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  1. Magic wand at #4. Solid rationale.
  2. There's shit in the bed and Oilerman said blame Marcus. Blame Marcus. So they all blamed Marcus and... #JokesThatArentFunny
  3. Probably closer to 90% that game.
  4. On passes, yeah. Unless I'm getting games mixed up.
  5. I'll trade you West for a 1st round next year.
  6. He's a pocket passer who is athletic and runs options well. He doesn't abandon pass plays even if he should. I'm not sure he ever will, which is less a problem than ball security when in pocket and consistency when passing... but it's still a problem.
  7. But we may have stopped running too often, based on the offense we run.
  8. Not that the Colts stopped the run, though.
  9. Suddenly Adam Gase is having a significantly better year than Mularkey as well. Beating actually good teams.
  10. OilerKissOfDearhMan returns!
  11. Some people were really excited about those two games. Napoleon was doubling down on his 10 wins prediction all week.
  12. Forget the game (loss). How was the food in town?
  13. So does/did Cosell, and he said the effective meshing of the two was a difference in our two wins. It gets back to the somewhat sarcastic (but very much based in reality) statement that mixing the personification a Chip Kelly QB with the antithesis of a Chip Kelly RB was not the best of ideas, or at least is a challenging one, despite the low cost and stellar play of Murray. It also begs the question of how much of Mariota's issues stem from having that scenario and then building the offense around the run game. Which gets back to coaching.
  14. I'm going to assume you called me J-money because I'm always right. Too late. You can't take it back.