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  1. We won’t really know until we are on the clock so we know who is still available. My guess it would be somebody wanting to jump up to get a QB or OL.
  2. 2018 NFL Draft Rumors & Speculation Thread

    This tell me we are comfortable with a number of prospects between say 28-32, or even back into the middle of the second round. I have a feeling they like Sweat, Nwosu, Armstrong, Leonard, Bates, Reid and they are perfectly comfortable picking up the extra picks to slide back 3-10 spots.
  3. Titanskick8851 2018 Mock Draft

    1st Round (25th Overall): Ohio State EDGE Sam Hubbard - After a run of players that we are interested in (Landry, Vander Esch, Davenport, Evans, Jackson) we decide to go with the edge rusher from Ohio State. This is not one I necessarily want and I think we covet other players and a trade back over Hubbard, but if we do not get the offers we like I think we stick and pick Hubbard. It just makes too much sense and there are so many connections Hubbard and the Titans already have. Hubbard will rush in a situational role most of his rookie year before he is asked to take the reins from Morgan and/or Orakpo. Strengths - Plays with consistent pad level and good bend at point of attack - Attacks with square pads and a wide, balanced base - Sinks hips and braces up with arm extension when setting the edge - Possesses good football intelligence and is very aware - Quick to spot play-action - Has stick-and-move hands to punch and peek past the blocker to find the football - Motor takes him to plays that others will quit on - Always finds himself in tackle-ready position and usually finishes - Expert level hand fighter as pass rusher - Will throw three or four straight slaps and chops to prevent tackle from getting his punch locked in - Shows tackles a strong charge before unleashing an effective spin counter back inside Weaknesses - More worker bee than twitchy athlete - Burst to the ball is just average - Doesn't get early wins at the point of attack - Pursuit speed is just average and he'll come up just short of the tackle at times - Can be a little tight when trying to corner and flatten as a pass rusher - Can be run up and past the quarterback - Arc-runner rather than move-maker as a rusher - Below average conversion of speed-to-power https://www.nfl.com/prospects/sam-hubbard?id=32462018-0002-5599-009b-acee40a56645 2nd Round (57th Overall): Texas ILB Malik Jefferson - After missing out of Vander Esch and Evans in the 1st Round, we look to fill the need at Inside Linebacker with a very explosive player in Malik Jefferson. Jefferson is a bit raw, but he is explosive to the hole and looks to meet RB’s at the point of attack. I think he would be the perfect kind of player to replace Williamson and eventually replace Woodyard as the signal caller of the defense. Strengths - Built like an NFL linebacker with a long, athletic frame and good musculation - Explosive with loose hips and good speed - Has ability to range far and wide for the tackle - Covers ground quickly when scraping - Can access a second gear when he commits to the pursuit - Substantially more productive when Texas put him in position to think less and just play - Tackles improved from 60 to 104 under new defensive coordinator - Reactive quickness and agility to spring suddenly into runners trying to burst by him - Has recovery speed to make up for slow diagnosis or mistakes in reads - Can be a nemesis as A-gap blitzer or off the edge - Possesses man cover talent - Crowds and squeezing routes - Has seven career passes defensed - Strength to re-route tight ends off the snap Weaknesses - Plays through a straw and is lacking in instincts - Fails to feel climbing blocks and stay ahead of the traffic in his flow - Pursuit leverage inconsistent - Runs himself out of runs fits too often - Doesn't play as fast as he can - Needs to play with better knee bend - Waits on second level rather than tilting downhill and bringing it to blockers - Passive taking on blocks - Ducks head into contact and allows blockers to swallow him - Gets pushed around more than he should - Missing aggressiveness and alpha quality - Inconsistent coming to balance as open field tackler - Slides off tackles rather than wrapping and running feet to completion - Movement in space as zone defender can be undisciplined and inefficient https://www.nfl.com/prospects/malik-jefferson?id=32462018-0002-5601-7169-57484f480eff 3rd Round (89th Overall): Washington WR Dante Pettis - In the 3rd round we turn our attention to the offense and add another weapon for Mariota. Pettis is one of the most renowned WR in Pac 12 history in terms of TD production. He made play after play. Specifically his play on Special Teams and around the goal line/red zone. Robinson said what he looks for in a WR is someone who makes plays and catches the ball consistently. That is just what Pettis did and I think he slots in well to make plays down in the redzone this year while he gets accustomed to the speed of the NFL. He would also be good in big slot WR role as well. Strengths - Good athlete with explosion traits - Can play outside or from slot - Fine-tuned route runner known for his work ethic - Runs full route tree - Accelerates off line and sinks hips into breaks for sharp turns and additional separation - Impressive short-area quickness for receiver with his stride length - Moves cornerbacks around with route savvy and effective fakes - Scrambles to uncover when quarterback leaves pocket - Works back to throws - Natural pass catcher with stick-and-stay hands - Plus concentration in traffic - Has sudden hands - Makes necessary deep ball and in-air body adjustments to catch - Has slant and fade quickness near goal line to dismantle coverage - Elusive punt return specialist with nine career touchdowns - Eludes