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  1. Let us know when you get crushed!
  2. Fiction Books

    Yeah, adapted and pared down a good but.... but I'm hopeful. The racial aspects of the series were always awkward. Elba playing the Gunslinger likely means they're setting that aside.
  3. Josh Gordon can apply for reinstatement Aug 1st.

    Good chance he has a better year than DGB. I wouldn't say quite 50/50 but maybe 40/60.
  4. Fiction Books

    The pace had been galacial. It's not realistic he'll wrap it up in a book. If he does, the current day stuff will be unresolved.
  5. Fiction Books

    ... less
  6. Fiction Books

    @StarkillerThoughts on the spoiler I asked about above?
  7. Fiction Books

    I'll give them awhile and reread. I doubt I'll agree but I'm actually pretty convinced that books 4 & 5 are the best from GRRM on reread... so much depth and meat to them.
  8. Fiction Books

    Read the first two books of the King Killer Chronicles. He's good at writing lore, bad at writing love, meanders needlessly, and lingers too long in the wrong places. The lore keeps it interesting but it's not as good as I had hoped.
  9. Denny Green died

  10. Denny Green died

    When he was doing the Football Today podcast for ESPN, I was chatting regularly with he and some others from his podcast. Even had a fantasy football league going. Needless to say, that was a bit of a shocking arrest.
  11. 2016 Titansreport NFL.com league (Allens league)

    He's an "expert." It was a joke. Like your skills.
  12. 2016 Titansreport NFL.com league (Allens league)

    To make sure you keep up comparable quality of play, I nominate Matthew Berry. Not certain he posts here, though.
  13. Roast of the Tennessee Titans.

    We fired one of the worst head coaches in the last few decades and hired the single worst coach of the last decade... who proved it as an interim head coach. Our mere existence as a franchise, every time we take the field and the excuses for it all from fans are a roast in and of themselves.
  14. Denny Green died

    Insert "Crown his ass" joke. http://espn.go.com/nfl/story/_/id/17124739/dennis-green-former-minnesota-vikings-arizona-cardinals-coach-dies-age-67
  15. Ombudsman wasn't even Schtick To Football worthy. (yes it was) (low bar) (but that was the point)