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  1. OK, but my question was how many cops get killed in Ireland? Here: There are actually more cops killed each year than blacks by white officers and 3 X as many whites are killed by cops than blacks. Yet we have this illusion by the libtards the white cops are out gunning for the black guys. Maybe that is what the media want us to see. Either way I'd suppose there are few cops killed in Ireland and thus they don't fear for their lives like they do here.
  2. Because if you have your lips on Obama's ass that is how you see things.
  3. Unfortunately we gave them confidence.
  4. Just for the heck of it I looked up the % black in Ireland. 1.42%. Interesting. So we have 59 fatal police shootings in 24 days in the US and wonder why cops are on edge. Maybe they don't want to be a statistic. We can argue gun control another time. The cop freaked when he knew the guy had a gun and thought he was reaching for it. Maybe it is a good idea to not tell a cop you have a gun and then reach for it like you want to show it to him. Or give that appearance anyway. If we took one of the people arguing against the cop here and put them on the street as a cop for a day in a big city they would be freaked out as well. It is like going into a war zone every day. Even if they have never been shot at they certainly know guys that have and they know guys that are dead.
  5. I don't think anyone is "justifying" what the cop did but the evidence was presented to a jury and he was found not guilty. Thus at the minimum there is reasonable doubt as to his guilt. How many cops are killed in Ireland?
  6. Here is the valid point. The cop didn't know either and told him to not reach for the gun. If the guy freezes or brings his hands out instead of continue to reach after the cop is yelling at him he is still alive. I agree the cop overreacted and certainly things could have been handled differently. But if the cop did not know what Philandro was reaching for..... now the whole scenario makes more sense for the cop and is probably the reason teh jury didn't think he was guilty. He says don't reach for it and the guy keeps reaching for something. So imagine if Philandro says, "officer, I have a permit to carry a gun and have one on me". Then gives the location of the gun and waits for further instructions. Instead it is like the guy is trying to show the cop the gun or some insane idiocy. Meanwhile the cop is yelling "don't reach for it". Philandro lost his cool as well IMO. You don't tell a guy you have a gun and then make any motion that might be construed as a movement to pull the gun out.
  7. Yea, outside of the muscles she looks like Jamal.
  8. With an even better cast around him and an improved defense Mariota doesn't even have to make a big jump to be one of the better QBs. It might take Davis a year to gel but we now have a vet WR for one year to really help things. Staying healthy is about all Mariota has to prove IMO. Thew game will slow down for him even more for him and I feel that will help his pocket issues.
  9. Bing Bing, Jamal has a new ID.
  10. Hard to say how Trump will do if he gets past his first term disruptions. Obama proved it doesn't take much for a sitting President to get re-elected. Bush as well.
  11. Horrific officer behavior
  12. Are you as gay as you look? Toss up.
  13. The coaching staff liked a 5th round rookie more than they liked Douglas or other WRs they could have played at the start of the year. On top of that he did have some production that wasn't bad for a rookie WR picked anywhere in the draft. The bashing of the guy is totally unwarranted. Sharpe was better than any WR we picked anywhere in the draft exceptt for Britt in the last decade. Sharpe is obviously not the answer as a #1 type guy and is unproven in the slot. Thus we drafted those two guys. We have a solid WR in Matthews. Still, that doesn't mean Sharpe won't be in the mix as a #2, #3 or slot guy and certainly will be competing for playing time. I just don't get the relentless bashing of the guy. He is not as bad as people make him out to be. Nobody is arguing he is a stud or anything. JRob lucked into signing an experienced vet we can depend on while the rookies get on track. Why did he do that? Because rookie WRs typically are not that productive. Oh, Sharpe was a rookie last season.
  14. Obviosly the cops intent was not to shoot an innocent person. He did freak out. No doubt about that. But this wasn't a cop intent on killing a black guy. As with all these incidents there is blame on both sides. How about putting both hands on the steering wheel, telling the cop where the gun is and not making any motions that might be construed as an attempt to use the gun? The core problem here is there is an issue with proper training, selection of the right guys for the job and other procedural issues. Maybe they should have the driver step out of the car showing his hands or something. Here is the illogical mentality. Just hang the guy because of the outcome. Never mind the evidence and jury's decision. And all these incidents should be tried in the court of hysteria and media.