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  1. Associated with dumpster diving are bums, free-gans, and JRobinson. Don't really see Thor as the crusty punk type.
  2. The sooner these Baby Boomers get out of the workforce the better.
  3. I'm implying that drafting skill players to go with Mariota is a sub-optimal strategy. What he needs is peace of mind that when he throws the ball away, the other QB is about to get destroyed.
  4. F that, I ain't talking about the Patriots and Steelers all week. Draft talk is fine.
  5. We already spent one pick to be a difference maker on offense, his name is Marcus Mariota. Huff and puff all you want, never going to buy that the Colts draft strategy is the way to go.
  6. All WRs should win one on one. 7 on 7 is supposed to favor the offense.
  7. Tomlin comes out to play, especially on kick returns.
  8. Mularkey brought the Titans back to Munchak's peak. Next he needs to get to Fisher's peak.
  9. This is 50% of a roster if you include OLB as lineman.
  10. Why interview Rob when Rex is out of a job?
  11. Jeff Fisher is still available
  12. Use it for my stereo. Connecting it to Spotify is the killer app, IMHO.
  13. Um no that's Trumps real core solidly planted on the couch.