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  1. This reminds me, I need to call soon to cancel my service and encourage them to give me more free stuff.
  2. Funny you mentioned this. These Indexed Universal LI policies can also include long term care riders.
  3. This has always been my thought with life insurance. I’ve never owned anything but term. It just seems like maybe having an indexed universal policy isn’t a bad investment for someone my age. I can use it to stash away money tax free and the life insurance benefit won’t expire like with term.
  4. Does anyone have any thoughts on buying an Indexed Universal Life Insurance policy? One of my clients sells insurance and he was telling me about them. The sales pitch sounded too good to be true.
  5. Weak article. Here, let me help...
  6. abenjami

    2018 Titans Report Dynasty League

    Same thing the gynecologist said to @JakePA_Titan‘s mom after his birth.
  7. I’ve had a wad of my liquidated cash in there for awhile. It hasn’t been paying 2%. Last month was paid at an annual rate of 1.74%
  8. What’s the ticker symbol?
  9. abenjami

    Fuck AT&T

    Switched to Gsuite a few years ago. Best $10 per month ever.
  10. abenjami

    Tesla's Future Poll

    I think maybe I just realized why Tesla is having issues with the Model 3. I put down my deposit less than two weeks ago. The estimated delivery time was 6-12 months. Yesterday I got an email saying it’s time for me to place my order and it will be delivered in 2-4 months. I suspect something isn’t right so I go online to place my order. It turns out I can only order the more expensive AWD that automatically comes with the additional costs of other upgrades that are standard for the AWD trim. I’m guessing they have a ton of people like me who just want a base model with an upgrade or two, not the $50k plus model. But for some reason they can’t produce the base model fast enough.
  11. I was once accused of cheating in college by a professor. I actually did not cheat. I aced the test. The problem was two of my good friends were in the class and apparently the professor saw them copying my answers during the test. He didnt say or do anything at the time. Instead he gave me a “C” on the test even though I aced it. When I got my test back and saw the grade, I went to the professor’s office to inquire about it. He explained to me that he knew my friends copied my test and therefore he decided to split my grade three ways by giving all of us “C’s” instead of an “A” for me and “F’s” for them. I explained to him I had no idea they were copying my test, which was true at the time. I told him if he caught them doing it then he should have moved their seats during the test instead of deciding to screw me over when I was innocent. He said he thought I was in on it and that’s why he did what he did. I told him I wasn’t in on anything and asked him to give me the grade I deserved. He said if I brought him signed confessions from my two friends saying they cheated and I wasn’t part of it then he would give me the “A” I deserved. I left and asked my friends about it. They both admitted they copied my test. I left it it alone and just took the “C”.
  12. Uh, no. Everyone does not start as a bandwagon fan.
  13. I have been thinking the same thing. It's even more weird because the OP just said pick 5 Titans to go out to the bars. It didn't say any posters would be going with these 5 guys to the bars. But everyone assumed that in some sort of homoerotic fantasy they have about partying with big young men, praying to pull some late night groupie scraps. Personally, I would pick the 5 least important guys on the roster. I don't want anyone that matters going out to bars, with or without posters. Too much distraction and potential for troubling incidents. My interest in this team is winning Super Bowls. I couldn't care less about meatheads partying at bars.
  14. abenjami


    I thought the market only goes up???