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  1. Cousins could be tagged a 3rd year long enough for the team to trade him and get something for him if they don't agree on a long term contract. They have 65 mil in CAP space in 2017. Not sure about 2018 but seems they would have enough to pull it off. So that isn't an issue. Thinking he can pick his team is a pipe dream so if Shanahan wants him the 49ers will have to give up something.
  2. Not ideal in year one? I agree. But again, who said we shouldn't sign a FA vet? You keep talking like that is the argument. Is it really that big of a deal anyway if both those guys step up after that? Also, an upgrade at S helps as well but we may have to let a rookie develop there. Get the talent in. Let them develop and be ready to play at a high level in a year. And again, you don't think Lattimore can play at Cox level after about two minutes and by the end of pre-season he would be better? Cox was so bad he was out shined by McCain, Blake and .... most of all Sims. Sims kept improving as the year went on. I assume Lattimore can do the same or he isn't worth the pick.
  3. I mentioned we would probably sign one FA vet at CB but either way you don't pass on Lattimore because he is going to be a rookie. Even if we took Allen or even Garrett you have the same argument. They might not be compete players the first year. Look at Beasley. The Falcons didn't get much from him his rookie season and went to the SB his 2nd. I don't think anyone said we expect to have two rookie CBs starting next year but..... can they be any worse than Cox and McCourty and especially if one is the #5 pick in the draft. With the strong CB draft we might take two and still sign a FA vet. A NB is practically s starter in the NFL anyway. Jake's idea makes sense as well. DL isn't great in this draft and the addition of Calais Campbell for the next 3 years is logical. Even with our depth on the DL. He would start but our other guys can be part of a solid rotation. Either way, draft selections are made now for years 2, 3 and 4. If they can help as rookies all the better. It is interesting that your point about rookies is valid. But many see a guy like Austin Johnson or Dodd as duds just because they didn't make big time contributions. But they are also examples of guys we may be depending on the next few years. And what if Casey went down? Now we look really pedestrian on the DL especially rushing the passer. Campbell had 8 sacks last season. Imagine Campbell and Casey, with our OLBs/Edge guys. Makes the CB's day much easier.
  4. My goodness forget next year and take a longer range view. You don't make dumb moves now to win next year. We could have a rookie Cb and rookie S out there next season and maybe we don't get full production the first year. I'm more worried about years 2,3 and 4 and longer. Anyway, tell me a Lattimore as a rookie isn't better than Cox or McCourty? Besides, we lost by 12 and 7 points to the Colts last year but upgrading the team on both sides of the ball with Mariota in his 3rd season should mean we can play with the Colts rookies or not. They are not that much better than we are. And I'd bet we do get one quality FA CB anyway.
  5. Bucky has us trading down with the Giants to #23 and taking Davis there. Makes more sense than taking him at #5 for sure. He could be a decent X. I'm not sure how productive he will be but if he has the size and speed to stretch the defense it opens up the other WRs and TEs. His value might be later in the first round IMO. If we do get a 2nd back then Zay and Kupp might come into play with that pick. My guess is they are looking strongly at Wt but only go that route if the value is there. Otherwise they can get one later like Sharpe (5th round pick).
  6. Yea, his assessment of the OG spot is off with Tretola who basically could be the guy he is talking about us getting this year. A guy who could put pressure on our starting OGs to win a spot. A better assessment would be to either sign or draft a guy who can play OG and C (bring Schwenke back?) so we have someone active on game day to fill multiple spots. . A guy like Thomas and of course Allen has to also be considered but I agree that it has to be a significant upgrade to our pass rush to consider it. But both those guys are going to be an upgrade to Jones or Austin who can possibly move to NT and upgrade that as well. The way things might work out however is Allen is long gone and Thomas isn't quite worth the #5 pick. Either way I think #18 is a potential wildcard and I could see JRob taking a number of players. Barnett, Peppers, a WR or OJ. He may also trade down a few spots and take the BPA and get back a 2nd round pick (Bucky Brooks has us doing that Giants and taking Corey Davis at 23 but his draft is totally different). There are a number of combinations that look good in the first but we will know much more after FA. If we don't get more than one CB a CB is a big possibility at either spot as is Adams, Hooker at 5 or Peppers at #18. If we get a 2nd round pick back a guy like Bubba Baker or Obi Melifonwu might come into play at S. At S I wonder if JRob and Mularkey see Byard as a SS or FS. That makes a difference as well who we target.
  7. Give the guy credit. He didn't say we needed a QB and OT. Turns out we don't need an OG but actually a swing guy who can also play C. So if he was more clear about that I'd have more confidence. Completely missing a mid round guy we picked last year is inexcusable..
