someone else it makes perfect sense. Problem is getting a good trade partner and who JRob prefers if he can't trade down.
  6. ***TF's Official NFL 2018 Mock Draft***

    Defense neglected too long? How about Adoree last year? Oh wait, does he play defense? 6 picks in 2016 were defense. Matthews is a FA next year. Ridley makes a ton of sense if he drops to us.
  7. I know but it gets to a point I start to get a headache.
  8. Simply got to the point where I couldn't take it anymore. He is on ignore for me.
  9. 4 dead at Waffle House in Antioch

    No I state facts that you don't like. I'm not racist but I know what the statistics state. Keep focusing on how whitey is keeping you from succeeding while you watch your back for that person that wants to kill your ass. Yep, used the same word BLACK people use. You see there is reality and whatever fantasy world the media and minority believers want us to believe. 1. Data shows that 93 percent of black homicide victims are killed by other blacks. 2. "Blacks commit violent crimes at 7 to 10 times the rate that whites do." 3. Black crime is even more prevalent in the country's largest cities and counties. 4. There were almost 6,000 blacks killed by other blacks in 2015. 5. The percentage of blacks arrested for crimes is consistent with police reports. 6. According to Riley, "Black crime rates were lower in the 1940s and 1950s, when black poverty was higher" and "racial discrimination was rampant and legal." 7. According to Mac Donald, "A straight line can be drawn between family breakdown and youth violence." over 70% of blacks born out of wedlock. Before 1960 most blacks were raised in two parent homes. https://www.dailywire.com/news/7441/7-statistics-you-need-know-about-black-black-crime-aaron-bandler So those are the facts and we have these dumbass arguments about why some white guy wasn't shot or if he was black he would have been shot? A guy who murdered 4 people in cold blood? You see I really have a problem with blacks that want to blame whites (or whites that want to blame whites). You make some of the dumbest comments. Worry about the 93% of blacks that are murdered by blacks instead of focusing on the 7% and maybe you will have some credibility. What really didn't make sense was the shooter at WH was one of the few times a white guy actually shot and killed black people.
  10. 4 dead at Waffle House in Antioch

    I simply dislike the fact you are a dumb ass that fights about stuff that is either irrelevant or stupid and you try to make yourself look smart when you are obviously a dumbass. You also look gay and the eye patch might turn on the gay squad on this board, like WG53 (who is one of the biggest dicks and I normally ignore). Thing with WG is he keeps his dick wad comments to 2 or three words (about all he can intellectually string together) so I give you the nod in that category. However the 100s of words you use have no coherence, or make any logical sense so since you waste more of my time trying my best to figure out your point, only to be deeply disappointed at the stupidity, I give you the higher score. Still, we are all dumber for reading what you and WG write and may God have mercy on your souls.
  11. 4 dead at Waffle House in Antioch

    No dick wad I don't want "this fight" or 90% of the bull shit racist crap on this board. That was my point. You idiots can't wait to make anything into a dumb argument.
  12. Well, right there you lost credibility and prove you aren't even worth responding to. An all pro you argue was picked on. And black is white and right is wrong. Up is down.
  13. @Tomachek great job of proving how off @titantez is but what is amazing is you did some work and he didn't. The "JRob batting at a 30% clip in the draft" (after only two drafts and two years) and thinking that is a major negative shows how retarded this argument is. Instead of researching 32 teams we could just go straight to the Seahawks. Known to have one of the best GMs and HCs with a long track record of success. Surely over the last two years the Hawks have out paced that idiot GM JRob. You see the Hawks between 2010 and 2012 selected 28 players with 8 making at least one pro-bowl appearance. Of those 28 19 started at least one season. For that time span that is as good as good can get. However, in the next 5 drafts the same GM picked 49 players with only one making a pro bowl (Tyler Lockett as a returner) and only 11 emerging as starters for at least one season. JRob has far out played John Schneider the last two years as GM. Only one player drafted last year by the Hawks became a starter. They had 11 picks including 2 2nd round picks and 4 3rd round picks. They had 3 starters in the previous draft out of 10 picks (they had 3 3rd round picks in 2016). Jrob has drafted 7 starters in two drafts (Smith was considered a starter last year). Brown wasn't considered a starter but obviously played a bunch in nickel packages. Conklin and Byard were all-pro form the 2016 draft. We may see a pro bowler or two emerge from the 2017 draft (Adoree and Davis).
  14. 4 dead at Waffle House in Antioch

