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  1. Thank. You. Byard.

    On paper Decker was a good signing and with Davis going down it looked real good. Problem is Decker couldn't get open against Jr. College players for some reason. I thought he had a coming out last week and would get 5 or 6 catches this game. At minimum when he has a chance to make a huge play he needs to make it. I'd rather cut him and bring back Douglas.
  2. Done

    I think Mularkey should call the league office and ask them to change out win to a loss because we weren't entertaining enough.
  3. Stop hiding Marcus

    ahhh they drafted two WRs and signed Decker. Davis has been hurt and Decker has basically been a no show. They threw to Decker two times. On one he got zero separation and on the other he had a chance to make a huge play and didn't do it. But that is on the coaches? Brilliant. Davis has been hurt. Coaches fault? Taylor is talented but it takes ALL rookies time to develop. Again, coaches fault? Keep drawing at straws here. Oh, and the Browns have a much better than average defense.
  4. Done

    Blown out of the water? The #8 defense in the NFL and you expect us to put up 40 points like nothing? Really?
  5. Done

    Greg Williams has done a great job with that group and they have some darn good talent. They had secondary guys out but his defense plays a bunch of Cover 2 and he has the front 7 to make that effective with LBs that can run and cover and guys up front to play the run and rush the passer. Oh statistically the Browns came into the game ranked between the Texans and Jags at #8 in the NFL.
  6. Mularkey feels the heat

    Can you imagine Mularkey in the lockeroom after the win bitching out the team because they weren't "entertaining enough". "Yea, guys we won but we need to be more entertaining".
  7. Done

    Yea, that damn JRob, drafted Davis, Taylor and Adoree and ignored drafting for speed.
  8. Done

    Aren't we in first place in the division? Yea, now is the time to fire all the coaches and start over. There are two kinds of fans. Those who rejoice in a win no matter how we got it and others who like to bitch, bitch, bitch. This wasn't the SB but it might as well have been. This was a must win and we got it. All that matters.
  9. Week 7: Titans O Worse Than D

    The accuracy was off on a few but too much running on 1st down when the Brows were stacked against the run leaving 2nd and 3rd and long. Play action more and take the easy 10 yard throws instead of getting into 3rd and long. Even a 65% accurate QB is going to be 50-50 at best on 3rd and long and that is if the protection is there and a guy gets open. And how about the perfect pass to Decker in tight coverage where Decker needs to make a play? That play puts us in FG range with plenty of time to add more yards. The pass and play to Delanie in the endzone wasn't a perfect throw but give the defender some credit there. Also, Taylor had a pass in his bread basket he dropped in tight coverage and Henry dropped an easy pass. Mariota could have thrown for 300 yards with a little help on a couple of plays. Now last I checked this isn't college but the NFL. You happily take 3 pt wins no matter who you are playing.
  10. Delanie/DeMarco will play as per Schefter

    They keep Murray active so he can play in situational scenarios IMO. He isn't hurt bad enough he can't pass block and take a run or pass occasionally. If we get ahead it will certainly be Henry and Fluellen closing out the game. I want to see Smith getting more pass attempts. Time for him to catch some down field passes.
  11. NIGER!!!!!!!!!

    So let me get this right. The Niger situation took the soldiers completely by surprise. They had done 29 patrols over the previous 6 months and saw no ISIS activity. As with Benghazi there were not continual requests to the State department to beef up security because they anticipated an attack. The scenarios are totally opposite. Then, did the State department lie about the attack? Did they lie about what caused it (a video?)? Yes, what happened was investigated as it should have been. But I don't see any politics here or lies made up because of politics. Nice try.
  12. What makes it even more unfair is the fact JRob drafted an edge rusher and an interior DL guy in the 2nd round last year. So it isn't like he hasn't tried to address every single position group on the defense in two drafts and FA. Go down the list of all the players we have obtained via draft or FA. Not every single draft is going to come in in year one and be a total stud (although we have had more than our share with Conklin, Henry, Byard and this year Jackson and Brown).
  13. These kind of posts have quite a bit of truth in them but they miss the reality that the team also needed to replace both OTs and drafted two QBs since 2011. So these generic comments don't specifically address our situation. Our previous GM also wasted an early 1st on a worthless OG, 2nd round picks on two worthless WRs and another on a worthless RB. Thus all JRob had to do was rebuild almost the entire OL, RBs and secondary. But he didn't do it in two drafts? Really? Or that ONE guy he could have taken with the Davis pick was going to solve all our problems (yea like Mack does for OAK). It is literally a four year program. We should be happy we are actually more than half there. The OL is solid, the RB situation is solid, we now have drafted the heir to Delaney (who can block and catch), and we have youth in the secondary including a 1st round pick at CB who also fills another huge need as a returner. Not to mention we did find a NLB we desperately need. But but but but that isn't enough? Now note again we have wasted 2nd round picks on WRs in the recent past. There was a need there and not for another mediocre body but a game changer. Who did we have at WR when JRob took over? What do we have now? Yea, another position group that went from crap to pretty darn good in two drafts. Thanks JRob. Keep up the good work and please do not listen to the guys on this board.
  14. My goodness this would gross me out and no way I'd try and drink that stuff.
  15. Luck endures setback, been shutdown

    I hope that goofy looking fuck comes back for our next Colts game and we can administer the final blow.