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  1. I couldn't find the link, not posted yet. Someone feel free to add it Cosell talked about WR John Ross and he was very high on him. Compared him to DJax and Hilton, more than a speed guy, understands route concepts and talked about how his speed has to be accounted for. Says Jonathon Allen is a good player. Better suited to play inside either at DT in 4-3 or end in a 3-4. Said he was technically sound and used his hands well. He raved about Rueben Foster, said he was one of the best players in the draft. Explosive and can do it all. Specifically asked about Howard at 5 but didn't really answer. Praised his ability to play on the line or split out outside. Said the Titans TEs have to be able to play on the line and run block. Good interview that talked a lot about current discussion on the board
  2. 17% approve of the Republicans health care plan LOL
  3. I would guess that Ross would be a good fit because of the Titans heavy set play action game. Ross is going to draw coverage and/or make big plays against single coverage off of play action.
  4. More like they do understand it, and that's a problem
  5. It's not going to pass and then Trump will move on to Tax reform or something else that will pass
  6. Adapt or die
  7. Cossell was on with Ross Tucker when Mett signed with the Steelers and Tucker asked him what happened to Mett. He said there has to be something behind the scenes we don't know about. Mett likely was never going to be a franchise QB but he turned into total shit over night
  8. He had 0 chance of becoming an NFL QB
  9. Let them eat cake
  10. Vote cancelled lol
  11. I would think he'd be a consideration assuming they think he can be an inline blocker
  12. I'm sure they are preparing for the possibility of not getting a TE early. They could draft a project like this and just go with Kelly and Supernaw for the season. The Raiders used an OL as their inline TE on 25% of their snaps.
  13. The Democratic establishment got Trump elected, they forced a shit candidate down everyone's throat. She lost to Donald Fucking Trump, there is no excuse Sanders was a hand picked tomato can who was suppose to be a punching bag for Hillary. Sanders also went super soft on her to make sure not to damage her too badly. An old crazy looking socialist jew went 12 rounds and left Hillary battered and then an orange baffoon knocked her out.
  14. These are not issues to brag about, this is common sense type stuff. Hillary was going to veto any attempt to repeal ACA and would continue on with the Climate initiative? Good God, I would hope so. She'll also meet with wall street banks and give everyone the finger when they ask for the transcripts, she was conflicted on the Dakota pipeline(Climate change proponent heh?), she supported the trade deals that people were against, minimum wage etc..... She was in the pocket of big donors and tried to walk the fence during the campaign, it hurt her bad against Sanders then helped her lose to Trump.