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  1. No, he reads the messages. Ignore blocks even sending messages. He's just plain old ignoring me, which is actually more frustrating.
  2. Fisher clearly needs another shot at coaching so he can round out the bottom three.
  3. I legitimately don't know what your point is.
  4. Short answer: No Long answer: Fuck No
  5. Because it's 9's so it's already likely a joke troll. And when you look at content, he chose an abnormally bad house and gave no real reason why he'd think it was a good idea... and if you've seen his serious posts about TVs and such, a brick wall of analysis is what you'd get were he serious. So the post supports his MO. It's a joke troll.
  6. Why are people taking this post seriously?
  7. For multiple reasons this is true and maybe even high.
  8. $20 says Scine got a minority on the phone.
  9. I've sent him about 10 messages on that subject before, during and after the draft. He reads the messages, but no reply. So I'd say... no. He has no interest.
  10. At the very least, I have more armpit hair.
  11. I'd appreciate that gif more if it didn't suggest I'm a woman.
  12. After in-season season demotion, sure. Another sign of a bad year. Did you just start following this team? Here's a tip: If a guy starts out as the #1, gets demoted to the #2, had almost no production for the final 3/4 of the year, gets negative comments from coaching and gets demoted to the fifth guy (or maybe cut) by the next season... he probably had a bad year. Moron.