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  1. Titans use Man defense the 5th most in the NFL.

    Plus a jolt or two within the 1 yard area would sure mess up the route. Not every time, but enough for the receiver to begin thinking too much at the line. I certainly agree that the cushion seems way too much, particularly in short yardage plays. pro
  2. Browns Predictions & Poll

    I think the game will be closer than most on here would like. If Marcus remains upright and stays in the pocket , then I say the Titans win 24 - 13 with a late TD making the final score look a bit better than an up-for-grab 17-13. pro
  3. Colts @ Titans MNF Gameday Thread

    They can take TOs after each of the next two plays. We absolutely need a 1st to have a chance of sealing this. pro
  4. Colts @ Titans MNF Gameday Thread

    Need at least one 1st.
  5. Colts @ Titans MNF Gameday Thread

    I DK about this call.
  6. Colts @ Titans MNF Gameday Thread

    No surprise there
  7. Colts @ Titans MNF Gameday Thread

    Now that was a beautiful pass.
  8. Colts @ Titans MNF Gameday Thread

    Just got home from a church charge conference. Caught the non-catch-catchable to Decker. Terrible from a vet, or for that matter anyone drawing an NFL paycheck. pro
  9. What a nightmare when TC went down. I ended up on GoTitans until someone from TC saw me and told me about TR. So very grateful to you, Josh, for all you do. Recapturing the old site is fabulous. I kept my same name since the earliest days ... literally first hours ..... of TC. Thanks so much. pro
  10. Punk panthers fan sucker punches 60+ year old

    Be careful my young friends. You, too, will feel the years close in on you with unrelenting progress. Some sooner than others. But all, eventually. Bless each day you are above ground and walking. And share that blessing with grace and at least some degree of humility and dignity. pro
  11. Titans @ Dolphins Game Thread

    Jags and Colts both winning now. We need this win for many reasons. pro
  12. Titans @ Dolphins Game Thread

    If the whistle blew the play dead, why the hell wasn't the play started at the point that Miami recovered!
  13. Titans @ Dolphins Game Thread

    Great punt.