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  1. No. In fact, the Browns are in great shape with draft capital and cap space. This team will have an abundance of young talent with a good FA and draft, and any decent QB could have a bright future there. Of course, there is always the highly negative unknowns given the past history of that franchise. But there IS a light at the end of the tunnel for their fans. Only question is how bright that light is with this HC. pro
  2. Actually, my wife and I hope to go to both Dakotas, Montana, Minnesota and Michigan in the next two years, health permitting. That will make all 48.
  3. OK .. me. Living off retirement annuities and social security. Medicare medical so could not help there. Pretty much finished travelling -- already been to Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Italy, France, Spain, Norway, Netherlands, Eastern and Western Caribbean, Panama, Mexico, Bolivia, Eastern and Western Canada, 43 of the 48 contiguous States, Hawaii, and Alaska. But mainly, happily married and plan to be so until I fill a beautiful box. LOL. I couldn't pass this one up. pro
  4. Team needs before free agency and the draft

    IOL, ILB, OLB, Pass rushing DL, RB, S, CB, Backup QB. That's 8 players -- 6 drafts & 2 FA. pro
  5. Now that's from the guts passion. The kind of passion that I think JRob and The Big V have. Now let's get that translated to the players on the field. This team is heading in that direction. Finally. pro
  6. SB question?

    Thx folks.
  7. SB question?

    The advertised time for SB is 5:30 cst. What is the actual kickoff time, cst. pro
  8. Patriots Way Part II - Head Coach and the Titans Way

    Prag, I would love for JRob and ultimately Vrabel to read this post. You have done a really good job of describing the working attributes of a successful GM and HC in a professional sports league. Well done. pro
  9. How Proud (or unproud) are you of the Titans?

    I am happy in all the various areas of the team. A really good mixture of veterans and youth in a player level with improving talent each year. An identity of strength and unity from the top to the bottom not seen for years. A still-to-be-tested coaching staff that is very promising to bring the team into the 21st NFL century. A General Manager who is committed to elevating our team to its highest since '99-'2000. And most of all, I am so very proud of our owner -- AAS -- who is dedicated to doing all she can to both improve the facilities and to take the necessary actions to give over the authority to football people. We as fans are very fortunate to see hope spring from despair with excitement finally feeling real. Way to go ... all. pro
  10. Rumor: Leaked Details Of New Uniforms

    Sounds horrible. The light Columbia blue is low on my list of preferred cklors, but this sounds like hyped up arena unis. Red as a primary really sucks. Navy is my preferred primary. I personally prefer the sword logo, although I do like the thought of the flames representing what I --Prometheus -- gave to humanity. This whole OP post sounds like BS to me. pro
  11. Actually, 76. My dad started taking me to see UM games in the Orange Bowl when I was 6. My HS (Miami Edison) played in the Orange Bowl every home game ... ranked #2 in the nation at the end of my senior year. I tried out for football but was too skinny at the time (those were the days weight-wise). I did play HS and college basketball, albeit on the bench as much as on the court. Was pretty highly ranked in the national tennis arena in my younger years. Continued that sport through my 50s, but bad knees halted that for awhile. Have two titanium knees now, but all my tennis buddies.have now gone to that big court in the sky. As is always the case with us older folks, the past seemed better than the present. But life is full of change, and it is unrealistic to compare past with present. I have, hopefully, learned to live by the title of one of my favorite books: "Don't push the water, it flows by itself". BTW, I do so enjoy TR. It is my daily rejuvenator. I learn things about my beloved Titans, and am continually impressed by many posters (and saddened by a few others). Thanks again to Guru for making this happen after the TC meltdown. Peace, pro.
  12. I was a freshman in college at the beginning of LeBeau's NFL playing days (1959). Also watched Joe Namath in his first year from my college dorm, among many other 'old timers' from Lombardi on. pro
  13. Titans Interviewing Bettcher for DC

    Thanks for clarifying. Vrabel acting like a CEO ... I like this. pro
  14. Rapoport Titans have interest in DeFilippo as OC

    Yeeeeeesssssss. Bettcher and Defillipo would be awesome. Make it happen, JRob and V-Man. pro
  15. Titans Interviewing Bettcher for DC

    Bettcher would be a great addition. ? Would he have free reign, or would there be reluctance to come if he would only be a conduit for Vrabel and his defensive wishes? pro