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  1. Ok, let's eliminate those two words then. One of the greatest.
  2. Week 7 fantasy advice

    Browns are #31 against fantasy QB's though. That's what I am hung up on.
  3. Week 7 fantasy advice

    Pick 3 in 0.5 PPR: Amendola, Funchess, John Brown, Agholor
  4. Week 7 fantasy advice

    Both could certainly happen. I thought all 4 of your options were fairly equal. I chose Henry because I think if we get up early, the Browns are going to get a big dose of Henry.
  5. How does the grandmaster Bahai feel about posters who claim they are a god?
  6. Week 7 fantasy advice

    Ivory Henry
  7. Week 7 fantasy advice

    Mariota, Wentz or Cousins?
  8. LOL at @Jamalisms thinking this was about himself.
  9. Talk about selling low. This would be far worse than liquidating your portfolio 15 months ago.
  10. Hopefully you traded him. He’s being dropped at this point in some leagues.
  11. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.sbnation.com/platform/amp/lookit/2017/10/16/16481786/ryan-fitzpatrick-curse-jameis-winston-buccaneers-injury-nfl LOL at the Geno Smith reference.
  12. 2017 TR Survivor Pool Week 7

    Well the Titans were definitely a team I was considering taking this week but I think we all know they lose if we both pick them and that’s not good for business around here.
  13. If you combine their numbers, it’s very similar to what Kareem Hunt has done to this point.
  14. 2017 TR Survivor Pool Week 7

    Works for me. Are you planning to start it over?
  15. 2017 TR Survivor Pool Week 7

    Just for you @CMJ I’m taking the Cowboys this week.