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  1. Omar

    Is this really true - I really Don't Care

    So does the jhihadic wing of the Republican party care about this illegal immigrants fashion statement?
  2. Omar

    Manafort In jail

    The guy will be in jail until his trial, and will start running out of money soon. If there is something to flip on Trump about, it will happen at some point.
  3. I don't disagree with this at all, you are probably right. But their plan will work, people are horrified by this.
  4. I wonder if any of our current GOP realize they are going to get crushed with this at the mid terms. It is like they are trying to lose.
  5. Omar

    So that IG report we keep hearing about

    Not a Clinton fan at all, but that tweet was funny.
  6. He had been at all the workouts up until today, that says a lot about his character and team first attitude. Negotiations have been slow, this is the perfect time to make a statement. No issues with this..pay the man!
  7. They were not protesting Democrats, people were protesting the two shitty candidates..and everyone thought HC had it wrapped up. It was a perfect storm.
  8. Bro..I am quoting a tweet from conservative writer/analyst Steve Deace. He is a regular on Fox news, and a very smart, well spoken guy. I suggest you give him a follow. I don't agree with most of his conservative views, but he makes good points, is well informed, and tells it like it is..
  9. Our local conservative writer just tweeted that since Guliani started talking about the Pres being able to pardon himself on May 30..Dems have doubled their lead in the congressional primaries according to Real Clear Politics.
  10. Omar

    So that IG report we keep hearing about

    How the F is anyone trying defend what Trump said? It was on national tv, we can all see it whenever we want..he flat out said it was about the "Russia thing"
  11. These are actually smart moves for him that I agree with..
  12. Omar

    Obama Gave Iran Full Access To US Financial System

    It does when the Pres keeps tweeting about 13 angry Democrats... That is a complete falsehood as proven by Legals post.
  13. Omar

    Trey Gowdy: FBI acted properly

    When Nunes came out of his briefing a while back and never said a word..that was more telling than anything.
  14. Omar

    Who is boycotting Starbucks now?

    I do have to say while their coffee sucks, my personal boycott only extends until the fall when the pumpkin spice latte comes out. I know..I sound like a teenage white girl, I can't help it.
  15. Omar

    He could shoot Comey

    Grassley has completed changed his tune about Trump recently to our local media. Shocking..