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  1. He will be labeled a traitor, deep state, false news..etc
  2. He should be taken behind the courthouse and shot in the back of the head. Total bs..
  3. How stupid/arrogant was Hillary/Dems?

    Trump won because dems did not go to the polls. Most did not care for Hillary, and figured she had it won. Record low numbers for dems voting, nobody ever thought Trump had any shot at all. Hillary ran a shit campaign..for the second time. My guess is dems will turn out full force in 2018 and 2020.
  4. Titans hire Dean Pees for DC

    Biggest question for the new DC..."How do you feel about your CBs lining up 10-12 yards off the WR"?
  5. Potential Cap Casualties

    Murray would be the only obvious one. The rest can compete for spots in TC.
  6. All the people who have been shitting on JRob and Vrabel need to stay silent.
  7. Titans hire Dean Pees for DC

    Outstanding hire. Pees and Vrabel can continue to build off of what Lebeau started.
  8. McCabe out and my victory lap begins

    You are taking a victory lap because a guy retired two months earlier than he was originally going to? He had accumulated enough time to do this. This happens once a month at my job.
  9. Talib possible trade target?

    No no no..hell no.
  10. Rob Moore - Titans new WR coach

    If the returning players did not have issues with drops last year, I doubt a new WR coach will suddenly contribute to them dropping passes.
  11. Dean Pees Possible DC

    Pees and Vrabel together sounds good to me. Building on what Lebeau started.
  12. Forbes: Hillarygate?

    Hey Trump nut huggers....NOBODY gives a shit about Hillary Clinton!! You look like morons when you keep bringing her up to defend Trump.
  13. Titans hire QB and OLB coaches

    Maybe he should only hire people he has never met, knows nothing about, and base everything on an hour interview. Sounds like a solid plan..
  14. JRob on 104.5

    Bettcher was not yet available when Vrabel was hired, it sounds like a lot of people were surprised he became available. But that does not fit in to all the conspiracy theories about how Vrabels first choice at DC rejected him.
  15. JRob on 104.5

    I love reading all the conspiracy theories on here about what is going on. Titans report CSI.