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  1. If Garrett is this good, perhaps we should trade up from #5. The Browns could still get either Watson or Kizer at #5.
  2. I don't agree with this. Polian's problem was simply his inability to hit on draft picks on the defensive side of the ball. Marvin Harrison was already there before they drafted Manning. So was Tarik Glenn. After they drafted Manning, they spent a TON of picks on the defensive side of the ball. Seriously, go back and look at their draft history. Aside from Freeney, pretty much all the high draft picks on defense were busts (Mathis was a late round steal). Polian was great at hitting on offensive players though. He drafted OL well and when he spent a high pick on offense, it hit with good consistency (James, Wayne, Clark). It wasn't a mistake loading up on skill people. He had the right idea. Get your QB, surround him with a few play makers, protect him with a solid LT, find some good OL in the mid-rounds, and spend lots of draft capital on defense. He flat out sucked at drafting defense was his problem. Of course, we can't ignore Dungy being so one-dimensional with his defense. Their defense only knew one way to play (with a lead). They were just fine when Peyton scored a bunch of points and they could pin their ears back to go after the QB with no concerns about the run game. It was a great way to win a ton of regular season games against lesser opponents. It was a horrible way to try and beat other playoff teams.
  3. Like I have said a few times, hopefully the attacks come against the east coast
  4. It's much more simplistic. His philosophy is "who can I appoint that will result in my own bank account growing".
  5. That's interesting to hear. My doctor is the exact opposite. He thinks Obamacare was a great thing. Now he gets to provide health care to more people and those who really need it. Perhaps you should reconsider how you are selecting your doctors. It seems they aren't really into providing a service and didn't take that hippoocratic oath as seriously as I would want my doctor to.
  6. I don't mean to single you out but i'm tired of hearing how the ACA supposedly didn't affect a lot of people. It affected everyone. Did it cause my premiums to rise more than people who get their health insurance provided by their employer? Sure. But guess what? That same company I buy my insurance from also insures lots of employers. They had to raise their rates for those employer sponsored plans because the ACA eliminated caps and mandated additional care they didn't previously had to cover. Some of those increased costs were passed on to employees in one way or another, and deductibles went up. Of course, at the same time, everyone also benefited in some ways (regardless of where you get your policy).
  7. I want the Raiders to relocate to San Diego.
  8. You guys are missing the big picture here. Remember when Trump promised to build a wall and deport all illegal aliens? Obviously he's got to replace those blue collar workers being deported or unable to get in the country. Killing education is a great way to ensure legal citizens become blue collar workers and fill those jobs, decreasing the unemployment rate!
  9. I read Dianetics when I was in high school. It thought it was a fascinating theory of the mind and enjoyed the read but I never felt compelled to become a fucking wackjob.
  10. I absolutely love the draft. What annoys me is having to sift through a bunch of premature mocks, player profiles, and hypothetical off season plans during the NFL playoffs when the combine hasn't even happened yet and we don't know who will get tagged or resigned. At this point in the season, the mocks, etc are wildly speculative. I understand there are posters who really enjoy engaging in that type of stuff and I'm all for it. Just keep it in the other forum until the season is actually over.
  11. *crickets*
  12. Feel free to head over to the draft forum then if actual NFL football isn't your thing.
  13. This is probably what bothers me the most. If people want to put draft talk, etc. in the main forum during the actual OFF SEASON then it's not as big of a deal to me. But at this point, the NFL season isn't over and I would much prefer not having to weed through all the way too early hypothetical draft crap when trying to discuss actual football still being played. At least wait until after the Super Bowl and perhaps until the week free agency begins to start allowing that stuff in the main forum.
  14. Paid or unpaid? LOL