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  1. 4 dead at Waffle House in Antioch

    Yes, the wall does pay for itself. Get a fucking clue. https://cis.org/Can-Border-Wall-Pay-Itself Goddamn, there goes your whole argument against having a wall. Have a nice day.
  2. Rewatching the drafts on NFLN

    Delaney will have a solid year but I think we will see the ball being distributed more evenly. Looking at the Rams stats nobody sticks out with massive stats. Still, I think Mariota's confidence level with Walker is going to send the ball his way plenty.
  3. This is laughable. Barnett wasn't spectacular in his workouts but had ridiculous production. Key does look like a stud one play but then looks pedestrian or takes other plays off. That is concerning.
  4. Maybe they are but it is all hypothetical. We saw this stupidity with Devin Hester and some retarded comments. Hester wasn't really that good. He had great blocking. Of course nobody else could do what Hester did but still anyone could do it? Now Marino is an interesting guy. Never had enough to get to another SB after his early one and never won one. But hey, it was the system that held him back? Marino by the way had a 77 rating as a QB in the playoffs. Sub 60% completion %. Manning might be the greatest of all time but he didn't have the overall success of Brady. Guess it was his system as well? Manning's playoff record was one game over 500 by the way. Tom Brady has a 91 QB rating in the playoffs, a 27-10 record, has won 5 SBs.
  5. Jaylen Samuels - Human Swiss Army Knife

    I got it. We can put 5 RBs out on the field at one time. Look at all those weapons. In truth, why even bother taking a guy like Samuels in the 4th round or earlier at all? I don't see it. So many other options.
  6. 4 dead at Waffle House in Antioch

    Over the long haul the wall pays for itself. So what exactly is your problem with it outside of letting in illegals that might vote Democratic some day? If these illegals were solid conservative voters you would be down there helping build the darn wall yourself.
  7. How about we just stay where we were and take Jimmy Garoppolo that year. Outside of Lewan our next best pick that year was Williamson. Thank God those days are over.
  8. Comey Memos

    Yea, there are plenty of things my tax dollars pay for that I don't like so why should I care about killing a fetus as one of them? What a dumbass perspective.
  9. 4 dead at Waffle House in Antioch

    WH is actually pretty good. I know, let all the people come in and give them free WH meals.
  10. 4 dead at Waffle House in Antioch

    Obviously we need to ban all guns because of a few nuts like this one. When I first read the title, "4 dead at Waffle House in Antioch" I thought it might have been food poisoning.
  11. Rewatching the drafts on NFLN

    This is close to the dumbest comment ever made. Plenty of players have had injuries but went on to be studs. Others have improved dramatically with development and coaching. Are you 5 years old? And the whole point of the video I put up was the kid did show some pretty impressive skills for what small sampling he had. Andre Hopkins, one of the best WRs in the league, played in all 16 games as a rookie but only had 52 catches for 800 yards his rookie season. His production went up dramatically after his rookie season. Davis had 34 catches and 375 yards in only 1/2 a season.
  12. The point is Brady is outstanding in the system he plays in. If you swap Brady out with a much less talented guy the Pats aren't nearly the team they have been. Trying to over emphasize the importance of the system is outright stupid. Montana played in a perfect system and had great talent around him. Does that make him any less of a player? Hell no. I don't give a rats ass what Brady said with humility. Brady is one of if not the greatest QB of all time. Period.
  13. Really? A pathetic 1.75 10 yd (4.88 40), an OL like Vertical of 31 and over 7 second 3-cone. Thus he has all the evidence of being a dud. One guy we do not pass on if he falls to us is Landry. Has the making of a special pass rusher and pro-bowl talent. Key isn't in the conversation at any point before the 4th round and I doubt JRob bites then.