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  1. Jim Wyatt dropping hints on the uniforms?

    It was on Twitter. It must be true!
  2. AFC South Mock Draft

    Far more worried about Barkley going early to the Dolts than Fournette going to the Jags last year. He and a healthy Luck could be lethal.
  3. Defense Team Needs 2018

    Ironically, Kearse was a freakishly athletic edge rusher who dropped because he was thought to be a tweener, but once drafted had a huge immediate impact. He pretty much helped propel the stock of similar players way up draft boards in subsequent years.
  4. Reuben Foster Arrested On Domestic Violence-Related Charges

    It's not just the schools, it's the whole damn culture created around them and their football programs. It's like a freaking cult in Bama, if you're good on the gridiron, you're treated like royalty and anything you do gets overlooked in the name of the religion which in reality really screws people with character defects since they never end up having to address them.
  5. E:60 7pm on espn2

    I give the kid credit; he's obviously comfortable in his own skin and is doing what his heart loves. Earned an academic scholarship to boot. Surprised they didn't mention VY and the others who tried to step in for his dad after he got taken away way too early. Regardless of all the stupid things VY did and blew up at, I'll always give him credit for doing right by Steve's kids.
  6. Team needs before free agency and the draft

    Henry has excelled at every previous level against good competition. It's a little early to say he will fail at this level. He's obviously not the sharpest tool in the box and needs the majority of reps to work on the areas he needs to improve at.
  7. Reuter, Jeremiah, Brooks, Zierlein mocks 1.0

    Stocker hasn't shown squat so we really don't have an inline TE who can block and catch. LaFleur might even have us throwing to the second TE at times; could also see them lining up Smith at FB and HB more like he did at times last year, especially after a year in the strength and conditioning program.
  8. Schefter: McDaniels Backs Out of Colts Job

    This is from @CharlesRobinson twitter on Sunday, so apparently there were some hiccups but it sure sounds like the Colts thought they had been smoothed out. https://pbs.twimg.com/media/DVZYKA_UQAEcptk.jpg
  9. My thoughts on the Patriots Super Bowl run

    Neither defense had made any kind of a play through most of the game, the NE int was more of a fluke tip. As it came down to the wire, it became apparent to me that the first team that made a big play on defense would win it; and the Eagles did and did win.

    The incontrovertible BS clause makes replay which is supposed to be objective into a completely subjective call

    Brady has 325+ on a top D that's supposed to match up well with a top receiver out and they're talking about him being off.
  12. Thoughts on new staff

    If they can transform the team into a high powered offense then a more zone oriented defense that bends but doesn't break plays well into that plan.
  13. Realistically who do you want at 25?

    Taven Bryan only had 4 sacks, but if we end losing Jones to FA would be stout as a 5 technique, allowing them to shift Austin Johnson inside; could also be used as an edge rusher situationally. High motor guy who draws JJ Watt comparisons.
  14. Post staff, Senior Bowl mock

    He may like him, but he did structure the contract so getting out of it early would not be too costly.