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  1. tgo

    Reed sent to IR

    McCain would be fine as a veteran backup nickel corner and ST coverage guy. Smart guy who could learn the defense quickly and his ideal role is a reserve slot corner. If Rico Gafford continues to improve and proves that he should stick, I would prefer that route or to find someone better after final cuts. The 5th corner needs to be a versatile guy who A) is a proficient STer and B) can play the slot well since Butler, Jackson, Sims are primarily outside guys.
  2. tgo

    Titans release Fowler

    No one has signed him as far as I'm aware. From what I've read, he's wanting to play for a 4-3 team only.
  3. tgo

    Titans release Fowler

  4. tgo

    Reed sent to IR

    They should bring Brice McCain back with a minimum salary as a reserve corner and STer.
  5. tgo

    Reed sent to IR

    Yes please
  6. tgo

    Reed sent to IR

    Vrabel curse carrying over from Houston? Jk.
  7. tgo

    Reed sent to IR

    Should give Gafford or Durden a legit chance. Sucks that our secondary depth is being obliterated though.
  8. tgo

    Teams scrambling for OL help

    S'ua-filo is the only one I could see them trading, but would have to be to a zone team.
  9. Oh I agree, I should have pointed that out. I don't think King makes the roster - but it could be for someone like Mike Ramsay who is more of a 3 tech/NT reserve who gets the last spot. I think if Jones were to go down, Austin Johnson would move to 5 tech with Bennie Logan stepping in as the starting NT. I could definitely see Dickerson making it over him as the 6th DL though. Dickerson does seem to lack some discipline but maybe he just needs to settle down and keep learning. Warmsley definitely will make it imo. He can play several positions (more of a natural 3 tech probably, that can also play some 5 tech).
  10. Dickerson seems like more of a 5 tech with King more of a pure pass rush specialist 3 tech like Klug.
  11. Good podcast. Enjoyed the last one as well.
  12. tgo

    Training Camp Discussion

    I'd say 2nd best personally.
  13. tgo

    Training Camp Discussion

    People thought we had the best secondary in the league a couple weeks ago and now its garbage? I think it's somewhere in between.
  14. tgo

    Training Camp Discussion

    The thing with Butler is that he's a boom or bust type player. Makes a lot of great plays in coverage but his aggressiveness gets him beat sometimes. It's not that he's lost a step.
  15. tgo

    LeShaun Sims And CB Depth......

    This. Sims isn't on the roster bubble by any means.