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  1. Lol...it's like it's on Cue. Per rotoworld - Browns CB McCourty tweaks ankle, gets Q tag Browns CB Jason McCourty injured his ankle in Friday's practice and is questionable for Week 7 against the Titans. It's very notable, as McCourty is Pro Football Focus' No. 1 cover corner out of 108 qualifiers after six weeks. His loss would be a huge boost to Rishard Matthews, Eric Decker, and the Titans' passing attack on Sunday. McCourty limited DeAndre Hopkins to two catches for 19 yards on three targets in Week 6, though Hopkins was able to secure a short touchdown to save his fantasy day.
  2. Year 2 to 3 Marcus

    Well I mean he was recovering from a broken leg all off-season. So there's that...
  3. How Long Can LeBeau Go?

    Hopefully not much longer for our sakes and the teams sake.
  4. Colin Kaepernick

    I am praying that Mariota's injury is only minor and that he misses just the next game or so. Not much available on the QB Market. You have: Colin Kaepernick Matt McGloin Brock Osweiler Robert Griffith III Shaun Hill Matt Barkley Not much...
  5. 2017 TR Survivor Pool Week 3

    Damn I'm dead
  6. Ravens vs Jags

    Whelp I'm eliminated from the Survivor Pool lol
  7. 2017 TR Survivor Pool Week 3

  8. Davis ruled out for sunday

    Clearly they just didn't think high enough of him. They also gave him 3 years to develop and take a position at the top half of the depth chart and he failed to do so. We will see how truly good he could be with the Bears. They literally do not have anyone else at WR except Wright
  9. Davis ruled out for sunday

    He will be active. We would only have 3 WR's up if you don't count Weems. One injury and Weems is your slot guy. No thank you.
  10. Davis ruled out for sunday

    This is the guy they brought up from the PS. I think he could be a decent complement and will be able to play special teams as well.
  11. Davis ruled out for sunday

    Same thing happened with Kendall last year as well.
  12. Aaron Wallace

    Oh duh! Well then I guess we will see what Zach can do. I am hopeful he can contribute. He was really dynamic at ODU.
  13. Aaron Wallace

    I am interested to see if Pascal will be up on gameday. I assume Douglas will get the nod if Davis is a no go, but Pascal can play on all the special teams units.
  14. DB Observation

    Didn't we still end up holding them to a FG on that drive?