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  1. Hiroshima

    If by arbitrary, you mean consistent with the fundamental nature of our existence... which is inextricable from the will of that source of arbitrary morality... sure.
  2. Hiroshima

    Absent religion, mores it's consistent with my observations of the interplay between perceived morality, culture, and time.
  3. Hiroshima

    Objective morality is driven by spiritual beliefs. SK's perspective simply won't align with yours.
  4. Hiroshima

    I thought his speech was excellent and only ignorance / racism prevent people from realistically assessing it... and his presidency as a whole. The moral choice is better defined as a collective morality of the world arising. I'm not sure unilateral actions of that magnitude and civilian consequence can be adequately justified on the grounds of morality (maybe grounds of the practicality of warfare justifies it, though). With that said, there is often context of the moment that is hard to appreciate years later and I fully acknowledge that I'm missing that.
  5. USA Today ranks all 32 NFL Head Coaches

    Mularkey gets all the excuses because we didn't experience it. Simple as that. EDIT: Actually, we did experience it and once upon a time everyone was happy he was so bad he wouldn't get a chance. Then everyone panicked when he did. @abenjamiposted a poll before the hire and I think only three people actually wanted the guy to get the job. Half the board said no and half said hell no. Now fanhood overrides reality.
  6. The Game of Thrones

    Before I forget, any book readers who like in-depth analysis should check out the Radio Westeros podcast. It's really, really well done. Recaps specific characters, details their coming and goings with detail that I've either forgotten or never noticed and makes pretty well founded predictions that are at least interesting to consider and often sound so likely that I can only imagine there right.
  7. USA Today ranks all 32 NFL Head Coaches

    Mularkey is the original Marrone, only Marrone actually thought he had a job lined up when he bailed on his team. "Wind bag" may not apply, but the guy had an outsized ego and an undersized resume as a head coach.
  8. USA Today ranks all 32 NFL Head Coaches

    In game coaching was a disaster for Mularkey last year.
  9. The Game of Thrones

    It remains to be seen whether or not they go about the same thing another way... but in the books, Jaime doesn't go to Dorne or chill in King's Landing. He goes out and consolidates the war effort... and is even doing a decent job of it. Stoneheart appears to have stopped him (he's not dead yet) by the end of the most recent book... but how it happens and who is involved could be spoilery, so I'll hold off on explaining that. Needless to say, I think she's a character of consequence and it will likely grow in the future.
  10. The Game of Thrones

    Catelyn Stark as Lady Stoneheart basically goes ruthless AF and kills everyone. Lots of Frey's, probably lots of innocent people as well. She's gathering a group of orphans at an inn, probably looking for Arya. She's also got people embedded in the Lannister army and is tracking their movements, probably to rescue Robb's wife (who is both someone different in the books and obviously not dead to boot). She may even be recovering Robb's will, which likely names Jon as the King in the North.
  11. The Game of Thrones

    The writing is rushed and lacks depth this season, imo... but it has really worked.
  12. USA Today ranks all 32 NFL Head Coaches

    "Oh yeah!? Did you talk to a player?" - The mantra of selective denial
  13. USA Today ranks all 32 NFL Head Coaches

    Lol, scine. Even AAS would lie like this.
  14. 2016 Titans Dynasty League team rosters

    I LIKE GURLEYS QB: C Palmer, M Stafford, J Cutler, C Kaepernick RB: T Gurley, J Charles, C West, B Cunningham, *K Drake, *W Smallwood, R Bush (IR) WR: J Matthews, B Cook, M Floyd, S Smith Sr, D Jackson, C Beasley, D Amendola, *M Thomas TE: C Clay, J Graham K: C Catanzaro D: Arizona, Pittsburgh * - Rookie
  15. 2016 Titans Report Dynasty League

    The latter, I think.