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  1. Mueller and grand jury indict 13 Russians

    Yep. The war on media, the adoption of opinion pieces as journalistically sound and the blurring of reality by bots has created a pretty dire situation for truth.
  2. Actors on site

    At least have the mental gumption to stand up and admit you just fucking want your fucking guns and the deaths of children and youth don't fucking matter. This sort of mental capitulation into the most obvious of self-serving narratives is beneath you. You're lying to yourself in so pathetic a form that it should insult you so much that you can't even do it... yet you've pushed through to achieve the faux comfort of the pretense of not excusing the murder of innocents. Brav-fucking-o. Why are you even reading that shit anyway? Why do you insist on surrounding yourself with manipulative, aggressively deceptive opinion pieces as if it's real news? Choose your standards better and step up to the plate of adulthood. Shed the veil of pretense and actively address the moral necessity of your own cognitive, intellectually honest investigation of the facts and circumstances of this life we've been given. You're too smart to accept the premise that this thread represents. Do better. Demand it of yourself.
  3. Actors on site

    What the actual fuck? They're "theatre trained" ...? The drama club? That's the conspiracy, that nerds are speaking out against guns in an effective, eloquent manner? Delete your fucking account, man. If you're worried about the fight for your mind and you're reading this tripe, you've already lost. This is terrible propaganda. It's transparent as hell. It's pathetic. If you're buying into it, so are you. Get a god damn grip. Fuck.
  4. Thank you to fans, coaches and ownership.
  5. Theoretically, the whole relationship could have been fine (enough) but the firing itself was such a wedge that he's bitter. It doesn't follow that the silence indicates the relationship as a whole was this bad. But one does wonder.
  6. Earth to Flynn Conspiracy Morons

    *crickets chirping*
  7. Earth to Flynn Conspiracy Morons

    This is a valuable Twitter thread (that means go to Twitter and scroll down to read the rest of the tweet replies by the same person). Please set down your conservative FAKE NEWS websites and read. Thanks.
  8. Here's me on the hill, all by myself, citing how poorly he ended the year.
  9. Russian election interference cost him a bet.
  10. Mueller and grand jury indict 13 Russians

    Yeah, like the pee tape being real. And he's in deep for money laundering.
  11. Mueller and grand jury indict 13 Russians

    He plead guilty and took a plea deal. Turn your brain on or admit you don't care about democracy and America.
  12. Mueller and grand jury indict 13 Russians

    Awesome. Where are your posts expressing dismay and frustrations about the persons related to the indictments, pleas and connected persons stemming from Mueller's investigation so far?
  13. Mueller and grand jury indict 13 Russians

    Do you condemn the attacks by Russia to influence the election? Do you support the continued investigation into the nature and extent of those attacks?
  14. Mueller and grand jury indict 13 Russians

    You really need to come to terms with the attacks on America and democracy, generally, that you are excusing and, by default, supporting. Then stop doing so.