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  1. Mercalius added a post in a topic: CTF, have you renounced the Maple Leaf?   

    your thoughts on the Kessel trade?  I don't know a ton of Leaf fans personally but the online reaction is overwhelmingly furious.  
    It's been common knowledge they've needed a rebuild for awhile, but I can't say I agree with their offseason moves even knowing they need to get younger and build through the draft.  
    Superbman (a huge Toronto fan on Youtube) seemed like he was ready to turn in his fan card after the trade broke.  I'm sure he'll calm down in time, but I was curious about your feelings towards their last week of activity.  
  2. Mercalius added a post in a topic: LP Field renamed Nissan Stadium   

  3. Mercalius added a post in a topic: Allbright does it again: Peyton to Texans   

    He banned a lot of people from Twitter following that discussion.  He was skewered immediately after his report that the Titans had no real interest in Mariota at two.  He was nuked after the draft and tried to spin his initial claim as best he could.  
    I'm in a gray area with him.  I don't think he's completely full of shit, but his attitude is certainly offputting and he takes no responsibility for his claims when his information is outright wrong.  Come to think of it, he seems like he'd fit right in on Titans Report, hehe.  
  4. Mercalius added a post in a topic: Allbright does it again: Peyton to Texans   

    His demeanor on Twitter to those who react or even question his rumors is why.  He brings it on himself.   
  5. Mercalius added a post in a topic: Possibility That Kaepernick Could Be With New Team After 2015   

    I just heard from Bongo that oldschool has read the last few pages, feels terrible to be involved in such an argument, and will be around to apologize as soon as possible!
  6. Mercalius added a post in a topic: The BBQ Thread   

     They're great for that.  My birthday was this weekend, so I had a get together and made some pretty awesome tenderloin.  You can rig them up as smokers without too much hassle and you get a lot of cook time out of the charcoal without having to change it.  
  7. Mercalius added a post in a topic: The BBQ Thread   

    Green Eggs are great, but you really have to stay on top them because they put out a ton of heat.  Flare-ups can turn into hair-singing infernos pretty damn quick.  If you get one, I'd really recommend going of your way to get a set of utensils with extra-long handles.  
  8. Mercalius added a post in a topic: Possibility That Kaepernick Could Be With New Team After 2015   

    that wasn't how Owen died.  That video is mislabeled.  The above is indeed just a spot, though quite extreme.  
    Owen died making his entrance to the ring on a zip line dressed as The Blue Blazer and fell when his harness wasn't properly secured.  He fell into the ring and landed directly on a turnbuckle.  
  9. Mercalius added a post in a topic: Kuharksy on Mariota Hype: "Be Excited"   

    To me, one of two things has happened:

    Kuharsky and Wyatt both didn't really investigate Mariota as thoroughly as they potentially should have leading up to the 2015 draft.  It could explain their reluctance to like him as the pick even as the signs became clear he would be the guy.  They likely had the (lazy) stigmas about him that many did, and still do, when you just look at where he played, the system he ran, and what his Youtube highlight cutups look like.
    They weren't as closed-minded as I mentioned above, yet are still impressed with what they're seeing.  

    Either way, it's a good thing.  
  10. Mercalius added a post in a topic: Pulse of the Fanbase?   

    Regarding the Delanie Walker comments from above:

  11. Mercalius added a post in a topic: Pulse of the Fanbase?   

    Comments like Whitehurst's definitely don't help keep expectations in check:

