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  1. Guess the party should have used the last few years putting together some type of coherent legislation that would actually reform the market to actually drive down costs and fundamentally address some of the outstanding issues in healthcare affordability. Oops.
  2. The pass rush was actually quite good for most of the year. The biggest let down was the secondary, particularly the corner play which was abysmal. I would have liked Sidney Jones at 18, but given his injury they'll obviously have to look elsewhere. Lattimore is worrisome because you basically have to teach him how to play the position in the NFL. ++Athlete but he has little to no technique. You have to trust that you can teach him everything, but he's going to be guessing out on the field. Adding Logan Ryan was big - he's been a very underrated starter and fits the scheme well. He should be very steady. McCourty had a very poor year, but maybe if he goes back to being the second corner, and stays healthy he can be OK. I think they need to add more talent here, but I don't think Lattimore is a good risk at 5. (Or even Top 10).
  3. Every year people think there's going to be five or six "All-Pros" or "Pro-Bowlers" in the Top 10. Draft history that it's more likely that 5-6 will bust out instead. OJ Howard may be one of those guys, but it shouldn't be assumed that the Titans are losing out by not selecting one of these premier prospects at another position. Does he fit what the Titans want to do? Is there a path forward for him to have success? That's the basic threshold for every prospect. Anyone who makes it past that criteria gets judged on their relative talent. Some of these supposed Top 5 prospects won't even pass that threshold. It seems fairly clear that OJ Howard meets that criteria and he also appears extremely talented. I'm less convinced about some of the other defensive prospects. Consequently, I can see them taking him #5.
  4. I took a look at the Miami TE Njoku and didn't think he was remotely comparable to Howard. Not that he won't be productive in the NFL, but they're different fits for different teams. I'm not sure I buy the idea that if you pass on Howard you find someone comparable, although slightly less talented, later on. Maybe you find someone who can block, but has some catching ability and kick the can down the road for finding a replacement for Walker. But you're accomplishing different goals.
  5. You didn't seem to like the value of taking an Offensive Tackle in the first round last year, right? Again, I think in the end, it's better to take the right player and the right fit at the pick you have, then worry excessively about value. Now, I know Robinson navigated around the draft last year, but still traded up to get "his guy". If Robinson has the knowledge and foresight to navigate around and get someone like Howard, then that certainly works for me. Now Howard may not be "his guy". I'm speculating that he would be a good fit. I think that's a very reasonable assumption on my part, but I think that in the long run you hurt yourself by crossing off certain position groups (and chasing "need" too) at your draft picks. You're drafting people, not positions.
  6. All granted. Point being that Tight End is just as reasonable at 5 as any other position. Assuming he fits what the Titans want to do and a case can be made. Adams or Howard comes down to preference.
  7. Who specifically? And, respectfully, what if they're not nearly as good as touted? At least consider the idea that the safeties and Lattimore are not future All-Pros. Or that Allen may just be a solid all-around lineman in the NFL. And also - if they were on the team how does it make them win games? Or give them something different?
  8. What's the argument you're refuting? Point being is that OJ Howard has the most receptions of any TE under Saban at Alabama. There's no mic drop here. It's just something to consider when thinking about his low production. There are reasonable concerns about Howards production. There are reasonable circumstances that explain it. What's not really disputed is that he's got great size, excellent speed, can block, has played in multiple formations/alignments and judging from the Senior Bowl, has very soft hands and easily catch the ball. (which you see during game cut-ups too, but he didn't often get the ball). So big, fast Tight End who can catch, block and has experience in a more multiple offense.
  9. Some interesting tid bits here: "In the two games against Clemson, Howard racked up nine receptions, 314 receiving yards and three touchdowns. In his other 55 games, Howard had just four touchdowns and averaged 2.1 receptions and 25.1 yards." "The reality is that tight end hasn’t been a position used much during Nick Saban’s era of dominance as head coach of the Crimson Tide. Howard’s 33 receptions in 2015 were the most ever for a tight end during Saban’s time at Alabama, and he topped that number with 45 receptions in 2016." Also:
  10. Look at past draft histories thoroughly then come back and make the case for prioritizing draft strategy over player fit. You'll struggle to make the case. The Titans are drafting where they're drafting. They may be able to move around, but take the player you like and take the player that fits. It's very possible that Howard is not there at #18. So you have one opportunity. There's really no need to over complicate it. OJ Howard carries some risk - primarily because of his low production in college. But there is truth to the fact that this is a run heavy team, who had an offensive coordinator who primarily "fed" one wide receiver. Not only that, but the quarterback play has been generally poor at Alabama as well. He had excellent practices at the Senior Bowl, made the catches in the Senior Bowl game, had a quality combine and made huge plays in the Championship games. So there are reasons to believe he'll be able to make the leap in the NFL.
  11. This was my first impression of OJ Howard for what it's worth. Coming into the draft without any real preconceptions, he really stands out.
  12. That's fine, but two inches of height is irrelevant to any player comparison.
  13. Watching Mike Williams for the first time. Is on the ground way too often for comfort. Average athlete. Comfortable with the ball in the air and can a confident hands catcher. But he's probably going to struggle to produce unless he gets a lot of targets in a more wide open offense. Looks more like a Round 2 prospect to me. Reminds me of Michael Crabtree.
  14. Today's $6M contract is about equal to $4.5M several years ago. It's starter territory, but on the lower end. He is playing though. With Casey and Williams locked in, that leaves DaQuan Jones, Blackson and Austin Johnson to battle it out for the last starting spot. They'll probably add another DL in the draft, but I doubt it will be high.
  15. ...but is he? Watched two games the other night. One game he looked dominant on some plays, other he's got caught up in traffic and/or struggled to really disengage. All prospects carry some element of risk in their game. I'm not sure he's really a dominant pass rusher. So if he's not that in the NFL (a huge pass rusher) what does he give you? The Titans have a mix of proven players and young talent on the defensive line. Allen just muddies the situation, I think. I'd take him, but not sure he's better than someone else.