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  1. I checked it out already. Seems great for people who really care about having the absolute best picture taking ability but that’s not me.
  2. Time for a new phone again. Last time I stuck with the iPhone. It works and i'm used to it. I wish the gmail integration was better. I'm also pretty pissed at how poorly my last iPhone performed after about a year. Battery life went to shit. I had a battery replacement done and it's actually worse now. I just don't see anything about buying a Samsung to sway me yet though. I'm not going to use my phone to do crazy stuff. Mostly to talk, text, email, calendar, web browsing, and watch videos. Any thoughts?
  3. I think it's good enough to do given your goal to fly for free in less than 2 months. You can always cancel the card 11 months from now before the annual fee hits and then sign up for a different card.
  4. abenjami

    How many of you are going to London?

    Chucked any pineapples yet?
  5. abenjami

    Rhianna turns down halftime show

    Duh. Obviously the NFL's stance on domestic violence is the polar opposite of her's.
  6. abenjami

    Bill sign QB off the street

    I guess this means things are even worse for Kaepernick!
  7. abenjami

    Hyde to Jacksonville

    Hyde is way better than Henry and Lewis. We should have paid a 5th rounder to get him.
  8. Delta is definitely better than American and United but there are lots of airlines better than Delta. Really what it comes down to is the individual plane. I normally fly first class now and the key is looking at the plane as opposed to the carrier.
  9. This makes sense. So they are offering you a $250 statement credit and 15,000 bonus miles. That's roughly equal to 40,000 bonus miles.
  10. Ate some bad pineapple.
  11. @heyitsmeallen what dates in December are you looking at? You are sort of in a time crunch to get points and book it in time. The cheapest SWA fares normally disappear about 21 days before the flight. Those are also the ones that cost the least amount of points. You also don't get the bonus credit card points right away. Normally what happens is you sign up for the card. Then it takes a week or two for them to mail you the card. Then you spend on it. Even when you hit your spending target, you don't get the points right away, you have to wait until your next monthly statement closes. For example, I recently opened up a new card myself. I applied on August 20th. I got the card in hand August 30th. I hit the spending target mid-September but didn't get the bonus points until October 9th when my monthly statement closed. So if you applied today, you probably won't get the points in time to book the flight with them. However, since it's a pretty cheap flight, I'd probably say just book it and pay cash, then develop a long term strategy you can begin now so that future trips are comped.
  12. @heyitsmeallen I'm slammed at work today but will respond with more later. But for starters... I don't know which SWA card you are seeing that offers only 15,000 bonus points. You can get ones right now that give you 40,000 bonus points instead. SWA cards are good if you fly SWA at least once per year. The annual fee you will pay is basically offset by the free annual bonus points they give you. Wisco is right, the Chase Sapphire Preferred is a great card. You'll get 50,000 bonus points and those can be transferred to SWA (or a bunch of different airlines instead). It's a better long term play. There's a $95 annual fee but if you are using it enough over the course of the year, you'll earn enough points to offset the fee with free travel.