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  1. Not a suspicion anymore. One thing that arguing with these ignoramus posters has done. It has solidified even more my belief JRob knows what the heck he is doing. A team is built on a foundation of a group of top notch players. Starts at QB of course but then you have LT and so forth. You can win championships by having average players on about 2/3 of the team if you have stud at the most important positions. By solidifying the OT spots we protect our most important player and are able to run the ball down people's throats (remember Dallas and Emitt Smith). We still need our Michal Irvin and a few other pieces. Maybe a guy like Adams or Howard can fit that role at thier positions (by the way TE in our offense is a key/core position and Walker isn't getting younger). So look for Williams, Howard or Adams at 5 as future core players. IMO this isn't about gathering extra picks as much as getting the right players for the long haul.
  2. JRob cut the deal for Conklin before the draft. Most deals are made ahead of time assuming a player is available but when a player slides unexpectedly things could get exciting. Now a team who didn't think they could afford a guy are in the mix and wanting to trade. You make a strong point but I'd also add that Jrob isn't just out there gathering players and filling needs. I believe he has a long term plan. We already had a QB and a LT, the two top priorities. RB and RT were a priority last year and he took care of both in spades. We got a stud RT and a vet and young RB to cover that spot for quite a while. Next on the agenda IMO. WR and stud Edge rusher. Get that Andre Johnson type guy that will be with the team for the next decade. Not sure who that is, Williams, Davis or someone else but this is a long term view and it makes me think Williams might be the pick at 5 if we can't trade down. Obviously Howard could fit the long term plan as well since Walker will be gone in a few years. On defense we have decent edge rushers but soon as we have a chance to get a real game changer there JRob should do what he needs to do to get that guy and we will probably have people bitching we paid too much. In fact I'd think about giving up what it might take to get the Browns to trade their #1 pick. When will be this close again to a guy with Garret's talent with the #5 and another 1st round pick? Give them both 1st round picks and next year's 1st. Again, we are talking about a core stud who can help you win SBs. Basically focus on a core of guys we need to have around for the long term and get the best we can. That is long term security. The main issue IMO. The best guys we can get at key positions. Fill in the rest with mid to late draft picks and FAs.
  3. JRob isn't proposing or dumb enough to trade his 2nd and 3rd round picks every year to move up and to think so makes you look lost. He did what he did to get a particular player who is going to be anchoring that spot for the next decade. It was WELL worth the cost. You can go on and on and on and keep looking like you are clueless if you want. Meanwhile Mariota goes out each game with an All-Pro caliber RT for the next decade and that pick you keep bitching about is forgotten. In fact, the argument is even more strange because JRob is so good at drafting. Gee, JRob could have had another guy like Henry if he only had that pick. JRob is building a team to be competitive for a long long time. OTs are part of the plan. Titan fans have been blessed in years past to have Roos and Stewart, one of the best OT combos in the NFL over that time. Those positions were solidified and off the worry list from 2005 to 2013. JRob has set us up for the same scenario for the next 8+ years. Damn right I give up a 2nd and 3rd to get a guy that good who is going to be here for that long over not having the fandom thrill of a 2nd day pick. And that is all this is. Waaaaa, we don't have a pick on Friday in the 2nd round. Waaaaa. And hell yes, if we had a Julio Jones in this draft and didn't have that #5 pick I'd practically give the whole draft this year and something next year to get the guy. Why? Because we can get 3rd round talent in FA or even in later rounds. We want a super star stud WR to play with Mariota for the next decade. But hey, just keep drafting all those mediocre guys and having that draft day thrill I guess. Maybe hope Julio Jones pops up by fate in the 3rd round or something. Amazing how you use that example and the damn Falcons are SB contenders now because of a guy named Julio and Falcon fans wouldn't take that trade back in a million years despite what some morons had against "paying too much".
  4. That is why I used Morgan as an example. As a DE in a 4-3 Morgan was a 6 sack guy. He had 12.5 his final college season. That is the difference between playing better competition. As an OLB Morgan had his best season with 9.0 sacks. So to say Barnett is going to be way better is almost moronic. The guy would be a damn good player if he could get 9 sacks in the NFL. Also, with very few exceptions you don't see guys with Barnett's build and lack of explosiveness have double digit sacks. The edge, high sack guys, are 250-265 guys who are quick twitch (Wake, Beasley, Miller, Mack). Orakpo is a good example. The reason for that is a slower guy isn't going to beat NFL OTs without explosiveness. They get bottled up too easily. We are talking about 300+ guys with huge wing spans who can move. Barnett might even be better moving inside on passing downs.
