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  1. Jamalisms


    Let's assume you bought it Nov 1st, 2015. There have been 1,051 days since then.... 25,224 hours. If you slept 8 hours a day on average, that removes 8,408 hours. So, 16,816 are left. If you spend 45 between work and commute per week, that removes 6,756.43 hours. Now you're at 10,059.57 hours remaining. Let's said you spend a total of 1 more hour per day doing other necessities (breakfast and dinner, lunch on weekends, bathroom, brush teeth, etc) ... that removes another 1,051 hours. I'm going to say you had AT MAX 9,008.57 total hours of free time. That's probably generous but that's the baseline. Based on that, you've spent 17% of all your free time (at least 17%) over the past three years playing Fallout.
  2. Jamalisms


    Wow, that's some hours.
  3. Jamalisms


    Pretty sure I keep annoying this guy trying to lead me out of the first crumbling castle in Skyrim. "Let's get moving ... let's get moving ... let's get moving ... let's get ..." "DUDE. I FOUND ANOTHER SKELETON HIDING IN THIS PASSAGE. SHUT UP AND LET ME SEARCH IT!"
  4. Jamalisms

    2018 Titans Report Dynasty League

    Bit by the schedule bug in more ways than one this week. Not only should I be winning, based on scoring placement compared to the whole league ... I'm playing Guru who has a team this week after giving away a free win last week. Whatever. The Titans won. IDGAF.
  5. I doubt you guys know how hard I've worked at this, but... it's taken a lot of work to get it done. Consistently living to the final few without killing took some work. Been practicing various strategies for end game, trying to get people to kill themselves. That was the hardest part.
  6. Jamalisms

    Browns releasing Josh Gordon

    lds barred.
  7. Jamalisms


    My buddy wrote the civil war quests and some daedric. I'll look for those but ... worth doing them? Anybody know?
  8. Jamalisms


    $33 and eBay gave me a $10 coupon (MYTEN). So, it was $26.50 after shipping.
  9. Jamalisms

    Browns releasing Josh Gordon

  10. Jamalisms


    Finally found it cheap used for the Switch. Arriving in a week. I never played when it first came out but I remember a thread here about it (that's gone for some reason). Thoughts on favorite quests / paths / things to do? Since Titans season is already over, figure I'll lose myself in the game.
  11. Jamalisms

    Dennis Kelly Hospitalized w/ Virus

    I assumed 0-4 six days ago. Anything can happen but that's the likeliest possibility and it is what it is.
  12. Jamalisms

    Nintendo Switch Thread

    They're really trying to convince me to buy Starlink. They're really starting to be effective.
  13. Jamalisms

    Nintendo Switch Thread

    It was a pretty good direct. There were plenty of games there that looked good.
  14. When your steal my material, you know you've hit rock bottom.