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  1. No1TitansFan

    2018 TR Survivor Pool II Week 7

    26 made it through, 5 were eliminated.
  2. No1TitansFan

    Tajae Sharpe Is The Best WR On This Team

    This is what kills me about him; he's obviously super talented but seems to be having trouble adjusting to game speed. Sometimes the ball has to come out early on this level and he has to learn to adjust to that.
  3. No1TitansFan

    Around the NFL today

    The Lions might actually have a run game. KJ had 155 against the Fins in Miami and the team had 248 yards rushing; as a result Stafford wasn't forced to throw as much and was 18-22 for 218 and 12 for his first 13. Everyone wants to talk about Minny, Arod, and the Bears with Mack; but they're still in the thick of it and getting better.
  4. No1TitansFan

    2018 TR Survivor Pool II Week 7

    3 were eliminated today, 6 are in on Atlanta for MNF, @ezeblazin, @Rogerpidactor, and @eastwood still haven't picked but can still get in on tonight's game.
  5. No1TitansFan

    Marcus is a one read QB

    Davis should be a major weapon and plus for this offense and he's not cause he's still got his head up his ass on a lot of plays; it's not about Marcus's lack of ability, it's about him not having any trust in both Davis and Taylor. Sharpe runs his routes and generally doesn't drop the ball, so he's developing chemistry and getting looks and balls his way and it shows.
  6. No1TitansFan

    2018 TR Survivor Pool II Week 7

    Gonna go with the Patty Melts.
  7. No1TitansFan

    2018 TR Survivor Pool II Week 7

    Waiting on @TitanJoe, @Titan8425, @ezeblazin, @cenj, @newschool, @Rogerpidactor, @eastwood, and I still have to make a pick.
  8. No1TitansFan

    AFC South Contest - Week 7

    Titans, Jags, Colts
  9. 31 of 37 made it through, onto week 7. The Rules: 1. You have to choose the winner of one game each week and are only allowed to choose one game per week. If your pick wins, you are still in; if your chosen team loses or ties, you're out.  2. Once you have chosen a team, you cannot use them again in any of the following weeks, except as noted below in rule 5. 3. Your pick needs to be in before the game actually starts. If for some reason, you are unable to get a pick in by game time Sunday, you can pick the winner of the MNF game, provided one of those teams is still available to you. 4. This thread will keep a running list of who picked who for each week. 5. Special, TR rule: anyone who successfully picks the Titans to win can use them a second time. 6. If you wish to change your pick, do so by creating a new post. This week's games: Byes: Green Bay Packers, Oakland Raiders, Pittsburgh Steelers, Seattle Seahawks Thursday, Oct. 18 TIME(ET)  Denver at Arizona  8:20 pm Sunday, Oct. 21  Tennessee vs L.A. Chargers  9:30 am  New England at Chicago  1:00 pm  Buffalo at Indianapolis  1:00 pm  Detroit at Miami  1:00 pm  Minnesota at N.Y. Jets  1:00 pm  Carolina at Philadelphia  1:00 pm  Cleveland at Tampa Bay  1:00 pm  Houston at Jacksonville  1:00 pm  New Orleans at Baltimore  4:05 pm  Dallas at Washington  4:25 pm  L.A. Rams at San Francisco  4:25 pm  Cincinnati at Kansas City  8:20 pm Monday, Oct. 22  NY Giants at Atlanta  8:15 pm Teams Picked, if you're in red, you are eliminated: Arizona Cardinals: Atlanta Falcons: 10/14: Kcroy420 10/22: Number9, titanskick8851, cshumak2, TitansWycheck89, bizzyeddie, cenj, ezeblazin . Baltimore Ravens: Buffalo Bills: Carolina Panthers: 10/14: Tormentedrose Chicago Bears: 10/14: Creeping Death Cincinnati Bengals: Cleveland Browns: Dallas Cowboys: Denver Broncos: Detroit Lions: 10/21: TitanJoe Green Bay Packers: 10/15: TitanJoe, Titan8425, CaliTitan3518, TitansWycheck89, Mojambo, jphardy,pissedofftitansfan, No1Titansfan Houston Texans: 10/14: WVTITAN, ezeblazin. OILERMAN, MadMax, Indianapolis Colts: 10/14: NashvilleNinja 10/21: Mojambo, WVTITAN, Jacksonville Jaguars: 10/14: titanruss 10/21: jphardy, Titan8425 Kansas City Chiefs: Los Angles Chargers: 10/21: JoelinBellevue, Starkiller, OILERMAN, Denali, Los Angles Rams: 10/14: Starkiller, IsntLifeFunny,,Denali, bizzyeddie, cenj, newschool 10/21: Jonboy, Justafan, TF_Titan, MadMax, rns90, pissedofftitansfan, Kcroy420 Miami Dolphins: Minnesota Vikings: 10/14: Number9, TF_Titan, cshumak2, Jonboy, Justafan, rns90, Chuka05, JoeInBellevue, Rogerpidactor, eastwood, titanskick8851 10/21: CaliTitan3518, Supernope, IsntLifeFunny New England Patriots: 10/21: newschool, No1TitansFan New Orleans Saints: New York Giants: New York Jets: Oakland Raiders: Philadelphia Eagles: 10/21: Chuka05 Pittsburgh Steelers: San Francisco 49ers: Seattle Seahawks: 10/14: Supernope Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Tennessee Titans: 10/14: 8MM, heyitsmeallen Washington Redskins: Failed to make pick: Rogerpidactor, eastwood
  10. No1TitansFan

    Morgan out a "few" weeks. Woodyard update.

    Morgan, king of the near sack.
  11. No1TitansFan

    Rams Sign Nick Williams

    Good for him; he's getting close to the point where he might not get another shot and now he's going to get one with a good team. Marcus Marianni was on the radio last week commenting on how if he didn't get another shot, how much that drop could have haunted him the rest of his life.
  12. No1TitansFan

    Maroita is killing the franchise

    So what is the solution Joe? Besides endlessly posting how much you think he sucks and how tired you are of it.
  13. No1TitansFan

    Being a Titans fan is like ____________

    the old lady sitting at the same slot machine feeding it coin after coin for hours on end cause she's certain that it has to pay her a big jackpot if she just stays there long enough.
  14. No1TitansFan

    Maroita is killing the franchise

    Don't know how much of it is on MM or the receivers, but there is a definite trust issue going on; it's obvious that he has no faith at all in guys being where they're supposed to be on time or being able to adjust when pressure forces him to get the ball out early and it's causing him to not cut loose on throws and take sacks. Don't think it's all on him, for all his physical talent, Davis is still looking confused out there a lot, and a receiver who was picked fifth overall shouldn't be, regardless of missed time.
  15. No1TitansFan

    2018 TR Survivor Pool II Week 6 OPEN TO ALL

    You still have about an hour to get in on this if you haven't already.