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  1. It is meaningless that we had a cream of the crop, better than pro bowl RT as a rookie. Brilliant. This is the most dimwit logic I have ever seen. The team went from having the 1st pick in the draft, because we had the shittiest record, to almost making the playoffs and we have to argue if having an all-pro RT is meaningful or not. My God man get your head out of your ass.
  2. McCaffrey is a RB. These projections of him being a slot WR make no sense if you are going to pick him at #18. For some reason, since we have the 5th pick in the draft this year as well, people have become almost brain dead to the significance of the #18 pick. IT IS A 1ST ROUND PICK. You don't use those picks on guys you are experiment with at other positions. You want a solid or better starter who upgrades a position. We have 2 starting RBs that are studs. We don't have a #2 TE, a 2nd starting WR, a legit 3 down ILB and could also use a CB. I don't care how good McCaffrey is we don't use that pick on a guy so he can play a position for the 1st time essentially. Hey, he has good hands and ran a good 3-cone so make him a slot WR? He is a superb RB. He needs to get drafted by a team that needs a RB. Now imagine we only had one pick in the 1st round and it was at #18. Is this kid even on the radar? That is how we should use the pick. Doesn't matter we have the #5 as well. Each pick is precious and we need to get the most bang for the buck. We can use that pick on an ILB, TE, WR, DB who can start from day one.
  3. The scenarios make the most sense. The Browns want to come out of the draft with their QB and the #1 player. Even if a team like the Bears decides to pick a QB ahead of them there is still a chance the QB the Browns want is still on the board. There is no concensus QB. JRob is really in the drivers seat. He can take Howard with the 5 or 12 but even if he misses Howard he easily takes another good TE with one of the next two picks. I really believe we come out of the 1st round or pick 33 with an ILB. Obviously if a guy like Lattimore slides down the value is too much to pass up on. CB is one of those positions you have no problem taking early. Unlike S or ILB. Lattimore at 12 is a no brainer. Foster, Adams or Hooker make more sense at 12 as well but my guess is he takes Foster in that scenario. Great prospect and a position of need. Solidifes the defense. We can still get a DB or two later. So my guess is JRob would like to get a 2nd and in his first three picks come out with and ILB, TE and WR or DB. If forced to use the #5 however he will favor taking a guy like Allen over an ILB if Howard for some reason is gone. Normally that is early for a TE but Howard is unique and also fucntions like a WR.
  4. So we should take a disruptive inside player and move him to OLB in case Morgan or Orakpo get hurt? Really? Dude, the kid is going to start at DT or strong side DE in the nickel and dime and if he plays in the base it would be as the 3 or 5. Like I said if you want to do that draft Barnett who is just as deserving of the #5 pick as anyone IMO. Barnett is 6'3, 259, and would make a pretty decent strong side OLB in the base and very effective edge rusher in a four man front. You mention Dodd which is interesting since he is another reason not to play a guy like Thomas on the edge. Dodd will come into camp in pretty good shape and not only that but Wallace showed some promise.
  5. Wake up? You are going to draft a guy at #5 and have him play a position he has never played? That is fing insane. Play him where he was a stud. Otherwise take Barnett if you want a proven edge guy. And by the way, does Donald play freaking edge or interior? SO how find dumb would it be if DOnald was made to play OLB? ABout as dumb as putting Thomas out there. Strong side DE in a 4-3 is one thing. Outside as an OLB is another. OLBs have to play in space. Morgan actually does OK but Morgan is 261. Again, if he is Justin Smith (comparison on or Michael Bennett (he is almost the exact same size as Bennett) you would be a complete idiot to put him at OLB. Let him beef up and be Michael Bennett. Play to his strength and stop the fantasy world Madden like bull shit. I suppose we should draft Adams and play him at CB. Well, just because he has not in college doesn't mean he can't. No you draft a guy at 5 to be a stud at the position he is a stud at.
  6. So a guy want to beef up to 300 pounds and play 3-4 DE/DT is going to be our edge player. This isn't a 260 pound guy. Come on. The same ridiculous comments were made about Donald. Thomas has never played true edge. Why try and make him an edge player. You have Justin Smith/Bennett and want to use him as an OLB? Where does this come from? His 40 time?
