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  1. I doubt it will backfire but I also doubt they gain much if anything from it. It does create some buzz and discussion which is for the most part a good thing for ESPN.
  2. Funny. The article is about as factual as it can be and the violations were disclosed. But hey, it was Obama. Imagine if Trump did the same. Shit would fly.
  3. Why would they do it if it wasn't an attempt to get higher ratings? Not saying it will work. Certainly they have a motive here.
  4. Mett has a job as a bus boy at Chuckie Cheese and this guy is talking about Mariota regressing.
  5. I can't figure out why NE doesn't cut Brady and insert the great Mett in his place. Oh, never mind that Pitt is in a similar situation where they may have to replace a long time franchise QB soon and they let him go. Tenn, before drafting Mariota didn't like him and let him go. And SD, with Wiz as OC and an aging QB didn't like him. Are they all wrong? Apparently so. Oh, and Mariota also sucks. Basically that isn't trolling but just plain moronic. This stupidity makes the sausage squad look like freaking Einsteins.
  6. Like they really give a shit maybe?
  7. Really. Actually showing your face around here after being totally shamed.
  8. I agree. Sharpe isn't a super star but could still be a solid depth guy. At some point the odds are pretty good one of the other three will get dinged. People also need to comprehend that rookies don't usually don't set the world on fire and have a learning curve. SO early Sharpe might play more than people think.
  9. Poor decision? Remains to be seen. What if a huge bunch of women tune in just because they use a woman play by play? Even guys will watch out of curiosity. Not really a bad decision but obviously a decision trying to shake up ratings. She isn't taking over MNF. Just doing one game.
  10. Point being one single guy is not as important and " just spreading the carries around more". Elliott was the only guy with more than 300 carries. 9 guys were over 300 carries in 2002.
  11. Obviously they will have Davis playing out there when he is ready. Coaches never like to crown anyone a starter until they are healthy and can prove they can get it done. HIs biggest competition might come from the other rookie who is probably getting reps outside as wll as the slot. And Sharpe is in his 2nd year and would be ahead of any rookie right now on paper especially one who isn't full speed yet.
  12. Was this really a problem to begin with?
  13. My understanding is they will start the play clock soon after the TD so teams will need to quickly line up for the extra point. The celebrations will need to be done fairly quickly or get a penalty. With the long extra point moving the ball back 5 yards could be significant.
  14. How is that working? Facts are they have no zeal to stand up for themselves and ISIS basically roles over them. If the moderates greatly out number the zealots this shouldn't be a problem. Imagine if some skin heads were attacking a city in the US. The entire country would band together to beat their asses. Not let them take over entire cities with little resistance. In some cases entire countries are being over run. Talk is cheap. Imagine if some groups of Christians were conspiring to re-enact the crusades (religious wars sanctioned by some denomination or fringe church group). Would there be cheap media denouncements proclaiming how aweful these peope were with no action of any kind? Would other Christians sit back and let millions be slaughtered? No, we would be ready to send over troops and stop the madness like we did against Hitler. These people should be joining the military as fast as anyone because the individuals doing this are a black mark on their religion and beliefs. Oh, and we wold call them what they are. Radical Christian Terrorists that are good for nothing except to be eleiminated. Also, we have entire countries that have sworn to destroy Israel. Leaders of countries. Anyone hear any Muslim leader denounce this kind of hate? A tiny country among moderate Arab friends which is constantly on alert because they never know when they will be attacked. The only country in the region with a democracy.