first tackler and hits his top gear quickly Weaknesses - Production was inconsistent in stretches - Had six of his seven receiving touchdowns against Fresno State and Oregon State - May need to alter route speeds a little more on the pro level - Tends to hint about underneath routes with lack of vertical push - Physical cornerbacks throw him off his game - Needs to keep adding muscle and play strength to his frame - Can do better job of stacking cornerbacks once he has them beat - Scouts say he lacks an alpha personality and some question his long speed https://www.nfl.com/prospects/dante-pettis ?id=32462018-0002-5600-2051-0c2c04e04ebb 4th Round (125th Overall): NC State RB Hyheim Hines - Here in the 4th Round we continue to add pieces to the Offense. LaFleur ran Hine’s Pro Day workout this year and I believe he will like what he saw. Hines is a dynamic RB who can help out in the pass game and on all facets of special teams. He also provides us insurance in the case that Lewis is unable to hold up with a bigger workload. Hines is a proven homerun hitter and can break a long run if given enough space. Strengths - Two-sport participant who brings real sprinter's speed to the turf - Versatile threat offering creative offensive coordinators a toy to tinker with - Has experience as lone running back and slot receiver - Flashed his homerun potential with touchdown runs of 83, 54, 50, and 48 this season - Most comfortable when he's keeping outside zone carries over the tackle - Build-up speed can eliminate pursuit angles and thrust him into open space for chunk yardage - Quality stiff-arm - Plays with adequate toughness to gain yards after contact - Hands and catch focus showed improvement this season as a receiver - Possesses raw talent waiting to be molded - Has kick and punt return experience and has taken three kicks back for touchdowns Weaknesses - Smaller than ideal as a running back - Needs to do better job of sidestepping big hits or face durability concerns - Better athlete than running back and better runner than receiver - Lacks feel for blocking in front of him - Hasn't learned to hug the lane and flow away from traffic just yet - Can be slow to see run lane development allowing defenders a chance to close - Needs to run with more consistent tempo and rhythm in outside zone - Vision stalls when attempting to find cutback lanes - Not a natural pass catcher and has dealt with drops throughout his career - Needs to improve sink into routes and quickness into his breaks https://www.nfl.com/prospects/nyheim-hines?id=32462018-0002-5601-7061-180eedb901f2 5th Round (162nd Overall): Arizona Safety Dane Cruikshank - After a couple of offensive pick-up, we go back to the defense in the 5th round. We select the athletic safety Dane Cruikshank here and add another capable defensive back to our defense. Cruikshank is an athletic safety who has played several position in the Arizona defensive backfield. He ran a 4.41 40-yard-dash showing his sideline to sideline speed, while also being productive in the run game. He would be a perfect athletic counter-part to Byard and could potentially play in dime situations right off the bat. I believe we did a lot of work on him this off-season and I think this is someone we will target as early as the 4th depending on when the run on DB’s occurs. Strengths - Big, athletic frame - Downhill thumper with an appetite to strike - Had productive season at the "spur" spot for Wildcats near line of scrimmage - Never turns down a tackle opportunity - Able to range around the field with good speed - Has athletic ability to handle some slot receivers - Should have physical tools to challenge matchup tight ends in the NFL - Has good long speed and is expected to test well - Hands are soft and sudden - Can pluck throws in his area like a wide receiver Weaknesses - Struggled badly with outside corner responsibilities in 2016 - Allowed nine pass interference penalties and loads of touchdowns in that season - Struggles with too many mental busts in coverage - Can be drawn out of position by combo routes and bait routes - Scouts worry that he may not be trustworthy enough in coverage to handle free safety duties https://www.nfl.com/prospects/dane-cruikshank?id=32462018-0002-5599-7168-7460d8811278 6th Round (199th Overall): Temple DT Jullian Taylor - Finally for our last pick (pending any trades), we select the uber-athletic DT Jullian Taylor out of Temple. Taylor doesn’t have a ton of experience, but he jumps out when watching him. With Klug no longer on the roster and King being a bit underwhelming, Taylor has a chance to come in and win a roster spot if he can provide some nickel pass-rushing in the pre-season. Taylor is another player we seem to have done a lot of background work on through this draft process. Strengths - Well-muscled, athletic build with good lean muscle mass. - Ran 4.83 forty with 31 lifts on the bench press. - Very active as tackler with 41 stops in just 46 percent of defensive snaps. - Good initial quickness to take fight to blocker. - Disruptive when he has access to a gap. - Explodes into opponent with uncoiled hips for optimal leverage strikes. - Balanced base through contact with consistent body control. - Play strength is adequate. - Plays with heavy hands to pry open the blocker's edge for pursuit Weaknesses - Lacks typical lower body mass for the position. - Could struggle to hold up against size and power across from him. - Durability has been a major concern missing almost entire 2015 and 2016 seasons. - Played in just 15 career games during his four seasons at Temple. - Plays with some tightness in his hips that limits change of direction in his chase. - Has been relative non-factor as pass-rusher https://www.nfl.com/prospects/jullian-taylor?id=32462018-0002-5610-78ae-18c8c93a9476
  4. Prediction Time: Who Will the Titans Take at 25?

