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  1. Soxcat

    Lewan holding out and not attending mini camp.

    They may have some decisions to make next year but more so after next year when Sims and Ryan are FAs. Maybe keeping Ryan, if they can, until he becomes a FA which would make Sims an easier-cheaper signing. We might not keep Morgan or Orakpo considering the younger guys we have but I'm sure JRob will be watching for which one of those guys has the most left in the tank and probably consider that guy for a couple year extension. I'm guessing Walker won't be an issue to bring back. Matthews might be tough if he balls out in the new system.
  2. Soxcat

    Why didn’t the DNC turn over their server!?!?

    No doubt they have evidence. Not sure if they will ever get the chance to prove anything in court. So I'm not sure if the plan is to lock anyone up but more to prove the Russians meddled in the election.
  3. I'd still take Trump over Hillary.
  4. Soxcat

    Schwarzenegger calls President Trump a Wet Noodle

    Wet noodle...... how fag. Trump is a gimp who got fisted. He even said Putin was very powerful. Showing a little respect is one thing but bending over and taking Putin's fist up the ass is another.
  5. Soxcat

    Why didn’t the DNC turn over their server!?!?

    It certainly does appear the Russians were caught red handed which makes it baffling why Trump waffled on calling them out when he had all this evidence. He should have taken the time to get some what knowledgeable about some of the fine points of the investigation to throw back into Putin's face.
  6. So Trump is a wimp against Putin but he is an "Authoritarian" leader. Got it. The point isn't his style or even his personality but more about getting something done.
  7. Actually I do think Trump was Putin's gimp and it was disappointing.
  8. If the server wasn't examined they don't know how the e-mails were stolen. Why is any effort to get to the truth so difficult? https://yournewswire.com/dnc-emails-seth-rich-russia/
  9. So you indict someone without ever talking to them? Anyone can lie anywhere in the investigation if they are not US citizens and can't be extradited. The point is to hopefully find out more information than you already had and pin them in a lie if you have evidence. Now if you were really concerned about collusion you certainly would want to ask some questions. You guys are so moronic and try to spin anything and everything that might be a Trump positive. It has reached the point of absolute stupidity.
  10. Apparently you are. How can anyone find anything wrong with being allowed to question those who were indicted?
  11. Soxcat

    Trump job review with Putin running long

    The funny thing is that there was a time when the left would love for a president to be like Trump has been and work at building alliances, even with enemies, to avoid further conflict. Again, if this was Obama or some other lib the left and media would be calling the guy great.
  12. I agree coaching plays a big part as does the rest of the team. Manning is my perfect example of a QB minus great coaching and later lesser players and yet he still was able to stay competitive. Soon as he left the team went into the gutter for a year. So we could agree a great QB trumps just about any coaching but only the truly great ones can do it almost by themselves.
  13. Yea the Eagles.... one of the only examples of a team good enough with a good enough backup to make it happen. So what, 1% of the time a team can succeed with their backup QB. Not good odds. You could make a better argument that you don't need a super stud at QB to win. Vikings almost got there with Keenum. Jags knocked on the door with Bortles. So yea, it is possible to win with less than a HOF guy taking snaps. Very few backups have what it takes. Foles was competent in the right system with the right supporting cast. Very rare obviously.
  14. The Pats had a nice supporting cast and Cassell was a little better than your typical backup QB. Just look at the difference Rogers makes with GB. They aren't even a playoff team without him with the backups they had. Cassell should get some credit for being more than a push over. His 1st season in KC wasn't very good but his 2nd season was solid with 27 TDs and only 7 ints. Also, Brady returning from the injury wasn't 100% back to his 2007 level of play.
  15. As bad as some of Trumps appointments have been he would obviously draw the line on the incompetence of Obama and Hillary. You can add John Kerry to the mix as well,.