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  1. Star Wars: The Last Jedi

    I'm going Monday night.
  2. Jon Robinson......

    Evidence? I think he needs more time but the return on everyone but Jackson is a concern at this point.
  3. 2017 Titans Report Dynasty League

    Can you explain how McCoy only scored 21 points yesterday? I think RB scoring may be fucked up. Defense sure is.
  4. Murray v. Henry

    8 for 20 after the TD run. Next question?
  5. Eagles Fear Carson Wentz Tore His ACL

    I think it's a toss up between Minn, NO, and CAR right now.
  6. Eagles Fear Carson Wentz Tore His ACL

    it was only a matter of time with how reckless he plays the game.
  7. The Titans need Pittsburgh’s Offense.

    an all pro WR and RB?
  8. Josh McDaniels for Head Coach 2018

    I want to be but cant get Denver out of my head.
  9. We knew this was coming

    for the last time, I hope; JROB does not have the ability to fire Mularkey. Do some of you follow this team outside of Sundays?
  10. you don't understand. Coaches don't matter except when it comes to Mularkey and Robiskie!
  11. We knew this was coming

    Jrob isnt in charge of Mularkey...
  12. Playoff Watch Thread

    I laughed at everyone who said this was possible 3 weeks ago. Its definitely possible with Mariota in a slump ans this terrible coaching staff. Next week is basically a playoff game.