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  1. It’s A Great Day - US Opens Embassy In Jerusalem

    I'll bite. I support Israel's right to exist. Most Arab states have never affirmed that right. For years I didn't accept the Palestinians rights to some land between Israel and Jordan. I long held that Palestinians were an Arab creation -- people who were largely nomadic -- and for religious reasons -- were not granted full citizenship in Jordan, in Lebanon and in Syria. I have long supported Israel's rights for secure borders. That all said, this is just another example of a shortsighted US President, unable to think through long term consequences of his actions. fully destabilizing the region for no point other than to appease a Christian Right determined to bring Armageddon forward from the New Testament. There was no strategic advantage to be gained with this move. Israel was made weaker. Israel has been further isolated from the world community. At a time when Anti-Semitism is on the rise throughout the world, the last chance safe place for Jews has been further endangered. Not because Trump wants to hurt Israel. But because, as with his tax program, as with his destruction of the health program, as with his attacks on the media, as with his baseless attacks on political opposition, as with his destruction of environmental policy, as with his defiance of the rule of law in favor of maximizing personal profit ... his shortsightedness gains nothing other than an applause line at a rally of people who will support him regardless. For all of his many character flaws. For all of his indiscretions. His greatest weakness, demonstrated throughout his business career, is the lack of a long game. In this case, the world's Jews will be the one's who suffer his myopic mistake.
  2. Matt Patricia

    26 years ago. On a spring break trip in Texas. Case dismissed because the young woman chose not to go forward. Nothing makes it right. But it is absolutely unfair to bring this forward today given 26 years of spotless behavior since.
  3. Two Tone Crew Podcast Update

    Always enjoy the podcasts. Was disappointed not to have been asked to do more of them. Figured I killed the ratings. That said, Old people like me have very little to do. Walk the dog. Go to work. Go to gym. Go to bed. I've got the face for radio. Let me know should you ever need the help. Glad to participate.
  4. Good Doentay Burnett Article

    Stephen Dunbar. 6'3. 215. Complete beast at Houston. Built like a Greek God. Undrafted and signed by 49ers. He would have been my #1 UDFA. Good players somehow get passed over.
  5. I am less sold on WR group. Agree with most said here.
  6. Grade our draft

    I'll play. We got two of Mayock's top 20. They happened to be at positions of need -- both immediate -- and a year from now when Morgan and Orakpo are in walk year. We haven't had a dominant force in the middle seemingly forever. We may now. Love the draft of Falk as a training wheels back up to Marcus. He won't see the field for 3 years. Possibly never. But he is exactly what I would want as a complimentary player to MM though I don't expect him to be active for a long time (I think Gabbert was a steal at $2 million per year for 2 years - a huge upgrade over Cassel). Not sure about DC -- which means he will be the best of all four. This draft won't win any national attention -- but given how aggressive we had been in free agency __ draft felt smartly engineered. I am still worried about WR, but other than that, I think the team is ready to legitimately contend -- provided MM takes another step forward in his development and stays healthy. I'd give our free agency/draft an B+, with new starters in -> Malcolm Butler, Rashaan Evans, Dion Lewis. With retained starters in DaQuan Jones, Josh Kline, Quinton Spain. And improved depth at Edge Rusher/Harold Landry, S/Dane Cruikshank, ILB/Will Compton, QB/Gabbert & Falk, WR/Campinaro, and OL in Pamphile and Su'a FIlo. I am concerned about our young, unproven WR group -- ignored in the draft and free agency -- though the team did sign 5 undrafted rookie free agents to compete in this area. With that as the exception, kudos to front office, scouts, and coaching staff.
  7. Day 3 who do you want??

