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  1. No, we probably take OJ Howard and still get a guy like Taylor later. I doubt JRob reaches for a WR in that scenario. If we take Lattimore and Howard with Taylor later we still have a darn good draft but certainly miss out on a #1 type WR. But either way the CBs left on the board were pretty impressive at #18 where the next best WR was a 2nd round talent. Even if we miss on Jackson we had Conley, White or King available so JRob played it perfectly by getting his WR (and the one of the three he wanted) first. Brilliant move.
  2. Good point. VY wasn't among the absolute worst QB busts the league has ever seen. Boy that is reassuring. I guess we could argue he was better than Locker as well. Hell, put him in the HOF. At least Locker was smart enough to get out of football instead of being cut from a few teams. Also, Locker gets an A for effort for what that is worth. If VY had Locker's attitude maybe he amounts to more than he did.
  3. Maybe they think we are going to bring Warmack back after he gets cut. Still amazing to me. Possibly the worst OL in the league to the best in one offseason with Conklin and Jones being added and picking up a guy on waivers. Same with the RBs really. Went from Andrews and Stinky to two guys with pro-bowl talent. Pitt is overrated and bolstered by a great RB that makes them look good and QB who can move around the pocket well. Still, Munch certainly is a top quality OL coach for sure.
  4. Not sure how it would work but even at a 5% tax rate there would be benefits to write things off. But I think we are both thinking the same thing.
  5. How about giving tax write off for investments and expenses inside the US and not outside the US? The offset of giving tax breaks and incentives is you have more poeple paying more taxes inside the US. Not just their income tax but all the taxes generated thought their additional consumption. What people don't get is if a company is given tax incentives in a particular State and City that State and City are still getting more revenue than they would have had if the company didn't relocate or stay. That is why providing free property tax and other such incentives are a win. Lower the corperate tax for revenues inside the US to almost none. You still get plenty of tax revenue anyway at all levels of government. I always thought the idea of taxing corporations was silly anyway. It is double taxation. You tax the people (income, sales tax and so forth) and then tax the employer. Corporations are not people. Tax the people and for that matter go ahead and tax the wealthy. But let the businesses have all the chance they can to prosper. Ultimately through income and consumption individuals will pay enough.
  6. Guys, Mariani isn't even on the roster. The signed Weems before the draft to take his spot as a returner. Obviously if we wanted a DB and WR in the 1st round we had to go the route we did or miss out on the better WRs and with the depth at CB we had multiple choices with our later pick. If we were in the same spot next year in the draft a guy like Adams in the first round makes a bunch of sense. But this year CB and WR were higher priorities. The question is if Davis and Jackson were the right picks. The positions taken in those spots was the right move for sure.
  7. How exactly does it leave the little guy holding the bag? The concept is simple. Make it as profitable for companies to stay in the US as possible. Then the little guy has a job. If companies move manufacturing outside the US the "little guy" has less opportunity. It is basic economics 101. If we had more competition for quality workers (more jobs and opportunities) wages and benefits would automatically improve as companies compete for the best workers.
  8. It is amazing how JRob has built this offense to be spectacular in the future. And he did it in only a few off-seasons. IMO Decker is a perfect stop gap while the rookies get into full gear and I'm really liking the Davis pick. The OL is already one of the best. We have one of the best TEs and combo of RBs in the league with the best young QB. Amazing. Not only do we have quality players but we also have depth. Even the back end guys in the draft are showing value. Guys like Tretola and Levin are in the mix at OG. On defense Sims is probably going to play significantly on the outside at CB. Then you have Dodd and Johnson with starter ability backing up the front 7. Seems like every move JRob has made has been money. If we score a few more points and give up a few fewer point a game this team is in the mix for not just a playoff run but a SB. He lucks out and takes a team with a great young QB and simply piles on talent. Watching Mariota's first season is amazing considering we had guys like Looney out there on the OL. Sankey and Andrews at RB. We literally had scrubs out there and now have pro bowl talent. If a guy like Davis is the real deal the offense could be ridiculous.
  9. Not sure exactly what Webster was thinking to be honest. With the early pick he was obviously going to get a QB (just cots him that pick). But if we had a later pick we then have to consider the cost. I know many on this board were torn about taking a QB anyway with there being so much uncertainty with these young QBs and so many busts. If you remember back these QB were not exactly ikn the Andrew Luck can't miss category. Mariota was coming from a gimmick spread and WInston didn't seem very mature and just had a poor season with pleny of picks. So I don't think it was a slam dunk if we had to trade a bundle for one of these guys.
  10. The left are more protective of their own than Republicans. They didn't give a rats ass when Hillary screwed Bernie or if Lych and Billy had a secret negotiation on a tarmac (and never mind what really happened in Bengazi). Cut the crap. The left ejaculates when the right wing guys have controversy and will turn their head if one of their own is fucking a donkey in public. My God the left ran a bitch for president that gets the world record for conspiracy, murder money, and just plain bitchiness. This is the bimbo you supported for president.
  11. Actually you are proving your libtard mentality. This was a $10 mil loan and it is reported and apprears to be a legit investigation. Nothing political about it at all yet you attach some political non-sense to it. Seems you pick and choose what you want to believe.
  12. Ya think it was the Republicans fabricating fake news against Bernie or HIllary in their primaries? Any assumption this stuff is only done by "people for Trump" is lunacy. We had "meddling" in our election form all sides.
  13. Dallas was very similar to the Titans and sucked against the pass. Basically that was why they let guys walk from their secondary. But teams didn't bother trying to run and it is easier to find run stoppers on your front 7 than pass rushers. .
  14. Exactly. Oddly when I read the acrticle it says 400 white collar jobs remain along with 700 union jobs. That means 1100 jobs remain.
  15. The article was from the NY Post.