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  1. Josh McDaniels for Head Coach 2018

    I wanted Schwartz the year we got Mularkey. He was literally begging for an interview
  2. Detroit GB game

    Since no one else will make the joke - isn’t it convenient that it’s a check to a running play.
  3. Detroit GB game

    According to Vol-Nation, this MNF game is just a UT Vols staff mini conference. Gruden, JBC, and Zook are all in route to Knoxville in a few weeks.
  4. Ravens @ Titans Game Thread

    Jeeze, am I the only one who thought the team looked pretty decent today and am just happy we got a big win? Tons of whining about this or that - but we’re 5-3 and put away a team that’s a lot better than their record.
  5. Nintendo Switch Thread

    Mario Odyssey in just under 6 hours (though I won’t get to play until tomorrow after work). Get hype, bitches!
  6. Are there any ports that your ISP could have closed that the website uses?
  7. La Canfora: Titans Need a New Coach

    Oh man that forums been hilariously entertaining. Beavers, Dish Network money, scotch at the golf course, Scarabbean secret societies, property deeds....it almost makes us look sane when we try to investigate rumors.
  8. I said this exact thing yesterday
  9. The bottom line to me is....a win is a win. I get worked up during the games, questioning a lot of things. As a fan, that’s what we do. And yes, some of the offensive play calling today was head scratching, and at times, infuriating. But that happens in the NFL. Our key players were less than 100% today. It was a short week. An away game. That’s several reasons we could turn to as to why it was as ugly as it was. But fortunately we won, and we’re heading into our bye week. Hopefully everyone gets healthier, and maybe Davis even comes back and helps contribute. Come December - if we were a game or two out of first place - we’d take any game we lost and give anything to make it look like today’s so long as we won. We’ve got two weeks to get healthy and work on our weak areas all while getting ample time to prepare for our next game. I’m in a good mood and have been since the players ran off the field.
  10. Thoughts on the game/bye

    I thought Marcus played pretty well sans the end zone throw to Delanie. Some of his misses looked like miscommunication and he made the plays he needed to. We very likely win the game in regulation by a lot if not for a few dumb things (drops, not converting fourth and inches, a few dumb holding calls, etc) just happy with the win honestly and hopefully everyone gets healthy.
  11. No More Defending the Play-calling

    For whatever reason, our running game isn’t quite what it was last season. Maybe the O-line is partly at fault, or maybe it’s Murray wearing down a bit. Either way, last season we seemed to run to set up the pass - because we could run, and run well. This year, it just seems less effective. Yet they’re still seeming to try to run to set up the pass - but in reality we’re running to set up the run (hopefully by the fourth quarter) and were also running to put ourselves in terrible passing situations (third and 7 or longer). Maybe they do need to give serious thought about passing more to set up the run instead of the opposite.
  12. Thoughts from Inside Nissan Stadium

    Didn’t we have an 8ish minute drive at one point? I don’t care to get in some big argument or anything but if you take away Mariota and his clutch-ass throws to move down the field Drive after drive, it’s a whole different game.