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    Lol spam away!
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    Read it again. It will probably go over your head for a second time.
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    No shit. Did you read the caveats? Its a pattial won for Trump no doubt but to say it was fully reinstated for 90 days is pure bullshit.
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    Difference between the right and the left. Right: all investigations into republicans are witch hunts perpetrated by libtards and the fake media. Investigations into democrats are worth it no matter what Left: if someone needs to be investigated do it. Political party doesnt matter.
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    Some what fake news. Its been partially reinstated but we all know facts arent your strong suit.
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    Par for the course that intelligence would bother you.
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    Someone is definitely unable to think for themselves and its not me.
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    The irony here is likely lost on you.
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    Lol all sorts of crazy. Trump supporters really are dumb.
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    This. It always amazes me people think everyone should react the same exact way to life altering sutuations.
  11. The shit is deep in this thread, good grief.
  12. The shit is deep in this thread, good grief.
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    Bottom line obama thought Hillary was a lock like most of us did and didnt want to hurt her chances. Obviously that didnt work out.
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    The results of the 2016 election is further proof the average American voter is a moron intent on voting against their own self interests.
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    I imagine the dude was reaching for his wallet and got testy with the cop. Was it smart? Fuck no. Is it a big enough mistake to lose your life over? Double fuck no.
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    Someone needs a coal mining job.
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    Play it cool sox, make Jamal come to you.
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    you are heavily implying anyone who is pulled over should make sure they don't make any movements that could upset a police officer.
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    Did you hear? We should all walk around with our hands up so the police aren't threatened by any sudden movement!
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    John Thune was quoted yesterday as saying the GOP better push the new Healthcare plan through or we'll all have single payer in 20187 when the Dems regain control. The fear mongering is sad.
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    If Douglas were given the same snaps Sharpe had I'm confident he out produces him for the simple fact Douglas has produced decent numbers in the NFL. Either way I think you and I are saying the same thing, you are just being nicer about it. Both of us agree the hype for Sharpe last year was absurd. He was a 5th rounder for a reason and the results throughout the season bear that out. I have no problem with him as a back-end roster guy either. just don't tell me he's a top 3 WR.
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    Lol. Do you apply the same guilt transfer to other walks of life?
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    Hysterical lol. You cant absolve the cop of personal responsibility in this matter.
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    Douglas has produced way more than Sharpe. You dont want to go down this road. Lavelle Hawkins made a tough catch or two, doesnt mean he was any good. Bottom line sharpe was a 5th rounder who got snaps becuase the Titans WR core sucked. They went out and spent 2 draft picks plus signed Decker. Those actions show the team was not happy with the groups production outside of Matthews.