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  1. Done and done.
  2. Already processed Gano back to your roster and dropped Janikowski. Would you like me to add Janikowski back and drop Gresham?
  3. I can only ever have 23 players on the active roster during the season. The season doesn't begin with IR spots, so those players need to be processed at the beginning of the season (what we're dealing with right now). I dropped the idea of adding or removing roster spots during the first season because it was too difficult to do with Yahoo. So we permanently added those positions to the bench. The Free Agent Budget will be the same as last year and we'll do the same thing as last year where it continues into the season. We originally did 200 before, then reset to 200 after. The compromise was just to do 300 for both and it doesn't reset. I think it worked well too. No set date for free agency yet. We'll wait until NFL teams have their Final 53 at least.
  4. WR Cameron Meredith and WR Robby Anderson I believe. I'll gladly add either back to your roster. You literally caught me right as I was making a post about locking the keepers.
  5. I can add Gano back to your roster. Please be patient as I move everything over from last season. I'll need one additional player from your roster to drop. Who would you like me to drop?
  6. Surprised by Bink taking Howard, I would have taken him if he went the other direction. I had it narrowed down to two. Im taking WR John Ross.
  7. With the 6th Overall Pick in the 2017 Rookie Draft, TitanJoe selects...Chargers WR Mike Williams @Bink is now on the clock!
  8. With the 5th Overall Pick in the 2017 Rookie Draft, Nashvilleninja selects...Vikings RB Dalvin Cook @TitanJoe is now on the clock!
  9. BTW, I'd be willing to trade up at any point in the first round (from 8) to select the player I want. Any or all of my draft picks this year are on the table. And possibly a player on my roster.
  10. With the 4th Overall Pick in the 2017 Rookie Draft, Wiscotitansfan selects...Bengals RB Joe Mixon @NashvilleNinja is now on the clock!
  11. With the 3rd Overall Pick in the 2017 Rookie Draft, Oldschool selects...Panthers RB Christian McCaffrey @wiscotitansfan is now on the clock!
  12. With the 2nd Overall Pick in the 2017 Rookie Draft, Oldschool selects...Titans WR Corey Davis Oldschool is still on the clock!
  13. With the 1st Overall Pick in the 2017 Rookie Draft, Oldschool selects...Jaguars RB Leonard Fournette Oldschool is still on the clock!
  14. The 2017 Titans Report Dynasty League Rookie Draft is! @oldschool is now on the clock!
  15. I disregard the consolation bracket result but Yahoo doesn't. The lowest seed eliminated in each round will be the first to pick of that playoff group (W/L record really). So for example, if the 6th seed, 1st seed, 3rd seed and 4th seed go into a playoff round and the 3rd and 6th seed are eliminated, then the 6th seed will pick ahead of the 3rd seed regardless of what happens in the consolation bracket. Also, we should be starting the draft soon. Let's say tomorrow? I'll sort through the keepers very soon when I get a chance, but since the draft is off-line we can start anytime.