    IMO. #1WR #2 S #3 RB/OLB
  8. Grading the Code

    Absolutely. See the whole. Fix the problem.
  9. Grading the Code

    I post ridiculously long, self-aggrandizing posts. Then I pull them back up three months later. Usually to find out that I was a total dumb ass. Let's try it again. Because, well, that mirror in front of me sure is pretty. Defense Team Needs 2018 (January, 2018) Defensive Line (2 spots to fill) Titans have 3 Defensive Ends and 4 Defensive Tackles returning under contract: Casey Warmsley and Maxey are the DEs; Williams, Klug, Johnson and Woods are the DTs. Resigning DaQuan Jones seems to me to be amongst the team’s highest priorities this offseason. He was having a helluva year before injury. David King also saw plenty of time in the rotation, though certainly replaceable. Klug is on what feels like his third 2-year extension. I suspect now his last. Titans have a pile of cash tied up in both Casey and Williams. I would expect that Jones will get a deal along the line of Williams. Given the Titans stated desire to go multiple fronts a defensive end with true pass rush capabilities seems important to add. I’m going to guess that we resign Jones and that we add a hybrid pass rush type of end – recognizing that instead we might have Dodd put his hand down and serve that role. ANALYSIS: Team resigned Jones for 3 years. Resigned King. Cut Williams and Klug and added Bennie Logan. Added edge rusher, but at the LB position. Linebacker (3 spots) The cookie jar is filled for 2018, but 2019 is another story. Titans likely let Avery Williamson and Erik Walden sneak out this summer. But the real issues are with Orakpo and Morgan in 2019. Plenty of replacement options on the roster in Dodd, Wallace and Carraway – but so far, none of the three would appear an adequate replacement. Bottom line, 4 of top 7 in rotation may well be gone at the end of this season. FOUR, and Wesley Woodyard will be 33 going into 2019 season. So while the need isn’t immediate, it is glaring. What makes it all a bit tricky is the investment in LBs as pure ST players – Bates, Palmer, even Wallace. Titans were willing to commit to 10LB spots on roster last season. Replacing Walden and Williamson means two immediate holes to fill. Finding longer term replacements at both OLB spots is another matter all together. I’m betting we see 3 new faces added to the position group this offseason, possibly 4 if Titans are convinced that Dodd was a mistake and that Palmer is expendable. ANALYSIS: Team let Williamson and Walden walk, tabbed Rashaan Evans, Harold Landry and Will Compton. Defensive Back (1 spot to fill) Logan Ryan and Adoree Jackson return as starters. LeShaun Sims and Tye Smith come back as 3rdand 4thDB options. Plus Reed and Boykins both have flashed enough to have roster spots. Only Brice McCain is unlikely to return. Not saying that its impossible to upgrade depth at the position. But I wouldn’t rank this area near the top of our priority list. ANALYSIS: Team added Malcolm Butler (I didn't see that one coming). Let McCain walk. Safety (1 spot to fill) Another really interesting position. Kevin Byard is possibly the best Safety Titans have put on the field since Kenny Houston (some of you probably only remember him as a Redskin). Cyprien takes a lot of heat here, but he is exactly what they signed him to be … a very tough run defender and a capable enough defended in the first 10 yards from LOS. Trawick was exceptional on special teams, and Denzel Johnson looked like an NFL player in preseason. Searcy is in the final year of his deal. It was a big deal. He could certainly be let go this offseason. Which suggests one single spot open – either for Johnson to take, or for a draft pick (can’t see spending free agent money when Titans will have to pay Byard a real salary in 2020 and Cyprien will still have his big number on the books at that time unless he gets released for cap purposes after 2019 season. ANALYSIS: Team let Searcy go. Prioritized #1. Inside Linebacker to replace Avery Williamson. (Rashaan Evans in the 1st) #2. Resigning DaQuan Jones. If we fail to do that, DE becomes second priority in offseason. (Resigned) #3. Outside Linebacker. Rotation depth in 2018, replacement starter in 2019 for either