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  1. I was waiting the whole game for the Panthers counterpunch.  Like, generally what happens every year during the SB and most playoff games.   That moment where the team that was getting smothered steps up, makes two or three big plays, and takes over momentum (and often the lead).  That moment never came, even though it was easily within reach for 4 full quarters.  A better Denver QB would've hung 30 on Carolina with all those turnovers.  Instead, the Panthers got punched in the gut, and they never responded.  Is that all on Cam?  I don't know, but as a quarterback and league MVP, you think he'd get more out of his guys than that.   Brady rallied back and almost did it.  Russel Wilson almost did against Carolina in much worse circumstances.   You think Rodgers or Brees would fold with that many opportunities to really make it a game on the biggest night of the year?  Cam had a storybook season that he never seemed quite right to be a part of, and it showed tonight.  

    I know losing the SB has to suck but wow Newton is straight up acting like a bitch on NFLN right now during the post game interview.  

    Absolutely.  All of this talk about Cam being some transcendental athlete was going overboard.  He's a more athletic, worse passing Roethlisberger...who pouts when losing and does 5 minute celebrations for getting first downs.  He's the league MVP and led his team to an incredible record, but he's been above average for exactly one season.  Was happy to watch him be humbled on the biggest stage after the months long narrative on how he was "changing the position".  
  4. Message from Amy Adams Strunk

    Looking at Mike Keith, it's like his body couldn't decide if he was a little person or normal sized.  Ten thousand dollar voice, ten dollar haircut, and the frame of a tenth grader.  GTFO trying to pimp this Old Navy puffer-vest wearing sow.  
  5. All Star game and MVP John Scott

    missed the game but went the night before 
  6. All Star game and MVP John Scott

    Even outside of the John Scott stuff (which was pretty damn amazing) Nashville got pretty rave reviews from the hockey world that it was easily the best ASG experience in years, maybe decades.  Super awesome to let the league as a whole actually experience the town/culture/hockey atmosphere for a few days and see why our fanbase, though not the biggest, is certainly quite passionate about the game.  
  7. Bob Bratkowski is "new" to Titans WR coach

    I actually pegged this guy as a potential OC candidate back in the Robiskie thread before it was confirmed he'd be the guy.  I don't dislike the hire.  
  8. Joey Bosa Ohio State Career Highlights

    Not to derail this thread too much from Bosa, but yeah, he seems like a freak athlete.  At the .08 second mark in this video, when he's standing beside Mora, you can tell he's got a rare body type: The video also shows a good cutup of his coverage skills.  I just wish it was easier to look up info on him and not find so many highlights of him running the ball....and missing most of this last season sure didn't help that.  But yeah, I feel you on Smith too.  Easily one of my favorite prospects all season.  I hate to sound like a dick, but I actually had hope that his injury could make him fall to us in the 2nd, but it's sounding like his skillset is just too good and someone will still pick him up in the first.  Crazier things have happened though.
  9. Joey Bosa Ohio State Career Highlights

    That's why Myles Jack is gaining momentum for a lot of people.  I can't track down a ton of videos on him playing any one role consistently, but apparently his versatility is pretty crazy and not in a jack-of-all-trades kinda way.  
  10. Mularkey's Offensive Philosophy

  11. Joey Bosa Ohio State Career Highlights

    Most Texans fans hated it.  And almost every poster here who wanted a D-lineman, or at least 90%, was banging the drum for Fairley 
  12. Joey Bosa Ohio State Career Highlights

    For some reason the higher regarded the prospect, the less people think they'll develop at the next level.  It doesn't really make sense.  Granted, yes, some guys it's easy to see where they could fill out more or benefit from NFL strength training...but it's not like Bosa is some 28 year old who has 6 years of film on him at the NFL level.  He's 20 years old, 6'6, and is expected to run in the 4.7 - 4.8 range.  Is he only going to get slower, fatter, and less explosive when he's 23?  He's strong enough to toss running backs into quarterbacks (see what he did to Hackenberg), fast enough to beat tackles around the edge to pressure the QB, is good enough with his hands to get off blocks and stuff the run game on a very consistent basis, and he's even dropped into coverage a few times and broken up some pass plays.  If a defense can't make a guy like that work on their roster, they shouldn't be in the coaching business.   Will Ramsey or Tunsil be better pros?  Absolutely no way of knowing, but Bosa has been undersold in recent weeks/months and I seriously don't understand why.  
  13. Joey Bosa Ohio State Career Highlights

    Exactly.  A big contingent thinks if you aren't using him as a traditional 4-3 end, you're wasting his potential.  I simply don't agree.  A lot of people say we'd be better suited to go after Buckner.  Bullshit.  Watch the two guys play and it's almost night and day on who looks like a first overall talent.  I know Jalen Ramsey and even Tunsil have their supporters on here, and I think part of the polish of Bosa has worn off because he's been the projected first pick in this draft for going on two years now, and that gets boring thinking about one guy being "the guy" for so long....but there's a reason he's thought of like that.  Watch that video and try not to daydream about him, Casey, and Orakpo all chasing after a QB.  How people could watch what Denver and Carolina did yesterday (all season really) and not want that is beyond me.