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  1. code

    Titans Final 53 (SWAGGY)

    Thought Cruikshank might go to season long IR. Trawick, Bates and Palmer. Palmer hurt. Certainly can see Trawick getting that spot. I really had a tough time with the final ten. Not a lot of people blowing us away on game day.
  2. A few thoughts. Been said many times before but the biggest upgrade to this roster is clearly the coaching staff. I was surprised watching Vrabel last night ... as he kept a smile on his face through the muck of second and third stringers getting eaten alive by Winston and crew. Expected him to be a raging lunatic. Instead saw a guy completely in control and wholly confident. Equally impressed by Matt Lafleur. We are going to see a lot of short rhythm passes and a heavy dose of stretching the field horizontally ... both of which plays into Marcus strengths. Not quite as confident on the defensive side. But, our defense is still playing without multiple starters. Pittsburgh game should provide a better reflection point. The final 53 below has plenty of opportunity to be ugly wrong. We have seen the starting units for less than a quarter of play. But, it's preseason and I do this every year. Maybe this year I will finally get it right. QB: (2) Mariota, Gabbert RB: (4) Henry, Lewis, Fluellen, Woodley TE: (4) Walker, Smith, Stocker Semsich WR: (6) Davis, Taylor, Sharpe, Matthews, Williams + 1 OL: (8) Lewan, Conklin, Kelly, Levin, Jones, Spain, Kline, +1 K/S: (2) Succop, Brinkley Total 26 DL: (6) Casey, Johnson, Logan, Jones, Warmsley, +1 LB: (9) Orakpo, Morgan, Landry, Wallace, Finch, Woodyard, Evans, Brown, Compton DB: (9) Ryan, Butler, Jackson, Sims, Vacarro, Byard, Lewis +2 P/ST: (3) Kern, Bates, Palmer TOTAL 27
  3. NFL preseason football is absolutely painful to watch. If there is anything to take from this mess, its that MM is going to be throwing a lot of short passes and a bunch of horizontal routes. As for the defense, I'd still like to see us sign Eric Reid for a bit more veteran depth in secondary. And Taywon Taylor and Dion Lewis both look explosive. Thats about all I got out of those three hours.
  4. code

    Notice: No Omarosa post by Libs

    OPINION: Everyone of us, of all race, creed and gender, are to some extent racist. It's a sliding scale. Under pressure (economic, societal, etc), our worst tendencies magnify. The question is less whether we are racists, and more whether we have the capacity to have empathy. Again, that works on a sliding scale. When our level of racism outpaces our empathy for others, we find our way into hard core hate: the Klan, the Aryan Nation, I suppose the Black Panthers of the late 1960s. Seems to me that amongst 45's greatest failings is his lack of empathy for those who do not see the world as he does, and do not praise him to support his generally weak sense of self. On his bad days (Charlottesville, etc), he appears to be a racist because his empathy for others is so weak. 38% of Americans support President Trump. That does not make them racist. It makes them not particularly sympathetic to those who view tolerance and acceptance as critical issues. Within that 38%, I suspect 5% - 10% hold particularly strong racist views. Which suggests that 90% - 95% of Trump supporters simply don't view racial tolerance and acceptance as particularly important in their evaluation of his Presidency. Playing the race card is particularly dangerous. We simply don't know what is in each other's hearts.
  5. code

