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  1. https://slate.com/news-and-politics/2018/01/author-of-fire-and-fury-michael-wolff-suggests-trump-is-having-an-extramarital-affair-now.html I don’t see any evidence of this yet, but Wolff suggested last night that he is. They will need more than speculation on this one to make that claim. That said, I’m thinking if it’s true then her secret service code name is Cheeseburger. It would explain a lot about what they say about his nighttime routine...
  2. Government shut down coming?

    Midnight Friday night is the deadline for a new spending bill. Will one pass by then?
  3. Government shut down coming?

    Or Trump doesn’t really care about a wall, he just wants it as a talking point.
  4. Government shut down coming?

    Schumer said he offered Trump to authorize funding for the wall in exchange for CHIP and DACA and Trump turned him down.
  5. Vrabel named Titans HC

    Except that Ohio wasn’t even a state yet when DLB went to school there...
  6. Vrabel named Titans HC

    Haley was fired before we interviewed Vrabel
  7. Vrabel named Titans HC

    Chris Palmer as OC. Chuck Cecil as DC.
  8. Vrabel named Titans HC

    I don’t really see any problems with the Vrabel hire. They interviewed 3 good candidates and picked one. And he seems qualified, even though he hasn’t been a DC for long. Hiring any new HC is a risk. Vrabel is no different. But there wasn’t a list of sure thing candidates out there to choose from. Why not Vrabel?
  9. Government shut down coming?

    It’s too bad Republicans have never controlled all branches of the government since then so they could pass immigration reform. Like now. Or under Bush...
  10. Is Trump having an affair in the White House?

    Well the media hasn’t really picked up the story as reportable so I feel like it’s an argument in their favor that they aren’t just going with any anti-Trump story they can find. There’s no evidence out there, so it isn’t going to get coverage. And clearly the Trump Suckers aren’t going to turn on him just because he's a simpleton or because he says something racist or he gets us into a shooting war. They like that shit. He pretty much would need to do something that embarrasses them.
  11. Hacking of missile alarm systems

    Yes, I hear there are a lot of those on PornHub...
  12. Cryptocurrency

    Not quite the same as a cryptocurrency. Yes, valuation is in some ways arbitrary even for stocks because if analysts decide one day that XYZ is overpriced the stock plummets, but that’s still different. Having a legal ownership stake in a real, profitable company means that there is a valuation based on some measurable financial results. Now, there are plenty of penny stocks you can invest in that are equally as speculative as bitcoin. I lost plenty betting on a battery company based on possible future profits. But even then it’s based on having a real product and the possibility that it would generate massive sales growth.
  13. Government shut down coming?

    Well, the shutdown is official. Hopefully they will make it a short one and work out a deal.
  14. Hacking of missile alarm systems

    Errr... ummm... research into this whole Stormy Daniels affair story. Yeah, that’s the ticket... Or it was posted on Reddit that day and it was funny.
  15. Cryptocurrency

    Investing in corporate equity isn’t “tangible” in the physical sense, but if I invest in IBM it has a perceived value based on income, revenue, dividends, new products, and all sorts of other things that rationally affect the value of the thing I own. Owning bitcoin is like owning a currency, except the currency is not backed by anything and you can’t necessarily liquidate it conveniently. There is zero intrinsic value. It produces nothing by its existence and can’t be used for anything practically. Why does it go up and down? What mechanism decides what it’s worth? Basically its a purely speculative investment that other people will want to invest in it. But other than it being an investment, why would anyone buy a bitcoin?
  16. Government shut down coming?

    So then basically you are blaming 8 years of Republican obstruction for the lack of action by Congress under Obama...
  17. Star Wars: The Last Jedi

    The Despecialized editions are available online.
  18. Cryptocurrency

    That chart does nothing to make me think it will go up at remotely that rate. You can just as easily say that it was a bubble and the bubble has already burst. Investing in bitcoin is like investing in gold. It is entirely speculative. Neither has any real intrinsic value, though at least gold is a tangible object with practical use. Bitcoin is just artificial 1s and 0s.
  19. Cryptocurrency

    Based on what?
  20. Hacking of missile alarm systems

    Totally legit. The numbers came straight from PornHub itself.
  21. Government shut down coming?

    If only we could get a president who was good at the art of the deal, then shit like this wouldn't happen...
  22. Government shut down coming?

    The shutdown is her fault!
  23. Cryptocurrency

    Just because it’s here to stay doesn’t mean it’s a good investment.
  24. Cryptocurrency

    Everyone is hungry for a huge new investment opportunity and cryptocurrencies were the new get rich quick scheme. All the money flooding in created a bubble, just like it did in tech stocks, real estate, and tulips. People dont ever ever seem to learn. Just human nature I guess.