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  1. She's just gradually working her way to the Sinead O'Connor look...
  2. Maybe the Browns are just trying to build up yet more draft capital next year. If they decide not to go after a QB this year then they may be loading up for a 2018 QB. Or they could trade down to take a QB like Mahomes. Or it's just a smokescreen to try to lower the cost of moving up.
  3. Well Luck ran for 500 yards over his last 2 years at Stanford. Watson ran for 1700 the last 2 years. It's not just about whether a QB has mobility. Watson's game focuses far more on his running ability than Luck's does. NFL QBs are overwhelmingly forced to win as a pocket passer. Watson is far less dependable as a pure passer than Luck was coming out of college.
  4. Starters aren't backups. We start 2 TEs...
  5. He is dynamic as a receiver, but is he much of a blocker?
  6. I'm not sure he even fits the offense...
  7. Peppers dropping all the way to day 3? I don't see it.
  8. He still qualifies as a "mobile QB" and that's still a red flag. No one saying these guys never make it. Just that they generally don't. There is a long list of Heisman trophy winning QBs who fail in the NFL. Some are mobile QBs. Some are system QBs. Regardless, college success isn't an indicator of future NFL success. You generally don't become a good NFL QB unless you are an accurate passer and can read NFL defenses. These are considered to be concerns for Watson and thus why he is being downgraded as a prospect.
  9. Wish long enough and you will get your wish...
  10. He could turn into a capable NFL QB, he just isn't worth a top pick
  11. And that was one of my concerns about drafting him, too. But unlike most mobile QBs, Mariota was seen as a very accurate passer, at least outside of deep passes he never threw. Mariota has the dual concerns of being a mobile QB and a system QB. Most guys in either category don't pan out in the NFL. He had good game film, just lots of unanswered questions about if it was just the system. In the end, Watson has to be an accurate passer and has to be able to read defenses to win in the NFL. Those are his problems and why I don't think he will pan out. He has mistakes on game film where Mariota simply had questions.
  12. Because teams learned from the VY experience. And Vick. And Kordell. And Kaepernick. And RG3. And all of the other mobile QBs who went nowhere once teams learned that they weren't good enough passers. Of course, there are plenty of prolific college passers who had no NFL game either. It isn't just a mobile QB thing. Danny Wuerffel couldn't hack it in the NFL. Watson just fits the mobile mold better.
  13. The upside of talk of Indy trying to trade up to get McCaffrey is that other teams who want him will be trying to trade up... with us. It would be nice if we could get teams bidding to trade up for multiple players and not just a QB.
  14. Ok, so now he films his foursomes. Does that help his draft stock or hurt it??? j/k (mostly)
  15. Their money is green like everyone else's. That said, I would not trade with the Texans in order for them to get a QB...
  16. Teams are generally hesitant to give up future 1st rounders though. If the value is worth it to trade up then sure, but it gets expensive trading away future 1st rounders.
  17. You take the best offer (or keep the pick). If that means giving them back a pick then so be it. The pick is going to the highest bidder, it's just a question of who offers the most.
  18. No, because then another team can jump them and they traded up for nothing
  19. Tomorrow while we are on the clock
  20. I was doing a mock draft where we traded down with both Buffalo and KC and added both their 2nd rounders. I decided not to waste my time on a mock because I have no clue what to project this year, but I think the trades are reasonable. Buffalo could move up for Trubisky and KC could jump teams for Mahomes.
  21. ESPN's problem is cord cutters. Non-sports fans used to have to pay for ESPN just to have cable. Now they are dumping cable entitely and going with streaming, so ESPN isn't getting as much cable revenue. Fans also get more news online and less on TV. I'm sure that's hurt their ad rates, too.
  22. There's always a chance, but it's unlikely.
  23. There's no way Cleveland gives away their 1st next year. But when you have 5 picks in the 2nd round over the next 2 years you still have plenty of trade value...
  24. Davis would be a terrible pick at 5. They could at least trade down at a below market trade and still get him plus an extra pick. And this isn't a knock on Davis. I like him. Just not at 5.