  7. I don't get this idea of putting the kid at OLB. Morgan is not a detriment against the run. He used to be a strong side DE in a four man front. But Morgan is also trained to drop into coverage when needed and teams will try and throw against yuor base defense. If this kid is Michael Bennett put him at DE on every down if that means 3-4 or 4-2. Would anyone bee foolish enough to try and make Bennett into an OLB? Plus we have Dodd to play out there as another option as well IMO he can Casey should share 3 tech duties in the base and both of them can remain fresh and play in the nickel and dime to get to the passer. Since we only run the base 65-70% of the time both would get 80-85% of the snaps each game and a guy like Jones would only play in the base. I could even see a 3 man front of Klug, Thomas and Casey at times on passing downs with more DBs . Then we can send a S or NB if we want a 4th guy getting to the QB.
  8. Why are we even having this idiotic discussion. It is a pec muscle tear and he will be ready for training camp.
  9. I love those mom and pop stores where the selection sucks and everything costs more.
  10. My God we still have people not liking JRob getting an all pro OT. It is insanity or pure stupidity. And you want to know the most retarded part of this kind of thinking. Peoplel that think this way have no clue what the real odds are in the draft. As in the odds are only 50-50 you will even get a decent player even if picking early AND to get an all-pro is like finding a needle in a haystack. Yes, go back about 5 years and look at ALL the 1st round player and you will see time and time and time again teams miss and that includes the top 15. Oh, by the way we have one of those guys on our team now in Williams, let one go in Warmack and another one is still available in FA, Floyd. So just picking an OT that can really play well is tough enough. This crap we could have taken Decker or whatever is pure BS. We already struck gold with the Ram's trade and JRob wanted to make sure he got the guy he thought could play. When all its said and done that draft could go down in history as the draft that put the team over the top. Byard could break out, Henry is a total stud and if he started behind the Cowboys OL he wold have been as productive as Elliott and Dodd is going to be a very good pass rusher with utility on the edge and as a DE. Oh, CONKLIN IS AN ALL-PRO and we have two 1st round picks this year and 2 3rd round picks. Maybe Johnson figures out how to play as well.
  11. I think you are missing my point. After Howard there are a number of guys bunched together. How about Kittle. Same size as Njoku but ran 4.52. Read this: Kid kicks people's ass as a blocker and can catch the ball. Again, ran a 4.52 at 247 pounds. If we pass on Howard we have numerous options. Might actually be best to trade down from 18 if we don't go ILB there. Give me a better scenario than taking Howard at #5 and a guy like Cunningham at #18. We fill two needs with outstanding prospects. Almost every good 3-4 has a 1st round pick at one of their ILB spots. A guy who can play all 3 downs and be all over the field. That is a huge gap in our defense and after FA one we didn't fill. If we are going to take a TE might as well get the guy who is the best prospect in a decade and has loads of experience as an inline blocker. A guy with as good of athleltic traits as a #1 WR.
  12. We obviously need another TE and can't rely on Superman to do much more than block. So we have an immediate need. Secondly, Walker is not going to be around forever so why not get his replacement in a year the draft is strong at TE. Since Howard is the best prospect in the last decade it also makes sense to grab him. Why have ground beef when you can have fillet? The #18 spot is also ideal this year for ILB the more I look at it. Davis is not quite Foster but close. Cunningham would be my first pick because he seems more like the Will type we need. Point here is we didn't need to sign Hightower (25th pick in his draft) because we can get a guy comparable in this draft. Cunningham was one of the best player ins the SEC and stood out week after week. Our version of Mosley on the Ravens. Stays on the field all 3 downs. So bottom line we can improve the defense in a big way if we get the right guy as our 3 down ILB and our offense would be absolutely deadly even without a #1 WR if we draft Howard.
  13. The kid is rated as the 4th best TE and it is possible the Titans might like him more than the kid from Miami or Engram. Decent TEs run down into round 4 and 5 so if we don't draft Howard early we could always wait until round 3 or 4 to get a guy like Leggett or Hodges (look this kids combine up). I don't see 1st round talent from this kid nor do I see early 2nd. Late 2nd at the best.
  14. To be honest if we don't take Howard at 5 we might as well figure out how to get a TE in the 3rd or trade up some to get one in the 2nd. If you just want good combine numbers why not take Bucky Hodges later? Bigger, faster and had a 39 inch vertical.
  15. If you went back and really examined the best TE prospects OJ would be right with them. Look at a guy like Winslow Jr. for example. 4.55 40 with a 6.71 3-cone. Didn't work out as planned but we are talking about prospects. Very few college TEs get big numbers. But the TE is as important in the pro game as ever and guys who can catch and block are rare out of college. The kid is rare breed and apparently his demeanor and love of football parallels his ability. Good article: The other thing si people keep talking about JRob being influenced by BB and what the Pats do. Howard is exactly the kind of bold move I could see JRob make. Certainly if Allen, Thomas, Adams and others are available but taking Howard is no more bold than taking a S that early and he fits exactly what the Titans and Mularkey want to do. Not to mention Mularkey gets more out of his TEs than anyone. Can anyone see Mularkey pushing for this kid. I can. MM would love it as well.
