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  1. Count the threads pro and negative since the election and divide by the number of thread creators. You won't come to remotely the same number.
  2. ... or is that... in your end-o? #ShutUpJamal
  3. *Insert sexual innuendo*
  4. Fucking illegals voting in this poll and stealing the choice.
  5. Actually it's not censorship. It's free speech and the consequences thereof. And it's the people associated with his commentary at his employer that forced him out.
  6. I'm not answering until you add a few more question marks to the thread title.
  7. I don't know everything. Just almost everything.
  8. The old world order is bickering over facts, the new world order is citing facts and seeing people flat ignore or lie about them.
  9. Maybe consider never replying to these fucking threads, letting them die and allow him to get bored instead?
  10. Hater!
  11. Because many are brainless idiots and revel in your objections to it.