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  1. More meetings with foreign countries

    It's bc he's using the right wing propaganda machine to keep a strangle hold on his base. In the end it could come down to whether or not moderate republicans will do what's right regardless of how it affects them in the polls. The hope is that things start to change some once the primaries are over and these Republicans no longer have to worry about being primaried by someone that'll use any comments against Trump to pander to the base more.
  2. More meetings with foreign countries

    You're sounding more and more like someone who is regretting Trump so you're clinging to comparing him to Clinton.
  3. Wtf are you talking about now? Are you drunk?
  4. More meetings with foreign countries

    I can excuse you for waiting for the report or an indictment. That's fine. It's the impending ignoring of that report if it's negative that's disturbing.
  5. 6÷2 (1+2) = ___

    The answer is 9. I originally thought 1 as well bc I assumed a parenthesis but that's not right. That being said, there's a reason engineers would use / and more parentheses to be clear.
  6. More meetings with foreign countries

    This will be easily ignored by them. Won't even mention it.
  7. More meetings with foreign countries

    Trump fanboys are going to pass everything off as nothing until/if the report comes out calling for charges and then they'll just dismiss it as a bias investigation.
  8. What career? You just said you gave it up. Apparently not?
  9. Aerospace Engineering which includes a few classes in economics. You? Lol sure you did. Prove it.
  10. Heh? In 2016 there were around 40M people on food stamps so... 100M less than that isn't even possible... if you're going to make shit up at least have it make sense, damn.
  11. Aka you got stuck so now you just want to change the subject. Alright.
  12. And now you're barely replying and just tossing out general Republican talking points... aka this got boring.
  13. Seemed like he had something specific in mind for a bit there then when pressed to clarify it just vanished like a fart in the wind. Huh? You couldn't even answer basic questions... What was about the poor and what didn't go as planned?