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  1. oldschool

    BYE Week Discussion & Vrabel Comments

    Rowe is way worse.
  2. oldschool

    Organizations Ignorance over winning

    Yes. You manage Matthews' diva ass and point out he'll be a big part of the offense with Walker hurt and Mariota getting healthy. Instead jrob cut bait and now scrubs like Taylor and William's get too many snaps.
  3. Flacco is healthy and pissed off. Thats why the offense is better. Also if you think Talib and Peters are why the Rams defense is good I dont know what to say. Now as for my response to Mike. Its laughable to say fuck the draft and go sign 800 FAs.
  4. oldschool

    Organizations Ignorance over winning

    Why invent bullshit like this kaep supporter nonsense as the reason for his release? I agree Jrob fucked up by letting Mathews leave but there is no need to tie it to kaep.
  5. Lol... no wait. Lolololololol.
  6. oldschool

    Patrick Peterson Request trade

    I love a good tolar trashing thread.
  7. crying on the sideline is not a good look for an NFL player.
  8. oldschool

    If we rebuilt this offseason without MM...

    I imagine there are new age OCs/HC's out there that think they can win with Mariota.
  9. oldschool

    Patrick Peterson Request trade

    lol. you do this to yourself. The Saints aren't trading Kamara or Thomas for Peterson.
  10. oldschool

    BYE Week Discussion & Vrabel Comments

    Not really. He is still llight years better than Roe who got torched the whole game. Bench him to start the game fine. But it was clear they couldn't stop the Eagles early on and thats when Butler should have gone in even if only for the fact he makes big plays.
  11. oldschool

    If we rebuilt this offseason without MM...

    most teams are starved for a QB. You could likely get a 1st and 3rd for him.
  12. oldschool

    A few thoughts

    I don't like RPOs but is there a harder play to prevent from gaining 1 yard than a standard RPO where you hand it to the RB if the DE stays home or keep it and run wide if the DE crashes down? At that point the QB can run it in or pass.
  13. They don't need Thomas, Davis fit that mold. They could use Sanders for sure.
  14. oldschool

    Inexcusable by Vrabel

    The Chargers didn't shit in the 2nd half aside from the TD on the blown coverage. The Titans D held the Chargers to 20 points and you think they couldn't stop Rivers despite the fact they did it the entire game except for 2 blown coverages?
  15. oldschool

    The Road to 9-7 or better

    The Titans are in the same class as the Colts, Texans, Cowboys, Skins, Jags, and the Jets. The only probable loss is the Patriots game and the only game they will be heavily favored in is the Giants game. I expect they'll go 4-5 or 5-4 down the stretch.