    I want Reid....would love Landry or Vander Esch if they dropped, but I think they will end up going Hubbard when it is all said and done.
  5. Will Compton Posted This

    He also said this as a follow up to his tweet about being mistaken.
  6. Will Compton Posted This

    Lmao who knew that Macolm Butler would know Compton about as well as @GoodToGo said lol. Straight obscurity!
  7. Where is Taylor projected to go? 4th-5th round range?
  8. Who is your guy at 25?

    It would be most likely for LVE or Landry.
  9. 2018 NFL Draft Rumors & Speculation Thread

    This is what I have started thinking to. Or possibly playing him and Ryan and NB/Safeties. Similar to what AZ would do with the Honey Badger. Technically he was the SS, but more or less was a NB and they would disguise the coverages they would be running. Technically it would still be Nickel defense but instead of Cyprien you would have Jackson or Ryan on the field in spots Cyprien might cover. I think that could really make this defense dynamic and different. Plus it would be BPA and we wouldn’t potentially be reaching in the 1st round for anyone.
  10. Mason Rudolph visited the Titans yesterday

    I remember hearing we spoke with Texas Tech QB Nic Shimonek a good bit at the combine as well. "According to Bleacher Report’s Doug Farrar, Shimonek informally met with approximately 20 teams at the NFL combine, with the Tennessee Titans noted as one team with considerable interest."
  11. Double Down?

    Well I mean shoot I wouldn’t be too mad about that. Too good of value to get Hubbard in the 2nd. We would be able to move forward with them as our starters in 2019 as well and let Morgan/Orakpo walk or move into a more situational role.
  12. Who is your guy at 25?

    For me its: 1. Reid 2. Trade Down 3. Hubbard
  13. Seems like we may in fact target a late-round QB.
  14. My first guess when I heard that was Nwosu from USC because we know Vrabel and Jrob took part in running their workout.
  15. Titans cancel pre draft visit with Leighton Vander Esch

    Yup...I’m on board with Hines in the 3rd or 4th round