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  1. Not everyone can hack it in here. We won't hold it against you in the main forum.
  2. talk about a tantrum. Are you going to organize the Oregon freedom coalition and come after me trumpkin?
  3. Can you read? I did not say I'm advocating removing the right to vote. Try to keep up.
  4. Snowflake just own it.
  5. read it again. I never said I was for taking the right to vote away. I was making a comment on how the founding fathers viewed the voting public day one. By all means continue your tirade please. I didn't take you for an emotional 13 year but then again you are a Trumpkin so it fits.
  6. Did the Brown trade speculation surface before or after Roethlisberger was quotes as saying he might not come back? If it came after it's possible the Steelers are looking at how to acquire capital to draft a QB.
  7. Or you could blame the Allies for carving out a home for the Jews in the middle of a shit storm because they felt sorry for allowing the Holocaust to go on as long as they did. The problem here is that this isn't a religious issue like you would like to believe. It's a geopolitical one. Hate to break it to you but Muslims have every right to that land as well.
  8. Calm the fuck down duckie. I didn't say I want to remove the rights of people to vote. I was merely commenting on the founding fathers restrictions on voting. Honestly you would think an anti liberal who cites the constitution constantly would be more in line with the original view on voting. Of course you probably realize that without the sheep, the GOP would be nothing.
  9. Struck a nerve huh? Maybe you realize you are part of the problem of voting against your own self interest and being uninformed.
  10. lol. Now who's the snowflake? take your ball and go home.
  11. O

    good point.
  12. yeah I don't get this. He's a clown but of the fun loving variety, not a toolbox like Dez or Odell. Its makes no sense to get rid of Brown.
  13. the electorate has proven it can't be trusted. Are you saying the Founding Fathers were wrong in this? Nothing worse than an uninformed voter.