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  1. Trump's weird slurring during speech

    Clearly dentures. Hah.
  2. Flynn

    Here's the thing too - you don't accept plea bargains typically unless you're using it as a ladder to someone higher up. Otherwise they'd just bring the charges and prosecute Flynn. So if Flynn is accepting a plea bargain, who else is left above him? We're getting to the point where the only people left are the Trump family members.
  3. Flynn

    He was working with a foreign ambassador to mitigate fallout from US Sanctions passed after Russian intervention in the US election. He was doing that while there was a sitting US President. He was directed to do this by the transition team. (reportedly Kushner). And he lied about it. This is 100% connected to the Trump Administration. It's all right there in those legal documents.
  4. Flynn

    https://www.justice.gov/sco Here's the plea bargain and admission of offenses.
  5. North Korea Situation

    The whole situation is an interesting study in human psychology and international political theory. Nuclear weapons are what's keeping Kim in power and alive. Using them will kill him.
  6. North Korea Situation

    The real hope is not that the on-going sanctions force Kim to capitulate, but rather that some type of coup takes places and Kim is deposed/assassinated. Kim has taken active measures to prevent this from happening (obviously) but you have to wonder that if China cuts off more support whether it will facilitate some action when things continue to erode. The launch of a nuclear equipped missile is probably unlikely, because it would guarantee the destruction of NK and Kim. If we assume he's rational (an assumption) then we can probably believe that a nuclear missile exists only as a deterrence. Even if the US launched some type of preemptive strike, I wouldn't be certain that NK would retaliate with nuclear weapons since it would guarantee either complete destruction or intervention from China for complete denuclearization.
  7. Titans @ Steelers Game Thread

    What's with the game clock? Does it normally run when someone goes out of bounds voluntarily?
  8. Titans @ Steelers Game Thread

    Mularkey to Mariota: "Hold my beer."
  9. Titans @ Steelers Game Thread

    Stick a fork in Murray. He's done.
  10. Titans @ Steelers Game Thread

    Murray looks terrible from this new camera view. He looks super sluggish in the hole.
  11. Franken ...wow

    It's obviously totally inappropriate and honestly, not even funny. He was wrong to do it, even as a joke. But let's not equivocate it to Moore and Weinstein, et. al. which is the obvious step that some people want to take. A resignation seems extreme for this particular incident, but if there was a pattern of behavior or more significant sexual harassment then what would seem appropriate. Bring on the false equivalency though, I know it's coming. An extremely poor taste joke of pretend groping over body armor, in a room full of other people is not the same as getting fourteen year olds into a locked car at night and trying to molest them. (or worse)
  12. Self Righteous prick turns out to be sexual deviant

    Granted - Democrats are and can be hypocrites. So can Republicans. With that all cleared up - Republicans should know that Moore shouldn't serve in any elected office with an "R" next to his name. Don't let him represent your party in office. If you want the moral high ground, take it. Don't stand for these types of things in your party.
  13. Self Righteous prick turns out to be sexual deviant

    But what does that have to do with the price of tea in China?
  14. Self Righteous prick turns out to be sexual deviant

    Let's erode of our moral credibility in order to defend Roy Moore, hurray! You guys are like frogs in hot water. At some point you must realize how partisanship is poisoning your reason and sensibilities. Turn off the political opinion shows and get away from the blogs. Forget about the Democrats. Why defend guys like Moore? Why defend people like Trump? There's countless other good conservatives out there, why cling to the bad ones?
  15. Bengals @ Titans Game Thread

    Mariota was spitting up blood on the sidelines, by the way.