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  1. Trump on players disrespecting the Flag.

    Not sure..if you look at the NFL over its history, there have always been ups and downs with attendance and ratings. Patriots fatigue, 100 different things to watch because of all the options on tv, teams in big markets are bad..LA teams, NY teams. Last year my 3 boys all had their own NFL package, now we all watch together to save money and spend more time together. Ratings are down, but you could tie whatever agenda you want to that..maybe its the concussion issue and violence, ticket prices, teams moving..etc etc
  2. Trump on players disrespecting the Flag.

    Not a big supporter of Goodell, but glad to see him come out strong against Trumps comments.
  3. Trump on players disrespecting the Flag.

    Where are you getting these facts? Based on my experiences and conversations, although limited, I get a totally different sense.
  4. Trump on players disrespecting the Flag.

    I don't know about giving up season tickets, but I understand being fed up with VY when he was still a Titan.
  5. Trump on players disrespecting the Flag.

    So you will stop watching the Titans?
  6. Trump on players disrespecting the Flag.

    There are people who really believe the NFLs numbers and attendance is down because of a few quiet player protests? I don't know anyone who even cares.. My guess is there will be more now that Trump had his little hissy fit about it..
  7. Committee to Investigate Russia

    Easy..way too many sheep who believe in party before country.
  8. Aaron Hernandez Innocent

    If true, that is some serious brain damage for a 27 year old.
  9. The kids were really good, the movie was ok.
  10. You honestly think a senator should vote for this, even after admitting there are several things wrong with it, for the sole reason of keeping a campaign pledge?
  11. Party before country..I will never understand that.
  12. Damn..I just posted about this in the other thread. I am ashamed he is from my state.
  13. Great article in the DM register about this..the idiot, I mean senator Grassley is quoted as saying there are 10 reasons this bill should not pass, but the repubs campaigned on repeal, so they have a responsibility to carry out the campaign promise..so that is as much a reason to pass this as the substance of the bill. This may be one of the dumbest F'ing things I have ever heard. Pass a bill you say is bad, and won't have a CBO score on, just to fullfill a campaign promise? This country is run by stupid people, saying and doing stupid things. I am embarassed for my home state, between this moron and the racist Steve King.
  14. Rocket Man

    I do have to say..calling him rocket man is funny.