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  1. Another plea deal for Mueller?

    She doesn’t and she would have been a capable president. Infinitely superior to the Bozo we got stuck with.
  2. Mueller and grand jury indict 13 Russians

    I think we will get an answer, it will just be predictably moronic...
  3. Pennsylvania Gerrymandering Case

    The idea is that without gerrymandering built around a 2 party system it would eliminate that disparity. And like I said, a parliamentary system doesn’t solve all problems.
  4. Pennsylvania Gerrymandering Case

    I’d prefer a parliamentary system but that wouldn’t prevent all problems either.
  5. Pennsylvania Gerrymandering Case

    What if you like some of the candidates on one slate and not others? You could vote on a party line and then end up with lawmakers you don’t even like.
  6. Pennsylvania Gerrymandering Case

    Corporations are governed by a board of directors. The boardmembers are elected by majority vote of the stockholders. It’s not that different from a traditional election other than it’s an up or down vote on a single candidate. But that’s no way to run a multi-party system regardless. Especially not when you figure the richest people get more votes.
  7. Another shooting today!!

    Is Dred Scott still the law of the land? Supreme Court rulings aren’t permanent any more than laws are. A decision made by 1 supreme court ruling can be reversed by a future ruling. That’s why evangelicals want to pack the court.
  8. Another shooting today!!

    Constitutionality and popularity aren’t the same thing. I didn’t say it would be popular, just legal.
  9. Another shooting today!!

    Try telling conservatives that Roe v Wade ended the abortion debate once and for all...
  10. Pennsylvania Gerrymandering Case

    We would need a totally new electoral system to eliminate districts. How else would people elect the members of the House?
  11. Another shooting today!!

    Scalia said otherwise. Gun bans are perfectly constitutional. https://takingnote.blogs.nytimes.com/2015/12/11/justice-scalias-gun-control-argument/
  12. Another shooting today!!

    It’s an entirely hypothetical number. It could just as easily be 100. The number isn’t the point. It’s about regulating what kind of weapons are available to the public. The government could legally say “here is a list of all guns that are considered street legal” and all others are banned/regulated. The 2nd Amendment only gives citizens the right to bear arms. It does not give them the right to an unlimited choice of what kind of weapon they want to buy. If the government said here is 1 gun anyone can legally buy and that’s it then it is technically constitutional. Shit, it doesn’t even say firearms, just arms, but we won’t go there.
  13. Another shooting today!!

    The Supreme Court would absolutely allow this kind of regulation if they follow the Constitution. As long as people could still legally buy handguns and rifles then there is no problem with the 2nd Amendment.
  14. The off-season quarterback carousel

    A massive roster bonus is no better to Cousins than a more cap friendly massive signing bonus though...
  15. Pennsylvania Gerrymandering Case

    Districts are practical on a local level. It’s really just a matter of how they draw the maps. And I wouldn’t want proportional elections. I’d want to vote for specific candidates.