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  1. if this thread is any indication the GoTitans infestation is growing.
  2. Seems pretty clear Vrabel isn't concerned about getting vets playing time in preseason. Works for me.
  3. No I'm an Amazon music guy. Thanks for the link. If this is my last post you'll know why lol.
  4. I'm driving down 95. Anyone have a link to an online radio feed? I cant google at 85 mph
  5. oldschool

    Add Brennan to the list.

    Top secret isnt shit. Everyone and their mother has it. Its actually way lower on the scale than most realize. Brennan's clearance being taken away doesnt impact his livelihood at all. This is about Trumps retribution because he doesnt like what Brennan is saying.
  6. oldschool

    Titans/Bucs Week 2 Preseason Expectations

    Conway Twitty... some good shit.
  7. oldschool

    Titans/Bucs Week 2 Preseason Expectations

    @big2033 you need to get laid my friend.
  8. oldschool


    Thought he was done for the year?
  9. actually it's jif but gif sounds way better so I use it.
  10. oldschool

    Omarosa/Avenatti 2020

    Its funny to watch her use Trump's playbook against him.
  11. oldschool

    Jalen Ramsey has some things to say...

    The knucklehead in this scenario is clearly you. Do you even follow the current team or are just hear to suck the rocks off McNair and George?
  12. oldschool

    Add Brennan to the list.

    yeah Brennan has gone too far but considering how Trump attacked him and the intelligence community I can understand why even though I think he's wrong. That doesn't have anything to do with the message Trump is sending to anyone that disagrees with him.
  13. oldschool

    Add Brennan to the list.

    Actually there is a long history of current CIA directors reaching out to previous directors. Its one of the reasons they get to keep their clearances. Try harder.
  14. oldschool

    Training Camp Discussion

    lol. If Davis were a RB I imagine your take would be very different.