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  1. Oiler FANatic

    Rockets Depth Chart For The 2018-19 Season

    It's no wonder why your basketball knowledge is nowhere near to what you claim it is. You can't even look up proper statistics. The Rockets averaged 112.4 PPG last season, look it up anywhere. I don't know what that link you posted is supposed to be for. The Warriors averaged 114.9 PPG in 2015-16 and and 115.9 PPG in 2016-17, so I have no idea where you got this 116.5 PPG crap from. Maybe if you knew how to properly look up statistics your arguments would actually have merit. But with your debating skills, probably not. And then you try and argue that Melo won't improve the Rockets offense if he scores 16 PPG, while he will likely average around 30 MPG. But since Ariza and Mbah a Moute combined for 19.2 PPG (again, not sure where you came up with 19.3 PPG) while also playing 60 MPG. So with Melo playing about half the minutes that Ariza and Mbah a Moute combined and scoring just 3 fewer PPG, that makes no sense? You do understand that one player averaging 16 PPG in 30 MPG is more effective scoring than two players averaging 19.2 PPG in 60 MPG, right? Of course Ariza is a versatile defender, we all know this. But come on, $15M/year is way more than decent money for a player with his skill set. He was barely getting half that in Houston and no one said he was vastly underpaid. He was only 191st in the NBA in points per 48 minutes last season. That ties him with Sam Dekker at 16.5 points per 48 minutes. And how many times was Ariza 1st or 2nd team All-defense? He never was, not once. All this talk about what a huge loss Ariza is for Houston is garbage. And Mbah a Moute even more, he was never the same after his 2nd injury. They tried to play Mbah a Moute during the playoffs, but he was a total liability on offense. Ariza isn't all that much better on offense either. Ennis will probably take Ariza's spot in the starting lineup. He's a versatile defender himself and will probably score as many points per 48 minutes. He's far better than you seem to think he is, so laugh now. I remember when you made so much fun of Mbah a Moute during last season and now you act like both he and Ariza are irreplaceable and how the Rockets are going to fall apart without them. You will be proven wrong, once again.
  2. Oiler FANatic

    Kawhi going to Toronto

    He already has 3 rings, if he wanted to add to that he would have stayed in the east. He went to LA so people there will kiss his royal ass.....
  3. Oiler FANatic

    Rockets Depth Chart For The 2018-19 Season

    So they're idiots for signing Capela for $18M/year yet OKC overpays Adams at $25M/year and the Thunder are still the better team, right? You kept going on and on about how OKC was the superior team last season, they weren't. But now that Melo is in Houston who is better? OKC, huh? Atlanta was desperate to get rid of Schroder, who isn't much better on defense than Melo. They re-signed PG, that's all they did. They're replacing Melo with Jerami Grant, that's some huge upgrade there. And then Schroder replaces Grant as their top bench scorer, wow. And Nerlens Noel is now backing up Adams, another huge upgrade there for OKC. The whole addition by subtraction argument here is BS. The fact is they're no better than they were last season, they'll win somewhere between 45-50 games just like half a dozen others in the west.
  4. Oiler FANatic

    Rockets Depth Chart For The 2018-19 Season

    So they only scored 112.5 PPG last season, but only because their defense was so great and their pace slowed way down later on. It's funny how you pointed out how Ariza was declining last season, but since he went to Phoenix how irreplaceable he has become. So many things had to go wrong for the Rockets to lose game 7 against the Warriors, but Ariza's poor play was chief among them. Obviously Chris Paul's absence was a key reason for the Warriors coming back from a 3-2 deficit, but Ariza scored 0 points in 42 minutes. I wonder if there has ever been another player in NBA history to play 42 minutes in game 7 of a conference finals and score ZERO points. He's rewarded with a $15M contract, there's no way the Rockets were going to offer him anything close to that. And now he is indispensable? And now matter how stubborn you are to admit it, no one else came nearly as close to the Warriors last season as the Rockets did. Now that they have added Melo, who was terrible last season in OKC, you are eating up all the bullshit out there that Houston is worse now. Ariza and Mbah a Moute were two of their best defenders, but they still have Capela, Chris Paul, and PJ Tucker who are all good defenders. James Ennis is also a good defender and even Michael Carter-Williams is a decent defender. So they won't have a top 5 or 10 defense, OK. Even if their defense is just mediocre the offense should be outstanding, they already had one of the most efficient offenses ever in 2017-18. So if Harden gets 28 PPG, Gordon and CP3 get 17 PPG each, Melo gets 16 PPG, Capela gets 14 PPG, Tucker gets 8 PPG, Ennis gets 7 PPG, Green gets 5 PPG, and Nene and Anderson get 2 PPG each that would be 116 PPG for the team. Even GS won't score that much.
  5. Oiler FANatic

