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  1. reo

    Worst play in NFL history

    Side note, McAfee has some funny shit http://www.espn.com/nfl/news/story?id=5706081
  2. http://dailysnark.com/someone-made-a-hilarious-nathan-peterman-farewell-video-featuring-every-one-of-his-ints-video/
  3. He's got FA bust written all over him.
  4. reo

    Worst play in NFL history

    Neither of those were doomed from the snap like this one with its poor design. Worse result on those but less of a clusterfuck from the beginning which I think was more the meaning.
  5. So that's what happened... Pagano fk'd it up.
  6. reo

    Senate races left

    Oh stop with the fake outrage.
  7. reo

    Why didnt they go hard after Butler?

    He wasn't on their main guy and blanketed him.
  8. reo

    Democratic Nomination for 2020

    Yes it was. She won the primaries. Believing otherwise is just falling for the same propaganda that got trump elected.
  9. Eddie was a very rare runner for a guy his size.
  10. Henry can play a role the rest of the season but after that he's probably done as a titan. Very hard for someone who's legs are that long to get low enough to get leverage. I think he's used as the redzone guy and maybe as a closer for the rest of the season but they replace him next year with a straight up power back.
  11. reo

    AFC Playoff Standings

    Titans need to win the division and be done with it. If we can't beat Indy and Hou down the stretch then they don't deserve the playoffs.
  12. reo

    Judges Rules That Dems Must Open Election Ballot Counting

    Damn... you're so easily led around by your nose. Its embarrassing.
  13. reo

    Mariota is finally telling LaFleur “No”

    Good article. Make sure you click the link even if you read it here so the author gets some clicks for it.
  14. reo

    Will Jonnu Smith be Good?

    I've had hope for him for a while. We'll see.