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  1. Yearly Fuck Obamacare Thread

    So then your argument is that we should punish those people who do want to take advantage of preventative medicine because some other people won’t?
  2. Yearly Fuck Obamacare Thread

    Yes, people will obviously avoid going to the doctor to avoid spending $200 or whatever the uncovered medical visit will cost. America isn’t going to be healthy because people eat shit and sit on their ass. Heath insurance isn’t going to magically make everyone healthy. That isn’t the point.
  3. Immature Political Stunt Personified by Pence

    Don’t be stupid. These are the people who made Trump the president. Hillary was a perfectly acceptable candidate. The Bernie Bros being butthurt that their candidate lost fair and square is no excuse for throwing the election. But I shouldn’t really be surprised. They did it before. Liberals made Dubya president, too. Al Gore wasn’t sufficiently liberal/exciting enough for some people so Ralph Nader picked up millions of votes that (because of Florida and New Hampshire) made George Bush the president. They gave us the Iraq war, the global war on terror, the Patriot Act and so many other things that are antithetical to liberals... all because they didn’t vote for the more liberal of the 2 viable candidates. Basically I should just plan on 8 years of Trump because some liberals are too stupid to learn from history.
  4. Yearly Fuck Obamacare Thread

    Tens of millions of people can’t afford that $5000 bill. That aside, basic coverage over catastrophic coverage would get people into a system of preventative care rather than only going to their doctor in an emergency. People would still not go to the doctor unless they had to because they don’t want a $200 doctor visit bill. There is no perfect system out there. But catastrophic only is far inferior to basic coverage. Basically give everyone “bronze” level insurance and let people have the option to buy gold or silver out of their own pocket.
  5. Immature Political Stunt Personified by Pence

    Thank you for making my point for me. These are the people that elected Trump. You guys like what you bought us? The 2 candidates who could win were Trump and Clinton. Like it or not, those were the choices. Not voting for Clinton (at least in a battleground state) was what gave us President Trump.
  6. Yearly Fuck Obamacare Thread

    It really needs to be more than just catastrophic coverage for all. It should be some level of basic coverage for all. There are plenty of things that catastrophic-level coverage wouldn’t handle that would still crush people financially. Otherwise i agree and I’ve been saying that should be the system for years. Give everyone basic coverage and let people buy supplements like they do on Medicare now.
  7. Immature Political Stunt Personified by Pence

    I agree with you most of the time on political issues, but we just aren’t going to see eye to eye on this. I voted for Bernie. He lost to Hillary. It wasn’t rigged. She won the most votes. She won the most elected delegates. She won fair and square. He energized the far left, but she won. I was never anti-Hillary regardless of her flaws, obviously, but that’s not the issue. The far left is just as extreme as the far right. You guys cared more about ideological purity than getting the job done. You hate Hillary and the “establishment” so much that you would rather see a sociopath like a Trump get elected, which is exactly what happened. You and the rest of the far left literally gave the White House to Trump. By choosing to not vote for a moderate liberal because she isn’t liberal enough for you, you put into power the antithesis of liberalism. You gave him power. And you gave him the Senate, too, because liberals who didn’t bother to vote for the Democrat in WI, MO, and PA gave the senate to the GOP. Trump and the GOP are stacking the courts for a generation because Hillary wasn’t liberal enough for you. Universal healthcare is going away because Hillary wasn’t liberal enough for you. Planned Parenthood is under threat because Hillary wasn’t liberal enough for you. The free media is assaulted from the White House daily because Hillary wasn’t liberal enough for you. Basically everything that liberals stand for are in danger because Hillary wasn’t liberal enough for you. Could Hillary and her team have run a better campaign? Sure. Did you decide not to vote for her because she ran a bad campaign? Hell no... Do I blame Bernie? No. I blame his stupid supporters who decided Hillary was no better than Trump. Do I blame the Green Party? Yes, but only for pretending that Hillary was as bad as Trump. But mainly I blame their supporters, for the same idiot reason. How the fuck could anyone on the left think Hillary wasn’t clearly better than Trump??? So, if anyone still thinks they were right to not bother voting for Hillary, wake the fuck up. In 3 years if you make the same dumbass decision you might as well just vote for Trump and give him and the GOP another 4 years to run the country.

    No, it’s the Drudge Report...
  9. Jim Corker is a Statesman!!

    Corker knew what Trump was before the election and he supported him anyway.
  10. Aaron Rodgers injured

    Packers are probably done without him. Wonder if they could win enough games with him out to make make the playoffs though. Maybe he could be healthy enough to play by late in the season.
  11. Trump deserves credit for helping with the wildfires

    I thought it was because he was blowing hard...
  12. Immature Political Stunt Personified by Pence

    Sanity for one. An interest for equality for another.
  13. Immature Political Stunt Personified by Pence

    She would have been a capable president and Trump is not. She can’t make the voters intelligent. They wanted a reality show know nothing blowhard to run the country instead of a boring, capable centrist.
  14. Star Wars: The Last Jedi

    We don’t know that. Luke could have trained her. Either way, even untrained she had a connection to Luke through the Force in Empire Strikes Back.