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  1. I think there were times when Henry looked like a phenom and when he is hot I'd like him to get more carries. But still, Murray is one of the best in the league.
  2. You don't get it. This is hindsight. JRob wanted Conklin and got his man. Certainly in hindsight even JRob might be saying what if. And Decker might have been on our radar if we couldn't make a deal. Still, rear view mirror crap. Go down through the draft and see what other guys we missed. Not many. We have two of the best OTs in the game and 5 years form now who cares about the price?
  3. Only if it is early second.
  4. Tabor ran a 4.62 at the combine so he isn't a blazer. Still, 40 times shouldn't mean as much as tape. As for the other issues ....... Maybe this CB class isn't so great.
  5. Yes, some of these dip shits would feel better. These are people that can't find their ass with two hands. They could get offered a million bucks to say something intelligent and couldn't do it. In reality JRob played the draft like a stratavarious but some are completely tone deaf.
  6. I like how you spin the outstanding pick up of Kline off waivers and the outstanding pick of Conklin in the draft into some kind of negative. Nice. Just shut your eyes and pretend that 2nd round pick was used on 26th best OG in the NFL who happens to be Kline. To help some of you that means better than average.
  7. So not all of JRob's picks were all-pro so the guy isn't perfect? And by the way how about Sims? How about Sharpe? How about Tretola who may win a starting OG spot this year? Oh wait, what about Aaron Wallace who looked pretty decent for a backup guy. Who knows about Reed (the last pick in the entire draft) but certainly he has a chance to make the roster this year. But the best one is this. "we don't know if we could have had similar production out of Decker as our all-pro OT". I guess so except Decker in hind sight looks decent doesn't he? So as long as we are looking back we look a little less retarded. Look Decker did OK so JRob is stupid. Hmmmm. Gee, why don't we scan the entire draft and find guys we passed on that happened to have good seaosns and then we can bash JRob for not being smart enough for taking that guy. In the meantime this draft class has more potential starters than 3 or 4 or Webster's. It is very posisble Tretola and Sims start this year. The way it looks Sharpe is going to be the 3rd or better WR. Obviously Conklin starts and certainly Henry is starter material. I guess it was JRob's fault Dodd got hurt (the bastard). We shall see with him and AJ. But outside of almost the entier draft class being starters in the NFL Jrob really sucks.
  8. The thing is the move was brilliant, bagged us a top 10 talent and still left us with plenty of picks (still had 3 in the 2nd round last year). It is like a child not getting a gift for Christmas because he got 4 gifts last year. waaaaaaaaaa, I want a gift this year.....waaaaaaaaaa "but baby, you got an all-pro and all kinds of cools tuff last year" waaaaaaaaaaa I want a gift this year........ "but Baby, you still have two first round picks and two in the 3rd" waaaaaaaaaaaaa but I want a 2nd round pick..... "STFU you Fing Brat, Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang!"
  9. First of all Murray has earned everything he gets. This isn't like CJ balling with his 3.0 average. Secondly, we know without any doubt that Henry will see a little more action each year until he takes over. Mularkey never said it was gong to be the same. What he said was Murray is the workhorse and really, it was already about 2/3 to 1/3 mix last year. It might take until next year for Henry to get 50% or more. And there is a good chance one of them gets dinged (probably Murray since he is getting most the carries) so soon as that happens and he misses time it will be Henry's time to shine. This isn't modernizing or whatever the preppy word might be. This is about the 2nd or 3rd best running back in the NFL earning his touches both as a runner and as a pass reciever. And Henry isn't going anywhere for a couple more years and hopefully he is signed long term.
  10. Opinions are OK on here. Stupidity isn't. Unfortunately we have close to the same number of both.
  11. In all seriousness if Mariota can't get through a season he might not be worth keepng.
  12. Nobody figures Searcy in the mix and I think he is part of the 3 Safety look. Now you put Byard deep middle and have two SSs. Call it a big dime package. Still can stop the run but also have guys who can cover. Probably going to see all kinds of stuff with zone blitzes and stunts. Searcy was signed after a 2014 season where he had similar results as Cyprien. A guy who flourished against the run and playing in the box as well as being decent against the pass. .
  13. Who knows what really happens but it seems there is a high chance we get a WR or TE in the first round. I bet we go harder after a WR in FA if that wasn't the plan. And the bottom line is while there are guys later in the draft that can fill roles there are only a couple WRs with blue chip potential. If we want a real good X WR it needs to be round 1. Probably 5.
  14. Here is where you sound foolish. Real foolish. First of all, as said before, draft picks are not sure things. So revisionist history with Decker being your shining star doesn't cut it. Also, ask any GM in the NFL. Any of them will tell you they would trade a mid and their 2nd round pick (THE NEXT YEAR) if it means getting an all-pro player any day of the week including Sunday. If that isn't good enough Conklin is protecting the franchise and a QB that can get hurt. So the fewer hits Mariota takes the better.
  15. Not sure what your point is. I do know virtually all the good 3-4 teams have 1st round talent guys as ILBs. Ours suck. Look for yourself. Pitt. Ravens, Pats (they also drafted Mayo a while back real high, have Hightower now), Chiefs. 49ers have a stud in Bowman. So yes, they have and we need one stud ILB to play all three downs. It doesn't have to be Foster either. Really needs to be someone like Cunningham who is smart enough to call the defensive signals. In fact it is totally ass backwards thinking. Remember Dick Labeau was the DC with the Steelers and they drafted Shazier when they still had Timmons playing well. But what the hell does Dick Labeau know? Oh, Timmons was a 1st round pick and so was Shazier. And strange how the Ravens decided ILB was such a shit position they used a 1st round pick on Mosley a few years back. Oh, he was the 17th pick, about where we should be taking Cunningham. Not sure but apparently that Ozzie Newson guy is an idiot. And by the way I was the one telling everybody that Cyprien would be playing NLB. But we still need someone to man the middle. I predict we will play more 3 safety than about any other formation meaning....... yes, the ILB better not be a POS. That guy needs to stop the run, blitz and cover. Basically do it all.