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  1. Thanks for this Jamal.
  2. Remember when Trump encouraged his supporters to physically fight protestors? Remember when he pined for the day when protestors would be "taken out on stretchers"? Because I do.
  3. Who's looking for sympathy? This may be your problem. If your aim is to be a hammer, then everything looks like a nail. At this point, Trump will likely become the worst US President in modern history and possibly all time. He's not borderline incompetent, he is incompetent. He can't drain the swamp because he won't be able to govern. His circle is incredibly small. His only ability to get things done is by attracting hanger-ons who think they can earn the political favor of the President. The problem for Trump is that he's becoming so unpopular that the group of people willing to tie themselves to him is dwindling. Pretty soon he will have no friends and no allies. And it's entirely possible he's done something criminal, so he may not even serve his full term.
  4. I've criticized Obama for years for his demagoguery. He was often dismissive of those he disagreed with and did little to bridge the divide. Of course he and other Democratic leaders are not above politics nor are they without fault. I personally greatly dislike the old guard of Democratic leadership (Pelosi, Reid, etc). Unfortunately, the Republicans aren't any better. And I have no respect for them after they've been content to lick the boots of Donald Trump. All of them unprincipled as they've watched Trump trash whatever good was left in the Republican party. Also Trump talked nonsense. Clinton laid out very nuanced and thoughtful positions on a host of issues. Her response on the topic of Abortion was probably the best articulated I've ever seen/heard by a US politician. So I don't agree at all with that take. Trump's performance in the debates where among the worst I've ever seen. His knowledge was minimal at best. Saying that Trump talked about the issues is a non-starter. This is the Hannity narrative. That dog won't hunt. History will remember Trump as one of the brashest demagogues in the history of US politics with zero knowledge or authority on his incoherent rants. Trump is easily the worst thing that has happened to Republican party.
  5. At best you can prove things are equal TDF. Which is probably something that everyone else already knows. Although the election of Obama brought out some really ugly, vile, racist elements.
  6. Just approved this trade. As for the prior trade with Kessler and Pryor, please re-submit it without the picks and I'll approve. List the approved trade in the forum WITH the picks included, and we'll record it.
  7. The Democrats have failed to develop young leadership in the Democratic party after Obama. Any failure is because they lack a charismatic leader that can engage with the progressive element of the party. As a platform, many of their ideas are mostly intact.Take their platform with someone like Trudeau and they likely make substantial gains. The Republicans have been so desperate for a win that they sold themselves out to a con-man. They've quite literally surrendered their principles and values to regain the White House. Trump has done nothing but undermine core Republican values for the promise of a few legislative victories. (which he hasn't and may never be able to deliver). The Republicans are the ones who have destroyed themselves. There's no other reasonable, objective conclusion. Right now the party is just in denial. Also, TDF, you're just describing politics in general. It all cuts both ways. You can say the Democrats have been playing the identity politics game, but many conservatives have been talking about a culture war for decades. Guess what - that's just identity politics with another name.
  8. Website has been uncooperative, but meant to also add that I don't quite understand why some think the Titans should stand pat at WR. Decker has had some injuries, but he brings some additional size that the Titans still need. Decker fills the "big slot" role very well and has scored a lot of TDs in the league. He's likely a starter in the slot with Corey Davis at X and Matthews at Z. Tawyan Taylor won't be ready to contribute yet and I don't think the Titans are counting on Sharpe in any capacity at this point (injury and legal trouble).
  9. "Before we start our meeting, let's begin with a prayer to our dear leader". Extremely unusual.
  10. My biggest problem is that it's in the interest of the government to have some sort of credibility and legitimacy. Transparency and credibility is part of that, and can only be achieved through a thorough investigation into a topic which unequivocally occurred. (Russian meddling in the US elections - something they've done to other democratic states). It's possible that the Trump campaign had no collusion with the Russian government/interests. An investigation could/would then restore trust and credibility. Statements by Tom Cotton and other Senators to not only dismiss, but mock, legitimate inquiries simply infuriates me*. He, like virtually everyone else in that room is a public servant. If they have no time, interest, or desire to participate in the necessary processes of a legitimate democratic republic then they can go pound sand or leave office. I have no concerns for these individuals sense of pride or slights to their reputation with something so serious at stake. It's in everyone's best interest to have a full investigation. If something is there, it's important to know. If the President and his campaign are totally innocent then that will be shown. Legitimacy and credibility are essential elements of our government - and it is downright foolish to pretend that these are not problems for the current administration. Attempts to derail, obscure or stop an investigation only deepens the distrust. *PS. Him mocking that not even spy novelists could be creative enough to imagine a scenario where a Senator/Attorney General could collude with a foreign government is downright stupid. Buddy - they've thought of things far more creative than that.
  11. Do you like spy novels Mr. Sessions? Do you like long walks on the beach? Did you swipe right on my Tinder account?
  12. Looks like the Republican Senators got the talking points.
  13. I've always wanted people to feel engaged in the league at all times. I don't mind those eliminated from the playoffs to be tinkering with their roster or making trades with other non-playoff teams. Therefore I didn't want to have a trade deadline. Again, trades aren't automatic. So depending on the dynamics of the league at that time any trade could be put on hold or rejected.
  14. I'd say no to renting players or "termed" trades. I'm OK with conditional compensation. (If this player scores 200 FPs the future third round pick becomes a second round pick). But no back and forth between rosters.