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  1. What did Obama know and when did he know it!
  2. The idiots passed on Wentz last year anyway Hey look at us, we picked up some extra draft picks, drafted 5 WRs and have no QB!
  3. Lombardi said the Browns going QB 1 was a real possibility yesterday hilarious
  4. My original mock had Williams at 5, I think he's very possible
  5. Greg Cossel mocked Davis to the Titans today at 5
  6. They are banking on most Trump supporters not being able to add
  7. A trade makes sense for multiple reasons No clear cut pick at 5 that they cannot get a little later, plus there is a group of players in the 2nd that would fit defensively or offensively They could trade down and still get someone like Howard or a WR or maybe even a defenders falls like Adams or Lattimore
  8. Before this current CBA players got monster contracts that were drafted in the top 5, that's why certain positions weren't drafted high. That's less of an issue since the contracts are so much smaller.
  9. I hope he gets away with it whether he did it or not
  10. Fisher wanted to but Reese overruled him!
  11. If Conley is found guilty he needs to host a show on Fox news!
  12. They have in the past!
  13. jonboy would go live on the podcast pleasuring himself
  14. Stupid move by the Saints, AP is completely washed up.
  15. @scine09 is willing to trade all the picks to move up and get a white RB!