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  1. Gimme a perfect album

    They’re a bit emo but Brand New’s Deja Entendu and Jimmy Eat World’s Clarity I still listen to beginning to end nearly two decades later. Gonna ape off Nator here but both the Blue Album and Pinkerton are up there too. Alkaline Trio’s Goddammit and Maybe I’ll Catch Fire are two more that I can listen to anytime anywhere.
  2. Bettcher Chooses Giants Over Titans

    Leader of men....to other people’s front offices!
  3. Day Is Staying At Ohio State

    They’re literally talking about this angle right now on 104.5. Could be possible
  4. Titans Interviewing Bettcher for DC

    Yep. Arians strongly backed him as his replacement and he was definitely in consideration there.
  5. Day Is Staying At Ohio State

    Brian Callahan was just let go from Detroit. Wonder if this is connected. PK said he may be a target
  6. Vrabel named Titans HC

  7. Vrabel named Titans HC

    We’ll see. Not pumped about it, but clearly he was Robinson’s guy
  8. And personally I don’t care how long we have to wait so long as we get the right guy. Assistant coaches come and go, either through poor coaching and get fired or getting sniped by other teams for over-performing. I’d rather get the right head coach and maybe deal with lackluster assistants for a season than going at it scared and getting someone because you fear the quality OCs and DCs will be unavailable by the time your guy comes free.
  9. I don’t get the Vrabel hype. He’s obviously well liked and connected in the league but I don’t necessarily see the merit in “what he’s done” as a coach to warrant a HC gig at this point. He’s fiery and I’m sure the players would like him, but that didn’t work out so great for Singletary and Cable. Granted, a lot of this doesn’t matter. The sure thing up and comers fail all the time and the no name WTF hires often work out, but on a resume-basis, Vrabel doesn’t excite me. Flip on the other hand...my ears are perked
  10. Josh McDaniels

    What was said? Didn’t see anything on his Twitter
  11. What Did We Learn

    Nailed it.
  12. PK pointed out that Breer and Vrabel are buddies and OU alumni. Doesn’t mean his reports aren’t true but to take what he says with a bit of wait and see
  13. There doesn’t seem to be any hesitation from quality candidates to interview for the job, so I’m assuming candidates aren’t too worried about how this played out.