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  1. Ereck Flowers on the trade block

    Very few of my Miami Hurricanes do I think are as overrated as Flowers. He benefited from a bad draft at his position. I have it on good authority the Miami coaching staff were thrilled they didn’t have to deal with him anymore.
  2. Julio Jones Possible Trade?

    Oh I think there is absolutely nothing. It does make me wonder if a WR is more at play at #25 than we think.
  3. I follow Bill Shanks for Braves Baseball info. Probably nothing, but thought this was worth sharing:
  4. I would like to add though that I’ve heard we brought in Maurice Hurst for a visit that’s unreported. He’d be my wild card.
  5. If we stay at 25 we pick a LB or Terrell Edmunds. My prediction is we trade down to 31 with the Pats and take Edmunds.
  6. If I were the Browns I would take Mayfield of all the QB’s. Of course if I was running the Browns 2 years ago they would have taken Wentz and been done with it then.
  7. Yes. It was somewhat man crush level stuff Wyatt put out
  8. Pay close attention to which prospect Jim Wyatt talks about a lot and does an interview with on Wednesday or early Thursday.
  9. I’m sure we have had Evans in for a visit. He’s probably one of the ones being hidden.
  10. Jalen looks like he is trying to walk up on Derrick Henry.
  11. Some analyst mentioned him as a sleeper for us, maybe Kiper. I could see it.
  12. Clearly there is a name or two that could be at pick 25 that’s considered first round talent that is not getting leaked.
  13. Trade up or down?

    Stick and pick or trade down.