    Notice: No Omarosa post by Libs

    Deep inside the government is a man we know as Q. He has been gathering information for years on the Clinton's, the east coast elite, the Jews. He has evidence of the pedaphile ring that these enemies of the state have long run to personally enhance their personal wealth. And he, now through the voice of the great one, our dear leader, #45, is now using the information to pierce the deep state bubble of elitist illegal activity. Or ... there is a tax cut, done right in front of our eyes, that provides billions of dollars of wealth to those who have the most, while providing the rest of us a good meal once a month at McDonald's. It's one of these two things. I'm not sure which. Think I will go with the pedophile angle. (Off cause we libtards aren't banging the Omarosa drum. She and Donald are the same person on the opposite side of the coin. That said, it isn't that 45 called her a low life dog that is so interesting. Really, everyone is a dog to the Donald. Her claim that the Trump campaign knew IN ADVANCE the content of the emails that would be leaked through Assaunge (Assauge? Sausage? You know, Julian what's his name and Wikileaks) is the next level of 'proof' that the campaign worked in conjunction with the Russians to suppress voter turnout and enflame conservative hate for HRC). I only wish that I could believe a single word she says. Unfortunately, like with 45, I don't.)
  6. The angriest I have ever been as a sports fan was attending Oiler games in both Memphis and at Vandy Stadium in Nashville ... and literally being outnumbered by opponent fans. I vividly remember thinking that Tennessee did not want nor deserve my Houston Oilers. Time has a way of working things out ... but Nashy still has far too many Steeler and Poke fans for my liking.
  7. Tux, here to help you. The possible scenario you are looking for is the head of the Sanders campaign working with the Russians. Not like Rand Paul, mind you, going to Russia, and meeting with KGB officer. But bad nonetheless. Follow that bouncing ball. That might get you a few Democrat skulls to add to your collection.
  8. So funny. Putin stated his efforts were directly intended to help the Donald (and the Bernie) ... but Tux is still buying 'tonic and elixir' from 45. God bless you Tux. I wish I had someone who believed in me as much as your believe in the Donald.
  9. What if you ought a gun. Bought bullets, Loaded gun. Went to a location to kill someone. Missed the shot. I wonder if that is still called 'attempted murder'? Asking for a friend.
  10. Tired of the Hilary cunnard. 100 investigatory sessions held by Congress. ZERO evidence of criminal wrongdoing. Forgetting the whole 'whutabouthilary' 'fake news' scam, let's take the denial on face value. US parties conspired with Russian parties to influence a US election. Admitted by the chief defendant. The appropriate course of action, as repeatedly detailed, is to notify the CIA immediately upon contact of enemy agent. As best we know, the Trump campaign took the meeting and has covered it up for over 18 months. The Sanders campaign may be equally culpable.
  11. Fact Check now has our President issuing 7.8 lies per day since he has been in the Oval Office. Astounding. He is immoral. He is corrupt. He has diminished our country in ways that could never be imagined. Fortunately for him, and in truth for us, Wall Street and big business love deregulation, which has enabled Obama's economy to continue to flourish under 45s reign. I will not diminish the fact that unemployment is down. That said, in every other meaningful way, this President has failed the American people. Not just the blue team. The whole team.
  12. So ... here's your chronology Ben. DT, America's truth teller: 1. There were no meetings with Russians. 2. There was a meeting with a single Russian. 3. The meeting was about adoptions. 4. I knew nothing of this meeting. 5. Ok, there was a meeting with a group of Russians about Hilary. 6. We tried to get dirt. 7. They didn't have any good stuff. 8. So, we had a meeting, nothing came of it. 9. Regardless, it isn't illegal. It happens all of the time. 10. But I didn't know of it before it happened.
  13. code

    4.1 GDP

    Hasn't won yet!
  14. Anyone who believes a single word Donald Trump says is self-deluding Anyone who believes a single word Michael Cohen says is self-deluding. Anyone who believes a single word Rudolph Giuliani says is self-deluding. Anyone who believe that this changes the equation with Red team voters is self-deluding. Midterm elections will not determine whether Trump remains in office. Midterm elections will determine if Trump and the GOP are able to press forward with any additional legislation and executive branch appointments. His enablers are either cut-out of power, or they are given the green light to continue to return America to their version of greatness. It's 100% Red Team vs 100% Blue Team and anyone who believes opposite is... wait for it ... self-deluding.
  15. You guys are delusional while the constitution is in tatters. Good on you. There is no longer a rule of law and you folks are sanctifying. Remember. The pendulum swings.