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  1. It could/will be exciting to be a Browns fan this year. Great current draft spots and so many trade possibilities. I would be on the edge of my seat. The Browns could set up their team for the next decade with one draft. I can't help but feel sorry for the moneyball FO who orchestrated these picks and are now shoved to the wayside. Of course, they might have known that was the plan all along and took the job(s) to show what that strategy would yield. pro
  2. It's hard to assess Sweat's getoff because of what he was asked to do at FSU. Much more often than not he was instructed to play the inside shoulder of the tackle. His read was then on what the tackle did rather that a jump at the ball snap. On those occasions when he was lined up outside and read the snap, then his getoff the line to the QB has been described as much better. At least that's what I have heard. pro
  3. 2018 NFL Draft Rumors & Speculation Thread

    Damn, this draft can't come soon enough. Then we have to wait for 24 picks to be made -- or more -- to get some degree of satisfaction. Maybe. pro
  4. 2018 NFL Draft Rumors & Speculation Thread

    I read somewhere that all 32 teams will love their first round picks and claim that he was "our man" all along. Some will say that they are "shocked" that their player fell to them in the second round. By the third round and beyond there won't be many if any comments other than "we were lucky to get ... ". pro
  5. It's obvious that JRob and a number of other GMs want to trade down. By the time that 25 comes around I think that teams wanting to trade up will have already done so. If, however, there is a really attractive OL still on the board, the Titans might work out something advantageous. If not, then Evans or Reid or Landry ... whoever is there. I don't like Hubbard for some unaccounted for reason. If a trade does work out, then I have no idea. pro
  6. I do like Evans a lot, but Reid would solidify the secondary for years to come. I agree that you don't beat Brady or Luck or Brees with pass rush. Not in today's NFL. Reid together with the current DBs would easily be a top 3 secondary. If Reid is not there and Evans is, then go with Evans. He is also able to play inside or outside, giving your defense versatility. I just think that a top safety would provide Pees and Vrabel such quality that it would go far to neutralize or at least minimize the pass-happy play. pro
  7. Either stay at 25 or trade down if a good offer is issued. It's a bit difficult to get real excited with the multitude of possibilities from 10 - 24. I am, however, building more and more anticipation. Good picks by JRob will be exceeded only by news that Nashville has been selected as a draft destination. I doubt it happens so the picks will be the only cake to savor next week. Can't wait. pro
  8. Dude has Titans tats covering his body....

    Oh, and my wife got a 2 carat diamond when I came home with the tat. I still got the better deal. That's my thoughts and I'm stickin' to it. So there! pro
  9. Dude has Titans tats covering his body....

    None taken.
  10. Dude has Titans tats covering his body....

    I have the Titans sword on my upper arm. Got it the week before going to SB in Atlanta. That's it unless -- er, until -- my team goes to and wins the SB. pro
  11. Kirkster Mock Draft - Only One

    I would love this draft.
  12. Like: Navy and white White and navy All navy Neutral: Navy and columbia blue Columbia blue and navy Don't like: All white All columbia blue White and columbia blue Columbia blue and white
  13. I have already expressed my feelings in an earlier post in the thread, but they are the unis for the future. I do much prefer the home navy jersey with white pants and vice versa for away games. I have never liked the solid home or away unis and like the new ones even less. I don't like the all columbia blue combo either. The color rush unis are best columbia blue jersey and navy pants .... if that combo is approved by the NFL as a color rush uniform. The helmets are growing on me a lot. Love the deep navy. The silver/white sword looks good, although I wish the point of the sword on the front was more prominently seen. But, overall, the helmet is a real improvement. JMHO, pro
  14. Very disappointed. Guru's mock ones were much better. Thought I would like the new font, but these skinny numerals look childish. Was really looking forward to the gray/silver away jerseys, silver pants, etc., but, but but .... just looks amateurish and cheap. Don't like the white at all. Sorry JRob, not fierce at all. Nike fail. Hope they grow on me pro
  15. I watched Matthews at Vandy and always felt he would be a great catch (see what I did there) for the Titans. He would add a much needed veteran influence and allow JRob to get speed in the later rounds of the draft. pro