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  1. Actually 2 and 3 man routes with max protect works if you have Calvin Johnson and Randy Moss at WR. Not if you have middling WRs. Delaney IMO is elite but if he wasn't out there think how bad things would be. Defenses have figured some of this out which is why we look bad. They stop the run first and aren't afraid of our WRs getting down field. However, on the one scoring drive we used Henry in combination with a few passes and drove down the field. That should have been the basis for our offense the rest of the way. In fact Mariota threw four times and completed two. Henry carried 5 times and got over half of the 50 yards and the TD.
  2. 3-10 team favored over 8-5 team

    If this plays out like I think it might the Jags won't be playing a bunch of their starters against us and we will be playing at home for a playoff birth.
  3. Mariota isn't going to toss Mularkey under the bus and Mariota knows he has to take some of the blame. Those ints were ridiculous especially the last one. Also, it isn't like Mariota is some stud vet QB who has earned anything yet and shouldn't be running his mouth. He isn't P Manning or Brady right now. If he was doing his part and the team was still losing it might be different.
  4. 3-10 team favored over 8-5 team

    We need to win the next one and we may get the Jags in a meaningless game for them if we lose to the Rams. Not saying we don't have a chance against the Rams but they may be the hardest game we have coming up.
  5. My thoughts on the game.............

    Yea Bortles is really lighting it up with his 60% completion % and 85 QB rating. Certainly bringing in the right coach can be a change for the better. It can also back fire if not done properly. The Jags thought Bradley was the guy when he was hired. Miami is 28th in passing offense with their new coach.
  6. 3-10 team favored over 8-5 team

    SF has a legit QB it seems and they are playing at home against a team that plays down to the competition.
  7. Jon Robinson......

    The problem with young players is trying to make judgments early in their careers. Casey wasn't as good as he is now when he was a rookie. WRs certainly are not usually good early. Then you have coaches trying to get what they can out of players that aren't fully developed yet. Thus maybe judging them early is not fair either. If we agree the roster was crap when Mularkey took over we have to consider the fact it might take some time for the team to reach it's potential. I wouldn't say the coaching has been great by any means but maybe not as bad as people make it out to be at this stage. It can also back fire big time if we make changes and get the wrong guy in.
  8. Jon Robinson......

    Decker is OK but he used to be able to get down field in his younger days occasionally. The facts are most CBs are not concerned about him getting behind them. Matthews was probably not 100% that game so his ability to get separation wasn't there like usual. Walker was our only real threat and they knew that. Davis needs to be more of a force and learn to use his body to wall off DBs. Then you have the occasional accuracy issues with Mariota. For example Davis was open and Mariota threw the ball a little late and Davis couldn't make the catch on the sideline. WRs might not always have a 2 yard cushion every time. The QB has to hit the tight windows. So that makes the WRs look bad as well on the stat line. And then you have the drops. Not a bunch but they seem to come at bad times. The QB needs all the help he can get. We are in a tight game and if Delaney makes that catch on a perfectly thrown ball it can be the difference between a win and loss. It actually looked like we were playing to not lose rather than to win and most of the time you lose when you do that. We were also playing without Lewan most of the game and although the protection wasn't horrible we always seemed to give up a sack at the wrong time. Now add in the questionable playcalling at times. The sum of the parts with all the pieces taking turns at screwing up or not stepping up yields bad results.
  9. Jon Robinson......

    That is about as ridiculous as it gets. We do not have great talent or experienced talent and we aren't so good we can roll teams. Arizona is not some shit team. Top 10 defense. This is the NFL and there aren't really any shit teams and the real difference between 8-5 and 6-7 is not much more than home field advantage. The teams were a closer match than you think.
  10. Jon Robinson......

    What "serious talent" are you talking about? Two rookie WRs (one was hurt) and a rookie TE? That talent? Decker and his 4.8 speed? You use terms like "grossly" underused and it just reveals a strange mentality. Like we have Jerry Rice and Randy Moss out there and the offense isn't getting it done with Marino at QB. We have a 3rd year QB that is in a slump and while we do have some talent it isn't near fully bloomed yet. It is completely different when you have a team like NE or Pitt. A rookie WR can contribute and help the team but isn't relied on to carry them. You might already have a QB in place and other guys around him. We are not there yet. Also, it is much easier, in most cases, to jump start a defense with young players and FAs. The offense is more complex and has more working parts that need to be in sync. As for who is dictating what we get there is obviously agreement on what the team needs are but JRob is the guy picking it. If Mularkey wanted a #1 WR JRob made the decision to pick Davis. Either way the whole thing has been balanced with a mix of offense and defense.
  11. What I have a hard time with is people might be overreacting some. Mariota has had a short stretch of pretty bad games. 8 ints in the last 4 games. I wouldn't blame Mariota completely and the scheme and play calling has its part but certainly by his own admission he is hurting the team and I'm sure it is killing the kid. But at the same time to knee jerk and say the coach needs to be fired and some even saying Mariota needs to be replaced are all very pre-mature. We expect this to be a well oiled machine, like the Steelers, on offense but we have young players. No, Davis isn't Antonio Brown and Mariota is not Big Ben but look how long those guys have been in the league and working together. Titans fans expect rookies and 2nd year guys to show up and win a championship and anything short of 10 wins means we need to clean house? Maybe our expectations are a little out of whack. It will be interesting to see how this team rebounds in the remaining games. With that said I, like Jamal, am going to agree with myself. Can I "Awesome" my own post?
  12. Arizona is 15th in pass defense giving up 238 yards a game and a 83 passer rating. They are 7th against the run and #8 overall. When healthy they are pretty good. Nice try and I'm sure you think Savage is better than Mariota.
  13. Josh McDaniels for Head Coach 2018

