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  1. Jamalisms

    Group deal on new jerseys

  2. Jamalisms

    Group deal on new jerseys

    Had conversations with some people involved and sounds like there are major issues with jersey availability, rising to levels of obnoxious absurdity.
  3. Jamalisms


  4. But does the President elect realize what a good negotiator Trump is?
  5. Jamalisms

    Clinton Cash Facts That Have Been Confirmed

    Nice post, comrade.
  6. Jamalisms

    Nintendo Switch Thread

    Last night, I became a man.
  7. Jamalisms

    I wonder if Ben is one of the 12...

    That was, unfortunately, a result of his response to being asked not to threaten the lives of others and their children.
  8. Jamalisms

    Nintendo Switch Thread

    I will definitely be buying octopath. But I'll wait for a sale just because it's not a Nintendo product and I have high hopes that it actually will go on sale.
  9. Jamalisms

    Nintendo Switch Thread

    Nope. But I've heard very good things. I've been going down the rabbit hole of Fortnite lately, after playing Rocket League almost exclusively for months. I'm much better at Rocket League than Fortnite. If you're not an absolute loser who plays on PS4, my Fortnite handle is ... Jamalisms. Come hide with, and be disappointed by, me.
  10. Jamalisms

    Cohen to Trump: The truth is not your friend

    Simple Jake sees a simple analysis.
  11. If it's the only word they use for an entire day. Never happened before, though. And I closed the tickets with no action, for now.
  12. 1. I don't think that word means what you think it means. 2. Buy a thesaurus and switch up your insults. Six reports about distinct uses of this word, by you, in a single day is pushing it. Moderation, even when being immoderate is helpful. 3. I'm only going to close so many reports about this language before I tire of it. We've been working to moderate bigotry. This is easily in that bucket. 4. Yes, I've used that word. Yes, I apologized.
  13. Jamalisms

    2018 Titans Report Dynasty League

    After I get teams uploaded. I have commish power again and three or four people sent me drop lists. We'll have to get everyone to check in and submit rosters first.