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  1. Just because Ivanka Trump created a foundation to capitalize on the business opportunity of a lifetime doesn't mean she's corrupt. The best market for fashion is Moscow, after all.
  2. I'd bet on that too!
  3. Beat the 4th divine beast. How should I procrastinate now?
  4. Oh no my 401k is gone! My Feewings! Oh no got food poisoning from poorly inspected lettuce! Whaaaa! Fracked earthquake broke the foundation of my house! Boo hoo!
  5. Pixel XL and Project Fi for me, saved $60 on my monthly bill and put $35 back into YouTube TV.
  6. Some people are a sinking ship for sure. Frankly no one should touch those cases with a ten foot pole. The issue is people take advantage of the flip side just as much, if not more in the recent past. Roman Polanski wasn't the only one sleeping with teenagers in the 70s.
  7. I hear that you can't draw automatic conclusions from an allegation regarding who is at fault, and the allegation is a problem for both parties. But I have a friend who is the poster child for creating bad situations and profiting from them. In the short run she's done well, but honestly in the long run a pattern of burning professional bridges over and over has worn on her. She's brilliant and should be a millionaire, but her inability to edit herself or to take responsibility has taken herself out of the running. I don't think people really profit that much from making allegations, though they can burn up a lot of ground around themselves.
  8. Boning at work is bad news. Harassment, favoritism... there's so many ways sex and money can go wrong. There's a simple way to avoid slipping on that banana peel - don't stick your dick in crazy.
  9. There's no greater desperation than a hungry hangover woken by the sun fumbling to light an impossibly small propane nozzle with cold damp matches, and no greater satisfaction then balancing an enormous coffee pot over a jet roar of invisible heat.
  10. When camping, have steel percolator for the masses and an aeropress for the privileged.
  11. They tried to use the pen and the touchscreen, but it ended up less usable than the previous controls. Which was a shame, because it is beautiful on the Wii U
  12. They sort of screwed up the Pikmin controls on the Wii u, hopefully it goes back for the switch
  13. Locker is the worst pick, but the argument over whether the fault was Reinfedlt or the head of scouting would be insufferable. Chance Warmack sticks out, though it's funny to see Mariota followed by DGB and Poutasi. It's almost as if he had a reputation to maintain!