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  1. Thoughts from Inside Nissan Stadium

    Didn’t we have an 8ish minute drive at one point? I don’t care to get in some big argument or anything but if you take away Mariota and his clutch-ass throws to move down the field Drive after drive, it’s a whole different game.
  2. My thoughts on the game...

    Absolutely. I was borderline calling for heads going into halftime. The defense shut me up in the second half though - and the offense finished drives.
  3. Favorite play of Mariota

    He earned it. Look how erect Casey’s nipples are
  4. Quite frankly....

    I don’t want to overstate what this win was because it was against a Luck-less Colts. But Marcus lifted about two tons of two-tone blue and put it on his back tonight for the win. As a QB, he doesn’t play against Luck - just against the defense in front of him. And he beat them, on one leg, when his defense decided not to show up until the second half.
  5. My thoughts on the game...

    Outside of a few plays, the play calling in the 2nd half was really good. They adjusted really well, particularly on defense.
  6. Taylor Lewan Changed the Game Again

    I love the rah rah stuff - so long as it isn’t 15 going the other way. This team has too much talent, and too much talent at QB, to just let some teams run roughshod over us, take shots at Marcus, or just get complacent in a go nowhere game. Football has momentum, and if he can harness it in a positive way, it has a good effect on the team IMO. Many teams of years past would’ve been complacent with a close game (instead of a 7 point lead) as the Colts were driving at the end. I think he sparked the offense of help put em away
  7. Taylor Lewan Changed the Game Again

    No joke. I honestly think other teams borderline fear him...as an OT. Did you see Sheard going out of his way to apologize on the late hit? Marcus is a quiet leader, and that’s awesome in its own way. Follow the actions, not the words, etc - but sometimes it is nice to have the loud sonnovabitch who you know is gonna back it up get in front of everyone and tell them it’s time to do their fucking job.
  8. He’s a hot head. But it’s been good for us this year. After the late/out of bounds hit against Seattle - his outburst seemed to bring out the best in the team. Tonight - he was visibly pissed after we failed to score a TD after the turnover. He was on the sidelines, raging like a motherfucker. Is it a coincidence the offense went on a tear afterwards? Maybe. But dammit it’s awesome to watch him get so emotionally invested and the team respond accordingly.
  9. Favorite play of Mariota

    Np man. Thanks for pointing out what went down after the pass. I thought he was just celebrating at first.
  10. Big win

    Not anymore sir! I operate by the Canine Law. Once I mark it, she’s mine (until someone else pisses on it ten minutes later). But, you’re welcome for the yellow grass!
  11. Big win

    What’s he saying? I’m half drunk pissing in my back yard lol
  12. Big win

    This will be big for Mariota’s confidence. And hopefully the staff’s confidence in letting him throw it around a bit more. On one leg, he led the team to a win, in a must win game, against a divisional opponent - when he had to stay in the pocket and throw it.
  13. Turning Point: The Reign of Terror is OVER

    Going into tonight - I didn’t want to fully commit to the thought- but I did have that lurking in the back of my head. “McNair would play, and McNair would find a way to win. I hope Marcus has that in him.” He answered the call. The announcers were bored through the first half and haven’t stopped sucking his dick since the bomb to Taylor. Huge statement game by Marcus