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  1. Elijah25

    TNF Panthers vs Steelers

    Can't stand Cam. Glad to see him and the rest of the Panthers losing to the team that tied to the Browns.
  2. Elijah25

    Do you have wet dreams?

    I am literally new here and this thread was only on the 3rd or 4th page of the off topic section.
  3. Elijah25

    Living in Boston

    Living in Minnesota, sometimes I can't tell if this is Minnesota or Wisconsin. Sooooooooo many freakin' Packers fans here.
  4. Elijah25

    I hate Giphy

    I've only used Giphy. Every other GIF site i've gone to is confusing and convoluted in comparison. Perhaps that's how they've become so big and gotten to be where they are now?
  5. I used to work at Walmart for almost 6 years, over 3 were as a supervisor. Nothing, and I mean nothing, surprises me anymore.
  6. Elijah25

    Do you have wet dreams?

    I have had them, yes. Do I still get them? I refuse to answer hahaha
  7. Elijah25

    Is 10-6 enough?

    If we lose to the Patriots, 10-6 while still possible becomes a lot more unlikely. But yes, I'd say if the Titans do end up going 10-6 that would probably be enough to win the division. If the Texans can just stop freakin' winning everything will be a lot better.
  8. Elijah25

    Patriot @ Titans predictions

    Titans 13 Patriots 38
  9. Elijah25

    Wrong spot.

    It's all good bro, mistakes happen, we're all human!
  10. Good shot? I don't know if I'd say that but anything can happen. Lions beat the Patriots. Bills destroyed the Vikings at US Bank Stadium in Minneapolis. Any given Sunday...
  11. Elijah25

    Be honest - How much were you freaking out?

    I get up super early for work and fell asleep sometime during the second quarter but left the game on. Was freaking out a lot initially until the redzone interception which helped calm me down a bit.
  12. Elijah25

    Thoughts on win vs Cowboys

    Sloppy starts against both the Chargers and the Cowboys. If we want a chance to beat the Patriots, we absolutely cannot start how we did against the Cowboys.