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  1. Sorry to hear about his dad but are you saying it is Mett's decision to not go to a camp? Does he seriously believe some team will sign him thinking he is competing for their starting spot? I get it. Mett told Pitt he wanted to be cut because Big Ben was the starter and he had no chance to compete? You see, if the guy was actually good and stuck with Pitt he might actually be able to take over for Big Ben in the near future. Too bad they didn't see him being that option.
  2. Told you this wasn't going anywhere...

    The NFL isn't the crime unit or a court. They are a business. Owners might see similar damages to thier team's reputation and or reduced ticket sales and revenue. Smoking pot isn't the same thing as knocking out a girlfriend either but it has cost players millions for doing it.
  3. Told you this wasn't going anywhere...

    While the NFL is a sport but it is also entertainment and business. That is why the NFL is hyper sensitive to anything or player that would tarnish their image or cost them revenue. These players that think they can use their position as athletes to speakout or protest are held to a high standard and quite honestly many other professions and companies would do the same. If Kaep had spoken out on his own time or something it might be tolerable. Maybe it isn't fair but what the NFL is doing is making an example of Kaep. They don't want players doing this crap. These players don't have a right to play in the NFL and make millions. They need to respect that privilege.
  4. To be honest the eyeball test (does the guy look like he knows what he is doing and accurate) and interviews (is he smarter than a box of rocks) can tell a bunch about if a guy has it or not. You really can't get too focused on things that are part of the offense the guy runs because he is just running that offense. If he runs the offense well that is all you can ask of the guy. 3rd and 4th reads? Really?
  5. around the NFL training camp observations

    Being a Jags fan must really suck.
  6. around the NFL training camp observations

    They cut Mett to bring in Dodd. Dodd must be better than Brady. The Browns need to get Kizer in early in the season. They probably don't win many games anyway this year so I'd let the kid play. They revamped their OL (now the highest paid OL in the NFL) and can support him with a balanced attack. With Garrett and Greg Williams as the DC their defense should be pretty decent.
  7. McBride looked pretty good last game (minus the missed pass in the endzone) and he also plays STs. Douglas is toast simply because he isn't a STs guy. You want your back end WRs to be able to do STs. Douglas can still play at WR decently but we added three better WRs in the off season. They also really like Weems as a STs player.
  8. Thought on Preseason Game #2

    The typical mind set is to put the younger guys (#3 and #4) inside but guys like Sims, Adoree and Reed do better playing where they are more comfortable. The outside assignments are simpler. A guy like Ryan can very valuable in the slot even if he isn't great outside. It seems the team would love for Adoree to win the outside spot (based on Mularkey's comments) opposite of Sims. With that said they like Reed and know he can play so they are working at making him more versatile by having him play some FS. Eventually we might see Adoree starting outside but also moving inside with Ryan in the dime with Reed then getting time outside. The entire secondary is more talented and has high potential. These guys just need time to develope because they are so young.
  9. Geno Smith might not be on a roster too much longer but he was on a roster this pre-season wasn't he? Is Mett being blackballed?
  10. Canada's Trudeau warns against entering country 'irregularly'

    Trump doesn't have a problem with Mexicans here legally you idiot. He has a problem with Mexicans coming illegally. Many of them are breakers of the law in other ways beside being here illegally (not their best). What is your issue anyway. You wife and her familly are here legally aren't they? You should support someone wanting that process to be fair and consistent for everyone. So to summarize, Trump says they aren't sending their best. Does that mean ALL Mexicans are murders, rapists? Reading comprehension might be nice. I don't like Trump's phrasing but I'm smart enough to get his point.
  11. Hot Take: Wallace >>>> Dodd?

    I doubt where he was taken has much bearing on anything. If he gets beat out he will be gone. They aren't trying to punish anyone. If a better player takes his place he won't be on the roster. Assume he is close to 100% this season. He will be evaluated based on that. If JRob thinks we need an upgrade look for one in FA or in the draft. But that player(s) still have to come in and prove they can stick. Way too much emotion about these things. It isn't rocket science. Austin Johnson wasn't hurt at all and really didn't do jack last season. Why aren't people on his ass? He was pick 43. Oh wait, he was a rookie (the two kids from Bama were picked after him and had a little better success). The process isn't what people think. Rookies are usually not expected to have a huge impact and few do. We won't know about Dodd or Johnson for a few years but certainly expect some improvement each year. Point is you don't tag someone as a winner or loser after their rookie season. Vic Beasley is always one of my perfect examples. Loved the kid coming out and he was the 8th pick in the draft. 4.0 whole sacks his rookie season. They should have cut bait with that SOB. Can't believe they used a top 10 pick on that lame garbage. But wait, he had 15.5 sacks last season. How did that happen? I thought we could containerize guys after only one season into losers or winners. Studs or duds. Now Dodd is compared to Michael Bennett. Unreal. Bennett is a stud. How can that be? Well Bennett had two sacks in his first two years. Bennett was actually an UDFA by the Seahawks and waived by them.
  12. Thought on Preseason Game #2

    Actually in short yardage and goaline there is a greater chance of injury because MM is going to sell out to score or make a first down (think John Elway and the airplane spin in the SB). If it is a calculated play we run occasionally MM can just slide or run out of bounds if he is going to get hit and not try to run people over. The Cassell play was an indicator of what can happen when trying to make extra yardage. Cassell certainly could have hurt a shoulder or something. Actually it was funny because he hurt the other guy. I see your point but again, not many QBs get hurt under controlled running plays. They get hurt having someone roll their knee or leg in the pocket far more often.
  13. Thought on Preseason Game #2

    Running from the pocket maybe. You take away a real effective weapon if we don't occasionally run Mariota and yes, after a few games with no planned runs defenses won't be as worried. The know if we are afraid to execute those plays. We don't do it often and when we do it can be real successful. I don't get this issue with Mariota not running. He runs and slides or gets out of bounds. Big deal. He doesn't need to put his shoulder down. As long as he is smart about it I'm fine with it. I have a bigger concern he will fumble than get hurt.
  14. In the past we would see guys cut from other teams all the time that could be upgrades to our roster. Our roster sucked. Now we have a ridiculous % of JRob's draft picks sticking around and hard to upgrade. Not many of JRob's moves have been losers (Sebastian Tretola maybe the only one). We did pick up a starting OG off waivers last year but I doubt we find an upgrade there this year.
  15. Thought on Preseason Game #2

    How is a defense going to worry about MM running if he never runs? The whole point is the guy isn't a pussy and wants to run occasionally. He hasn't been hurt running either. In reality he needs to run that play so he is in synch to run that play when it matters.