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  1. Should we trade for Malcom Butler?

    I'm not sure Butler is any better overall than Sims, Jackson, or Ryan. Plus, he seems like a selfish player, which is likely why he's being traded in the first place.
  2. The Titans front office has a PFF subscription according to Jon Robinson. Multiple other organizations use them as well, as supplementary information. What they do is incomplete and you can't swear by it, but it has significant value as an evaluation tool.
  3. Davis ruled out for sunday

    We're not in great shape at WR for sure but Matthews, Decker, Taylor are probably better overall than Matthews, Sharpe, Wright. Sharpe is probably better than Decker straight up but Decker can play all 3 spots and offers more formational flexibility and is more of a red zone threat.
  4. Seahawks Matchup Thread

    Mularkey blatantly said it was on Mariota. Apparently it's difficult to accept that he isn't always 100% perfect.
  5. Seahawks Matchup Thread

    Saw this. Maybe they'll give Dodd his chance.
  6. Davis ruled out for sunday

    Hand injury? Jason Wolf said groin injury. Hmmmmmm.
  7. Davis ruled out for sunday

    Let's go ahead and put Murray on the shelf for a few weeks too imo.
  8. Davis ruled out for sunday

    Not the first half of the year anyway.
  9. Aaron Wallace

    I'm guessing Carraway or Nate Palmer will fill Wallace's game day role. I doubt this means much as it relates to Kevin Dodd in the near term.
  10. Aaron Wallace

    Sounds like his back flared up again. Maybe they just thought they'd stash him on IR for the roster spot so they could bump up Pascal with Corey Davis' hamstring ailing. The Chargers also signed Tyler Marz off our practice squad. We signed LB Tony Washington and T Brad Seaton to fill the two spots on the practice squad.
  11. My thoughts on Titans week 2

    I don't have much to complain about when it comes to the staff or Robiskie, but I was just saying to a friend yesterday that the offense doesn't seem to play with any urgency at all in 2:00 or other hurry up situations, and that dates back to the beginning of last year. They had the best 2:00 offense in the league last year, so what do I know, but I don't think there's any doubting that they don't operate with much urgency in these situations. Maybe it is by design?
  12. Texans vs Bengals TNF

    Bengals seem to be pretty bad this year.
  13. LeBeau: Adoree Will Start at CB

    This is my guess.
  14. The fact that we didn't pony up enough to lure him away is a shame.