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  1. Given the nature of other views expressed on this website, it approaches the most tame things ever posted on this forum. But since I apologized and regret it, it'll never die. Which is fine, as it's a solid reminder that 1. That word shouldn't be in my vocabulary and 2. You're all anonymous blowhards on the internet, whereas I'm myself, open and accountable for what I post.
  2. Was thinking of this the other day. #YoureWelcome
  3. Thank you for self reporting. An operator will be with you soon.
  4. Update - Whole Game: Titans O worse than D

    If you replace manbuns with eyepatches, vaping with board games, dating apps with monogamy in marriage, moral bankruptcy with being an active member of Titans Report and lazy with working way too many hours as a salaried employee in corporate America... I suspect the second definition is what he was going for. Which, all things considered, is remarkable accuracy ... if you replace remarkable with ha and accuracy with haha.
  5. Beware online Chinese merchants

    Most places are going to this model. It's both a way to keep pay down and a way to normalize the promotion of normal instead of excellence.
  6. He's just inviting morons to self-identify. They're more than welcome to.
  7. Luck endures setback, been shutdown

    I'm going to assume his career is over, in which case:
  8. Update - Whole Game: Titans O worse than D

    Do you have a point to make, Stephanie?
  9. Only Cowherd could argue against Mularkey and do it so terribly that I can't agree. I fucking hate this guy. He's like a jihadist in a mosque of peaceful Muslims. Fuck, man. People already want to say the arguments against Mularkey suck. Why do you have to verbalize one that actually does? Don't say this shit.
  10. The Browns situation is worse than the Jags was.
  11. Update - Whole Game: Titans O worse than D

    Well it's a good thing we cleared that up, buddy.
  12. Update - Whole Game: Titans O worse than D

    Odds are bad you do, based on the responses of others, but the point is: Narrative kills analysis. Down 13-9 at halftime against the Colts, calling for the DC's head and being content with the offense represents suspect awareness of the opponent. Doing the same thing after winning 36-22 in a game where you threw a pick 6 is similarly questionable. This wasn't a game to be upset about the defense, certainly no more than the offense.
  13. Update - Whole Game: Titans O worse than D

    Interesting story about the season in a thread about a specific game.