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  1. I don't think there are very many commentators that I do like, so I don't really care. A lot of people just mute the TV and have Keith on radio.
  2. Much better than Hard Knocks. It'll be interesting to see the build-up to and the aftermath of the Fisher firing. To defend Jeff, I have a feeling Goff was forced on him. Curious to see if you can feel that out in the season.
  3. It is what it is.
  4. My thought: The "victim" waited 13 days and filed a lawsuit before contacting police. I'm not sure how many people are "unconscious" for 12 hours without the police being notified.
  5. This tweet to me is scary regarding 2017. So I don't see this going well...
  6. I literally came in here to ask who the poster was that met him before. That's awesome. By all accounts he seems to be worthy of the promotion.
  7. Count me as someone that did not know he is only 24.
  8. Exactly. I don't understand these conspiracy theories.
  9. Love Clay Travis and I think this is funny as hell. If the guy had just said he was doing this for his grandma, this wouldn't be a story. Takk made himself into a sideshow by his own doing. If he wants to dress up in his granny's old clothes on his own time I don't care, but when you act like a nut on a national stage you get critiqued for it.
  10. He does and Al Golden who recruited him to Miami is their TE Coach.
  11. Good development potential based on their scouting report of him.
  12. To piggyback since I'm also from the area and saw several games, definitely projects as a swing interior lineman. Worst case scenario he is a solid backup, but I think he could develop into a decent starter. He and Tretola are great depth.
  13. Agreed. Richt has a proven track record of being "about more than the game" to a fault, I wish BK would have listened.
  14. It's well known that I am a Miami Hurricanes fan. Every year this happens to someone if not multiple people, but I hope that Brad Kaaya is an example to many college kids. After a near full season of "he's a top 10 pick" hype, the kid was so dead set on going to the NFL there was no talking him out of it. Anybody that watched Miami closely would tell you we never saw a Top 10 pick, but we saw a potential 2nd Round kid in another year in a pro system and with Mark Richt's tutelage. Richt begged him to stay in school and learn for another year, but everyone in Kaaya's ear told him he needed to go. Definitely a cautionary tale. Unfortunately Kaaya got a dose of reality. Here is hoping Jim Bob can help him develop.
  15. My opinion: Robinson wanted to add either Taylor or Kupp for the slot WR role. When Kupp went to the Rams, Robinson realized Taylor wouldn't last. I would say he was right as a lot of WR's went off the board in that range. He guaranteed he got who he wanted.