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  1. So now the mother of the slain solider is lying. Seriously guys, take the blinders off.
  2. Soxcat is already certain that it's false. Why? Because Trump said so. Nevermind that a family member has confirmed the account by the Congresswoman. Which brings me to my next point - this isn't a media report by an anonymous source. This is someone in Congress who was on the teleconference along with their staffers. It's a convenient excuse to blame the media and claim fake news when you choose not to believe something. Trump says stupid stuff. He said something stupid and callous to a service member's widow. Why is that surprising?
  3. Colts @ Titans MNF Gameday Thread

    "Tonight we need Mariota to be the quarterback, and not the quarterback and running back".
  4. Just got back from Fox News...

    And as I scroll down, the next featured news story from Fox News is about Bill Clinton and Loretta Lynch. Unbelievable.
  5. Just got back from Fox News...

    No joke, this is the #2 trending news item on the Apple feed: (From Fox News) "Teacher Teen Sex Tryst Case Won't Be Dismissed"
  6. Just got back from Fox News...

    I get Fox News stories in Apple news feed all the time when there's a hot or trending story. Very often something sexual in nature, or dealing with the Clintons. No joke. Pretty clear what people who read Fox News are interested in. Nothing gets older white male's ("value voters") attention like a High School Teacher hooking up with a student.
  7. 2017 Titans Report Dynasty League

    Dropped players are on Waivers for 2 days. Thursday Night Football players are on waivers until Tuesday. Looks like everyone else is a FA.
  8. This is how Jackson often played at USC.
  9. I place more blame on the guy who had the ball taken out of his hands, rather than the guy who could have thrown it 9" lower over the span of 30 yards.
  10. If you have the ball in your hands, and it's taken away. It's your fault. The pass could have been better. But given the context, the blame goes on the receiver.
  11. That's on Matthews.
  12. Jackson's inexperience showing. He's panicking.
  13. Secondary has been extremely poor so far. Defense in general seems to be on their heels and uncertain on some of the zone read plays. Guys are running totally free in the secondary. Watson has been throwing to wide open receivers. It's not even close.
  14. I guess this is the radio edition with attempts to induce epileptic seizures.
  15. The administration can't even get Republicans to get on board due to the proposed rollback on deductions for local and state taxes. Apparently the peanut gallery is okay with the living taxed twice but not the dead. (Elimination of the estate tax). You really have to scratch your head with some of these proposals. I'm for a reduction in the corporate tax rate and pass through business. That could tangibly help small businesses. But rolling back some of these deductions, even with an increased standard deduction doesn't make any sense. The Arrested Development meme about a $10 banana is really apropos. These guys have zero clue about real life for the middle class.