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  1. Titans hire OLine, Dline, RBs Coach

    Is he even a free agent?
  2. Was the RB coach at WVU when Charles Sims was there? He is a free agent this year and he was drafted by Tampa Bay when Robinson was there. Might be connecting too many dots, but could be the 3rd down pass catching RB that we need.
  3. Titans To Unveil New Uniforms In April

    Whelp that sure makes it seem like it will be a bigger change then AAS and Kuharsky have said.
  4. Would've like to have seen us interested in him but his scheme may not be anything like Vrabel wants.
  5. That is good news for us I suppose with the news about Day coming in.
  6. what position group does JRob attack first this offseason

    I'm a big fan of McKinnon. He would definitely be a useful weapon for us and could help us in multiple facets of the game.
  7. Denali's 2018 Mock Titans NFL Draft

    I see what you did there.
  8. Assuming McDaniels is gone then I could really get behind the DeFilippo or LaFleur hires. Vrabel could be interesting but who would he bring with him who would be his offensive guru to help propel Mariota? I think either DeFilippo or LaFleur could do that.
  9. Free Agents of Interest

    Now that it looks like Mularkey and Co. will be back (unfortunately)we can begin looking toward the first part of the off-season...free agency. Who are some players you believe would be players who would fit well on the team and beliveve we may actually have some interest in? Some of the players I have had my eyes on are: DB Lamacus Joyner - Probably my favorite Free agent this spring, Joyner could play any position in the secondary but it would truly allow Byard and him to be interchangeable. I assume this is a long shot, but if there were a player to spend big on it would be Joyner. LB Nigel Bradham - Bradham has been a big force in the middle of the Eagles defense all year. He would be an upgrade over Williamson. OG Andrew Norwell - The best OG in free agency, Norwell would be a big upgrade at either Guard spot. A lot will depend if deals are struck with Kline, Spain, and Schwenke. OG Zach Fulton - While he won't break the bank like Norwell, Fulton is a very good OG who would be a modest upgrade to the interior of the OL. CB Aaron Colvin - The Jags NB definitely benefited from having such a good defense around him, but when asked to produce Colvin was very solid. In need of another good CB Colvin could be a decent addition to a young secondary. OLB Trent Murphy - A situation pass rusher in Washington, Murphy would give us another option behind the aging Morgan and Orakpo. RB Dion Lewis - True change of pace back and offers something different from Henry. Connections to Jrob, but he may re-sign in NE or potentially follow McDaniels to Indy. RB Jerick McKinon - Similar to Lewis, McKinson is a quicker back who excels in the pass game. WR Allen Robinson - Sometimes the best free agents are the ones that also end up taking away from a division rival. Robinson is coming off a torn ACL, but is a highly productive WR. If Decker is not re-signed Robinson would be an interesting addition to play opposite of Davis. LB Kevin Pierre-Louis - An outstanding special teams player for Seattle, was traded to KC this year and received more time on defense. A quick and fast paced LB who could add more to the nickle defense without breaking the bank. QB Teddy Bridgewater- Would be the perfect back up QB, but he will likely find a better chance at starting with another team. Who sticks out to everyone? http://www.spotrac.com/nfl/free-agents/
  10. Yeah I will wait till we hear it’s official. We offered Munchak an extension before he stepped down as well.
  11. Poll: Should the Titans fire Mike Mularkey

    I originally voted retain due to him attaining the goal of helping us (or despite) get to the playoffs in almost a decade, in addition to getting the first playoff win since 2003. But after that press conference...I am on the fire all of them now before it’s too late bandwagon.
  12. Around the NFL Thread

    Pretty well actually. They have him playing at LG which was his primary position all through college, but it was something we never tried with him when he was with us. I think a few posters questioned that a couple of years ago when he was struggling on the right side.
  13. Head Coaching Search 2017-2018

    I would definitely say my favorite option would be bring Schwartz back and hopefully have him bring along QB coach John DeFilippo to serve at OC for Marcus. If we coulsnr go go that way then signing Frank Reich would probably be my second favorite options.
  14. Around the NFL Thread

    His time management skills are just so bad. The fact we could have gotten the ball back if we don't use those timeouts definitely can be ignored.
  15. Around the NFL Thread

    Assuming we get in as the 6 seed, we could potentially play them the very next week. That will be interesting. If you are the Jags would you want to play a Titans team backing into the playoffs or potentially the Chargers or Bills? That has to come into the thinking some for the Jags next week if they decide to rest anyone.