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  1. How come evangelicals NEVER get it right?

    First of all a late term abortion procedure kills the baby and the woman is induced to labor to have the still born child. Secondly, mid term abortion require the baby to be dismembered to get it safely out of the womb. Those are the main points I'm arguing here anyway. Anytime liberals want to agree to never have another mid to late term abortion (which you agree are more rare) I could be on board with that compromise.
  2. How come evangelicals NEVER get it right?

    I think they go to heaven. But that still doesn't solve the sin problem for those who participate and have abortions. Using your logic it would be ok to murder all born again Christians (you probably wouldn't mind you are so hateful) since they are going to heaven anyway. Personally I've dismissed my belief in a eternal fiery torment and have taken the belief in what Jesus said; the non-believers perish (the Greek word literally means to destroy fully). "Whoever believes in me shall not perish but have eternal life" is the quote. Either way these are arguments that could go on forever which is exactly why you brought it up. Your motivation is to create division and hatred. It is unacceptable. It also doesn't prove in anyway you have any moral standing to even participate in this discussion.
  3. Franchise Tag Window

    Landry is good at what he does but he isn't irreplaceable by a long shot. The only ting that makes sense is if they were going to make cuts anyway and now they could entertain offers to get something for him instead of letting him leave for nothing. Still, Landry isn't good enough to give anything of draft value and still have to sign him to a mega deal.
  4. And we see how that is working in Chicago. Kenneshaw Georgia went as far as to require gun ownership (a gun in the house). The crime rate in Kenneshaw dropped 89%. The lowest crime rate of any city it's size in the country. The amazing thing? When the law was first passed liberals went nuts saying now they would have shootouts in the streets. Obviously they don't completely enforce the law (they don't throw people in jail if they don't have a gun) but the bad guys avoid doing their work in Kenneshaw and prefer to go to other locations where the good guys don't have as many guns. Oh, want to protect your children and not have to worry about them getting shot. Your best bet is to move to Kenneshaw GA.
  5. Vrable's D

    Mercilus was their sack leader from the year before and they lost him as well. Obviously they also lost their best CB to FA. Quite honestly Houston had a set back similar to the Titans in 2001. We statistically were the best defense in the NFL the year prior and injuries took that unit down the toilet. Anyone remember DeRon Jenkins? Sydney and Meyers only played in one game. Bishop 4. Sometimes you can cover for the loss of one player (even if it is a guy like Watt) but at some point you have a B team out there when you have multiple injuries and it isn't going to work.
  6. How come evangelicals NEVER get it right?

    Yep, the non-evangelicals have no problem pulling a baby piece by piece from a mothers womb. I guess in their mind they are preventing them form being shot by an NRA member. Nobody disagrees with wanting to protect our children. We disagree on what is the right way to do it. A different place than you.
  7. The whole argument against Succup is this. All he did was break a NFL record for kicks under 50 yards. That is more kicks in a row under 50 yards straight than any player EVER. Then he has a year where he is human and suddenly the guy is shit. He was 5th in the NFL in FGs made. 2nd in attempts. Middle of the pack in FG%. He is only 31. He could kick for another 10 years. His contract while 5 years is manageable if we need to part ways after this year or before the contract ends. And contrary to what some believe, it might not be that easy to find a better kicker. There are about half the kickers in the NFL with poorer %. Also, more than half the kickers in the league missed at least one or more kicks from 39 yards or less (he didn't). So even if we ignore his NFL breaking streak he is at worst a solid average NFL kicker. Thus, are we really going to argue it is "easy" to find a better than average NFL kicker? Might not be super hard but certainly not easy or guaranteed.
  8. Here are the facts as they stand. Like it or not libs there will never be enough support to confiscate weapons. Thus guns in some form or fashion will be available. Contrary to how they think putting a sign outside the school saying this is a no gun zone doesn't mean a fucking thing to an evil ass bastard that wants to kill people (actually it invites them). Nor does some gun law the libs come up with to sooth their conscience and appeal to their idiotic anti gun lunatics that don't know anything about guns. The concept is simple. Let people who are law abiding individuals have all the guns they want but keep guns out of the hands. But also, have intelligent security where it makes sense. Oh, one sheriff's deputy at Sandy Hook doesn't mean good security. The shootings there took place while he was eating his lunch in the squad car. You see libs want to argue that is proof security doesn't work. No, it proves the officer needs to eat his lunch at the single point of entry or have all access into the school locked when there can't be a guard on duty.
  9. Remember, the media was reporting Mularkey was offered an extension. The early report also said he didn't anticipate any changes to his staff. So revisionist history about his comments is non-sense. Obviously, as with Munch, there were provisions about the staff which ultimately resulted in his being fired. So imagine if Mularkey was flexible (maybe hard to imagine) and willing to allow someone like Lefleur come and take over the offense (isn't that what Vrabel is doing?). He would still be the HC. And maybe not a bad one for the most part although it would depend on how much better he could be at game management. Look, he let Robiske call the plays. He could let Lefleur do the same. He let Robiskie design and scheme. He could do the same with Lefleur. I think he let his loyalty and inflexibility stand in his way or he could have been the TN coach for a longer tenure.
  10. Actually the problem is the people yelling the loudest don't have a clue how to fix the problem. Yes, something needs to get done. We should all understand that. It is how to fix it where people get political. Now you have every nut case anti-2nd amendment is out in force and the vast majority of them couldn't tell a BB gun from a shot gun. These people think AR-15s (of course AR stands for Assault Rifle to them) are semi-fully-automatic. Most of them are afraid to touch or even look at a gun like the gun itself is evil. They even think they are safer not having a gun for home defense. Personally I don't care if teachers need AR-15s in their classroom they are trained to use. Now bear in mind the odds are still pretty darn low anyone is going to get shot in school but the media and these kooks are scaring the hell out of these kids. And by the way NRA members, who have guns, are the least likely to shoot some liberals ass or some kid in school. But we should demonize them? Hell, idiots think the NRA is responsible for these shootings. Pretty damn dumb.
  11. Are you tired of BOTH parties??