  5. Did he dominate this game? His biggest play was a sack on the last play of the half. I'm not saying he is a bad player but he won't be playing Vanderbilt OTs in the NFL. And no way the kid is AH 2008. That is ridiculous. You consider him at 18 but not 5. Morgan had almost identical stats his last season at Tech (including tackles for loss, sacks and solo tackles). Saying this guy is 3X the player is ridiculous. On top of that Morgan has proven he can make the transition very well to OLB.
  6. JJ Watt was a combine freak with is 37 inch vertical and sub 7.0 cone at 290 pounds. He is also over 6'5 with long arms. I also am not sure Watt could be a great edge guy either where explosiveness is an asset. He does his best work using his long arms and agility to beat bigger slower guys on the inside.
  7. WTF this is clueless. JRob gave what he needed to give to assure he got the OT he wanted. Who gives a flying F what the Brown's trade value chart says. They would only want to give us a 4th rounder to move up to 5 from 12 but they sure as hell aren't going to take a 4th rounder to move up from 5 to one. I swear some of you guys are morons. JRob had no idea if his guy(s) would be there at 15. That includes Conklin or Decker. His objective was to get a damn stud RT and he did so. This was also done AFTER he had the draft resources from the Ram's trade (you do remember we have the #5 and an extra 3rd round pick.. Now let us look at the trade like intelligent people instead of retards. We moved from 15 to 8. That is valued at 450 point by the chart everyone else uses. Which makes the deal worth a current 13th pick in the 2nd round. Notice I said current. Picks that are traded for the next year's draft typically have a value of almost a whole round less. That is how it has always been. Also note, the trade was arranged BEFORE THE DRAFT. So we gave up a 3rd round pick (76) worth 210 pts, and a second the next year worth in current value at 380 pts. So not even figuring the next year devalue of the 2nd round pick we gave up a whopping 150 pts above value. A late 3rd round pick. But again, the next year penalty most teams go by means the deal pretty even for an All-Pro player. But the most appauling thing is not understanding you win championships by having better players. Conklin is the better player than what we might have ended up with if we didn't miss out on an OT in the 1st altogether. It is almost brain dead to not see the whole picture. JRob is looking at the big picture. He is seeing us having two bookend OTs for a decade that are all-pro level. He is seeing that he can draft another all-pro guy with the #5 pick or get his 2nd back in a trade. He knows he had THREE 2nd round picks LAST YEAR meaning get the OT and then focus on BPA. It comes down to JRob having about 100 more football IQ points than some of you. My advice is to calm down and thank God you aren't the Titan's GM.
  8. I still think they go with Adams. Could also take Lattimore.
  9. Not sure about that. Smart teams won't reach that early and in all probability if Trubisky is off the board there is even less chance of it.
  10. He isn't quicker or nor does he have more burst than Morgan. Thus we can speculate about what kind of player he will be. Maybe solid but not a star. And Morgan is a better fit in coverage as well. We do play 4 man fronts in nickel and dime and could use a real good pass rusher in those scenarios but if he isn't a distinct upgrade to Morgan is he even worth our #18 let alone out #5. I'd rather take a guy like Watt at #18.
  11. No team is going to make any trade until they know their guy is available. The trade is agreed to ahead of time contingent on the guy being there.
  12. First of all there is a big difference in a all-pro guy and a good player. Secondly, it should make sense we need the best set of OTs we can get to protect our QB who needs all the protection we can give him. Here is the problem with this ridiculous logic. It is all hindsight 20-20. Stanley is off the board and Tunsil is a turd and not really a fit at RT. JRob is sitting there with Conklin as his best OT on the board and ideal RT. JRob can throw the dice and hope Conklin makes it to his pick at 15 and maybe he likes Decker. But he also doesn't know if Decker makes it to 15 either. So IMO he does the smart thing. Make sure you get your guy and not take chances on missing one of the OTs completely. Then, even with 20-20 hindsight the guy he picks is perfect. Just because a guy like Decker made it to our 15th pick is speculation. Maybe if he had Decker rated well AND if he had a crystal ball he does sit there and take the guy. But he took one of the best players on our team and a guy who will be here for most of Mariota's career. Not to mention Conklin will only get better just like Lewan got better. Going forward those guys with whoever you put in the middle of the line will make our OL one of the best for a decade.
  13. Barnett seems to be more of a 4-3 strong side end. Good at the point of attack against the run but gives you a nice edge rush. But I don't see him as becoming a premier pass rusher in the NFL so his value isn't at 5. Dodd, if he could get healthy is a much better prospect. Barnett isn't quick or fast. He does anticipate the snap count well and can get leverage on the edge that way. But he isn't explosive so most NFL OTs will handle him. Dodd at 6'5 is as quick of not quicker and has much better length. Since we have Dodd to hopefully play the strong side I'd prefer a quick twitch speed guy to eventually take over for Rak. Bottom line I'm not sure Barnett offers more than Morgan who isn't chop liver by any means. If we take a pass rusher at 5 it needs to be someone who can eventually become a pro-blowl player.
