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  1. How old is your wife?
  2. It has gotten better but I'm still not that impressed. The woman president bit is a drag too.
  4. I can't believe this thread is still going. If this keeps up it will be longer than Trent Richardson's career.
  5. Not if Soxcat gets his way with you first...
  6. That would indicate there is a train of thought. I think it's more likely he's got the mental capacity of VY.
  7. No. Quattro Pro for spreadsheets. Just kidding. Spreadsheets and databases aren't really big in the legal world. Always seems to be Excel though for spreadsheets when necessary.
  8. No kidding. Because I need an entry point LOL
  9. I stole Brady's Super Bowl Jersey because I wanted to feel like a winner. - Jeff Fisher
  10. I'm not against change for the better or more efficient. But it doesn't work when the other 95% of the business world isn't changing with you. You've got to be compatible with your clients, customers, business partners, etc. Heck, I still have to use Corel Word Perfect a good deal of the time because there's a large number of older lawyers who never migrated over to Word.
  11. It's not. 50 votes or 24 hours was the criteria. The only question is who gets to be Pence if there's a tie vote...
  12. 4 more yes votes and it's over!!!