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  1. Week 7: Titans O Worse Than D

    It's not that I'm right, I listened to McGinnis on the broadcast say the Browns were playing Tampa Two, I noticed it after hearing him say it too...... Play action doesn't work against two deep zone when the defense is stopping the run with 7
  2. Stop hiding Marcus

    More like 3 quarters..... The point is they expected him to contribute from day one and his absence is hurting the offense
  3. Done

    Different match ups and different game plan, speculation
  4. Done

    Because fans are retarded and a lot of them really do care about being entertained more than winning
  5. Week 7: Titans O Worse Than D

    It's not hard for me at all, I didn't say 5 passes, it was damn sure more than the one TD pass though. It's not unexpected with the injury though
  6. Week 7: Titans O Worse Than D

    The Browns didn't stack to stop the run, Shelton stopped the run while the Browns played two deep. It's the reason the offense was shut down, the same thing the Titans used to do with AH.
  7. around the NFL

    I guess Matt Moore won for the Fins today, Iowa PMed me: IowaOiler Jesus fucking Christ...is there a way you could be more absurd in your ridiculing of my opinions? OILERMAN I don't know what happened? Did you finally get something right? Will it be enough to cover up your praise of Locker and Webster? IowaOiler Well, Moore did lead the Dolphins to a win....much more than Fisher ever did for any team he coached. Who drafted Mariota?
  8. Done

    If you're done then the problem is solved
  9. Week 7: Titans O Worse Than D

    Dude, this isn't Fisherball, we're not watching the offense the team tried to build. We saw the offense lighting people up last year for long stretches and they lit up people at times this season. They drafted Davis and Taylor, Jonnu..... They signed Decker. Their plan was to attack down field. Mariota can barely move, Murray can barely run and Henry is inconsistent. Davis is out. Did GB lose today because their offensive game plan sucked? No
  10. Week 7: Titans O Worse Than D

    I named what other people said, not me. tgo above........
  11. Mularkey feels the heat

    This isn't college football
  12. Mularkey feels the heat

    100% true
  13. Week 7: Titans O Worse Than D

    Then your biased. Archeluta specifically called out Mariota's accuracy for the 3rd down woes, Mariota fans are saying he sucked or it was his worst game
  14. Week 7: Titans O Worse Than D

    Then why the fuck all during the game thread were people bitching because Mariota was targeting Walker instead of the WRs? The players bare a lot of the blame and fans refuse to give it to them. Walker Fumbled on a 3rd down conversion, Mariota missed a wide open TD(as well as other passes), Players dropped passes....... We've seen this offense play well, they have injuries and are missing key parts.
  15. Week 7: Titans O Worse Than D

    No, it worked!