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  1. This absolves the idiotic american voter. You are falling into the same trap as others. If the issues truly mattered you don't vote against your interest which is exactly what millions like Chester did. It's a joke and they deserve to be called out on it. Once It was down to Clinton or Trump, there was only one decision for those who claim progressive and liberal values.
  2. You are slow for a lawyer. Not going to Wisconsin was dumb as shit and her campaign fucked up. That doesn't absolve you and others from getting someone elected who goes against everything you supposedly stand for. Trump is doing exactly what he said he would do. Bannon didn't come out of the woodwork after the election, this isn't a bait and switch scenario. Start accepting responsibility for your actions Bernie bitch.
  3. You are smarter than this. Clinton obviously carries on the Obama climate initiative and vetos any attempt to repeal the ACA. Most important of all, she ensures the Supreme Court doesn't swing right for a generation or more.
  4. Sorry doesn't work that way Bernie bitch. You and more to the point, the idiots in swing states are to blame. You set aside your supposed progressive values because your feelings got hurt. I'll say it again. If you truly gave a shit about climate change, healthcare, the supreme court, etc... You hold your nose and vote Clinton. Blaming her shitty campaign is just you deflecting blame somewhere else because reality is too hard to deal with.
  5. Didn't you hear? Manafort only worked for the campaign for a short time in a limited role, lol.
  6. Point? Once it was down to Clinton and Trump there was only one choice for anyone who believes in a progressive agenda.
  7. He still has 90% of republicans.
  8. I'm insulated. No debt, high household income, great healthcare, etc... It's you and your fake progressive brethren that are screwed. Real Progressives understood what was at stake.
  9. No it's not. Only the retarded Bernie Bros @ChesterCopperpot1 and friends, are complaining about capital gains being taxed at a lower rate. The issue is if his tax returns show large sources of income from foreign or national interests that could be perceived as pay to play. Of course I doubt Trump is dumb enough, are more to the point his accountant, to get caught by something like that. As for Maddow, she is part of the problem as the left hangs on every word and she misrepresented what she had. The Dems have fucked up at every possible turn in how they'e handled stuff since the election. It's no wonder no one wants to vote for them anymore.
  10. He's a product of the Seahawks defense and trading the 18th pick for him would be asinine.
  11. Lol. Colston made a living up the seam but he ran plenty of other routes. Also he was way more than a small piece. He was the engine to the Saints high powered offense for years. If Mike Williams ends up with colston like numbers, he's a a great pick even in the 1st.
  12. Both guys need to be upgraded.
  13. No different from what the Titans did a few years ago with Morgan. It's not uncommon and the hate over him seeking a specific deal on the market is laughable. He played it perfectly.
  14. You and Merc need a room?
  15. Obviously an exaggeration but he does suck. Lacks fundamentals as well.
  16. As usual you completely miss the point. No one, I repeat no one, is saying teams have to be built entirely through the draft.
  17. you helped elect him so you really don't have room to talk.
  18. Thor's ass has to hurt after this. Don't get excited soxcat.
  19. Walden of Inndy and GB fame? He single handedly cost GB any chance to beat the 49ers in 2013 because he couldn't play contain.
  20. all the bitching about Free Agency is exhausting. It's almost like fans don't pay attention to how teams have been built for the past 25 years.
  21. I agree with you and wouldn't take Ross before Williams or Davis. I was simply pointing out the QB could be a factor in why his yardage was down in 5 or 6 games.
  22. it makes sense. You don't pay ILB's 10M+ so if thats what Hightower wants then I understand why Jrob is passing on him. It sucks as I think Hightower would be a great fit here but it is what it is.
  23. all players chase money with few exceptions and who can blame them? They have a lifetime of health issues to worry about and a limited earnings window.
  24. Context soxcat. He racked up numbers against the pac10 but his passing skills are severely limited.