    Obviously there are a number of issues. Mariota is one of them. He can make a ridiculously great throw one time and then crap the bed the next. No consistency. The other thing is Mariota doesn't have many (had none last game) broken plays where he makes something out of nothing. He has straight line speed but not much lateral agility. Thus, if he gets off his spot and has to move sideways he is done. I think he had one play all game where he kept his eyes down field and made a good throw. But we don't get enough of that. Just compare him to a guy like McNair who could have a few of those "what did I just see" plays a game. Either way the coaches job is to maximize the QBs ability and minimize his weaknesses. Not sure they are doing that very well.
  14. Mularkey just called himself out

    The overall strategy, smash mouth-play action, isn't a bad one but we aren't getting mismatches and we aren't mixing in the use of RBs. We run way too many dumb WR screens and have too many zero or negative yardage plays. We are hideous in 3rd and 2 to 4 yards which makes no sense because that is the whole strategy of the offense (get into 3rd and short). I really think Mariota would be far better off running 11 personnel (3 Wrs, 1 TE, 1 RB) and we could still get Smith in the game as a TE and use Delaney in the slot. Either way, spread the defense, find the mismatch and focus on execution over trickery. I'd never have guys out there who are not a threat to catch the ball. All these multiple TE sets makes it easier on the defense.
  15. My thoughts on the game.............

    We had one of our best drives that ended in an int. That was the beginning of the end. We could easily win another game and the Jags might not be playing their starters when we play them. So we could still be a wild card.
  16. Josh McDaniels for Head Coach 2018

    Mularkey does have to take a little more blame for the offense since that is his area. But it seems obvious the scheme isn't a great fit for Mariota and the play calling is questionable at times. Problem is finding someone who would be a legit upgrade because you are probably looking at bringing in a QB coach or someone like that.
  17. Jon Robinson......

    By the way we are the 9th ranked defense overall, the Cardinals are #8.
  18. Jon Robinson......

    First of all if one of your biggest bitches is we passed on Ramsey, collected extra picks and took a RT that was all-pro his first year that is a lame thing to bitch about. Yes, Dodd has been a dud so JRob is not perfect. Try looking at the picks of any other team and find any draft that was perfect. Then we have the constant comments about Davis, a guy who has played a handful of games in the NFL at one of the tougher positions to transition. It is lunacy. And don't blame Davis for the coaching staff using Adoree in an offensive play. And Adoree by the way has been a fantastic pick. He is playing great at CB. Better than we had thought. The same GM picked him. How about signing Ryan? Who si responsible for that? Even Cyprien is starting to play well. Again, we have gone over this 100 times but we had crap at OL, RB, DB and needed a NLB. Also lacked depth almost all areas. In two years JRob built, through the draft and FA, one of the better OLs (including our swing OT who replaced Lewan yesterday), a solid RB tandem and revamped the entire secondary. Toss in a solid NLB to boot. But but but he missed on the Dodd pick. Who gives a crap. He might have hit on Wallace who happens to be injured and some others and was not Walden a great signing? But but but Davis isn't going to have 1000 yards this year and we all know top 10 picks explode their rookie years..........
  19. Ex-cop who killed Daniel Shaver found not guilty...

    You go from one extreme to the other and don't have enough sense to know it. Comparing what happened to Shaver and executing some sick bastard that murders others are extremes. Take your meds.
  20. The fact is.....

    Not geared for RBs to catch the ball either. Murray had 2 catches. No other catches for RBs. Also, Delaney had 5 catches but no other TE had a catch.
  21. Ex-cop who killed Daniel Shaver found not guilty...

    Right wing assholes? Libtards? Make sure you make child like accusations across the board. By the way I have no problem with the "State" putting down a sick animal.
  22. Obviously there is a combination of offensive scheme and Mariota not getting it done. My take away from last game is that the offense is too predictable and Zona looking at tape was able to predict where the ball was going. DBs were sitting on routes. The first int had the DB running the route Matthews didn't run. The guy was running to the spot before the ball was thrown. We almost totally ignored the RBs in the passing game and our biggest surprise weapon might be Smith since he can make splash plays when the defense isn't paying attention to him. Nothing went his way either. Since the TD pass where Smith came from the FB spot and ran a wheel route he has been absent. Mariota is stuck on Delaney in game situations but defenses know that.
  23. We probably need a change at OC. Still wasting valuable plays on trick shit. Not one screen the whole game and RBs catching the ball was non-existent. Mariota has to take some blame as well. I swear they had 10 men on the LOS and he doesn't change out of the run play one time. Something is not right. Defenses have figured us out.
  24. Titans @ Cardinals Game Thread

    Ridiculous pass to Walker down the sidelines but should have led Adoree more. I wouldn't throw in the towel on Mariota.
  25. Titans @ Cardinals Game Thread

    Why not punt out of bounds? They need to move on.