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  1. No kidding. And on network television without swearing no less.
  2. That makes sense to me but I would say the result is due to colleges taking advantage of the available loan programs, as opposed to saying the student loan industry is terrible in some crooked way.
  3. I disagree based upon what I know. But i'm certainly open to hearing why you believe that.
  4. Tyson was fun to watch in his prime but give me a Roy Jones, Jr. fight any day of the week. That guy was entertaining.
  5. Exactly. I also don't think the "student loan industry" is terrible. I don't know of any other type of lending program in life that gives you loads of cash at a low interest rate with no collateral and little to no credit history. Not to mention the interest is often deferred, the repayment period is long, and they don't immediately come after you if you fall behind in payments. Now if he wants to talk about how terrible the cost of going to college is, I'm all ears.
  6. Call me crazy, but doesn't this seem to contradict bongo's inside information that the Titans had actually traded the pick?
  7. Bike or knife?
  8. It's almost time to bump that legendary thread again.
  9. I stand corrected. We've all seen girls kyle has banged.
  10. He WAS an outright bust. If you want to classify him as the level of bust right above the Jamarcus Russell-Matt Leinart-Akili Smith-Ryan Leaf level of bust because he won a few meaningless games with a few pretty spectacularly athletic plays, that's fine with me. Just realize no one really cares about whether it's a piece of shit or diarrhea.
  11. You mean a hot friend.
  12. Stop running until it heals completely.
  13. Well they do feel great regardless of whether or not you have a certain issue...
  14. IMO it's totally worth it. The hard part is finding the masseuse...