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  1. Yes am aware that the legal profession is still very much based on Word Perfect. In that line of work the need to closely track changes creates a network effect that resists change. But if you just need to read / write MS Office documents, import and export can do the job. Google docs also have a read-and-comment facility which works well when circulating documents for review. In my work have found G Slides to be the #1 format for communication. Author as a team, then export to PDF and the format works well even on mobile.
  2. There's a "Download as ..." export option. Unless you are redlining a contract -- oh wait isn't that what you do? -- it's a perfect replacement. Things have shifted a lot the last 10 years. An Internet based office solution is pretty useful.
  3. Gary Varvel is a lame ass Colts fan who's illustrations don't belong on this site. GTFO Indy lover!
  4. People are trying to catch a f****** Pokémon!
  5. Anytime you find yourself advocating a Matt Millen draft strategy (like draft WR high), take a deep breath and slowly count to 10.
  6. Davis sounds like a great player, but the opportunity cost of not picking defense is too great. It's rare that Super Bowl winners are built off first round WRs, even more rare in the salary cap era. I know we all grew up watching Jerry Rice and Michael Irvin win, but such players were luxuries for loaded pre-salary cap teams. Get with the times, back Mariota and Henry up with a defense, and this team will win playoff games.
  7. The old world order is email. The new world order is social media.
  8. If you don't don't like the labels of liar, racist, or hater, then maybe don't be such racist hateful hypocrites. There's been some real troglodyte chest beating around here lately. Try the golden rule for a change.
  9. How about Trump continuing to use a private phone and his staff using private email? GTFO with this fair and balanced BS. The only principle at play is tribalism.
  10. Remember how Republicans made a mountain out of a molehill? Then they were revealed to be hypocrites lacking any principles besides an elitist thirst for power?
  11. #DrainTheSwamp? More like take apart a well running car to build a leaky fan boat.
  12. Nobody brought up John McCain and Sarah Palin these last four years.
  13. I'm not enjoying it. These are warning signs of deep incompetence. When the s*** really hits the fan it will be a mess.