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  1. I think Berry is going to resign with KC. Which means we hopefully have Jamal Adams in two tone blue after the Draft's first night. Berry is never going to hit free agency in my opinion.
  2. Hightower or Ryan will come available. And hopefully whichever one does will be a Titan.
  3. If I remember correctly, Kendricks was bad in the 34 as well, right? I don't think he is an upgrade to what we have.
  4. I'm not sure how anyone could complain with anyone from the group of Allen, Adams, and Foster.
  5. Nothing derogatory, but not a good look for a consensus #1 pick to do a video like this. I get he wants to play for Dallas and that is his right, but you are about to be the #1 pick and be very wealthy. STFU and don't make yourself a sideshow.
  6. It's amazing to see the number of 2nd round picks wasted by this organization with Reinfeldt/Webster at the helm. So many missed opportunities. Not like any round was particularly great, but the 2nd round killed us development wise.
  7. Lol. This was seriously a reason I am thrilled the Falcons didn't win, as petty as it is.
  8. I would like to see the Falcons win, but there is a part of me that wants so badly to see Goodell have to hand Brady that trophy.
  9. Hey Doom and Gloom Squad: Let's see if Ballard is truly as talented as the GM that just took us from 3-13 to 9-7 in ONE year. I'll take where we are compared to where the Colts are.
  10. Quincy Wilson is a sure fire 1st round pick. No way is he there in 2, much less 3
  11. That's fair...but it strikes me as odd that the first time in our history, at least in TN, that we have 2 first rounders and people want to get rid of one of them. Just odd. 5 and 18 is greater than 1 and 33
  12. This boards infatuation with having a 2nd round pick is starting to really make my brain hurt.
  13. Hell no. We don't need a QB and a defensive playmaker will be available at 5.
  14. Funny, you and I literally posted the same thought at the same moment (see above). Great minds think alike.