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  1. I seem to recall going pretty easy on the guy!
  2. Zach Brown Justin Hunter Bishop Sankey Dorial Green Beckham Nice batting average, Ruston.
  3. My first thought when seeing this thread: "OOOOOOOOOOOOOH SHIT! KYLE'S GONNA COME OUT LIKE"
  4. All reports were that he's not only fitting in, but playing above the level they'd hoped - as well as the belt thing Jamal mentioned. It's some sort of competition between the OL and the DL and supposedly he won it/retained it from Casey. I haven't rewatched the game Saturday, but if it was as bad as some say, I'm giving him the benefit of the doubt that it's rookie jitters. Every report from camp has been glowing.
  5. Derrick Henry looked awesome. Starting O-line versus their second stringers, I know, and I also know it's just a preseason game. But it's hard to not like, really really like, what we saw.
  6. From PK just a few minutes ago:
  7. Remember the rectangle pizza slices? Remember those kids (you know who you are) who would take those to the salad bar and smother the things in ranch dressing? Yuck.
  8. This is kinda interesting
  9. But that's not the circus that most, particularly, this election cycle has turned into. Through dumb luck (or cunning strategy that I don't think he's capable of) this election was an "us versus them", line in the sand, thing a long time ago. As a moderate, it's infuriating as neither outcome is particularly enticing. However, you have the left - who now that Bernie has hopped on board, has their Hollywood-infused, overly saturated, rally with lightning rod speakers like Lena Dunham, who absolutely represents something many Americans despise. Versus the guy who can't even get his own party to truly back him. Who's made it this far, largely, without their help. The people have pushed him, and kept pushing him, in spite of all of the GOP's money, advertisements, and outright sentiment being to do anything but that. He's the politician that isn't a politician in a landscape of people being sick to death of politicians. We can easily bash his policies (?), his lack of solutions, and his rhetoric, but at the end of the day he's been pushed up the mountain by the populace who've refused to give in to what the establishment has wanted them to do. He was never the safe choice, and I think all of his supporters have known that all along - throwing their support in for him, probably many times along the way, felt like a wasted opportunity - and much like Bernie, was probably largely done just to spite "big" government and show them how detached they are from their own voterbase and how thoroughly they've failed them over the years. The problem is, there's only one more obstacle for Trump. Clinton has the pedigree, the money, the policy, Hollywood, and the media. Trump has absolutely none of that, but he has a frenzied support base that doesn't end at religious extremists or 70 year old white men. He also will have the label of being the "non politician" in a political race where a large portion of the country has hated all of the politics involved leading up to this point. People hate Donald Trump. People hate Hillary Clinton. Both, fairly or not, have taken on a political extremist side (media/PC/white-knight leftist culture versus right wing "fuck everything but us" 'Murica). Voting for spite is never a good idea, but there's going to be a lot of that this year, you can count on it.
  10. This election cycle is interesting. I despise Donald Trump. Let me get that out there. That being said, we're witnessing a movement in voters, particularly the youth - that's almost a direct parallel to many counter-culture movements that have happened over the years....except it's largely in reverse, at least at this point. There's a measurable pulse to these voters who want to go against the established norm in big politics. This movement started out similarly to others that have happened over the years (namely in the rising of a liberal candidate). Simply look at the support Sanders pulled, and even most of his die-hard fans would agree that many of his ideas/policies are simply not feasible in our economy. Yet he stood for something. He was a good, legitimate guy in a sea of political creations and bought-for promise makers. Young voters flocked to him not just because of his ideas on education and equality, but because he can be traced back to fighting those fights for decades. He was a trouble-maker in a system that needs shaken up. But he fell short, and everyone knew he would all along. The mountain that was Clinton was too big, too strong, with too much money, media, and moderate influence to really crumple to someone who was so far left that many in their own party thought his ideas were questionable, if not outright crazy. And then there's Trump. What do people see in this guy? Some people are idiots, yes, but if that won elections, we'd be a Tea-Party country yelling at snakes and waiting for Jesus to sit down to the glass of sweet tea we left for him on the table. So what's the deal? Why is his following so big - when all we've heard for month upon month is that he can't climb the next hurdle, get past his own contradictions, or recover from the