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  1. But he did deal with the pressure and did throw the ball for a 1st down completion. You come across as having an agenda, which diminishes your credibility. The gripe about the Stocker throw is a better one to nitpick at. I have no idea why that particular play happened the way it did, and I wouldn't remove the possibility that it's simply just a result of a quarterback throwing to a 3rd string TE who was picked up the middle of last season in a new offense. There's no difference between a homer and a cynic. They're just different sides of the same coin.
  2. It also doesn't help to look at all of these in a black or white manner. I agree that the throw to Stocker could have been better, and possibly (not certainly) could have been a TD. It's not a terrible throw, that's nonsense. The other throws were arguably more the product of pass pressure.
  3. His throwing base was (reasonably) affected by pass pressure on at least two of these throws. (in that he had to adjust his arm angle/feet/timing/etc). I think the Miami pass rush affected the pass game more than people are willing to admit. (Somewhat a testament to the "disruption is production" perspective). In a world where Mariota is credited with a lousy throw (which was a completion), how should we characterize Lewan when he's literally trying to ride out a DE who beat him inside and is running right through the middle of the pocket? Worse than Mariota, honestly.
  4. Mariota’s picks weren’t egregious either. Neither were good mind you, but if he was throwing with numbness it might excuse the quality of the pass. (Obviously) The first INT in particular looked like it was impacted - ball just off target and floated. Second one looked like a bad play we’ve seen before. No idea how bad the numbness was. Just a bad day for everyone. A multitude of little things went wrong. I actually like the offense too.
  5. Finally caught up on the entire game now that the condensed replay is up. I mostly watched the offense. - Prior to the elbow injury, any Mariota criticisms are really nitpicky. Probably the worst throw preinjury was the quick out throw that was far behind the receiver. Play didn’t have much of a chance anyways, but it was a poor throw. - Hayes tackle on Mariota was really awkward, almost like a late cut block rather than a hit. Not a super common football play. Think he tried to ease up and didn’t have much control. Ended up colliding with Mariota somewhat sideways. Kind of a fluke play and injury. - Dion Lewis is a stud. They need to get him involved earlier. I think he’s exactly what Mariota needs, even more so than Walker/TE. Just someone to come to late and will likely always be open underneath. - Good to see Davis involved. He’s going to be critical moving forward. He and Mariota need to have confidence in what the other is thinking and where they’ll be on the field. - Interior OL still looks like it could use some improvement. - Gabbert still stinks. Ball ends up low and in the dirt too often. - Defense was legitimately bad in the first half. Just got totally gashed in the running game. Hard to excuse really. Way too slow of a start. - Florida stinks too. I think the weather delays impacted both teams. Long games / days like that almost never happen. Teams can play in virtual blizzards and torrential rain but not lightning. Personally, I’m hoping Mariota is 100% next week and think the team should just forget about the Miami game and just consider next week the real start of the season. It’s still a loss, but it’s far too early to dwell on it.
  6. Cyrus

    2018 Titans Report Dynasty League

    My personal position is to let the score stand, but I’d be willing to put it up for vote. If we can get 2/3rds consensus we’ll take that approach.
  7. Cyrus

    Sunday Ticket

    I switched to DirecTV Now over a year ago and ended up saving close to $40 a month for a superior product. (We can stream it mobile on ATT with no data fees, also grandfathered at a lower price and got a free Apple TV). I signed up today for the NFL Gamepass, I won’t be able to watch it live, but will be able to watch it at 5PM Pacific time. I also get the All-22 and season long replays. So that’s the compromise for me. It may be an option for you as well.
  8. Cyrus

    Trump's energy policies...

    Listen to quarterly calls by oil and gas executives (in all forms - upstream, midstream etc). Everyone in the energy business knows that natural gas is putting coal out of business, not government regulation. As the pipeline infrastructure improves, coals demise will only accelerate. Fracking has been huge in energy production, as well as advances in technology which reduce cost (as well as a favorable investment environment and favorable bankruptcy laws which helps certain energy “plays” get back up and running). We already export energy particularly via LNG and recently oil as well. This was true during the Obama administration as well. There are fleets of LNG carriers and floating regasification units. The US exports to China and the Middle East. Again, all of this occurred and started during the Obama administration. Recent talk of an escalating trade war has actually hurt LNG exports with China. A huge opportunity missed, although in time cooler heads may prevail. Don’t focus about the history and politics of energy as you know it. (Coal and drilling in sensitive areas). Think about the future. Upstream producers already have access to a number of profitable plays in Texas, Oklahoma and elsewhere. Trump in many ways has been harmful to the future by compromising relationships with trade partners. The US can reduce energy dependence on Russia worldwide (Gazprom), reduce CO2 emissions worldwide (NG has half the emissions of coal) and create peace and stability through trade with China and other nations. At the moment Trump is simply getting in the way.
  9. Disgusting, really. It's a crisis for the modern church.
  10. Cyrus

    Nike Brand Taking A Beating

    Lots of snowflakes, right?
  11. Cyrus

    Sen. Cory Booker

    That's the problem I think. But Roe vs Wade is more about privacy, not about a constitutional right per se to an abortion. I'm not claiming to have the answers. I appreciate the fact that you guys think you do, however. Personally, I think it's complicated.
  12. Cyrus

    Sen. Cory Booker

    The employer, obviously. Should an employer (as an institution or organization) have to pay for health care coverage that violates its religious tenets? (not only for the employees, but the premiums also pay for non-employees obviously). The employee can still go get a procedure done out of coverage, or using another health insurance policy. Mind you, this isn't my position. But I think it's defensible and reasonable.
  13. Cyrus

    Sen. Cory Booker

    And miscarriages are common too. What's your argument specifically?
  14. Cyrus

    Sen. Cory Booker

    Religious liberties are at play. It's the conflict of the two which create the problem. I don't think anyone is disputing Roe here.