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  1. That's because the federal government backs these loans
  2. In his prime he was one of the best fighters ever
  3. No doubt Lewis go KOed by some bums, although he avenged those losses.
  4. Trump is so stupid he fired Flynn over made up BS?
  5. We've already done that, seriously
  6. I carry mail to all the DRs and take my lunch to the hospital cafeteria. This DR I know pretty well always used to stop at our table and praise Trump. He hasn't said shit in month or so, I think he might be embarrassed
  7. Wasn't there even talk that the staff wasn't planning on taking him at first then fell in love with him through the process?
  8. Ever since I showed my chiseled abs Japan is on my nuts
  9. Exactly, no reason to cry about it Hes on track
  10. Right, he sucked, improved and exploded, that's what happened. No biggie, he's a young player
  11. Mariota sucked early in the season and did look like a spread QB
  12. https://fivethirtyeight.com/features/tim-tebow-is-failing-up/ On Tuesday, the nation’s most famous low-A ballplayer, Tim Tebow, was promoted to the New York Mets’ high-A affiliate in Port St. Lucie. It almost goes without saying that the move likely had less to do with baseball and more to do with marketing and selling tickets. Tebow’s resume with the Fireflies was hardly awe-inspiring: In 64 games, he posted a .648 OPS, which would be poor for a third baseman, never mind a left fielder. Nor was his defense excellent, as his seven errors show. In fact, his overall performance was so poor that his promotion is one of the least probable in the last decade.
  13. While looking at some of this fight stuff I came across the fact Razor Rudduck is still fighting in his mid 50s.....lol Which BTW reminded me of the two fights with Tyson. Richard Steele stopped the first Tyson-Rudduck fight too soon which set up the rematch. The rematch was a 12 round decision for Tyson. Tyson looked pretty bad in both of these fights. Rudduck was a bum of who absolutely destroyed by Lennox Lewis and even Tommy Morrison.