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  1. Kung Fu, RC Pro-Am, Batman, and the TMNT games were the biggest snubs IMO. I understand there may have been some licensing issues with the last two, but those would have been auto includes in an ideal world.
  2. If early estimates are accurate - the Switch will ship roughly 2 million units on launch, and judging from the pre-order frenzy will likely sell out. Those are almost identical to the quantity and sales of the PS4 at launch. If those numbers hold true, I don't think we'll have to worry about third party support. Those developers want their games to sell, and a user-base thats trending to rival PS4 and potentially exceed XBox One at launch won't go ignored. I don't think this will be a Wii situation, where the console was in demand and sold well but the drastically different (weaker) technology didn't allow for comparable quality ports of PS3 and 360 games. From all appearances, this thing can absolutely compete with base PS4 and XBox One capabilities. Of course, being a mobile themed system, there is a tradeoff on specs, but that very fact also opens up a whole world of possibility that Sony and Microsoft can't conceivably touch. Also, third parties won't have to pay Sony their blu-Ray royalties since the Switch will run off cartridges, allowing for potentially more profit in software sold. There's absolutely room in the market for the Switch and it's going to offer an outlet for gamers unavaible to PS4 and Xbox One owners. And though I feel one more A list game out of the gate would have pushed it over the top - the launch lineup is actually really solid. A day one Zelda game is huge. Personally, I'm also extremely excited for Bomberman, and I've heard that Arms is absolutely better than the demo made it appear to be. Mario Kart a month and a half later, then Splatoon after that, and Mario Odyssey towards the end of the year is extremely solid pacing IMO. Mix in tons of rumors of a Metroid title from Retro Studios in the works and the impending Smash, Pokémon, Xenoblade, and Monster Hunter IPs, and the systems first two years could be huge. Key word there being "could be." Nintendo will need to sprinkle in a few first party IPs in the next 24 months that weren't revealed at their demo. But if they do, and serviceable ports of AAA third party games do make the transition (Skyrim I'm looking at you) - it could be really big As for their online service - I'm in full on wait and see mode. I'm not faulting them for charging given that everyone (me included) has wished they'd upgrade their online experience tremendously. I understand that's not free, even though it will personally suck to pay Sony, MS, and soon to be Nintendo yearly fees - there's absolutely no way to fairly argue they shouldn't charge for a service "more like Sony and MS" when we've been compaigning for that for years. But I think this thing will be big. They're no longer competing with themselves on the console vs handheld front. The same user base will get the 3D Zeldas, Marios, and Pokemon. Everyone will buy the same Smash Bros and Mario Karts, and even though it no longer applies to me, imagine being younger and in college - being able to take this thing to a buddy's house and play multiplayer games on your own personal screen with no split screen bogging it down. If they can get quality ports of other shooters/racers (even though Splatoon and MK may be enough on their own) that could be a system seller right there. Remember LAN parties and how awesome those were back in the day? (Nerd pride haha). There's going to be a whole new generation experiencing the modernized version of that if several of them own Switches. I absolutely think this thing will be a social gamers ideal console, and the 16-25 demographic will eat it up. I also think the over 30 demographic will buy en masse due to the nostalgia factor attached to the IPs, the novelty of the hybrid functionality (being able to game without hogging the TV from the wife/kids) and the expendable income to often afford multiple consoles. It could flop and you never can tell with consoles, and Nintendo could absolutely flounder with their online services and never follow through with their third party promises, but I'm holding firm on my prediction from a long time ago that it will be huge.
  3. Ditto. I'm happy there's a new Bomberman too (obligatory fuck Konami though) and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe will be awesome, just from the improved battle mode alone. Xenoblade 2 and the new Square RPG look good as well Got the system and BotW preordered from Best Buy. If folks want one, you'd better get on it. They're already selling out of preorders everywhere.
  4. Something about Clemson just seems to bring out the worst in the Alabama defense. Maybe Dabo is just great at adjustments or keying in on Sabans tendencies. Hurts, outside of half a dozen plays, was terrible tonight. Once Clemson stopped going for it all on a play by play basis, played some field position, and a contain defense - he didn't have much for them, and the game completely swung. Freshman QB so I can't overly rip on him, and his guys had some drops, but with decent QB play - Bama likely runs away with it.
  5. And I'll probably disown it later as it's a combination of the booze and emotions after such a great game, but I wouldn't hate Williams as our pick after tonight. Dont expect me to own that though two months from now when defensive guys are blowing up the combine, haha
  6. 420 yards, 3 TDs in the air and one on the ground for Watson. Biggest game of his career on the National stage. Against one of the best (likely the best) defense in the country. Watson has to go number one. Either to the Browns or whoever they trade it to. Great news for us.
  7. Aside from Allen being invisible tonight - this game was perfect for Titans fans. Lots of talent on display, and Watson just put up a huge case to be a top pick. Hell of a game though.
  8. Shades of Texas/USC all over again. Let's hope some other teams meddling owner pulls a "VY is my Guy" and thinks he Gots One with Watson (yes, I know that's terrible)
  9. Against an absolutely loaded defense. 2nd year in a row. Some team will fall in love
  10. He had seven interceptions this season, three returned for TDs, and is very likely to run in the 4.4s. I don't think the hype will be going anywhere. Everyone just assumed he was staying in college until today due to some previous comments.
  11. You can tell after just a few minutes of video clips. He jumps off the tape with his athleticism and ball skills. The scary thing is, the game is still very new to him. What he displayed in just one year is nuts (3 pick sixes). I hate making ridiculous comparisons, but if there ever was a prospect to warrant "the best since" with names like Reed or Taylor, this is very likely that prospect. The only scary thing is the question of whether it was a fluke year. But again, the counter argument is that it could be just as likely this kid gets better with more repitition.
  12. I would be ok with taking Hooker at 5 if the stud rushers are gone and Berry isn't a real possibility.
  13. Hooker's entering the draft.
  14. Kinda big news.