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  1. Starkiller

    Cuomo/Cuomo in 2020!

    So now you admit to being a “libtard”? After all, you of all people love to claim how things long ago were created by people who have no connection to it today. You claim the KKK and slavery and racism in the south was the product of the Democrats as if that has anything to do with modern Democrats. You claim abortion rights activists were begun in the name of eliminating black people, as if that has anything to do with modern abortion rights supporters. By your own definition, you are the biggest “libtard” around...
  2. At this point I assume they will use him as more of a pass rusher this year (unless he gets pressed into service due to injuries). And he should be good on coverage teams.
  3. At this point I can only assume Brown will start with Woodyard. Evans could still win the job I suppose but Brown has been so good I think it would be hard for Evans to catch up before week 1.
  4. Starkiller

    Around the NFL: preseason

    Indy is only going to go as far as Luck can carry them. If he can’t get back to form, they will be as bad as last year.
  5. Starkiller

    Post Pre-Season Game 2 - 53-man Roster

    The top 4 CBs are excellent. The 5th CB is never expected to be a great corner. He should get more snaps on ST than at CB. A UDFA is fine there. And Gafford’s speed would suit him well there.
  6. Starkiller

    Paul Manafort Trial starting right now

    Just this session?
  7. Starkiller

    Cruikshank Returning to Practice

    He was on the top gunner team, so the coaches thought highly of him. He has a great mix of size and speed. It remains to be seen how good he will be. But he was where he was for a reason.
  8. Starkiller

    Trump Tower Meeting Story Changes Again

    You already know the answer to this...
  9. Starkiller

    Reed sent to IR

    He'll be back in training camp next year presumably. Unless his injury isn’t that long term and they are going to waive him injured and someone else signs him...
  10. Starkiller

    Reed sent to IR

    Certainly he could play in the slot, but I don’t necessarily think they would play him outside.
  11. Starkiller

    Teams scrambling for OL help

    Better to keep 8 good OL than get an extra 6th round pick and risk depth
  12. Starkiller

    Reed sent to IR

    They may keep Gafford more for ST than his CB play.
  13. Starkiller

    Reed sent to IR

    Secondary injuries have killed the depth. At least they were loaded going into camp. Good news for Gafford though.
  14. Starkiller

    Cuomo/Cuomo in 2020!

    So your argument is that we don’t do slavery or genocide now so we have nothing to be responsible for any more? Hakuna matata!!! Liberals see problems and want to fix them. Conservatives want to ignore the problems and just let the good times roll...
  15. Starkiller

    Trump Tower Meeting Story Changes Again

    “Truth isn’t truth”