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  1. NashvilleNinja

    Bell doesn't show, locker cleaned out

    If you have a feature guy like Zeke, Barkley, or Gurley then you're going to involve him in more than just a committee. What offenses have realized is that unless you have a guy like that you're not going to run the ball as effectively. So they adapted and started tossing 5 yard passes that essentially serve as 5 yard runs. And you can find 5-7 yard receivers a lot easier than you can find 5-7 yard backs.
  2. NashvilleNinja

    Maroita is killing the franchise

    Daddy.... whatchu buyin me for Christmas?
  3. NashvilleNinja

    Could Delanie be back this season?

    So... Jonnu was dogging it? Even though Delanie and anyone who's seen him or dealt with him say his work ethic is top notch?
  4. If Brady is as done as some think, how were they scoring 35 points a game for the last month and a half? Maybe we shouldn't sell our own defense so short...
  5. NashvilleNinja

    Seriously, WTF happened in that Ravens game?

    The Titans, in their Super Bowl season, lost 17-0 against the Dolphins and 41-14 against the Ravens. Sometimes it's just not your day at all.
  6. They've beaten Indy, KC, and Chicago. All three of those teams have been point scoring machines. He's also beaten Aaron Rodgers and the Packers. His touchdowns may be down a bit and his INTs up, but he's still putting up yards. In all 7 wins he's been over or near 300 yards. They started out the season with a shit ton of questions at receiver, and I think they did a dumb ass thing trading Brandin Cooks away after only a year. Oh, and he didn't have Gronk Sunday either. I just hope this thread isn't some back door slam on the Titans win to taint it a little. It's legitimate to ask if Brady's done yet because it's inevitable, but I get the feeling like this thread will take on new meaning if the Colts win Sunday.
  7. NashvilleNinja

    Could Delanie be back this season?

    That's because up until then he didn't look trustworthy.
  8. NashvilleNinja

    Could Delanie be back this season?

    It sucks he's gone, but if Smith keepa building on the last two weeks the missing will become less and less.
  9. NashvilleNinja

    Worst play in NFL history

    The rotten QB doesn't fall far from the brother tree, I suppose.
  10. NashvilleNinja

    Blake Beddingfails

    So, Beddingfield went hard to bat for Dodd?
  11. NashvilleNinja

    Jalston Fowler Released, Dawkins Added

    Well... alrighty then.
  12. NashvilleNinja

    Maroita is killing the franchise

    And he was able to show those spurts because the guys around him made plays for him in those spurts. The QB is one guy. There are 10 other people on offense responsible for carrying their weight and overcoming what the other team is doing to stop you. The game Sunday was a great example of my point. Not even Brady, an 18 year veteran 5x Super Bowl champion in the top 10 in a whole shit ton of record books and who's a 1st ballot lock for the HoF, can overcome shitty oline play and less help from his receivers. Let alone a pup who's been in 3 different offensive schemes in 4 short years. Mariota has shown how good he can be (is, really) in spite of his team, not because of it. Anyone that expected Mariota to be Superman when his team was made of kryptonite was just being brainless. No, it's not unreasonable to criticize him. He had numerous balls sail on him Sunday, especially in the 2nd half, not to mention the off-target and high toss to Davis in the endzone against Dallas. He's had that happen frequently this year. Maybe most of it could be attributed to his grip, but he's mostly past that now, if not completely past it. Of course there's a ginormous difference in criticism and outright lunacy. He is not killing anything except a messy bed in the morning.
  13. NashvilleNinja

    Mariota is finally telling LaFleur “No”

    Witness the evolution of the narrative: Mariota has become an abused weakling, and any progress he makes under Vrabel will be counted as miraculous. Also miraculous is Oman's reversal on Vrabel the meathead to Vrabel the abuse victim savant. Lawdy, lawdy, lawdy Ms Clawdy.