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  1. Spain has been way better than Kline. But it does seem like they Have been looking to replace him.
  2. Should I have said “couldn’t possibly be worse” instead?
  3. Put him in over Taylor.
  4. Matthews should have never been on the team.
  5. He’s probably more reliable than Taylor.
  6. Heard this on Vrabel show or?
  7. @OILERMAN Btw, he apparently had better judgement than Robinson on this issue. (And maybe other issues? like Henry and likely some others?).
  8. Stillman was saying on the radio a few weeks back that he had a source that told him that Mularkey wanted Matthews gone if he returned in 2019. Which coincides with all the reports saying that Robiskie and Matthews clashed and apparently had frequent disputes.
  9. May be looking for a practice squad QB.
  10. Oh, wasn't aware of this.
  11. ^Titans heavily scouted him in pre-draft process. Doubt there will be interest since he hasn't seemed to pan out, but something to keep an eye on.
  12. tgo

    Beddingfield: Davis’s ceiling is a good #2

    I did some research on Matt Paradis today and if they don't manage to keep him around in Denver, he seems to be the best of the free agent crop. I don't think we need to be spending early draft capital on interior OL in this scheme with as much as we have already invested. Regarding Sanders, I'd love to get him but it just doesn't seem like they want to trade him.
  13. tgo

    Beddingfield: Davis’s ceiling is a good #2

    I think Davis will still develop, but with all the question marks at receiver, we absolutely have to hedge this group with some legit talent this offseason. There is no way around it.