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  1. O

    Yup. This is the problem with hanging on to every word that is said from anyone within the organization. Fans read way too much into things.
  2. The rule was changed a few years back. Now you can cut players and designate them as a June 1st cut without waiting till June 1st.
  3. O

    Yes because Special DTs are hard to find. Like I said before, it's far more important than the others you mentioned.
  4. O

    Allen's combine was underwhelming but the fact of the matter is that next to QB, a disruptive DT is the most important position on the field. If they think Allen fits that mold, you pull the trigger.
  5. O

    We've established Chester doesn't understand the big picture. Lucky for him it wasn't cancer.
  6. relax. I like Ross too but 5 is crazy. Your premise is flawed anyway. There are a ton of ways to get a Safety out of the box.
  7. Ross at 5? Thats a first. You must really love his speed.
  8. O

    This absolves the idiotic american voter. You are falling into the same trap as others. If the issues truly mattered you don't vote against your interest which is exactly what millions like Chester did. It's a joke and they deserve to be called out on it. Once It was down to Clinton or Trump, there was only one decision for those who claim progressive and liberal values.
  9. O

    You are slow for a lawyer. Not going to Wisconsin was dumb as shit and her campaign fucked up. That doesn't absolve you and others from getting someone elected who goes against everything you supposedly stand for. Trump is doing exactly what he said he would do. Bannon didn't come out of the woodwork after the election, this isn't a bait and switch scenario. Start accepting responsibility for your actions Bernie bitch.
  10. O

    You are smarter than this. Clinton obviously carries on the Obama climate initiative and vetos any attempt to repeal the ACA. Most important of all, she ensures the Supreme Court doesn't swing right for a generation or more.
  11. O

    Sorry doesn't work that way Bernie bitch. You and more to the point, the idiots in swing states are to blame. You set aside your supposed progressive values because your feelings got hurt. I'll say it again. If you truly gave a shit about climate change, healthcare, the supreme court, etc... You hold your nose and vote Clinton. Blaming her shitty campaign is just you deflecting blame somewhere else because reality is too hard to deal with.
  12. Didn't you hear? Manafort only worked for the campaign for a short time in a limited role, lol.
  13. O

    Point? Once it was down to Clinton and Trump there was only one choice for anyone who believes in a progressive agenda.
  14. O

    He still has 90% of republicans.
  15. O

    I'm insulated. No debt, high household income, great healthcare, etc... It's you and your fake progressive brethren that are screwed. Real Progressives understood what was at stake.