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  1. Brady ain't playing to 50 no matter how much money he wants
  2. Pfffffffffffffffffffffff Sorry missed him
  3. I saw Mariota breaking the pocket slowly and getting swallowed
  4. This is true. We just need to acknowledge there's more to the story. Am mostly bothered by the rationalization "if only Henry was short like Lewis" Chris Henry was shorter than Derrick Henry and stunk. So let's not waste time with the physique BS.
  5. patsplat

    Our only chance to beat the Patriots

    Eh I dunno those early Titans offenses were pretty bad
  6. patsplat

    Our only chance to beat the Patriots

    3rd and 4th quarter runs aren't garbage carries, it's how games are won. Last thing a trailing opponent wants is to give up a first down along with 2 minutes of clock. This is why Eddie George in his prime won more games than Chris Johnson in his prime.
  7. patsplat

    Our only chance to beat the Patriots

    Plenty of tomato cans get stuffed behind the line with a lead. Henry extends the lead and wins games. We've got a good backfield this year. Let's enjoy it.
  8. patsplat

    LaFleur is likely a goner

    Is this another bet coming on? Canceling Patreon knowing Titans Report is in good hands.
  9. patsplat

    Mariota is finally telling LaFleur “No”

    To ol slick man's credit he never went overboard dumping on Mariota, but did point the facts out clearly enough that people immediately took it too far. Mariota did sail a bunch of passes in the second half, which was worrisome.
  10. patsplat

    It's Hammer Time.

    I love watching Henry run with a lead in the 3rd and 4th quarter. Need to close games out to win.
  11. patsplat

    What will Vrabel decide next time?

    You play. To win. The game.
  12. patsplat

    LaFleur is likely a goner

    But wouldn't it be so funny to see McDaniels fail
  13. We moved on last off-season. He's still a power back, and his problems have nothing to do with his legs.
  14. It's almost like power backs can take a beating and not get injured