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  1. So, how's Tunsil doing?
  2. I don't see this at all. Ramsey looks like a significantly better athlete and his ball reactions were top notch.
  3. What's the consensus on UW Corner Sidney Jones? Two games in and I could see him going Top 15.
  4. Watching a little bit of Jonathan Allen. Dude is Jurrell Casey in a more svelte frame. Not sure if he's an All-Pro type guy, but he looks like a good prospect in his own right. I'd have to watch more, but I'm not sure where he fits on the Titans. @OILERMAN
  5. Just watched a little of Hooker, Adams and Baker. I like Budda Baker the best out of the three, but his height might be exploited more in the NFL. Adams may be a better coverage safety than Hooker, but he missed a lot of tackles against Alabama. I didn't count, but just don't see a player who misses half a dozen tackles as a safety being the type of guy Robinson would like. My guess is that the Titans keep Byard at FS and go and find another SS.
  6. Also, if you watch those games, you see Malik Hooker making quite a few mistakes. He missed some tackles and several plays (likely responsible for giving up a rush TD in the redzone). He gave up an important play to the Oklahoma Tight End on a snag route while in man coverage. He's been opportunistic when given the opportunity, but I don't see a guy who can erase other players mistakes like Earl Thomas.
  7. Watched two games of Malik Hooker (Clemson and Oklahoma). Obviously just my opinion, but looks like a second round prospect maybe. Athletically, he's strictly a safety. He's not particularly explosive or compact in his movement (can get leggy which limits his ability to click/close or re-direct). His ball reactions are OK. His tackling ability is OK. He's not much of a hitter and can take flat angles. He doesn't really fill the alley really well. (Looked to struggle sorting through the trash). So in that sense he's probably strictly a free safety. Has made some plays and made some nice interceptions. So ball skills are a plus. Just don't think there are many other special qualities and he has limitations. Probably a starter in the league, but I wouldn't expect much more unless he really was able to take the next step. I wouldn't have declared if I were him. Not sure where the Top 5 talk is coming from unless it's a really weak draft. (I've had zero time to watch players or follow the draft). I could see a team draft him Top 25 if there's a need and it's a poor to average draft class. In that case, you're just looking for a starting player at a position of need.
  8. The last scene with Vader was one of the best moments in all of Star Wars. Rogue One also addressed the most questionable plot mechanisms in the original trilogy in a very believable way. It was a good movie, with many great moments. I'm not sure what Jamal is on about. This supports the OT. In that way it's very lasting and the opposite of bubblegum. Also, the Bothan line was RE: the second Death Star, not the first.
  9. Don't aircast an Achilles. It's a broken ankle.
  10. If Matthews completes the catch near the goal line he probably falls in the endzone for the TD. He had some very good throws dropped. Despite some miscues, the quarterbacking was above average today. The receiver play was probably subpar. The RBs and offensive line carried the offense.
  11. Congratulations on the win Cornrow! I should have stuck with Rodgers, but I played it too conservatively and paid the price. Was concerned about him playing the Seahawks defense in what was supposed to be a blizzard. Now go get Abenjami!
  12. I think I'm toast, honestly. I got 1 point from my kicker, and your Dallas Defense put up 13. I guess we'll see, but I'm figuring right now that I'm out of the playoffs.
  13. Surprised they haven't run a draw yet.