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  1. JR plans to be aggressive- My take

    I had forgotten the Titans signed Luke Stocker to a two year contract when they signed him mid season. That signing does make TE less of a need
  2. IF TN wants to win.....

    He's under contract /thread
  3. Obviously BB is a genius and if he becomes available count me in
  4. I have no preference. If Robinson adds more defensive talent and Mariota starts playing well whoever it is will do a good job.
  5. For the most part NFL teams don't "outscheme" each other. The team with the best players wins. Did GB forget how to "outscheme" people when Rodgers was hurt? Check out the Cardinal offense without Palmer, the great Eagle offense that supposedly outschemed everyone tanked after Wentz went down. Don't get caught up by a bunch retards posting on a message board acting as if they know the first thing about Xs and Os or game planning against opponents.
  6. JR plans to be aggressive- My take

    The Titans have Delaine Walker who will be 34 and in his last year and Jonnu Smith under contract for 2018. Neither are inline TEs. TE is def a need
  7. Who was worse, Munchak or Mularkey?

    The 2013 Titans went 7-9 not 8-8, they had 5 wins going into the final two games against the terrible Texans and Jags who both rested all the starters and barely lost to the Titans. They were 2-8 heading into those final two games 2013 was a terrible year
  8. Actually considering the year he just had I think he gets basically a complete pass. Blame is insane? Wolfe was the first guy I heard the other day talk about Mariota being bad on his own regardless of the offense. 90% of the media out there just assumes the offense is making Mariota play bad, that's just a joke. As for his age, he's entering year 4, he should be playing great by now. He struggles to make basic drop backs and release the ball with anticipation, forget about missing throws. Most of his struggles come before he even throws. Having said all that he's got real excuses. The running game was terrible from base sets, Decker played X the first half of the season and both rookie WRs struggled to adapt to the pro game. He also came back from a brutal leg injury and from all other QB accounts that takes a good year to mentally recover from. This is why I haven't been more harsh. We're not talking about a Jake Locker situation, the only similarities might be your endless defense of both of them. Mariota can play at a high level, Locker/VY couldn't. He just has to put it together and be consistent.
  9. Maybe he’s one of the players who Robinson didn’t think the staff was maximizing their ability?
  10. As we talked about on the podcast last night, the front seven is getting up in age and is lacking in talent. Jones was coming on big time when he got hurt, it might even be a blessing because he might have gotten a monster contract had he finished the whole season. Jones is only 26 and was really coming on. I'd def put him at the top of the list in terms of priorities. He can play in either scheme and gives the Titans some needed size on the front. There were rumors the Pats wanted him before the deadline.
  11. Who is your choice for HC? (POLL)

    Great idea!
  12. Brady will win the MVP, he had 32 TDs and 8 INTs.
  13. JR plans to be aggressive- My take

    TE or pass catching RB more likely Where would another WR play? Top 3 WRs : Davis, Taylor and Matthews, wouldn't be surprised to see Decker retained and Sharpe will be back
  14. Obviously new coach will maximize their talent! Taylor most def can turn into a quality WR, year one to two is a big jump for WRs
  15. The Trump Storm(y) has arrived