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  1. I feel like it’s pretty fluid at this point, havent even gotten through the combine yet.
  2. You really think Goedart and Hurst are better than Howard?
  3. Who is on your FA radar?

    Savage seems very immobile for the system we’ll be running but I guess it wouldn’t matter too much. Gabbert wouldn’t be a bad option.
  4. AJ McCarron

    Now let's not get carried away here.
  5. Who is on your FA radar?

    Seems like Osweiler may actually be a better fit than Savage, thoughts?
  6. Dan Orlovsky draws McFleur plays

    Oh, I have no doubt they'll run some spread out of shotgun with him. They'll do some college RPO stuff too I bet, and the same kind of thing Shanahan ran with RGIII in Washingotn. But mostly I think we'll see a very similar offense to the Rams offense, heavy playaction, some bunch formations and heavy sets to go along with the 3 wide stuff.
  7. Who is on your FA radar?

    I'd like to see us sign: Star Lotulelei (or another viable NT) Dion Lewis Derrick Johnson/Paul Posluszny/Navorro Bowman Brent Urban or Daniel McCullers Steven Johnson from BAL for depth and STs This is assuming Decker and Kline are re-signed and Williamson is a goner.
  8. Who is on your FA radar?

    Giants are going to get Norwell. If it's the last thing they ever do. They'll lose him over Gettleman's dead body. Etc.
  9. Dan Orlovsky draws McFleur plays

    Not sure if he works with any of those QB specialist guys like House or whoever else or not. I've never heard of him working with a private QB coach.
  10. Dan Orlovsky draws McFleur plays

    Mariota said he’s spending the offseason in LA mostly, working out with Goff and picking his brain about the system. Obviously he’ll be learning the playbook and verbiage through Goff since the coaches can’t talk football with him until April.
  11. Dan Orlovsky draws McFleur plays

    Mariota has been better under center than in shotgun.
  12. Not sure Poe is the anchoring two-gapping presence needed. Poe is probably better as a 4-3 shade 1 tech. I think we need a full on brick wall unmovable zero technique.
  13. Defense Team Needs 2018

    Well, glad you’re not running the team then. Robinson won’t sign either player nor would he ever trade for Gordon.
  14. Defense Team Needs 2018

    Lol yeah let’s add two locker room cancers with major character issues who are being let go for that reason. Let’s trade for Josh Gordon and Pacman, sign DRC, and draft Arden Key while we’re at it. Edit: I agree on Hubbard though
  15. Anyone that hangs their expectations/hopes/dreams on Kyle’s mocks deserves having them crushed.