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  1. Being perfectly honest - I'm not sure I like our chances, especially if we play the Penguins. Losing Johanson for the season was devastating, and though the young guys stepped up and finished off the Ducks - we got badly outplayed last night and barely hung on for a win. If Fisher and Craig Smith don't get back on the ice soon, or Rinne goes through a slump - it may get ugly. We put a band aid on a gaping neck wound and limped out of the WCF. Not sure if there's enough left in the tank to reach the finish line Then again, the Cup is only four wins away. A few lucky bounces of the puck and anything can happen. Rinne is capable of stealing games on his own - but the team will have to dig deep to keep up with Crosby and Malkin (assuming the Pens beat the Senators)
  2. Awhile back a fan posted a video on how to properly smuggle a catfish into the arena (lots of plastic wrap and duct tape) haha. Wish I could find it. Im sure the bigger named celebrities like Lewan and company get a free pass (or are even encouraged) to do it, but for awhile you would risk losing your seat if you were caught.
  3. Here's my not so brief summary from another thread To expand on this - a large, large portion of Predators fans in the beginning were Detroit transplants who moved to TN when the auto industry started developing here. They were a significant number of the early fan base, season ticket holders, etc - and were amazing Preds fans, until the Red Wings had games in our arena - then they switched our sweaters for Red. Full on allegiance swap if their hometown boys showed up to play. They were nicknamed "Pred Wings" due to this. It wasn't uncommon to see our barn look more like an away game when Detroit came to town. Of course, back then they were in our division - so the tension/rivalry from those that were full time Preds fans and those considered part timers was in full swing. It didn't help that Detroit had our number and seemed to own us in he playoffs on a very regular basis. Around the time we played Detroit in the playoffs - there was some sort of art contest going on downtown - with catfish playing a prominent role in a series of paintings and sculptures. Apparently there were even a couple of catfish sculptures right outside of the arena. And, I believe, one of the more prominent pieces that got locally popular had a catfish wearing a Preds sweater. So, to counter the Detroit tradition of flinging an octopus on the ice - a Nashville tradition was born. Bad blood between the two teams and even against a portion of our own fanbase who were tired of our bully big brother continuing their tradition on our home ice. Now that the teams are no longer division rivals, the fanbase has grown (or had kids) who are purely Preds fans now, and of course, our team being a lot more relevant now than we were 10-15 years ago - it's taken it's own identity. But it started because our fanbase was sick of the fucking Red Wings hehe
  4. When the cops shut down the city for pedestrian only traffic after a Titans win - we can keep arguing this. More people like football. The stadiums are bigger. The TV ratings are higher. This isn't really debatable. What is debatable is that the fan outpouring, excitement, and interest in Nashville right now is at an all time high. Even higher than when the Titans went on their run. Paul Kuharsky, Teresa Walker, and numerous other national writers (who are fairly unbiased) have commented as such. There is literally video proof of the entire downtown area being swarmed by (tens of?) thousands of fans hours after the game ended. Can the Titans replicate that and succeed it one day? Very possibly. But it hasn't happened yet. And to suggest that the core of the fanbase could better represent their passion and enthusiasm better than what's happening with their hockey team is absolutely speculative. The tv ratings would be higher. More merchandise would sell. Your aunts and uncles who say MARYota and don't know what intentional grounding is would be more engaged. But I only hope it would replicate the actual insanity of what downtown is right now. I can't imagine it being any crazier.
  5. I'd say it's about even in the city honestly. I've never questioned the broader appeal of football. I've just said Nashville is a very unique situation right now. Maybe it's possible Broadway would be more jammed than that if the Titans won a conference championship at home but it's honestly hard to imagine.
  6. just gonna leave this here for all the non-Tennesseans telling us how pedestrian this would seem compared to football accomplishments.
  7. Scine - you can't fairly compare television ratings between something shown on free local channels and NBC sports. That being said, the NFL would still do better ratings than the NHL if everything were even. No one would argue that.
  8. It's cool and I'm sure there are plenty of band wagoners, but I also think a lot of it is there hasn't been anything legitimate to root for here in awhile. The Titans are heating up, but still have a ways to go to drown out the decade of ineptitude. Also there's the underdog stigma - many in the city still feel like the red headed step child of the NHL. Free agents have scoffed at signing here in years past, we had the stigma of being a boring, defensive team for forever (fairly, granted though notsomuch anymore), and hearing traditional media and analysts from Canadian markets and more established franchises sorta scoff at our existence. To many of them, for a long time, we were just drunk rednecks who didn't even know what icing or offsides was. The fans have sortve groomed one another to be better hockey fans to help burst through that stigma. One other thing though - the Preds legitimately put on an amazing show - win or lose. I hate country music so you don't have to be into it (or only care about the anthem) to get excited. The organization hired some very regarded guys from the circus industry several years ago to help optimize the entertainment experience from a fan perspective. The on ice intros are top notch, the intermission musical performances with iconic entertainers (not just country) and the way they've laid out the entire venue to encourage interaction, fan chanting, pre-game congregation, etc - it's an overwhelmingly awesome experience to first timers and season ticket holders alike. I've been to three other arenas and by far Bridgestone puts on the best atmosphere. Before I got married I took a lot of dates to games all of them knowing nothing about hockey and very skeptical about enjoying it. Every single one of them got hooked. Many of them went to Titans games with me....and well, that one didn't translate as well.
  9. I've literally said in several of my posts that this surge in popularity could die out at any moment. It's white hot now, but nothing lasts forever. I liken it to Seattle's situation when they went on to win the SB several years ago. Deafening in that stadium. Countless stories about the fan support. Now, I'm sure it's still somewhat chaotic compared to many places but its doubtlessly died down since they went on their run.
  10. Nashville is making national headlines for its fanbase and game atmosphere. National. Granted from mostly hockey media but these are not local guys hyping a local story. I don't recall a bigger sport with bigger coverage pumping similar stories from other small town football markets (like Atlanta and Carolina the last few years). Meaning - not all winning creates the same level of fan enthusiasm. You guys are assuming that just because football is more universally popular than hockey that the core of both teams fans would absolutely be more hyped to do well in the former. That's absolutely not guaranteed and seems very speculative given those that are arguing it don't live in the city of the team or near enough to the fanbase they're debating
  11. Then you'd also agree outliers exist. The National narrative is that Nashville is an absolute outlier of a hockey market for the last couple of years. People who live here will confirm this.
  12. Do you live in Nashville?
  13. There was another tweet yesterday (can't find it at the moment) where a neutral reporter called the Predators the biggest party in sports. Roman Josi said he's never played in an atomosphere remotely close to what they're experiencing this season. Theres a thread on HF (the biggest hockey forum) about loudest building and Nashville is pretty universally called the winner from neutral fanbases The articles and quotes are out there. If I wasn't "working" I'd dig up a few more