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  1. Baltimore and the Cowboys are 2 and 3 in points given up and both have a sub 500 record. The Eagles have the same record as us and are 5th.
  2. Soxcat

    Living in Boston

    Yep, 17.6 points a game. Imagine if we drafted a real good CB to take Butler's place. Butler is good for 7 points a game for the offense.
  3. Soxcat

    Living in Boston

    Lewis had a solid game. But so did Smith (blocking and catching a few passes) as well as a number of guys and except for Butler our defense. That is how we need to play to win. Tough redzone defense and convert when we are in the redzone. Might want to shit can the turnovers because we won't beat the Pats doing that.
  4. The have blitzed Evans some. Typically they are using him on early downs and going with Woodyard and Brown in passing situations (and they like to blitz Brown as well). Thus he seems missing on those downs because he isn't out there. Right now Evans is getting better and better against the run. He might not be horrible against the pass but it is hard not to want Brown out there. Guys has been a stud.
  5. If Cavanaugh did the same thing Acosta did Feinstein and the libtards would be saying he ripped off her top and tried to suck her nipples.
  6. Soxcat

    Trump Fires Attorney General Jeff Sessions

    More like you are the ugly retarded kid who stays home and beats off to a copy of Cosmo. Get a life. Trumps tax returns aren't going to tell anyone a damn thing.
  7. Try listening to how they treat the president for a change. They act like asses and are disrespectful. Their questions are baited and humiliating to those who ask them. These retards actually SHOUT their questions at times. Is that hard to understand? These are press conferences not debates. Not arguments. Not a time for journalists (and I use that word loosely) to grandstand. Now remember, Trump isn't cutting out CNN like Obama did with Fox News (oh wait, Dems believe in free speech). All this does if fuel more division and guess what is going to happen if you have a Dem president one day (not soon I hope)? Sorry but you are a blithering dumbass if you can't see it and biased as hell. We saw the same kind of hideous behavior with Cavanaugh. Dems acting like 5 year olds. Disgraceful. It is one thing to have a disagreement but entirely another to act like a baby who is not getting it's way.
  8. Soxcat

    Patriot @ Titans predictions

    One of the things in our favor is that Logan Ryan has been shutting down slot WRs. Beasley was blanketed during the Dallas game. Biggest problem is Gronk and how we can slow him down. Then we have the issue with whoever Butler covers. My God, just don't give them anything easy. We are real good in the redzone. Make them earn it or kick a FG. On offense we need to continue with the well executed screens (WR and RB). Smith needs to have a great game and is on the verge I believe.
  9. There fixed it for you. I feel sorry for those who can't see how fucked up this is. We look like a 3rd world country with these liberal retards. They sabotage everything they can and dumbasses cheer them on.
  10. Actually "they" didn't lose. This was one of the top 4 showings at a midterm in over 100 years for the incumbent party. Obama and Clinton were savaged in their midterms.
  11. Soxcat

    ‘Consider It a Rifle’

    Nationalism is part of facism but that is going a little far. And who is forcibly trying to suppress the other party? How exactly is Trump anymore dictatorial than Obama? You are still watching too much CNN which has become the hate Trump network of lunaticsy. Trump by the way has not suppressed anyone. And if you call meeting his campaign promises some kind of authoritarian rule that is just being stupid. Last I checked it was the libtards who were trying to suppress free speech and trying to force their views on people. Calling Trump facist would be no different than calling the Dems communist and then picking some similarities to hold such an infantile view.
  12. Soxcat

    This Offensive Line is Garbarge

    I'd assume Spain would not be real expensive but we shall see. If he is not he needs to be retained and we can consider a backup/replacement in the draft. We may be stuck with Kline for another year based on his contract so if a draft isn't ready they can jettison him after next year and look for another FA if a good one is available. The issue with Jones is simple. Not sure there is a huge upgrade we can sign and we do have his possible replacement on the roster. So unless they can get a real gem in the draft I don't see us making many changes there. Just a quick look at who might be available at C as a FA next year I found: Mitch Morse - 18 Ryan Kalil, - 17 Brett Jones - 29 Ben Jones is rated at #10. Roger Saffold is a FA G we might consider if we are willing to pay out some good $$$. All the other OGs becoming FAs are ranked lower than Spain.
  13. Soxcat

    Democratic Nomination for 2020

    Obama's support is not something Dems want with the possible exception of minority candidates like Allred. Obama practically destroyed the party.
  14. Much of this is a pendulum effect IMO. Obama was a huge loser while he was in office. Dems lost something like 1000 seats during his presidency.
  15. Soxcat

    Plastic Surgery to look like Donald Trump

    Does it cost extra for the orange dye?