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  1. LaFleur Article by Glennon

    This is true. From what we know, Mariota will have far less control at the LOS now, if any at all.
  2. LaFleur Article by Glennon

    I just think some people are thinking it’s going to be some super pass heavy 3/4 wide shotgun college style offense. I do think it’ll be a lot more productive this year, for many reasons. And hopefully it translates to more wins despite all the scheme changes.
  3. LaFleur Article by Glennon

    Obviously there will be a lot of schematic differences like the zone blocking scheme and different route/timing concepts in the passing game. More screens for sure and a more developed short passing game. Even more play action. But Marcus will be under center mostly, probably even more than under Mularkey, and we’ll still see a lot of “heavy” sets I bet.
  4. I don’t think so since he was placed on IR through the waived/inury designation.
  5. LaFleur Article by Glennon

    It won’t be much shotgun either.
  6. What's interesting, too, about LaFleur's work in Los Angeles is that the Rams' huge offensive gains didn't come from slinging the football all over the stadium. They threw the football just 56 percent of the time last season, which was actually five percent than less than the 2016 Rams did – and just one percent higher than the Titans of 2017. That stuck out to me as kind of surprising.
  7. I think Ramsay is more of a 3 tech with Dickerson being more of a 5 tech. Warmsley seems versatile enough to play both 3 and 5 but probably not nose.
  8. Yeah, Supernaw was cut by 4 teams and so were guys like Warmsley, etc. Your 90th man usually isn't a world beater.
  9. Personally, I have Warmsley penciled in as the 6th DL currently since Robinson valued him and Terrell Williams was his DL coach previously. I'm anxious to see what develops with that 6th and 7th DL spot though. No doubt Dodd should see some time in 4 and 5 man looks.
  10. I would think they'd want someone less critical to the team to be the NT at the end of preseason games and to take some snaps in TC, etc and to develop. I guess not. Could always add someone later on.
  11. I think Woods reverts to IR if no one claims him injured. But they may end up reaching a settlement with him if they don't want to keep him around to develop.
  12. Is Ramsay a NT type or more of a 3 tech? It seems like the only people who can really play nose are Bennie Logan, Austin Johnson, Da'Quan Jones.
  13. Waived/injured Antwaun Woods to make room. So that sucks.
  14. Titans sign Nick Williams

    Nick Williams: future HOF player and coach. He's probably the NFL's next great offensive mind.