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  1. NashvilleNinja

    Who thinks Marcus is a bust?

    I am going to have giant body builder types take you and tie you down in a chair, grab a sewing needle, dip it in some of the hottest/spiciest substances known to man, and repeatedly shove it slowly under your fingernails for an unspecified amount of time. There's you some comments. ALL out in the open.
  2. NashvilleNinja

    Civil Suit filed against Jameis Winston

    No, just the crabs... legs.
  3. There was a little hype on him last year because he made some flash plays, but overall has he really done a lot to show that he's ready to be a starter?
  4. NashvilleNinja

    Bree's for Josh Gordon

    What other options do you have for a backup QB? You need quality for the bye or injury or if Mahomes is enjoying the early benefit of anonymity, but I'm thinking Mahomes is the real deal and Brees will probably be on the bench most weeks. If you have a decent go to other than Brees then maybe I go for that trade. But I'd see if I could squeeze another bench player (RB, TE) into the deal first.
  5. He's played pretty well so far on the outside. Wallace was solely an outside guy, which is why I thought Correa made him expendable. But Finch is also outside so I guess they both made him expendable. It's nice ro have some quality depth at OLB for a change. Now if we could just solve that problem for ILB. If Correa can get to where he can play inside that'll help.
  6. Isn't Correa an outside guy though?
  7. Sucks about Wallace. Hoped he would make an impact, but Correa made him expendable.
  8. Anyone know what the average for points and yardage allowed over the first 4 weeks of the season is for the whole league each season?
  9. NashvilleNinja

    Lets trade for Antonio Brown???

    A little bit of the inmates are taking over the assylum type of situation brewing up there. Unless Mason Rudolph is a legit heir they may be on the cusp of a steep fall off. It may actually be a good thing for them to trade both Brown and Bell now while their stock can't get any/much higher because once Roethlisberger retires it's all about a youth revolution. It probably needs to be anyway. They have Brown's replacement already in place in Juju and James Conner has looked like a quality replacement for Bell, not to mention his character/personality is probably a fresh of breath air compared to Bell's. Conner seems like a much better fit for Pittsburgh. And all of this would be the perfect opportunity to get rid of Mike Epps to bring in some fresh blood. Disclaimer: I am not saying the Steelers should trade Brown/Bell because I want the Titans to trade for one or both of them. They'd be too expensive and they are problem children. Although if I were going to want to trade for one of them it'd definitely be Brown. He'll probably play longer and would bring an enormous and immediate impact on the receiving corps. Corey Davis already has a ton of potential, but Brown coming in to take focus off of him would be a wet dream cum true.
  10. NashvilleNinja

    Josh Gordon traded to the Patriots (Update: Now Official)

    Who? The Browns or the Patriots? You'd think it'd be the Patriots given Gordon's baggage, but look at the two teams involved in this trade. Which team was 0-16 last year and which one was in the Super Bowl for the 451st time? A number of us saw Hard Knocks this year. Does Hue Jackson strike confidence? Does the GM? They've played the Steelers and Saints tough in the first couple games and they look like they've probably, after eons of futility, fixed their QB drought. But still... it's the Browns.
  11. NashvilleNinja

    Lets trade for Antonio Brown???

    Yeah.... a 6th round pick. So it all comes full circle for AB.
  12. Good to see one of the culprits of the most overanalyzed play of preseason back in the fold. Here's to a ton of regular season overanalyzed memories, Nicky.
  13. NashvilleNinja

    Josh Gordon traded to the Patriots (Update: Now Official)

    Randy Moss 2007, 98 receptions, 1493 yards, 23 TDs 2008 (will not count this as Brady was out with the ACL) 2009, 83 receptions, 1264 yards, 13 TDs I'd be perfectly happy with that kind of failure.
  14. You know, even seeing the Colts not draft a QB this year there were some around here still wondering what they were going to do about a QB, given that Luck was so obviously ready as could be for that fork in his back. So of course even though we didn't even deactivate Mariota over this nerve thing yesterday there's no question that we're gearing up to draft the next Vince Lockiota in 2019. Don't ever grab for the sanity, TR. I wouldn't know where to lay my head at night.
  15. NashvilleNinja

    A few generic thoughts about the game

    What you said was... That may not be calling him garbage (never said you called him that) but if he was a good pick up seems to me you'd have liked it when we signed him. But anyway, the rest of my post stands as is. The defense is still finding itself. I'll start to be a little worried about him if midway through the season he's still leading the league and the rest of the secondary has noticeably improved. Until then I'm expecting a couple burns a game.