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  1. Pray_iv_m3rcy

    Dan Orlovsky talks Mariota

    I appreciate his insights in the offense but he just off base here on Mariota. The comparison to RGIII is just lazy. The only thing they have in common is that they can run fast. Mariota is at his best when he is inside the pocket and you give him plenty of options to throw too. His best plays over this stretch of two games has come from inside the pocket do I do t know what Dan is watching
  2. Pray_iv_m3rcy

    Maroita is killing the franchise

    Count me in as also a homer because I believe Mariota is the best thing that could have ever happened for this franchise. Its no coincidence that none of Mariota's previous coaching staff has any influence over qbs aside from Ken W who got fired halfway through his first season. He has shown enough in my eyes in a terrible environment that he will thrive in a great one.
  3. Pray_iv_m3rcy

    Maroita is killing the franchise

    I just don't understand why some of you guys get so worked up over the people that already believe in Mariota. Some ppl have the belief that a lot of the problems are not on him while others think most of it is on him. So it really goes both ways. You wanna call out the so called homers for Mariota than you need to also recognize the haters that pop up in here every time he has a bad game.
  4. Pray_iv_m3rcy

    Dennis Kelly over Conklin

    I'm not going to go that far. Hoewever would it be an interesting move to put Conklin at guard?
  5. Pray_iv_m3rcy

    Seriously, WTF happened in that Ravens game?

    My theory is this. We were way to conservative in the Bills game and tried to answer that by being too aggressive with an injured Mariota in the Ravens game
  6. Pray_iv_m3rcy

    It's Hammer Time.

    The only difference I see from Henry is him reverting back to his instincts to bounce runs to the outside.
  7. Pray_iv_m3rcy

    Let’s talk about our newbies

    Am I jumping the gun in mentioning Batson as well. He is smart reliable and fearless for a guy his size. I can't wait to see him get more snaps. I honestly feel more confident with him on the field than Taylor. Maybe we found a hidden gem.
  8. Pray_iv_m3rcy

    Mariota is finally telling LaFleur “No”

    This is just part of the process of building a relationship with your coach. Is it different with Mariota's personality? Absolutely. But it is something they can improve on. Also this is big for Mariota's development because he isn't going to have the same OC for his entire career. At some point taking the next step for him is having control of HIS offense.
  9. Pray_iv_m3rcy

    Our only chance to beat the Patriots

    With Mariota healthy I would be shocked if we came out with a conservative game plan.
  10. Pray_iv_m3rcy

    Important game for Mm

    Youre freaking delusional if you think Mariota has ever looked like Gabbert at his worst. Its no coincidence that he balls out when he is healthy and wrs are not dropping passes.
  11. Mariota doesn't have a problem with consistency. The issue is which receiving group is going to show up each Sunday. The one on Monday night or the group vs the Bills and Chargers.
  12. Pray_iv_m3rcy

    Rich Eisen: Mariota vs Winston Debate is Over

    Its amazing what aggressive playcalling and wrs not dropping passes can do for a qbs performance. Sure over the last couple of weeks he has been a little conservative at moments but for ppl to act like Monday night was some revelation and a development game for him haven't been paying attention. Once again Mariota isn't holding this team back. Never has.
  13. Kline was out. Levin was horrendous last week. And Mariota was still needed the glove. Now he has feeling back. He had a good game though. I think most of the pressure right now is on Lafleur.
  14. Really? I think one thing ppl have massively overlooked is the fact that we have had a healthy offense for exactly zero games in a brand new scheme. That's a disastrous situation to be in. This will be the first game minus Walker of course where everybody is healthy. Unless Lafleur craps the bed I expect the offense to show up even with the drops.
  15. No. We are literally not waiting on our TEs to make a difference anymore.