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  1. titanskick8851


    No screw them! Go Vegas Golden Knights!!! (I'm a Vegas native)
  2. titanskick8851

    Should We Be Interested in Richie Incognito?

    Whelp........ Per Rotoworld: Richie Incognito - G - Free Agent Free agent OG Richie Incognito was involved in an altercation at a Florida gym on Wednesday and is being held by police for an involuntary psychiatric evaluation. It's called the Baker Act, which is an involuntary mental evaluation. Incognito allegedly threw a dumbbell at another man in a Boca Raton gym this morning "for no apparent reason" after first throwing a tennis ball at the gym-goer. Incognito was allegedly "rambling about the government and screaming at the other man to 'get off my f*cking playground'." This is the second time Incognito has been held under the Baker Act, with the first coming in 2014. Incognito is a free agent after being released by the Bills this week. He had planned to continue his career.
  3. titanskick8851

    A Closer Look At WR Doentay Burnett

    Questions about size and speed. He hurt his hammy when he ran his 40 (4.7) and wasn’t able to workout for teams at the remaining drills and tests during the combine and his pro day. Another intestesting fact is that Burnett was the 2nd youngest player in this years draft, which means he still has a lot of room for growth and development.
  4. titanskick8851

    A Closer Look At WR Doentay Burnett

    This guy will become our Slot WR pretty quickly. I live in LA so I got to see a lot of their games and he made play after play. He knows where to be and how to make plays when given the opportunity.
  5. titanskick8851

    Good Doentay Burnett Article

    I am about 99% sure he will make the roster and he has a very good chance of being our Slot WR.
  6. titanskick8851

    Official UDFA Tracker Thread

    Yup I agree with that.
  7. titanskick8851

    Top UDFAs

    Hercules signed with the Vikings dammit
  8. I’m stoked for this pick. He will be the starting Safety opposite of Byard by this time next year going into 2019. He is a playmaker and he is explosive. He will make a lot of plays on special teams this year.
  9. titanskick8851

    2018 NFL Draft Thread

    Hell yeah! I called this pick. One of my favorite DB’s in the staff. He can play several spots in the secondary.
  10. titanskick8851

    2018 NFL Draft Thread

    I am hoping for the Arizona DB Dane Cruikshank here in the 5th.
  11. titanskick8851

    JRob needs to get the cell number........

    I would be okay with Vaccaro.
  12. titanskick8851

    2018 Draft (Round 2)

    That’s a big move there. I love it.
  13. titanskick8851

    2018 NFL Draft Thread

    We should offer a 6th for Duke Johnson. They signed Hyde and drafted Chubb. Would give us three solid backs.
  14. titanskick8851

    Browns are going to make playoffs.

    Maybe after the fire Jackson. They will never do anything good with him at HC.