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  1. How much including the surface pro?
  2. Just watched the one with the bit about the four times Chappelle met OJ Simpson. Was that the same one you watched?
  3. It looks like 440 is a concrete road patched with asphalt. Those are always pretty bumpy in my experience.
  4. Bush was overrated though, as is McCaffrey. RB1s aren't gadget guys, they are brutes who get 1 yard when you really need it. McCaffrey isn't running through anyone's face.
  5. Maybe the prostitute who stole Spain's jewels took Mett's soul.
  6. Dude is looking to make a roster spot. There's generally 2 WRs on the field to 1 RB, and WR careers can be much longer. It's good business, but not the find of the draft. If he's such a great playmaker and matchup nightmare, would anyone start him over Davis / Williams / Ross?
  7. Pivoting to slot receiver good business, but ultimately is a distraction from the fact that he's not among the best RBs or WRs.
  8. Yeah, don't think Philly will be answering JRob's calls for a while. Fleeced!
  9. If they read the board it would absolutely include Vince Young and Jake Locker
  10. Maybe we get someone to overreach for Howard
  11. Howard is the best offensive player for the Titans. Not sure if JRob will have the juice to play the same games he did last year. The QBs this year suck and usually you only win when someone is trying to score a franchise winner.
  12. Tennessee Tyrants #1 with a bullet!
  13. Liked the first one, not the second. It was supposed to be stupid.
  14. Reminds me of a story from a friend played DB in college. He talked about playing Syracuse and McNabb. Asked how he did... he was like "I got destroyed"