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  1. Eagles Fear Carson Wentz Tore His ACL

    You can play with a torn ACL. I remember Bobby Myers playing most of the 2000 season opener with a torn ACL that they didn’t know about until after the game. Never played again, sadly...
  2. They were winning in spite of Mariota

    Mariota is the QB next year and hopefully he will improve with a full offseason, but he has had a wasted season this year
  3. They were winning in spite of Mariota

    I posted a few weeks ago that he wasn’t even playing like a top 15 QBs this year. I can’t say his play has changed my mind since then...
  4. Star Wars: The Last Jedi

    As long as the movies are good, I’m all for Disney churning out more and more Star Wars movies and making major money. Now, if they start making one off anthology movies starring Jar Jar... I’m out...
  5. I’m glad that people are coming out in support of this kid, but the reality is it isn’t going to keep him from getting bullied.
  6. Mueller has only been investigating for 7 months, and that’s if you count the time it took to assemble a team. Clinton was under investigation for years. That is the precedent that Trump supporters should prepare themselves for.
  7. Ex-cop who killed Daniel Shaver found not guilty...

    There were at least 2 cops. I don’t see why not.
  8. Trump and Israel

    Only claims of molestation and sexual assault. I guess you are ok with that...
  9. Ex-cop who killed Daniel Shaver found not guilty...

    He was unarmed, so he was not a threat at all. They could have cuffed him as he lay there with his hands behind his head and legs crossed.
  10. Not sufficient evidence. My point is that the Trump investigation is ongoing. The evidence is still being collected and not yet public. But if they have it, we will find out sooner or later.
  11. Oh? You’ve seen all the evidence they have on Trump then? And there is evidence that Moore lied about never knowing the women who have made claims about him. We also know that the women have no political ax to grind because many (all?) of them voted for Trump.
  12. Trump and Israel

    They can have an army and border control if they have their own nation instead of just an Israeli territory like today. And yet we will continue to do so. For largely religious reasons.
  13. Ahem... it’s all about the evidence...
  14. Ex-cop who killed Daniel Shaver found not guilty...

    They also know the guy had been drinking. How can they just assume he could follow their directions? Because he said he could? We saw him being unable to do so in the video.