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  1. Maybe the retards bashing this coaching staff should remember we beat Carroll and Reid the last time we played Seattle and the Chiefs. Everybody was horrified of the Jags and we pounded them. This team had an 11 game losing streak against the Colts and outside of a fluke int for a TD ended up dominating them especially in the second half. Yea, they didn't have Luck but the offense had to completely change with Mariota staying in the pocket. This group has done nothing negative to warrant the bashing. Mularkey and Jrob took over a team with the worst talent in the league outside of a young QB. The OL sucked, the secondary sucked, the RBs sucked and the WRs sucked. We are playing with a bunch of 1st and 2nd year players now. Sure, this isn't a finished product and the coaches haven't been perfect. The first full season for Mularkey we miss the playoffs by one game with Mariota getting a broken leg. We even have the refs handing the previous game to the Dolphins we could have won with Cassell. By the way that shitty Dolphin's team beat the Falcons this week. It isn't the coaches fault our #5 pick hasn't been able to contribute yet either. Then it gets even more retard when people bash the offense. The offense has been the bright spot. Without the offense moving the ball, using time off the clock and scoring FGs last game we dig a hole we might not get out of last game. We punted ONE time all game. Yea, we had some slow starts but we needed to score enough to stay ahead of the Hawks. We steamrolled the ridiculously talented Jags.
  2. Paging Brian Orakpo

    Hilton's 177 yard game was the game right before they played us.
  3. Lib or not we should all be more interested in the truth than some fantasy or agenda. This kind of thing lessens the credibility and exposes a liberal agenda. The left looks like a bunch of 5 year olds lacking moral fortitude. Not to mention the stupidity.
  4. Paging Brian Orakpo

    Like the sack Casey had but the QB wiggled out of it.
  5. Nothing to hide here. Born in ILL and a Bears fan so all Wisconsin and especially Packers and their fans are gay. Some, like Jamal, moved to Wisconsin to be around gay people. Just stating facts here.
  6. Trump is a big enough ass without people making stuff up. The fact the left has to make stuff up shows their insecurities.
  7. The Jaayon Brown hype was legit

    Dl has some tools on defense to work with. The youth shows sometimes but he needs to be more consistent in his scheme. We look like night and day in the same game. Brown IMO does not need to gain weight. He is a perfect WILB in our scheme. If we could find another ILB that thumps as well as Williamson but can play a little better in space we could be set long term.
  8. Paging Brian Orakpo

    IMO, except for the zone blitz to occasionally confuse the QB, we should rush 5 and stay disciplined up front. We did have Walden on the field with Morgan and Orakpo at times so why not use Walden to delay blitz up the middle. Basically see the open spot usually vacated by the C or OG helping out in pass protection and run him up. The guys on the edge can either stay wide or if they stunt the DT needs to slide outside. Walden has been pretty good although he doesn't have a bunch of sacks.
  9. I don't like to live with what ifs but you take away the goofy pick 6 and the failed goaline opportunity and there is a 11 point difference. So we handed them 11 points to make the game look closer than it was.
  10. Paging Brian Orakpo

    This is spot on. He was occasionally in coverage as well and used as a QB spy. Our DL isn't horrible but unless we send more than 4 teams can stop our pass rush with the 5 man OL and an extra blocker. We really need one more difference maker.
  11. IMO the defense was horrid the first half but was actually helped out by the fact the offense did manage to make 1st downs and score FGs which limited the Colts opportunities and kept us in the game. Then in the 2nd half the defense simply dominated and only gave up 3 points. The offense made a few big plays and should have had another TD if not for the Delaney play call. The pick 6 made it look closer than it really was. We dominated the 2nd half except for the pick 6. Overall, not a bad game. The coaches actually made adjustments that allowed us to win the game handily.
  12. Corey Davis: WTF

    A bunch of people thought we should have drafted Barnett as well. He is now 2nd string behind Curry and has 0.5 sacks on the year. And WTF with Allen. a Lisfranc injury in his foot? He must be a pussy like Dodd.
  13. Colin Kaepernick

    Hitler, Stalin and Castro do have similarities. Obviously they have different personalities and circumstances. All three restricted the personal freedom of their people and had no problem executing or jailing anyone who didn't agree with them. Oh, comparing Kaep to Ali is a worse comparison.
  14. Leave Marcus in the pocket

    You are the one who cherry picks a few bad calls and ignores the rest of the game. I just pointed out we had a few of everything (short, mid and deep) and the execution was pretty good. In fact the Decker drop was possibly a huge play with him running a long way. I think everyone agrees they shouldn't have called the Delaney run inside the 5. What did they do the next time down there?
  15. All Packers are gay. Heck, most people in Wisconsin are gay. Look at Jamal.
  16. Corey Davis: WTF

