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  1. Cue @Kyle021 saying "I told you so" in 5...4...3...2...1........ But truly this is awesome to hear and see. I feel like the energy this team has is going to carry us in the right direction.
  2. Thought it would be good to have the highlight videos out for each of the guys who will be in Rookie Camp. Some I was not able to find. DT - Deangelo Brown - Louisville OT - Jonah Pirsig - Minnesota OLB/DE - Steven Rhodes - MTSU (tryout) WR - KeVonn Mabon - Ball State SS - Denzel Johnson - Texas Christian WR - Bra'lon Cherry - NC State CB - John Green - Connecticut = DT - Roderick Henderson - AL State RB - Akeem Judd - Ole Miss OT - Steven Moore - Cal SS - Aaron Taylor - Ball State (tryout) LB - Johnny Ragin III - Oregon (tryout) C - Jay Guillermo - Clemson (tryout)
  3. My Early Guesses: Offense: 23 QB (2): Mariota, CasselRB/FB (4): Murray, Henry, Muhammad, FowlerWR (5): Davis, Matthews, Taylor, Sharpe, DouglasTE (4): Walker, J. Smith, Supernaw, SemischOL (8): Lewan, Spain, B.Jones, Kline, Conklin, Lelito, Kelly, Tretola Defense: 26 DL (6): Casey, Williams, Johnson, Jones, Woods, Henderson, Klug(PUP)OLB (5): Orakpo, Murray, Dodd, Wallace, CarrawayILB (5): Williamson, Woodyard, J.Brown, Bates, PalmerCB (6): Ryan, Sims, Jackson, McCain, Reed, D. SmithSAF (4): Byard, Cyprien, Searcy, Trawick Special Teams: 4 K (1): SuccopP (1): KernLS (1): BrinkleyST (1): Weems Practice Squad: 1. OT Brad Seaton2. OL Corey Levin3. DL Medhi Abdesmad 4. WR Tre McBride5. QB Alex Tanney6. OLB Steven Rhodes7. DL DeAngelo Blackson8. CB John Green 9. SS Denzel Johnson10. RB Akeem Judd Cuts: TE Jace AmaroCB Demonte HurstILB Nate PalmerRB David FluellenDB Riley CurtisLB Justin Staples
  4. You left off Sharpe. He definitely will be a top 4 WR. Douglas, Weems, McBride are fighting for 1 or 2 spots max.
  5. I actually have been thinking about this as well. With Smith drafted, Amaro isn't the needed "back-up receiving TE" like we needed last year. Semich is 6'8, 275 lbs, so he could be a hell of blocking weapon if coached up properly.Either way I think it will definitely be an interesting roster battle to watch. Here are some highlights of Semisch at Northern Illinois before he went undrafted last year:
  6. I hope he picks us.
  7. Trawick for now. Jrob mentioned he liked what he put on tape when he did play on Defense for the Raiders last year
  8. At least Jason Whitlock is a big fan. We will have to look up some of his tape.
  9. Signing with Panthers as UDFA
  10. Makes a lot of sense. We showed a good amount of interest in him during the whole draft process.
  11. Come on Kendrick Bourne! Sign with the Titans
  12. He is signing with the Jags
  13. This site is updating as they come in: https://www.google.com/amp/www.sbnation.com/platform/amp/nfl/2017/4/29/15442116/undrafted-free-agent-signings-tracker-2017-nfl-draft
  14. Safery Jadar Johnson signing with NYG
  15. UTC DE Keionta Davis MTSU CB Jeremy Cutrer Clemson Safety Jadar Johnson Notre Dame DT Jarron Jones FSU WR Travis Rudolph Clemson WR Artavis Scott Florida DE Bryan Cox Jr. Louisville OLB Devonte Fields Maryland DB William Likely MTSU OLB/DE Steven Rhodes Eastern Washington WR Kendrick Bourne UCLA DB Randall Goforth