embarrassing things that he says? Well, some people just like to watch the world burn. Some people are defacto hard-wired to hate anything resembling a Democrat and vote the opposite, and some people....similar to Bernie, think the system needs a fist shoved up its ass. Much like in the 90's where right-wing policies and religious ideals seemed to shape every aspect of our culture (from what was allowed on TV, movies, music, and videogames) - it look a liberal wave of open-mindedness to bash open those barriers and allow our populace to see the art and creativity in those mediums, as well as our religious freedoms, sexuality, and tolerance of other ethnicities. If you look back at the early 90's compared to now, it's almost crazy how much individual freedom we not only have, but are expected to have, upon birth throughout the advancement of our lives. Little, if nothing, is too taboo anymore. All lifestyles are celebrated and (mostly) encouraged, and people say/do some of the most heinous things in the name of art, shock value, or entertainment. Some people think this culture has maybe shifted a bit too far in one direction, but for the most part, people seem to enjoy these liberties. Everyone's (mostly) welcome, everyone's mostly free to say/do what they please, and everyone's rights are equal.....except for one contingent of people - generally Caucasians with traditional religious backgrounds. White men and women who do believe in God and live their lives accordingly, women who prefer to stay at home with their kids and be moms as opposed to campaigning endlessly about faux-feminist extremism, and people who generally think that it's ok to still be a bit weirded out by adult men deciding that they're women and think it's ridiculous that our nation's policies should adjust to that decision and cater to their mindset. Everyone is welcome, every opinion is tolerated, unless it's that of a straight-white male (or non-progressive woman). The media rips their opinions to shreds, crucifying and demonizing them if they don't fit into a paid for PC agenda (see the Ghostbusters fiasco), acts as if their mere existence is the boogeyman that's highhandedly oppressing entire groups of people. Anyone can live any lifestyle they want and say anything they want, unless you have pale skin, a Christian upbringing, and think that freedom of speech applies to things that don't coincide with extreme leftist philosophies. I'm exaggerating in my examples, but there's absolutely an element of truth to this - where young, white people with traditional, some would say antiquated, values (which is a huge portion of our country) absolutely feel that they have ironically become the minority. They feel like they're the only ones that can't truly say what they think, can't express their opinions without fear of extreme social-shaming, and aren't allowed to pursue the type of life they want to live without being labeled a racist, sexist, misogynist, or trans/homophobe. Many of them, to a rational person, would probably fall into a category of being a bit behind in how they should perceive the world, but in all honesty, many of them are just good, old-fashioned people who don't understand how the world's changed around them so much in 20 years. I live in a small, Southern town - I see these people on a daily basis. They're not evil, or in hate groups....they're just run-of-the-mill Southern white people. These people see Trump as the better of two choices because the things that actually affect them, and that they worry about the most, he at least draws attention to (even if he does so extremely poorly). Terrorism, political corruption, overly-aggressive leftist/liberal groupthink and safe-space culture...he attacks it head on, and whether his ideas/thoughts are buffoonish or not (they are), it's absolutely pandering to this demographic, which again, is a HUGE part of our country. Trump's become counter-culture, and anti-establishment always has a fighting chance, especially when the straight-white males with old-school mindsets are often the majority of the voters.
  11. Feel like I'm just parroting the crowd here, but yeah, you should keep it. Like others have said, if people have a problem with you being a lawyer - that's more on them than it is on you. I'm sure it took a lot of hard work, time, and money to get where you are and there's absolutely no reason to be ashamed of having pride in that, and you certainly don't come across as ever talking down your nose to other posters, unless they're just being dicks and deserve it. Then again, if you were to go with something classy like YeahISuckToes, I might be on board just for the comedy.
  12. Most of the responses in this thread just remind me of Lue from Hot Tub Time Machine. Motley Lue, Luegle, and enough cocaine to kill a rhinoceros.
  13. Having to choose between Six Feet Under, The Sopranos, the Wire, GoT, and to a lesser extent Deadwood isn't a fun choice. Just watch them all.
  14. I'm actually quite indifferent on Cormier. I think he's a good fighter but I wouldn't even say I'm a fan of the guy. I think you're just clouded by your fandom of Silva. I don't like Silva, so I'm quick to take the counter argument against him when I feel it's warranted.