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  1. Yes, Sharpe has two more years and Weems one. That said, banking on the production of either guy seems a stretch. Right now Titans have a top three of Davis (x), Taylor (slot), Matthews (possession). They can definitely use a true field stretcher. Neither Sharpe nor Weems is that guy (Sharpe might be able to challenge Matthews for possession role). And I guess Decker can be brought back. I don't think his asking price will be very high.
  2. Upgrading team speed ... LB, WR, RB, DE. Finding quality depth ... QB, OT Resigning ... Jones, Succop Extending ... Lewan, Spain After looking at it all, that's my priority list. And while I recognize I am in a minority of 1, I wouldn't be disappointed in resigning Williamson. We know who he is. Brown is a great sub for him on pass downs. And Woodyard is towards the end.
  3. Defensive Line (2 spots to fill) Titans have 3 Defensive Ends and 4 Defensive Tackles returning under contract: Casey Warmsley and Maxey are the DEs; Williams, Klug, Johnson and Woods are the DTs. Resigning DaQuan Jones seems to me to be amongst the team’s highest priorities this offseason. He was having a helluva year before injury. David King also saw plenty of time in the rotation, though certainly replaceable. Klug is on what feels like his third 2-year extension. I suspect now his last. Titans have a pile of cash tied up in both Casey and Williams. I would expect that Jones will get a deal along the line of Williams. Given the Titans stated desire to go multiple fronts a defensive end with true pass rush capabilities seems important to add. I’m going to guess that we resign Jones and that we add a hybrid pass rush type of end – recognizing that instead we might have Dodd put his hand down and serve that role. Linebacker (3 spots) The cookie jar is filled for 2018, but 2019 is another story. Titans likely let Avery Williamson and Erik Walden sneak out this summer. But the real issues are with Orakpo and Morgan in 2019. Plenty of replacement options on the roster in Dodd, Wallace and Carraway – but so far, none of the three would appear an adequate replacement. Bottom line, 4 of top 7 in rotation may well be gone at the end of this season. FOUR, and Wesley Woodyard will be 33 going into 2019 season. So while the need isn’t immediate, it is glaring. What makes it all a bit tricky is the investment in LBs as pure ST players – Bates, Palmer, even Wallace. Titans were willing to commit to 10LB spots on roster last season. Replacing Walden and Williamson means two immediate holes to fill. Finding longer term replacements at both OLB spots is another matter all together. I’m betting we see 3 new faces added to the position group this offseason, possibly 4 if Titans are convinced that Dodd was a mistake and that Palmer is expendable. Defensive Back (1 spot to fill) Logan Ryan and Adoree Jackson return as starters. LeShaun Sims and Tye Smith come back as 3rd and 4th DB options. Plus Reed and Boykins both have flashed enough to have roster spots. Only Brice McCain is unlikely to return. Not saying that its impossible to upgrade depth at the position. But I wouldn’t rank this area near the top of our priority list. Safety (1 spot to fill) Another really interesting position. Kevin Byard is possibly the best Safety Titans have put on the field since Kenny Houston (some of you probably only remember him as a Redskin). Cyprien takes a lot of heat here, but he is exactly what they signed him to be … a very tough run defender and a capable enough defended in the first 10 yards from LOS. Trawick was exceptional on special teams, and Denzel Johnson looked like an NFL player in preseason. Searcy is in the final year of his deal. It was a big deal. He could certainly be let go this offseason. Which suggests one single spot open – either for Johnson to take, or for a draft pick (can’t see spending free agent money when Titans will have to pay Byard a real salary in 2020 and Cyprien will still have his big number on the books at that time unless he gets released for cap purposes after 2019 season. Prioritized #1. Inside Linebacker to replace Avery Williamson. #2. Resigning DaQuan Jones. If we fail to do that, DE becomes second priority in offseason. #3. Outside Linebacker. Rotation depth in 2018, replacement starter in 2019 for either Morgan or Orakpo. #4. Outside DB Depth. #5. Strong Safety Depth. #6. Outside Linebacker Depth (replacing Erik Walden) #7. Rush end depth.
  4. All may be true, but if the board works out right, linebackers are for me the Titans position of greatest need, both inside and outside.
  5. Yep, agreed. Thought he got exposed late in season when forced to play something other than blocking tight end..
  6. It's off topic, but he isn't taking less than a $25 million a year contract ... the NFLPA would thrash him ... and both Ryan and Rodgers are going to blow over the top of the Garropolo deal this offseason. It's stupid money but it is what it is. Fortunately Lewan is already paid near the top of NFL tackles. But I still expect him to get a $3 million a year raise --- something like 5 years for $60mill guaranteed. Between the two, that would be $21 million of new dollars on the books, almost half of our available cap - though once the cap increases its typical 10%, most of these dollars would be absorbed (maybe all but $3 million) ... giving JRob around $45 million to play with this offseason. Of course, real money has already come off of our cap ... Douglas, Decker, Kline, Schwenke, Weems ... all currently free agents, and Murray has a $13 million exposure over the next 2 seasons that is likely to be reduced. The drill on priority if to look to the roster configuration 3 years out based on current contracts and performance. So many times the evals on this site forget the money. And it is always the money.