  14. The Chief are looking to trade up to 18 if anything and take Mahommes. They can do that by just giving us their 2nd round pick.
  15. Nice work. Obviously generalization based on round are hard because pick 33 is going to be closer to a first round value and pick number 64 closer to 3rd.
  16. That would be retarded....
  17. We might have Dodd, Casey, Rak and Thomas............
  18. So thier analytics say it is OK to pass on Garrett and take a QB like Trubisky at #1. That is dumb. Garrett might be the best non-QB #1 pick in a long long time. Trade the #1 if they want max value, get an extra 1 next year and still get a top quality guys this year with all the other picks including Trubisky or Watson. You would think these teams have to see Trubisky on the same order as Winston/Mariota and I don't see it.
  19. They might still draft a RB. Lynch is just a one year rental they hope can put them over the top. The guy can play.
  20. Watched a few of Thomas's games and he played a bunch of 5 tech and was doubled constantly. The few times he wasn't doubled he made plays and did his best work when they used him inside in a 4 man front. He requires extra attention from the defense and he and Casey make a good pair. Again, the concept DL is a 3-4 base guy like he was in his early years at Pitt is ridiculous. He runs a bunch of 4 man fronts and also likes to use a wide DE three man front some as well with bigger guys like Casey on the end (usually with dime packages). IMO it is also ridiculous to assume because Thomas ran a nice 40 he is an OLB. He isn't even that great of an edge rusher. He is real good at dispatching an OG like Casey and wrecking havoc inside. Not sure if he is the pick but if he is I can see the strategy. Get more pass rush up the middle. He and Casey can actually rotate in the base as the three technique and both of them would play the other 70% of the snaps in nickel and dime. The offense can't double both of them with the OG and C. They can take turns putting welts on the QB's head.
  21. Certainly if he gets healthy he could be the steal of the draft. The kid is just coming into his own as a player. The only negatives for the kid coming in was his one year of college production. But this is a team that had Lawson and Beasley.
  22. If we trade back with Cleveland with our 5 we would have a 12 and 18 (which could also be traded to aquire a 2nd or 3rd). I'd consider giving the Browns our latest 3rd to get the 33rd in that deal so we would lose a 3rd but have 12, 18 and 33. Ideal IMO. Another option that is appealing to me is to consider getting their 1st next year instead of their 33 considering the fact we may be in the top 10 again next year.
  23. Actually Williams or Howard make perfect sense here. If either one of those guys (or could be both) is our priority we can proabably move a few spots and get him. Maybe Williams is the guy we wanted all along and we get WR out of the way, get CB help in a deep draft later and take a slot guy as well later. I also like Samuel or Taywan Taylor so we could see someone like that with a pick we aquire. This would make real sense if we take Howard.
  24. Very rare a S gets drafted in the top 5 as well. How many SBs have the Chief's won? These kind of arguments are beyond ignorant. A team is the sum of it's pieces. I also like how if we get Adams that means we are like Seattle who has two pro bowl Ss. So I guess we clone Adams so he can play both spots. Seattle ALSO has an all-pro CB, all-pro LBs and so forth. So there you have it. Make any argument you want for any of those positions as well. Oh, and then blame Jimmy Graham for Seattle not winning. That is even better. Yea, it even makes your team worse now if you have a top TE. After all Seattle still has all those other guys don't they but they didn't win? Jimmy Graham had 95 catches for over 900 yards last year. He got hurt in 2015 so he didn't put up quite as good of stats. But the point is guys like HIm, Walker and Howard turn out to be weapons QBs can use to get first downs, get TDs and occasionally get a big play. If we drafted a WR like Davis, put him in the slot and he had 90 catches for 1000 yards he is a great investment. If we drafted Howard and he does the same not to mention blocking for the run game somehow he has less value? And that is the difference by the way in Graham and Howard. Howard can block.
  25. You see I look at the whole picture and the fact that JRob saw that Conklin was going to be a stud and that we had 2 first round picks this year so he wasn't worried. So using your logic all JRob has to do to satisfy the small minded is trade out of 5 enough times to get 6 2nd and 3rd round picks and that equals 6 new starters. Got it. That is a hell of a lot of dumb. I'll sit back and let JRob do his thing. The guy has dominated so far. A fing ++ As far as I'm concerned he can trade both of the 3rds we have this year if it means moving up from 18 to take an all-pro player. Surely you can't be this stupid. We don't need a bunch of mediocre guys. We just need a few studs. We can get guys in FA and later rounds to round out the roster. And by the way Sharpe was a starter and so was Sims this year and most team would be happy to get two starters in the 3rd round that good.