  8. Yes to signing Bennett by the way. This was smart. Our #2 TE people..... IS A STARTER. Not some backup. A guy who plays a bunch of plays. On top of that the depth behind Walker is ..........there is none. We might go ahead and draft a guy like OJ but if that isn't even in the realm of possibility sign Bennett and draft a guy in the mid rounds to develop. The #2 TE is almost as important as the #2 WR. For real.
  9. Hi, my name is Barnwell and I'm an expert on the Titans...... ahhh, what do they need, I have to write and article and don't know shit about them....
  10. Tux is just trying to compensate for the majority of idiots that thought Hillary was the most qualified candidate in history, OBama was a great president and now want to bash Trump constantly.
  11. Are we really debating if the 2nd best RB in the NFL right now is going to be the lead RB? Really? And in Philly they also signed Matthews who had 100 carries for 500 yards. So while Murray's YPC wasn't great he certainly missed having a better year statistically because of Matthews. Sproles also had 83 carries. IMO I'd start Murray but let Henry have every third series. So you end up wiht something like a 200 and 100 carrie split except later in games go with the hot or healthy guy. Thus Henry can earn more carries by staying healthy and taking advantage of his opportunitties. Henry was a rookie and I assume with Murray, one of the better pass catching RBs, they simply felt more comfortable with Murray on the field. So another way Henry can get more reps is being better in the passing game inclusing protection. It is a little more complicated than just swapping guys out in Madden.
  12. See, you are almost 60 years old and talk like a retarded moron. If someone disagrees with you all you can do is attack them. On top of that you have reading compreshension issues. I said "Like for example beleiving in God? Wanting to pray? Sharing your faith?". Hmmmm, are these only "evangelical" Christian things? You are the one sterotying and putting people into compartments. You imagine in your tiny mind what an evangelical is, work up an irrational hate, and then thinking you look smart or something get on a forum like this and make a fool of yourself. On top of that, coincidently, a perfect example of an "evangelical" Christian is me, your brother. So I'm a threat to society now? Really. Take your fing medicine you looney toon idiot. You are the exact fool the Bible says you are. I am not ashamed of the Gospel. No matter what you say and how foolish you look. It is also interesting that Paul in Romans 1 happens to connect your foolishness with homosexuality and immorality. Hmmmm. Worship the creation and not the creator? Paul paints the picture of an unbelieving liberal like he did it yesterday. And then he describes you and your hate: "28Furthermore, since they did not see fit to acknowledge God, He gave them up to a depraved mind, to do what should not be done. 29They have become filled with every kind of wickedness, evil, greed, and hatred. They are full of envy, murder, strife, deceit, and malice. They are gossips, 30 slanderers, God-haters, insolent, arrogant, and boastful. They invent new forms of evil; they disobey their parents. 31They are senseless, faithless, heartless, merciless." So hide behind Libertarianism which is only a smaller government version of a gay, abortion providing, drug using, God hating, environmental tree hugging liberal fool. Right now you hope God isn't real or that He is very merciful. You have painted yourself into a corner with your foolioshness. And you looked like a fool doing it. Oh, you might have a bunch of God hating people join you on this forum. After all they are everywhere. And I suppose you love them as if they were your brother. Or maybe better than that. PS. Read this three or four times so you can comprehend it properly.
  13. Honestly? No. I won't knock the pick but Ramsey is more impactful as a stud CB as an example. If there isn't a WR worthy of the #5 pick, or a pass rusher, I look next to a CB. If there is a shut down quality CB you take him. I'd probably take S over a LB if there isn't a CB available worthy of the pick. My big board for the Titans (obviously no QBs or LTs) would include Garrett, Allen, Lattimore and maybe even Hooker over Adams the more I think about it. I'm a little hesitant on a WR. Really like Williams but not sure he is worth #5 but I'd take him over Foster for example. Even Solomon Thomas would be considered over a S. And yes, if you want a S take Peppers at #18. If we don't draft him at #18 he might fall into the late 1st or 2nd. But that is all speculation. And after he lights it up at the combine and workout you will see. Either way I like Peppers value at #18 over the other guys and would take a CB, DL or WR at #5.
  14. Free thought and expression. Like for example beleiving in God? Wanting to pray? Sharing your faith? You see when you have an outrageous flamboyant gay doing that it is free thought and expression. But to hell if a Christian does that. In fact you probably would fight like hell for the Larry Flint's of the world and yet hate a Christian expressing him/herself. Interesting wicked way you have of looking at the world.
  15. Yea but you might need medication (or more of it) to last that long. Of all the times to lose this type of bet with Trump in office and all. It has to be killing you.