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  1. He isn't raw because he went to a small school, he's raw because he was a basketball player who converted to a TE. As for the "small school" part, that's not the problem. It's that he played in division II. Level of competition is a serious concern. These are kids who couldn't get a scholarship to be a 3rd string DB at Norfolk State...
  2. Big project but big upside. The problem is that he is raw. And also that he dominated in division II. It's hard to tell if that translates to the NFL. But it's not easy finding his measurements. He is huge and athletic for his size. He isn't as quick as Howard but check the combine numbers. His height and wingspan are the same as Howard and they had the same high/long jump numbers but Shaheen is almost 30 pounds heavier. And it's not like he is coming in from being a basketball power forward with zero experience. He did score 26 TDs over the last 2 years in division II. Not only is he a potential on day 2, I'm not convinced he will still be there when we pick in round 3.
  3. Or that they don't think they will trade down and it's too high to take Howard. We don't really know other than they have an interest in Shaheen.
  4. He would be a good option on day 2 if they are still looking for a TE, but he is more of a project (with a high ceiling). He will have a huge leap in level of competition going to the NFL. At the very least he should be a great red zone threat...
  5. Just because they could doesn't mean they will. They are going to sink a fortune into OTs over the next few years with Lewan and Conklin. If Kelly wants too much or someone (quite possibly) offers him a chance to start in free agency JRob won't overpay to keep him as a backup. Plus, a developmental pick doesn't guarantee he is gone in 2018. It's just a little insurance in case he does leave.
  6. They will need a new swing tackle in 2018. I think there's a good chance they draft a developmental OT in round 6 or 7.
  7. Efficiency is good for a lot of things, but it has downsides as well
  8. Just for the purposes of correcting the record, China does have 1 old Soviet-era rebuilt aircraft carrier. And they are building their own new aircraft carrier in their new military buildup. But that's not to agree or disagree or even touch politics, just to point out the fact since no one else has. Now I'll slink back off to my cage...
  9. I tend to agree. Spain isn't elite but if they can sign him to a reasonable starter's contract just go ahead and do it. Then let the RG spot play out. Plus, even if Kline wins the starting job this year, they can have a chance to evaluate Tretola to decide if he can be a starter in 2018. With 5 starters plus Kelly, Lelito, and Kline/Tretola backing up there isn't any need on the OLine anymore. But I wouldn't discount the idea of a day 3 pick. They will keep a 9th OL on the roster, just inactive on game days. And there's no way any of the top UDFA linemen would sign here knowing it's tough to make the roster.
  10. There are a lot of gay women out there then...
  11. They won't get great value this year unless someone is desperate to trade up for a specific player.
  12. CB depth in this draft would really make having a 2nd round pick desirable. Of course, some DL or someone could slip, too. Either way, if they don't see great value at 5 it would be great to trade down and pick up a 2nd rounder.
  13. Shouldn't the LA Chargers be at the bottom of the list? They have no wins since joining the league...
  14. Seems like a reasonable option if they want to trade down.