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  1. H&M

    If they don't pan out, I suggest 'Ick & Co.'  
  2. Post of me notes that he said he likes mock drafts and those are probably worth less than a third party's opinion (even PFF). The other just if me wants his ass fired for malpractice. We'll even make malpractice a thing for GMs just to fire him for it.
  3. Chance Warmack Better Get The Message

    This message was, IMO, even more clear awhile ago when the OC (I think it was the OC) talked about Chance.
  4. Taylor Lewan: "I'm not a right tackle"

    He's not a right tackle... but if he doesn't start paying attention to the type of player this team covets, he might not be the right left tackle either. Not for long.
  5. Mr Irrelevant

    Thank you
  6. Mr Irrelevant

    It's more an acknowledgment that I know I'm the only one laughing than an augmentation of humor. If you didn't laugh, well... no shit.
  7. Mr Irrelevant

    Better than a liquid, not quite a gas.   #JokesThatArentFunny #ItsBeenALongDay
  8. Mr Irrelevant

    We'll find out!
  9. Mr Irrelevant

    In that case: BUST
  10. Round 6, Pick 193. Sebastian Tretola. G Arkansas

    Hopefully he is able to help teach Poutasi how to play...
  11. Anyone draft that basketball player TE yet?
  12. I think this accurate from one perspective and not in others. They were a SB champ before any of those RB investments. Had Brady and a solid (if at times overrated depending on when) pass game and, again at times, an elite defense. We're going RBs before those. Obtaining Murray and then nabbing Henry in the second round equates to picking up Blount off the dust bin? Poor example for how the team was built, though stylistically as a powerful back... sure. A 1st, 2nd and 3rd for Conklin doesn't really equate to the OL investments listed. Maybe style of player it works as an example. The investment isn't the same, nor was that all done in NE in the same year. As much a convenient comparison as anything else... and not really what made NE tick. Brady and the defense were (I haven't bothered considering the article's points regarding defense build).
  13. Mike Keith was very clear on the radio immediately after this pick that he was targeted and a guy they were very high on. He wasn't raving but just matter-of-fact saying that they liked this guy that he could be drafted was definitely something they'd prepped him on.
  14. Bet they would have drafted Tunsil if that video featured an eyepatch.