    After seeing what he could do gimpy I'm all for letting him completely heal and having his for the 2nd part of the season. It is almost like people think things will change if they bitch hard enough. This kid might be our #1 WR for the next decade. Relax.
  17. $5000 deductible with 100% above that paid wouldn't crush most people. You also have low cost clinics. What is going on right now that is so wonderful? High deductibles, huge monthly payments, too many restrictions. The point is we can make individuals partly responsible for keeping costs down. When some is coming out of their pocket they might think twice about some new exotic medication they don't need.
  18. Leave Marcus in the pocket

    That would be nice, playing a "complete" game against a contender. But even the best teams have highs and lows during a 60 minute game. IMO what we need to do is just not have the low lows and we will be right in the thick of it. Our defense for example looks like the worst in the league on minute and the 85 Bears the next. Since it is the same players maybe the coaching staff on defense needs to prepare a little better. Same on offense. We have actually done pretty well making adjustments. But the slow starts need to be better.
  19. Leave Marcus in the pocket

    I think the problem is they need to be more selective in using jet sweeps and such. Ram the ball down their throats about 10 times and then run something that exposes them on the outside. They are getting too cute. A good example is the screen play to Matthews. Waited to use it and it worked great. Fantastic call and execution almost resulting in a score. You wouldn't run that play 3 more times in the game. But what you could do is run a fake screen with someone like Walker faking a block and sprinting down field or something. Just like Walker faking the jet sweep and we get a good run out of it because the LBs are frozen for a split second.
  20. Even if it isn't a TD it shouldn't be a touchback and loss of possession. The rule needs to be changed.
  21. We could easily pick a S or CB. It really depends on who is available. Get the BPA on defense and I'm happy.
  22. Leave Marcus in the pocket

    I hated every play call that didn't result in a first down or TD. The play calling sucked. Wait, we only punted ONE time all game. I guess the play calling couldn't have been that horrible.
  23. Well said. It is almost comical how people try and simplify what we need to do with no concept of real football. Dodd and Johnson so far are disappointments. However, Byard and Jackson are both studs. Two stud DBs in JRob's two drafts. Hmmmm. We already had two first round picks at OLB in Morgan and Orakpo (9 and 10.5 sacks last year) and a pro bowl caliber DT. But hey, Jrob didn't fix everything in two years people say. It is also easy to say we could have drafted one of the top Ss instead of Davis since Davis isn't even healthy. After all Hooker has 3 ints already. Why not wait until we actually get to see Davis play. The little bit we saw was pretty darn impressive. But hey, we used an early 1st round pick on Conklin, what a waste. Yea, protecting our most valued resources isn't important. It is always easy to 2nd guess. Oh, that ILB JRob drafted looks pretty good for a 5th round guy. Maybe we should let him finish his rookie year. If Dodd is not going to be healthy and contribute another OLB-Edge guy is an obvious need. A long term ILB to play with Brown would be nice as well and Williamson might not get re-signed. IMO Williamson is a better fit as a MLB in a 4-3 anyway. Woodyard is getting old. IMO we need a good FS to play with Byard and we can then let Byard play near the LOS and cover TEs or RBs. Obviously, if we have another chance at a real good CB you don't pass that up. And what about another DT like Casey who can play in 4 man fronts and rush the QB? What was Jrob thinking? Guy needs to go. Bring back Webster.
  24. Leave Marcus in the pocket

    IMO they went more basic in the 2nd half and ran power run plays with success. Murray didn't have a great average but was effective getting positive yardage and a TD and Henry is a beast when you get a FB or OL in front of him. I agree they should scrap the wild cat and focus more on bending the front 7 over with power runs. We essentially wore them down. Their offense wasn't staying on the field and our offense was able to maintain drives. By the 4th quarter it was almost a gimme Henry or Murray was going to bust a long one. IMO we are on the one and 2nd down. That means you ram the ball with your 250 pound RB up to three more times and score the TD. You don't even think of a FG there and that means you don't run any plays that will lose yardage. The Delaney sweep worked to perfection against the Jags. But the fake sweep should have been the play they ran on 2nd down.
  25. Leave Marcus in the pocket

    Yea, like the quick hit pass to Decker that went through his hands? The offense was hurt by Marcus injury and I didn't like the goaline play selection (basically felt like Lewan since we got 4 yards on the first run). But what the heck are you expecting? 500 yards passing? Decker had by far his best game and that showed us how much better we can be with production from that WR spot. Or how about the near TD screen to Matthews, damn was that a dumb play? Then we had the big play to Taylor I guess should have been a quick slant instead? The passing scheme was fine and the TD int was Mariota's fault but might be partly because Murray didn't commit to the block (to keep the guys hands down) and Mariota isn't nimble enough right now to slide to make his passing lanes better.