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  1. The Titans signed Luke Stocker

    Kinney was a very good role player. If Stocker can be somewhere between Kinney and Fasano, then he will be a valuable addition. pro
  2. Final quarter predictions

    The Rams will have receivers wide open for most of the game. Pressure on Goff will help, but not enough to win this one. The division title will come down to the final Jags game. I don't have a very confident feel for this game. Hope I'm wrong. pro
  3. Texans @ Titans Game Thread

    Hopkins was certainly his main man, but the TEs made some key receptions. I can see some if Hopkins in #5 Davis. Maybe wishful hope, but his use of his body and feet are reminiscence. pro
  4. Texans Predictions and Poll #2

    Another close game, but the Texans are worn down by Q4 and theTitans win another one by 24 - 13. pro
  5. Colt's Predictions & Poll #2

    Titans24 - Colts 20
  6. Collin Cowherd on Mariota

    Steven A. Smith, Jameis Winston, Cam Newton --- disgusting loud-mouth losers. I personally could care less how media popular, how athletically talented, how game winning or losing each and other similar personalities might be, I am completely turned off by these miscreants. pro
  7. Depending on getting a very good if not franchise QB this coming draft, the team development should lead to a division championship within 2 or maybe 3 years. That will, of course, require good draft choices to fill talent gaps -- as is the case with all teams. I do believe that this build-plan will work out well for their fans. Patience required, though. pro
  8. Going to the game fellas, any tips?

    To clarify, shuttle cost is $10. per person. That covers round trip. Best deal all round. pro
  9. Bengals Predictions and Poll

    Good game by all elements: O, D, ST. Mariota and Davis combination soars. Adoree has at least one big run, maybe two. Byard gets another pick. Titans 27 - Bungles 13. pro
  10. Two Minutes

    McNair at this point in time. It would be great if Marcus could approach or exceed Steve's heroism in the clutch. pro
  11. Mularkey on Offensive Adjustments after Bye

    I suspect that the majority of TR posters nowadays have no idea who Wallace was.
  12. Done

    WRs were running free all day. That's what I mean by the defensive scheming and playcalls. We would have lost with a decent QB throwing long against our coverage. Lousy tackling, too. pro
  13. Done

    I will take the W any day over the alternative. I just hate the bad football that is being called and executed. I can even accept a loss if I am seeing good football by the team. This was poor playcalling and poor execution across the offensive and defensive boards. The former is on the coaches, the latter is on players while being forced to execute the former. Thank goodness for Byard today. pro
  14. Titans vs Browns: Official Game Day Thread

    Damn lucky. I feel sorry for the Browns after a record # of losses less than 6 points.