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  1. Was he playing in the slot or outside?
  2. Who is the third safety?
  3. I mean I would love it. Just don't see any way Foster lasts that long. But hey! Crazier things have happened!
  4. What are the draft picks we currently have? 1st Round (5th Overall) 1st Round (18 Overall) 3rd Round 3rd Round - From Rams - Likely Comp Pick 4th Round 5th Round 7th Round We traded our 2nd Rounder to the Browns and our 6th Rounder to the Broncos. Should we have any other picks? Supposedly a conditional pick from the Falcons maybe?
  5. What free agent WR's would you sign that would fit what we are trying to do?
  6. To Searcy? He sure is. Go watch some of his games.
  7. Ryan is definitely worth more than Ryan. You also have to deal with inflation. All the free agent deals will be a bit more than usual because the rise in the cap. If McCourty were in his prime he would've made more money now then when he signed his extension.
  8. What happened to our second 1st Rounder?
  9. Whelp, they thought so much of the one they drafted in the 2nd round last year that they declared his rookie year a redshirt year because he wasn't ready. With Bowles job likely on the line, a 1st round Rookie QB may help stem the tide for another year and buy him some time to fix the roster.
  10. People get too caught up in the chart. It is a reference tool but it is not law. Sometimes you are willing to pay more to get the player you want. Also if you factor in other teams also offering deals for the pick you want then you are more inclined to offer a bit more to get to the spot you need to grab the prospect you are after. When it comes to QB's in the draft teams are usually a little more willing to offer more because they think he could be the face of their franchise. That is what we should hinge our hopes to. A QB needy team wanting to jump the Jets to get the QB they believe is their savior.
  11. I would love a lot of what you predicted to happen for us in Free Agency. I think it may be a very small chance we sign 2 free agent CB's to bigger type deals (Over $15M). The only signing I would be not so hot on would be Lafell because he really wouldn't add anything different or any future potential. I think Sheppard would be a good signing along with giving a chance to one of Marquise Goodwin, Markus Wheaton, Andre Holmes, Terrence Williams, or Brian Quick. Those players at least would give us some potential to play well now and in the future. Overall nice job and I like what you are thinking.
  12. Whelp DL obviously thinks highly enough about Sims to give him big kudos. According to Rotoworkd: LeShaun Sims - DB - Titans Titans DC Dick LeBeau raved about 2016 fifth-round CB LeShaun Sims. "He is one of our promising young players," LeBeau said. "I think he has a bright future. He has good size, and size and speed is a good combination for a corner. He’s really worked hard, he has a good work ethic." Sims played just six defensive snaps Weeks 1-11, but was in on 230 plays from Week 12 on after Tennessee released CB Perrish Cox. At 6'/203, Sims tested well at last year's Combine and has a chance to open next season with a prominent role.
  13. As mentioned the Jags did it last year and other teams have done it a lot in the past: Giants (2016) - $106.3M Guaranteed Spent on CB Jenkins, DE Oliver, NT Harrison Jags (2016) - $74.4M Guaranteed Spent on DL Jackson, FS Gipson, OT Beachum, and RB Ivory Raiders (2016) - $70.7M Guaranteed Spent on OG Osemele, OT Penn, OLB/DE Irvin, CB Smith, OLB Smith, FS Nelson Texans (2016) - $65.1M Guaranteed Spent on QB Osweiler, OG Allen, and RB Miller We didn't spend much guaranteed money last year but we brought in Murray, Jones, Matthews, and re-signed AL Woods all to deals of $10M plus, but we only had $16M Guaranteed. I remember the signings of Mawae, Thorton, and Hope really stabilized this team back in 2006 as well. In 2013 we signed Walker, Sammie Lee Hill, Shonn Greene, and Levitre all to pretty sizable deals as well. In 2015, we re-signed Morgan and signed Orakpo, Searcy, Cox, and Douglas all to contracts of $10M plus with about $50M guaranteed. So teams do it pretty often. We have even done it as well.
  14. It all depends on what a team is willing to give up. We didn't have to give up too much because the Browns didn't have any better offers. With the proposed trade with the Bills, we could potentially have the Jets, Bills, and Cleveland all bidding against each other to get the chance to get the QB they want at #5. I think with it being a QB, the Bills will decide the juice is worth the squeeze and they will fork up a little extra capital to make sure they get their guy.
  15. This is just a really unrealistic view of the Off-season. Free Agency is about strengthening areas of the team with proven players, but you do not want to allocate a huge % of the cap to one area of the team. You want to be pretty consistent throughout. Adding 5 DB's would be a little bit of overkill. Also, Ryan is going to get $30M plus as well.