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  1. No1TitansFan

    Ghost and the Darkness: Evans and Landry

    The hate for Cyprien runs deep here, people are ready to replace him with someone with little to no experience playing safety at this level.
  2. I dislike the kid, but for the record he wasn't that big of a deal in Tallahassee when the incident occurred, he had yet to even start a game, and the girls blood test showed no evidence of roofies or anything else despite her claims.
  3. No1TitansFan

    OTA Updates

    You can never have too many cbs. What do 2001 and 2009 Titans have in common?
  4. No1TitansFan

    Titans cancel the final Mini camp practice.

    No one answered the key question: What was Corey Davis's level of participation at the shooting range?
  5. PK is doing some of this deliberately; part of his marketing his site is that he's not beholden to any media outlet so he can ask tough questions that the Wyatts of the world won't. He's playing some of this up, he doesn't care if he gets knocked down by the HC, it proves that he's the maverick willing to go places others won't to get info they can't or won't. I'm not buying into it, just saying it's not surprising that he's the one asking deliberately provocative questions that Vrabel or any other coach isn't going to answer.
  6. No1TitansFan

    Two Tone Crew Returning 6/13

    Do 3 QBs make the final roster or not, and the effect that has on the competition for the final spots.
  7. Any OSU guy has two and a half strikes against him going in to an UM guy
  8. Think some of you are underestimating the amount of built in credibility with today's player that a fairly recent successful player turned coach has going in. They're not gonna turn on him because he yells a little too much or gets a little intense.
  9. Thigpen had actually been playing well when he had the season ending ankle injury late in the regular season; he had been the primary red zone guy. He was bigger and stronger than Dyson and way more experienced; to this day I believe he would have gotten into the EZ as well and would have changed his legacy as a Titan; he ditched the then hated Steelers to come here.
  10. No1TitansFan

    PFF: Titans Most Improved AFC South Team

    Taylor is faster and LaFleur has frequently mentioned having someone who can threaten the coverage as being integral to what he wants to do. You can't coach speed but you can coach route precision and playbook. TBD.
  11. No1TitansFan

    Group deal on new jerseys

    Ordered the Lewan alternate, Columbia blue with the dark blue 77 should look awesome .
  12. No1TitansFan

    Matt Patricia

    The Winston case is actually perplexing if you study it in detail; it's most likely where a consensual situation turned into the girl saying no halfway through. She claimed she was drugged but all her tests came out negative and several witnesses including the bartender stated she had had barely anything to drink. She also had a boyfriend who was a QB for another much smaller school and there were rumors they had been having a spat prior to the incident. She let Winston give her ride back on his moped after the fact. It was actually fairly well investigated by local authorities who went out of their way to avoid the perception that they were giving the FSU football player a free pass. There just wasn't enough there to make a case that could be prosecuted successfully. For the record I do think Winston is a big ass clown and personally don't care for him.
  13. About halfway through the 2003 season they weren't running the ball nearly as effectively so they started going empty backfield with Mac in shotgun, especially in 2 minute situations and they were unstoppable and started using it more and more.
  14. No1TitansFan

    Matt LaFleur Talking Offense on 104.5

    CJ 's track background definitely helped him out, he had a great stride; I can remember going out to training camp and he was outrunning everybody but always looked like he could go faster because he looked so fluid and effortless when in stride.
  15. No1TitansFan

    Preds Quest for the Cup starts tonight

    It's all Josi's fault, he actually touched the President's Trophy (old hockey superstition).