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  1. I am a bit upset.......so here goes.

    OK, I know I am an outlier on this matter but I appreciate Bongo's opinions. His are posts that I make sure that I follow. Can't say I always agree with him, but he presents strong and at times interesting insights into the inner workings of my team. And to respond to his sometimes negative comments about TR, I challenge him to identify other team boards that have such consistently good football discussions day in and day out. JMO, pro
  2. The one here in Hermitage (Tn) is always busy. Very good, very crispy chicken. The top choice of both my local 8 and 10 yo granddaughters when we are out for fast food. pro
  3. Visiting Nashville

    Clarion management has done what they could to impfove it over the years given the proximity to the stadium. It won't be the best you could stay in by far, but it is the best for getting to the game and to downtown entertainment. And welcome to the designated 'friendliest city in America'. pro
  4. OK. Based on tonight's first preseason game, think seriously about cutting Tanney and put the rookie QB on the PS. Assuming we don't sign another after team cuts.
  5. I expected a whole lot more from Tanney. Disappointed tonight.
  6. Casey was a low hit on the qb. First hit on Tanney wasn't helmet hit. Second one should have been a horsecollar.
  7. Who the hell is Judd?
  8. For sure on many of the plays.
  9. For sure on many of the plays.
  10. Coaches will have plenty to talk about with their respective team squads. That after Mularkey has had his say with the coaches. 'Twill be a fun week at practice this week. That's what preseason is all about. pro
  11. Tanney doesn't have much time. Hard to tell if it's bad OL play or no separayion, or just bad QB play. Probably all three. pro
  12. Jaylon looking pretty good. Strong tackles. Is playing off receivers but closing quickly. pro
  13. And that 'look' is funny to you. Please, just leave.
  14. Preseason is, among other things, a time to identify and work out problem areas. So far, both D and O. pro