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  1. If he looks good in camp they could keep him. But he is certainly fighting for a roster spot.
  2. I'm sure that there weren't any official trade talks but I bet "unofficially" Chip Kelly made an offer.
  3. Jason Wolf won't like this. Too many Wolves...
  4. Technically he just got hurt. But he wouldn't have made it if he hadn't been injured...
  5. Again, you can't easily discern who is 3rd best vs who is 5th best. Not as a group. You could probably rank who the best LTs are fairly easily. But throwing in a whole group of linemen and trying to rank them isn't necessarily clear. Not when they are reasonably close. You can go based purely on numbers like sacks/attempt or yards/carry but then that depends on the other offensive players, too. Not to mention the defenses they faced all year.
  6. There's no question that MM was struggling early in the season. And it wasn't just on his bad WRs. He was missing guys who were open on relatively easy passes. It's fine. He got better. But there's no reason to deny when he was struggling.
  7. Talk to Cleveland fans...
  8. I think Locker retired because no one had any interest in signing him. He knew he was done.
  9. Some team will get a good LB
  10. Yeah, our WRs were no match for KC and Denver. They relied totally on the run during those games because they know they couldn't throw. I don't think it reflected a lack of trust in Mariota so much as a lack of trust in the receiving corps. Hopefully the massive upgrades at WR this year will change that.
  11. Fasano wasn't a big receiving threat, but certainly more than a 6th OL. Thats said, if the option today is Supernaw or Kelly/Lelito, I'd take the OL. Supernaw isn't much of a receiving threat himself. But with the WR depth we have now, plus a good FB, I think we will see a lot less of a 2nd blocking TE than last year.
  12. You spelled Bud Adams wrong...
  13. Ranking OLines is generally not easy. I mean, the best is clearly better than the worst but how do you really compare #3 vs #5 or whatever.
  14. They have 2 backup OL, Kelly and Lelito, who have experience as a 6th OL. I'd rather see them in the lineup than Supernaw, frankly.
  15. “I’d see a quarterback and be like, Dude is garbage" Yup, but still better than VY...
  16. Agreed, though I wouldn't write off Sly Williams just yet. He is a better fit for our defensive scheme than how the Broncos were using him.
  17. Tell them they can have Webster instead...
  18. Yes. Tampa Bay 3 years ago. They pulled all their starters in week 17 with a lead at the half to preserve the #1 pick.
  19. Cmon... not big dick Decker... (maybe his wife)
  20. Having all non-playoff teams in a lottery is dumb. You don't want a 8-8 team getting the #1 pick. But if they took the 4 (or however many) worst teams and put them in a weighted lottery for the #1 pick then fine. Maybe it keeps teams from tanking at the end of the season. Maybe take every team within 1 or 2 wins of the worst record and let them play the ping pong balls. Or more fittingly, electronic football!
  21. Cowboys fans are suckers...
  22. Opposing defenses might vote him their most valuable player...
  23. The odds of me winning NFL MVP are 0%. TY Hilton's odds aren't significantly higher...
  24. Maybe they should just play Curry, Durrant, and Thompson
  25. Why? And if there is already a normal basketball team, who is going to be on the 3 on 3 team?