    Yep, ripping a fetus into pieces isn't wrong. Got it. In later term abortions they inject the fetus (head or eye) with a drug to kill it and then have the mother GIVE BIRTH. Got that? She still is induced to give birth to a dead baby. So explain how that is less of a medical danger than just giving birth to the live baby? Of course if the baby is accidently not dead when it comes out no problem. I guess it isn't murder to just kill it then.
  12. Let me also add that the shooting in Orlando, as hideous as it was, could have resulted in far fewer casualties if the people had just attacked the shooter. He started out going into the middle of the dance floor and many were shot from 3 ft or less. The tragic thing about this was the patrons could have rushed the gunman as soon as he started shooting and nobody did. He was picking off people in bunches who were literally within arm reach of him. Many of them shot in the head. There is now a push to teach children to actually attack the shooter if he comes into the classroom. The logic is simple. If they are going to die anyway at least make an attempt to stop the guy. Even smaller kids in a group of 20 or more can actually have enough of an impact to slow or stop the shooter until help arrives. I know one FBI agent who told his kids to break out a window and get the hell out if such a scenario is going on instead of just locking down into a room and waiting for the killer to knock in the door. It goes against what they are taught. But the best scenario is to allow teachers to carry who feel comfortable doing so. Then when the killer breaks in he gets capped and the scenario ends. Normal training for an active shooter is to run, hide and fight. So even if you are hiding in a room hoping he doesn't come in take a fire extinguisher or other weapon and be ready to bash his head in. Just one of these shooters getting capped or having his head beat in (I wouldn't quit until his head was a pancake) might actually be a deterrent.
  13. Forced or not it is all speculation how he feels or what he thinks and on top of that anyone buying into the BS fired coaches say when they leave (thanks for the opportunity, appreciate the fans,.....) is naïve.
  14. 2018 breakout Titans. Who you got?

    If Dodd is healthy and if Dodd worked in the weight room to get stronger and Dodd worked on being more explosive He could be a real real good player. Glad to see some good expectations for Dodd. Some simply don't understand the kid's potential. https://www.sbnation.com/2016/4/26/11485394/2016-nfl-draft-scouting-report-kevin-dodd-clemson Watch him blow up the Bama OT on an OUTSIDE ZONE run to Henry and then watch him have the speed to rush the passer on the edge.
  15. I agree with your comments. Not sure why someone couldn't do almost as much damage with a couple pistols however. These guys aren't usually shooting people half way across a football field. In fact concealed hand guns (you could carry quite a few with full clips) would allow a shooter to position himself into an ideal location where he can get the greatest loss of life. He could walk right by teachers on his way to areas that are the most populated and nobody would know the difference and most his kills would be literally point blank. Case in point. 32 people were killed at Virginia Tech by a guy armed with only 9mm and 22-caliber handguns. A "student" like the Virginia Tech student can kill a room full of people, pocket the handguns and run out with other students (who are obviously panicked) and nobody even knows he is the guy. Thus I'm not sure I'd even use an AR-15 if I was evil enough to do something like that.