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  1. I'm hyped, but I'm kinda a Nintendo fanboy. Still, a true 3d Mario Game, Zelda, Splatoon, and (portable) Skyrim are nothing to sneeze at. I do question the portable controllers both in size and potential durability as well as the on-the-go battery life, but overall it's looking promising. Happy to see their third party relationships seems to be better too. Hopefully it's a hit. It will be interesting in a year to see whether true console/mobile hybrid gaming versus Virtual Reality is what the market is more ripe for. Apparently the Playstation VR is getting pretty positive reviews, so it'll be an interesting contest to watch.
  2. This whole thread was a troll post and I don't think many people got it.
  3. DBZ_Juggalo420 Let's do this! And ILF's new name would be KevinJamesFan_3:16
  4. Can someone give me a decent summary of the game? I was driving out of town through an area with awful radio and cell reception so I really only kept up with the score. How was Marcus? The defense? Was special teams still a mess? Just happy we're back at .500 regardless
  5. Chris Johnson?
  6. People are talking about this win as non-exciting because of the quality of opponent. Folks, we had the worst record in the league for consecutive seasons. I promise every team looking at their schedule writes us down as a likely win. Yes, the Dolphins have a ton of issues but glass houses you know? A win is a win and getting back to .500 is very possible. Were a young team that's shown an inability to not only put opponents away but also just manage to win in general. Today was possibly a big step. And give the Mariota over-analysis a rest for a week. As many red flags as he put up for everyone the first few weeks, you couldn't ask for a much better performance today. He looked calm, in control, and made plays when he needed to. Hopefully some confidence was restored and the staff sees what's working with him to better utilize it in the future.
  7. If he's that smart and consistent with his runs in the future, we're going places. Miami didn't have an answer.
  8. Mariota needed this game.
  9. Even more so. They only really whiffed on a couple of drives and Miami was really only in the game because of two busted plays (PR for a touchdown and a screen that went for 50+ yards). The Titans dominated today. Miami fans were chanting "We Want Moore" very audibly several times.
  10. We were just as competitive the first four games of last season. With a worse tackle situation, worse RB situation, comparable WR situation, and a worse defense.
  11. Can anyone ask him why the last two significant plays in consecutive games on offense had marginal chances of success? Is that on him or Robiskie? Harry Douglas on 4th and goal and Andre Johnson on a 3 yard pass when we need 4 straddles the line between questionable and unacceptable.
  12. Bump. See if he can salvage this shit-show. If the losses still pile up, keep him on staff for when we hire Jim Schwartz next year.
  13. That window of time was the most apathetic I remember being a fan of this team. The offseason moves of J-Rob pulled me back in, and the success of the running game in the preseason (I know, I know) further pulled the wool over my eyes. I'm back to barely being able to turn on the game on Sundays now and beyond tired of excuse making and "it'll get better" scenarios that everyone knows is a lie. This was doomed to end poorly and the early returns are keeping us squarely on that path. It was a shitty hire, and the process was beyond a sham. I don't care about "who were the other guys who were available" responses. There are dozens of emerging names every offseason. Some of them had had chances before and failed, and others may not have been ready to make the jump into a head coaching role. So we settled. After a search that was indefensible to giving any credence to actually improving the team. "But the players fought for him!" I don't care. Players are often stupid. Hue Jackson, Adam Gase, Josh McDaniels, X college coach candidate.....the argument was (and still is) that none of them may be more qualified than Mularkey and a further argument is that Jackson and Gase aren't exactly lighting it up. But neither is our coach. He had the stink of a loser on him before he was gifted this job, and the polish of a shiny new GM who's willing to make moves in the offseason has worn off of the turd. Mularkey wasn't the answer, and the fact that he was even a serious option at all means the people running this shit-show weren't even asking the right questions. Very likely we've wasted pivotal developmental years from Mariota, if he isn't ruined already. Maybe he never would've turned the corner, but these clowns brought in to help him in what's generally the most vital year of a young quarterback's career have had some part, potentially a very huge part, in turning what was once a promising player into someone that's cringeworthy to watch for large stretches of play. So let's keep losing, and fire Mularkey, and phone in another coaching search after Mariota's completely ruined.
  14. This so much. Injuries to our already lacking receiving corp and the play calling are doing him no favors. This is two games in a row where our last play of the game left me furious on why they drew that bullshit out of a hat. Marcus has regressed. Could that have happened anyway, regardless of coaches? Yeah, absolutely. But there were people coming out of the woodwork begging to be considered for the Titans gig. Namely because of Marcus. Then we hear numerous reports about how most of the GM candidates laughed at the thought of retaining Mularkey. He hires an offensive coordinator who hasn't developed any quarterback this century, gets rid of our QB coach, and surprise surprise Marcus hasn't looked comfortable all season. And still, months after it happened - a big talking point both locally and nationally is how uninspired and controversial retaining Mularkey was. And here we are. We have an offense not clicking, and a young quarterback who 9 months ago looked like the best thing to happen to this franchise in a decade now looking shaky, indecisive, and oftentimes a liability. Marcus deserves his share of the blame since he's throwing the passes but I said two weeks ago we need a bigger sample size before we draw any real conclusions. Were a month in, our QB looks significantly worse than he did last season, and the last two games ended with playcalls that I wouldn't even dial up in Madden. So yeah, I think it's fair to start legitimately questioning the coaching.