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  1. Thanksgiving GT

    Kuechly is absurd. 
  2. Apparently there's a big plot twist involving Hamill where he's being paid to keep quiet until the film releases.  A good little read with some other info on his audition to voice the Joker
  3. Cams a good person.

  4. Ronda Rousey beat down and out

    My understanding (though I don't follow MMA as closely as I used to) is that Stranger is pretty spot on.  I've heard for over a year that her camp, given her level of success/fame, really isn't ideal and that she had more than a few 'yes' men in her corner.  She never was a great striker, though she did get better within the last year or so.  However, she still took a couple of rough shots from opponents she'd ultimately steamroll.  Her camp trying to sell her BS by saying she'd win belts as a pure boxer probably got in her head and make her think she was more well rounded than what she was.  
  5. Adam Gase for HC

    I have a feeling that Manning and Gase are both brought in at season's end.  
  6. Does anyone see Mariota out in town?

    My Uncle ran into him at a restaurant about two weeks ago.  Got a picture with him.  Also got an Oregon hat that an older guy with Marcus gave to him.  Said he was a nice guy.  
  7. Annual Video Game Thread

    I haven't really bought a "new" game in awhile.  I've been in a retro kick the last few months and have tracked down some pretty nice gems for the SNES though: Earthbound, FF3, Super Metroid, Link to the Past, Castlevania IV, and Chrono Trigger all complete in box.  Also picked up a Gameboy Advance SP (AGS 101 model) in damn near mint condition and a nice little haul of games for a ridiculously low price. As for what I've been playing lately - Shovel Knight, Bravely Default, and Fire Emblem Awakening on the 3DS.  All amazing games, and since Shovel Knight is on every platform, everyone should play it.  Easily worth the 15 bucks if any part of you likes old-school platformers.  But Bink, you should definitely get Witcher 3 if you haven't.  I haven't finished it, given it's a massive time sink and having a toddler doesn't give me much time to sit in front of the TV these days (hence why the 3DS gets a lot of love), but it's a great game on all fronts.  If I was 5 or 10 years younger, I'd probably have over 100 hours in it and still wouldn't be near completing it.   Fallout 4 is getting good press, but I've just never gotten into those games personally.  Might watch some playthroughs on Youtube though if I get the time.  
  8. Mariota, Mularkey, and Sheer Dumb Luck

    To me, there were two turning points in this game.  The first one has been talked about a lot already - the flukey botched interception that turned into a touchdown. The second was the series of bullshit roughing the passer calls when Orakpo almost got ejected from the game.  Those flags hurt and directly led to a touchdown for the Saints, but you could almost feel the team as a whole rally after that.  Their anger, the bad breaks they've had before, all of that bad mojo that had wrecked them in previous weeks was staring them in the face again, and Orakpo just lost it.  As bad as it was (for that drive) I think it was ultimately a good thing.  The energy was through the roof after that, I think our defense and offense both capitalized from the emotion.  As bad as we were/are this season, we were going toe to toe with a team that should've been curb-stomping us, and when a good player like Orakpo lost his shit because it seemed like the refs were trying to take away their effort....I dunno, it seemed like the team rallied and intensified, and the Saints started playing a bit more soft.  
  9. I'm not for banning anyone.  It's against the spirit of this board, IMO.  And I'm very tolerant of trolls, even blatant ones.  It's very easy to just ignore, roll your eyes at, or if you're really bored - attempt to engage them and argue.   That being said, all forums, including this one, thrive on legitimate discussion.  While having loose as Hell moderation standards is a positive thing, it's only a good thing in the context that all posts, or at least most of them, contribute to a quality product where all voices are heard and all viewpoints can be argued - even if absurd.  The problem is coming from the over saturation of these ridiculous trollish posts.  When there's just one guy, it can be bad.  When there's two or three parroting one another, it becomes mindless.  Add to this these particular guilty parties are some of the highest-post-count new members within the last year or two and it really does cross the line from trolling to outright spam.  Even Nines, who's been here for awhile, maybe posted a handful of times a week the last several years.  Once this Mariota/Mett shit started, his posting activity has easily tripled - if not higher.   If the board as a collective could just ignore them - that would be great, but this is the Internet, and it simply won't happen.  All it takes is one guy to quote a response or disagree with their outlandish bullshit, and boom - it's a new can of worms.  I've lost count at the number of threads that were outright high-jacked and lost to the mind-numbing repeated garbage.  That's fine here and there, but it's become the norm over the last month and a half, to the point where myself (and I'm sure others)....people who enjoy posting here, reading every day, and trying to contribute something actually worth discussing just don't have the desire.  When every other thread you read devolves into bullshit that you don't even care to keep reading it, why would anyone even want to risk posting anything when you're over 50% sure your own content will soon lure in the same crowd to drown out any point you make?  That's why my presence has been basically nonexistent for the last few weeks. It's not their content, it's their quantity.  It really has diluted this place, and I say that while still having a ton of respect for this forum.  As annoying as it is seeing certain people basically beg for your starting QB to literally die or severely injure themselves on a repeated basis, or hearing for the 200th time how a 6th round pick (who has played like shit this year) is anything but can deal with that, even a few times a day.  But 20 times, even 50?  It's gets to a point where the whole thing just feels like....what's the point?
  10. Between the bad on the field product and the Mett trolls rubbing their penises together and giggling like children every third post, I haven't had much tolerance to post lately.  I feel ya.  
  11. Exactly.  Strunk and Underwood can't burn Whisenhunt at the stake with one of the primary reasons (outside of W/L record) being the health/protection of their investment at quarterback without Ruston getting his fair share of the blame as well.  Webster was solely responsible for the bodies we have in front of him, and I don't think anyone is naive enough to think it was merely a coaching problem as to why our line has been a shitshow for years.  You want to protect Marcus?  Yes, fire the coach that was getting him killed, but you may want to give a hard look at the guy who's missed pretty damn badly with multiple draft picks and FA signings as well.  
  12. Mularkey Presser

    Two band-aids at this conference basically trying to sell the image of stability and how the team isn't very far off, ignoring the fact that the team has continuously gotten worse since Webster inherited the job, all the while that failure has his tail tucked between his legs in the corner of the room with his fingers in his ears while two guys who likely won't be here next year talk about our longterm plans and how he, laughably, may be involved in making more decisions.  Yuck.  This is a terrible plan, and they're doing a shitty job of trying to sell it.   At least Mularkey acts like he wants to be here longterm.