Morgan or Orakpo. (Harold Landry in 2nd) #4. Outside DB Depth. (Malcolm Butler in Free Agency) #5. Strong Safety Depth. #6. Outside Linebacker Depth (replacing Erik Walden) #7. Rush end depth. Titans Needs Prioritized - Offense Quarterback: (1 spot to fill) Titans have 4 QBs under contract for 2018, only Tyler Ferguson for 2019. Expectation of course is that Marcus earns a 5-year $150 million extension this season. Cassel, Tanney and Ferguson round out the room. IMHO, we do not have an adequate back-up on roster. Titans will certainly address this offseason. Given MM new contract needs, I suspect that we sign a veteran for a 2-year deal for as much as $6M, possibly frontloaded to benefit from one last low cost year for the starter. ANALYSIS: Team let Cassel go and replaced him with Blaine Gabbert. Running Back: (2 spots to fill) Murray, Henry, Fluellen and Muhammad under contract. Don’t believe Muhammad is good enough to be the coveted speed back. Don’t see Titans bringing back Murray at $6.5 for the next two seasons. So the position probably has two roster spots to fill. ANALYSIS: Team let Murray go and replaced him with Dion Lewis. Tight End: (1 spot to fill) Position group is deceptive. We return Delanie, Supernaw, Smith, Stocker and Semish. But Walker, Supernaw and Stocker are all unrestricted in 2019, a year where the big money will go to Marcus and to Taylor Lewan. Smith was drafted to replace Walker. He flashes speed but not a lot of consistency. Stocker and Supernaw are essentially Craig Stevens (though not as good). I can imagine one new guy being brought in to compete here, particularly in the blocking role. Hopefully Smith makes Delanie expendable, but right now, were I the Titans, I would be negotiating a few year extension for Mr. Walker. ANALYSIS: Team reupped Stocker for a season. Wide Receiver: (2 spots to fill) Corey Davis and Taywan Taylor are under club control through 2020. Rishard Matthews and Tajae Sharp are in their final year of club control. Decker and Weems are both free agents. This pretty much screams for a veteran free agent acquisition. Can’t tell if team likes Matthews enough to extend him. I do like him as the possession guy … but for whatever reasons, didn’t get much favor in the passing game last year. Sharp has a blank slate, but Robinson can’t not be a fan at this point. I see the Titans looking to upgrade two roster spots here, one with a speed guy, the other in the possession mode that Decker was to have filled. ANALYSIS: Team let Decker and Weems walk. Signed Michael Campanaro. Tackle: (1 spot to fill) Extending Lewan becomes the priority after this season, since he is in final year of contract. Team is solid behind with Conklin, Kelly, Levin and Marz all in-house through 2019. BUT, I thought Kelly got exposed when he had to play consistently. I can see one more Tackle being added to upgrade Kelly. ANALYSIS: Team has made no changes at T. C/Guard: (1 spot to fill) Titans only have Ben Jones under contract past 2018, though Quentin Spain is restricted free agent and Cody Wichmann was on practice squad. Both Schwenke and Kline are unrestricted. Neither guy should be offered a big money deal by any other team. Given how much teams value continuity up front, I can imagine Titans resigning both guys to low cost short term deals. For predictive purposes, I guess we get one of the two which means vet free agent or later round draft choice. ANALYSIS: Team resigned Spain to one year deal. Resigned Kline to a four year deal. Added Pamphile and Su'a Filo to one year deal. Prediction: 8 new faces on the offensive side of the ball in 2018. Prioritized: #1. Wide Out (speed) --> Wrong, other than a minor signing in Campanaro #2 Running Back (speed) -> Dion Lewis signing replaced Murray. #3. Guard -> Kline and Spain returned, lots of back up parts added. #4. Back up QB -> Gabbert replaced Cassel. #5. Wide out (possession) #6. In-line TE #7. Running Back (possibly a fullback) #8. Back-up Tackle BOTTOM LINE: This GM thing really isn't all that difficult. Here's the key. Look at the contracts on the books. Look at the talent on the field. Then make a prediction. And for God's sakes. Don't do a mock draft. That shit is impossible.
  10. Sean Hannity is Michael Cohen's Client

