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  1. Inside the Russian Troll Factory

    Tux and charm are more likely. Ben is an alt account.

    Trolling trolling trolling Who's the guy with multiple accounts? Nines?
  3. Another plea deal for Mueller?

    Get that weak ass shit out of here. Soon after that he fell over himself praising putin to make up for it. Where's the condemnation after the indictments? Not a damn word. He hasn't done ANYTHING. You don't find that odd? He goes after anyone and everyone at the slightest provocation but not a word about Russia, not a single tweet. Wtf? Shit has already been started. Russia had bot farms of 300-400 people per spreading Russian propaganda and you think playing nice will stop it? I didn't know you were that weak. Hell, Congress passed more sanctions for it. Sanctions Trump has illegally refused to enact.
  4. Brian Cushing to be released

    Hard pass but I could see Vrabel wanting him. I hope not.
  5. Are you tired of BOTH parties??

    Some people aren't worth arguing with bc either they're not interested in actual discussion or too stupid to understand your point. Generally I either just ignore them or call them out in what they're actually trying to do
  6. Another plea deal for Mueller?

    He called out plenty of Dems. What specifically was he supposed to call Hillary out for? Trump's complete inability to say anything negative about Putin doesn't bother you at all?
  7. Another plea deal for Mueller?

    At least Obama had the sack to call out Russia when needed.
  8. Are you tired of BOTH parties??

    Blah blah blah where's the eye roll emoji when you need it?
  9. Are you tired of BOTH parties??

  10. Are you tired of BOTH parties??

    There's more engagement now than there has been in years.
  11. Are you tired of BOTH parties??

    Good. Sorry, I don't have every post by everyone on this board memorized. Manafort, Gates, Flynn, Papadopoulos. It's anecdotal evidence at this point but evidence none the less. Why lie about his business dealings?
  12. Are you tired of BOTH parties??

    Oh joy... someone else hell bent on making people lose faith in our political system....
  13. Are you tired of BOTH parties??

    Special council investigation with multiple indictments of Trump campaign members and Russians as well as Trump comments, business dealings, etc. All anecdotal atm which is why there's an investigation. I'll heed to whatever that investigation finds. You?
  14. Are you tired of BOTH parties??

    Lol oh so you're going to believe something you choose to believe regardless of the complete lack of evidence to back it up? Shocking...
  15. https://politicalwire.com/2018/02/18/inside-russian-troll-factory/