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  1. Tell her to get over it. Marriage is a compromise. She gets to completely gay up your kitchen, bedroom, and pretty much hijack every closet in the house. You get dibs on the entertainment center and to guilt-free whack it in the shower thinking about all the bar skanks you used to bang
  2. My feelings
  3. I watched both last night. Thought they were great. His Cosby jokes were killing me.
  4. Yeah, their fans openly joke about it and blame his bad games on it
  5. Bortles potentially having a drinking problem is apples and oranges to Manziel's "partying"
  6. He was fucked when Jay Glazer got on the case. Seriously though, check this out
  7. Mularkey slipped him a playbook in his rental car and he was so motivated that he held an impromptu team meeting, with tears in his eyes, promising to lead the team to the playoffs.
  8. Under this logic - any player that hits FA by a team not directly against the cap is a bad signing and if a player is ever let go from a "good" team, they will never be successful again in the league. That about sum it up?
  9. Not Zilla Mane!!! Damn ye cruel gods!!!
  10. People pull that shit online all the time. Get you interested at a fair price then bullshit you and try to get you to pay more with "oh I've decided to keep it....but an extra so and so amount might make me change my mind"
  11. It's damn cool that the perseverance paid off and you didn't have to pay some asshole scalper 50-100 extra bucks. I see them locally on my FB trading post thing for 450+ pretty consistently. As a gamer/collecter I personally want to punch all those people in the face for denying people the opportunity to actually play the games. I mean capitalism...I get it, but it's a sore spot when it's a personal hobby. I found out years ago if you're remotely interested in some new hardware - preorder them shits. Saves so much time/energy/panic and if nothing else you can absolutely make your money back if you change your mind. The thrill of finding one in the wild is awesome though
  12. That's awesome man. Glad the work/effort paid off and as Stranger said a Hell of a discount. Sounds like the console is absolutely fine too. one things for certain, even though I knew you were wanting one and on the hunt , I entirely underestimated just how badly you were fiending for the thing lol. Congrats again
  13. Apparently Williams loves football so I don't think the route running thing is a question of work ethic or laziness. Hopefully it's just a "he wasn't taught it" type thing. He's oozing natural ability and that 40 time really helped him IMO
  14. I'm not advocating signing the guy. I think he's done. Was just saying the crap he got in trouble for a few weeks ago won't be an issue punishment-wise from the league
  15. A judge dismissed all his charges yesterday