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  1. Schefter is either unmarried or sleeps in a separate bedroom during football season.
  2. Tre McBride Waived by Bears

    They've already made it pretty clear they value Weems over McBride. They were showing Adoree's punt return and they did a great job of blocking both of the Jag's gunners, Weems was one of the blockers. He contributes more on STs than just returns. Not like the 4th receiver on the Titans is going to be on the fiield running many routes where he's one of the primaries anyways.
  3. OT, but I think this show is a horrible idea. What made Sheldon's notorious childhood so funny were the exaggerated references which left it to your imagination. Like Howard's mother, leaving it unseen allowed you to create your own mental image that was funnier than anything that could be depicted. Besides, whoever is playing his mom isn't going to be nearly as good as Laurie Mectalf.
  4. 2017 TR Survivor Pool Week 3

    Waiting on @heavymetaltitan, @Tormentedrose, @bizzyeddie, @IowaOiler, @Titans279, @SuperFreak90, @Carpy, @eastwood, @Rogerpidactor, @CaliTitan3518, @TitansGuru. I'm going with Denver.
  5. JJ Watt raised 37M for Harvey victims.

    They actually played 12 games a years and 2 playoff games tops back then and some of the teams really did suck.
  6. It Was A Toe That Ended One Titans RB's Career

    I remember the doctor who operated on Eddie's toe saying he didn't see how someone could walk normally, let alone play football on it; it was so bad.
  7. TNF: Rams 49ers Game Thread

    You'll never get people out of their cars, it's a birthright that gets passed from generation to generation. In places like Michigan and parts of Cali, it's a religion.
  8. NFL Stadium benefits Vastly Overblown

    Mercedes is still the primary sponsor of the Superdome in NO, btw. These super stadiums are becoming monuments to owners' egos. They could have a built a perfectly adequate facility to replace the GA dome (which actually wasn't that old by stadium standards) with enough club and luxury seating to increase Blank's revenue for probably half the money. Wonder what the pay structure is at Home Depot, which made Blank a billionaire.
  9. Trump on players disrespecting the Flag.

    Remember the New Jersey Generals? Trump cost Herschel Walker his senior year by offering him a contract, signed Brian Sipes and Doug Flutie to what were then monster contracts at the same time.
  10. Seahawks Predictions

    There will be a difference, we got up 2 scores on Jax and they knew they were doomed with Bortles, even at home. With Wilson that won't be the case with the Hawks.
  11. at least we aren't the Texans/Colts

    Browns are actually a road favorite according to USA today, Todd Fuhrman and most others. CLE(0-2) @ IND(0-2) 1:00PM ET CLE -0.5
  12. How fast is Taywan Taylor?

    On his tv show, MM was talking that on go routes they coach the receivers to run the first 20 yards as fast as they can without looking for the ball, but a lot of guys, especially younger ones have trouble doing that; he said Taylor ran it just as he was coached to do it.
  13. Visiting Nashville in December

    You can also ride share from your hotel and there is a post game ride share area that serves beverages of all sorts outside the North End Zone gates. Most of the pre-game organized tailgates are outside the South End Zone area, you could uber/lyft there and then catch your ride back outside the north side of the stadium. Unsure of the availability of alcoholic beverages at the South End Zone organized areas.
  14. Visiting Nashville in December

    Parking passes are limited to club/suite holders; as the game draws near they do become available on ebay.. You can also park at a satellite lot for free and tailgate there and ride the bus for $10 round trip, it's about a 10-15 minute ride and they drop you off right outside the North End Zone gates: http://www.inshuttle.com/#/fanExpress. You can also park across the river from the stadium and either tailgate there or at numerous bars along Broadway, it's generally about $10 -20 and about a half a mile walk.
  15. Posted on their Facebook page and encouraged others to do so (and I rarely post on Facebook). Thanks for the link.,looked on their website and didn't see it.