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  1. Adams

    I blame - Week 6

    Not good. This is the wrong year to need a qb.
  2. Adams

    Dolphins are shopping DeVante Parker

    I'd offer a conditional 7th round pick.
  3. Adams

    Buffalo predictions.

    42-6...Titans win
  4. I Conklin must be back this week...even if just in a backup role.
  5. Adams

    Corey Davis

    He's played well the past three games. I wish he had more opportunities the past two games. When given the opportunity, he has balled
  6. Adams

    Titans @ Jaguars prediction

    35-10...Titans win
  7. I think this week will tell us a lot about where we are with Mariota. It seemed like the previous coach would go out his way to make sure Mariota did get injured. Like not playing him in the final two games of his rookie season and the Miami game last year...even though he didn't miss any practice time Mariota doesn't need someone protecting him...players play.
  8. Nobody is wasting time prepping for Gabbert.
  9. Adams

    Texans @ Titans predictions

    35-10...Titans win.
  10. Adams

    The fix to this offense...

    I’d rather see what we have in Taylor. He played well in TC and preseason...then he played in 10 plays during the regular season game.
  11. Adams

    Brett Kern

    Holy shit. I was watching all game tape...I have no idea Kern was here when JFishee was still the HC. That got me thinking of all the changes he’s seen he has witnessed in his short career...5 HCs...the QB drama (VY, Locker, Hasselback, Mett and MM8).. let’s not forget about our three owners. Thats really cool. I had no idea has been here this long. Good for him.
  12. When did Palmer get injured? I just read he was running with the 1s.
  13. Adams

    Browns trading Corey Coleman to the Bills

    He was traded for a seventh round pick. That’s insane.
  14. Webb knows the defense. If I had to bet, my money would be on him or Mitchell. The two that I want no part of.
  15. Adams

    Mack trade offer

    I have no problem spending the owners money. These deals are structured in a way that they won’t kill the cap. That $20M that we roll over every offseason, I’d rather it be spent on true game changer like Mack.