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  1. I bet he is under 4.5. More than fast enough and might even get into the low 4.4. He looks fast to me.
  2. A real good WR who can get consistent seperation and occasionally make the big play is worth way more than any defensive player we could get. He just needs to be "real good" and a significant upgrade to a guy like Matthews (who is pretty good himself) to be worth the early pick. Think this through. How many additional first downs and additional TDs or FGs can the guy help us get. The answer could be pretty significant and better than the amount of the same one defensive player can help us stop. Think about how a real good WR can help the rest of the offense. Walker is ore open, a guy like Matthews is always going to get single coverage and the Ss can't crowd the LOS leaving Mariota and our RBs more room to run. Keep in mind that we averaged 23.8 pt/game last year. With one #1 WR we could raise that 4-7 pts. One guy. Puts our offense in the same group as NO, NE, GB and the Falcons. You start averaging 30 pts a game and you are going to win a bunch of games if you have any kind of defense. Even if the pts are increased you just helped your defense big time by getting a few more 1st downs a game, winning TOP and field position. It comes down to making sure the guy at #5 is the right guy but my desire is Mike Williams or Davis steps out and is the guy. We can grab FA Safeties and CBs. Two things you can't get are super star pass rushers and super star WRs in FA. Also, we have a QB, RBs, TE and the misisng piece is that #1 WR. That Michael Irvin. A guy the defense has to scheme for.
  3. I'm not betting on getting Eric Berry. Tony Jefferson makes sense.
  4. I like the yards after the catch ability along with the ability to get off the LOS. The question is where you take him. I guess if he blows up the combine he becomes a legit #5 prospect worth considering.
  5. The Titans are following a solid plan for developing Mariota and it won't be long he can carry the team. One thing Ryan has always had was a solid #1 WR. Roddy White early but Jones has been with him since 2011. Their defense has been the main reason they haven't had more success of late. Now with their offense really clicking the defense is doing enough to make them a legit SB contender.
  6. Good picks but it seems anything we do is a win if we trade down a few picks. Having two picks in the 1st is great but getting another pick in the 2nd to go with the two 3rd round picks....... I have a feeling however the #5 pick will be Adams or passrusher/DL. Depends on who is there and it wouldn't surprise me to see a guy like Thomas or even Allen (with the shoulder) high on JRob's list. We certainly could use an all-pro quality S however and that might be my biggest wish as much as I like Foster. If we did deal with a team like Carolina and ended up at #8 one of the Ss could still be in play along with Mike Williams as well as Foster. So on paper it looks like the thing to do if we can get a trade partner. Trade down as far as 10. Seems like this draft is loaded at the top with positions we need. Someone will be there as late as 10 (or later) who can really help this team and still qualify as a potentially "elite" prospect.
  7. Garrett isn't that much better "good" than someone else we can take by staying at #5 and keeping our #18. To move up we would have to give our #18 and if I'm the Browns I jump on the deal.
  8. Obviously it remains to be seen who is worthy of our pick. But are you seriously saying you wouldn't take Donald if he was available in this draft? Despite someone telling you that 60% or more of the plays are run out of A FOUR MAN FRONT (these are mostly the money plays, 3rd down and end of half stuff). It isn't about changing schemes. It is about having good players. Sorry but the 280 pound version of a guy worthy of the 5th pick in the draft is going to be plenty capable of holding his own instead of Jones. The guy will get a little bigger and stronger but he is not much different than Justin Smith (who was taken 4th overall in 2001). What a shame to not take Justin Smith if he is available with the 5th pick in the draft.
  9. Agree. It is the old comment do you use resources on home run hitters or pitching. The problem is the analogy doesn't work that way in football. There are very few defensive players that can really have a positive impact on a team by themselves like a pitcher in baseball. I can name multiple shit teams with shitty records with a great defensive player or two., We all know there is more to it than that. Teams that can score points always have a chance. and it is common sense to know you can use one pick on a really good WR who changes the offense and how the defense defends you and the impact of that one pick is far greater than the one defensive guy you got. To build a great defense you (we) need about 5 of those type of picks. To build a great offense, with a QB already in place, you just need a couple of playmakers. We have the RBS already. We have the OL already. We have a great TE. We are one player away from being one of the best offenses. If Williams is worth it it makes perfect sense. Wait and see how he runs and jumps. He might just be Julio like and if he is how can you refuse? With our team we need that #18 pick and one or both of those 3rd round picks on defense. We can transnform our offense into an almost unstoppable machine if we can get the right playmaker at WR and upgrade the defense enough with those three other picks to be a top 10 team..
  10. IMO Obama has not left the city of Washington yet and Trump is not president. So the first order of business is to let the rats leave first. Oh, what has Obama done for the rural areas? ahhhhhhhhhhhh nothing. That is why they need to be rescued.
  11. Look at Greenbay's WRs. Ty Montgomery (3rd), Devonte Adams (2nd), Randall Cobb (2nd), JOrdy Nelson (2nd) and even James Jones in 2007(3rd). They didn't go out and try to get a bunch of guys. You pick them when they make sense. They get value. Can we find a guy like Kupp after the 3rd round could be a steal. A 3rd on him is worth it if the kid can play (win one on ones and catch the ball).
  12. So JRob says he wants WRs that can win one on ones and you come up with a couple of guys you think can be good players. Nothing wrong with that. The Patriots aren't the perfect WR evaluators at all. For the best example look at the Packers. Great WRs with no early picks. Again, you missed my whole point. Even if Thomas isn't "ideal size" for a 3-4 he is still better than a guy like Jones who is very average. On top of that about 60%+ of the time we will be going after the passer and in nickel or dime. Believe me if this guy is similar at all to Donald you take him and change your damn scheme if you have to. We can run four man fronts anyway and do so most of the time. This fascination with having to fit a base 3-4 is alarming. Watch the games. Watch the formations. This same thing comes up with guys like Barnette at OLB/DE. The guy is a pure edge rusher. Probably fits a 4-3 DE more than a 3-4 OLB. You draft the guy anyway because you run four man fronts more than 3 man fronts and the emphasis is to get to the QB. Morgan spends more of the game in his stance than out. So yea, we can give Jones a snap here and there when we think a run is coming. So what. Short yardage and such are formations he will play. Thomas might as well. But the money making plays, like 3rd down and at the end of the half we can have a stud in there going for the QB instead of a bunch of lead legged run stuffing guys.
  13. So any player that reaches Free Agency is a dumpster dive if you sign them. Interesting.
  14. Same argument we had with Donald. Pass on a HOF quality guy over 20 pounds. Dumb. Thomas can play the run as well as a mediocre Jones anyway and can add a few pounds. We even had people thinking Casey would be a failure in a 3-4.
  15. You have a point but IMO Griffin is not close to what we want at #5. Maybe acceptable at #18 but I still want someone better than he is. Heck, Byard is comparable to Griffin IMO minus the highlight videos for the other team when he gets knocked on his back trying to make a tackle. Griffin actually is a decent player when you have quality talent around him. Not the other way around.