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  1. Stranger Things - Netflix

    Eleven is a prepubescent girl, you aren't supposed to be attracted to her if you are normal. The character is a kid.
  2. Xbox Scorpio

    I can't justify pc gaming anymore bc my ideal work PC (a Mac) is a terrible gaming PC. If I need dedicated hardware for gaming, why not get a console which has the benefit of deep optimizations for known stable hardware.
  3. Beware online Chinese merchants

    Well obviously they are mediocre
  4. Corey Davis: WTF

    @Denali and @JakePA_Titan are right. Don't draft a WR, let alone an injured one, in the first round.
  5. Defense wins a lot of games for "bad" teams, and makes a lot of bad QBs look better. 4th quarter comebacks are all about the defense.
  6. lack of DLine depth has become a real issue

    might as well pin this thread, at least until next draft
  7. Lately have been finding empty liquor bottles after a game. Honestly my primary reaction to the Titans has been to turn off the game and take care of errands. Finally painted that roof. Finally cleared my work bench. Got laundry bagged. That sort of thing is a typical physical reaction.
  8. Colin Kaepernick

    would be funny if Titans ham fisting a call from Kaep's agent is what gave this thing legs
  9. There is one unsigned FA QB who took a team to the Superbowl... :-)
  10. Like I thought, totally BS by a bunch of miserable folks who can't stand helping others.
  11. Goodall Gave America The Finger

    Still don't know what this has to do with my son's teacher's salaries getting cut, or the post office losing my package, or the police installing a portable generator with flood lights pointed right at my bedroom window.
  12. No power, no telephone service, no cash, no gas yeah this union bashing is a BS lie.
  13. The strike thing sounds like an exaggeration of drivers stuck at home bailing their families out. If there was any substance you'd think there would be more smoke.
  14. The Growing Irrelevance of President Trump

    The economy maybe rising because of Trump's irrelevance. Hey, this idiot will never get anything passed, you can coast on 4 more years of Obama!
  15. Taylor Lewan talks about officials

    Get off the high horse, it was a terrible call and the play would be a low light for the league so they are not promoting it. 99/100 a fumble recovery for a TD is a highlight, except when the refs fuck up.