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    Good mock. I doubt that Andrew Walker makes it to the 4th round. Not sure about releasing Stafford without having at least one more S going into TC. pro
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    I'm a 'Canes fan from childhood in Miami. Saw Eddie LeBaron run and pass circles around teams. Orange Bowl craziness. Good times then. pro
  3. In order: Howard, Davis, McCaffrey, Ross, Williams 5 weeks + 3 twenty four hours = JRob excitement. Can't wait.
  4. Howard, McCaffrey Allen/Thomas,. Adams
  5. If it was Ross and McCaffrey left at 18, I'd take McCaffrey. Ross seems way too fragile. Talented and really fast, yes. But ....... an injury waiting to happen. McCaffrey would go just as far to open the offense and cause DCs some sleepless nights. And would bring more options to offense and special teams. pro
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    I posted a real liking for what McCaffrey would bring to this team awhile ago, and have reposted same when others have disagreed. I have, however, seen more folks expressing agreement of recent. This will be an exciting draft. The last week of April can't come quick enough. pro
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    Assuming that he has fully passed the medical at the combine, then I would take him in a heartbeat. Would prefer to trade down a bit from 5 but if nothing outstanding is offered, then Allen would be a great addition for 2017 and beyond. pro
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    Tough, Physical, Violent, Aggressive, Aggressive. The winner's mentality if 'smart' is also there (pay attention Lewan). pro
  9. My guess: Tomorrow is apparently Hightower's birthday. He is waiting to give the Pats fans his own personal birthday present by returning. Both front offices are probably aware and JRob is simply doing his old team a favor by keeping quiet. Just a guess, but is as good as any other I've seen to date. pro
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    I have this gut 'feeling' that the longer this Hightower drama lasts, the more likely it will be that he decides to stay with the Pats. However, the actual size of my gut is nowhere near where I want it to be in real life, so I am hoping that it is overdoing my 'feeling'. pro
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    Like your projections. That number of picks with this really good draft with our needs gets a plus one. pro
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    You may very well be right, but for the record I do see him as #3 WR in the draft for his fit to the needs of our team. I think other teams also see him as someone different from just a RB. We'll see. pro