  7. Titans Needs Prioritized - Offense Quarterback: (1 spot to fill) Titans have 4 QBs under contract for 2018, only Tyler Ferguson for 2019. Expectation of course is that Marcus earns a 5-year $150 million extension this season. Cassel, Tanney and Ferguson round out the room. IMHO, we do not have an adequate back-up on roster. Titans will certainly address this offseason. Given MM new contract needs, I suspect that we sign a veteran for a 2-year deal for as much as $6M, possibly frontloaded to benefit from one last low cost year for the starter. Running Back: (2 spots to fill) Murray, Henry, Fluellen and Muhammad under contract. Don’t believe Muhammad is good enough to be the coveted speed back. Don’t see Titans bringing back Murray at $6.5 for the next two seasons. So the position probably has two roster spots to fill. Tight End: (1 spot to fill) Position group is deceptive. We return Delanie, Supernaw, Smith, Stocker and Semish. But Walker, Supernaw and Stocker are all unrestricted in 2019, a year where the big money will go to Marcus and to Taylor Lewan. Smith was drafted to replace Walker. He flashes speed but not a lot of consistency. Stocker and Supernaw are essentially Craig Stevens (though not as good). I can imagine one new guy being brought in to compete here, particularly in the blocking role. Hopefully Smith makes Delanie expendable, but right now, were I the Titans, I would be negotiating a few year extension for Mr. Walker. Wide Receiver: (2 spots to fill) Corey Davis and Taywan Taylor are under club control through 2020. Rishard Matthews and Tajae Sharp are in their final year of club control. Decker and Weems are both free agents. This pretty much screams for a veteran free agent acquisition. Can’t tell if team likes Matthews enough to extend him. I do like him as the possession guy … but for whatever reasons, didn’t get much favor in the passing game last year. Sharp has a blank slate, but Robinson can’t not be a fan at this point. I see the Titans looking to upgrade two roster spots here, one with a speed guy, the other in the possession mode that Decker was to have filled. Tackle: (1 spot to fill) Extending Lewan becomes the priority after this season, since he is in final year of contract. Team is solid behind with Conklin, Kelly, Levin and Marz all in-house through 2019. BUT, I thought Kelly got exposed when he had to play consistently. I can see one more Tackle being added to upgrade Kelly. C/Guard: (1 spot to fill) Titans only have Ben Jones under contract past 2018, though Quentin Spain is restricted free agent and Cody Wichmann was on practice squad. Both Schwenke and Kline are unrestricted. Neither guy should be offered a big money deal by any other team. Given how much teams value continuity up front, I can imagine Titans resigning both guys to low cost short term deals. For predictive purposes, I guess we get one of the two which means vet free agent or later round draft choice. Prediction: 8 new faces on the offensive side of the ball in 2018. Prioritized: #1. Wide Out (speed) #2 Running Back (speed) #3. Guard #4. Back up QB #5. Wide out (possession) #6. In-line TE #7. Running Back (possibly a fullback) #8. Back-up Tackle
  8. If the cap goes up another 10%, somewhere around $18,000,000, it still puts teams in a financial bind. Garoppolo won't stay the highest paid QB this offseason. But if I'm the agency for MM, I absolutely am arguing that he is more proven than JG and deserves every penny of what JG got paid.
  9. Puts Titans, along with every other team facing a QB negotiation, in a very tough spot. $30 million is a pile to absorb into the salary cap. Aaron Rodgers had the biggest number at $19,800,000 in base. Add that to Taylor Lewan dollars (Top 5 tackles making 10.2 - 12.5 annually). All of the sudden Titans $50 million in cap space is down to $10. Also tells you that the Titans aren't like to make 3rd contract offers to either Morgan ($6.5) or Orakpo ($7.25) after next season, and that DeMarco is a likely cap hit this year ($6.25). Not sure what SF was thinking but the fallout from this ridiculous salary hike is going to be brutal across the NFL.
  10. If Keenum isn't offered $8+ million as a starter, he did more than earn it, he is by far and away the best option on any list. NFL player of the year. Back up QB. Makes little sense.
  11. For two years this site has whined about the geriatric coaching staff. In less than a week we have 180'ed and are now whining about a young staff with less NFL experience. When you make change, you break eggs. When you need a new system you don't hire guys who are architects or disciples of people who ran similar stuff to former staff. Getting out of bed in the morning is a risk. Vrabel is betting his ass on a whole new way of doing business. Good on him.
  12. Day Is Staying At Ohio State

    Maybe Day listened to the press conference?
  13. Continuity Hire

    Not really a debate. Pretty much see it the same way. My point is that our mantra for the past few years has been tough & physical and from that sense this is not a change Which suggests that players on the roster that fit that mold will still fit the new staffs needs. Move makes all the sense in the world ... wholly dependent on offensive coordinator, QB coach and scheme.
  14. Continuity Hire

    Thanks oldschool for the vote of confidence. I think you see the roster continuity issue. But at least you haven't deemed me rural PA trash (yet).
  15. Continuity Hire

    Don't know much about Vrabel other than he comes from the physical , kick em in the butt style guide that Mularkey preached. Robinson has talent on board to fit that style. From that perspective, this is a continuity hire. The effectiveness of this one will be about the offensive staff he is able to put together. I love that we haven't gone retread. Let's see how much deeper we reach into the Patriots system with additional staff hires.