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  1. It's purely a business decision for both guys everyone knows McGregor will lose. Probably even McGregor, but nothing will be held against him for losing to a generational talent like Mayweather - especially when pretty much no concessions were made that would benefit an MMA fighter. If he goes back to the UFC, he'll be as big as ever with the caveat that Floyd was too scared to even make it a fair fight (maybe scared is a bad word - Floyd has no reason to meet any demands). Boxers win boxing matches. MMA guys win MMA fights. It's not rocket science But even in a loss, this will probability be 5-10x the payday that a legit UFC main event would be. Maybe even more than that. He's cashing in, and as we've seen in MMA it only takes 2-3 fights or 2-3 lucky hits for your star to fade and not draw nearly what you used to. Mayweather gets an easy 200 million that he'll blow through in 2 years and McGregor gets a security nest that even staying on top of UFC for three more years likely wouldn't get him. Smart of both guys. Though I do wish they could've met in the middle on the glove thing. Even giving the illusion that Floyds defensive style could be exposed (it wouldn't) would at least make the fight somewhat tempting to analyze. With the clown-gloves - McGregor has zero chance and it's not even worth pretending he does.
  2. Akin also rhymes with foreskin. It's all connected. How many of Gods penises do you think are circumcised? Do you think he'd mix and match and go for a full flush?
  3. We need to be asking the bigger questions though. Right now, go with your gut - how many wangs is God packing?
  4. I mean obviously there's probably a huge club of people who think God either has one (or maybe even zero) dicks. But look back to the Greeks - their Gods were total horn dogs, so I don't think it's too crazy to assume the Christian God is working with at least one penis. The real question is just how many. And why? Why would he need more than one? But after doing some soul searching on it I really do feel he's packing at least a three pack down there. You know, the Holy Trinity? Guys are so obsessed with their cocks it would only make sense. Father, Son, and the Holy Ghost? Those are some sweet ass nicknames for your sludge slingers.
  5. How many dicks do you think God has? And if you don't believe in God- just pretend for a moment and take your best guess. Over/under at 3. Which side you taking?
  6. Holy shit guys, all this debate on God and multiple dicks got me thinking. What. If. God was a snake? How many dicks would he have? I mean, that's gotta be at least 10 dicks right there right?
  7. Not if you break it down. I'm not the most religious guy but a lot of folks are so let's just follow a logical line of thinking. God created man, right? And God is pretty much perfect, right? Then God also created snakes....I mean it's only logical right? And since he supposedly made man in his image it's not a stretch to assume he put other features of himself in his other creations. Which begs the question - what if GOD has two penises? How fucking kooky would that be? I mean yeah it would be a little ballin' but could you take a God seriously if he all judging you and shit with two lust cannons under his robe? Or what if he didn't even wear a robe? What if they were both just out there hanging while he was condemning you to an enternity of Hell? Would you be able to keep a straight face? Like "Yeah God, my bad, I did kinda act like a dickhead on Earth..." and then kinda look down awkwardly to his two meat-pedos when you realized what you'd just said. Its crazy how beautiful this world is
  8. Nah man, I'm just trying to educate you guys on the intricacies of snake love making and point out some of their more intriguing anatomical features. Like, could you imagine? Two wangs? Sure it sounds awesome in theory, but we gotta think of the practicality. Like, yeah for threesome scenarios it might be kinda neat but how often realistically would that happen? It would make masturbating look like a goddamn afternoon out on the canoe. Then on top of that- what about when you had to pee? Would you just like grab one of them and pray you got it right? Like some sort of urine Russian Roulette where if you guess wrong you just ruined your favorite pair of Dockers? Or would you go double handed and look like a retard when one of your whiz cannons is sitting there in idle? Or what if they both peed at the same time? Shit then you'd have to worry about crossing streams on yourself, which is all kinds of gay. Its a lot to think about man
  9. I don't know about you guys, but all this snake fuckin's kinda turning me on.
  10. Also: "But why two? Wouldn't one penis do just as well, since male snakes only use one at a time anyway? Let's take a quick look at the timeline of snake reproduction. Boy snake meets girl snake. They spend some time together, intertwine their tails, and the male inserts one hemipenis so that his sperm find their way safely from cloaca to cloaca. But unlike in humans, female snakes have a lot of control over whether or not they get pregnant after mating. Because the best conditions for mating are not necessarily the best for ovulation and gestation, female snakes can store sperm for a long time, up to 5 years and possibly longer. They have specialized pockets in their reproductive tract where they do this. It can actually be rather difficult to distinguish between long-term sperm storage and facultative parthenogenesis (a form of asexual reproduction) without using molecular techniques to determine whether the offspring share all or just some of their genes with their mother. This is because in the former case, a female snake sometimes gets pregnant long after mating. If she has mated with multiple males, her clutch (in egg-laying species) or litter (in live-bearers) of offspring might be a mixture of offspring from multiple fathers. Amazingly, she can control which fathers' sperm she uses to fertilize her eggs, although exactly how she does this is still unclear. Because of this potential for delayed fertilization, sperm competition and cryptic female mate choice is thought to be more intense in reptiles than in species that usually follow insemination quickly with fertilization. Female snakes can mate with multiple males, and can then choose at their leisure among their sperm each time they reproduce over the next several years, so some male snakes might mate with many females but never produce offspring because their sperm are always judged to be inferior. This can also result in bizarre situations such as male snakes becoming fathers after they have died."
  11. From - "Why do snakes have two penises?" When I tried to answer, I realized that I didn't really know. I did know that they only use one at a time, and I had once heard that it was so that they could copulate with a female no matter which side she was on, but that doesn't really seem to make sense to me any more, especially considering that lizards also have two penises. Together, the two penises of squamates (snakes and lizards) are called hemipenes, and each individually is called a hemipenis. Each hemipenis is associated with a single testis, meaning that sperm produced in the right testis are ejaculated through the right hemipenis, and those produced on the left come out of the left. Hemipenes are normally stored inside out in the base of the tail, forming a pocket into which a probe can be, well, probed to check the sex of a lizard or snake. This is shown nicely in the above diagram. During mating, one hemipenis or the other is everted in a manner similar to taking off a sock. Sexual dimorphism is rare in snakes, except that male snakes almost always have longer, thicker tails than females, because they need someplace to store their hemipenes.
  12. Hey, did you guys know that some snakes have TWO penises? Pretty crazy right?