    People just want things to be left alone. Or frozen in stasis. The natural order of things for most of us is what we grew up with. As long as you were on the right side of the coin from the start, why change it? Social justice warriors/libtards/progressives generally look at the world as an imperfect place. That while we may have ours, we are willingly to add a few more seats to the table recognizing that means that the top won't be as high and the bottom won't be as low. As I get older I recognize the value of protecting my own assets. But I do not believe that we can thrive as a country in clear two-caste system. Nor do I believe we can continue to destroy the earth for short term profit without long term consequence. We are in a period where a GOP party, far off the rails of its conservative nature, is allowing short term profit to override common sense: leave the earth no worse than we found it, share the wealth, manage the budget, assure long term prosperity for more if not for all. We can't turn back the clock. We can't live in yesterday's memories. We can set the stage for better tomorrow. That should be the Libtard goal. A better today, an assured tomorrow. But enmity for 45 keeps us locked in the daily sleazarama from a man with no virtue.
  11. Sean Hannity is Michael Cohen's Client

    Sean Hannity is just a not funny Bill Maher. So if Bill Maher was using the same 'fix-it' specialist as Bill and Hillary, and it turned out he was only one of three clients, and that he was a frequent guest in the Clinton White House, and that he went on a rant about the evils of Kenneth Starr on his HBO show, only to be discovered that he and the Clinton's shared the same Mr Fix It, how would Conservatives respond? Our camps are so polarized at this moment that finding middle ground on anything is virtually impossible. What we 'libtards' are saying is that none of what is going on today is normal, nor we do think it should become normal. The policy debate hasn't changed. The fact that we disagree on everything from regulation to tax policy to foreign policy hasn't changed. It's all the stupid shit that surrounds it that is so corrosive. It's a bit like when I was getting blasted on the football board for disagreeing -- and it became so disagreeable to me -- that I started to respond as petulantly as I was being attacked. The only answer was to disengage, allow for time, and then reengage without succumbing to the desire to 'strike' when others called me out. On a much more significant level, that is what is needed with our national political debate. Name calling is just pulling us further apart. We would all be better off to stop doing it. But whether it's Hannity or its Maddow (though she is less a name caller and more just snarky), no one is disarming first.
  12. Sean Hannity is Michael Cohen's Client

    And, again, as ugly as this is, in America today, it won't matter. Just saw a poll that shows that the majority of Americans believe that GOP is better at dealing with the debt (I guess swelling it to $100 Trillion is proof of financial responsibility). Facts don't matter any more. People believe what they want to believe regardless of reality (GOP is better with taxes, with negotiating foreign trade). If we had a working FCC, Sean Hannity would have been off the air by the end of the day. But we hate regulation so much that we would prefer to have PRAVDA broadcasting in FOX headquarters in complete conspirational acquiescence with #45. Great countries do not remain great acting as we are acting.
  13. To Sox issue of Attorney Client Privilege: In a phone call with The Post, law professor Robert Weisberg, co-director of the Stanford University Criminal Justice Center, explained where the lines might be drawn. “There is a crime-fraud exception to attorney-client privilege,” Weisberg said. “The affidavits that went into the warrant application — and possibly direct conversations with the judge — would have had to give at least prima facie reason to believe that the communications, even where they were privileged, give some indication that Cohen was involved in committing or planning some kind of fraud.” “Obviously,” he added, “you won’t know until after you see the stuff if the crime-fraud exception applied.” But since you can’t prove that the exception applies until you see the actual communications, the U.S. attorney needed to offer evidence to the judge that such communications were likely. The process for obtaining a warrant in a search like this, he added, was similar to the higher burden required to obtain a wiretap. Before obtaining a search warrant, investigators had to try to obtain the evidence in another way, such as by subpoena. The authorization for the warrant had to come from either the U.S. attorney or an assistant attorney general. (Rosenstein is deputy attorney general, a higher position than assistant attorney general.) The prosecutor had to confer with the criminal division of the department before seeking the warrant. The team conducting the search had to “employ adequate precautions” to ensure that they weren’t improperly viewing privileged communications between Cohen and his clients. The search team would have included a “privilege team,” including lawyers and agents not working the case, which would work to ensure that investigators conducting the search didn’t see privileged communications. The investigators had to develop a review process for the seized material. Even with those checks in place, the U.S. attorney wasn’t guaranteed a warrant. Search warrants granted to U.S. attorneys are approved by magistrate judges serving in U.S. District Court. The question of what qualifies as privileged communication is complex. Not every communicationbetween an attorney and a client is included. One type of communication that’s excluded: communications between an attorney and a client that might be predicated on committing or covering up a crime.
  14. Paul Ryan will not seek re-election

    A budget deficit hawk leaving a Trillion Dollar deficit behind. And then, the new GOP has as its candidate a guy who posted an illustration of himself sitting in the Oval Office with severed heads of Hassidic Jews. Has been banned from ALT RIGHT web site for having views that they can not publicly endorse. Is this what the future holds for the Republican Party?
  15. Ah. Change. How people do love it. This is a focus group of every focus group I have ever been through (35 years of people demanding change only to reject anything new). This was a simple evolution of the brand. Good on the Titans. Grip people Get.