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  1. Mariota's Boy, Backup QB for Bama Tua Tagovailoa

    I'm not implying anything. UMass are what they are. But so is UT. They should have been pissed and ready instead of hungover and myopic. That's on Jones. Oh well. Doesn't matter anyway. Georgia will curb stomp UT next weekend and give them a real reason to be hungover.
  2. Mariota's Boy, Backup QB for Bama Tua Tagovailoa

    I have more respect for Vandy's loss to Bama than I do UT's win over UMass. Everyone knew Vandy had no real shot, but wtf was that shit from UT about? I thought Jones was supposed to be this awesome recruiter. Is his coaching so bad it holds these future 1st round picks back from shutting down some also-ran like UMass? Seems like the only player at UT that's worth half a damn is John Kelly.
  3. Someone help me out with the Terry Robiskie hate?

    When OS destroyed the purple wedding for him. It's been going downhill ever since...
  4. Trump on players disrespecting the Flag.

    It better be able to fire while cloaked.
  5. Tre McBride Waived by Bears

    Come back home, Tre. Your fam awaits!
  6. Seahawks Predictions

    And that finger was for both of them.
  7. Seahawks Predictions

    If I got paid hourly I probably wouldn't either.
  8. Trump on players disrespecting the Flag.

    See through wall, eh? Isn't that what we have now?
  9. Seahawks Predictions

    Tim TeBow is Jesus' siamese twin. Didn't seem to help him much.
  10. I wouldn't have found it because I wasn't looking for it, you sicko.
  11. https://www.cbsnews.com/news/holly-bobo-trial-verdict-guilty-verdict-zachary-adams/
  12. Denali has a crush on Oman and this is how he's going about showing it.
  13. Should we trade for Malcom Butler?

    Vinatieri has been with the Colts so long now it doesn't seem natural to think of him as a former Patriot, but there was a time when it was strange to think of him as anything but a Patriot. And no on the trade for Butler. That would be top many roosters in the hen house.
  14. This board is way too down on Decker

    The MO in two early games matches almost identically to the first two games of last year. Lost a competitive home opener, struggled (at least initially this year) to win the second game on the road. Where Decker may look "slow" it may just be that he's not running routes at the right depth. Or maybe he's running the wrong route. Or he ran the right route the wrong way. Unless we're in the film room with them we can't know. The fact he's been injured some adds to the complication. The passing game just isn't clicking right now, but they struggled to get on track early last year too. Whatever your opinion of Decker or even Davis is we have the capability to be far more imposing on offense this year than we were last year once everyone gets healthy and clicking on the same page. So... patience?
  15. This board is way too down on Decker

    Guess who else is way down on Decker? Jessie... *rimshot*