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  1. I think I tried fire. Also tried bombing the tree. Some trees and some supports are indestructible. Those instances aren't overly common, but they're always annoying in an open world and especially annoying in this one because it's not the norm.
  2. What about zero carries for Henry in a given game where Demarco isn't producing? Totally fine and no issues?
  3. That's nonsense. It's simple probability. The more times you roll a die, the higher the probability you will roll a given number at least once. And in this case, the wear and tear is cumulative which only increases the probability of an injury even more.
  4. Some people would rather discuss why we shouldn't discuss things.
  5. Discussing the team, players and coaching decisions is what this forum is for. Perhaps you ended up here by mistake?
  6. Fair enough. Dating back to 2007 Murray has had a dislocated Patella (3 games), fractured ankle (IR final 3 games), sprained foot (6 games), sprained MCL (2 games), broken hand (played through it) and a torn plantar plate (played through it). He's also hamstring issues that caused him to miss a regular season game in two separate years, OTAs in a third and multiple preseason games in a fourth year.
  7. Disagreeing? Natural. Suggesting that those discussing how to get the most out of a great player are actually arguing his backup is better? Strawman. Know what you post ... and preferably know something about it as well.
  8. Touches /= carries. Snap count mattered as well, as did context around carries. The injury was predicted for a reason. His injury history is perhaps the worst I've ever seen for a big name back.
  9. It was argued repeatedly before the injury. His touch count was way too high.
  10. Which, as someone who enjoys the idea of talking to other informed fans, is unfortunate. The least people could do is pretend they are paying attention so that I can enjoy the pretense of informed discussion. The dropoff in his play pre- and post-injury was a mountain. He was a revelation early in the year.
  11. Anyone pretending there's a groundswell of commentary on here about Henry starting - something I don't know I've seen even a single person on here suggest - is just a complete intellectual capitulation. The entire point is how dominate Murray was and how best to balance that with his injury history... an injury history that slowed him (and the offense designed around him) down dramatically in the second half of last year. Henry is an afterthought and a means to an end. Getting him carries is not the point. Getting the most out of Murray is. Bullshit strawmen like @dannynjposted are like arguing Kyle's mock drafts will set the team back. His mock drafts aren't actually happening. Have a brain, use it and to the discourse.
  12. We'll see what happens. This is the time of year to make status quo statements, but Murray's body simply CAN NOT handle the touches he had last year. It's been proven and time and time again, including last year. He's too good to run into the ground by mid-season. They must adjust this or it's a major failing. This offense needs the Murray we saw in the first half of last year. Anything less is a complete waste of an opportunity. ... and Henry proved he is capable / worthy of spelling Murray more than an infrequent afterthought.
  13. He also said Mariota has no gait in his walk... so maybe he's just on a lot of pain meds and we should ignore what he says right now. ... more than normal, obviously.