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  1. Where do we go from here? Post Mueller coup recovery

    The Trump campaign perhaps...
  2. Democrat Party is pathetic

    It’s funny that some people take you seriously. They seem to constantly overlook these kinds of posts that you spew out so often...
  3. The left hasn’t had power in this country for decades. The only 2 Democratic presidents over the last 3 decades have had Republican Congresses. It’s the right who has left people without representation.
  4. Democrat Party is pathetic

    Saying that not liking Israel is the same as being an antisemite is no different than saying not liking Obama is the same as being racist (or hating gays and Muslims if you claim he is gay and Muslim).
  5. Immigration policy has been an issue since Dubya tried and failed to pass immigration reform. It splits both parties. All that said, immigration is not the primary cause of our jobs issues. Sure, it factors in, but it’s only part of the problem. And yet immigrants get the bulk of the blame. This isn’t new. It has been the case for well over a century. People find it easy to blame their problems on immigrants, be it the Irish or the Polish, or whoever else was supposedly coming and taking all the jobs. And as always, there is more than just a tinge of racism involved. No, immigration is a boogeyman that men like Trump have always used to herd the sheep. That doesn’t mean we don’t need immigration reform. We do. But it is an issue that is overblown for political purposes.
  6. And yet they far outstrip inflation. But people have no way to avoid paying them. There are plenty of items that go into the inflation calculation that the poor don’t have to buy and thus aren’t involved in this study. Housing is clearly not one of them, therefore it has a bigger financial impact. Healthcare might be avoidable in theory, but the study assumes you need to pay for it. If inflation calculations included only items that this ALICE study included then the inflation rate would be more representative of cost increases. But it isn’t.
  7. It’s not a contradiction. It’s simply the best manner of preventing illegal immigration. The main reason they want to come here is for jobs. If they can’t get jobs then they won’t want to come illegally. I’m all for immigration. It should just be legal immigration. Also, I don’t like employers taking advantage of the illegal immigrants. They have zero power and employers know they can’t go to the cops.
  8. Illegal immigrants are largely doing jobs that Americans don’t want to do. But as as I have said, legislate massive fines for anyone caught hiring an illigal immigrant. That is the simple way to cut illegal immigration. If they don’t have a way to earn money they won’t come.
  9. How will Gruden's 2nd run go?

    What would make that insane contract worth it short of multiple Super Bowl victories?
  10. Its not a matter of blaming anyone for our problems. That’s just how the system works...
  11. Democrat Party is pathetic

    It’s based on being a granola-eating hippie. I’m guessing the term goes back to that era.
  12. And yet declining population numbers is bad for everyone. Fewer consumers, a lower tax base, etc...
  13. Corporations value profits over employees. It’s all about showing investors continually growing profits. They will happily lay off a significant portion of the workforce if it means saving money in the short term so they can report a bigger profit so their stock price will go up. They will jump at the chance to export labor to cheaper countries or to contractors because it saves some money. And the people have been conned into giving up their competitive advantage. Eliminating the bulk of unions have taken away the bargaining rights of most American workers. Then politicians con those stupid people into blaming someone else for their problems so they can be used for political gain. Immigrants, usually.
  14. And this is part of why we need immigration. We do not want declining population numbers.