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  1. https://hbr.org/1993/01/to-build-a-winning-team-an-interview-with-head-coach-bill-walsh Long, but good read. Some quotes I thought were relatable to the kind of discussions we've been having about Mularkey.
  2. Terry Robiskie Is an idiot. (VIDEO PROOF)

    Spend $750 to "win" $500.
  3. Terry Robiskie Is an idiot. (VIDEO PROOF)

    There are six games left, after all.
  4. State of the Preds

    Just caught the tail end of their game against the Blues, who are top of the division. 1-0 most of the game, we score on an empty-netter to push it to 2-0. Rinne gets, I believe they said, his 45th shutout. Seems like a pretty solid start to the post-Final season. I haven't watched much of the season so far so I don't know exactly how they're looking. I know they made a move for the Turris guy, which I judged to be a good move judging from the initial reaction. What's the overall story so far? I know it's a long season, but are they looking like they have the potential for another deep post-season run down the road?
  5. Terry Robiskie Is an idiot. (VIDEO PROOF)

    Hey, you said misguided, not mistaken. There might be hope for you yet...
  6. Terry Robiskie Is an idiot. (VIDEO PROOF)

    You're all over the map with this reply to what was intended as a joke. I'll just reply to the last bit... if Homer Simpson just sat on the sidelines and ate donuts the whole game I bet we would go undefeated. But he'd need to take the offense out of Bart's hands first...
  7. Rishard Mathews limited with hammy

    Matthews is a Keenan McCardell. Our Jimmy Smith just hasn't gone full Jimmy Smith yet.
  8. Terry Robiskie Is an idiot. (VIDEO PROOF)

    Not all of us protect the players. Some attack the shit out of them. Not that I hold it against all of them. Some of the fans just don't like seeing the mentally handicapped made fun of and will do and say anything they can to defend them. It's actually fairly noble humanitarian work, imo.
  9. Pick'Em League on Yahoo (Updated - w Prize! )

    I love me some 1 game leads. Thanks, Giants. You bums.
  10. Terry Robiskie Is an idiot. (VIDEO PROOF)

    Theological question here: what happens when simple-minded overreacting fans meet a simple-minded underreacting offensive coordinator?
  11. Terry Robiskie Is an idiot. (VIDEO PROOF)

    I said something similar the other day about Robinson and was criticized for it. Because obviously they're being 100% truthful 100% of the time every time a camera and/or microphone gets shoved in their face.
  12. Terry Robiskie Is an idiot. (VIDEO PROOF)

    Then why does Mularkey rip the receivers so much?
  13. Happy Thanksgiving! Food and Games Thread.

    Dak = Byron Leftwich 2.0?