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  1. 2018 Titans Report Dynasty League

    RB Kalen Ballage - Miami
  2. 2018 Titans Report Dynasty League

    WR Christian Kirk - Texas A&M
  3. 2018 Titans Report Dynasty League

    We actually did - the intention was to grow the roster for the draft, then cut it down to a standard roster (much like the NFL). However the tools for Yahoo didn't really permit that at the time. (and probably still don't). Consequently, we just left the expanded roster permanent so teams could carry more speculative players and have deeper reserves.
  4. Vrabel Media Honeymoon Already Over?

    I don't care about access or openness during the offseason. I do care about accountability during the season. There's not a whole lot to write about despite the fact that reporters/writers are being given article quotas. It's not really the coaching staff's job to give them good stories. Whisenhunt and Mularkey both were defensive during post-game press conferences. That was a problem. If Vrabel can take the blame when it's deserved, then whatever perceived combativeness is a non-issue.
  5. This is America

    I've already watched it like 20 plus times. Extremely well put together. The directing element, which is typically whatever for music videos, is really on point.
  6. 2018 Titans Report Dynasty League

    RB Nick Chubb - Browns.
  7. Basically, nothing matters right now. Which is precisely why voters need to punish the party in power so they remember that they're being held accountable.
  8. 6÷2 (1+2) = ___

    But there's never ambiguity in math!
  9. Nevermind the fact that the companies confirmed the payments. ATT part of the deep state as well?
  10. "Stupid Watergate" indeed. Can't wait to read Mueller's next plea or indictment handed down.
  11. 6÷2 (1+2) = ___

    Hey - don't stop me from feeling good about yourself.
  12. 6÷2 (1+2) = ___

    I said it's ambiguous the way it's written, but that it's defensible to come to the conclusion that 1 is an appropriate answer. That I believe is true - and there is plenty of justification for that if you look. Math is a type of formal logic - it's not that different from language - and it can be parsed in a way that is ambiguous. (same as language). I'm not creating an out for myself or others - that's just the way I understand it and based on some reading and listening to other arguments, I believe that's fair and true. The whole point of this thread and viral equation is to bait people into these types of situations - the appropriate isn't: "It's 9 and everyone who thinks otherwise is an idiot!". That's the trap. The reality is that it's an eccentricity of math and deliberately ambiguous so that there are two reasonable answers based on different conventions. (just look at different results from scientific calculators to confirm that if you wish). I don't mind taking an unpopular position and explaining it to an at times hostile audience. It doesn't bother me and it may needle at others (and you). That's not out of a false feeling of superiority, or a haughty attitude. I'm perfectly willing to explain why I believe something to be the case. I'm not going to shy away from discussions because of some type of consensus. (real or not). You can be cynical about my intentions if you want.
  13. 6÷2 (1+2) = ___

    I’d write it .5Y if I wanted to express half the value of Y. (Since a decimal cannot be read distinctly from 5 in this case and has no ambiguity ) Computer Programming introduces a “principle” here that may not potentially exist otherwise. If 1/2 is a fraction, how is 1/2Y, not? 1/(2Y) is likely something that primarily exists in the computing world. It looks redundant in English. (To me). The whole point of this equation is to demonstrate ambiguity in language and the eccentricity of how math is expressed in a single line. There is a very reasonable case to believe that 1 is a valid answer. It makes someone look really small or insecure when they reply with “Wow” or express shock to these types of things.
  14. 6÷2 (1+2) = ___

    Of course I’m serious. Is 1/2Y half of Y or 1 divided by 2Y? I’m not looking at it like single line code, I’m looking at it like mathematical short hand. Just read the equation and it seems quite clear. Its an eccentricity in how we write math equations in single line. Not validation for those who can write code so they feel superior. Next we can talk about the Oxford comma.