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    Someone help me out on Kizer. I don't see it.
  2. I'm more convinced every day Tux is paid to distribute alternative right propaganda.
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    Oh some of us are definitely not immune to racial bias. You know what I'm talking about don't you?
  4. My reality is based in reality. Yours is clearly not as you deflect legitimate news with faux outrage just like your boy Donald. The fact neckbeard having mouthbreathers elected him annoys me to no end. When he fucks flyover country in the ass like he's done for 40 years I'll be here to laugh at your unemployed self.
  5. Orr was incredible this year. An extension would have been a big deal.
  6. This thread proves you have no basis in reality. Trumpkins are all the same.
  7. You should be. He's everything you clowns think he's not.
  8. It's amazing how few of his voters care about what's going on.
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    Lol at your young earth nonsense. I owned I was wrong about Mariota. When will you admit the Earth is billions of years old?
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    This is a great post. We have access to more information than ever before and yet large numbers of people on both sides simply narrow their input to a few biased sites that fit their own facts. CNN had a great special on this subject Friday with some undeniable facts as to why the change occurred over 30 years. It's not going to get better.
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    How much did you lose in the crash of '08?
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    Sox is hard after reading this.
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    Kyree Irving's flat earth rant was both hysterical and incredibly sad at the same time. He honestly doesn't believe the earth rotates around the sun either.
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    I'm from Texas jackass. The only fake news here is your drivel.
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    No way the Republican controlled Congress impeaches him before they try to ram through their agenda. Although part of me wonders if Pence is staying quiet because he would be next in line. Trump makes me sick but I can't stop watching the train wreck.
  16. Will the writers keep Revis out of the HOF now? TO wants to know.
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    Stop embarrassing yourself. Young sucked and it had nothing to do with coaching. The staff coddled him because he was buds pick. Total waste of space who did it to himself.
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    Hahaha. This has to be a joke.
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    but democrats! and to think I actually thought you were one of the conservatives worth debating at one point.
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    Believe what you want. All you have to do is listen to interviews with the GOP to understand its fact.
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    No they didn't. The Bill was a start but it didn't go far enough. The Dems didn't spend enough time countering the absurd GOP claims but that's part for the course. The GOP is awesome at staying on message while the Dems struggle to do the same.
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    The Democrats did an unbelievably poor job selling the ACA to the public at large. If the messaging had been better the situation would be much different.
  23. Someone should tell Spicer he can't make that promise. Flynn may spill it anyway since he's already claiming he's a scape goat.
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    But Obama and the DNC doesn't work anymore trumpkin. Try to keep up.