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  1. Garrett plays a way more important position than those other players
  2. Over his tenure as GM the Colts used their top pick on an offensive player 8 times and a defensive player 5 times. BTW, he had some pretty bad offensive picks too. Addia, Gonzalez, Pollack, Donald Brown and later in Manning's Colt's career with a weaker offensive cast he still put up pretty damn good numbers.
  3. By the time teams use their franchise tags and sign their key players the free agent list is going to look a lot weaker
  4. I'm convinced he trolled the IRS and created they craziest religion he could
  5. Exactly, just don't get caught
  6. Ah yes, the loaded Colts offense who went 12-4 10+ years in a row but could rarely win postseason games because their defense was weak Polian made a grave mistake while the Colts GM loading up on all those skill people. Manning would have made their offense great with much lesser skill people
  7. Foster fills a huge need and is a 3 down player. I'd have to believe he's very much in play. The Titans need an impact player in the front seven and he def is one.
  8. The worst time is after the draft before training camp
  9. No, there actually was one
  10. I'd guess they'll sign a CB and maybe two and they'll draft someone in the mid rounds to go with Simms(and Reed)
  11. Kind of embarrassing how he looks like a God Damn fool isn't it?
  12. His appointment for the EPA has sued the EPA at least 14 times and has openly said he wants them dismantled Rick Perry seriously didn't know what the Dept of energy did, he thought it was related to oil as opposed to nuclear weapons
  13. Actually some of the more knowledgeable people actually brought this up She also has literally no knowledge of the issues
  14. Paid Ive been there for Nixon, Reagan and Ford deaths Id actually rather work and get overtime
  15. Iffy, they have a way of tanking the economy