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    I personally don't want anything to do with Ross. An IR waiting to be injured.
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    I understand the rationale for this line of thinking, but it does not fit the reality of today's NFL practices. Maybe in 10 years, but Jerry Jones is the only owner that I am aware of who funded the majority of the cost of a new stadium. I do 100% agree that any contract discussions between Nashville and the Titans should include revenue streaming in both directions, not just to the owners. The current stadium is a concrete bare-bones stadium compared to the majority of other stadiums, especially ones built in recent years. Closing in the endzones to make an fully oval design would help. I like the idea of a retractable roof that would only be closed on game days for poor weather conditions. There are non-football events annually held at the stadium, and a roof would be highly beneficial to those events. Also, as mentioned elsewhere, if Nashville is awarded a soccer team, then a shared stadium with shared renovation costs might be feasible. pro
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    This stadium is now 20+ years old. Metro's contract with team is 30 years. Ten more years and this stadium will need to be replaced in order to keep the team. Metro needs to establish a tax (half cent?) set aside for 10 years to be directed toward initial payment for a retractable dome stadium (my personal preference). Team would likely require a new stadium to sign a new contract to remain in Tennessee. I will be 85 yo by then, so will probably not care ..... well, if still alive and kicking .... I will care. pro
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    My thinking, too. My hope is that Adams will be there at 5 and JRob goes WR or TE at 18. But if Adams is gone and the surgery story on Hooker, it could change the direction at 5 to either a WR or trade. And I would prefer Adams over Berry. This is a young team and both Byard and Adams appear to have that leadership trait so valued in th e secondary. pro
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    Any scenario will be influenced by FA. Having said that: Take the safety best liked and available at 5, then take which is still there at 18 of Williams, Howard, or Davis. One of these three will be there and any one of these three fits the team, albeit for somewhat different reasons. Safety and WR, then CB in later rounds (this assumes that JRob will get a good one in FA, which he will). pro
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    Blankity, blank, blank, blank. Don't like this at all for the Titans. But, to be the best you have to beat the best .... now and in the future that Ballard will build for his team. In Robinson I Trust. pro
  7. I will be surprised if Davis lasts to 18. He might even go before Williams. I, too, would love Adams and Davis but fear this dream is just that. Jax may well take Adams. Davis or Williams at 5 is too early. Foster would also give this defense a smash mouth presence that is sadly missing in the secondary (so would Adams and Hooker). I'd stay clear of Peppers. Just don't see him fitting DL's schemes as well as others. pro
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    Certainly understand not using a 1st round, and I doubt he is there for our picks in 3rd. He will, however, be a versatile pick for some team that have these same needs. pro
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    If we took McCaffrey at 18, it would address: 1. Change of pace 3rd RB, 2. ST returner, and 3. Potential slot receiver. Just a thought. pro
  10. I think he will re-sign with KC assuming the GM can come up with an acceptable contract offer. If he doesn't re-sign, then I think he will go to Atlanta to close out his career. Family is all important the further one gets in a career. pro
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    I really like Stills. DK what the Dolphins' cap numbers look like or how they will want to spend on FAs, but it would surprise me a bit if they don't want to resign him. Woods is also worth considering. Would be good signings leading up to the draft leaving JRob with plenty of defensive options. And still look for a big-body WR later in later rounds. pro
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    I hate to cowgirls and would never want to see them in SB. Patriots have been there enough. I chose the Falcons and Chiefs for something new and different. Two highpower offenses. pro
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    To get Adams and Foster would be a defensive miracle. Don't see that ever coming close to happening, but one can dream. pro
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    I would also seriously look at E. Jackson from 'Bama. Injured all year so he might slide off of other teams' boards. I DK the extent of his injury. Might be a good 3rd comp or 4th or even 5th round pick depending on FA and draft. pro