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  1. Why did Kyle get fired

    I missed the OP before he deleted it but are you guys sure it was a woman?
  2. Why did Kyle get fired

    Were there pics posted?
  3. A twofer??!!

    He probably banged a bunch of hookers at the wake after-party.
  4. I got fired

    Repost it
  5. 4 dead at Waffle House in Antioch

    When I first read the title, I thought for certain it would have been a gun-toting second amendment supporter taking down 4 terrorists in a Waffle House because he was allowed to carry a gun.
  6. Why Jake Locker Walked Away

    @Soxcat is definitely not racist. He hates all gays equally, regardless of color.
  7. Why Jake Locker Walked Away

    I read the first two pages of this thread and stopped. It seems pretty clear Locker was a religious wacko and a pussy.
  8. Random story

    Sounds like the gas station owner invested in bitcoin.
  9. 2018 Titans Report Dynasty League

    Dez plus all my picks this year?
  10. Not really. I’m gambling. If it goes up up a bit more before I give up and go all back in then I only forsaked a few more pennies.
  11. I agree. At this point I’m simply hoping to squeeze out a few hundred points before going all back in. And that’s just the money already sitting on the sidelines. When I make my 2017 contribution today it will go right into the market as it would have without this bad move.
  12. No, not a great depression. I want it to go back up afterwards. I'm looking for another 9-11.
  13. Cowboys Releasing Dez Bryant

    He'd be a great fit on the Bengals.
  14. You OP said to draft WR's like RB's using mid-round picks.