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  1. Middle class tax cut coming next week.
  2. Yea, there are several things I left like voting for men accused of sexual assault in the white house and on the supreme court. Dissing our historical allies and embracing autocrats.
  3. Republican agenda: Cut taxes on corporations and the 1% Explode the deficit after promising the tax cuts would pay for themselves Cut social security and the medicare to pay for it Vote to repeal the Affordable Care Act numerous times and then claim you support defending pre-existing conditions even though they've controlled congress and the white house for two years and passed no alternative. Tell the followers that a few thousand people coming to the border is the real problem this country faces. Lie like hell every day so that it becomes the new normal.
  4. Let's draft by looking in the rear view mirror....that's the key, cause the Titans are snake bit.
  5. ctm

    Beddingfield: Davis’s ceiling is a good #2

    Beddingfield also said today that he had Wes Welker rated as an undrafted FA.
  6. At a campaign rally in Nevada, President Donald Trump claimed Californians are "rioting" against "sanctuary cities" — a statement yet to be supported by evidence. After deriding Rep. Jacky Rosen (D-Nev.) on her immigration policies at a rally in Elko, Trump told the crowd he thought Nevadians didn't care for sanctuary cities, and that Californians didn't like them either. Trump spoke in support of Sen. Dean Heller, Rosen's Republican opponent in the upcoming midterm election. "They're rioting now," Trump said of Californians. "They want to get out of their sanctuary cities." https://www.chron.com/politics/article/Trump-says-Californians-are-rioting-sanctuary-city-13324781.php Anyone read about any riots currently going on? Anyone?
  7. ctm

    Meanwhile in Jax...

    Spotrac has them at 13M over for next year but they have a lot of guys who can be cut for cap savings.
  8. ctm

    Caravan of Invaders, stopped by Mexico

    Let me make this simple for you. Trump is campaigning on this issue everyday. It doesn't make common sense that liberals would fund something that helps Trump politically.
  9. ctm

    Caravan of Invaders, stopped by Mexico

    So Soros, Steyer and other liberals are funding these people to come to the US so Trump can use it as a political issue. Got it!!
  10. The OC for Miss. St., Elgton Jenkins, is also very good and probably a 2nd round pick. This is supposed to be a weak interior OL class and teams will probably need to use a 2nd to get a day 1 starter.
  11. Thomas is due to make 14M next year and Sanders 10.2M. Neither guy will bring a lot, especially Thomas.
  12. ctm

    4th Quarter Mariota

    I'd be willing to bet the players have no regret going for it.
  13. He was a genius a few weeks ago when it worked