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  1. We say "unemployed"
  2. My little brother is an engineer, has no debt, owns his home, and is way ahead of the game on his 401k. That's what's state school and being cheap will do. How cheap? In high school he'd hang out with girls knowing the would never finish their lunch. He married an accountant and now he does lots of volunteer events, all for free pizza. Fun dude. Super cheap. Very healthy finances.
  3. Soon we'll produce plenty of our own terrorists and ship them out to the Middle East!
  4. When MM does well he plays perfectly. His ceiling is so high, it makes his bad games look much much worse in comparison. Consistency is definitely what the Titans want to see. This year will be awesome.
  5. One other anecdote. My mother works at a small lab. They do well, but are definitely vulnerable to market shock and may very well go out of business if Medicaid is cut. She's been having a frustrating time, because she pulled for Hillary and the other doctors supported Trump. If you've known a male southern doctor, they can be just about insufferable. But now, he's not feeling so great about his choices. Recently he said "I don't mind if you don't like Trump. I would mind if you didn't like me because I voted for Trump." My mom didn't say anything, but was thinking "fuck you!"
  6. Let's be real, Alex Tanney is on a team. If you show any promise at QB and your head is screwed on right, there's a long career awaiting in the NFL. Screwing up Young and then Locker wasted a decade.
  7. That was vicious. Dude had no chance once that man sick of the BS
  8. There would definitely be a consensus that insurance companies are a major problem :-) As for what to do about it, there's different opinions. I come to single payer through the logic that if insurance companies are the problem, then we need less of the problem. Ever since HMOs I never got how introducing more entities would create efficiencies.
  9. I didn't want to impugn any black actor but Cuba Gooding Jr already put himself out there!
  10. My preference for single payer is definitely anecdotal. I have many family members who are physicians. Yes they are all solidly middle class, with varying degrees of compensation. And yes, they pay alot in malpractice insurance. But they all are pretty consistently against excessive care. Mainly because every intervention is a risk, for which physicians bear personal liability. And they all deal with a tremendous amount of bureaucracy on the business side, finding it difficult to get paid for services without aligning with one devil or another (hospital groups, insurance companies, etc) So I tend to think the problem is over complexity.
  11. Steve Buscemi Edit: or Nicholas Cage, obviously
  12. I'm sure Jeff Fisher was a passive aggressive d***, but you know what? That's adult hood! Deal with your boss. Didn't stop Chris Chandler from getting a payday in Atlanta. Didn't stop Steve McNair from getting a payday from Baltimore. Hell, didn't stop Sam Bradford from getting a payday with Philadelphia.
  13. This is pretty f'ing funny: VY's interception % in Philly was 7.9%, nearly twice Ryan Fitzpatrick's career 4.2% last year. Once VY was out of the sheltered life of a Jeff Fisher QB with a Jeff Fisher running game and defense, he was total garbage. Dude does not know the game he's playing. And to send shit like that to generational talent like Serena Williams? GTFO!
  14. @TitanDuckFan put another way... Let's say I sign up for "HealthCare" outside of my employer. It's a monthly subscription, more than what I see as my monthly premium but I'm also getting paid more by my employer instead of getting it as a benefit. And let's say the whole thing is tax deductible or at least tax neutral with the way things are currently setup. That "HealthCare" subscription to some extent is a savings plan, covering a certain number of yearly check-ins, sick days, anti-biotic prescriptions, etc. It also has a component to cover hospitalization, emergency room care, etc. The later is fundamentally a form of insurance, since I won't use it every year but sometimes I'll need it.