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  1. Go get me Lane Kiffin

    How about being hired by Saban? I guess Saban is some scum sucking Trump fan as well that goes around hiring incompetent people? Yea, Kiffin has some baggage but it is obviously people that actually know football respect his offensive mind. Trying to say the guy is incompetent is stupid. And yea, he took Florida Atlantic to a 11-3 record his first season. He also was signed to a deal to stay there for the next 10 years so don't worry, he isn't coming to TN.
  2. Dude, MM was running QB options and QB sweeps. It isn't MM was stuck in his own old fashion scheme or something. Maybe the scheme wasn't good but it wasn't because they refused to be original. Your argument was MM tried to get players to conform to his scheme. Not true at all. They were not rigid. Now you can argue in game adjustments weren't great or that the play calling wasn't great either. But this idea MM was running head strong scheme he made the player conform to simply isn't right. If anything MM tried to be too cute at times.
  3. Darell Bevell-OC-now!

    What is the fascination with Bevell? His claim to fame was scouting Wilson and being instrumental in bringing him in but they also signed Matt Flynn. Bevell has never had a top passing offense and while the Hawks have been a pretty good rushing team with him there some of that is because Wilson puts up decent rushing numbers (Wilson was their leading rusher last season). It isn't rocket science with Lynch and Wilson to be one of the top rushing offenses. The guy also essentially clipped Jimmy Graham's balls. Graham goes from one of the top TEs in the NFL to pedestrian. Bottom line is the guy has been sucking it and got fired. MM might be a better OC than this guy.
  4. Best news about this draft for TN?

    We could always use a CB or S as much as a LB. It comes down to who is the BPA. I'll take another real good CB if one falls to us.
  5. Vrabel named Titans HC

    They still have Crennel. It would be like DLB being given a position as assistant HC and promoting our LBs coach to DC. Then the LB coach leaves and DLB goes back to being DC. Then on top of that Houston had a massive number of injuries and went from the #1 defense to last. Yea, the Texans gave up the most points in the NFL last year. On paper it isn't a great loss for them. We shall see. I hope JRob is right.
  6. Potential Vrabel Staff?

    Same here. Wouldn't doubt VY is close to 300 however. His head weighs 150 pounds of that.
  7. Older coaches don't seem to bring anything new to the table. So if you want status quo just hire John Fox, make Haley your OC and leave DLB as your DC. You could do worse but maybe that doesn't get you to the next level.
  8. Not exactly true IMO. I don't think it was so much trying to fit a square peg into a round hole as it was simply not good scheme or flexible enough. It actually worked pretty well in 2016 didn't it? I think defenses figured it out and they didn't make adjustments. With that said elements of it could work but there needs to be some modifications and better play calling.
  9. We could look at developing Mett. Work on his technique on the fryer and drink stations.
  10. Who knows but the Kelly - Meyer links make me think too much option style and I'd like to see more of an NFL passing game getting the ball to the RBs and slot WRs. Plus these guys usually don't know what a TE is.
  11. Best news about this draft for TN?

    There are a few OGs and Cs that might go early. Jeremiah has us taking Daniels from Iowa (C who could also play OG). Barkley might be the only RB that goes before our pick.
  12. Best news about this draft for TN?

    Not sure there are that many teams needing a QB for that many to go that early. The Browns have two of those picks and they aren't taking two QBs.
  13. Jags

    My point is they can find a cheaper option if they need one. Anyone they get for a huge contract could make them worse over the long run IMO.
  14. Jags

    No way they keep Bortles at a high salary and no way I see Bortles getting a big contract from anyone else either. They can get a guy like Keenan and do better.
  15. Fournette cried like a bitch!!

    Fournette is OK but really not worth the draft pick they used. They could have signed Blount and had as good of a power back. His YPC was not very good and I think they needed more of a speed back in the game.