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  1. You don't have to convince me he's a great coach, I think he's the best of all time. The question was who was more important. OK, he's 19-17 lately without Brady, that's mediocre. That's my point
  2. Vrabel OTA press conference

    He reminds me of Mike Singletary
  3. He has a losing record with the Pats without Brady too I think BB was a great coach with the Browns. Great coaches need great QBs, great QBs don't need great HCs
  4. Lamar Jackson awful wonderlic

    You're confusing spare with overrated
  5. Lamar Jackson awful wonderlic

    McNabb is one of the most overrated QBs in recent time
  6. Why did Kyle get fired

    I missed it too yet it seems like I perfectly understand
  7. Most of the QBs you name have a tiny sample size Belicheck has a losing record without Brady, with a massive sample size
  8. Comey Memos

    Lock her up!!!!!
  9. Why did Kyle get fired

    The only meaningful and truest part of the story
  10. Comey Memos

    Half the administration can't get security clearances
  11. He happens to also be currently looking for work!
  12. Comey Memos

    You're forgiven you British scum
  13. I got fired

    Of course Kyle got fired