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  1. When LeShaun Sims took over for Perrish Cox, the pass defense showed improvement. I'll say it: I think we have something in Sims and cannot wait to see him paired with more talent in Ryan and Jackson. That plus the improvement by bringing in Cyprien and an emerging Byard in Year 2 could turn what was a weakness into a strength this year. The job Robinson has done in such a short term is outstanding.
  2. I believe they will go with Veach, but Cowden will likely be a GM in the next year or two. He did excellent in Carolina and is off to a great start in TN. It won't be long.
  3. Byard would definitely be on the protected list. But important to note an NFL team only has to leave 5 players unprotected so not even worth debating.
  4. People assume Douglas is out and while I'm not defending him, I think this move was made because of Decker's overall talent and Sharpe may be on shaky ground.
  5. Someone is getting that ass beat tonight in Nashville.
  6. This is excellent. Plenty of career left ahead of him and can be a contributor while mentoring the young guys. I'm thrilled with this signing.
  7. Hopefully he doesn't leave town without a deal (side note: Does he already live here with the wife being a country singer?)
  8. Hopefully Orakpo gets his shoulder again this season.
  9. Hopefully he enjoys the legend that is Mitchell Trubisky.
  10. I mean this was a nice thing to do and all and I empathize with his illness, but get him off the field and out of the way. There is no reason for him to be bumbling around practice and getting in the way.
  11. I remember Robiskie calling the option to the short side of the field where Mariota fumbled, now that was a horrible play call.
  12. I would like to formally invite Telvin Smith to join the Titans when he is a Free Agent.
  13. The ingredients are there. Here's hoping we have solved this decade plus long void of not having a #1 WR.
  14. I don't think there are very many commentators that I do like, so I don't really care. A lot of people just mute the TV and have Keith on radio.
  15. Much better than Hard Knocks. It'll be interesting to see the build-up to and the aftermath of the Fisher firing. To defend Jeff, I have a feeling Goff was forced on him. Curious to see if you can feel that out in the season.