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  1. The Russians and Chinese don't, but the Americans working with them are subject to penalty.
  2. Those who assist that theft are also punished with life imprisonment.
  3. patsplat

    More genius words from queen c**t

    Birthright citizenship is provided by the 14th Amendment. So when you get on an anti-immigration tear and start asking why are people born in the US citizens, remember -- it's cause we abolished slavery.
  4. patsplat

    More genius words from queen c**t

    Five years ago you weren't in here complaining about the 14th Amendment.
  5. @OzTitan @IsntLifeFunny the metadata in question could have been generated while copying stolen data off an air-gapped machine. Or it could have been generated remotely on the DNC mail server prior to downloading it. Neither of which says anything about how long it took for the actual download, or who actually obtained the files.
  6. The shotgun can be a powerful weapon but you still gotta aim at the target.
  7. This just in... Trump said LeBron is staying in Cleveland!
  8. patsplat

    More genius words from queen c**t

    Hillary's right, Jake and Soxcat are the ones in here complaining about the 14th Amendment from 1868.
  9. patsplat

    Terrell Owens Top 10 WR All Time

    Of course a it's "media person writing ban article" that's an idiotic tautology. Anyone who writes an article is a media person. The debate here is: A) TO produced B) TO produced on losing teams that always seemed to benefit from getting rid of him WRs don't belong in the HoF until we get better at measuring their contribution to wins.
  10. Exactly, that's not a fast uplink especially for a business connection.
  11. patsplat

    THE BIG UGLY - DO NOT MERGE (Merged: Mod)

    Plus most of those were probably win-at-all-cost Republicans!
  12. I can see Davis to, though in my mind it's injuries which are always disruptive. My criteria was ... If it doesn't work out with the Titans, who doesn't get a second chance? Out of those folks, who still has a shot of making it? The first criteria because if a person gets a second chance, they've proved something. The second criteria to measure potential because obviously Dodd is the most likely to disappear, but who cares.
  13. Been saying traitor for a long time.
  14. patsplat

    US Senate races. Remember Trump is dumb..

    lol of course a former terrorist was an ardent defender of the 1st Amendment