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  1. What's your league's IDP scoring?

    No way to add one of each position this season, as this tweak was something we decided to mix in last minute on draft day. But that does sound like the way to go down the road if we get rid of DST's. I'm trying to keep the scoring simple and have been tinkering with the scoring system this morning. Here's where I am at right now and I think this might work. Tackles 1 Pass Defensed 1 INT 4 Forced Fumble 2 Fumble Recovery 2 (you get 1/2 the points of a turnover on each end of a fumble) Sack 5 TD 6 Safety 6 (you get the 2 points plus 4 for a turnover) I don't like the thought of a sack being more valuable than a turnover and essentially equivalent to a TD. But without sacks being generously rewarded, the LB's are too dominant.
  2. What's your league's IDP scoring?

    Gotcha. I see the problem i'm having now in designing a scoring system. My league is going to have only one IDP slot. When I look at the scoring for the IDP's, it is dominated by LB's with a few DB's sprinkled in. Guys like Watt, Mack and Von Miller aren't even the top 30. So basically everyone will just start a LB except for one or two teams. I'm trying to come up with something that makes scoring for DL/LB/CB fairly equal across the IDP position, so we can use guys like Watt, Mack, and Miller. Something where the best actual players score the most points. So a top DL would be roughly equal to a top LB, etc. But I also don't want to jack up the points for sacks/turnovers to the point where Von Miller is having 40 point games. Having never done IDP before, I didn't realize you had 2 each. I just figured every IDP slot was like a flex.
  3. What's your league's IDP scoring?

    Thanks. I do have some questions. 1. Do you only do IDP's? Or do you also have traditional DST's? 2. How many total points does a top 20 IDP score in a season? It is comparable to a top 20 RB/WR?
  4. Well the Vikings one is straight up solid. http://deadspin.com/why-your-team-sucks-2017-minnesota-vikings-1797851777
  5. I look forward to these every year too but this one is weak. IIRC, the better your team is, the less funny the article is, so I guess we have that going for us. Time to read the ones about the Rams and Jags!
  6. Boom or Bust?

    WR1 and DST are question marks?
  7. What's your league's IDP scoring?

    @oldschool weigh in
  8. One of my leagues just voted to get rid of kickers and replace them with a single IDP for each team. I've never done an IDP league before. What kind of scoring do your leagues use for IDP's? I'd like to come up with something that makes the top DL/LB/CB's pretty square, as opposed to having most of the top 20 guys being DL because sacks are worth too many points, or CB's because INT's are worth lots of points, etc.
  9. Boom or Bust?

    I'm not fishing for back pats at all. I was looking for opinions on the squad and I'm just commenting on yours. Personally I think RB is the least of my concerns with this roster. While I probably don't have a stud RB1 the first 7 weeks, I've got several guys who will get lots of playing time. WR, QB and TE are the major question marks IMO.
  10. Boom or Bust?

    Gurley is my RB1 for half the season but he's got a high ceiling as well.
  11. Boom or Bust?

    Gurley was the #7 RB his rookie year and #17 last year. I consider that an easily acceptable floor for an RB2. I also think Mixon has a solid floor considering what we've seen the past few years from highly drafted rookies at the RB position. I think the biggest concern with this team is playing time. Lots of guys with injury histories and a couple that are pretty old and injury prone.
  12. The Game of Thrones

    Look I'm still into the show. Just pretty disappointed how fast time is flying and how easily a dragon can be taken down and converted.
  13. Boom or Bust?

    It's definitely a boom or bust team filled with lots of question marks. But how how do you guys feel about this team's potential? Would you be stoked or scared shitless if you drafted this squad?
  14. The Game of Thrones

    Sure, I can totally buy into that. But an ice spear isn't much of a super weapon. If this guy is so bad ass, why hasn't he taken down the wall before?
  15. The Game of Thrones

    LOL. Read my post from last week about how I understand needing to be very flexible on realism in a world of dragons, etc. I agree about the stationary one on the ground. No sense of urgency. He could have had two dragons.