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  1. Leave Warmack Alone!

    Ruh Roh, PK ran a story about this and he's the type to press the issue when he gets a chance to talk to coaches/GMs. If Warmack wasn't already in the doghouse, this surely isn't going to help. It may not matter too much, but a guy who's obviously not that regarded by the team getting national publicity where he throws a former coach under the bus isn't going to help his cause. http://espn.go.com/blog/tennessee-titans/post/_/id/19100/chance-warmack-rips-titans-old-offensive-line-coach
  2. Vegas still not feeling the Love

    We don't go against a murderer's row of elite quarterbacks, and even Andrew Luck is going to have big question marks heading into this year. No schedule is easy, but the fewer elite QBs you play, the better your team has it.
  3. He's 32 I think, which is ancient for a RB - but he had a pretty solid year last year, special teams included. He'd definitely be a stopgap
  4. Who took 520

    No 60% special years from now?
  5. Yeah I forgot about ILB. The team says they're wanting to see what Palmer can do, but TBH I think we could find a noticeable upgrade.
  6. As is, I could see the Titans being interested in WR, RB (just because ours are trash after Murray/Henry), Corner, and potentially G (though them not pursuing Slauson may suggest otherwise), and potentially a pure PR/KR even though they did bring in the UDFA after the draft. Who are some folks on roster bubbles after the draft that may become available? I've heard some media folks suggest Pierre Garcon and Darren Sproles could both potentially be cut. Any other names that stand out?
  7. Official http://www.titansonline.com/news/article-4/Titans-Hire-Ryan-Cowden-as-Director-of-Player-Personnel/ca5e9766-4b9a-458c-80db-d56fb5fa7894
  8. More on Henry's freakish athletic ability

    I swear to God if I ever hang with you guys in person we're going to get drunk and sing the shit out of that song.
  9. More on Henry's freakish athletic ability

    Great, now Blink 182 is stuck in my head
  10. Leave Warmack Alone!

    Bostad can suck, and so can Warmack. His opinions aren't necessarily wrong, it's just that you don't want any player throwing dirt on a coach no matter how bad said coach may be. It's even worse when the player has stunk up the joint through two coaching regimes.
  11. Leave Warmack Alone!

    I wish they'd cut this PoS just to send a message. It's lost money and we need depth, but I think he hurts our culture more than he benefits the team just by being allowed to stick around, even if it's only for one more year. Take out the trash, Robinson.
  12. Cosell Loves Our Draft

    That was the only pick he sounded remotely critical of, and honestly I think it's just him sticking to his guns regarding his comments about him pre-draft. Even with some concerns on Conklin, he was borderline raving about a lot of our picks - especially Dodd and Byard.
  13. Episode 117 - Titans Draft Wrap-up Show

    That reminds me, LOL at the "hooker connection" line regarding Mike. Well played.
  14. Cosell Loves Our Draft

    Sounds high on Conklin, but with some criticism. Says he's not an athlete. Thinks Mariota will help hide whatever deficiencies his athleticism may lack. Thinks Dodd is a better player than Lawson. (He said a lot more about Dodd, but I got a call so I didn't catch all of it. Anyway, he's HIGHLY behind this pick) Thinks Henry is a (potentially) better version of Murray. Bigger/faster - will need a good line, but thinks he can punish defenses. Says Byard was his highest rated free safety in the draft. Compares him to Earl Thomas, but says he's not sure he has the special traits Thomas does, but definitely drew a parallel. Thinks Tajae Sharp is a great value pick. Good, precise routes, great hands, great production. Thinks he can contribute. Thinks Sims would've been a higher level prospect if he went to a bigger school. Checks all boxes you want in press man corner. Confident, great H/W/S. Not sudden, but he's smoothe, and comfortable when he plays. Physical player. Talks about Tretola as a potential starter. Says he plays with a ton of power. Not a great pass blocker, but thinks that can be coached up. Exactly the type of G you'd want with the running game we're implementing Aaron Wallace - says he has good speed to power and lateral quickness. Tools to work with, but a work in progress. Thinks he has a chance. Says he's not drafted to be a starter. Doesn't have natural explosiveness, but has hands, quickness, and good lateral movement. Says Kalan Reed is extremely quick. Kind of feet you look for in corners. Doesn't think he's a great player at this point, but has the measurables you look for.
  15. Who took 520

    Troll Game 10/10