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  1. No and I have been in many arguments about this over the years. It's not even in the top 5 of Will Ferrell movies.
  2. LOL all this time I thought you lived in Vegas!
  3. It could be a smokescreen...
  4. Are there any good local beers in Vegas? I will be there later this week...
  5. No mock?
  6. Yeah, I'm keeping my eye on it. I am considering getting back in pieces at a time.
  7. It's not a bad trade from a value perspective. I just find it hard to believe they won't like someone enough at #5 over who they'll forecast getting at #14. I think we'll need more to move back 9 spots.
  8. I read it and I totally agree. I wish I hadn't wasted the time.
  9. Wouldn't it be more fitting to use 5-7 periods?
  10. Ok I'm caught up and totally back into it. You were right ninja.
  11. Who in Buffalo hasn't been a disappointment in say the past decade? No one ever said the Pats aren't immune to making a mistake in free agency. They aren't perfect and no one will ever be. But they do a pretty good job IMO. Sure, they paid Amendola to replace Welker and he hasn't lived up to being that guy. But he hasn't been a total bust either and they didn't pay him very much anyway. Injuries and the emergence of Julian Edelman caused him to fall on the depth chart. Yet he's still on the team after 4 seasons there and he has made some contributions to winning important games and more championships. If you want to talk about the Patriots spending big money in free agency, how about the time they threw a ton of money at Reavis, won a super bowl that year, and then let Reavis walk instead of picking up his option year?
  12. I actually really liked the Gilmore signing. I think he's a really good player and better than Logan Ryan. Instead of paying Ryan $10 million a year, they let him walk and signed a better player for $13 million a year. That's called using your cap space to win. They are playing the Butler situation perfectly. If the Saints want him, the Pats get the #11 pick in a draft loaded with talent to replace Butler. If not, the Pats still get Butler for another year and they can replace him in the draft this year or next.
  13. The Saints would be retarded to give up the #11 pick for Butler considering how loaded the draft is with secondary players.
  14. If they were looking for choir boys, @Soxcat would have been hired as VP of the Scouting Department.
  15. Are we sure this isn't fake news?