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  1. 2018 Titans Report Dynasty League

    Bitterness Agents
  2. 2018 Titans Report Dynasty League

    Updated, btw... @Cyrus is up.
  3. How will Gruden's 2nd run go?

    I think he's going to be an utter failure.

    Not to mention multiple people already under indictment. It's almost like they had cause.
  5. Vrabel Media Honeymoon Already Over?

    Now think about how bad Vrabel is for it to barely last through the draft! Also, for the less fortunate: Me say Vrabel good think man. Him very think fast. Me say him big mean. Me say him making big sads.
  6. 2018 Titans Report Dynasty League

    Gonna cut you up, mother fucker.
  7. 2018 Titans Report Dynasty League

    I'm not heated at all, for the record. Seems a pretty fruitless thing to debate. No nuance to it. A couple considerations and, if we do votes for rules, vote. That's it. ... but I'm a sucker for responding to direct interactions.
  8. 2018 Titans Report Dynasty League

    1. I complained about and commented on it last year. I'm well aware. 2. My opinion is my own. Your opinion is your own. You make up your mind. I'll make up mine. I'm not going to change my vote (assuming there's a vote) just because "everyone else" (two or three people who've checked into the thread and commented on a Sunday) thinks differently.
  9. 2018 Titans Report Dynasty League

    Not sure Yahoo has rules to implement that, but if they do then it's worth discussing.
  10. 2018 Titans Report Dynasty League

    They don't have waiver $ either. They just go in order. Take the good players 9's drops or claim the good players he's claiming. If nobody is good, there's no victim. If somebody is good, use your skill. Forced realism here (one guy makes fewer moves because we won't let him) restricts realism as well (everyone else potentially can't make moves they want to). It's not a meaningful improvement.
  11. 2018 Titans Report Dynasty League

    So is having people available that teams want but can't obtain. The constant pick ups were annoying but I find the idea of a change which potentially restricts valid transactions simply to prevent an annoyance to be more than a bit misguided. I've been in a league that tried to overregulate because of personality conflicts and the result was stupid. It's the classic unintended consequences trap. I'm not sure this league is a democracy anyway, but I see no reason to debate it further. I've stated my opinion and the reasoning is it simple. People can consider it and make up their own minds. If @Cyrus wants a vote, it'll happen.
  12. 2018 Titans Report Dynasty League

    If you have $ because you managed it... and you know what you're doing and put in a claim... you get the player if you bid $1. That's the advantage of managing a budget. But if you don't study available players enough to stay on top of who is worth claiming, it's not competition to let you get them anyway.
  13. 2018 Titans Report Dynasty League

    Ok. But if I have none, I can't.
  14. 2018 Titans Report Dynasty League

    If nobody else wants a player, it makes no sense to me that you can't roster him.
  15. 2018 Titans Report Dynasty League

    So, once you're out of $ you can't pick anyone up even if nobody else wants them / didn't put in a bid? I'd vote against that.