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  1. This isn't calling Sharpe out. This is laying out the expectation and what they want to see. Big difference.
  2. I agree that Williams got a fair deal compared to the market, yes. And for Cyprien, he came on last year and many agree will be an excellent fit for LeBeau's defense. Not sure why picking him up is something you dispute. You seem to be upset that we aren't the Champions of Spending Money in March. But let me ask, how many times have the Redskins, Eagles, or Jaguars hoisted the Lombardi in February? I'll ask, who exactly is the key difference maker you wish they would have signed? Campbell who is over 30 already? Hightower who so clearly was going back to the Pats hat other teams didn't seriously pursue? Bouye who had one great year and cashed in? Jeffery who is so untrustworthy because of weight and substance issues that he got a 1 year deal? Exactly who is it that we missed out on?
  3. I think that your interpretation is entirely wrong. When players are getting $30 million guaranteed on deals for past performance, that's where teams make mistakes. Williams signed a deal IMO that could turn out to be a Delanie Walker type signing where we are paying a reasonable price for future production. That's what smart teams do. And as far as Cyprien goes two things: 1) It is not a guarantee Adams is on the board when we pick. So you wanted them to wait and not have a FA plan and then we haven't fixed the SS position? 2) Adams may not be that much of a priority for Robinson and he wanted to go a different way at 5. Unlike Webster, he doesn't just say "Oh I need a Safety, so a Safety is the pick at 5." Robinson is prepared to go BPA and his moves to fix the defense show that.
  4. Watched some of Zay Jones the other day and came away impressed. Very possible he is high on Robinson's list for the reasons you mentioned.
  5. I'm a Miami Hurricanes fan. Howard is vastly superior to Njoku.
  6. I do believe McCaffrey is firmly in the mix for 18. I could see a scenario where Williams and Ross are both there, and we take McCaffrey.
  7. I said it the other day and I will say it again. I believe Robinson trades down from 5 and trades back up again like he did with Conklin. Would not surprise me in the least if Howard is his guy.
  8. I'm not opposed to two offensive picks if Robinson truly believes the defensive talent is in higher supply throughout the mid to late rounds. Look, it's different than the mindset Webster had if I have to take player X because he plays position Y. And I believe in whoever Robinson picks.
  9. If we take a WR in the 1st Round, it will be Davis or McCaffrey.
  10. I think Foster should and will be in the conversation.
  11. Not surprising and I'm not worried about the contract. Considering we were in the Williams discussions (he would have cost more) and Hankins wants $10 million per year, we did just fine.
  12. This is a non-story, but shows Cook's stupidity.
  13. Byard had an excellent performance for a rookie. Some of you are ignoring the decades old trend of LeBeau not playing rookies early, much less a 3rd round rookie. Byard earned himself a starting job and I look forward to watching him improve.
  14. I agree, but I think Corey Davis is the target in a trade down.