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  1. code

    Charles Simms

    His problem, all the way back to college, has been health. Loved him at Houston. Hated him at WVU. Didn't care about him at Tampa. Could be a third down back for us, but likely just filler until Flu returns.
  2. 1. It all began with special teams. Special teams dominated field position most of the game. The one time we were backed up Marcus led a 70 yard drive for a FG. Jennings and Jackson were phenomenal, and as always, Kern and Succop were consistently reliable. 2. If there ever was a question about the Titans picking up MM 5th year option, it has been answered these last three weeks. If you are looking for lasers, you won't find them. But I believe he has addressed the issue of can he throw from the pocket. I believe he has addressed the issue of scrambling with his eyes upfield to allow himself to find a receiver. I know he has addressed all questions of competitiveness. And you can tell he is now comfortable in the offense since he is routinely checking out of plays. Not going to crown him yet, but am convinced that he is once again on the right path ... hoping the stiff arm didn't reinjure the ulnar nerve. 3. Never heard Malcolm Butler's name called once. What GREAT news! 4. Adoree Jackson and Logan Ryan are playing at a very high level, as are Byard and Vacarro. Nice to have a few coverage sacks on Brady. 5. All of the sudden the LB corp looks deep. That said, Woodyard's contributions are absolutely critical to the defense's recent success. Add his presence to Brown, Evan, Orakpo, Landry, Correa and today Finch and we really have a group that gets after it. 6. Dean Peas. I really questioned it when I heard Vrabel brought him out of retirement. Looks like an absolutely brilliant move. Today's defense started to remind me of a Ravens defense ... and that is a very good thing. 7. Matt Lafluer. I think he has MM figured out. I think he knows how to use him. I think the offense we have seen these past few weeks will likely be the offense we see for the remainder of the season. Of course, the Texans game is the ultimate challenge for that. If we can continue to play at the high level the last two weeks indicate, we will be able to handle them. But ... it ... all ... starts ... with ... the 8. Offensive line. They weren't great today. But they were pretty good throughout. Not huge running lanes. But on a few drives they were pretty dominant. They got beaten by a few Patriot blitz packages, but largely they kept Marcus upright. Particularly impressive how well Dennis Kelly has integrated into the unit. Be interesting if they could keep him outside and move Conklin inside to play Guard. 9. Receivers ... including Tight Ends, were very good today. Davis is looking like a first round pick. Smith is showing clear signs of life. Stocker made a few big blocks. And Firsker made a really sweet catch in the red zone. Plus Cameron Batson is looking like a helluva find. Certainly a capable #4. 10. Playing from ahead. The Titans just felt in complete control throughout. They held Brady without a TD pass. They overcame a few big penalties on offense, and played pretty much error free on defense. Honestly, today's team was a legitimate playoff team. My one reservation is that each time the Titans have begun to look like the real deal, they have then followed that goodness with a clunker (Bills). I'm once again cautiously optimistic that we are finally a franchise moving in the right direction.
  3. He has been off since the stiffarm
  4. Soul crushing field goal? Great drive. Lousy finish.
  5. Can’t give tb that amount of time
  6. Love that we are trying to get the ball down the field. Will open up short game.
  7. Maker, you are quickly rising to the top of my favorite posters. Pure gold.
  8. A bit late with this ... does it look like MM can throw from the pocket?
  9. Was that good 'enough' QB play?
  10. code

    Blue Wave??? You Obviously Meant Red Tsunami

    It was the single largest loss of seats by the Republican Party since Watergate. And yet, it isn't nearly enough.
  11. code

