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  1. Gen Kelly is a lying ....

    That may be true, but at least he is sane...
  2. Preventive war with North Korea...

    Gotta watch out for Little Dotard Hands...
  3. The Game of Thrones

    Well, he won’t be around to read book 6 either...
  4. You Know What’s Funny?

    Job growth is slower this year than under Obama
  5. Gen Kelly is a lying ....

    It’s possible. But only if some other congresswoman was the actual person he was thinking about and he simply had them confused. He gave a very specific description of her speech, which was totally untrue. Why would he have such a clear recollection of such a speech that never happened?
  6. NIGER!!!!!!!!!

    Maybe Trump is a pig fucker... nah, he wouldn’t do anything to save someone else.
  7. Republicans aiming to cap 401k contributions

    They only give a shit about tax cuts for the rich.
  8. Heart of Texas

    Trump Suckers I call them...
  9. NIGER!!!!!!!!!

    You misspelled Rhodes Scholar...
  10. Gen Kelly is a lying ....

    He clearly lied about the congresswoman. On the flip side, he might be the only guy maintaining any semblance of order in the White House. Let’s not get him fired over this...
  11. Now even General Kelly is telling lies about the Congresswoman trying to make her look bad vs Trump. Where the hell does this end? http://www.tampabay.com/florida-politics/buzz/2017/10/20/in-attack-on-frederica-wilson-over-trumps-call-to-widow-john-kelly-gets-facts-wrong/
  12. Beware online Chinese merchants

    Most of the time when you are communicating with someone from China or India (think tech support calls) the name they give you is fake. They give us an American sounding name, either an Americanized version of their real name or just a made up one.
  13. I don’t believe for a minute that Trump intended to disrespect this fallen soldier. I honestly don’t think he cares enough to take the time to call just to do that. But he is a moron and he simply said something stupid off the cuff that ended up sounding disrespectful to the family. The problem is that he has a track record of attacking captured soldiers and gold star families. Only the most partisan Trump Suckers are going to just take him at his word on this kind of thing based on the statements he has already made in public.
  14. He just couldn’t figure in how to work in Hillary's emails...
  15. Yearly Fuck Obamacare Thread

    So then your argument is that we should punish those people who do want to take advantage of preventative medicine because some other people won’t?