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  1. Kern drug tested after his 74-yard punt

    He's always given a ton of credit to Hentrich for working with him when he first got here.
  2. One good thing about signing Weeden is it kept him away from Houston; he's at least marginally better than Savage.
  3. Kern drug tested after his 74-yard punt

    It's like a golf swing, it's as much or more technique than raw strength. Doubt you could just roid or use HGH to become a great punter.
  4. I love this team

    The secondary basically carried the team this game, when's the last time you can say that happened? Dalton's stats and the Bengals as a team were horrible on third down.
  5. 2017 TR Survivor Pool Week 9

    Good deal guys, apologize for the absence but I've been busy with family matters this week.
  6. Bengals Predictions and Poll

    Titans 31 Bengals 22
  7. Herm Edwards: Make Murray 3rd Down Back

    In the Cleveland game, believe it was in the third quarter, Henry took a carry outside to the left, hesitated and was dropped for for a loss. He was pulled for the series. Next time he came in he put his head down and drove forward for a five or six yard gain, so it's obvious he is being coached up some. In the Baltimore game he also seemed to be trying to go more north south, the one carry he got dropped for a loss the play was pretty much dead in the water.
  8. Greg Cosell on the Titans offensive design

    It all comes down to only carrying four true wide receivers out of training camp, one a not completely healthy rookie and another a raw one, and that's not on the coaches or the QB.
  9. 2017 TR Survivor Pool Week 9

    We'll keep it going one pick per week in the original spirit of the contest . Continue to make your picks in this topic and I'll start a new one for part two open to all.
  10. Is Marcus Mariota getting enough respect?

    He needs to beat one of the elite QBs head to head even if his stats for that particular game aren't superior to garner some national attention. The Steelers game in front of a semi-large national audience would do a lot to that end, a bit of a tall order that depends on a superior effort on the part of the rest of the team, I know.
  11. John Lynch Tried to Trade for Tom Brady

    They did win three of the four games where Brady was suspended which helped to contribute to their seeding and eventual championship; to the extent that their higher pick backups contributed to those wins as opposed to how a lower pick backup might not have did give at least some value to those picks.
  12. 2017 TR Survivor Pool Week 9

    My proposal is to do a sudden death round, you will each pick three teams to win, and order them one to three. We will go down the list in order and once one contestant picks a winner where the other does not, they will be declared the winner. As a back up, you will both pick the margin of victory for your number one game; in the event both of you pick all three winners correctly, the one who is closest to the actual margin of victory will then be declared winner. My only reason to try and end this at this point is to start a second round where everyone can participate again. If either of you objects, I'll be happy to play this out as intended until one is left standing as the survivor.
  13. Virtually everyone on defense in the NFL is an elite run defender, that's how they got here; somewhere along the way the progressed and became able to defend the pass too to an extent, but, with the exception of a few dbs, they were elite run defenders to start. That's why it's become such a passing league these days; you have premier athletes on defense, who if they sell out to doing it, can stop anybody from running the ball. '
  14. Only question that matters, did Davis finish the game with no setbacks health wise?
  15. Demarco Murray

    You think he's going to pick it up getting half the reps in no pads limited practices?