    Blue Wave??? You Obviously Meant Red Tsunami

    Liberals can't ignore that under the Trump admin job growth has been impressive. In fact, it has equalled that of Obama's. In short, Donald kept the train rolling. The plus one is that there appears to be wage growth. That has exceeded Obama's. I would be massively appreciative of that ... IF ... it hadn't come at the cost of an additional TRILLION DOLLARS added to the deficit. Look, the list of embarrassments is many, none worse than his complete disregard for climate control caused by man, and his utter disregard for the geopolitical alliances we had worked so hard to forge since WWII. His declaration of himself as a white nationalist was appalling. That he invited and held court just yesterday to a guy who is the head of the 'European ancestry' group in the US is the single biggest signal he has sent to racist America that he is all in -- worse even then his Charlottesville -- good people on all sides. The problem for Liberals is that when we call this crap out, we suggest that many good people, long time Republicans, are racist for supporting this President. The optics on that message suck. The fact that many of my friends simply believe that Democrats do nothing but give life long hand outs to people who CHOOSE not to work or who commit crimes and then are let out on soft sentences IS IMPOSSIBLE to debate. Democrats must put STRONG LIMITATIONS on the amount of time an individual is able to earn welfare benefits. And Democrats must be STRICT LAW AND ORDER supporters. Or we will continue to lose to charlatans like Donald Trump. We can win on the ENVIRONMENT, UNIVERSAL HEALTHCARE, PROTECTING SOCIAL SECURITY and MEDICARE, legalizing POT, being PRO CHOICE, eliminating the DEFICIT, slight CORPORATE TAX INCREASE (no more than 3%). and RESTORING 38% TAX BRACKET to the Top 1% and reenacting the BRADY BILL. In short, we can still be PROGRESSIVE. But we can't be soft.
  12. code

    Blue Wave??? You Obviously Meant Red Tsunami

    Sox, the sad thing is that you believe. Conned by a cheap New Jersey suit. Our nation is worse today that at any time in its history because of your President. Enjoy him for now. Eventually Americans will remember that we are a nation of immigrants, not run for the benefit of the wealthy few and corporations, but for the everyday man. Decency. Honesty. Integrity. They will reappear (by the way, name one piece of legislation that Nancy Pelosi has sponsored, passed, and why it was a travesty - right, none of us know - just like Hillary before her, she is simply an object that red heads hate and Trump dogwhistles for you to believe -- sad).
  13. code

    Blue Wave??? You Obviously Meant Red Tsunami

    Control of the House aside, it was a good day for the GOP. In truth, they held serve in a year in which I hoped the divisiveness and the constant current of lies would take their toll. But, Trump has magical powers over his loyal constituents. They don't care that his tax breaks went to corporations and the top 1%. They don't care that he gins up irrational fear with 'fake news', racist dog whistles, white nationalism and the invasion of housekeepers, roofers and little children. They don't care that he has lied to us all over 1,100 times in two years. They don't care the plays more Golf and watches more TV than he reads intelligence reports. They don't care that he doesn't visit the troops. They don't care that he disparages the US intelligence community. They don't care that he degrades the FBI. They don't care that he is dismissive of sexism, racism, etc. They don't care that he runs the country like he ran his business: on massive debt, without regard to future generations physical health and safety, without a moral compass. They don't care about his lack of understanding of historic geopolitical alignments. They don't care ...> because Democrats are seen as socialist stooges who give our free money to minorities with no regard for protecting the safety of white men, women and children. Last night I learned that it wasn't Hilary's fault that she lost. Until Democrats change the white communities perception of the impact of their policies ... the GOP will continue to punch above their weight.
  14. code

    Mr. Monday Night

    Kevin Byard was Mr. Monday Night. Our best defensive player. Our one consistent big play maker. Jayon Brown was Mr. Monday Night. Probably the most explosive player on defense. Fast to the ball. Sound tackler in the open field. Logan Ryan was Mr. Monday Night. He had help with bracket coverage. That said, he took Cowboys third down receiver out of the game until the final drive. Probably JRob's best free agent acquisition. Dion Lewis was Mr. Monday Night. Sure, he went backwards too frequently, but he made two huge catch and runs that arguably gave the offense their biggest plays of the game. Marcus Mariota was Mr. Monday Night. He got the ball out before his WRs breaks and trusted them to run the correct route. He scrambled effectively and in general played decisively. Most importantly, he overcame early mistakes to lead the team to that win. Vrable/LaFleur/Peas were Mr. Monday Night. No panic after the early miscues. Outcoached the Cowboy staff. Put the boys in position to win. J Rob was Mr. Monday Night. This week Davis, Landry and Evans looked like what we had hoped for on draft day, while free agent finds like Lewis, Ryan, Vacarro, Correa, Jennings and Batson all contributed. As an older than dirt former Oiler fan, very little is as sweet as watching the Titans beat the Cowboys. I am under no great illusion. It's just as likely that we lose to the Patriots by 28 as we beat them by 2. That said, for three quarters of a MNF game, we had a real NFL team to cheer for. I'm going to be thankful for that for this moment.