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    Like I said I like Watson but top 10 is nuts.
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    I couldn't even finish it. Wtf was that?
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    Because he's tied to a show that people watch. Werder and Stark aren't driving revenue.
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    He also said Watson is inaccurate, struggles reading coverage, and should have Had the ball intercepted multiple times in the Alabama game. I don't put much stock in Casserly but he's connected. I actually like Watson and think he can be a decent pro in the right offense but it's hard to fix accuracy.
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    That's not how it works. Obviously you've never seen it in real time.
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    quality of work has nothing to do with it. Have you ever worked at a company that had mass layoffs? Another poster noted that all the layoffs are people that have been there 5 years or more. They probably all have more vacation, sick time, options, etc... Its the easiest way for a company hemorrhaging money to attempt to right the ship. I suspect this is just the beginning for ESPN. Expect them to start shedding more shows, assets, and so on.
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    cuban blaze? Are you based on Denver?
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    They aren't firing people for cause. They are shedding salary, tenure, stock options, etc..... Its a cost cutting move plain and simple.
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    The whole idea is completely laughable to the point I started wondering if it was a joke. It's sad that it isn't.
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    He showed enough in the lions game last year to give him some leeway on the foot issue.
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    He won't have a choice. The offense will dictate splitting the workload.
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    Saints RBs always split carries, this is nothing new for Ingram. Not to mention he'll play in passing situations over AP all day and I don't have to remind you how much the Saints pass.
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    Not crazy about David this high. Say all you want about his cutups, he's playing against guys way less talented and skilled most of the time. He could be a great pro but 5 is too high imo. If he makes it to 18 though I would love the pick.
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    Stogner? What kind of mexican are you?
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    Socaltitan lol. Dude never admits who he was after a screen name change.
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    Is the battery actually superb? Battery life is my biggest issue with the s7 and androids in general. I switched from an iPhone to an s7 about a year ago and love it aside from having to constantly charge it. Thank goodness it charges much faster than the iPhone.
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    The Senate is a possibility but the house is a huge stretch due to gerrymandering.
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    The draft can't get here soon enough.
  19. Soxcat. Probably wanted access to Britt's bro.
  20. Warmack was a way worse pick because of his draft slot.
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    I'm fine with Lattimore if his medical exam checks out.
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    Useless posters make useless threads. Here's to you OP!
  23. Don't waste your time. The but Clinton excuse is all they have.
  24. The hate for pk has way more to do with where he's from then it does with what he writes.
  25. Poor soxcat. It must be hard being less of a Christian than someone you keep calling a Muslim.