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  1. He didn't admit he helped. He just said he wanted Trump to win. Fake news.
  2. I know you feel it's the only leg you have to stand on. But stop pushing the narrative. it makes NO sense. He doesn't want to end up in the U.S. that's one of the reasons he's hiding out in an embassy. If the US offered a deal they'd tear it up after. He'd be a moron to make any deal with the US after what he did. And if Russians are the ones providing the DNC info for his site, he's sure as hell is not going to tell us. They poison people with cyanide. That's like asking, "why don't they just make a deal with Russian spies to get them to talk?"
  3. Your Twitter feed must be filled with so many bot accounts. Every day it's a new Twitter handle.
  4. Assange is not coming back nor would he take any plea bargain. It'd be signing a death warrant. Stop pushing that narrative that makes no sense for Assange.
  5. big2033

    Trump job review with Putin running long

    This is not about America it's about winning in the 24 hour news cycle. Look at the people in this room still shilling. It won't change.
  6. Yeah I wouldn't no what to say either ...
  7. big2033

    Jason Wolf Leaving Tennessean

    Damn PK is cold lol
  8. Could it be the jewelers weren't to be fucked with? Lol.
  9. If everything you're doing 100% works for you. Then you don't have to say much. But if it doesn't, you should say something. It's obvious in some situations that Mariota wasn't comfortable - say something then. If not, then he should be fine at it and good at it.
  10. Exactly. People are too defensive when it comes to him. Just be a bit more vocal about what works. The defense came to him and pushed him to do that in the playoffs from what I remember. Now that being said, he may not have to do that with LaFleur.
  11. I wasn't criticizing you. Anyway, I don't think he was 100% vocal enough last year. Everyone had a problem with the offense but he seemed to be the least vocal about it when he should be most vocal.
  12. Yeah I don't want that extreme. I criticized him a bit as it seemed like everyone around him were complaining in some way about what worked for the offence except him. That's what this means to me.
  13. No, when he doesn't like something, or something doesn't work He's gotta say something. A pretty accurate criticism and it's not the end of the world that he's being criticized for it.
  14. It's actually blown over. The police arrested the other guy and they said that Pacman was protecting himself.
  15. big2033

    Cutler done with football

    He actually tended to hold on to the ball too long waiting for his one receiver to get open. It's odd that everywhere Cutler went O-line was an issue. EDIT: Here are some good indicators of what the problems are: In 2013, when holding the ball for 2.5 or fewer seconds (which means a decisive progression and early throw based on an understanding of pre-snap coverage), Cutler was not sacked at all. In 2014, when holding the ball for 2.5 or fewer seconds, Cutler was sacked 10 times. No starting QB saw that type of increase last year. The closest ones were two gimpy, injured players who are very accustomed to scrambling (Robert Griffin III and Cam Newton), but both only saw increases of 7 sacks, a far cry from the 10 of Cutler. ---- In 2013, Cutler was pressured on 39% of his dropbacks. That was one of the highest figures in the NFL. He was sacked on 12.6% of those dropbacks. In 2014, the strategy was to keep Cutler cleaner. And it worked from a pressure perspective – he was pressured on only 30.1% of his dropbacks, well below the NFL average. But Cutler was sacked on 20% of the times he was pressured, which was a significant increase. The 8.1% reduction in pressure percentage was one of the greatest things Trestman could do for Cutler. In fact, the only QB who saw pressure less often from 2013 to 2014 was Eli Manning, who received a brand new coordinator in 2014 with the intent (like Trestman) of getting the ball out faster to keep Eli healthier. This change appears to indicate that while Trestman was “doing his job” in keeping Cutler cleaner in the pocket and designing protections to reduce the pressure on Cutler, Cutler was not living up to what he needed to do in terms of getting the ball out and reducing sacks.