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  1. Has an MVP fallen off a cliff as much as Newton has this year? Their defense is terrible, but the offense certainly doesn't do them many favors.
  2. Haven't tried the wait combat mode yet - just rolling with the traditional. Playing on the base PS4. It's running fine, but the system does get a bit loud. Thought about switching my preorder to the Xbox once I got the One S (that I'm super impressed with) but it would've just felt weird playing a FF on the console though it might run a little better. There's no way I'm touching a PS4 pro though. Seems like a total ripoff. But yeah I'd give the game a solid A thus far (~10 hours in). The only real complaints I have are the magic system is a bit wonky and awkward to use in combat and the overall story is a bit generic (this far in). But the smaller story arcs and interactions with the main characters make up for it IMO. Also the car, while neat, is mostly just a prettied up version of a loading screen most of the time. I don't think the game is an instant classic like 6, 7, or 9 - and maybe not a generational hit like Witcher, but it's a good, likely a damn good, final fantasy game that's seeming to get the series back on track.
  3. Thoughts from folks playing it? Im really enjoying it. A lot. After being thoroughly disappointed by pretty much every FF since X and thinking IX was the last truly great installment in the series. I had a feeling this game could rebound the series so I avoided pretty much every spoiler (including the demos) and only watched the Kingsglaive movie as I heard that was a pseudo necessity to get a better feel of the story. All in all I'm really impressed that it feels so much like a Final Fantasy game while seeming on surface to be anything but that. I'm not nearly far enough in to give a definitive opinion but I'd absolutely say my expectations have been met and exceeded for the small amount of time I've played, and it's renewed my excitement for the upcoming VII remake. Anyway - Anyone else playing? What are your thoughts? *semi spoiler alert* I was very surprised/impressed by the Florence and the Machine soundtrack. Their cover of Stand By Me (with the FF harp theme in the background) really pulls you in at the beginning. Amazing version of the song.
  4. Woodyard was the one guy who could defend the pass Sunday. Fluke or not, he had a great game. Hopefully it continues.
  5. Holy shit at that throw
  6. Remember this from two short years ago? Hunter and Wright were correct to be uncomfortable and embarrassed. They knew Mariota was elite and would show just how JAGish and expendable they both were, not being able to hide their mediocre play behind the "but our QB sucks" excuse.
  7. Trevor Semen? Lol. Nice one Jon
  8. Is it too early to crown Mariota as a franchise QB? And if so, how much longer does he have to keep up this level of play? also, someone needs to point out the game Woodyard had today. One of the only bright spots on defense.
  9. It's a week to week league. Our defense looked legit the first half of the season. Beyond that, everyone knew our secondary needed improvement. Seeing that play out in games isn't going to cause me to freak out (in wins anyway). There's literally nothing worthwhile that can be done to address it at the point so we just have to clench our jaws and watch the failure play out. As long as we look like an improving team going into next year (we do) that's all that really matters.
  10. Nope. It was a win. It would have been nice to not give up 14 points in the final minutes, but at the end of the day we're 6-6 and not 5-7. It's the NFL, all that really matters is the scoreboard when the clock hits zero. Moral victories sure didn't help our record when we were on the receiving end of failing to win games coming from behind.
  11. Before everyone freaks out too much. Jon Robinson ladies and gentlemen. In addition to the O-line, he's made our rushing attack one of the more potent ones in the league. In one offseason. Both were a glaring weakness at the end of last year. This year, our secondary is the glaring weakness. Let's temper our expectations a bit and see what he's able to do in year 2
  12. Yes the last few minutes of that game were painful. The only real criticism I'm going to give Mularkey though is not giving the ball to Henry on the last offensive play. Going into the final half of the quarter, the only way the Titans lose the game is if Mariota makes a costly turnover or Matt Barkley (who had looked pedestrian if not awful all day) started playing lights out. He sorta did, but I have no problem with trying to run the game out when we're up multiple scores with 7 minutes left. And as was pointed out, the game wasn't over even if they had scored on their final drive. We would have had 35+ seconds and two timeouts to get into field goal range. Based on the circumstance of the game, I have no real problem of not wanting Marcus to throw more as statistically it's more often to increase our chances of blowing the game. I do think Henry should've been given more carries near the goal line and on the final play however. Either way, we still won. Our terrible unit (that everyone knew going into the game was terrible) was exploited and it came out closer than it should've been. But we still won, and no one will give a shit about how close it was a week from now.
  13. It was a win. An ugly win, but a win. We knew going into the season our secondary was lacking. Cox and McCourty have regressed even from the sub par duo they were last year and the young guys haven't shown much either. The unit is horrible, but this shouldn't be surprising. But we still won. I had no Superbowl expectations this year, but were still in the playoff hunt going into the last month of the season. And our QB looks amazing. We're more than likely not going to make any noise in the playoffs this year, and there's a very good chance we don't even reach them. But well come close regardless, and that's worlds better than where this team was 12 months ago. And we have two first round picks this offseason, in a draft loaded with secondary talent. And we have money to spend in free agency. The sky isn't falling. It just feels like it is because Mariota has raised the expectations of this fan base to crazy levels. Give Robinson another offseason and who know what this team could look like in another 12 months.