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  1. Mueller and grand jury indict 13 Russians

    It's correct to state that the "indictment" does not allege that US Citizens willingly involved, nor does the "indictment" allege that it changed the outcome of the election. After reading the document, it's true that it does not make those statements.
  2. Mueller and grand jury indict 13 Russians

    In the indictment they noted that there was an effort against Rubio and Cruz too.
  3. Mueller and grand jury indict 13 Russians

    You do know that they paid for advertisements on social media networks, right?
  4. Mueller and grand jury indict 13 Russians

    Just trying to help. Might be tough to follow along while flipping between tabs of other websites trying to re-assure you that the nothingburger continues.
  5. Mueller and grand jury indict 13 Russians

    You obviously didn't read the indictment, and if you did, you didn't understand it. They supported the two outsider candidates during the primary, both Bernie and Trump. They were looking for the most divisive candidates. During the general election, they very clearly supported Trump and sought to discredit Clinton.
  6. Mueller and grand jury indict 13 Russians

    You quite literally don't know what you're talking about. It's confounding that you don't see how a foreign state's effort to covertly spread misinformation in order to influence public opinion during an election could be anything close to legal.
  7. Mueller and grand jury indict 13 Russians

    Also, see how this is a problem for people who genuinely believed there was no concerted Russian effort to sow chaos in our election? They're literally short-circuiting when confronted with this indictment.
  8. Mueller and grand jury indict 13 Russians

    Huh. So a full-time organization in St. Petersburg running around the clock, stealing identities in order to fund ad buys and sow disinformation. My understanding was that there were more than 80 people at this organization on this specific project. They were working directly with local campaign offices, paying American citizens in order to attend protests and funding numerous efforts to galvanize mistrust. So, a few online trolls?
  9. Trump Drops The Hammer On Food Stamps

    People lose jobs for all sorts of reasons, and often for circumstances outside their control. Geopolitical reasons, capital liquidity, disruption from other industries. In many of these cases, it's not possible to immediately find work, especially at the level of their original job. In many cases, these benefits are limited, see below: "The Three-Month Time Limit Many adults without dependents need to meet certain requirements to remain eligible for SNAP A provision in the 1996 welfare reform law limited individuals who are over age 18 and under 50 to three months of SNAP benefits out of every three years unless they are working or in a work or training program 20 hours a week. Some individuals are exempt from this requirement, such as those who live with children in the household, those determined to be physically or mentally unfit for work, pregnant women, and others determined to be exempt from SNAP work requirements. The law allows states to suspend the three-month limit in areas with high and sustained unemployment; many states qualified due to the Great Recession and its aftermath and waived the time limit throughout the state through 2015. However, as unemployment rates fell, fewer areas across the country qualified for statewide waivers. In all but a few states, the time limit was in effect in some or all of the state by January 2016. CBPP estimates that at least 500,000 individuals lost eligibility over the course of 2016. The time limit continues to apply in at least a portion of the state in most states. More information on the time limit generally is available at http://www.fns.usda.gov/snap/able-bodied-adults-without-dependents-abawds. For detailed eligibility requirements in a given state, consult the state SNAP agency." ... and of course, these are means-tested in the first place, too. Your worldview is very small, and very simple it seems.
  10. Mueller and grand jury indict 13 Russians

    Read through most of it (skimmed through some). In the body of the indictment, it specifically states that the Russian operation specifically dealt with unwitting "local campaign" individuals. So it seems like local campaign offices and grass root organizers were the unwitting members. (at least in reference to the indictment). I have no idea what this means for Trump and his family members specifically. They knowingly met with Russian officials / nationals - and knew at the time that they were Russian officials / nationals, so it's a bit hard to make the same argument.
  11. Another shooting today!!

    This might be one of the generational issues that only gets resolved when Millennials and Gen Z become a more significant voting bloc. Even "common sense" regulations that net 70-80% support or more (and usually a significant amount of Republicans) get no traction. None of these Republicans in the House or Senate want to be associated with "taking guns away" regardless of the substance of the policy. The headline narrative will takeover and they could be exposed politically by other Republicans. Of course no one will have the courage to do it anyways, or stand-up for other Republicans who do. The cannibalization of political parties by their extreme fringes (in this case, specifically the very conservative) ensure that nothing happens. The unfortunate nature is that we're not merely dealing with some tax policy or bathroom bill, but we literally have children dying in their classrooms. Cowards, cowards, cowards. All of these supposed leaders. They can't even accomplish legislation that has wide spread bi-partisan support.
  12. Trying to think of an appropriate response here. First thought was simply “hahahahahaha”, but perhaps you are unaware that McCain, former Republican presidential nominee, has championed campaign finance reform for over a decade.