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  1. Terry Robiskie Is an idiot. (VIDEO PROOF)

    This is exactly right. It is well documented from when Mularkey first started that it is his offense. He went through great lengths to talk about being able to run *his* offense and hire who he wanted.
  2. Rishard Mathews limited with hammy

    I bet he won’t play and could end up being out several weeks. The number of hamstring injuries to major players this year is uncanny. This would be a big hit.
  3. I thought the same thing reading that.
  4. So do opposing defensive players.
  5. End of Season coaching prediction

    I was correcting everyone’s misspelling of the name. if any coordinator goes anywhere it’ll be LeBeau.
  6. End of Season coaching prediction

    It’s Robiskie. Not Robinskie. Not Robeskie. Robiskie.
  7. Like each of these players dropping easy TD passes that would’ve drastically changed the direction of the respective games?
  8. Dwight Freeney

    Probably doesn’t have enough athleticism left to play outside in our scheme. Doubt he’s better than Walden.
  9. Pro Bowl Voting Open

    Woodyard won’t go even though he deserves to. I’d say Kern, Walker, Lewan, Byard all have the best chance.
  10. End of Season coaching prediction

    LeBeau is on a year by year contract. The other assistant coaches are on 2 or 3 year deals. Mularkey and Robiskie's contracts I believe are both 3 years.
  11. Collin Cowherd on Mariota

    I think they brought him back to get a boost inside in the run game which they badly needed. Obviously it didn’t work.
  12. MNF Falcons vs Seahawks

    Lol at Graham. Guy is one of the most over rated players in the league. And watching him trying to block is a joke.
  13. Collin Cowherd on Mariota

    Ok, well *this year* we’re 6-4, ranked 5th in the AFC, and likely playoff bound. I’m not some kind of blind homer and not a fan of those sorts either. I think it’s good to call out issues/problems when its due. But a lot of the stuff on this board is asinine.
  14. Collin Cowherd on Mariota

    That’s your opinion. 10-6 record over the last 16 games after a decade of losing football says otherwise. And there are more people who are critical of the team and staff on the board overall than vice versa probably.