  16. One good thng about Ross. He does play one season every 4 years or so. Think about that. Here is a kid who only really produced in one season since 2013. He will have his 4.22 speed up until he jump cuts trying to get around a guy and blows out his knee again. I all seriousness how did we pass on Cooks if this was the way we wanted to go? its arguable that he is worth a 1st round pick? Seriusly? Cookse played ALL three years at Oregon State (healthy). He had 128 catches for over 1700 yards his last season (three years of production for Ross by the way). Cooks averaged 80 catches and over 1100 yards the last two years in the NFL. But the point is simply this. If we wanted a guy like Ross we should have traded for Cooks. 18 is better than 32 so the Saints would have been all over it. That is a valid point. Cooks is more proven, seems to have a huge edge on reliability and would step in on day one and be a 1000 yard WR for us. Ross would be grabbing both hammy's and ass cheeks before the first practice was over and probably would rip an ACL in the shower bending over to get the soap. By years end he would have the nickname of Sissy Ross and fans would be super pissed. Meanwhile, Cooiks will e having a career season and going to the SB with the Pats instead of us.
  17. Clinton's campaign manager ladies and gentlemen Yes, April to August (maybe this isn't a short time in your world). And as campaign manager his job was to run the campaign. What does that mean? Set policy if Trump wins? No, media strategy, advertising, hiring firing and all the other stuff that has NOTHING to do with Russia. Once it was discovered he may have dirty hands he was terminated. Manafort did work on other campaigns over the years by the way.
  18. Tells me he might last until the 3rd or 4th round. And no, don't waste a pick on this guy.
  19. If you look down the list of potential swing players this guy is about all that is left. There are a few OGs but they don't play C and a few Cs that are either expensive (Mangold) and would want to start or they are not very good and not sure have played OG.
  20. I'd take a chance on shoulders more than hammy or knee. Not sure except for pain what the shoulder issue would hinder. Less flexibility? a little pissy today aren't we
  21. OK, don't get pissy. I agreed with you and don't want him or Ross. I can see McCourty getting a bunch of starts because Lattimore can't go and that scares the heck out of me.
  22. I know but Ross actually DID pull up with a hammy after running a 40 which was my point. You were joking about Lattimore more or less. It really happened to Ross and people still want to draft the kid. It could be like "wow did you see Ross blow by the CB, look at that 4.22 speed, after he limps back to the locker room we can watch the replay"
  23. Not sure who is best but Conley at 18 is a much safer pick.
  24. You must be talking about Ross. He was the one who pulled up holding his hammy after breaking the 40 record. As a general rule I would shy away from any player with injury concerns with these early picks and I love Lattimore. But if you are picking #5 there are other guys who can play with cleaner injury histories. Take them instead. IN fact just use whoever the #2 CB is as an example. Maybe not shut down like Lattimore but much better if he is on the field and Lattimore isn't. YOu can be the best CB to ever play in the NFL and if aren't there when the playoffs roll around what good are you. I call it the Chris Brown syndrome. I absolute loved the kid as a runner but he couldn't stay on the field. Heck, he put up 1000 yards in about half a season. But that was about all you could get out of him was 1/2 a season. So, after some thought the skinny is real simple. Pass on Lattimoire and Adams or Hooker, or Howard or Barnett or Foster...... whoever has the cleaner injury report. By the way here is the updated CBS list. I said Thomas and Barnette would be in play at #5 before the draft. Thomas now #2 and Barnett #8. In other words I'd feel far better about going to war with a healthy Barnett (or whoever) I can depend on week in and out. Use later picks on the more questionable guys.
  25. If it is a "massive" concern then we should not draft the guy. He may not make it through his rookie contract if it becomes an issue. There is too much other talent with less risk. One of the main reasons I like offense with one or both 1st round picks is a WR and TE can be part of the team as long as Mariota is here. WRs and TEs can easily play into their 30s so if we get two good ones it could be a very long term relationship. The way I see it take Howard at 5 and one of those other guys (Davis, Ross, Williams) will be there at #18. At worst the WR they wanted is gone and maybe we trade down a few picks and take Jones and get a bonus pick in round 2 or 3. Another option is to give a 3rd to move up a few spots to get a guy like Davis.