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  1. But Mariota is only 15th in yards and Murray is only 7th in TDs!!!
  2. If nobody ever changed an opinion or learned anything, you'd be right. But that's not the case, so you're wrong. Not all subjects are equally conducive to internet discussion.
  3. Everyone comes around eventually.
  4. I guess my point is more that no amount of discussion will change the record and you'll likely not convince anyone but yourself of a discount on the win total. You should consider it if you want an accurate opinion on the season and for setting next year's expectations... but that won't really change the narrative here and if we do regress (in win total) next year, pitchforks will come out no matter how much you explain that it's maybe not real regression. It's worth considering. Not really worth discussing.
  5. And we're 1-3 in the division, sadly, or we'd be locked into the playoffs.
  6. It's an easy schedule, even more easy considering the timing of major injuries (and total injuries) to opponents, where they were in their seasons when we played them and the general lack of injuries for us. All told, it's probably super easy and not just easy. It's also not worth really considering. This schedule is what it is. Next year will be what it is. We'll assess next year (hold dear to our narratives) at that time.
  7. Take the Broncos. We could win and coming off a bye had the homer in me excited... but that line's begging for it.

    Nevermind, found it. Every win so far this year (prior to this week). Interesting. I read something just the past week or two arguing their season was one of the luckiest ever. Now I know it's true!

    I'll need a source on the second part.
  10. The way my projected total has been sliding all day, I'll be in negatives soon...
  11. I don't think the Titans would make him a #1. Probably not a great fit.
  12. Hindsight for some.