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  1. Authoritarian figures don't respect law in that way. Once mistrust in media is firmly established, it doesn't matter and he can act with relative impunity. What's the truth?
  2. http://www.npr.org/sections/thetwo-way/2017/01/22/511103785/trump-is-yet-to-sever-ties-with-his-business-despite-promises-to-do-so-report-sa We'll see how team Trump responds but I will be zero percent surprised by another lie. "Just distract them with something patently stupid like alternative facts and they won't even notice."
  3. It was closer than the score and Bell was out most of the game. But NE was clearly better all night and Bell wasn't overly effective when he played.
  4. Duck isn't a Trump supporter. He's a supporter of everything Trump says or does. There's a difference.
  5. Sadly, Mularkey was no better this year.
  6. Was it Whiz who used to challenge if he thought it was a big momentum play, regardless of likelihood to be overturned? This felt like that.
  7. Changes throughout a game all the time. He's a difference maker.
  8. Bell out of this game is a bummer for hopes of a good game.
  9. Disappointed with fake reporting of today's early game. Let's discuss the facts: The Packers played great. They outplayed the Falcons. They won. #AlternativeFacts
  10. Chip Kelly consultant?
  11. Some day I hope Mularkey can underachieve like McCarthy.
  12. Stupid, as expected. Keep trying. I'm sure the world will denounce Belichick soon.
  13. I bow to the genius of this thread's construction. Also <>==|, amirite?
  14. Someone's butt hurts. And it's not just Soxcat.
  15. I decided not to argue something that requires reading comprehension and honest consideration of context, both of which you lack. Cassel looked better in NE than anywhere else. He had one season out of four in KC with a 3.6 better passer rating. Perhaps prior experience and offseason prep was related to that small increase, but he was definitely worse on the whole. Which was the point.