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  1. The thing is if Israel is in a confrontation they will not hold back anything and would rather go down fighting. So the scene has been set by our previous Islamic president to bring forth a world war like no other. People with zero clue blame Israel for taking that little plot of land and being the only democratic society in the area without a core of asshole jihads and Ayatollah's. How dumb does someone have to be to support those scum? Too dumb to measure.
  2. The trade would be to get something from him before they have to pay him again and his cntract will be near the top for WRs. I'd give a 3rd round pick for him (which we might give back if we lose him the next year to FA). If he plays well and is a real anchor we pay him and keep him another 4 years. Perfect fit with Mariota and our other WRs.
  3. What a moronic retard. Clueless as they come. Yea, support the "brotherhood" of assholes who kill innocent people all the time and raise their kids to be assholes. Israel would actually have the right to go in an mow down every last one of them. At some point it will happen.
  4. Good point. The Pats only allowed an average of 15.6 pts per game. #1 in the league so teams were always playing catch up. Atlanta, the team that got to the SB with their great defense was 27th. The Packers were 21st and the Steelers #10. We were #16 so our defense, as bad as it seems to be, where we need to cash all our picks, was better than two of the final four teams.
  5. And the Patriots are the only team in the final four that have a great defense. All their parts work well together on defense.
  6. The deal for the Titans is we are one TE injury to Walker and one WR injury to Matthews from shutting down our offense in the passing game. We have no depth and at TE we have age. We absolutely need a legit #1 WR. At least we need a comparable player to Matthews. On defense we really just need two solid CBs who can man cover. That isn't easy to do or find but that is what DL had in Pitt. It allowed the Ss more freedom which also helped the ILBs not to mention he could blitz. The Falcons have a very average defense. Yes they are playing well now which is how teams win championships. We have seen that before where the team that goes to the SB happens to be hot and playing well on both sides of the ball. But make no mistake 3 out of the 4 teams in the championship games, 3 out of 4, did not have powerhouse defenses. They had top offenses. 3 out of 4. Now ask yourself. What one real good player can make the most impact on the team. We are picking 5. Who or what position can make the most impact. S? LB? Really? I'd say on defense edge pass rusher or super stud inside guy. Or maybe a CB who can man cover and play at a stellar level. Otherwise, outside of QB and OT it has to be WR. So we are down to basically four positions that have the most impact. Edge, DE/DT, CB and WR. That leaves us with Barnett, Allen, Solomon Thomas, Lattimore (or whoever is the highest rated CB) and Williams/Davis. By the way a defenses best friend is a stud WR that helps improves your 3rd down ratio and improves field possession not to mention scoring enough points to make the other team one dimensional. It is amazing how people can watch the Falcons game and come out of that thinking we need to use all our early picks on defense? Really? I saw how important a guy like Julio is and maybe even a real good speed RB. Obviously we need help at CB. We aren't that horrible everywhere else. We have 5 picks in 4 rounds so it my guess is JRob spends 3 on defense and two on offense and the order he picks each position is totally part of a startegy to maximize value. We could see the first two picks on offense. Figure we go FA and grab some help on defense and probably doubtful we bring in a top WR in FA it makes sense.
  7. The truth is if you have an average defense and a top 10 offense you can win a bunch of games. If your offense sucks you have to have one of the best defenses in the history of the NFL and you still might not win a game in the playoffs. Teams have made it to the playoffs and won games with crap on defense. GB is a good point. People look at their loss and have a shit fit. They won 2 of 3 games in the playoffs and were one game away from going to the SB. The Falcons beat them, not by shutting them out but by out scoring them. If anyone can't see that they are dense. If the Falcons didn't have Julio that game is closer.
  8. Who cares about Bonds? He took so many growth hormones his head is twice as big as it was when he came into MLB. As for Brady, he is legit and the best ever and as Oman said there are no signs like you had with Manning of him slowing down. If anything he is more poised and accurate and makes it look so dang easy. IMo you might as well blitz him rather than have him pick you apart. The Steelers basically just let him ram rod them up the arse all game and did nothing about it. Not saying they win but that was almost as pitiful as the Packer's defense.
  9. Most if not all our deficiences on D can be delt with in FA. Sims was horrible early on when he played but he got much better as the season went on. My point here is that is what teams like the Pats have UNDA and late round picks all the time. You mix in that with a FA CB and ONE solid CB draft pick (18?) and CB is taken care of. Our S now aren't horrible neither are our ILBs. So any kind of upgrade there is a big help. Now Chris Hogan was getting open. Brady is good at finding the guy and throwing it accurately but take nothing away from Hogan getting WIDE OPEN. Mariota can throw to a guy like him or Edelman. Just because NE is real good at getting late drafted or cheap WRs that work for them doesn't mean that should be our philosophy. Other playoff teams have all-pro WRs don't they?
  10. How ridiculous to give up an #18 pick AND pay the kid $10-11 mil a year. First of all wait one year and get him without the pick (or use the $10 mil on someone else) AND use the #18 to get a quality CB this year anyway. Besides, why let the Pats off the hook who probably would take the 2nd round pick and not have to pay him.
  11. This draft is so strong at CB there will be first round talent going into the 2nd round. You would think at #18 we could have multiple prospect that fit our press style. The Moreau kid has to be a huge upgrade to a guy like Cox who looked stiff and slow.
  12. You know that the Falcons were 25th in total defense........ right? The Titans were 20th. Goes completely against your argument.
  13. The formula, fast LBs is in spades with the Steelers (two 1st round picks). They would have been better off with two real good CBs and our LBs (which are not near as horrible as our CBs at all) yesterday. I agree that Mercilus is as important as anyone on the Texans defense. He is the guy who can get consistent pressure off the edge and is also able to move around anywhere they want him (compare him to Barnett but Barnett might be better) Here is the problem I see people make every year. They look at who made it to the SB and ahaaaaa, that is the answer. NE is there almost every year. Hmmm, they have the greatest QB ever, a top notch coaching staff and a GM that can find guys that fit the system. So use that formula. It doesn't mean you don't take a WR in the 1st or that you always take LB. The Patriots don't have a consistent formula for early drafting. Over the years they have taken a S, RB, ILB, CB, DL and OL in the 1st round. In fact the Patriots got Chris Hogan as an RFA. A guy who had been cut from a number of teams and spent a significant amount of time on practice squads. He had two decent years with BUF. Remember they got Welker as an RFA from Miami and gave up a 2nd round pick to get him. They spot guys that fit their system and can produce even if those guys weren't great before hand.
  14. This was a Packer team that could not stop us. Not surprised the Falcons had an easy time of it.