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  1. Cyrus

    Democratic Nomination for 2020

    I think Biden would win. I'd certainly vote for him. Of course, I'd vote for anyone over Trump, but I'd like voting for Biden. I have no clue why anyone would think Beto would win a national race. Democrats need to make a big tent. "Progressives" are incredibly fickle. Put someone on the ticket who holds up a lot of traditional Democratic values and can win over the working class.
  2. Cyrus

    Election Day 2018 thread

    Democrats could go far by focusing on the middle class and social mobility. They could also help contribute to a better, more inclusive national identity by framing everyone as Americans who deserve equal treatment and rights. Instead they litigate narrow wedge issues on the national stage and readily walk into every us vs them fight completely oblivious to the political implications. A lot of Democrats would rather go to bed feeling good about themselves, while achieving nothing, than making incremental change without any fanfare.
  3. Cyrus

    Patriots Week

    Just stopping by to note that goober is an underrated insult. Carry on.
  4. Team could be even better if the offense continues to go through Mariota and Lewis. Need a reliable second wide receiver to emerge at some point. Davis / Mariota connection is improving but might take another year or two before it becomes a dilemma for defenses.
  5. Thought it was a called QB draw, but on replay it looks like he just made the decision to keep it and get the first down. (And more).
  6. I don’t disagree at all. It was a bad pass, bad play.
  7. Seemed pretty obvious that Mariota felt the pressure coming and was trying to get rid of the ball. Bad play. It happens.
  8. Still too early on a number of guys, even players like Jonnu who could become a solid contributor in time. I gave Robinson a B thus far. All GMs miss picks, but Robinson is likely slightly above average three years in which puts him in the C+ to B- range.
  9. Cyrus

    Trade Deadline Discussion

    Why would Robinson trade a pick. He's got his eye on a wide receiver from a community college in Idaho that is going to be the next big thing.
  10. Getting back to one of your original points as well, I'm really surprised Lewis hasn't been more of a focus on this offense. I really thought that he could contribute a ton as a runner and pass catcher. So far he's been really underutilized. From a game flow perspective I thought it would make a lot of sense for him to be a focus early as he's a quality rusher and would be a good secondary target on these bootlegs (or even just as a checkdown). That would give Mariota a consistent secondary target when whatever TE/WR was covered. But he really hasn't been put in that role, which is a mystery to me. I haven't given up hope on Henry, but he's not the guy who's going to fix this offense right now. He can be useful within the overall scope of the offense, but on early drives Lewis really needs to be the go to guy with Davis and others being the change up. I still have a lot of confidence in Mariota because bad QBs typically don't have the good qualities he has. He can read defenses, he can be accurate, he can move well in the pocket. Perhaps it hasn't come together all at the same time, and he certainly is inconsistent over the past years. However this offense has lacked rhythm for the last couple years outside of the no huddle. When coaches talk about identity, it means that they don't have one, and I think the team has looked to more complicated answers than more simple ones. I think this offense needs to be about Lewis, Mariota and Davis. (and primarily Lewis). Defenses need to be looking to stop Lewis from running and catching the ball, and Davis needs to be running behind the linebackers to stretch out the second level. Explosive plays may come over the top from guys like Sharpe and Taywan, but no one needs to be engineering those types of plays. They need to focus on the quality runners/receivers they have, which is pretty much two guys. Make offenses stop those two.
  11. This is mostly true I think, but imagine if the Titans have an injury to WR (like Davis). Bringing in a veteran doesn't hurt especially if they have a role going forward. More than anything I think the Titans continued to be cheap in FA, which has hurt them in these types of situations. Maybe that's a cash flow problem, but they've been sitting on a lot of cap for a long time. We've seen FA WRs make solid contributions to other teams and Robinson has been too confident in his draft selections that he hasn't really hedged his bets there with a long-term veteran starter.
  12. Don't disagree with the overall premise. I think it really shows that Jonnu isn't ready for the blocking role, and may have only a more streamlined role as a pass catcher to help ease the burden on him. Fowler allows them to use Lewis as a pass catcher more without compromising on pass protection as much. I wouldn't rule out a trade for WR, seeing as Tajae and Taywan are best as a 3rd or 4th receivers. That said, that doesn't suggest that it's likely (just possible). I think the gap left by Delanie was more significant than anyone here really anticipated. Same with Matthews. They lost 2 of the Top 3 pass targets from a year ago. Taywan wasn't ready to fill that role and it's likely taken Tajae time to get back to speed. Jonnu wasn't ready either (although he may still be good in time, he may need to physically mature more). @OILERMAN I'd correct your original post to reflect that 21 Personnel includes 2 WRs. (5 OL / 1 QB / 2 WRs, 1 TE, 2 RBs = 11 on the field).
  13. Cyrus

    2018 Titans Report Dynasty League

    I'm all ears. I'm looking for a WR. Maybe a RB.
  14. On that play with the PA deep comeback by Davis, I think Stocker is supposed to chip and leak out to the flats. I think that's the primary read. Instead he ends up taking on a LB instead of letting the RB pick him up in pass pro. (watch Dion Lewis react). He ends up getting into his route really, really late. I don't think the ball is really intended to go to Davis at all unless there's some type of alert. Just bad execution by the offense as a whole.
  15. Cyrus

    Trump at 50% approval heading into Mid-Terms

    @StarkillerEugenics and Arianism absolutely have to do with science. Besides, what would a "scientific" society look like anyways? (Look at B.F. Skinner and operant conditioning). Would it not treat the disabled, the feeble or non-optimal contributors as somehow "less-than"? Could it not totally erode the will and self determinism of individuals? What should/would we do if the "data" told us that certain types of people were drags on society? What would give an individual rights and dignity, and not recreate scientific tests on the disenfranchised? We would need something independent of science to act as a measuring stick. As for the rest of your points, you're begging the question here. Yes, data can inform our decisions within an existing moral framework - but science can't tell us that allowing LGBT equal rights or treating animals humanely are good. (even if you and I agree). That's especially true for animals who have very limited rights within our current system. You're not bridging the "ought" question that I raised. I think you're just speaking to audience that already accepts your premise (certain things are good or right). If you take these propositions into different culture, then you'll have to justify these on a basis greater than science, because the science won't be convincing. And there's also the possibility that some other type of scientific results has more merit or utility. For example, even if animals suffer, the utility of raising animals inhumanely may be so much more efficient and cost effective that we continue treating them inhumanely anyways. (We haven't even proven that humans ought to treat other species humanely). I think in many ways, you take it for granted that you have an existing moral framework that you can interject "science/scientism" into. The ethicists, philosophers, and religious are a very critical part of why that framework exists. (not the scientists). Of course more data helps us make better decisions, but not because it's a substitute, but because it's complementary to our values. I'm all for science, and I have zero fear or anxiety about it, but you can't creates morals and values out of science or a material world. Getting to "ought" requires something greater than science. I think atheists (and religious apologists) grossly overstate the controversy of the big bang and evolution. Every single day we walk around making value judgments and living our life according to some type of moral code. The greater controversy is right in front of our nose every single day. "Where do my conceptions of fairness come from?" "Why do I think that's unjust?". These tangibly impact our behavior every day and our entire world view and for most people, we never question where these values come from and what holds them up.