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  1. I plan to write a book someday about all the crazy stupid stuff I have seen being involved in the legal system. I had this case one time where this woman claimed she had never talked to this guy who was in prison. You wouldn't expect someone to lie about that EVER because when you call someone in prison, the call begins with a message that says this call is being recorded. Then it repeats like every minute or two, so it's very clear the call is being recorded. This woman claims she never talked to the guy and the prison produced the records of the calls for the guy. There was literally over 100 hours of calls with this woman on the phone, some of which time was spent having phone sex. It was truly classic.
  2. Did anyone else see Casserly today? He was talking about how the #1 pick this year probably won't be a QB and about how he had to make that decision in Houston when they drafted Mario Williams. When talking about how they decided between Mario, Bush and VY, he said something like, "we all knew VY couldn't play in this league." It was pure gold.
  3. For some reason, I can't scroll using the mouse right now. Scrolling works fine on other websites though. @TitansGuru?
  4. I admit i've never been to a strip club in the ATL. Sounds like I need to justify a business trip out there!
  5. Looks like a charter on American Airlines and those are coach seats. I'm sure there are a few first class seats up front but all the people whose heads will be resting on all those Titan towels in the picture are flying coach.
  6. Nothing in the US competes with Vegas strippers. Nothing.
  7. Or the day someone created a massive number of sock puppets!
  8. And they're flying coach LOL
  9. As long as they keep saying they will outlaw abortion and keep guns legal the idiots who vote for them won't care!
  10. @OILERMAN this is a huge side business opportunity for you. Sell these lazy posters your weekly frozen chicken meals for $5.99 per and deliver them on your regular route!
  11. That's all you would do? LOL If this were to pass, you can bet your ass I won't be so honest on my taxes anymore and will be setting up an exit plan in case I get caught.
  12. Henry was definitely a more complete TE who was ready to play right away. Howard looks like somewhat of a project to me and I don't like his tape enough to spend a high pick on him. He is fast for a guy his size but he's not Vernon Davis fast. That being said, I expect Howard to go somewhere between 15-30 because of his measurables. Someone will take him.
  13. I never went to an ivy league school but I did kill the LSAT.
  14. If he's the top player on your board then you should have no problem taking him at #5. Heck, you should be trying to trade up to get him.
  15. I don't think so at all. I think posters and draft "experts" over value TE's. You know how many TE's have gone in the top 18 picks in the past 10 drafts? I'll give you the answer: 1