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  1. Wonder if Vasquez gets brought in.
  2. The Game of Thrones

    Ditto. It was a combination of being both wonderfully shot (aligning the flashback/present cuts in a way that sold the reveal without detracting from the chaos of their current predicament) and filling in a void of an informational gap that we the audience didn't even really know how much we were missing it. In a 5 minute scene using hundreds of thousands of dollars (if not millions) in CGI in which a group of mystical/magical beings are fighting back against a horde of murderous zombies - the scene of a young, heavyset boy having a freakout on the ground is the image that's burned in all of our minds. It's intense when watching it, and heart-sinking in retrospect when you really digest what it all implies. It fleshes out a character that was always a quiet fan-favorite while sending him off as one of the most unheralded heroes of the whole saga....and it does so without any cheesy buildup or cliche comments in his final moments. Just overall a wonderfully acted, infinitely affecting scene that poured so much more depth into an already saturated universe.
  3. The Game of Thrones

    After dwelling on it for a night, I really do think that Hodor sendoff was the most moving sendoff the show has done. The kid who played him the flashback should be commended for how much he helped make that scene. Very few lines, but he sold it in a way that was a kick in the dick. Then you think about what actually happened story-line wise....like he, as a kid, was experiencing his death decades later- being ripped apart by undead monstrosities. One minute he was farting around Winterfell enjoying the day, then he's on his back feeling every second of agony that his future self would oneday endure, experiencing the pain/trauma of being ripped apart slowly by an undead army that he likely knew never existed defending a door for some unknown reason....and it fried his brain (obviously). And for what? I mean, ultimately, it very likely makes him a hero and ensures the at least, temporary, survival of Bran who's way more integral to the storyline....but if you break it down to what actually happened, he went through all of that, basically being used as a pawn by Bran to realistically gain them a couple of minutes headstart against a never-ending wave of zombies. Decades of mental disability, being a joke to everyone in that universe, and literally having no more usefulness as a person except to sacrifice himself so many days down the road to buy a couple of kids a few more minutes of survival (potentially against his will). And what does that make Bran? Obviously he's not a monster, but I think he sold the realization of what it meant really well. It's not a pretty thing that he made Hodor do, and though the sacrifice is noble, all that comes with it, essentially stripping a person of their ability to truly live life, for one self-serving moment of protection....man, the feels. I generally hate time-travel angles in storylines as it opens up too many cans of worms for my simple brain to really unpack, but this scene just killed it. There's just enough ambiguity there to not exactly be confident in knowing precisely how it played out, but it tells us enough and shows us enough (and my God ending it with the closeup of the young Hodor finally, more calmly, saying the phrase emphasizing death had taken him was brilliant). Ned dying hurt, as I really enjoyed that character and appreciate Sean Bean as an actor....The Red Wedding was like watching a trainwreck only the see a terrorist suicide bomb what little had survived, but this scene I dunno...it just resonated with the humanity in me when watching this cast of make believe characters in make believe places and 180'd what had been a running joke for going on 6 years into one of the most noble, depressing sacrifices in artistic media. Just...heavy stuff.
  4. The Game of Thrones

    Just now caught up with the newest episode since I was out of town last night. That Hodor scene...wow. Damnedest thing - a cloud of dust totally entered my house and flew directly at my face while I was watching that. Heavy stuff.
  5. If a guy is charging you with a knife and gets inside, it's fight over. If a man is running at you to stab you, how many opportunities do you think you'll have to stop him from getting close? If you stop him, it's because you landed a fight-ending blow (hence terming it one swing and done). Yeah, the initial swing may not stop the fight then and there, but it essentially has if you stop his rush. You can club the guy to death after his charge has stopped, but unless you disable him enough with that first swing, he's not going to stop charging you, and I don't think the average person has the footwork or circling ability to keep him at a distance for more than a few seconds.
  6. I think part of the problem for the guy holding the bat, assuming all things are equal and both guys know this is a fight to the death and are in reasonable attack positions, is that holding a bat for any kind of true knockout blow opens up their body for numerous vital organs to be stabbed. Again, no Jackie Chan esque baton twirling and counter jabbing someone is going to happen. The guy holding the bat is most likely going to take a baseball-esque stance, turning sideways and maybe lowering their off-hand elbow to somewhat shield their body (though the stomach, kidney, liver, and lung will be somewhat exposed), but if both guys lunge forward for an attack, those vital areas open up even more. The bat-holders arms would naturally shift with a swinging motion, exposing pretty much his entire midsection. Now if the hit connects in the head area, it's likely game over. I played baseball for 12 years and took my fair share of shots with a bat. It's not fun, and I even basically got knocked out once when I wasn't paying attention to a guy taking some practice cuts too close to the dugout. Right in the head, and I was down and rattled for a solid 10 minutes (finished the game though, thanks no concussion protocol for 14 year olds!). If the bat doesn't hit flush though (and obviously it could) it gets really ugly. It's basically a one swing and done weapon assuming the guy with the knife doesn't fumble his own weapon away or somehow get it lodged in the opponents body. There's a very likely scenario where both guys lose the fight, assuming bat-guy gets a solid hit (either killing/disabling knife guy) but knife guy's lunge gets in one solid stab as he goes down to a vital organ. It obviously could go either way, but personally I think if knife guy is willing to sacrifice an arm/shoulder to absorb the blow while charging the knife guy would win. The hit could land on his head of course, and fight over, and the pain/power of getting a shoulder or forearm crushed could make you crumble, but in the hypothetical in my mind, the most common scenario plays out with the knife guy taking a rough shot to the shoulder arm area (which was intended for the head but partially blocked) basically rendering that arm useless as the bat guy tries to side-strafe away away from the knife-hand, even as he does so and loads up for another swing, the knife guy gets inside and it's basically all over.
  7. Ip Man

    Was going to mention The Raid series for folks who like pretty crazy action sequences. The Man from Nowhere was good too.
  8. Ip Man

    Haven't seen the third Ip Man, but I love the first two. I Saw the Devil is another great foreign movie (Korean I believe) on Netflix that's worth checking out. Very dark. Audition and Old Boy (not the US remake) are two good ones too.
  9. Reynaud I'm thinking against Jacksonville....could've been someone after. Reynaud was awful though. Zach Brown went off that game too. Yuck.
  10. Yeah, to be fair he was very much a Mettenberger defender until the bitter end last offseason. He begrudgingly (even admitted he didn't want to) selected Mariota in their ESPN mock draft thing they do, because he thought that's what the Titans would do, not what he'd personally do. Says after the first practice he watched, he was on board, but he very much was a "roll with Zach" guy until after the draft.
  11. Mettenberger Waived

    I think we find out at 3 pm today.
  12. Ben Roberts...aka Drew Bennett reincarnated?

    Makes a good grab in the :30-:45 second mark of this video
  13. Mettenberger Waived

    He was exiled after he lost a bet with @ChesterCopperpot1 over the Colts game. If Mett/Titans won, Chester was gone, if they lost, it was BK. Tanney almost saved BK on a technicality, but Mett's sucking was so bad that even the great Alex Tanney couldn't rally the team to a win.
  14. Mettenberger Waived

    It gets better every time you look at it. The nonchalant chuckling of Robinson leading the way, Mariota slyly smirking at us like he can't believe this idiot really thought he had a chance, and Mularkey riding their coat-tails in the back just looking happy to be there.
  15. Mettenberger Waived

    There was a great joke in the fact that him being cut happened right after Steeplechase (after the nip pics surfaced last year), but Stranger's masterful funeral shop nuked all possible future jokes.