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  1. Kendall with some kind words

    I don't disagree Wright might ot have been a perfect fit and I'd suspect the new regime was looking to purge the old and bring in their own guys. But either way the drama and talk of his inability to run routes are a little ridiculous. He was just pissed eh coudln't play more and he was a 1st round pick who had a 1000 yard season. Reasonable IMO.
  2. Sacks aren't everything

    Actually a bunch of people on here probably think Morgan sucks and should be replaced. That is how clueless many are. We have one of the best pairs of OLBs in the NFL.
  3. Kendall with some kind words

    I don't know what he is like in the lockerroom. So you might be right. Seems like out best WR, Matthews, had some issues with playing time as well early last year and proved he should have been out there.
  4. Thought on Preseason Game #2

    You are not making any sense. Obviously if you have a shut down CB you want him on their best WR. We don't have a shut down CB. The other fallacy is thinking the guys salary has anything to do with where he is best suited. #1, Ryan might not be out best outside CB (Sims might be better and so might Adoree or Reed) let alone a top 10 guy out there. But if Ryan is a real good slot guy he should play slot.
  5. Sacks aren't everything

    Can't open it at work. Where did our guys rank?
  6. Kendall with some kind words

    That was my point. His drops, catches, YPC were comparable to Matthews for the snaps he had. Even the issue with his route running is fabricated (he was in the right spot to make those catches). The main reason he didn't get on the field was because he is a slot WR and not physically a perfect fit for the outside. Even his speed is underrated. Looking a little deeper (remember Matthews had 2.5X more snaps) Matthews had 9 TDs, Wright had 3. Wright had 6 plays of 20+, 2 for 40+. Matthews had 16 plays of 20+, 4 plays for 40+. Do the math. Wright was right there in TDs and long plays based on his snap count. This is a pretty clueless way of looking at it. As for his ego issues he just want to play more. He never said he deserved to tb the #1 WR. This was Wright's first contract (he got one year for $2 mil). So basically he got way less than he might have if he had more snaps and production in TN. He isn't in the last years of his career he is in his prime so playing for free to get a ring has nothing to do with it. He wants to play more snaps and obviously he might want to make a little money before his career is over with. As for the depth chart again clueless. Last year he was obviously the #3 WR at minimum. He isn't a perfect fit on the outside but Sharpe wasn't exactly Jerry Rice out there. We ran the lowest % of three and four WR sets in the NFL.
  7. Kendall with some kind words

    How is it "his" fault? We brought in a coach that likes to run multiple TEs, FB power sets and ran the ball. Even with Mariota passing we were not a 4000+ passing offense. Wright can't help the fact he is physically not a good match for an outside WR. Imagine if the Pats changed QBs and offenses and started running power sets I'd suppose it would be Edleman's fault he wasn't as productive? Wright played 308 snaps compared to Matthews 782. His YPC, number of catches per snap and total yards are about the same as Matthews. Obviously Wright isn't going to have the TDs Matthews has since he doesn't get snaps near the goaline. IMO Wright was overdrafted because he is strickly a slot WR. But put that guy on a high powered passing offense that uses predominatley three WRs and he is having another 1000 yard season. Unfortunately he will probably play with a rookie QB but even then if the Bears use 3 WRs a bunch he could be Trubisky's best target. Think what Beasley did with Dallas last season (75 catches). Oh, another fallacy. Wright drops passes. Matthews had 3 drops last year. Wright had 1.
  8. What do these protests accomplish?

    Damn scary looking bunch of people. They are every bit as nutty as anyone.
  9. Thought on Preseason Game #2

    Ryan actually lost some outside snaps last year. He still played a bunch but he was not as good outside. INteresting write up on Ryan where the salary and team predicted he would sign are spot on. https://www.patspulpit.com/2017/1/16/14287046/logan-ryan-2017-patriots-free-agency-series
  10. Thought on Preseason Game #2

    Keep in mind fans are enamored with thinking good CBs are outside guys when playing outside is actually easier (Adoree - Reed). Ryan isn't a lock down outside guy anyway (maybe the opposite) and IMO he should spend most of his time in the slot and be learning some FS for backup purposes. That is where he plays the best. This goes back to the thinking that you have two outside starters and all the other CBs on the field are the scrubs. Not true at all anymore. The 3rd CB is basically a starter (70% of the snaps he can be on the field) and we need to get guys out there where they can help us the most.
  11. I am a bit upset.......so here goes.

    The easiest spot to play in the secondary for a young guy is outside CB (mentally). He is good at locking on to a guy and staying with him and tackles well when he needs to. He isn't bad when the play is coming at him. As a FS he looked a little lost and slow to react and took bad angles which is something you would expect for a guy who never played there. He might be one of the top 3 outside cover guys on the team but maybe as a NB or FS he might not be very good right now. He cans till get on the field as they move guys like Adoree and Ryan inside.
  12. Kendall with some kind words

    Wright was as productive as any WR we had based on the number of snaps he had. We ran multiple TEs and FB more than any team in the league. Not a good place to be if you are strickly a slot WR. I'm really shocked some team that likes to run more 3 WR sets didn't get him because he was a steal for what he could have been signed for. Matthews, who didn't play as much early in the season, had 2.5X as many snaps as Wright.
  13. Thats the whole issues IMO. I really have no problem assisting countries that want us there and are supportive. These people are like savages. They are as much our enemy as our ally. However, if we have a plan to target Terrorists and ISIS it could be worthwhile. In reality we might be better off just telling the Afghan people to stay inside while we kill thousands of these bastards that want to be terrorists. It is the partnering part of the thing that is flimsy.
  14. Another QB out of the league that should be "starting" somewhere.
  15. Sorry to hear about his dad but are you saying it is Mett's decision to not go to a camp? Does he seriously believe some team will sign him thinking he is competing for their starting spot? I get it. Mett told Pitt he wanted to be cut because Big Ben was the starter and he had no chance to compete? You see, if the guy was actually good and stuck with Pitt he might actually be able to take over for Big Ben in the near future. Too bad they didn't see him being that option.