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  1. The sources I follow, unbiased on both sides agree this is fake. You're so caught up in Obama's success that you'll accept anything. Never go full Soxcat.
  2. You don't want to accept my conditional trade!? That's good, I was going to add another condition that Wisco grovels. Glad renegotiations are possible! FYI for the world: Maybe there's a reason I haven't used it yet and instead have been posting jokes about it.
  3. Did I stutter? Rankings are life.
  4. In return, I conditionally swap 3rd round picks with Oldschool next year if I finish in the top four (playoffs) this year and my 3rd round pick (if any) held at the start of the draft comes before the latest pick Oldschool has at the start of the draft.
  5. I'll trade the next draft pick for any player in the top 150 of this expert ranking: http://www.espn.com/fantasy/football/story/_/id/15698900/mike-clay-top-240-dynasty-fantasy-football-rankings-nfl
  6. Who is more jealous: Wisco of my life or Bink of my new pick?
  7. You know that's not true. There are so many reasons it's false.
  8. @9 Nines: I'll trade you this next pick for Miami's QB.
  9. Goodness. Yes, moron, that was the entire point. Keep fighting the good fight Wisco. I'm sure you'll find a legitimate disagreement soon. Until then, keep manufacturing the internet outrage.
  10. Oh no, you reworded my self-deprecating comment and posted it as your own thought under the pretense of contradicting me despite that it didn't... again! Whatever will I do? True or false: You realize that your posts amount to being angry you agree with everything I say? It's rather humorous.
  11. Just kidding. Who wants to trade for my new pick?
  12. Just kidding. Let me see who I want.
  13. I'll draft Njoku.
  14. Fake News! Did you even read the article? That's not what it says. Nice source, btw. Not journalism.