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  1. Oiler FANatic

    Milwaukee Brewers' Bullpen

    Boston did manage to avoid going down 0-2 yesterday, but hopefully the defending champs will take care of business at home. Congrats to the Brew Crew for going up 2-1 today, if all goes well tomorrow afternoon the Astros can take the lead in their series too.
  2. Oiler FANatic

    NBA Free Agency Talk

    Considering how great the Rockets offensive will be while they will score 120 points in most of their games, I'm sure they will go over a lot. So what if they allow 105-110 points in most games, Golden State's defense does that all the time. Let's see who else can keep up with them. Melo has already accepted his role coming off the bench, I guess you're in such denial about so many things that you can't believe them. You will see how much bench scoring the Rockets bench will provide on Saturday with Melo, James Ennis, MCW, and others. Good Luck!
  3. Oiler FANatic

    Warriors sign DeMarcus Cousins

    You want to know what the Rockets have at PF and center now that they finally got rid of Ryan Anderson's bloated contract? PJ Tucker and Capela are the starters, both of which are infinitely better defenders than Anderson. Plus Tucker's 3-point shooting has improved tremendously. Melo is the backup PF, and will most likely be a strong contender for the 6th man award next season. Go ahead, laugh about it now. While Nene will rotate with Isaiah Hartenstein as the backup center. But you will get see all of them on Saturday night at Staples Center.
  4. Oiler FANatic

    Weekly Fan Power Rankings

    Here are my rankings after week 6: LA Rams (6-0) Kansas City (5-1) New Orleans (4-1) LA Chargers (4-2) New England (4-2) Baltimore (4-2) Minnesota (3-2-1) Pittsburgh (3-2-1) Jacksonville (3-3) Miami (4-2) Chicago (3-2) Carolina (3-2) Cincinnati (4-2) Philadelphia (3-3) NY Jets (3-3) Washington (3-2) Green Bay (3-2-1) Seattle (3-3) Detroit (2-3) Dallas (3-3) Tennessee (3-3) Atlanta (2-4) Houston (3-3) Tampa Bay (2-3) Denver (2-4) Cleveland (2-3-1) Indianapolis (1-5) Buffalo (2-4) San Francisco (1-5) Oakland (1-5) Arizona (1-5) NY Giants (1-5)
  5. Oiler FANatic

    Ding Dong the #### is dead.

    Welcome to the club, I made a post just like this 4 years ago. I feel so sorry for all of you who still root for this team.....
  6. Oiler FANatic

    Milwaukee Brewers' Bullpen

    It does seem to be catching on, Tampa Bay was doing it a lot all season. I'm looking forward to an Astros vs. Brewers World Series.
  7. Oiler FANatic

    Do my suns got a chance to compete?

    Minnesota in the driver's seat, are you kidding? They have zero leverage in negotiations right now, just like the Knicks with Melo last year. I guarantee you they're not going to get any deal that much better than what NY got for Carmelo (Kanter, McDermott, and a 2nd round pick). The Wolves certainly won't get a player as good as Oladipo like the Pacers did in the Paul George trade. There are two possible outcomes. They take a shitty deal, most likely with Miami or Houston, for far less than Butler is worth. Or they hold on to him and things only get worse.
  8. Oiler FANatic

    Preds start the season with a "W"

    The one difference being the Brewers may actually get to the World Series while the Lakers, even with LBJ, won't get close to the NBA Finals.
  9. Oiler FANatic

    Lebron James to Lakers

    The postseason chances for Portland, New Orleans, and the Lakers have skyrocketed lately with all that's going on in the West right now. Minnesota is screwed right now with the Butler situation, the Spurs lost Murray for the year, and Roberson's injury hurts OKC's chances too.
  10. Oiler FANatic

    Lebron James to Lakers

    Oh wait, you mean this year. Right? They added all those great 3-point shooters to their roster: LeBron: 34.4% Rondo: 30.9% Stephenson: 30.3% Beasley: 35.2% (that's really good by Lakers standards!) Wagner: 38.5% at Michigan (there you go, they do have at least one 3-ball shooter!)
  11. Oiler FANatic

    Lebron James to Lakers

    I dunno, their stats from last season maybe? They were 29th in the NBA while shooting 34.5% from three, only the 21-61 Suns were worse.
  12. Oiler FANatic

    Paul George to Thunder

  13. Oiler FANatic

    MNF Saints vs Redskins

    Yep. It's awesome how he has helped to transform the NFL into a poor imitation of John Madden Football (as the old fogies called it 25 years ago).
  14. Oiler FANatic

    Weekly Fan Power Rankings

    Here are my rankings after week 5: LA Rams (5-0) Kansas City (5-0) New Orleans (4-1) Jacksonville (3-2) New England (3-2) Carolina (3-1) LA Chargers (3-2) Cincinnati (4-1) Chicago (3-1) Baltimore (3-2) Minnesota (2-2-1) Pittsburgh (2-2-1) Green Bay (2-2-1) Tennessee (3-2) NY Jets (2-3) Tampa Bay (2-2) Philadelphia (2-3) Miami (3-2) Seattle (2-3) Detroit (2-3) Washington (2-2) Houston (2-3) Atlanta (1-4) Denver (2-3) Cleveland (2-2-1) Buffalo (2-3) Dallas (2-3) Oakland (1-4) San Francisco (1-4) Indianapolis (1-4) NY Giants (1-4) Arizona (1-4)