    @Titansgoodluckcharm and @Jamalisms Using this incident, where 4 people were gunned down and killed, and others injured, to raise some bogus flag of racism, completely ignores the heartache these families are suffering. Then trying to argue this white POS murderer would be dead if he was black because cops naturally want to kill black people (dissertations on fear and such when cops knew this was a murdering POS and armed are ridiculously moronic). Thus this is totally agenda driven, isn't worth the time and effort and some people on here need to get a life.
  15. Lamar Jackson awful wonderlic

    Watch this and then argue if Locker was the worst QB ever...
  16. Lamar Jackson awful wonderlic

    Yea Locker was actually better the less he thought about what he was doing. Panic is a good description. Might be why he was actually really good throwing on the run.
  17. 4 dead at Waffle House in Antioch

    Jamal is an intellectual retard. Smart enough to truly demonstrate his retardness. Not all retards are smart enough to do that in such a distinct way nor can they do so by writing more and saying less. Be careful because reading too much of his tripe will make you dumber for having read it.
  18. OK, what if we assume you have a point..... show us the proof where other teams and GMs did so much better. Give us some concrete examples. Show us all the teams with two all-pro players in two draft. Show us all those 1st year guys that were such huge factors their first year for other teams. Pick any team. Go for it.
  19. Cryptic tweet from Delanie

    I guess every player has a price. If some team wants Delaney enough to make a silly trade you consider it. This is actually a decent year to draft a TE, we already have Smith in the wings, TE isn't a focal point of the new offense and Delaney is on the back end of his career and in his last year of his contract. Jrob wouldn't love getting rid of him but if he saw it as the long term best thing for the team..... why not.
  20. NFL Nation Mock Draft

    If we do trade back and take Hubbard I'd be fine with it. Maybe not thrilled since certainly others on the board could be argued for. But straight up taking the guy at 25 is a reach.
  21. 4 dead at Waffle House in Antioch

    The difference here is the guy killed 4 people and was assumed armed and dangerous. Thus the police didn't have to make a judgement call on this. If he sneezed they would kill him. If you want to make this some kind of racial bull shit you picked the wrong scenario. In fact you sound like a complete retard. All this shit about cell phones and cams is pointless. Not one person would have given a rats ass if this guy was shot dead. Except you of course. If that happened you wouldn't have gone full retard with this topic. So, white guy who killed 4 people in cold blood, simply out of hate and craziness is not going to be coddled because he is white no matter what planet or fantasy land you are from.
  22. Ereck Flowers on the trade block

    Jrob has no problem with having competition and depth. Doesn't mean he wants players who are lazy and plays well below their level of expectation. Look at the facts here. The Giants aren't exactly over flowing with talent on their OL. Yet they want some sucker to take this bait and give them something for a turd. Jrob is no sucker. Maybe if the kid is released he could be invited to camp or something but there won't be any draft picks given away for his services.
  23. 4 dead at Waffle House in Antioch

    It is reality you are clueless. A Swat team entered the guys apartment and could have easily shot him if he was there and gave any appearance he was going to fight back. His color has nothing to do with anything. They then found him in some woods and if the guy burped he would have been gunned down. Again, nothing to do with color and you can bet those officers really didn't mind if they had to pop his ass given the chance. Armed dangerous murderer and you are dumb enough they are going to be lenient because he is white?
  24. Ereck Flowers on the trade block

    Not sure this guy could have any utility except to help bring Spain and Kline their morning coffee but Flowers would over sleep that. Exactly the kind of bum JRob doesn't want staining the team. Reminds me of one of the dumber moves in the NFL last year. Seattle signed Luke Joke....Joeckel to play OG and paid him something like $8 mil. The guy sucked to high heaven. Then Seattle signed Fluker to play OG to bolster their OL this year. Now I bring this up because I'm tired of the Seattle GM, Schneider, getting in the mix as one of the better GMs when the guy really hasn't done squat for quite some time.