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  1. Oilerman loves VY and Tebow! The key is not passing efficiently. The key is how to pass efficiently. Passing efficiently is the unlocked door at the end. And running is a big part of that. I'm glad to hear Scotty has come around on the idea!
  2. http://hwcdn.libsyn.com/p/a/a/8/aa8ae0054596d787/Episode_25_FINAL.mp3?c_id=4839309&expiration=1472099199&hwt=2f7bdfbea322dd11b5e9e97970869584 26:55 for the good stuff.
  3. People keep trying to tell me I'm wrong...
  4. Sammie Coates available for a 2nd rounder next year. Christine Michael AKA "The Rawls Killer" available for a first next year. THESE DEALS COME OFF THE TABLE ON FRIDAY!!!
  5. Reactions to me do that. Subtle, but meaningful difference.
  6. And we refuse to stomach it!
  7. #JokesThatArentFunny
  8. Warmack's dream job.
  9. However you intended it, you were wrong. By a mile.
  10. I'm at least partly there.
  11. No, no. I want to run a full spread offense with no pro concepts. And I don't care if we win.
  12. Doubtful. But he's had longer. Come see me in ten years.
  13. https://theringer.com/nfl-spread-offense-quarterbacks-72148a036561#.9fo5ljboy An interesting article that discusses both the challenges of projecting / drafting players in era where players aren't as familiar with pro-style concepts and how some teams are incorporating spread concepts into the NFL. A few excerpts: One: The spread poses some problems at the NFL level. Two: There are a bunch of spread tactics worth stealing. ... Saying “the spread” when talking about football is like saying “comedies” when talking about movies — there’s a lot of wiggle room within the genre. Because the conundrum is complex, the solutions will be, too: That means many small fixes, not one big one. ... “In order to run [all forms of] the spread a lot you’ll need a big guy who is durable and smart enough to get down and not get hit,” he said. (Mike Shula discussing Cam Newton) “The biggest value if you don’t have a big, durable quarterback is to spread people out and then do different things off of it — multiple runs or play-action passes,” Shula said. ... ... the spread (is) a useful way to get defenses out of disguised looks, especially exotic blitz packages near the line of scrimmage. When a unit is bunched, any disguised defender can shift into any role. When an offense spreads wide, the defense’s options for subterfuge and pressure narrow considerably. As ever, there are trade-offs, and opting for an offense that limits the D comes at a cost: Because teams want to protect their quarterback with ample blocking, spreading out four or five receivers has to remain a change-of-pace ploy, not an every-down strategy.
  14. If you know the tone and the schtick, you can't (shouldn't) be surprised at getting called a douchebag. And the schtick toggles on and off. When it's off, harsh responses aggravate. Which is admittedly my own problem, in part, but is also the reality of it all.