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  1. In all honesty I can't see JROb wanting to do any kind of deal for Gronk that has us giving up major picks or players. Makes no sense. We have a real good TE who is up in age. We would be selling our future for a short term gain. Sure the offense would get a boost but is that enough to get us to the SB with less defense? JRob seems like he is out to build a foundation for the long haul and not to just spark the team for a year. It also makes more sense for the Pats to keep Gronk with Brady in the final years of his career. I can see why Brady would be against it but it looks like a totally fake BS story to me.
  2. Soxcat

    Rasmussen Poll on the immigration issue.

    Or maybe those who oppose the wall still believe the lies about the cost and when given the facts will be on board. If congress could get a bill passed that included a resolution for DACA and a wall the American people would love the idea. The Democrats don't want that to happen.
  3. Well he could run on the Democratic ticket next time around if he can't play football.
  4. Or you could say it won't end up being relevant but having a thumb is relevant. Got it.
  5. Soxcat

    Is there a chance we trade for a WR

    Taylor might be one of those guys that has pretty good talent but just isn't a smart enough player. Sharpe lacks his skill set athletically but is more of the type of WR you see playing for teams like the Pats.
  6. So we can take this angle then. Raping two woman is much more acceptable and moral than raping the number originally stated by Russ (never mind that there could be more than the two so far and either way you slice it this he one fucked up dude). Or how about this perspective. One of those two girls he raped is your daughter. Do you want to: 1. kill his ass using a slow and painful method of death or 2. thank the Lord he wasn't as sick and debase as Russ claimed he was
  7. Good, include funding for the wall and we can go home early. The main issue was that there was not enough funding for border security. Now obviously we still have the hard ass Republicans that don't want to give an inch on amnesty (even if it takes 13 years to become a citizen). But the most important issue above all others is preventing the problem form re-occurring.
  8. How about getting a life and stop confusing someone wanting strong borders equates to trashing illegals who want to cross them (illegally). Really, does it fucking make an hill of beans difference if these illegal border crossers are white, black, yellow or green? Dumbasses like you make it a race and hate issue so YOU can feel better. Now say a M-13 gang member rapes and kills your little girl. Do you care if they are Hispanic or not? Does it really matter? Hope you get the point and it helps clean some of the shit our of your head. I'm more than happy to help.
  9. Part of the reason Tampa took Winston was the FSU/ Florida connection. Tamp wanted added support and enthusiasm. What better than getting a guy who won a National Championship for a Florida team.
  10. This is almost funny it is so stupid. Granted, drugging a woman and raping her is despicable. So you are saying it wouldn't be that despicable (how dare you say so) that Winston rapes them when they aren't drugged (yea, the more honorable thing to do). So yea dammit, what a disgrace. Keep to the facts. Jamais has more class than that. He only rapes without drugs. What a moral guy.
  11. Soxcat

    Fact or Fiction?

    Actually what easily solves that problem is to extend the presidents term to 6 or 8 years and then only allow one term. Then you don't have the parties looking for their next choice of president 10 seconds after a new one gets sworn into office. We also don't need to break in a new president every 4 years which is ridiculous anyway. I'd rather concede the 8 years to be honest. Most win two terms anyway. Even duds like Obama and Bush got 8 years. Proves retards and racists can even win (and guess what, so will Trump). Oh, for dullards that don't know Senators get 6 years now. So the Commander in chief only gets four years and a Senator gets 6? Make the presidency 6 and limit him to one term. Now Senators with their 6 year minimum would be in 12 years if we limited them to two terms. How could anyone not think that is plenty of time. Assume we have similar restriction on congressmen someone could still win congress for 12 years, then win the Senate for another 12 years.
  12. Considering the offense wasn't that bad but the turnovers screwed us. Mariota threw for 271 yards and 2 TDs. I guess blaming Mularkey for the ridiculous pass and stupid fumble is par for the course for people.
  13. Soxcat

    Fact or Fiction?

    You are always right about like juicy is never right. But even a blind squirrel and a broken clock.
  14. Maybe not that were reported but it would be pretty odd for someone to engage in this kind of behavior once in his lifetime and get caught that one time. Obviously he has a screw loose and that was a big concern when he came out before the draft. Bucs did us a favor.
  15. Ok, there are those who just see a few young kids crying and out of sympathy they want something done. But at the same time you might want to understand the REAL situation and what is REALLY going on. Less than 20% of the minors held actually came with an adult (most of those have no papers so we don't know who their real parents are) and the vast majority of them are teenagers, not little children. Additionally, the border was over whelmed with people trying to cross at the gates and illegally. Now explain to me, using your head for a change, if it is humane to walk all those miles with no shelter, food or water WITH A SMALL CHILD and then illegally cross the border? While we can honor their courage and motivation it isn't like these "children" were living in nice ranch style homes with swimming pools when they got here. Now these immigrants and children (again, the vast majority are not toddlers and many are old enough to be potential gang bangers or drug smugglers) were scraping by so just finding shelter for these children, getting them good meals and such despite the fact they had to use make shift rooms out of chain link fences is not inhumane. It was the best they could do. So the difficult situation gets blown out of proportion as if Trump is setting up concentration camps and exterminating these people. Literal lunacy all for the purpose of preying on people's sympathy and to win votes. The most amazing thing is the tough talk on immigration by Trump, that makes him some Nazi, is virtually identical to what Bill, Hillary and Obama were using. In fact what Trump should have done was piece together a speech using parts of all those speeches people like the Clintons and Schumer made over the years and when CNN and the other loony ass libtards started with their rhetoric of hate he could then explain where his words came from.