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  1. Welcome back, BK. Now I again have you and Titangoodluckcharm to enjoy together with all the sane posters on this beloved site. pro
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    They might get to the conference final, but I don't see them getting past NE to the SB. But, hope can be contagious. pro
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    This would be a really good signing. Hope he left without a contract b/c he wants to talk with agent and wife before making a decision. Get 'er done, JRob. We know you would probably want to run this by Amy, but don't let a few dollars stop you. Good veteran and fits the culture being developed. pro
  4. Me too. Every pic I have and want for an avi is too large. I am not savvy, and would love help to get one of them as my avitar. pro
  5. Davis takes Matthews' role. Matthews takes Sharpe's role. Sharpe competes with Taylor for slot role. You see, it's all Davis' fault. lol pro
  6. Not Titans related, but is Nashvie related. Predators are now one series away from the Stanley Cup. In Western Conference finals. Would be incredible to have a Stanley and a Lombardi in Nashville's trophy place. pro
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    Congrats to you for returning to get closer to your degree. Best to let your team know, but no huge deal in the long run. And speaking of long runs, let this year be your year of long runs. pro
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    They are. Traffic gets progressively worse each day. Top ten city in nearly all tourist and residential related surveys. Love living here but am glad of retirement and the option of either staying close to home or heading out for our overnight adventures. pro
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    Wonderful love of a father.
  10. Mine was also $1100. for the Atlanta SB. pro
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    I might look at an NBA score once in awhile, but don't watch any full game at all. ESPN now sucks for anything other than the NBA. Bet they continue to bleed capital assets. Good. pro
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    No, unless you are looking down into the club and lower seat for someone. No visual obstruction to the field.
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    Grabbing who they had on their udfa list to not give other teams access.
  14. P

    Sounds more like a Safety than an ILB, but should also help on special teams.
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    Q: I think safety E. Jackson is still on the board. What was his injury and is it projected that he will be able to play at a high or even above average level again? pro