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  1. Despite all his missed practice time due to injury and despite a major downturn in offensive production as a team, Davis actually has more catches and yards per snap than Sharpe did last year. Which isn't much of a credit to Davis. Sharpe was just on the field an insane amount and did very little with those snaps. Pretty low bar.
  2. I was making as absurd a statement as I could. Oilerman is basically saying this today, however. And he's not trying to be funny.
  3. I'm ok with him as the backup. But I'm not ok with anything resembling praise for his play.
  4. TNF: The hope and fear, realized consecutively

    The Titans aren't good but they're to consistent at beating bad teams, even if barely and all due to defense, to be considered bad themselves. They're a step above bad, certainly. Thank God for Lebeau.
  5. Just a quick gripe... Cassel didn't win a game last year. Houston forfeited it... and still almost came back to win.
  6. After losses, this is especially my preference. We definitely get more listens on Sundays and people like that emotional venting... but the discussion isn't as legitimate, imo.
  7. TNF: The hope and fear, realized consecutively

    I could have said "bump" or something equally lame but I wanted to show some support for a well written post!
  8. I could cite the stats. Why bother? Even the resident moron is past arguing it's all fine and they intentionally tried to do poorly just to end the game quick or one good drive proves it's all fine. What's wrong? Well, you could try and argue that the QB is all to blame. But you'd get laughed at. Here's an idea: Don't put a spread QB into a run first offense with condensed formations and as few route combos as possible during an evermore passing, QB-driven era. Here's another idea: Don't make up plays during the game and run them in must-have situations. Practice plays before using them, maybe? Just a thought.