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  1. patsplat

    Lets trade for Antonio Brown???

    Golly hurts so much to see the Steelers in turmoil.
  2. patsplat

    Who thinks Marcus is a bust?

    The accurate criticisms and concerns about Mariota need to be well separated from the propeller head celebration of Gabbert. Durrrr Gabbert throws HURD! Bet he throws with his CORE too! 36 passer rating is terrible, but an uninjured 44 passer rating is also garbage. If Mariota isn't the solution, the future Titans franchise QB isn't on the roster right now.
  3. patsplat

    Texan game post game analysis

    "It's not the x's and o's, it's the Willy's and Joe's"
  4. patsplat

    Who thinks Marcus is a bust?

    A bust just like FitzPatrick, Kurt Cousins, and Nick Foles.
  5. patsplat

    On to the Jaguars.

    Tell you what - Titans win this game and the AFC South knows this team ain't a fluke.
  6. Kerry Collins had a fantastic career, and was a more than effective game manager for the Tennessee Tyrants defense.
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  9. patsplat

    Texan game post game analysis

    Both running the Wildcat, and not running it too much.
  10. patsplat

    Texan game post game analysis

    Brought it up as a credit to LaFleur (not Henry)
  11. patsplat

    Texan game post game analysis

    It got the Titans close enough for Taylor's screen TD. Obviously if they kept playing it would be exposed. However between that and the fake punt Texans were down 14-0 before they knew what hit them.
  12. patsplat

    Texan game post game analysis

    Left out Henry in the Wildcat, which Titans played just enough to put together a drive but not so much to be exposed.
  13. patsplat


    Cross posting for irony
  14. patsplat


    Nope, just provoking the new idiot who wants to die on Gabbert hill
  15. patsplat

    A few generic thoughts about the game

    this deserves all the bumps