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  1. Ditto. And I even own 90% of the SNES classic library in original cartridge - even a CIB Earthbound. Im an addict for game collecting though - and I'm 90% certain these things will be worth 3-4x their cost within 6 months. Having them all in one convenient system is nice, and not having to constantly unbox my old cartridges (risking box/manual damage) is handy. Also, having direct HDMI hookups is nice, and if it's like the NES classic (which it will be) you'll be getting the best possible emulation of the games - pretty much cartridge perfect, which isn't always the case with other emulation routes. But, we want it because we're supposed to want it. It's the Tickle Me Elmo for guys in their 30's and 40's who have enough money and nostalgia to justify indulging in a retro kick, that's both cheap enough (at msrp) yet thorough enough to appeal to both casual gamers and retro diehards (unreleased Starfox). Nintendo owns our souls, and have played us for decades (not vice versa).
  2. As weird and random and unconfirmed as this is, I kinda buy it given all the talking up from the coaching staff and numerous visits.
  3. The Game of Thrones

    Yep, or miscarry, or have something else happen. Still wouldn't be far fetched to make her doubt the prophecy though.
  4. The Game of Thrones

    it would completely invalidate it though - if she has another child, the prophecy was wrong (and still unproven/vague in a few other areas). That would be extremely vindicating, no matter how much she had been consumed by it to that point. I don't think that would be bad writing, I think it would be a normal human reaction to an all-enveloping fear being (from her perspective) debunked - especially to a person as over-the-edge as Cersei who's recently drunk with power.
  5. The Game of Thrones

    Or it could mean (if she is pregnant) that she thinks the prophecy is BS and that makes her more arrogant/stupid in how she goes about future scheming.
  6. The Game of Thrones

    It was the letter Sansa wrote to Robb after Ned was arrested. Asking Robb to come bend the knee to Joffrey and that the Lannisters were treating her well. I'm assuming Baelish is attempting to cause strife between the sisters making it look like Sansa has always valued power over her love for her family.
  7. The Game of Thrones

    Something I noticed tonight. At the tower of Joy, Dayne wished Ned good fortune in the wars to come right before Jon's lineage was revealed tonight - the same line was used by Jon to Dany right before it cut to Sam and Gilly revealing more about his lineage. Just a neat parallel.
  8. Trubisky Debut: 9 for 9, 74yds 1 TD

    Time will tell I guess.
  9. Trubisky Debut: 9 for 9, 74yds 1 TD

    Ah. Shtick. Gotcha
  10. Trubisky Debut: 9 for 9, 74yds 1 TD

    Really? If you found my summary of his play as a negative you need to either re-read my post or pump the brakes on your enthusiasm for him just a tad. And yes, a lot of his throws (especially early) were pretty easy stuff. That's not an insult to a rookie QB playing in their first game.
  11. Trubisky Debut: 9 for 9, 74yds 1 TD

    He looked pretty good. Nothing crazy - a lot of rollouts and comeback routes, but he was hitting the open guys and moving the chains. Would like to see how he does in the middle of the field/throwing into traffic but absolutely a positive first showing if you're a Bears fan
  12. The Game of Thrones

    I've read the entirety of this thread. On nights where I'm particularly bored or in a nerdgasmic GoT mood - I've re-read portions of this thread. So...yeah. I've got problems man