    Knicks trade Melo to the Thunder

    So what? The West is no different now than it was last season. Golden State and Houston are still way better than anyone else. That leaves Utah, LA, OKC, Minnesota, San Antonio, Denver, New Orleans, and Portland fighting for the remaining spots 3-8. And the WCF will once again be the true Finals when the Rockets and Warriors meet again in 2019, hopefully with a different outcome.
  6. Oiler FANatic

    Knicks trade Melo to the Thunder

    Harden, Paul, and Capela easily outplayed the OK3 last season. Harden, Paul, Capela, and Melo will do the same next season. Wait and see.
  7. Oiler FANatic

    The moment you realize you're not on GSW level lmao

    Chris Paul has missed a total of 93 games in the past 8 seasons and is now 33 years old. Steph Curry has missed 95 games during the past 8 seasons and he's three years younger. In 2017-18 Paul missed 24 regular season games and two postseason games while Curry missed 31 regular season games and 6 in the postseason. Looks like both the Rockets and Warriors have old injury prone PG's, so how injury-prone will Curry be three years from now when he's 33?
  8. Oiler FANatic

    The moment you realize you're not on GSW level lmao

    History has shown that to be the case. Of course every time before this season he has only played the West in the Finals. But in the playoffs LeBron is 20-31 against the western conference while he has had it easy against the east going 138-52.
  9. Oiler FANatic

    The moment you realize you're not on GSW level lmao

    Lakers home opener 10/20: the moment you realize you're not on the Houston Rockets level. Christmas night, Lakers at Warriors: the moment you realize you're not on the Warriors level either.....
  10. Oiler FANatic


    They have Altuve, Correa, Springer, McCullers, McCann, and Devenski on the DL right now. That's a lot of talent out of the lineup. Since Correa got hurt in June they've gone 21-14. When they lost him for 42 games last year they went 20-22. Having Verlander and Cole helps.
  11. Oiler FANatic

    Initial Depth Chart

    Those guys aren't 2nd string, they're 4th string. When there are more than three players at one specific position the first 3 players listed are 1st, 2nd, and 3rd string then the other players listed after them are 4th and 5th string, not 2nd and 3rd string.
  12. Oiler FANatic

    A former Oiler enters the HOF for the last time

    ....more like one out of a million. You know the rest....
  13. Is everyone here going to watch Dr. Doom tomorrow? He's first up, don't forget. https://www.titansonline.com/_mobileview/news/after-34-year-wait-robert-brazile-eager-to-involve-family-in-hall-of-fame-festiv
  14. Oiler FANatic

    Johnny Manziel ballin

    A perfect signing for them, then everyone could dust off the brown paper bags so they can be the Aints once again.....
  15. Oiler FANatic

    Knicks trade Melo to the Thunder

    OKC is better defensively, but not offensively. Overall they're no better than they were last season, your love for Russ and PG is adorable. You seem to forget how everyone was jizzing all over the Thunder when they traded for Melo just weeks before the regular season started. The problem with OKC has always been Westbrook and his selfish style of play which only serves to pad his stats, not good team basketball. The Thunder will have a very good defense next season with Paul George and a healthy Roberson, and of course not having Melo helps too. Jerami Grant taking over in the starting lineup won't score 16 PPG like Carmelo did. Nor will Schroder as Westbrook's backup, or even Adams. Westbrook and George already scored close to half of the team's points last season, almost 44%. There's not much more those two can do. The whole addition by subtraction argument doesn't work here. They gained defense, but lost more on offense. Will they even average 100 PPG? Wasn't OKC a lock to make the playoffs last season too? According to you definitely. And they barely squeaked in just 2 games ahead of Denver. So you think both the Thunder and Lakers are locks to make the playoffs. That means only 4 teams out from a group that includes Utah (more of a lock than either IMO), Minnesota, Denver, San Antonio, Portland, and New Orleans are going to make the playoffs? Whatever.