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  1. CMJ

    Defeating the Dolphins

    I disappear for a while and come back to see not only cenj, but now oldschool and scine flagrantly donkey punching Omans ass.
  2. CMJ

    My money league

    2019 isn't too far off.
  3. CMJ

    My NFL Predictions

    Dallas 5-11. Fuck you.
  4. Dropping trash like Breida, Sanu, Foreman and an injury plagued Benjamin isnt pretty much "the whole team" I got some work to do on the waiver wire now mind your fucking business
  5. I missed the fucking draft. Watch me still beat Allen's ass.
  6. CMJ

    2018 Titans Report Dynasty League

    I'm out. I'm not a Titans fan anymore and hardly even visit the board anymore. Later. CMJ - Founding Champion , 12-1 record Never will be equaled or broken.
  7. CMJ

    Around The NFL

    Go fuck your dingo up its ass.
  8. CMJ

    For those who want Mularkey fired.

    Yeah brilliant decision. Broadcast your thoughts.
  9. CMJ

    Around The NFL

  10. CMJ

    Trump on players disrespecting the Flag.

    I finally get to be this guy...... http://www.titansreport.com/forum/6-off-topic-and-general-discussion/