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  1. Good post as usual but Manning didn’t literally fall off a cliff ... that would have been pretty sensational news.
  2. Pragidealist

    Maroita is killing the franchise

    It’s what he does. Then after a bit he convinces himself and he starts to be a believer. It’s how a lot of this starts. 😉
  3. Pragidealist

    Mariota is finally telling LaFleur “No”

    It sounded like someone being careful and deliberate on when to assert their opinion.
  4. Pragidealist

    Mariota is finally telling LaFleur “No”

    You guys worry about the oddest things. It takes a bit of comfort in the overall offense to know how to compare it. It also likely takes game reps. Then there is the relationship between the qb and the OC. Someone saying they want to hear what you like and don't like and then really meaning it are two different things. It makes sense that the relationship between the qb and OC needed a little time to develop. All of this seems pretty normal.
  5. Pragidealist

    LaFleur is likely a goner

    Surely they have some assistances he wouldn’t be a one and sone OC ... it just adds to the instability at that roles
  6. Pragidealist

    Week 10: Patriots @ Titans Game Thread

    You guys care about the oddest things
  7. Pragidealist

    Important game for Mm

    It’s good content. I’ve been slammed today at work. I only had time to post the link. I don’t pay for many news sites - there’s is pretty good
  8. Pragidealist

    Important game for Mm

    https://theathletic.com/639421/2018/11/07/marcus-mariota-titans-cowboys-monday-night-football-scouting-report/?source=dailyemail Great article - it’s a paid site though.
  9. It took him setting a franchise record for 3rd down conversions (many 3rd and long) - that’s more than functional. Requiring that to win should be concerning
  10. Pragidealist

    Rich Eisen: Mariota vs Winston Debate is Over

    What’s crazy is these record breaking stats are what some expect as minimum standards week to week.
  11. Pragidealist

    Derrick Henry was available at the trade deadline...

    https://www.musiccitymiracles.com/2018/11/3/18053258/all-22-review-the-titans-offense-comes-alive-kinda-in-london Unless its because Henry is missing big runs and settling for the short stuff. According to this analysis- his consistency is actually problematic.
  12. Pragidealist

    Derrick Henry was available at the trade deadline...

    This type of stuff is why we changed coaches and why I really like them. Their mantra is adaptability and it shows. I am hoping they stick together awhile and develop a bit.
  13. Pragidealist

    ‘Consider It a Rifle’

    Immigration is a difficult and complicated issue that needs real conversation and solutions. This though is not about any of that. This is about generating a fake crisis to get his nationalists white voters to turn out in fear. Now is not the time to give this craven form politics validation.
  14. Pragidealist

    Call your shot - what happens to the Senate in November?

    I'm wondering how these turnout numbers are demonstrating possible high error in the polling models. All poll models depend on predicting the likely voter to create a representative sample. The turnout for this election looks to be historic. Will the current polling models be able to compensate?
  15. Pragidealist

    Thoughts on adding Fowler and offensive changes

    They also may need to monitor his carries to avoid injury. I would just say the first 3 games are plan A. They are moving and adapting to plan B based on what they've learned. I continue to like this coaching staff. They seem vary adaptable. Hopefully this works.