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  1. I was pissed they didn't interview him last year. He was borderline begging just to get in the building to make his case.
  2. Trump is hard to listen to when he feels attacked. We get it, you own businesses. That being said he had a really good point about Clinton going after Obama 8 years ago, but just kinda brushed by it.
  3. I did hear right after the game some explanation from Mike Keith on the stagnant offense. He said losing Delanie really hurt. Not just because he's a good player, but because of the way his injury played out. He said the team drew up a gameplan Monday and Tuesday to really exploit him in the passing game, and by Wednesday they started implementing the offense. They were still unsure if he could go until late Friday, and had been practicing said gameplan like he was going to be available, so they probably didn't have have a great contingency plan when he ended up sitting out. Amaro did pretty well, but outside of the big, busted catch his day was pretty pedestrian. He could be a good pickup, but Delanie (and his execution in this offense) he isn't. I'd normally chalk up that kind of talk to simple excuse making, especially coming from Keith, but he went into a lot of detail on how Walker's injury (and mostly the uncertainty of him being able to play) really kinda put the team in a rough spot. That being said, I know there's only so many days in a week - but they should have done a better job with a backup game plan especially once they saw that Delanie was going to be a question mark.
  4. If our pass rush shows up early, I like our chances. Brock is slow dropping back, and has an overly mechanical delivery. If we can put bodies around him, he could make a lot of mistakes. I also hope the team studies the Hell out of that 15 yard throw to the right sideline that he seems to do every other series or so. If we can bait him into one of those, it could go for six.
  5. Early today, a big issue was drops. I didn't rewatch the game, but I remember three or four passes in the first half that hit guys in their hands ending up on the ground. That set the tone for too many third and longs, and with our receiving corp- that's not a good place for the offense to be. Then we got behind a bit and he started forcing things. I'm sure it's mental, but it's weird. He seems to keep his cool in do or die moments at the end of a game but when you're down two scores in the middle of the third, it's like he tries to do too much in one series and it bites him in the ass more often than not. He needs to treat every drive like he did the last few in the last two games. Just move the sticks and take what's there. There's plenty of time and not every drive has to go for a touchdown. He was bad today. Hard to watch at times. But that's ok. He's young and even when he's playing poorly he still shows flashes of brilliance. It's not all him but the fact that we're even in it on fourth down at the end of the game matters a lot more than how he played thirty minutes prior as well. He needs help though. Walker and Wright were obviously missed today. It's ok to admit he had a sub-par long game. He does. We need a receiver who can at least help bring that up to average. Harry Douglas and Andre Johnson aren't those receivers. We have no burner on the roster, so hopefully the FO can find someone in the next offseason who can beat man coverage and at least be adequate reception-wise. I think we're seeing a talented young quarterback with the weight of a losing franchise on his shoulders trying to do too much. Injuries and drops didn't help him today, but he absolutely needs to play his own game and focus on moving the chains rather than trying to make the Titans contenders every time he touches the ball. A few more extended drives and first downs on a regular basis and that will sort itself out, hopefully. As for now, even with Wright coming back this offense is missing a wide receiver. And I'm not going to lie in worrying that Robiskie might not be the best guy to groom a young QB. But let's wait until our offense gets healthy and has a couple more games before we start campaigning for a new staff.
  6. This team...
  7. Blatant PI no call
  8. I've been on 2 or 3. Can't remember the episode numbers though
  9. that was....something
  10. I didn't see the game but judging from the highlights they've showed he had a pretty solid game for a rookie
  11. No clue but they're priming Wentz for a terrible game with all of this praise during the pregame show
  12. Woulda been happy with a layup but we got a from the free throw line dunk.
  13. The honest truth is this - as Titans fans, we're going to be overly critical of Mariota. If it were the Colts playing yesterday's game, people would say that game played out in vintage Andrew Luck fashion - stretches of meh play, followed by some ridiculous clutchness to pull out a game they had no right winning. But we're the Titans, and our QB isn't Andrew Luck, so we have to nitpick it and freak out over every incompleted pass or non-perfectly executed play.