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  1. Told you this wasn't going anywhere...

    If Brady gets hurt again watch Belichek scoop up Kaep and punk the league.
  2. Funny / Ironic Trump Tweets

  3. Now where's the Hulk Hogan and Peter Thiel video tape?
  4. Antifa on the March

    1-7 are absurd and apparently designed to wake people up. 8-10 are fine.
  5. Canada's Trudeau warns against entering country 'irregularly'

    Unless the illegal workers are here to work on one of his buildings, then Trump's just being a shrewd business man.
  6. White Nationalist Demonstration Erupts in Violence

    The story of Chicago is that state and local gun restrictions are easily circumvented when neighboring states have looser laws. But for all the bellyaching, do any of the posters pointing at Chicago want to do anything like tighten federal regulations? Nope, they like things the way they are.
  7. Here's some shit that is funny - in HS knew a dude who was just a wild dufus. Found out yesterday he died. He was motor boating around in a storm without a life vest and fell off.
  8. The debt is owed by society, not just the minority of whites who had direct culpability but also all who benefited. The white savior argument is inherently racist. If all the good things amount to periodically rolling back the bad things, then the tally is uneven.
  9. The Big Ugly Is Approaching

    Derp state is the best summary thus far
  10. Nintendo Switch Thread

    He started with spring man, now he's the robo cop. Not sure if he's settled down yet.
  11. Since we're closing on 16 year s since 9/11..

    So yeah, I'm with you on most of this, and don't believe it's necessary to deny or invent facts to reach same conclusion.
  12. Since we're closing on 16 year s since 9/11..

    @Stan it's real easy for me to believe that the Bush Administration knew something was coming, that they prepared the Patriot Act and the middle east wars in response, and simply waited for the shoe to drop. Rigging all the buildings to collapse doesn't make any sense and comes off as unnecessary.
  13. Nintendo Switch Thread

    My son really got into Arms, the Switch is starting to pay off. I'm enjoying Blaster Master.