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  1. Barnett is probably my second favorite defensive player in the draft behind Adams. I'd love it if he was a Titan.
  2. Hockey news just lost LeBrun and Burnside. This is brutal.
  3. Opinions about favorite prospects are all over the place this year - moreso than previous years. However, consensus seems to be that our teams biggest needs are at wide receiver and secondary. Weve debated both position groups to death- and the general think-tank on this board seems to agree with a few things. Jamal Adams, and Lattimore would be perfectly fine picks at 5. A lesser consensus agreement seems to be that Corey Davis seems to be the best "fit" for the Titans as a wideout. Williams and Ross both have their fans, and rightfully so, but the perception I get from most on this board and Twitter is that of all of the options at wideout - most people like Corey Davis the best. Pretty much any mock scenario that snags him at 18 is universally lauded and he's often a prime target in mocks that have us trading down from pick 5. So then....would people lose their shit if we just straight up took him at 5? You never want to draft solely for need but I think it's beyond obvious a wideout will be drafted by us between the first and second day of the draft. Why not ensure you get "your" guy? This brings up talks of value - players getting picked sooner than they're projected. Bad value = bad pick. However, again, is it really bad value? If we as a fanbase would be stoked to land him at 18 with many believing there's a slim chance he'd be there - why not pull the trigger at 5 and get the guy who seems to be the best fit for our team? The three premiere wide receivers in this draft are all damn solid prospects - but absolutely unique in what they'd offer offensively for this team. The corners? Probably less so in their various skill sets. The difference and fit between the best corner in the draft and the third (or even sixth or seventh) is a lot less severe than the various wideouts. So again, if Davis truly is the guy that best fits this team - why wait? Im sure it's a somewhat uncomfortable question as pick 5 seems about ten spots too high for him (based on what we know) ...and I'm not even advocating doing it, as I'm pretty impartial of all of the big three receivers this year. But Corey Davis fans, if he's your guy, should we suck it up and just draft him when we can rather than waiting and hoping? How would you react?
  4. The Vol fan in me is very hesitant to pump up any UT player because it's damn near impossible to not have homer glasses on when viewing the prospect - but I'd be absolutely good with Barnett at any pick quite honestly.
  5. Hey guys! My sources told me: *throws out 3-4 trade scenarios after an entire offseason of every reputable pundit speculating we're the most likely team to trade down* Now if we do make a trade, you guys will finally believe me, right? I mean....only myself (and like 40 national guys) have hinted that a trade down is very likely!
  6. Maybe it'll be a case of Mariota where no red flags = red flags!
  7. I just hate his face. It looks like as a youth he tried to counter his acne problem with a meth addiction and he just looks like the type of guy who would roll up to a cookout in cutoff jean shorts and joke about sticking his balls in the potato salad
  8. Hangs out with a sketchy crew of whores and degenerates. Took him off my draft board.
  9. Something you guys may wanna talk about this year - most people are pretty ok with a number of potential picks. Very few people are all in on one single guy unlike most years. Most chalk that up to the team only having one or two glaring holes and any upgrade is still an upgrade however a less talked about reason may be that in years past, we basically had to root against our GM fucking up. Webster whiffed so often that if we didn't get the guy we were particularly in love with, we had little faith that player would actually pan out. Robinson on the other hand has earned our trust, so I personally find myself just sitting back and enjoying the ride and fully expect both of our first round picks (and maybe even our thirds) to be quality players who noticeably improve the team
  10. Oh shit. @Jonboy's gonna orgasm live on air.
  11. Yahoo released a pretty good article earlier (can't find the link) basically saying that everyone he knew stopped showing up to visit him and he had been making remarks about how the only people happy to see him were people he had to pay. His career was over, his fame had faded, and no one close to him wanted to be around him anymore. That on top of the financial stuff very likely got to him
  12. Still A cleaner bill of health than Gronk
  13. Casserly said we should go Barnett (after a trade back) and Davis. Jeremiah and Brooks said Lattimore and Davis