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  1. Is the Left ever right, your chance for apology

    What absolute total convoluted horse shit... You have no idea what you're talking about... Why don't you talk about what you think rather then trying to tell others what they think... I didn't know people could actually be this self absorbed...
  2. I'm hoping the score ends up 0-0... screw them both...
  3. Is the Left ever right, your chance for apology

    Pot --- kettle calling...
  4. The senate just Passed the GOP tax cut bill.

    LOL!!! Lost in hating Trump land... What I expect from a "postal tool".
  5. Continuity Hire

    Would that be the "Patriots South"?
  6. Government shut down coming?

    I see your still listening to MSM... Yes, and Trump will never win the election either... Keep remembering that...
  7. Government shut down coming?

    Dems have to make that stance --- they need to get immigrants votes --- they're losing everyone else's ... Have to get more idiots to believe they're standing up for what's best for them... gullible fools...
  8. Government shut down coming?

    Dems are nitwits... House passed bill and senate dems are holding back... Both sides blame each other... Dems will say it was for DACA and dreamers... which everyone knows is bs already... Republicans will say dems are voting against military and putting immigrants in front of actual American citizens --- Especially after Chucky has preached about shutting down gov. in past --- who do you think wins with the shutdown? Then to top it off the "memo" will be released --- these idiots better hang on and start making up bs stories already... I can smell Chucky bs on the way... LOL!!!
  9. THE BIG UGLY - DO NOT MERGE(Merged: Mod)

    I wonder why every democrat voted against releasing the memo --- every one --- if this is as bad as being said ---these suckers are still trying to play cover up... This must be some bad news for someone... #ReleaseTheMemo
  10. Is the Left ever right, your chance for apology

    The people that hate him are nothing more then lemmings following the main stream media's bs... Any democrat against Trump is a total idiot --- in the short period of time he has been in charge he has kicked ass and been doing exactly what people voted for him to do... Drain the swamp... and that with people objecting to him at every turn... While the time has come to show you dumb asses the truth --- enjoy what you've been wallowing in...
  11. THE BIG UGLY - DO NOT MERGE(Merged: Mod)

    #releasethememo http://www.washingtonexaminer.com/republicans-rally-for-public-release-of-memo-on-fisa-abuses/article/2646412 https://twitchy.com/brettt-3136/2018/01/18/absolutely-shocking-republican-legislators-and-others-send-releasethememo-trending/
  12. Government shut down coming?

    They won't win shit---their days are numbered...
  13. THE BIG UGLY - DO NOT MERGE(Merged: Mod)

    So there still are gullible dumb asses out there --- I wonder when MSM will pick up the true story...
  14. THE BIG UGLY - DO NOT MERGE(Merged: Mod)

    Where have all the Russian Collusion dems gone around here??? Where's Waldo???
  15. THE BIG UGLY - DO NOT MERGE(Merged: Mod)

    The Russian Collusion Delusion has been broken open...