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  1. AFC/NFC Championship Games Thread

    Gilmore sucks right?
  2. Biggest positive of vrabel

    @SimpleJake says the number one positive is Vrabel is white.
  3. Toilet stalls.. what's up?

    Probably has something to do with cheap materials combined with construction codes.
  4. Yes I do realize that. It doesn’t make what I said any less true.
  5. Cryptocurrency

    Maybe your lifetime but not mine. This is nothing compared to the opportunity to buy in right after the dot com bubble burst.
  6. Cryptocurrency

    I admit I’m not a bitcoin expert but I’ve read lots of stuff that says the opposite about being able to exchange it for currency quickly and easily.
  7. He was. Although in the end that isn’t why he busted.
  8. Who are you pulling for Jags vs Pats?

    I bet it in Vegas Monday morning before I left. Was hoping the opening line moved a bit but it held strong overnight...
  9. $6M for a backup QB who will be on IR by week 8? No thanks man.
  10. It ain't hindsight. Plenty of us wondered that while we watched it play out.
  11. Perhaps it's the fact 2 of his very recent former QB's are facing off in the NFC Championship game? I mean call me crazy, but that seems fairly obvious...
  12. Who are you pulling for Jags vs Pats?

    This one is easy for me. I'm pulling for the Patriots to cover a 9 point spread and for the over to top 46.5
  13. Cryptocurrency

    The opportunity of a lifetime was buying Cryptocurrency 3-4 years ago and selling it about a month ago. At this point, anyone who buys it is just a sucker. Herpes is here to stay too you know.
  14. I dunno. McVay has whiter skin than Fisher...
  15. I just always laugh at the posters who you can tell don't actually watch a lot of games. Forget the stats. Gurley and that entire offense looks so much different it's like night and day.