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  1. Jamal doesn't know anything about football. Good luck.
  2. It's reasonable if the team suggests they have talent. It's less reasonable if they articulate an unreasonable strategy for employing it.
  3. What's fascinating is seeing someone who literally says the scheme is 100% fine and it's all Mariota try to argue that others are black and white picking one or the other. It's a self echo-chamber that's always been an interesting piece of psychology to observe. It literally ignores the points being made, including the ones made by the person who is engaging in the behavior.
  4. I'll prepare a comprehensive playbook for you next week so that I can match the grand standard of well laid out and thorough proofs set by others on this forum. Be sure to show up at 6:00 to get started on the gameplan. In the meantime, you keep telling us it's all fine and there's legitimately zero problematic with the scheme and I'll keep laughing in your e-face.
  5. Good luck. On both points.
  6. To a great extent, it was intended to show or prove out the point that this staff isn't doing it often or often enough despite that you can cite 73% (which is skewed by playing from behind), as some don't agree that's the case.
  7. QB matters as well, sure. Brilliant point. How do you assist that QB? How do you put him in position to succeed?
  8. Gonna give him the Moses treatment. He'll probably go get a ring with New England or something crazy.
  9. He said my retweet of this article stating "Titans offense: Where great in theory meets not working and not suited to your QB" encapsulated the offense pretty well. He liked the tweet earlier, so I tuned in today to hear his thoughts. (four or five edits in, I think this post actually says what I wanted it to)
  10. He's a wise man. Me and my three followers on Twitter are proud.
  11. Robiskie: "Our goal is to be the best running team in ball, the best executing team in ball and one of the most physical teams in ball." #WheresTheQB
  12. This is the great hope. And it's entirely possible. What's most frustrating around here is having to argue that it's necessary.
  13. http://www.espn.com/blog/tennessee-titans/post/_/id/20455/terry-robiskie-explains-titans-condensed-formations PK: Robiskie deploys a great deal of condensed formations -- far from the spread set at the snap that Marcus Mariota is most familiar with -- in the hope of creating room for route-runners to get into. (he's right, but don't tell people around here) Robiskie: "... when you’ve got a guy that is tight on the left or a guy that is tight on the right, it’s a lot easier for them to crisscross when you’re in a close formation. It makes the guy in the other side of the ball from you decide, he’s got more field to defend. “Are you going north, are you going east, are you going west? One thing he knows pretty much for sure is you’re not going south. "But he’s got to now defend the field in all different arenas. Which way am I going? I can be going northeast. I can be going northwest. He’s got to defend a lot of different ways.” (sounds great, in theory, but it's not tailored or suited to our QB and it's not working either)
  14. It's like a painting. It means what you want it to. ... until I object and call you an idiot!
  15. Right. This is passing plays only. You're welcome to take the time to put together the rest by cobbling in the runningback splits for multiple teams and then comparing back to snap counts (don't forget to factor in "no plays" resulting from penalties) to ensure your population is complete... or, better yet, break down all the film and provide a truly breathtaking analysis worthy of this great forum. But, judgement call, running plays are somewhat tangential and might cloud the issue instead of isolate the proper elements. I've been working on the Titans fuller picture and then splitting out various things to try and detail more of the base offense. But that also involves judgement and you won't like it when/if I ever get it done.