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  1. The franchise tag is like 35 mill if they tag him again in 2018. Cousins could sign it and be guaranteed the 35 mill and the Skins would be on the hook for it.
  2. Here is the problem. Cousins can sign a franchise tender, play out the season and be guaranteed to leave after 2017 without the Skins getting a damn thing. He's already said he's willing to do that. The Skins might just have to get what they can now rather than lose him after one more year. Cousins probably knows he's way better off getting with Shanahan long term.
  3. This is a compliment
  4. LOL @ Prescott going #1
  5. How important is it to have your own kids vs adopting?
  6. Hilarious the right hitched their wagon to this loser child molestor wanna be
  7. I'd get in right now We know in 20 years the market will be way up from where it is now Trump shouldn't even be a factor
  8. Better chance he's a Hillary supporter trolling us
  9. I can't help myself from liking SolyentGreen
  10. DMeade what have you done during this run up? Were you in or out?
  11. 5.95% YTD 89 trading days since the last 1%+ loss
  12. It seems to me, and most he does
  13. After listening to the draft guy on 104.5 on Adams I'm all in on him, assuming he's even there at 5
  14. Now you have to worry about a drop after you get back in The double whammy!
  15. I can't even post bad ass work out videos or brag about how much money I've invested in all this shit