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  1. O

    obviously it was a joke although it was pretty damn funny to see Jamal jump on it. Don't you have some UMD tail to chase?
  2. O

    Thor: Honey look, those internet libtards are at it again. Whats that you are banging my brother because I spend all my time fighting with people I don't know on the internet like a retard?
  3. O

    lets play a game. 1st person to reply can have my pick no strings attached.... ready set go!
  4. O

    This change doesn't make any sense and it certainly isn't about player safety.
  5. Do you really care about who announces the game? Most of them completely suck.It doesn't impact my ability to enjoy a game in the least.
  6. pay attention posters. Sox and I agree on something which means it's most likely the correct line of thinking.
  7. O

    You just bought me 24 more hours.
  8. O

    I can state with 100% accuracy I've never said "honey look at what these assholes whom I've never met are saying on the internet"! fucking clown.
  9. O

    Trotz isn't the issue in Washington.
  10. O

    I'm busy reading the politics forum and liking posts in the main forum.
  11. Don't turn this around on me. I'm not the one who would rather sit on a couch staring a tv when my wife wants to hit the beach. I don't game much anymore but I can promise you I don't do it on vacation ever.
  12. I don't think it's a good move at all but ESPN is hemorrhaging money big time so it doesn't surprise me to see them try something like this. Its the MNF late game on opening day, no one watches that shity anyway so might as well do a trial run.
  13. yup. Just a bunch of mouthbreathers upset at the prospect of a woman calling their precious football. It's sad but totally expected.
  14. You are incredibly naive.