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  1. No, they just picked Inauguration Day to release the teaser. Good marketing strategy. But I'll edit the post to make it more clear.
  2. Teaser released today. Season 5 coming in May.
  3. Well the IRS refused to treat it as a religion but the scientologists literally sued and harassed individual IRS agents until they rolled over and gave in.
  4. TJ is not going to be JJ
  5. Kiper always mocks based on need...
  6. I don't think McCourty on the last year of his contract will keep them from adding 2 new starting CBs.
  7. Still better than Warmack. In fact, he probably would be a better OG than Warmack...
  8. Forget about need. Just get the BPA. Other than RB or QB, there aren't any guys available at 5 who have anyone preventing them from starting (pending free agency).
  9. Clearly a safety is in the picture at #5 unless they sign a starting S in free agency. If they think Hooker is the next Ed Reed, they draft him...
  10. Well if they wanted to win they would try to get a good QB. Instead they are going after guys like RG3 and (apparently) Tyrod Taylor.
  11. He isn't the tackler or hitter Foster is but he makes an insane number of plays. And his tackling isn't a fluke because he has racked them up the last 2 seasons. Plus, the insane level of talent surrounding Foster isn't comparable to the level of talent surrounding Cunningham on Vandy's D. It will be interesting to see how they compare athletically at the combine. Foster is stronger. Cunningham is longer. Foster has pretty impeccable instincts but I don't think Cunningham is that far behind.
  12. Moneyball... I assume their goal is to get the #1 pick in 2018, too...
  13. Unlike Jeremiah's, this top 50 actually includes Zach Cunningham...
  14. Thomas needs to sign with a team with a high powered offense looking for a TE to be just a receiver. That's where he excelled in Denver. He also needs to stay healthy, but he is basically just a matchup problem for defenses who have too many other guys to cover. If the Saints signed him he could be an impact player again. Maybe Indy could replace Doyle with him.