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  1. Funny, you and I literally posted the same thought at the same moment (see above). Great minds think alike.
  2. Brown is a special talent...on the field. Not sure that he same applies off the field, though if memory serves me correctly this locker room video is really the first notable action he has made detrimental to the team. That being said with the money involved and the value of a draft pick, I wouldn't give up more than a 3rd rounder for him.
  3. Hopefully he gets a blood clot and dies.
  4. Damn, maybe I need to do more research.
  5. And this is what I equate the WR situation to as far as the prospects: In 2015, Amari Cooper came into the Draft from a winning team and after posting excellent numbers. Kevin White also came into that Draft and had burst onto the scene after having a terrific final season at WV and good seasons prior. Some people rated White higher than Cooper. The Raiders were smart enough to see how Cooper performed in big games and to see a much more consistent resume. White was like a flavor of the month with more wow skills. While White has not seen the field due to injury, I think Cooper would still clearly be more talented. Thats how I feel about Williams vs Ross or Davis IF we are taking about pick #5.
  6. It's funny how we can all differ from time to time. To me, the only WR I think you can consider at #5 is Williams. That being said, I am hopeful we are talking about a new MLB or S after the 5th pick.
  7. Fisher was better than Whisenhunt period. The list loses all credibility when it has Fisher who actually won playoff games as a worse coach than Dennis Erickson, Gus Bradley, and the lot.
  8. I don't think the Chiefs will resign him. Our biggest competition if we do get involved will be the Falcons, his hometown team who also have money to spend. Free agents follow the money first and foremost so we would be in very good shape to win there.
  9. No on Cooks. He isn't worth what his new contract will call for. I'd rather take a WR at 18 than trade for Cooks.
  10. I am so happy that you have two guaranteed hotheads in Jacksonville and they are considering adding a 3rd in Chip. This spells disaster for the Jaguars and that only helps us. Call it a hunch, but watch the Jaguars make a surprise pick and take the LT out of Wisconsin.
  11. Kuharsky is so arrogant in his opinions that he is hard to pay much attention to. Plus, he's wrong far more often than he is right.
  12. The Packers would have won by a larger margin and Romo would have broken his ribs in the 1st Q.
  13. I'm fine with us spending big money on Bouye
  14. It seems O'Brien is an annual complainer who is never happy anywhere. What scares me is that he is fired or leaves and with the timing, the Texans hire a coach like McDaniels who I personally believe will be much better during his next shot.
  15. http://www.nfl.com/videos/nfl-cant-miss-plays/0ap3000000742635/Can-t-Miss-Play-T-Y-Hilton-outduels-Perrish-Cox-for-a-1-yard-TD