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  1. Feel like I'm just parroting the crowd here, but yeah, you should keep it. Like others have said, if people have a problem with you being a lawyer - that's more on them than it is on you. I'm sure it took a lot of hard work, time, and money to get where you are and there's absolutely no reason to be ashamed of having pride in that, and you certainly don't come across as ever talking down your nose to other posters, unless they're just being dicks and deserve it. Then again, if you were to go with something classy like YeahISuckToes, I might be on board just for the comedy.
  2. Most of the responses in this thread just remind me of Lue from Hot Tub Time Machine. Motley Lue, Luegle, and enough cocaine to kill a rhinoceros.
  3. HBO's best series

    Having to choose between Six Feet Under, The Sopranos, the Wire, GoT, and to a lesser extent Deadwood isn't a fun choice. Just watch them all.
  4. UFC 200

    I'm actually quite indifferent on Cormier. I think he's a good fighter but I wouldn't even say I'm a fan of the guy. I think you're just clouded by your fandom of Silva. I don't like Silva, so I'm quick to take the counter argument against him when I feel it's warranted.
  5. UFC 200

    Stop using the two days notice thing as an excuse. If he wasn't ready or prepared to fight, he shouldn't have taken it. Obviously the money was a huge incentive for Silva, of which Cormier already lost half his guaranteed purse by Jones popping. Cormier had nothing to gain in a victory - people will and are complaining about Silva's lack of preparation, the weight difference, Silva's age, etc. Cormier had everything to lose in a loss. Including even more of the money that he was basically already screwed out of. He fought to win the fight, and he did. You don't like how he did it, that's fine - a lot of people don't. But it's not embarrassing and he shouldn't be ashamed of it. If Silva is the badass of all badasses like so many claim, you win that fight any way you can. And even not being a fan of Silva, you're very quick to ignore his ground defense. Cormier was grinding him out, with the blades of his arms constantly on his throat, his center mass on his bread basket, and was manipulating his nose/mouth with his hands at pretty much all times. He didn't rain elbows and punches because Silva's not a scrub off his back and wouldn't allow it. What he did do was control his opponent; inflict incremental wear and tear on him over three rounds, and more importantly completely dictated the pace of the fight. I think one judge even scored a 10-8 round in Daniels favor. Silva should've been better prepared or not taken the fight - simple as that. And if he is the GOAT, there's no shame in beating him I whatever way possible, especially since (like the excuse with Silva) Cormier didn't have proper time to prepare for him.
  6. UFC 200

    If fighters can't defend it, it happens all the time. Always has, always will. The solution is simple - get better takedown defense or make sure you knock the guy out before he takes you down. How many times was Chuck put on his ass during his run at the top? Wrestling has always existed in MMA. Boring wrestling wins have always existed. From Dan Severn, to GSP in his later fights, to Sonnen to countless others. If you don't want to lose to it, beat it. And I don't fault Cormier at all for exploiting Silva's weakness. Daniel had next to nothing to gain by winning the fight and everything to lose. He got the win. Some people hate how he got it. The MMA world moves on.
  7. UFC 200

    Their weight was 9 lbs different. And yes Cormier was clearly advancing his position before they got stood up. Even the pro Silva guys at my house admitted the first stand up was BS. And Cormier put up just as exciting of a performance as Silva did against Patrick Côte
  8. UFC 200

    Really? Embarrassed because he exploited a weakness in a (supposed) GOAT's arsenal? How about Silva learn some better takedown defense? The disrespect Cormier gets is mind blowing, especially considering the guy he just beat has almost as many stinkers on his resume as he does exciting wins.
  9. Baton Rouge

    You already have. You clearly stated that white police officers have no legitimate interest in the safety or well being of black people in predominantly black communities, that it's purely a financially driven reason for (all) of their reasons and decisions to police, protect, and serve those areas. That's fucking ignorant, and just because some WTF stuff has happened in the last two days you don't get a pass on saying racist bullshit.
  10. Baton Rouge

    No. It's your opinion. A clearly bigoted one if you believe in such statements.
  11. Baton Rouge

    This is horseshit
  12. Predators trade Shea Weber to Canadians

    http://hfboards.hockeysfuture.com/forumdisplay.php?f=33 and ontheforecheck.com
  13. Predators trade Shea Weber to Canadians

    Yeah, the big problem regarding Weber's contract is that he gets paid until he's 40. His play took a noticeable dip this last year, and he's only about to turn 31. He wasn't bad, at all, but definitely not the perennial Norris caliber play we've come to expect from him. Josi was better, and being truthful, it wasn't even close. San Jose killed us when they keyed in on that and shut down Josi from entering the zone because Weber's biggest liabilities were always puck possession/moving up ice. Maybe just a down year for Weber (I actually hope so as I'll always be a huge fan of the guy....shit, I own two fully patched jerseys) but the warning signs were there that his play may not equal his salary after the next year or two, and it only landslides from there. We're in an interesting spot recapture penalty wise if he retires early, but his value wasn't going to be any higher than it was today so I'm glad they got what's arguably a better player (more likely a wash, just different playing styles) but more importantly with more tread on the tires and much closer to the ages of our other D-men.
  14. Predators trade Shea Weber to Canadians

    From an outside perspective, Weber probably doesn't look like he's declined much at all. Watching him play pretty much every game every season though, you can tell he's dipped a bit. He's still a force when he's on his game, but he's had some lulls that I've never seen from him in the last two seasons where you legitimately scratch your head and wonder WTF he was doing. He's still a top 10 defenseman every day of the week though....it's just you could tell that age and the hard hits have maybe started taking their toll just a bit. The problem was, he's also expensive as all get out, and it was likely hard for our FO to justify keeping him on the hook money wise for potentially diminishing returns. The trade extends our window of being competitive for an extra few years, and the dropoff from Weber/Subban, if there is one at all (it could be an upgrade), likely won't be noticeable. I will fucking miss that slapshot nuclear blast though.
  15. Predators trade Shea Weber to Canadians

    HOLE EEEEE SHIT ....I don't know how I feel about losing Weber, but that's because I watched him get drafted, develop, and play at the highest level in the game for roughly a decade. But Subban is very realistically a better player right now, and more importantly will be for the next 3-5 years. Weber was declining. I have no doubt we likely win the trade, but it hurts my heart a bit. Montreal fans are pissed....I mean outright livid, which I guess is good news for us. Again, I think it was absolutely the "right" thing to do from a hockey/business perspective, but losing Weber in no way will ever feel right. That being said, this is huge for our current team and borderline makes us Cup contenders as is.... The only weak links on the team are our 2C, a depth forward, and an inconsistent Rinne. If Rinne plays even average all season, this team is legit. Address the other two areas, and we're scary.