  12. Mercalius added a post in a topic: Pulse of the Fanbase?   

    With the end of mini-camps today, we're going into a relatively dry spell for football discussion.  There really won't be much to talk about for the next few weeks, outside of maybe some contract signings (Mariota) or the shuffling around of some non-vital players that likely won't have much impact once real football begins.
    In relation to where you were roughly 2 months ago (right around draft time), how are you feeling about the Titans immediate (2015) and longterm future?   
    The draft picks have hit the field, we've heard reports on both the offense and defense, and fair or not - opinions are starting to form on what to expect of the 2015 squad based largely on what's been the equivalent to grown men playing flag football for the last few weeks.  
    It happens every year, even though we swear it won't....brief snippets and commentary about guys running around in shorts dramatically shifts opinions about where the franchise is, and will be, in the coming months.  Putting too much into these reports is foolish, but the media has to report on something to keep the sport relevant.  The good news is (not that there's ever bad news):
    *Mariota has looked good, and far outperformed the expectations of those covering him.  Wyatt and Kuharsky have both seemed legitimately impressed.  
    *The defense has had strong showings in practice.  Several reports have come out about them "winning" far more often than not.  Could be an indictment on the offense...but hey, let's take optimism where we can.
    *We've gotten this far with few significant injuries.  Outside of DGB's hamstring and Orakpo taking it easy, notable players on our team haven't been bitten by the injury bug.  A few backup/depth guys have had some issues, but knock on wood, so far so good.
    *Team chemistry seems to be trending upward.  Following a lot of quotes on Twitter, I asked Wyatt directly about this on Periscope.  He admitted that times like these often lead to inflated team chemistry (offseason before any real losses add up), but that there is a tangible feeling of unity and players seeming to buy in to what the coaching staff is selling.  Lebeau influence maybe?  Mariota looking ahead of schedule?  Year 2 for many of them leading to increased confidence in the system?  Could be any, or all, of the above.  We hear similar things every year, even last year before the trainwreck of 2014, but's something that has been reported and we have to take our optimism where we can.
    Delanie Walker just gave an interview about half an hour ago where he said he's expecting 8-8 as a floor for the 2015 squad.  He's typically a pretty grounded, realistic voice.  Is the heat getting to him?  Or are we finally witnessing the foundation for a team trending upward after nearly a decade of desperately attempting to stay relevant and tread water (often without success)?

    So how do you guys feel?  
  13. Mercalius added a post in a topic: E3 2015   

    How did I go to sleep last night without hearing about the FF7 remake?

    My inner 14 year old is going nuts right now.  My rational, current self likely realizes the game will never live up to the experience I had with it as a kid and that part of the joy of the game was the age/circumstances I was in when I first played it....but still.
    FF7 remake?  OMFG!
  14. Mercalius added a post in a topic: The Game of Thrones   

    Brash, but pretty well said.  
    ​I was equally pissed when she fought Jaime and the show just made it look like she'd straight up own him in a fight when the books did a good job of explaining how his exhaustion and the beatings he had taken made her know she was fighting him at maybe 50% effectiveness.
  15. Mercalius added a post in a topic: The Game of Thrones   

    ​I watched the episode twice, but didn't notice his eyes going white.  I was even looking for it, maybe I zoned out or something.  Are you sure?  I'm not going to go too much into it for spoilerish reasons, but I was expecting them to show that or have him whisper Ghost or do some sort of cutaway to the direwolf, but was kinda surprised they didn't.  To me, the show is very much trying to sell that Jon is dead, and given the mass online reaction from most folks - they shot it in a way that didn't leave too much gray area.  Granted, everyone's hoping he's not dead and the books and Martin's quotes regarding his fate leave that very much open for interpretation.

    And *edit*  Bink, I think that picture is shopped.  Again, I rewatched that scene and didn't come close to seeing that when it was airing live or on the re-air at 10:30.  I could have missed it, but I highly doubt I would've missed something that blatant.  

    Regarding Stannis, there's absolutely no way he shouldn't have died in that scene.  I rewatched it a coulple of times.  As Oilerman pointed out, she follows through with her strike.  There's no hesitation in her swing and it cuts to Ramsay immediately killing a Baratheon soldier in what should have shown Stannis dying.  Like Jon, it's shot very much in a way where all interpretation should imply his death.  However....I can't get over why they didn't show it.  Surely there were no budget-related reasons for it and he's a big enough character that some amount of fan-service would have happened by showing him officially biting it.  His character is all but dead anyway as others have pointed out.  He's lost, pretty much everything.  But the simple fact they didn't show the aftermath of her strike can't help but make you think there's a very solid chance something could have happened (like her intentionally missing).  There's absolutely no reason to not show him die or an aftershot of her wiping the blood off Oathkeeper if they didn't want some amount of speculation that he could still be alive.  I won't be surprised either way honestly, but will admittedly be disappointed if they did kill him off for good in such a way that seemed a bit ambiguous.