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    I just didn't recall them having that much success early with Ryan.
  2. The lack of separation bothers me. Reminds of Rod Gardner, another Clemson Wr who was somewhat productive for the Skins but didn't live up to his draft slot. It may not be a fair comparison but its what comes to mind. I will say that I was very impressed with what Williams did against top college DBs in the playoffs.
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    The Falcons made the playoffs 4/5 years with Ryan?
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    They knew they couldn't keep both so they traded collins.
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    It was never an option. The Browns didn't trade for him mid season while winless only to not sign him.
  6. DC tried the charter school thing and it failed miserably as well. I cringe at thought of it being pushed nationally.
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    The Perry story that broke day explaining the clown thought the dept of Energy's mission was to sell U.S oil and gas to foreign countries is great. He really had no idea the primary function of the agency is to deal with Nuclear weapons.
  8. long standing TC/TR policy is to allow draft talk in the main forum during the offseason.
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    neither did QBs with a last name of Carr. its silly to hold someone's name against them.
  10. I had punchout in 4th grade so I was 9, couldn't beat Tyson and to this day have never been able to. Of course I haven't tried in like 20 years so who knows.
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    Can't defend the continued employment of Capers. He's been terrible for years. I would call McCarthy an above average coach though.
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    That is the point. These HCs don't turn around bad organizations. It starts at the GM. the 49ers went to shit when McGloughan left for the Seahawks and Baalke took over. The Seahawks were able to backfill McGloughan with another excellent personnel man which freed up carrol to do his thing. McCarthy is a good coach in a great situation as is Tomlin. They shouldn't be credited with turning around good organization but they aren't along for the ride either.
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    you may want to look at the 49ers roster before harbaugh joined. He didn't inherit a shit roster. the defense was stacked and they had just spent a few years rebuilding their OL. The truth is harbaugh took over a young and upcoming team that was poised to start winning. As for Seattle, you may want to read this https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Scot_McCloughan. This is the guy who built both the 49ers and Seahawks teams.
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    Spot on. This is why Fisher has fallen from the rank of the elite when HC lists are put together. He can't put a staff together to save his life.
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    8 years back? lol. Talk about an absurd standard. The Seahawks went to the Superbowl 5 years before Carrol. I guess he didn't rebuild shit either!
  16. You do not live in the real world. Wake up.
  17. LOL. You don't want to have this debate again. McCourty sucks now and will never be the CB the team hoped he would become. He's still better than verner.
  18. You are a hack. Obama has been willing to compromise for his entire presidency. Hell his core tenant is that politics is nothing but a debate on different ideas on how to solve problems. If you truly cared about compromise you would be all over GOP Congress that has refused to govern let alone compromise for the last 6 years.
  19. She is a billionaire who has donated 200M plus to charter school lobbyists and Republicans running for congress. 4 members of Congress involved in the hearings took campaign donations from her which is hysterical. All these poor idiots who think Trump is for change are in for a rude awakening. He's simply taking the game to the next level. Morons.
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    Lol. Kelly told people he expected an offer. I wonder if that pissed off coughlin.
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    I actually think there is truth here. The 49ers are a train wreck and will have their 4th HC in 4 years with the last two one and done. McDaniels can't afford to take a job in a bad situation. Shanny Jr on the other hand can as its his 1st time. He's making a mistake taking that job anyway you slice it though.
  22. Water is wet too. All kidding aside the answer is a resounding yes. The same applies for homers over valuing pro players. Guys like Verner, McCarthy, Hall etc...
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    That FA period plus the 2 1st round picks would be a homerun of epic proportions.